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Texas Pepper Jelly is simply the richest and most flavorfulhabanero pepper jelly on the market today. It is award-winning and people are finding out that our jelly is not only used for the traditional breakfast but goes great with different varieties of food.

Recipes and uses range from pork to toast to using as a traditional sauce or glaze. Some customers have told us they even enjoy eating the jelly straight out of the jar! We offer a great selection of habanero jellies that are the perfect blend of heat and sweet.

In addition to our wonderful habanero pepper jelly, we have The OriginalRib Candy™. It is an amazing glaze for ribs.

While this product provides an outstanding shiny finish for your favorite rib recipe don’t limit yourself there. And with over 20 Rib Candy flavors to choose from we know we have the perfect one for you. Feel free to combine any of them with …

Craig’s Seasonings

Along with our award-winning Texas Pepper Jelly and Rib Candy, we offer a full line ofCraig’s Seasonings. While some of our seasoning labels are meat-specific don’t get stuck on the label name. They blend well together and taste wonderful on other meats, too.

We also offer 3 pepper seasonings that include aJalapeño, a Three Pepper, anda Chipotle. These can all be used on meats and seafood but are excellent on vegetables as well. These award-winning flavors should be in your seasoning arsenal so that you have all the bases covered the next time you’re ready to cook. When you do get your cook on and you need a condiment turn to us for …

Craig’s BBQ Sauce and Condiments

Yes, Craig’s Ketchup is typical tomato ketchup, but Craig’s Habanero Ketchup is a Texas ketchup that can knock your socks off. Use it for all your or your kid’s favorites – tots, fries, burgers, hotdogs, onion rings, and much more.

And our award-winningCraig’s BBQ Sauce, well it is the perfect sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of habanero that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Great on everything! It’s the all-around perfect sauce you have been looking for. Get yours today!

This site for our BBQ products is retail, however, our BBQ products are available wholesale, too.Register your shop today.

Sours: https://texaspepperjelly.com/
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Craig Sharry

Won well over 80 Grand & Reserve Championships 


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28 Videos Totaling Over 6.5 hours!

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brisket, chicken, porkbutt, ribs


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Craig's tell-all competition classes like this typically cost over $1000 to attend

This class is not just some backyard BBQ tips, but complete in-depth detailed instructions and recipes on everything you need to cook Championship BBQ.

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Pork Butts


  • "Where to begin! The course I received was complete, in depth, and answered some questions i did not even know i would have."

    Chris Heffron

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5 Videos

How To Select & Trim Ribs 31:59

Which Rib Rubs To Use & How To Apply 7:08

How To Build and Manage The Fire 9:11

How To Slice & Box IBCA Ribs 25:51



9 Videos

How To Select & Trim Chicken Halves 12:32

How To Make Chicken Brine 10:05

How To Make Chicken Injection 8:52

How To Inject Chicken Halves 15:34

Which Chicken Rubs To Use & How To Apply 4:36

How To Make Chicken Sauce 9:03

How To Build and Manage The Fire 9:11

How To Smoke & Sauce Chicken Halves 5:08

How To Box IBCA Chicken Halves 15:02


Pork Butt

7 Videos

How To Select & Trim Pork Butts 19:50

How To Make Pork Butt Injection 8:22

Which Pork Butt Rubs To Use & How To Apply 8:48

How To Make Pork Butt Sauce 7:27

How To Build and Manage The Fire 9:11

How to Smoke Pork Butts 17:30

How To Slice & Box Pork Butt 24:35



7 Videos

How To Select & Trim Brisket 36:43

How To Make Brisket Injection & Inject 15:48

Which Brisket Rubs To Use & How To Apply 9:34

How To Build and Manage The Fire 9:11

How To Smoke Brisket 15:47

How To Make Brisket Sauce 9:14

How To Slice & Box IBCA Brisket 24:59


Who is Craig Sharry?

Craig Sharry - Texas Pepper Jelly Competition Team

Competes in: IBCA Sanctioned Events - Select KCBS

Craig Sharry is the Pitmaster of Texas Pepper Jelly Competition BBQ team out of Houston, TX. Craig is a 2 time World Champion at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Craig is also a 2 time winner of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo BBQ Cook-Off, the 3rd largest sanctioned cook off in the United States where over 220 teams competed.

He has won well over 80 Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions combined during his 15+ years of cooking. Many backyard BBQ enthusiasts and competition cookers all over the world have used his Texas Pepper Jelly, Rib Candy and Craig's Sauce in their BBQ cooking over the past 13 years. 

His tell-all competition cooking school is going to show you everything you need to know to take your backyard BBQ, tailgating events, IBCA Competition Cooking to a level you have never thought possible. What are you waiting for? Select the meat you want to learn how to cook, hit the buy button and start cooking like a World Champion today!!

TopSours: https://bbqchamps.com/pitmasters/craig-sharry/

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Texas Rib Candy \u0026 Sand in the Water Pan - Road to Rib Town - Episode 9

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