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Business Office(),Fax:() Classic Fare Catering()Fax: () Human Resources() , Fax: () Arredondo Café at Reitz Union() Au Bon Pain at Newell Hall() Camellia Court Cafe() Chick-fil-A at Broward() Chick-fil-A at The Hub() Chick-fil-A at Sun Terrace Cafe() Chomp & Go at Hough Hall() Chomp It at Graham Area() Chomp It at Racquet Club() Chomp It at Law School() Einstein l Bros Bagel at Sun Terrace Cafe() Einstein Bros Bagel at Vet Med() Fresh Food Company at Broward() Gator Corner Dining Center() Jamba Juice at Turlington Plaza() Java City at Engineering() Little Hall Express() Moe’s Southwest Grill at Racquet Club() Papa John’s at The Reitz Union() P.O.D. Market at Beaty Towers() P.O.D. Market at Graham Area() P.O.D. Market at The Hub() P.O.D. Market at The Reitz Union() The Market at Norman Hall() Pollo Tropical at The Reitz Union() Reitz Union Food Court() Rising Roll at Heavener Hall() Salad Creations at Sun Terrace Cafe() Shake Smart at SW Center() Shake Smart at The Reitz Union() Starbucks at The Hub() Starbucks at Law School() Starbucks at the Marston Science Library() Starbucks at Norman Hall() Starbucks at the Reitz Union() Starbucks Library West() Starbucks at Shands() Subway at Rawlings Plaza() Subway at The Reitz Union() Subway at Turlington Plaza() Sun Terrace Cafe() Wendy's at Reitz Union() We Proudly Serve Starbucks at Harrell Medical Education Building() Wing Zone at The Reitz Union() ZONE
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UF Summer B and Fall semesters will have more in-person classes

UF will return to a nearly normal Summer B and Fall course offering, but mandatory COVID testing and masking are still up in the air.

More than 70% of course credits will be in person in the Fall, which is similar to pre-pandemic offerings, UF Provost and Senior Vice President Joe Glover said at the March 18 UF Board of Trustees meeting. The university based its plan on recommendations from UF Health epidemiologists, Glover wrote in a campus-wide email March  

Dr. Michael Lauzardo, the head of UF Health’s Screen, Test & Protect program, also said at the meeting that if masking and vaccine efforts lessen cases in the coming months, his program will recommend full capacity classrooms, no physical distancing and fewer masks for Fall. 

In the email, Glover also stated there is zero evidence of transmission in classrooms and on-campus labs as 43% of undergraduate students take in-person classes in the Spring. 

UF has yet to confirm whether the health guidelines that defined this past year’s campus experiences will continue in the Fall. 

“Masking and testing may still be in place and will be determined based on people getting vaccinated and what the data are showing for COVID cases,” Ken Garcia, a UF Health spokesperson wrote in an email. “We will also follow state and federal guidelines.”

UF isn’t the first major Florida university to announce its Fall semester format. The University of Central Florida outlined a full face-to-face Fall return with mandatory masking and hand-washing on March 1. The University of South Florida released its plans March 3 to bring back pre-COVID delivery of Summer B and Fall.

Florida State University is preparing for face-to-face delivery of in-person classes in the Fall alongside face masks, social distancing and limited in-person meetings, Amy Farnum-Patronis, a university spokesperson, wrote in an email. 

These announcements come as political pressures and lost revenue push public universities to make reopening progress, Edwin Michael, a USF College of Public Health professor and epidemiologist, wrote in an email. It also coincides with more students vying for in-person spots, he added.

Repealing social distancing requirements and new COVID strands emerging, even as vaccines roll out, could lead to a resurgence in cases, Michael said. This could all affect Fall semesters across the state.

“They have either taken an optimistic view that it will be safe to go fully in-person or are hedging that somehow things can be controlled under the pressures to reopen,” he wrote.

Contact Manny Rea at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @ReaManny.

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Manny Rea

Manny Rea is a journalism sophomore and the current health reporter for The Alligator. He worked as a copy editor in his freshman year before moving over to the Avenue in summer He likes to listen to dollar-bin records and read comics, and he is patiently waiting to go back to movies and concerts.

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UF grad and rising hitmaker Easton Corbin is happy to be touring in Florida

Some performers would be satisfied to land a slot on Blake Shelton’s "Ten Times Crazier Tour," which stops at Cruzan Amphitheatre on Saturday.

But for Easton Corbin, those gigs are just one part of his hectic schedule.

When he’s not opening for the judge of "The Voice," the Trenton native is headlining fairs and fine arts centers. He called from his bus as he rolled through Nebraska on the way to another show.

"We called the new album ‘All Over the Road,’ because that’s where we are," Corbin laughs. He released the record in September as the follow-up to his smash debut.

Opening for Shelton, country music’s man of the moment, Corbin says, "is a huge advantage. There are folks in the audience who haven’t heard of you, so you make some fans. The small venues, there’s more intimacy and you get to play a lot longer, so you can expose the crowd to more of your music."

Big venue or small, Corbin loves life on the road, partly because "the bus has every modern convenience you can think of."

After living on a bus for most of the last three years, Corbin has a routine: "I try to get as much rest as I can, because traveling can really take it out of you. I like to go to the gym with the band. We try to do something physical to try to stay healthy."

His guilty pleasure? "I love Dr Pepper," he admits. But he also keeps coconut water stocked on the bus. "That helps me stay hydrated."

His favorite way to unwind? A good book. "I’m pretty low maintenance," Corbin said. "I like to read, so I’ll bring a book or two. I just read a good book about Teddy Roosevelt my mom got for me."

Corbin, 31, graduated from the University of Florida, and says he’s always been interested in history. He can trace his family’s roots in Florida back to the Civil War, and this leg of the tour will bring him close to home, something he’s looking forward to. Corbin says his mother will probably make the mile trip from Gilchrist County, just west of Gainesville, to West Palm Beach to see him.

"I miss the hot weather, and I always see someone I know. It’s just good to get home."

Growing up in Central Florida, Corbin worked on his grandparents’ farm and consumed a steady diet of traditional country music. People who like to make comparisons call him a neo-traditionalist and a young George Strait. That’s a huge compliment, he says, and he’s proud "to bear the flag of traditional country music, because it’s what I love."

But you don’t hear a lot of it on country radio anymore. Playlists are full of pop-country and Southern rock, and Corbin’s music sounds more at home on the oldies station; it’s filled with fiddles and steel guitars and songs with texture and depth. With his good looks and talent, it would be easy for Corbin to jump on the pop or rock bandwagons and hitch a ride to Nashville.

But that’s never been in Corbin’s plans.

"That’s part of being true to yourself as artist. You’ve got to be honest with yourself and be satisfied with what you do. I’ve had a real supportive team around me that lets me be who I am," he said.

Corbin’s second album already has two strong singles to its credit, but it would be hard to top the performance of his first album, which earned him back-to-back No. 1’s. "A Little More Country Than That" and "Roll With It" made Corbin the first male country artist in 17 years to have his first two singles reach No. 1.

But changes to the ways music is tracked make it impossible to make those comparisons any longer. You can’t control that, Corbin says. But you can and should keep creative control in the studio.

"I always have a say in what my record is going to sound like. If I don’t like it, we go back and change it. My name is on the record and I’m really proud of it. I’m satisfied with all the songs, and I just love what we did. I’ve been very blessed."

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New Heavener Hall will have a Rising Roll cafe

Rising Roll is expected to open on the first floor of Heavener Hall on Jan. 6, its menu boasting gourmet sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads.

As the new Heavener Hall gets ready to open its doors at the corner of West University Avenue and 13th Street, a new eatery will make its home in the stately new building that towers over the most familiar corner of the University of Florida campus.
Rising Roll is a gourmet caf� similar to Panera Bread, said Brian Ray, associate dean and director of the Heavener School of Business.
Rising Roll is expected to open on the first floor of Heavener Hall on Jan. 6, its menu boasting gourmet sandwiches, wraps, soups and salads. The caf� will also offer breakfast foods along with vegan and gluten-reduced options.
When the university prepared to build Heavener Hall, UF consulted Gator Dining to assess the need for additional dining options at the northeast corner of campus.
"We collectively felt that this area of campus had limited dining options and would benefit from a concept in Heavener Hall," said Jill Rodriguez, marketing manager for Gator Dining Services. "We are thrilled to bring Rising Roll to campus, and (we) believe that the UF and Gainesville community will appreciate the quality, variety and convenience offered by this type of restaurant."
A team of five business college staff members, Ray, one other faculty member and five business students chose Rising Roll after holding taste tests from a handful of possible vendors.
"(Rising Roll) provided the best value and had the right fit for this campus," Ray said. "I think the UF community will benefit from this place."
Ray said he liked that the caf� has breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Students will have everything they need located in this new building and will be able to hang out from early morning classes until late-night meetings without ever having to leave Heavener Hall, Ray said.
"It will be extremely convenient to have a place to eat in the new business building since all my classes will be there throughout the day," said Chris Sato, a UF second-year marketing major. "Plus, the food they will be serving looks pretty tasty and doesn't seem too expensive."
Richard Lutz, a UF marketing professor, has a few concerns about the new caf�.
"I'm enough of a realist to wonder how crowded it will be," Lutz said. "The lines might be kind of long, but having food right in the building will be a tremendous advantage."
Currently, the only other food options on campus close to Heavener Hall are Starbucks in Library West and the Little Hall Express between Little Hall and Carleton Auditorium.
Those at restaurants just off campus remain optimistic in light of Rising Roll's opening.
"I do not expect this new caf� to affect Piesanos," said Ryan Zachow, general manager of Piesanos, a restaurant located across University Avenue in the Holiday Inn. "Hopefully it will bring more awareness to the area, which will lead to more foot traffic for everyone."
Heavener Hall will be having a dedication ceremony on Friday. Rising Roll will be offering a sampling of a few menu items during the dedication ceremony, Rodriguez said.
"The chocolate chip cookies are really good," Ray said.
Several job openings are still available. Submit an application at gatordining.com/employment.

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Roll uf rising

VF3 [ print friendly ]

URAMAWARI ========= You've been knocked down. But it's no big deal since you're ahead of your opponent and time is running out. You roll off to the side to buy some time while considering your Rising options. You decide to go with a high rising attack knowing that you get a throw if it hits and counting on your Yomi skills if it is blocked. Your attack comes out but something is wrong! The attack missed completely, in fact you're facing the wrong way. The opponent doles out some impressive damage and all of a sudden a game you were winning has become a game you have lost. Seem familiar? Most of us have been on the receiving end of this secenario at one point or another. It is Uramawari, it is powerful and in the right hands it can be the turning point of any game. Uramawari is a Japanese term that when translated literally means "rotate back". The kanji for Ura stands for "reverse side", "wrong side" or "back" while mawari can be read as "it rotates". Uramawari rotates the wrong side of the opponent towards you. Now that we know that it's time to actually look at the thing itself. Uramawari can seem mystifying even to those who know how to do it in certain situations but the reality is that it is quite easy to understand if you know the different types and the rules they follow. Two types? You probably thought Ura was Ura. Well not really, there are actually two kinds of Uramawari in VF3tb: There is Mechanical Ura and Observational Ura. Before we get into the two different types lets first consider the practical mechanics of Uramawari. Some veterans of play have declined to cite examples and formulaes stating that there is a certain feeling you get when you are about to apply Ura that lets you know if it will work or not. This is no doubt true but the fact is that certain conditions or setups lend themselves to the application more than others. Knowing how to spot those conditions will allow you to "feel" the ura coming more and more. Here are the conditions that lend themselves to the successful application of Uramawari. Actually, there is really only one. The opponent needs to fall in an "awkward" manner. This means that the nice opponent has landed outside of the feet towards, head up posture. That's it. Think of a clock with you standing at 6 o' clock and the opponent's feet representing the hour hand. Any time the opponet's feet are at 6 they can be considered safe, any time the opponent lands outside of this time they begin to stray into problem territory. An opponent who lands at or is moderately in trouble but the opponent who finds themselves anywhere from and is in complete Ura country. Why? Well because the "clock" is always relative to yourself. You are always at six o clock, it is the opponent who deviates. Consider approaching an opponent when both of you are at six o clock. You would simply push against each other. But when the opponent is no longer at that magic hour and you still are your bodies are off axis and when you move forward you are not moving towards but past them. Got it? Six o clock equals safe. Any straying from the magic hour could spell bonus points for you and badness for the opponent. The larger the stray the bigger the opportunity. Now onto the two different kinds. Mechanical Ura =-=-=-=-=-=-=- This is the kind most people know best and it springs from certain situations that will be familiar to veterans of the art but lets first define mechanical ura for you. Mechanical Ura is a subset of Uramawari that operates under any of these three conditions: 1) That the Uramawari be independent of the opponents actions 2) That the Uramawari utilize and attack or specific animation that changes how the gameplay engine perceives your place in the ring relative to your opponent 3) That the conditions specific to the Uramawari being tried be met before the opponent is mobile or able to change to outcome. At least one of these conditions will have been met for the type of Uramawari you're attempting to qualify as Mechanical Ura. The thing to understand about Mechanical Ura is that each particular instance of it will have common factors (the intial set up will land the opponent outside of that magic hour) and each particular instance will never change. How could it? The set up will never change. Most Mechanical Ura that you find will come out of successful throws. The animations for these throws never vary unless in the rare instance that they have wall animations. Sometimes Mechanical Ura can spawn from a successful attack but that is relatively rare since the opponent will recover around the same time you will and be able to change the outcome by moving. Here are examples of Mechanical Ura: Akira 1. df+P+G -> qfx2 -> E to head 2. df+P+G -> f,f,f+P -> E to head 3. df+P+G -> df+K -> E to head Note: If successful, the screen view will reverse, so remember to input your commands opposite to the way you started for any followup. After Uramawari a suggested followup is a Bodycheck (b,f,f+P+K). Jacky 1. P+K, K -> run -> E in direction of opponent's roll 2. Sidethrow (P+G) -> Soccerball Kick (df+K) -> qf -> E-CD x 2 to head 3. f+P,K -> run -> qf -> E in direction of opponent's roll Sarah 1. opponent down -> qf x 3 -> E opposite direction of roll 2. opponent down and far away -> qb (to realign) -> run -> E opposite to roll 3. f+P,K -> f,f+K -> qf -> E 4. df+K+G -> qf -> E towards head Note: After Uramawari a suggested followup is: f,f+K -> db+K Lau 1. P+G -> qb (realign) -> run -> E to head 2. P+G -> qf -> d+K -> E (won't work against a fwd/bk roll, timing is hard) 3. df,df+P+G -> qfxa -> E to head 4. opponent down after an attack -> qb (realign) -> run -> qf -> E to head Pai 1. uf+K is your friend :) 2. P+G or f,f+P+G or High Punch/Kick Reversal (b+P+K) -> E to head x 2 (optionally E-CD to head x 2 for better positioning) 3. Knee Reversal (db+P+K against Knees) -> E-CD to head x 2 Wolf 1. Double Arm Suplex (db+P+K+G) -> qf -> E opposite to opponent's sideroll -> Short Shoulder (b,f+P+K) 2. Giant Swing (hcf+P+G) or Wrist Lock Throw (hcb+P+G) -> run -> qf 3. Side Suplex (d+P+K+G) -> qf -> E to head -> Short Shoulder (b,f+P+K) 4. df+P+K -> f+E (running if possible) -> E into screen Jeffry 1. Powerslam (f+P+G) -> D+K -> E to head 2. Front Back Breaker (b,f,f+P+G) -> qb (realign) -> run -> E to head 3. Machine Gun Punch (db,f+P+G) -> run -> qf x a -> E to head 4. Back Flip (P+G) -> back roll toward the opponent and stand -> E to head Note: Won't work against forward or back rollers. Kage TT-d+K ->df+P (only works against low rising attacks) df+P+G or b, d+P+G ->uf+K ->DP P+G -> uf+P+G - > E to face opponent db+K -> qf -> E towards head or opposite of opponent's roll Lion 1. hcb+P+G -> run -> E to head (against sideroller) 2. f,f+P+G -> qf x 2 -> f+P,P -> E to head (against sideroller) 3. Back Throw -> run -> E to head (against sideroller) 4. P+G -> E-CD to head -> uf+E (against fwd roll or inplace rising attack) 5. P+G -> E to head -> f+P+E (against back roll) 6. b,b+K,P+K -> b,b+K -> E-CD -> uf+E (against fwd roll or inplace rising attack) 7. b,b+K,P+K -> CD -> uf+E (against fwd roll or inplace rising attack) 8. b,b+K,P+K -> CD -> E to head -> f+P+E (against back roll) 9. d+P+E -> E to head (against fwd roll or inplace rising attack) P,P,d+P -> E to head (against forward roll) Sidethrow -> wait -> f,f+K (to jump over) -> E (to turn around) (against forward roll) Notes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 must be in closed stance. If 6 or 8 are in open stance, change uf+E to ub+E If against Taka, any stance is OK. Shun 1. uf+E is your friend. Enter the Jiji Cyclone! :) 2. After a float -> df+K+G -> uf+E repeatedly to stick to the opponent. Works against forward or backward rollers. You can't avoid a delayed low rising attack. 3. Stick to an opponent's sideroll -> qb (b+E) will avoid a low rising attack. (Not really Ura, but still). 4. Chouwan (df,f+P) -> df+P,P+K -> d+PK,K,K -> uf+E x 3 (a sideroll will block you. This isn't very practical, depends a lot on the opponent's timing). 5. Chouwan (df,f+P) -> (don't dash forward) uf+E a few times 6. D+K+G (sweep) -> qf -> E towards head Note: For 5, if in open stance, the separation distance is greater, so dash forward first. In both cases, try to read the opponent. You won't always get behind. Aoi 1. Opponent down -> qf x a -> when camera angle changes -> E to head (against forward roll) Suggested Uramawari followup: f+K,K -> qf -> f+K -> Ground Throw (df+P+G) Against Jeff, replace f+K with down attack Against Wolf, replace f+K with d+K+G and after all this, Opponent is down again. Go back to step 1 :) 2. Low Throw (d+P+K+G) -> qf -> E-CD x 2 to head 3. Ground Throw (df+P+G) -> wait -> f,f+E -> E 4. P+G -> qf x a -> E 5. d+K+G (in open stance) -> f+K,K (to jump over) 6. d+K+G ->qf -> E towards feet Taka 1. After a throw -> f+P+K over prone opponent 2. hcf+P+G -> run -> f+P+K,P (sideroll must be in the direction of Taka's front) 3. db+P+G -> run -> f+P+K -> 4. d+P+K, P+K (dew sweeps)-> f+E (running if possible) -> E towards head 5. Low throw -> CD f+P 6. P+G throw -> CD, f+P or CD into high punch(!) Glossary qf - quick foward, f+E qb - quick back, b+E qf x a - do a qf a few times Observational Ura =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The other kind and the type that can become your best friend in a hurry but only if your type of play compliments it. Observational Ura requires not only that you get in close to your fallen opponent but that you have keen eyes and good reflexes. The key word is observational. While each instance of Mechanical Ura never change because the set up that provides the opportunity never change, Observational Ura changes all the time with each instance because the thing you are observing is your opponent. Or specifically how your opponent is choosing to rise. Here's how Observational Ura works. When you've knocked your opponent down get in close and pressure them. Watch what they do, specifically you are looking at whether or not they side roll because without a side roll this will not work. Here's where the observation kicks in, whatever direction they roll in you must dodge in the opposite direction. This will have the effect of positioning your character further out of line from the downed opponent. Remember the key ingredient to all Ura! The further the opponent is away from the six o clock position the more reliable this is. The really important part of this is making sure you keep in tight with the rising opponent and this is where the Korean Step can come in very handy. Being able to cancel the first dodge by a crouch dash and then instantly dodge again in the same direction (away from the direction of the roll) will improve the success rate of Observational Ura. If you've done it correctly and if the opponent plays along you will be at their back when they rise. This is not dodging a rising attack. That is completely different. The rules that apply to dodging rising attacks are not applicable here. Make no mistake about it, this is Uramawari. The reality of Observational Ura is that it is more open to being thwarted by the opponent than Mechanical Ura. It will not work against opponents who do anything but side roll. The good thing about Observational Ura is that few people expect it. They are probably just getting their minds around Mechanical Ura and in the absence of conventional set ups will probably think themselves safe. Also in the presence of pressure most people try to buy themselves a little time and knowing the dangers in the backwards or the forwards roll might opt for the sideways roll. Defeating Uramwari: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Now that you know how to do it you may want to stop it from happening to yourself. The truth is that in some instances it is very hard to avoid. The easiest way is to opt for a handspring recovery and this defeats most Ura quite handidly but is not the best rising option normally. And certain characters mechanical Ura will continue to function regardless of the handspring. Akira's Ura is one of these. Sometimes the handspring will work and sometimes it will fail. This has a lot to do with how and when the opponent applys the Ura, if they are slow you can escape more easily unless they deliberately slow their inputs to match your own delay in rising. Which is the other way of defeating Uramawari. You can delay your rising options. While the opponent is busy apply the conditions to your demise you can forestall that seeming inevitability by refusing to get up right away. Take your time and either wait until you know the conditions have passed by or rise naturally (no attack, no movement). Of course, sometimes defeating Ura this way leads to different games. If your opponent has noticed a trend in the way you are rising (and getting out of repeated Ura attempts) they can simple take advantage of that and go for a pounce where a pounce normally could not be had or a pick up (playing Jeff or Wolf) where it is not normally possible. They could even take advantage of your reticence to get up fast and take better command of the ring, positioning you closer to the edge. The games are endless. Here's a sample Jeff trap. He has his P+G ura (see mechanical ura number #4) but the opponent can easily defeat this by refusing to get up early or changing the way he gets up. What to do? Well, Jeff can delay his own rising options since his P+G throw lands him on the ground. As soon as the opponent moves Jeff can roll into him and force him to guess between a high or low rising attack which is almost always unexpected (don't try this against fuzzy blockers). If the opponent doesn't like that game and tries to get away quicker you can go back to practicing Ura.
Sours: https://virtuafighter.com/view.php?section=vf3&file=vf3tb_uramawari_eater.txt
Rising Palm Roll - Intermediate Level - TRICK LIBRARY

Naqs Halal food-UF

  • Coupon Koman on Google

    (June 29, , pm)

    Got the Lamb Salad with the green and white sauces. Definitely two meals worth of food. Very flavorful, fresh, and filling. The lamb is not shaved it’s nice chunks of meat. Skip the lamb gyro and just do a platter or salad. Will definitely be back.

  • Dina on Google

    (June 29, , pm)

    Great food and great service. I will definitely be back again.

    I ordered a mixed rice dish with chicken and falafel. My friend ordered a salad dish of lamb and chicken. Both were great.

    They accidentally made my friends dish a rice base instead of salad. They had her keep it while they made her a whole new dish.

    Can’t wait to be back.

  • Estella Scutella on Google

    (June 9, , pm)

    Best lamb gyro I’ve had in Gainesville. The vegetables were fresh and the lamb was tender and juicy. It was very delicious! 😍

  • Antonio Cuccia on Google

    (June 4, , pm)

    Amazing new place. Go here. Talked to the owner and all their stuff is either straight from their other location in NY or homemade and honestly you can tell. Staff is obviously new and being trained so be kind and patient and just verbally double-check your order.
    Everything is so fresh and portions are generous. Garlic parm wings were delicious and huge and still crunchy even when they sat in my car covered in sauce.
    Lamb gyro was great and I recommend getting a combo (I got lamb, chicken, falafel) over rice and salad. White sauce is everything and the green sauce has so much flavor. Baklava was also pretty good!
    Honestly, being from NY, I cannot tell you how excited I am that this is here and at midtown (can’t wait to go here drunk). Even better than most halal you would find at NYC, I hope this place does really well.

  • Ciara Celine on Google

    (May 28, , pm)

    We ordered from here for the first time today. The food was delicious and the portion sizes we huge! My boyfriend is very picky and claims he knows “good food” and he couldn’t stop saying how happy he was!

  • Sours: https://usarestaurants.info/

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    Southern Sustainability: A College Dining Review


    These environmental initiatives are heading anywhere but south!

    Get more Spoon in your feed.

    By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier

    After high school, there is nothing more bittersweet than waving goodbye to your parents as they leave you to live on your own for the first time. For the most part, it feels like your world is opening up; without parents, you are your own guide. However, in some ways, your independence diminishes, particularly with where, how, and what you consume.

    When on a meal plan, students are confined to the sustainability protocols and food offerings provided by dining halls and other on-campus facilities. It can be hard to go from composting every day at home to throwing a banana peel away in your dorm’s bathroom trash can. Some campuses around the South have implemented sustainability measures to their dining services that keep your conscious clean during all-you-can-eat extravaganzas. Below is a list of some of the most creative ways that Southern campuses have made their dining halls more sustainable.

    1. The University of Georgia

    They may be Georgia’s specialty, but the dining halls in Athens are serving up a lot more fresh produce than just peaches. UGA’s dining services have implemented many sustainability initiatives, all of which are outlined on their website. Some of them are basic, like trayless dining and composting and recycling services, while others are more innovative. For example, the dining hall has started sourcing some fresh produce from on-campus gardens. Since September , UGA dining services created “Campus Grown special salads” that source ingredients from one of their campus gardens including their ​​Vertical Aeroponic Gardens. Some of the fresh produce offered in these special salads includes: swiss chard, dandelion greens, sorrel and peppers…pretty fancy for the dining hall. Speaking of gourmet dining hall food, UGA also has something called a “blended burger.” The blended burger contains 70% beef and 30% roasted mushrooms in order to provide a healthier and more sustainable hamburger. Luckily, the mushrooms complement ground beef, both texturally and flavorwise, so no worries about not getting your burger craving fulfilled. 

    2. Clemson University

    Clemson’s dining hall has all the classics, too: recycling and composting services, reusable to go containers, and a a five-step food planning process aimed at minimizing food waste:

    As you can see, the second most preferred method for food recovery is to donate extra food to the hungry. Since the beginning of , Clemson dining has donated over 44, pounds of surplus food to local food pantries. Clemson isn’t just helping their community by donating food though, they also source several ingredients from local farms and distributors. Here’s a map of all their local partners, sourced from their website:

    While French fries are always a safe dining hall bet, at Clemson, students can rest assured that their fries are going to taste good and be environmentally friendly too. Clemson dining services has methods for ensuring that none of their fryer oil goes to waste. According to their website, Clemoson dining services recycle their oil by filtering it multiple times to extend its lifespan. Purportedly, once the oil is no longer usable, it is collected and converted into diesel by a local research facility. 

    3. University of Florida

    University of Florida is making their sustainability initiatives particularly appealing by targeting a highly popular product among college students: coffee. First, they source all the coffee used in their dining halls from a local coffee roaster called Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co. Sweetwater is dedicated to “fair, direct, and transparent trading relationships with small-scale coffee farmers and their cooperatives throughout the world’s coffee lands.” They are also part of a cooperative dedicated to small-scale coffee growers around the world. With Sweetwater’s ethically sourced fresh coffee, UF is ensuring that their students are staying caffeinated with the highest quality coffee. UF doesn’t stop there though…they’ve also created a program called “B.Y.O.M.” or Bring Your Own Mug. B.Y.O.M. is a partnership between UF dining services and several on-campus restaurants including Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, P.O.D. Markets, Chomp & Go, and Rising Roll. The program offers a $ discount on all coffee products to students who bring their own mugs or cups. B.Y.O.M is a win-win-win, students can get their caffeine fix, they get a discount, and they’re reducing their plastic consumption by using a reusable mug. 

    4. University of North Carolina

    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, like UGA, has an on-campus garden. The produce from this garden is donated to an on-campus food pantry, and students are allowed to pick produce for themselves from various satellite gardens. The initiative is made possible through Edible Campus, a program created by the North Carolina Botanical Gardens. UNC also hosts fall and spring farmers markets, where students can purchase locally grown produce, meats, and other products. Other sustainability implementations include daily vegan and vegetarian options, Meat “Less” Mondays, composting, tray-less dining, reusable to-go trays and cups, and locally sourced milk and breakfast meat.

    5. University of Virginia

    The University of Virginia has multiple programs to promote sustainability in its dining services. The Sustainable Food Collaborative was created in and has five goals: responsible food procurement, waste reduction, food security, raising awareness, and community collaboration. UVA serves a plant-forward dish every Friday in all of their dining halls, serves the blended burger, hosts market days featuring local vendors, and has compostable and reusable dining trays. The university is partnered with a rewards program called Cupanion, a mobile app that rewards users for using a reusable bottle instead of a plastic one at on-campus dining locations and stores. In the fall of , the Green Dining Group was formed. This student-run group is open to all UVA students and hosts monthly meetings about sustainable eating. UVA has also hosted two food justice events. The first, held in October of , was Our Evolving Food System: from Slavery to Sovereignty. The two-day event drew over attendees and featured food prepared by Indigenous chefs with locally sourced ingredients. The second was a series of forums addressing ways in which the university could become more sustainable in its food supply chains.

    6. University of Tennessee Knoxville

    The University of Tennessee makes eating sustainably easy with their sustainability initiative “Make Orange Green.” The initiative features locally sourced food, recycling, composting, trayless dining, food donation, reusable condiment containers and dishware, fryer oil recycling, water bottle refill stations, green cleaning products, recycled paper, fair trade coffee, and bleach-free napkins. The university also has a program called The Mug Project, which offers discounts to students using their own reusable coffee cups at on-campus dining locations.


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