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Stand Out from the Competition with Custom Eyelash Packaging

Entrepreneurs in the beauty industry are bringing to life more unique and exciting solutions for trendy fake Eyelashes than ever before. ClearBags is excited to partner with these companies to bring beautiful and functional Eyelash Packaging designs to life. Whether you already have a vision for your Eyelash Boxes and simply need us to bring it to fruition, or you would like our help creating your perfect Eyelash Packaging design, we have you covered!

ClearBags is the best choice for custom Eyelash Packaging for start up companies and for companies launching new products as we offer affordable prices and low minimums, allowing you to bring your new Eyelashes to market in eye catching packaging without having to struggle to meet impossible minimum order expectations in order to get the Eyelash Packaging that you need.

If you already have a source for your Eyelash Boxes and would like to look at new or different Eyelash Packaging options in order to compare it to your current Eyelash Packaging provider, our Beauty Industry Packaging Specialists are available to help, just give us a call!


    Custom Eyelash Packaging

Custom eyelash packaging is essential to help create my own eyelash brand. Mink Lash Vendors MissAngel Lashes has established  own custom eyelash boxes factory to serve our customers better. Besides, considering some customers are the beginner to create my own eyelash brand, eyelash vendors Missangel Lashes hire designers to help  design brand logo on empty eyelash boxes and custom eyelash packaging.

custom eyelash packaging for 3d mink lashes
custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging for mink lashes

  As a eyelash vendors who wholesale mink lashes, we provide popular and quality wholesale 3d mink lashes. And we also insist in manufacturing high-graded custom eyelash packaging.

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There are lots of basic eyelash packaging to choose. Clear lash boxes, round clear eyelash packaging cases, rectangular lash packaging, square eyelash packaging,  diamond shape lash packaging and lash books.

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Please  remember, even best products (3d mink lashes,25mm lashes)need good eyelash packaging design and quality eyelash boxes.

Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging with MOQ of 20

custom lash cases with private label

EC01-EC05 are lash boxes with a clear window(PVC), with a window. Eyelashes could be shown clearly.

EC15-16 lash packaging is made of glitter materials. Which is shiny and attractive under the light.

EC17-20 is drip element added, which is vey shining. We could add your lash business name below the eyes. EC41-46 is drawer boxes for lashes, which could diaplay eyelashes in all directions.

custom lash box wholesale vendors
affordable lash packaging boxes

EC62 is made of texture materials. EC64-66 are afforable sqaure lash boxes with a handle.

wholesale mink lash cases

PC01-PC06 are round lash cases with different shaoe and color. Price is different, there is no minimum order quantity for these cases.

PC06 is rectangualr clear acrylic cases. If order over 20 PC07, could print logo on it. And as the picture shows, there are many background color could be chosen. Holographic, light pink glitter, hot pink glitter, gold, rose gold are all availabe.

If you order both lashes and cases, we will package mink lashes in the eyelash cases. If you only order cases, we will also put lash tray in.

PC08 is cute lollipop cases for eyelashes, and PC09 is pill bottle cases. PC08 and PC09 all could be customized.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box Examples


  1. All the lash boxes on the above catalog could be customized. Affordable eyelash packaging supplier Missangel Lashes could print your own logo on the boxes. But the minimum order quantity(MOQ) is 20 to print logo.
  2. If dont print logo, any quantity is okay, we could sell 1 lash boxes only.
  3. All the boxes in the catalogs are fixed in shape, color. What we can customize is only print your own logo and brand name.
  4. The manufacture time is 1-2 days. Shipping time is 4-5 days.
  5. If the custom eyelash packaging you look for not shown in the catalogs. We could also do other color match eyelash packaging with your private logo. Just the MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 60. And the manufacture time is 9-12 days.

Click the Below link to check Boxes with MOQ(minimum order quantity) of 50.

What Kind of Lash Boxes Can we Make and How to Customize Your Own Eyelash Packaging

Custom Eyelash Books Diy Lash Kits

Steps to Customize Eyelash Packaging

1.Choose your favorite eyelash packaging from the catalog that we send to you,or you can send the pictures of the eyelash box you need to us, Miss Angel Lashes can make the totally same custom eyelash packaging based on the pictures that you provide.

2.Send your private mink lashes logo to us,our designer will design the logo on your favorite eyelash packaging and have your agreement before put custom eyelash packaging into production.

3.Tell us the quantity of the eyelash packaging box you need,and send your PayPal account to us,we will send an invoice to you to complete the payment.

4.For the Custom eyelash packaging EC series, printing takes 2-4 days. Those boxes are in stock so manufacture time is short. For other custom eyelash packaging with MOQ of 50, manufacture time is 10-15 days. 

More Eyelash Packaging, Pls Contact Whatsapp: +86 15166831626

More Pictures of Custom Eyelash Packaging

  • custom eyelash packaging with private label
  • custom eyelash packaging with private label
  • custom eyelash packaging with private label

Click the Below Link to See Pics of Lash Packaging Boxes We have Manufactured Before>>>

Questions and Answers of Custom Eyelash Packaging

1.  Q:What’s you MOQ ( minimum order quantity) of custom eyelash packaging?

       A: As an eyelash packaging vendors, we wholesale eyelash packaging not only in  low price, but also in low  MOQ.

      If you wholesale mink lashes from MissAngel Lashes, the MOQ for magnetic eyelash box is only 20.

2. Q: What Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors ( MissAngel Lashes) Can do for eyelash packaging?

 A: LOGO design, private label printing, private label gilded.

3. Q: What’s the production time?

     A: Usually it takes 7-8 days to make custom eyelash packaging.

Wholesale mink eyealsh books Vendor also manufacture eyelash books. The above custom eyelash packaging catalog also shows part. Flower eyelash boxes design is popular recently. However, lash boxes manufacturer–MissAngel Lashes also could do eyelash books for 2-16 pairs of lashes.

Welcome to contact for further communication.

WHATSAPP +86 15166831626

Examples for Custom Lash Packaging

diy lash boxes
lash boxes for mink lashes
mink lashes and lash packaging
diy lash boxes
Drawer Box Custom Lash Packaging Diy Boxes
20mm mink lashes and lash boxes
Wholesale lash packaging and eyelashes
handle lash packaging boxes
custom eyelash boxes for 3D Mink Lashes
Lash Boxes Wholesale Vendors Boxes Manufacturer
Plain Pink Lash Packaging for Mink Eyelashes
Glitter Pink Square Lash Boxes Wholesaler Eyelash Boxes Factory
16mml lashes and lash washer wholesale vendors
mink lash packaging box wholesale vendors
lash kits and eyelash packaging

Reviews for Missangel Lashes Custom Eyelash Packaging & Lash Cases

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Durable & Affordable Empty Eyelash Boxes Wholesale

Welcome to wholesale top quality but cost-effective Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes from Luxury-Paper-Box.Com. As a professional Eyelash Box manufacturer and trader in China with years’ experience, we are specializing in the design, manufacturing, sales of false eyelash packaging boxes. We have provided highly innovative products and professional lash box OEM / ODM services to overseas customers. Durable and exquisite eyelash boxes for sale are available in a vary of colors, shapes, designs, sizes, and materials. We cooperate with powerful brands abroad, large importers, and large retail chains in many foreign countries. Reasonable price and elegant design make our eyelash packaging box including magnetic empty eyelash box widely recognized and trusted by users, which can meet changing economic and social needs.

Benefits of Buying Empty Eyelash Boxes From Luxury-Paper-Box.Com

  • High-quality standards, durable
  • Factory wholesale price, affordable
  • Unparalleled eyelash case box design and exquisite appearance
  • Wide range of designs, colors, sizes, shapes available
  • Accept customer custom design and OEM/ODM production
  • Ship in time, reliable packaging and transportation
  • Excellent responsive pre-sales and after-sales service

Luxury-Paper-Box.Com is dedicated to providing customers with innovative, unique, and exclusive customized Eyelash Boxes Wholesale with exclusive labels. Instant online service, welcome new and old customers to contact us to establish a business relationship and achieve common success!


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Eyelash cases custom

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