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Frozen with horror with a raised member in her mouth, Natalya Petrovna suddenly finished, trying with all her might not to moan and not bite Petrov. But he yawned and snored again. From orgasm and horror from what happened, Natalya Petrovna felt dizzy, and stars ran in her eyes, but she found the strength to stand up.

She stood naked in front of Petrov.

What is she doing here, what is going on at all. She was wearing a short dress and high-heeled shoes. She looked very sexy.

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I'll be waiting for you too. Oh, Grishenka. Move it faster.

The men took turns telling funny stories, we had a lot of fun. It was already well past midnight, my wife naturally didnt come, but I didnt even think to ask about her. Dima turned on the music and invited me to dance. Alexey was indignant I dont want to be bored alone, you can join me I smiled.


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Climbing onto the bed again. I bring a cup of wine to your lips, carefully holding your head. You drink, a thin stream flows down your neck. And I pull back again. I get up on the bed to my full height.

Dale the Hedgehog (Male me)

I was about to go to the room where they were dancing, but the guys stopped me and asked me to sit down. And began to communicate with me, as if distracting from something. I got tired of it and I said that I was going to dance with them. They grabbed me, sat me down and said: "You may not like such dances, sit here.

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I made the movements of the tongue more frequent, began to stimulate the clitoris, which had already tensed and stuck out. Insolently. Valentina began to moan.

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