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Prema Pipasi Movie Review : The characters in this film need counselling

Story: Prema Pipasi is the story of a guy (GPS) who cheats on and sleeps with multiple women to find his ‘one true love’. What happens when he meets his old girlfriend (Kapilakshi Malhotra)?

Review: Love stories have evolved a lot over the decades, also giving life to many stars who were once underdogs. However, the current crop of small films makes one wonder where the love is in the story. It is especially traumatising to see the director of this particular tale treat women the way he does and glorify an alcoholic man who stalks, gropes, abuses and forces women.

Our ‘hero’ in the tale even goes a step ahead and begins threatening women to sleep with him. Literally that’s all the first half of the film holds – a man only referred to as ‘bava’ exploiting multiple women. And just so you don’t feel he’s too disgusting, the women are all shown as gold diggers, as if that makes it better. What’s even worse is how you’re expected to believe his cheap techniques and cringe-worthy flirting make women cave.

Things take a turn for worse when he meets a girl he once loved and falls in love with her again, believing she is who he has been looking for all along. Consent be damned, because she sure doesn’t seem interested. His idea of making her fall for him is to sit in front of her home and drink liquor till she says yes. And for some inexplicable reason, a multi-millionaire (Suman) decides to help him in this endeavour. By the time the cliché ending rolls around, you won misogyny has won the day.

GPS is as confusing and confounding as his name as an actor. He does not perform well, even if all he’s required to do is grope women in the name of love. The multiple women deliver pathetic performances too and there’s nothing to write home about when it comes to the technicalities.

Prema Pipasi is a two-and-a-half-hours long rant on women allegedly doing what the protagonist of this tale does in the name of love. While it is unknown what urged the director to make this film, his characters sure need some police counselling and a lesson on consent.


Prema story at a glance

Prema is one of the very few trendy musical love stories which emerged in Telugu cinema during the late 80s era. Let it be the music, or the fantastic on screen pairing of Venkatesh and Revathi, the film remains to be one of the most artistic Musical films in Tollywood till date.

Story Details:

Prithvi (Venkatesh) is a musician and has a sad past in childhood where he loses his mother at an early age. He happens to fall in love with Maggie (Revathi) who belongs to a Christian family and her mother (Manjula) is very arrogant and strict person. Maggie loves Prithvi dearly and helps him a lot in attaining his goal of becoming a great musician. Meanwhile Prithvi has a guardian, a composer (SPB) who aids him in his goal and personal life as well. But as fate would have it, Prithvi comes to know a shocking truth about Maggie’s health condition and the rest of the film is about whether Prithvi attains his dream of becoming a great musician and where his love story takes him.


Venkatesh is admirable as the aspiring musician and a great lover. His dressing is trendy and the accessories he uses in the film suit the theme. It is really good to watch Venkatesh in a youthful film and he proved himself with great performance especially during the emotional sequences. Revathi shares great on screen chemistry with Venkatesh as his lover and she looks incredibly cute in every frame. Her performance just gets better as the film reaches the climax. SPB is excellent in the role of mentor he is brilliant in every frame. Manjula is good as the arrogant mom of the heroine and Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Kalpana etc played some pivotal roles in the film.

Technical Aspects:

The film is rich in cinematography by P.S.Prakash and songs were nicely picturized. Music by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja is highlight of the film and the background score elevates the emotional scenes very well. Eenade Edho Ayyindhi and Priyathama Naa Hrudayama became all time hits. The lyrics were penned by Athreya- a great lyricist and unfortunately it was his last film. Suresh Krishna’s direction is crisp and well made with high production values of Suresh Productions.

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Prema (1989 film)

1989 Indian film

Prema (1989 film).jpg

Theatrical poster

Directed bySuresh Krissna
Screenplay bySuresh Krishna
Story bySuresh Krishna
Produced byD. Ramanaidu
CinematographyP. S. Prakash
Edited byK. A. Marthand
Music byIlaiyaraaja


Suresh Productions

Distributed byRajeswari Films

Release date

  • 12 January 1989 (1989-01-12)

Running time

156 minutes

Prema (transl. Love) is a 1989 Indian Telugu-language musicalromance film, produced by D. Ramanaidu under the Rajeswari Films banner and directed by Suresh Krissna in his Telugu film debut. It stars Venkatesh and Revathi, with original soundtrack by Ilaiyaraaja. It was dubbed into Tamil as Anbu Chinnam (1990).[1] Suresh remade the film in Hindi as Love (1991).[2] The film won four Nandi Awards.


Pruthvi (Venkatesh) is an orphan who tries hard to become a great singer. One day he comes across a beautiful, naughty young girl Maggi (Revathi Menon), and they both fall in love. When he approaches Maggi's parents to ask her hand in marriage, his criminal background comes into the picture, and they disagree. In the past, Pruthvi has killed his father as he was the reason for his mother's suicide. Pruthvi tries hard to get Maggi's parents' consent, and at last, they agree. Unfortunately, when Maggi kisses Pruthvi on the altar, she loses her consciousness. In the hospital, the doctors tell Pruthvi that she has taken too many medicines for small problems, and now the medicines have poisoned her vital organs. Meanwhile, Pruthvi gets a chance to participate in a singing competition. Maggi, after regaining her consciousness, knows about this and sends Pruthvi to sing. Pruthvi sings and ends up winning the competition. He comes back to Maggi with the trophy. By that time, Maggi's condition becomes critical, and she dies in Pruthvi's hands, saying that she will always be alive in his heart.



Music composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Lyrics written by Acharya Athreya. Music released on ECHO Music Company.

1."Priyatama"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra (Humming)5:49
2."Eenade Yedho"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra4:28
3."You Are My Hero"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra4:29
4."Ivvu Ivvu"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Chitra5:18
5."Ekkada Ekkada"S. P. Sailaja4:35
6."I Am sorry"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam4:43
7."Ontari Vadini Nenu"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam2:09
Total length:32:04


Nandi Awards[3]


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Prema Telugu Movie Part 06/12 -- Venkatesh -- Revathi -- Ilaiyaraaja -- Suresh Productions

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