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Rebecca O'Donovan

Refused refund for lost items

Paid 100euro for two items on the 1st August 2021. Still havnt received them and they havnt moved in transit so I presume they are lost at this point (havnt moved in two and half weeks. Emailing customer service and when I requested a refund for goods not received I was told due to their terms and conditions they aren't liable and I won't be getting my money back. How can a company get away with literally theft? I didn't receive my item and tracking states this? Do the right thing and refund your customers who don't receive their parcels that they paid for, absolutely rotten behaviour.

I used to love your products

I used to love your products, Ive been buying them for years and years, last few purchases, fabrics are so thin it is ridiculous , Im not keen to fork out any more $ on stuff which just feels cheap thin and nasty - pity as your prints are great designs

I’ll say this

I’ll say this, for years I’ve been a fan of some of the designs included in collections Blackmilk come out with. However, recently I’d been looking for some decent work wear. I haven’t got work at the moment, but I’ve been getting interviews and need pants that aren’t my ones I’ve had for 10 years. Ones that are both comfortable and last more than a month. I’ve admittedly bought a fair amount of leggings and a few dresses from Blackmilk because I’d seen so many rave about “the next drops”. I know that a lot of the pieces are relatively comfortable when it comes to gym wear. Except, when I’ve bought tops, they’re usually rather floaty without it being part of the design. I recently had to get rid of a sleeveless button down top because the buttons kept coming away from their places. As well as the sizing seemingly being lower and smaller than suggested. I wear it and size appropriately but then when I get my packages, they’re too tight around the shoulders and chest. I’m aware the models are mostly ladies smaller chested and few and far in between are there curvier ladies fashioning the items now. That’s all well and good, I’m concerned that even though pieces have been raves about and look good on the website, the pants and other items are very loud when you walk around in them, the fabric is relatively not as comfortable as promised. I don’t know if I’d willingly buy from here again, unfortunately. I’ve gone from fan to disappointed. Please either bring on more comfortable work wear that won’t make us sound like paper bags or lose more customers because of cheaper options. I worry also about the polyester stuff being particularly worse in the the process of making. A lot of the pieces I have are velvety or polyester type. I’ve had to give a fair few away now because they fall apart if you wear them often enough, but even without doing much. I’d have blouses unbutton or buttons pop off while in transit to University or even dinners at restaurants. I should’ve gone with my gut most of those times and worn something else.

The quality is not what i was…

The quality is not what i was expecting. My fault for not reading the material but my overalls are plastic and feel very cheap. They still do look cute so ill give them that.
Make sure to wash anything you buy first, my overalls smelled like animal pee. Maybe it was a chemical protectant but they reeked like urine when I opened the package.
Would not order from this store again. Not worth it.


I ordered a mermaid dress size XL

I ordered a mermaid dress size XL. I have 4 other XL dresses in the exact same size. I love them they fit great! But this new dress I ordered is marked a size XL but fits so small. So I compared it to a friends dress that she happened to have that’s the exact same style in a large. My lx is the exact same size as her large. So my guess was my lx was sized wrong. So I emailed customer service and was greatly disappointed. So black milk is claiming they sized the lx down to a large to make the top more fitted?!?! Why the heck would they do that. So I checked their sizing on their website and my dress is smaller then the lx measurements but their still claiming it’s the correct size. So frustrating, I’m going to have to open a dispute with my PayPal account. Update, I opened a PayPal claim. Their only response was to email their customer service, so I did and again they said the XL was sized down. So I went a head and escalated my PayPal claim so it’s in PayPals hands now. I’m more mad about them sizing down the XL if they really have done that, I have noticed they now have a XXL size which is kinda horrible for us curvy girls out there, I’m not that big and now I’m having to by an XXL?!?! Their original XL was perfect. I don’t get it!

Cheap Chinese garbage, what happened?!

I wasn’t ready to drop 100s into clothing, so I bought some used pieces first. All seemed well enough. Good fabric, fit well, soft. So I with the new Pokémon collection out, I dropped money on 7 pieces (3 leggings and 4 dresses). None of them are worth the 65-120$ I paid!

I won’t break down and review every piece, but I’ll review them as sets:

Leggings- all 3 fit vastly different. One feels like compression stockings, so uncomfortable I can’t bear to wear. The other is lined with fuzz that balled up and piled the first (cold!!) wash. The other fits just right. Hahah 1 out of 3?! That’s awful.

Dresses- all the dresses feel like cheap Chinese costumes. Fabric on 2 is some weird unbreathable synthetic heavy heavy fabric. The dresses are all sleeveless and short so you’d think these are summer wear- but try wearing them out and you’ll pour sweat. The evil tee dress had a neck hole too small to fit a head through and I’m sure seams were split trying. The style of the dress (subjective) is not flattering on anyone- it fits like a boyfriend tee that has a flared long bottom, I hated it (it looks so cute on the model but looks nothing like the picture when I got it).

The dresses that are slips with a sheer patterned fabric on top were ok (mimikyu purple). The fabric felt really nice and I was excited to wear it, but the seams were poorly done, so the hidden seams flip out and don’t stay where they should. The chest is cut way lower than pictured, and I was advised before purchase that they were adjustable. Even all the way up it’s almost to the bottom of my breasts.

So, with not a single thing in my 500$ Order being to my satisfaction i decided to resell them online because I had seen how difficult they make returns (claiming it never arrived, saying your times up to return etc). I posted on Facebook about my experience, and their team said “this isn’t the quality sharkies have come to expect, please reach out to customer support!”. So…I reached out to their customer support.

That was a joke. They were not helpful and offered no reasonable resolution and didn’t even seem to care. Usually a company will try to retain customers by offering exchange (even if it’s not their policy) or discount on the next order to drive another sale in hopes the customer had a one off bad experience.

Nope. Nothing, send it back at your expense and nothing will be exchanged, and only if it’s within 60 days of purchase with all tags attached and no signs of wear (half the clothes I got have loose seams, look like they’ve been through hell, I’m sure they’d claim I wore them). So I said “No, I’ll just take the loss”.

Of course they don’t care. They clothes are made in China, super cheap, and they charge the same premium prices they did when it was hand made in Australia! They are making so much money off of each sucker who keeps trying to trust this company.

Also, unrelated to the crap clothes: I dislike businesses that use cult mentality (“we are a cult classic” “if you love us that makes you a sharkie”) because it’s a tactic by big business to trap you, make you feel guilty for looking elsewhere, and make you feel like part of a nonexistent community (it’s clothes, not a church!!) And all they do to reward these poor people is for every 50 pieces of clothing you buy they give you a voucher (that covers 2 leggings or 1 dress). Assuming you bought 50 of their leggings, that’s 3000$ before you’d get 2 free pairs (valued at 120$). That’s so far away from reasonable, topped with people claiming BM denies/makes it hard to claim your reward for your dedication.

Beth McIntyre

Used to be an amazing company but now quality has gone dooownnn

Used to be an amazing company, I used to get lots of clothes from them and was a dedicated “sharkie”, I have pieces that I bought from them 6-7 years ago that I wear regularly and are still in good shape. But that’s no longer the case. The clothes are no longer good quality, the fabric difference is extremely noticeable. It used to be worth the price when the quality was really good, but they’re overpriced now that the quality has gone down such incredible amounts.

The garmets ball almost straight away, and after having some of their pieces for 6-7 years with them still in good condition, I know how to look after them properly and the new garmets still just ball after a couple of wears.

It’s not unsurprising though, as they have grown in leaps and bounds and their manufacturing is now out of house.
But, I would now unfortunately steer clear of them and not buy their garmets anymore.


Elle Williams

After 8 years the marriage is over.

So this is the first negative feedback I have ever had to leave on a company, which is really saying something. I always let a company right the mistake before running here to Karen off but honestly after being a Sharkie for over 8 years - with a huge collection that I bought direct- the company is dead to me.

Long story short 6 years ago a piece went missing in the post. I got a quick refund, an awesome sorry from customer services and I went on to order loads more. Like LOADS. Last year a piece went missing in the post and I was treated like garbage. I'm UK based and they tried to pull the 'when it returns to us we will take off money for non delivery and you'll get a credit note' NO. There was no attempted delivery. The tracking showed it sat AUZ side for 88 days. When you sell to a country you have to bide by their distance selling rules. I felt like I was training their staff but really know it's a tactic to not have to pay out. The agony of trying to get either my pieces or my money back was just insulting when they could see how many items i'd bought and that in that time only once before had I asked for a replacement - even though i've had faulty garments, packaged take ages to arrive etc etc etc.

The quality is also not there anymore with the Garments being sewn up out of house - the last garment I bought that actually arrived (pokemon overalls) fuzzed like a baby kitten. I know how to wear and look after BM so this wasn't me wearing layers that rubbed.

They also a few years back changed their system and somehow all my orders right before I could get a special piece for amount bought just disappeared. That left me salty for a long time but now it's the end and I'm officially divorcing BM. I hope anyone reading this saves themselves from a messy divorce. I thought that maybe BM just treated the UK customers like this... but after reading reviews. I guess it's everyone.


Awful shipping and marketing tricks

I absolutely love their clothing line! Great print ideas and all. However, I hate how they release stuff. You buy something limited, so it makes you rush your purchase and pay a lot of money for shipping just to se ANOTHER drop next week, and you want another item,so you make another purchase and pay for shipping AGAIN.

I know it is marketing, but it makes me hate Blackmilk clothing.

It is like you always have to have money in your pocket to be able to buy something you like whenever it drops and before it disappears.

The stuff is great as I said, but often overpriced too.

LOVE BlackMilk!

LOVE BlackMilk <3 I have been shopping with them for 10 years and they are still a staple part of my wardrobe. They always go above and beyond if there are ever any issues, and their CS and social team are always so friendly.

Wombat Rossetti

I'm shocked that BlackMilk has so many…

I'm shocked that BlackMilk has so many negative reviews -- I've ordered from them numerous times & their products have never yet been disappointing. The items look beautiful in the pictures, & also beautiful in reality. Fiber content is as advertised, & sizing is true & as described. Many of them are made from fragile specialty fabrics & must be washed with extra care, but this is clearly stated in the product descriptions, which it's hard NOT to see before you buy. Some of their items are made for them in, & shipped from, China, but they are quite open about this. I believe BlackMilk to be an honest & ethical company.


Kristen Lozen

Blackmilk is still a great company, but

The quality can be inconsistent when you get the things that are made in China. Steer clear of the sleepwear. I've got Pokemon dresses that were made in China, and I love them. I have heard they aren't the same quality as previous burned velvet dresses, but I never owned one before this. I adore it. The overalls are my absolute favorite! As are the shorts. I own about 50 skater dresses that all last forever. I still receive all my orders, whether I pay Express shipping or standard. It's not Australia's fault that mail in general from one country to another is MESSED UP due to Covid. You will receive your order faster if you pay Express.

Customer service has always been helpful for me. I know of others who have had issues, but I have experienced none myself.

Overall, these are still my favorite clothes to buy and wear. I get compliments, and I feel fashionable. Blackmilk may not be perfect, but I feel like they still dedicate more time to their customers and making cute clothes, than most high fashion companies. I still highly recommend them! I've been buying for at least 8 years.

Pro tip, buy your items through PayPal. Then if you don't like it, PayPal will pay for the return shipping up to $45 a year!



One of the worst companies I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Goods ordered and paid for in June 2020, still not received Feb 2021. No refund given....yet. They have claimed to have sent my goods on three occasions and I was given tracking details on one so I tracked it. I live in England and I tracked it as it went around Australia, never once leaving the country. Then this bunch of crooks, sent me an email to tell me it have been delivered to me.....what? Really? Where? So, they claimed delivery on something that had never even left the Country. They then offered a credit......oh again really? Like I would buy anything else from this lot. So AVOID THIS COMPANY, they are simply dishonest, and frauds. I have written to them, be interested in their response.
Expensive clothes, couldn't tell you about the quality as nothing has arrived.


So, I've been a loyal BM customer for about 4 years now. I noticed a stark contrast in the quality of their clothing in the last year, however. The sizing is off, the materials are generally awful (think Halloween costume-type synthetics for dresses), and they are now outsourcing to China for much of their manufacturing while still charging the same premium price. To give an example, I ordered a pair of black leggings over a year ago that were designed and made in Aus. I wear these leggings religiously. They've been washed many, many times, including accidentally going through on the hot cycle and in the dryer with everything else multiple times. They still look relatively pristine and the stitching is still solid. To contrast, I ordered a second pair of BM black leggings a month ago that were manufactured in China (for the same price, mind you) and after the first wash (on delicate, hang to dry), there is pilling. 3 washes later and the pilling is obvious and the stitching in the back is already loosening slightly. Plus they just don't fit the same. I noticed the same trend in the dresses I ordered last year versus the ones I ordered within the last 6 months or so. They feel different, they look different, they don't last. Such a shame. Now, I would be willing to forgive BM if they were willing to match their prices with the new, lesser quality products they pump out in a fast-fashion manner nowadays. Alas, they don't: instead, they gloss over any sort of concern on their Facebook page with rainbows and smiley faces, and refuse to acknowledge authentically and respectfully their loyal customers who notice a profound decrease in quality. I want to love BM, but I don't anymore. Until their manufacturing changes, I cannot support them any longer.

Awful quality!

Awful quality!

I purchased a dress for $110 and a long sleeve tee for $80.

Both are TERRIBLE!

Cheap material. Seams are wonky. No label on the clothing. They look like something I sewed in year 12 home economics class.

I have purchased staple like items from Shein in the past and honestly it seems like they’re made in the same factory, except BlackMilk charge premium prices for their clothing.
I expected a lot better... or at least a label on the clothing! That truly goes to show how cheap the items are and that they’re made in a run of the mill factory overseas.

Shame because the styles and designs are great. But I will never buy from them again.

After reading the other reviews on here I’m not even going to bother contacting customer service as it would be a waste of time.



Georgia McLennan

“Express” shipping 😒

I purchased a slinky skirt as a gift for my cousin’s birthday knowing that she had some Blackmilk pieces that she bought years ago and still loves today.

First off, the “express” shipping is laughable. It took almost two weeks from the date I placed the order to when the package (nasty thin black plastic mailer with no padding that left a god-awful smell all over the garment) showed up in my letter box - lucky it was free, or I would be seeking a refund for the joke that is their fast shipping service. Secondly, for a skirt that cost over $100 AUD the quality is appalling. The fabric is printed badly. When you stretch the material you can start to see the gaps in printing and it looks sheer. The pattern has been cut lazily and the hemline is noticeably uneven, the seams on the unlined skirt are overlocked (which are itchy) and look very cheap, and there’s not even a tag on the item to show that it’s a Blackmilk item or what size it is!

How on earth am I going to explain this is a genuine Blackmilk garment to my cousin on her birthday card?? There’s no way she would ever believe it.

I will never purchase from Blackmilk again. Don’t waste your money. The cheap imitations are probably of equal quality.

Ms Activewear

I brought a few Active wear items from…

I brought a few Active wear items from Black Milk end of 2020 and the sizing was absolutely awful. Everything was so tight I could have cut my blood circulation off!
Had to return the lot and will not buy active wear from them again. Perhaps you should have these made in Australia instead of China and you may not have this problem.


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Blackmilk Clothing

Blackmilk Clothing
Blackmilk Clothing
Blackmilk Clothing Headquarters: Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia, 04006
Blackmilk Clothing Headquarters:

Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia, 04006

Number of Employees: 51-200 employees
Number of Employees:

51-200 employees

Blackmilk Clothing is a fashion and apparel retailer with online presence and sell apparel & accessories related products. It is headquartered in Australia and has 51-200 employees. Blackmilk Clothing has an estimated web sales of $10M-$25M. attracts a monthly unique visitor traffic 46,948 visitors.

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FAQs About Blackmilk Clothing

Blackmilk Clothing's revenue in 2020 & 2021 (trailing twelve months' revenue) ranges between $10M-$25M, calculated on a gross merchandise value basis.

Blackmilk Clothing sells products in the fashion and apparel category. There are other companies like Ally Fashion, Eshakti, Eloquii, Cult Gaia, Reitmans, Stylewe, Sundance Catalog and Tobi that also sell products in similar or adjacent categories like apparel & accessories.

Blackmilk Clothing is either boot strapped or is a public company and so venture funding data for Blackmilk Clothing is unavailable.

Blackmilk Clothing's revenue in 2020 & 2021 (trailing twelve months' revenue) ranges between $10M-$25M, calculated on a gross merchandise value basis. Typically eCommerce companies are valued at 1-1.5x their trailing twelve months' gross merchandise value. So we expect Blackmilk Clothing valuation to be in the range of $10M-$37.5M. Actual valuations may vary.

Blackmilk Clothing's headquarters is in Australia. The headquarters address is PO Box 2443.

Blackmilk Clothing is a dtc company. They sell through own web store. Blackmilk Clothing's customers are B2C.

Based on PipeCandy's proprietary Commercepedia maturity scoring model, Blackmilk Clothing's scores 83/100. We classify them as an enterprise company.



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3 Ways Black Milk Clothing Created a Crazily-Loyal Fan Base

When we think about fans of comics, movies, or celebrities, the really loyal ones are those that give themselves names.

For instance, fans of Lord of the Rings are called Ringers, and Star Trek fans call themselves Trekkies.

As it turns out, fans of Australian leggings and apparel company Black Milk have a name too; they call themselves Sharkies.

What a great marketing strategy, leveraging the love of other brands to benefit your own. Not a bad way to not only secure your first customers but also entice them to come back again and again.

Back in 2009, James Lillis made his clothes from his kitchen, with a sewing machine he got from selling his CD player.

Fast forward five years andBlack Milk Clothing is now a multi-million dollar company, with factories churning out 2000 pairs of tights every day to keep up with orders all over the world.

Their new products sometimes get sold out in a matter of seconds.

How did Black Milk grew to such a scale, where they’re now revered like a cult?

1. Black Milk gives fans something to brag about by featuring their Instagram photos on official product pages.

Black Milk Clothing Disney Dress Product Image

How would you feel if photos of you wearing your favorite dress were featured on the company’s official product page?

At Black Milk, every product comes with a unique hashtag, where customers can tag photos of themselves wearing that product on Facebook and Instagram.

These tagged photos will then appear on the official Black Milk product pages, giving fans some serious social currency:

Black Milk Clothing Disney Dress Customer Instagram photos UGC

Customers get rewarded for buying and taking photos of their products, while Black Milk benefits by having more photos of their products circulating social media networks.

Word-of-mouth pro tip: Reward customers who actively promote and share your products, so they feel appreciated and are encouraged to keep it up.

2. Black Milk encourages fans to manage localized fan pages on Facebook, so they can meet up to trade leggings or just hang out with like-minded people.

Black Milk Swap Sell Buy Facebook Group

Black Milk is famous for its social media engagement, and its Facebook page is where most of the magic happens. New products are announced, queries are answered, and competitions are usually held there.

But Black Milk doesn’t just have one Facebook page dedicated to them. There are different types of pages, all created and managed by Sharkies all over the world.

There’s the Black Milk Clothing Swap, Sell, and Buy group, where fellow Sharkies can buy, exchange and sell products to each other without going through the company.

There are also smaller Black Milk fan pages created for localized communities, where Sharkies can meet up with fellow fans from the same state. These groups come from all over the world, from within Australia itself to the Philippines and Colorado, USA.

Word-of-mouth pro tip: Entrusting power to your customers gets them more involved with your brand, and shows that you trust and respect them enough to represent your brand.

3. Black Milk wins over comic and movie fans with licensed products of their favorite fictional characters, making them come back for more.

Black Milk DC Comics

As a comic, movie, or novel fan, expressing your fandom might restrict you from wearing rather unstylish hoodies, caps, or tees.

But Black Milk has managed to change all that; producing dresses, swimsuits, and leggings that feature popular comics, movies and novel franchises.

Some of these include DC Comics, Disney, the Game of Thrones, and Star Wars:

Star Wars-inspired swimsuits featuring C-3PO and R2-D2 | Image:

With kick-ass apparel like that, it’s no wonder fangirls are going crazy over Black Milk.

Accordingly, when sales for swimsuits featuring the iconic robots from Star Wars stopped, they eventually appeared on eBay, going for about $600 each.

Obtaining official licenses for popular franchises not only allows Black Milk to cater to the hardcore fans, but also coincide with time-sensitive movie releases.

For instance, those who enjoyed movies for the Hobbit franchise might choose to buy the dress with the map of Middle Earth on it.

Word-of-mouth pro tip: When you consider your target customer base, it is important to find out what else they might be crazy about. See if you can incorporate their peripheral interests into your products, so you can attract more customers.

Black Milk has often eschewed traditional advertising and credited their success to intensive social media engagement and word-of-mouth.

In an interview with Black Milk’s marketing and operations manager, Cameron Parker, he explained that:

…through word of mouth and the simple fact that no-one else is really selling crazy print leggings, we managed to find success. We have a $0 marketing budget so word of mouth is really important – it’s all about girls walking down the street and people coming up to them to say “oh my god, I want those tights, they’re so cool, where did you get them from?”

Looking at Black Milk’s story, we can see that customers don’t want a company that talks down to them and treats them like customers.

They want a company that respects them, gives them autonomy and celebrates them for liking their stuff.

Questions to ponder:

  1. What are your target customer’s online habits like? What platforms do they usually engage in?
  2. What are they crazy about?  Can you combine what they love with what you’re doing?
  3. How can you reward customers who are truly crazy about your brand?
  4. How can you show that you respect and trust them like a friend?


Other examples of fashion marketing: Under Armour, Undress,  Lululemon,  The North Face, Victoria’s Secret, THINX, Uniqlo, H&M, Herschel, Daniel Wellington, Warby Parker, Everlane, Threadless,  Chanel, Tiffany & Co

Samuel Hum

As a finalist in Esquire's Best Dressed Real Man contest, Samuel is ReferralCandy's fashion eCommerce expert and resident sartorialist. He is obsessed with human behavior, social psychology, and handstands. He is also the lead calisthenics trainer at Weightless.


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