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Scrapbook Layouts: 6 Ideas To Inspire You! 

Wondering what to do with the old photos that you recently came across? Create beautiful 12x12 vintage scrapbook pages. Here are some easy steps to follow:

♥ Choose a 12 x 12 sheet of a scrapbook page that has a vintage style to it. It might be a crackled green paper, a page with lace, or wrinkled cardboard.

♥ Turn the paper over and trace a 3 x 3-inch square template on three or four random places. Carefully poke a hole through each square and cut the paper from the hole to one of the edges of the square. Retrace the square several times with a pen or pencil until you're able to carefully rip the square from the paper. When you rip, it will leave a ragged edge which is what you want.

♥ Center a photo, facedown, over each square and tape into place. Use black and white photos here if possible!

♥ Flip the scrapbook paper over and adhere it to the scrapbooking page backing. Add a border to the page. You can use a simple solid border made out of cardstock, or any pre-purchased scrapbook borders.

♥ Add a title to the scrapbook page and embellish with old buttons, lace, and other antique looking trinkets.


Page Layout Ideas

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that first began in 1985. Fast forward to 1992, and this world health issue connected to what is arguably one of the most well-known symbols of our time: the pink ribbon. And whether you display those powerfully pink ribbons, participate in fundraising walks and runs, aid in helping a friend schedule a mammogram and other encouraging, I’m-there-for-you movements, this month is a key time for promoting breast cancer awareness and the importance of research, early detection, prevention and life-changing support. So as we enter the month of October, let’s pay tribute to the fighters, survivors, the lives that have been lost and the caregivers along the way and show awareness with this breast cancer scrapbook layout.

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Inside: 40+ ideas to make your scrapbook pages look amazing every time


If you're a seasoned scrapbooker or a beginner you want to create beautiful and meaningful scrapbook pages and you're always looking for new ideas. We have some amazing ideas you need to try to make your scrapbook pages look incredible every time!


45 ideas to make amazing scrapbook pages collage



A title is an important ingredient on a layout and can add a unique look to the entire page. A creative title will always boost up your page and add extra interest to it. I always try to come up with new ideas for titles. It's not just the content that matters it's also the shape and design of the title.


Ideas for scrapbook page titles collage





The main part of a scrapbooking page is the photos. We usually use rectangle photos or square ones but changing the photo shape can not only add interest but can also help you tell the story. You cut your photos into a circle,a heart or even a rectangle or stripes.


scrapbooking photo ideas collage


Playing with the size of the photos on the layout will also add interest and help the eyes move from photo to photo.



Creating texture on a scrapbook page adds dimension to the background and makes the page looks more sophisticated. You can create texture in all kinds of techniques like adding modeling paste or other mediums as well as layer mesh or lace paper.


texture on scrapbook pages collage


Here are a few ideas for textured backgrounds:



One of the ways to make your photo pop is to frame it. The most easy and well known method is to create a mat around the photo but I have a few more ideas to frame your photos.


framing photos on scrapbook layout collage




An unconventional "paper" is any background other than a piece of scrapbook paper! You can create scrapbooking layouts on other materials which are not a 12x12 paper! Buy them from the store or make them yourself and get sounds of amazement every time.


DIY scrapbook papers collage




Instead of using the photo as a whole cut out the people's images out and use them on the layout.


  1. It creates an unexpected surprise on the page because people are used to seeing the entire photo and not just the person.
  2. You can remover noisy backgrounds or unwanted items on the background.
  3. If the image of a person is too small by cutting it out you make it more visible and it doesn't disappear into the background.
  4. It adds movement and interest to the page.


  • Make sure you cut out the image properly. You can't use a person's image on a layout if some of their organs are cut so if you can't cut the image fully don't cut it. However there are exceptions. If you need to cut off a foot or a hand then you can still use the photo as long as you find some way of hiding that. For example: the person can stand between flowers that will hide the missing foot or hold something in their hand that will hide the missing part.
  • Consider the size. Sometimes the images are small or big and you need to match their size to the size of the elements on the page. You want it to look logical and proportionate. If you need you can always reprint the photo you want to use and change its size to match the page.
  • Design the page. Once the image of the person is cut you want to incorporate it on the page without making the page look weird or bad. The way to add a cut image is to create a scene around the image.


cut images on scrapbook page collage


Here are a few ways to include cut images on your scrapbook pages:



Funny scrapbook layouts are always a lot of fun to create and to watch. The funny part is usually the photos but you can use your sense of humor in the journaling and the title too.


funny scrapbook pages collage




The idea behind interactive elements is that there are moving parts on your page. Something on the page can be opened, turned or moved in any way. That adds interest, sophistication and fun to the page.

It works great on mini album pages but when you want to add it to a 12x12 layout you have a problem with the page protector. It's easily solved by very carefully cut the page protector and allow the moving part to be on the outside. For example if you have a flap gently pull it out through a slit and it will open and close on the outside of the page protector.


interactive scrapbook page ideas collage




Journaling is a key part of a scrapbook page but we usually add the journaling on a tag or a sticker. Journaling doesn't have to be boring and expected. Try these ideas to take your journaling to a new level.


journaling on scrapbook page ideas




Adding embellishments to a scrapbook page is a part of the creative process but aren't you tired of using the same embellishments over and over again? You are only limited by your imagination!


embellishments for scrapbook page ideas



There are many great scrapbook ideas right? Which one is your favorite? I have to say I tried them all and my favorite are making interactive scrapbooking pages. We hope you enjoyed these useful ideas for how to make amazing scrapbook pages every time.  If you have an idea that is not listed here, leave a comment and let me know what it is. I would love to hear it!




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45= ideas to make your scrapbook pages look amazing collage


Have fun creating!







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