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We do not just Frame Medals, we create memories Framing By Design

Our dedicated and specialised long term experience with detailed high quality finishing speaks for itself. It has been our privilege to have created many, many hundreds of medal frames for families, collectors and institutions both in New Zealand and Australia. Some of our work has even gone further afield to the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore. Each family heirloom that we create is bespoke and individually handcrafted by us to preserve the past for future family generations. We Will Remember Them.    

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Framed Medals that may also be worn on Anzac Day 

We offer a series of bespoke Medal Case Frames (opening frames) for families specifically wanting to display their full size original or replica  court mounted medals in pride of place and have the flexibility to wear them.    

front white oak web       medal case frame 10       

                   Medal opening frame    

Medal Case Frame1


Protect your full size mounted medals in our Medal Case Frames

We have designed and manufacture Medal Case Frames, that in addition to the mounted medals being secured inside the frame, there is also a photo in its own the frame.

All photo restoration including resizing, digital imaging and production services are completed by us in-house. 
The end result is significantly impressive and is a popular option with both families and collectors alike. 

Available in a choice of timber frames, to which we fit a premium UV protective Museum Glass®, delivering amazing clarity. Museum Glass® provides long lasting protection ensuring that your medal ribbons and photo are protected from UV breakdown and degradation, making it a truly worthwhile long term family heirloom.

Mounted medals are retained and displayed in our Medal Case Frame, with removal and reinstatement of your mounted medals being a very easy and straightforward. 

Photos, Badges, Insignia and Documents 
In many instances due to the quantity of items required to be framed, which may include insignia such as: multiple photos, dog tags, badges, flashes, patches, slides and documents we do not by design offer a Medal Case Frame (opening frame) as a solution in these instances.  

We offer our bespoke custom made sealed frames, each of which is designed specific to the family's requirements. Many families have accumulated a significant amount of military memorabilia and other treasures and it is important to present as many as possible of these  items to tell the full story. Otherwise they may become lost remnants which over time run the risk of being disguarded. Framing in one of our bespoke frames is a great way to keep every thing together for future generations and display it in pride of place rather than leave it languishing and forgotten about in a drawer.   

Another option to also consider should you wish to wear the mounted medals, is to frame them in a Medal Case Frame, and have a separate sealed frame containing the insignia and documents.This then provides you with the best option available. Should your family select this option, consider in investing in a set of replica medals for wear.


MC 164657



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View the embedded image gallery online at:

Documents of significance are digitally reproduced by us

First World War documents that include the Memorial Scroll and Certificates of Service are digitally reproduced by us.
We also supply and mount a full range of replica medals and other items including the: Memorial Plaque (Death Penny) and Anzac Medallion.   


WWI scroll The Finished Family Heirloom

Sutherland web1

Mounting and framing of Emergency Services Medals: Police, Fire, Ambulance,    
Corrections, also Civil Orders & Honours, Decorations, Sports Medals, Masonic Jewels and more....

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Visit our business premises for a personal consultation, or Freephone NZ 0800 423 726 for a friendly chat. 

When sending us your medals and memorabilia including photographs by courier, please enclose with your contact details (email & phone). 
We will make contact to acknowledge receipt.

For families in Australia or elsewhere overseas, we return your medal frames in a custom made wooden case. We manufacture and supply this at no charge. You only 'pay cost' for the freight and packaging, as do all our customers.






Our medal framing technique

We first talk to you to get details of each medal and how it was won. This is so your display can include insert tabs where appropriate, to explain the significance of each medal.

We then work on the lay-out itself. This is where the beauty of a custom medal framing service really comes into its own.

You are not confined to any pre-set lay-out as you are with off-the-shelf medal holders. Instead, we can arrange medals according to individual preference, and in any formation.

We can also include other relevant items. Common examples include photographs showing how the medals were won, or other memorabilia from the occasion(s).

We then move on to the medal framing process itself. This involves many considerations, including:

  • The choice of moulding. We can usually achieve successful framing with a single deep moulding. A second option is to stack a number of mouldings to achieve the required depth. Another option is to build a ‘shadow box’ behind a moulding. We always carefully consider these options and do which one is bet.
  • The attachment method of the medals being framed. Options here include thread, cord, wire, clips, melinex strips, and more. Again, we consider all before choosing the best, bearing in mind the care and display needs of the medals.
  • The air space required. We need to leave sufficient space between the medals and the glazing. We mostly use wood slips cut to the desired depth to create a space in the frame’s rebate space. This ensures adequate separation between the glazing and the medals inside.
  • The glazing used. In larger pieces, we use acrylic glazing, to keep the overall weight down. We can use different types of glazing for smaller pieces. We again always choose what is best for a particular project.
  • The attachment method to wall.  We also need to consider this at the time of build. For pieces that will fit flush with the wall, we can use a concealed French cleat. Other options are Z Bars, mirror plates, cord, and more.

Our attention to detail is second to none. We guarantee you a long-lasting framed medals display of which you can be proud. For examples, see some of our past medal framing projects in the images below:

Advantages of our custom medal framing service

If you want to display medals, consider the advantages of our custom medal framing service:

  • Individually designed, to suit your collection perfectly.
  • Layout is fully customisable – you are not restricted to the pre-set layout of an ‘off the shelf’ medal holder.
  • Can be sized to suit any needs or preferences – horizontally or vertically.
  • Wide choice of materials and colours for the frame.
  • Medals and display labels fully protected from moisture and other damage.

If you’d like to talk to us about medal framing, then we’d love to talk to you too. Just call us at 059 9135645, use our contact form, or call in to see us. You’ll find us in the Wexford Road Business Park, on the outskirts of Carlow.

Testimonials from Medal Framing Customers

  • "To Yvonne & Staff.  Just a note to say "Thank You" for such a beautiful result on the framing of the medals "
  • "Although based in Waterford, I had to go further afield to find a specialist framer who would help me frame precious medals for a birthday present. In this case , the much coveted Mayo all-Ireland senior football medals from the 50's. I can only say that Yvonne and the Fine Framer's team did an outstanding job. They interpreted what I wanted through constant communications and providing suggestions as well as delivery to a very tight deadline. The resulting product , simply beautiful !  I would recommend this company "
  • “I use Fine Framers on a regular basis for all of my special pictures that I like to get framed and also for framing pictures for gifts for my family and friends. Fine framers created a beautiful medal box for my Olympic bronze medal which I was delighted with. Each time I deal with Karen and she is always extremely professional and efficient. I can genuinely say that Fine Framers are the best framing company I have ever used and I would highly recommend them to anyone”
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Military Medal Display Frames

Bigbury Mint are extremely well practised in the care and restoration of medals.

If you are sending your medals in to be framed, mounted or cleaned please ensure they are suitably protected (bubble wrap or “Jiffy” envelope).

Please send your medals to;

Bigbury Mint Ltd
Unit 1
River Park
PL21 9NT
United Kingdom

Please ensure you include your contact details with the medals!

We strongly recommend that your medals are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery or International equivalent(1) as they can be tracked and traced for peace of mind. We will always return medals using a Special Delivery Service. When we receive your medals we will contact you to confirm receipt and to discuss the work you require. We will always clean medals and renew ribbons at no extra cost unless we are specifically asked not to.

Should you have any questions about sending your medals, please CONTACT US

(1) Bigbury Mint will not be responsible for any customs charges. Please ensure you complete customs forms correctly such that any charges incurred are paid by the sender.


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