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This is a guide to the post-game contents and 100% completion in Miitopia for Nintendo Switch. Learn all there is to know about what awaits you after clearing the story as well as how to obtain a 100% completion rate for the game here!

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Upon clearing the main story you'll gain access to 2 new areas - Galados Isle and New Lumos. It's important to note that these are high difficulty areas, so be sure to bring strong party members here. If your team feels a little weak, you can check out the best spots for farming experience points here before you set out for these areas.


New quests will be made available in the Traveler's Hub. There can be up to 3 quest givers at any given moment in the Traveler's Hub, and the quests refresh as every real time day passes. Be sure to check these quests out as they offer a variety of rewards such as Gold, Grub, and even Equipment.

vampire job.jpg

You can actually acquire the Vampire Job before you clear the game, but that will depend if the quest appears in Traveler's Hub prior to clearing the main story.

To obtain the job, you must accept a quest from a vampire who wants you to get rid of the ghosts in his/her mansion. After accepting the quest, a new temporary area called Manor Macabre will open up in Peculia. Once you clear the boss at the end of this area, you will be rewarded with the Bat Amulet which allows you to job change into a Vampire.

Vampire Job Info

galados isle.jpg

With the exception of Uncharted Galados, this area is relatively easy and can be cleared immediately after finishing the main story. It's best to leave Uncharted Galados alone for now, and return when you've sufficiently levelled up and geared your team.

Galados Isle Walkthrough

new lumos.jpg

New Lumos is an area that is split into 8 different , each with a unique area and boss that you must defeat. The difficulty of each boss increases as you advance through each district so be sure to level your units up before going to this area.

New Lumos Walkthrough

Upon clearing the 3rd District in New Lumos, the Tower of Dread will appear. This is a high difficulty part of the game and is best saved for later, when your party is sufficiently levelled and geared.

elf job.jpg

To obtain this job, you must defeat the Replica Dark Lord located at the end of Uncharted Galados in Galados Isle. Defeating the Replica Dark Lord will reward you with the Elven Charm, which allows you to job change into an Elf.

Elf Job Info

tower of dread.jpg

This is one of the most difficult areas in all of Miitopia. It involves a gauntlet run of the 8 bosses you fought in New Lumos. Since you fight the bosses back to back, Sprinkles and Snacks will not be replenished after each fight. It's highly advised to bring a team of Level 40 and above party members armed to the teeth with strong equipment before coming to this area.

Tower of Dread Guide

Upon clearing the final floor of the Tower of Dread, the Tower of Despair will be unlocked. This is also a gauntlet run against a series of very powerful opponents, and will be the ultimate test of your skills in the game. High level members, the best equipment, and a lot of fed Grub are a must.

Tower of Despair Guide


If you're looking to clear everything the game has to offer, there are several things you must accomplish. To put briefly, getting 100% completion means getting every possible Medal in the game.

town guide.jpg

To keep tabs on your progress you can check your list of medals in the Menu Screen by selecting the option and selecting afterwards, or you can check with the 'Town Guide' in Traveler's Hub.

List of Medals

Miitopia Switch EXP Farming 01.png

Levelling up is the only way to get stat increases quickly, so be sure to level up all your party members to increase their effectiveness in combat. To learn where the best EXP farming areas are, you can click here.

Miitopia What is Grub.jpg

Once you've hit Level 50 with your party members, the only other way to increase their stats is via feeding them Grub. It's ideal to feed Grub to your team after every stage, as every stat point matters when it comes to attacking and defending.

At this late point of the game you will find it difficult to clear certain stages if you just keep on using the units you like without any thought on team composition. It's important to balance out your team in such a way that there will always be a tool for any given problem. For instance, you can have 1 unit focused on healing, another on dealing single target damage, another for buffing/debuffing, and another for dealing area-of-effect damage.

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10 Hidden Secrets Many Still Haven't Found In Miitopia

When cult hit 3DS game Miitopia was announced as a rerelease on the Nintendo Switch, many fans rejoiced. Others scoffed - how could a game about Miis be that good? Don't let the game's simple mechanics and silly exterior fool you. Miitopia isn't just deeper than it seems, it has a massive amount of content.

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The game is mostly linear, but there are more than a few secrets found within. To uncover it all, players will have to really put some time into Miitopia - an easy task, since the game is very addicting. Be warned that this list covers secrets found throughout the whole game, and contains spoilers.

10 Makeup Changes Music

This isn't a "secret" in the traditional sense, but it may have escaped all but the most sharp-eared players. Pay attention to the background music when adding Makeup to a Mii. Depending on what kind of Makeup is added, the track will gain additional instruments.

Eyes add in a retro chiptune sound. Blush adds brass instruments and Eye Shadow throws in steel drums. If you're creating masterpiece Miis like so many others have, you'll spend a lot of time listening to this music. So play around a little.

9 Horse Whispering

The biggest and most promoted aspect of Miitopia's Switch release is the horse. The horse joins the party after everyone in Greenehorne gets their faces back. It has a relationship level that increases through Inn events and Outing Tickets just like human Miis. The horse also has unique assist skills. When the Hero reaches level 15 relationship with the Horse, they unlock a powerful magic attack, Horse Whispering.

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Here's the important thing - the participating Mii's job changes Horse Whisperer's effect. The Cleric's version can revive multiple fallen Miis and restore HP to the whole party. The Cat hits a single enemy five times in a row. Remember, only the Hero Mii can use Horse Whispering. It also will not activate if the Hero is set to autobattle.

8 Ragged Clothing

All of the armor in Miitopia is acquired through shopping or treasure chests. The quality of armor proceeds forward in a very straight line - each set is better than the last. There is one exception, and that's Ragged clothing.

Spinning the Roulette is the only way to get Ragged clothing. It shows up as one of the rewards on rare occasions. It might be rare, but it's not good. Ragged clothing is actually weaker than the default clothing each Mii starts with. So it's absolutely a booby prize. Regardless, you need to collect every class's Ragged clothing set to 100% the game.

7 Hide A Mii's Nose

Despite the huge amount of customization, you still can't remove a Mii's nose in Miitopia, for whatever reason. Some clever players have come up with a workaround. First, go into the base Mii editor, make the Mii's nose very small, and most importantly, add glasses. Now, go into the Makeup menu and remove the glasses under their makeup tab.

Finally, add a circle sticker as glasses makeup. Make it the same color as the Mii's skin, and put it over the nose. You will see the sticker floating if the Mii turns sideways, but it is completely invisible from the front.

6 Vampire Job

Vampire is the first of two secret jobs in Miitopia. This one can unlock before completing the story. There is a Vampire character in the Traveller's Hub. Taking their quest will lead to an adventure through Manor Macabre. Defeat the Pop-Up Puppet boss to get the bat charm, which unlocks the job permanently.

Vampire Miis have very high HP and their attacks drain life from enemies. That makes them very good tanks. They are one of the better classes in the game, but extremely low Speed holds them back.

5 High-Level Relationships

The Miis in the party will be pretty well acquainted with each other by the end of the game. The highest stage of relationship is "Soul Mates," kicking in at Level 50. However, the level goes up much more than that. Relationship levels cap at 99.

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High levels aren't just for show. Miis will keep unlocking better and better assists up until the very end. The later assists are upgraded versions of earlier ones that deal more damage and activate more frequently. The final assist, Lend A Hand III, unlocks at Level 99.

4 Secret Snurp Hunt

Want to do some level grinding right before the final boss? One area is perfect for that. The last stage in the Otherworld, right before the Dark Lord fight, has two paths. One of these is the Snurp Hunt path. This is the one you want, although the other path is good for farming HP Bananas.

Rare Snurps, which are worth 2000 EXP each, live along the path. If you are lucky, you might encounter a Very Rare Snurp, worth 20,000 EXP. It is hard to defeat Very Rare Snurps. They have high defense and flee very quickly. The best strategy is to use Hyper Sprinkles on all Miis and cross your fingers.

3 Elf Job

Elf is the second secret job. The quest to unlock it only becomes available after defeating the Dark Lord. A new area, Uncharted Galados, opens up on Galados Isle after beating the final boss. There is a chest containing the elven charm at the end of this area. Be warned, though, the enemies in Uncharted Galados are very tough.

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Elf Miis are slow with mediocre HP. Their true asset is their versatility. Elves can do basically anything - heal, create barriers, attack multiple targets - and they do it all pretty well. May consider them the best class.

2 Tower Of Dread

The Tower Of Dread is a super-hard dungeon located in the postgame area of New Lumos. Clearing any three Districts and speaking to the Reborn Mii reveals the tower. To complete it, the party has to defeat nine bosses in a row, without resting or restoring Sprinkles. So yes, it's pretty nasty.

The last boss in the gauntlet is the Dark Sun, a souped-up version of the final boss. Defeating the Dark Sun rewards a rare gold medal. And that's it. Completing the Tower of Dread is mostly for bragging rights, but what a heck of a right that is.

1 Behold! The Boss Snurp

The best-kept secret in Miitopia. While the 3DS version's postgame ended at the Tower of Dread, there's a second, even harder dungeon in the Switch game. The Tower of Despair unlocks after beating the former tower. It works the same way, but the enemies are even tougher. Atop the tower is the strongest boss in the game - the awe-inspiring Boss Snurp.

Miitopia's Switch release is only a few days old as of this writing. Not much information on the Tower of Despair is out there yet. Stay tuned in to Game Rant for further info. Until then, know that the Boss Snurp is out there. And it sees all.

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Miitopia: How to Unlock the Secret Jobs

Miitopiadoesn't have too many secrets, with most of the game's content being unlocked just by progressing through the main story. Classes, outfits, weapons and food items are all found pretty easily through normal gameplay. However, like any good RPG, there are a few secret classes that players can unlock. These jobs will have players take on some of Miitopia's toughest dungeons, including what may be the game's hardest boss.

The two secret classes in Miitopia are the Vampire and Elf jobs. The Vampire job can actually be unlocked a bit earlier than the Elf job and, going off of the original Nintendo 3DS version of the game, is far more effective. Both will require players to have beaten the main story and have unlocked the Travelers' Hub post-game area. These two jobs can technically be unlocked in any order, though the Vampire becomes available earlier than the Elf.

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How to Unlock Miitopia's Vampire Job

To start out, the Vampire class will require players to track down a Vampire NPC Mii that has a chance to appear and offer a quest. Said quest will take the player to a location called the Manor Macabre.  Players will want to progress to the end of this dungeon and fight the boss called the Pop-up Puppet. This should reward players with the Bat Charm, allowing them permanent access to the Vampire job.

The Manor Macabre is fairly challenging and is filled with enemies that can inflict status effects on the player's party. The Bat Charm quest will actually feature a unique set of enemies compared to later visits to Manor Macabre that are slightly on the easier side. The boss of the Bat Charm quest, the Pop-up Puppet, can deal damage to multiple targets and even stun a Mii by making them frozen in a puppet-like pose.

How to Unlock Miitopia's Elf Job

The Elf job is a little harder to unlock as it requires players to take on one of Miitopia's more difficult regions. Galados Isle is one of two new regions that are unlocked in Miitopia's post-game. The reward for clearing it is the Elf charm which grants players permanent access to the Elf class. This job has a similar set of abilities as the Fab Faries that players encounter earlier in the main story.

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The final region in Galados Isle is the Uncharted Galados, an extremely difficult jungle-themed environment filled with some of Miitopia's toughest enemies. The final boss of the Uncharted Galados is the Replica Dark Lord which is effectively a repeat battle against the Dark Lord that's been buffed to the player's current level. The Miitopia fan wiki recommends that players have a 30+ level party with around 200 HP per party member, which should offer an idea as to how powerful the enemies are here.

The reward for defeating the Replica Dark Lord is the Elf job, an all-purpose job that can do a little bit of everything that the other jobs can do. This is a fairly effective class, though it does suffer by not having the same specialization that other jobs have. It is actually a bit of an underwhelming reward for clearing just a difficult location, though it is possible that the Elf has been buffed in Miitopia's Switch remake.

So far, the Elf and the Vampire are the only two secret jobs in Miitopia, though more may be added in the future via updates or DLC. Unlocking them is certainly a challenge for players, with the Replica Dark Lord being one of the harder boss fights in the game. However, both classes are a nice incentive to explore further into Miitopia's post-game content.

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2016 video game

2016 video game

Miitopia[b] is a role-playing video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was released in Japan on December 8, 2016 and worldwide on July 28, 2017. A remastered version for the Nintendo Switch, developed by Grezzo, was released on May 21, 2021.


Two Mii characters engaging in the game's combat sequence on the 3DS version. Players' stats and actions can be accessed from the 3DS's bottom screen.

Miitopia is a role-playing video game with life simulation elements, starting with standard character classes such as warriors and mages, but as the game progresses, more classes appear.[1]Playable characters are created with Mii avatars, with them having certain personality traits that influence their role in combat.[1] Similar to Tomodachi Life, Miis and their relationships out of combat with each other affect the game, such as Miis not getting along with one another making combat more difficult.[1] The game also supports Nintendo's line of Amiibo figures, which allow players to use unique cosmetics on their Miis.[1]Miitopia supports the ability to import Miis and their trait settings from Tomodachi Life, as well as from a player's friend list.

The Nintendo Switch remaster also introduces a new makeup and wig feature which allows players to further customize their in-game characters, including options not available on the console's Mii Maker application, as well as a horse that can help in combat.


The game begins with the main protagonist, a Mii of the player's choice, arriving in Greenhorne Town, which is soon attacked by the main antagonist, the Dark Lord, who wields the ability to steal faces from Miis and use them to control peaceful creatures, turning the creatures into monsters. The protagonist chooses a character class and is sent on a journey to stop the Dark Lord. Along their journey, the player creates more companions, meets the Great Sage, and reaches Greenhorne castle, continuing the quest after the Dark Lord steals the faces of the King and the Princess. Afterwards, the team enters the kingdom of Neksdor, only to be attacked by the Dark Lord, who steals the protagonist's companions and renders the protagonist without a class. After the guardian provides the hero with new powers, they head out through Neksdor, meeting three new companions and the Genie of the Lamp. The team continues to the Realm of the Fey, where the Dark Lord attacks again, stealing the hero's companions and their character class again, prompting the guardian to provide a new group of character classes. The hero is tasked with saving the three Fab Fairies of the Realm, who provide the team the way to the Dark Lord's castle in Karkaton. Upon arrival, the Dark Lord attacks again, stealing the new companions, but failing to steal the hero's powers. The hero is tasked with saving all of their friends, with some help from the Great Sage.

The team fights the Dark Lord, and upon defeating them, the heroes discover that the Dark Lord was a common Mii possessed by a small blue wisp known as the Dark Curse. Enraged, the Dark Curse tries to possess the player's Mii, until the Great Sage intervenes and becomes possessed instead, becoming the Darker Lord. The hero and their team track down the Darker Lord through the lands of Powdered Peaks, Peculia and Nimbus, before reaching the Darker Lord's Domain in The Sky Scraper, fighting previous bosses along the way. Upon reaching the top of The Sky Scraper, the heroes go to the Otherworld for the final showdown against the Darker Lord. The hero and their team are then prompted to split up to fight the Darker Lord. Afterwards, the Darker Lord steals the faces of six heroes, evolving into the Darkest Lord for the fight with the last four members. After the Darkest Lord is defeated, the Great Sage is free. The Sage quickly traps the Dark Curse, and explains its history to the hero: it was once a normal Mii, rejected due to having a boring face, which they then decide to get rid of, and they faded away into a soul of hatred, malice and evil, which became the Dark Curse. The hero is given an opportunity to either destroy the Dark Curse or provide them with a new face and body. If the hero provides the Dark Curse with a new life, the Great Sage takes the Curse and travels with them to have them atone for their mistakes while the team is praised for saving Miitopia. Following the credits, the player unlocks two post-game areas.



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Miitopia received mixed or average reviews from critics, according to review aggregatorMetacritic.[2]Famitsu awarded both versions a score of 31/40.[5]


By February 2017, the 3DS version had sold over 168,000 copies in Japan.[16]

During its first week in the UK, the Switch port sold 36% more copies at launch than the 3DS version, debuting at #2 behind Resident Evil Village.[17] In Japan, the Switch port launched at #2 behind Rune Factory 5 with 72,725 physical copies sold, three times the sales of the 3DS version.[18] According to Media Create, the Switch port debuted at #1 in South Korea.[19]


Two music tracks from Miitopia were featured in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.[citation needed] A Nintendo Switch port of the game, developed by Grezzo, was released on May 21, 2021.[20][21][22]


  1. ^Grezzo developed the Nintendo Switch version
  2. ^ミートピア (Mītopia) in Japanese


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Game miitopia post


When the player enters the game after watching the credits roll, they will unlock the Villa. This will let them move party members to and fro between the 10-space Inn and a 90-room Villa, meaning the player can now recruit up to 100 different party members to use in Miitopia!

Five members of the party will then move to the Villa immediately. You can choose to retrieve them or drop off more party members at the Villa using the new "Sort Party" menu from the Inn's Pause Menu. From this option, the player will be able to create new Friends to join their party, as well as delete party members you don't care for any more (although you won't be able to delete the player character in this way!)

When choosing party members to set out with, you can choose to exclude the player's Mii on adventures, should they choose it.

The player may have to do this sometimes, as the Sickness mechanic will receive a nasty update after beating the game: it will now be able to affect the main character.

Upon exiting the Inn for the first time after re-entering Miitopia, two new areas will unlock: Galados Isle and New Lumos.

Up to 3 quests will be added to the Traveler's Hub every single day. In addition, completing certain quests will allow you to recruit certain quest-givers as teammates. More information can be found about these in the Daily Quests section.

While most of the quests you will receive are random, among these daily quests are three special quests with a set level, area, map layout, and boss. The area maps will be randomized, but everything else is pre-determined. These quests are listed in the Daily Quests section as well.

Last, but not least, you will be able to re-challenge the Darker Lord whenever you feel like it. This will give the player the chance to choose the other ending option. (EXPLOIT:) It can also be used to instantly cure any sick Miis in the team since all the characters in the Inn must participate in the fight.

Check out each area's section to learn about the post-game content available to the player.

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Miitopia Switch - Full Game Walkthrough

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