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The dick pic has to be one of the more controversial, yet ubiquitous, products of the instant photo sharing and social media culture of our times. Ask any woman who’s hung out on the Internet, and they will tell you of the time they happened to check their “Other” folder, only to find a rather unpleasant surprise waiting for them. Or the time they gave their number to someone they thought was cute, only to be sent a close-up of their junk. 

In the past, it has been found that men flash people digitally for several reasons, including seeking some kind of thrill, as a gateway to a sexual conversation, or even just a transactional “I’ll show you mine so you’ll show me yours” when you’re already in the middle of something. 

However, as the understanding of how these unsolicited dick pics affect those that never asked for them grows, communities have sprung up online where men can consensually share these images, and even get an opinion on them. Rating dicks on the basis of several factors including length, girth, and even upkeep has also slowly turned into a moneymaking opportunity for some women who spend time and effort to look at dicks and describe them in detail. 

But buried deep in the Internet’s NSFW archives are some cash-free dick-rating communities such as r/dickrating and r/DickPics4Freedom on Reddit, with collectively over 55,000 members. Out here, thousands of penis owners share images of their dicks in all their glory, for anyone and everyone to look at and comment on. Most pictures are taken in the safety of what you would assume is their bedroom, with the penis at full mast, sometimes with them holding it, accompanied with captions that mention their age along with requests to “give honest opinion” and “go ahead make my day”. The full body shots seem reserved for those with conventionally fit bodies. While most of these pictures are faceless, sometimes people decide to reveal themselves fully too. These communities do tend to be fairly diverse, and yet, it’s white guys who are more commonly found chilling out there. But the one thing that’s clear from the countless dick pics is that they all take time, some more creatively directed than others, and aren’t just a bust-out-your-junk-and-snap-a-blurry-pic affair.

This exercise can be thrilling, but also daunting, considering how the penis has come to signify and affect men’s perception of their own masculinity. So, we asked some people who posted dick pics on these forums: Why? While some instantly directed us to their OnlyFans where you can find more than just pictures of their dick, others seemed to be just hanging out and having a good time. We’ve withheld names on request.

33, writer, USA

I never really bothered with Reddit much but one night last week, I was bored and looked to see if such a community (for getting dick ratings) exists. I got on and saw people fitter and more well-endowed than I am, but also some that look like me. I was bored and uploaded an old picture I had hidden away just to test the waters. 

I immediately got positive feedback and even helpful suggestions on how to take a better dick pic. I started to have fun with it, and taking the pictures boosted my self-image. I know I’m overweight with an average member that isn’t anything special but I felt like I looked good. So I began posting almost nightly. 

I like to post on these subreddits for ratings because it is consensual. I'm very much against sending unsolicited nudes to anyone and this allowed me to try this in a space where people are literally seeking out these types of images. I’ve gotten a mix of good and bad reviews so far. The good ones obviously encourage me to keep trying to take better photos and upload them. The bad ones, I just brush off because this isn’t my life but just a way to unwind when it’s not safe to go out. 

I’ve had trolls but the moderators keep an eye out for that kind of thing, and delete them. I still get the random email from some guy with Hitler as his avatar telling me I’m disgusting, but you just don’t let that bother you. I think body positivity is very important and a platform like this gives people an opportunity to feel appreciated and admired, without any added pressure. I try to spread body positivity on other subreddits as well, especially if the poster says they’re self-conscious. I make sure to point out that they are beautiful and should know it. 

I have paid for dick ratings in the past, with cam models that offered it. Sex work is real work, but they’re always nice because you just supported them. Here on Reddit, you can count on some very honest opinions, but also some support.

25, software developer, Denmark

I chanced upon one of these communities randomly when I was on Reddit. In the past, I’ve only ever showed my dick without being asked on [video chat site] Omegle, where a lot of people do that, but it’s often ignored or people just disconnect. But I thought it was a fun idea to share it on the dick rating subreddit, and I was also curious what people would have to say about my penis. I’ve only posted here twice, but I think I will do it again, just to have people react to my pictures and feel appreciated, I guess. 

So far, I’ve received mainly nice responses. I think some other guy even said, “nice dick bro”, which made me feel quite good, especially coming from a man. All men are self-conscious about their dicks, as am I, but it has been quite encouraging to see that absolutely anyone and everyone, regardless of size or appearance or colour, is posting their pictures on here. It makes me feel seen, and normalises what an average penis looks like. I also would never pay to have my dick rated, so this works well.

25, warehouse assistant, USA

I searched for a community like this because I was bored, and I like showing off. I’ve posted pictures here quite a few times. 

It’s thrilling not to know who could be looking at my dick. I would prefer it to be a girl because it usually leads to sexting, but sometimes it’s fun to have a femboy with a cute butt hit me up. To be honest, I mostly get lots of good reviews about my dick. This is also why I’m not paying for someone to just simply look at my dick and rate it. If money is involved, I better get more than just a rating. 

I’m proud of my dick and when I do get feedback, I just think it’s fun, regardless of whether it’s good or bad. I don’t get offended if someone says something bad, because everyone’s taste is different, and I know my dick is good anyway. I don’t compare myself with others either, because I don’t post there to see others. I post because I want to show mine off, and the few that I happen to have seen accidentally are not important to me. 

It’s not like I’m looking for sex here. I don’t even send dick pics without asking elsewhere. I always ask the other person if they want to see a dick pic, so if they say no, it’s their loss. Here, on the other hand, people have been really nice. Someone said they wanted to suck my dick all day, that felt awesome. I’m actually hoping that my pictures catch someone’s attention, so that I can get into the porn industry.

21, restaurant worker, USA

I looked for these communities because well, I get horny sometimes. I just wanted to see if there was a way to share my dick online without anyone knowing who I was. I don't post there often. When I do post, it’s because if girls like how it looks, then I know it's a good size. I haven’t had much luck as I haven't gotten any ratings yet, but I also haven’t received any hate or trolls. I did meet a girl I could sext with, though, which I’m happy about, since I’m quite curious about sex. 

I’m often worried about these images getting out in the public, mainly for fear of my family knowing. I really wouldn’t want them to know. 

29, engineer, USA

I actually discovered the dick rating subreddits by looking at the profiles of users who post to r/normalnudes (which is an excellent body positivity subreddit), and r/averagepenis (which shows normal male genitalia as opposed to porn stars’), which I also frequently post on. One of my posts is actually one of the top all-time upvoted on r/averagepenis, which has made me feel very good about my body image. 

Initially, I was very very conscious about my body image and my penis. Growing up, in middle school and high school locker rooms, I was embarrassed to change in front of the other guys. I still feel awkward exposing that much of myself to people at gyms or pools. Having a platform that gave me positive feedback regarding my body, without having to be physically present, has been fantastic for my confidence. I don't really care if the feedback is from men, women, gay people or straight. It's still good to hear, and there's no chance I'd hookup with someone from the site anyway, so their sexual preferences are irrelevant to me. I have grown to enjoy sharing images of myself, and of course, when being seen nude, consent is extremely important to me, so I only post on subreddits where people seek out the content I create. I do this for fun, I'm a pretty average guy—not a professional model. Honestly, most people are kind and post positive comments. My penis is right in the middle of the average range, around 5.5 inches long, but for the longest time I've felt it was small. Having people tell you you're attractive and desirable is wonderful. Trolls are few and far between, and their comments usually get downvoted or reported. 

We're all stuck with the bodies we've been given and being comfortable in your own body and feeling wanted are important for our mental health. I've seen a LOT of penises while posting on Reddit, and I've got to say, there is a huge variety. And I think that's a good thing.

Sometimes I’m a little scared that someone will find out my real identity, but I don't have my name or any identifying elements attached to my account, so there's the plausible deniability—I doubt anyone would send them to my employer or acquaintances anyway. 

25, Germany 

I happened to chance upon this community randomly one day. I just wanted to know if someone out there would like my dick, so I post on these subreddits sometimes. I’ve been lucky to have mostly positive reactions, they make me feel really good and happy. But it always stops at a rating and never goes further than that. I’m not really interested otherwise I think, I don’t use dating apps or any other ways to meet people online or in real life. I never send unsolicited dick pics to anyone either. I think I just want to feel validated about my dick in a forum where it’s okay for people to do so.

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CD Projekt Red’s long-awaited role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 is out now, and players are running into some surprising glitches. The game isn’t running very well at all on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A lot of the problems players are experiencing are frustrating — like frame rate issues and crashing.

Some are more amusing, like the one in which Cyberpunk 2077 players can’t get their characters to keep their massive hogs in their pants. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but if not, let me explain: In Cyberpunk 2077, you can customize the genitals for your character, V — you can choose to have a penis or a vagina, with two different penis options and a size slider. For some players, the customizable genitalia are causing issues: Their penis just won’t stay in their pants.

[Ed. note: The following images are NSFW.]

Got a glitch in Cyberpunk 2077 that no matter what trousers I wear my dudes dick is hanging out... from gaming

Apparently, this is not only a problem for penises. Breasts cannot be contained, either.

Literally could not have asked for a better first bug (nsfw) from gaming

Clearly, this is a problem, unless there is something I don’t know about fashion in the future. Given the sheer number of issues players are seeing on launch day for Cyberpunk 2077, I’ve got a hunch that this is unintended. (But honestly, what do I know? Regina George did it. And if Regina George does it, we all do it.) CD Projekt Red has not yet responded to our request for more information, nor has the company spoken publicly about the widespread launch problems.

Cyberpunk 2077 is out now on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One. (It’s playable on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, too — but an enhanced version specifically for those consoles is scheduled to be released in 2021.) It’s players on PS4 and Xbox One who are seeing the most severe problems, but reports have been coming in from across all platforms.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/2020/12/10/22167349/cyberpunk-2077-penis-glitch-breasts
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George Ouzounian (also known as Furious George, The $30,000 Man, He Who Shall Not Be Funny, and Oxmad the Cowboy) is an author, humorist, cowboy and former host of The Biggest Problem in the Universe. His career began in 1997 with the creation of The Best Page in the Universe, a personal blog and entertainment website. Though he made a handful of television appearances and published three books to limited acclaim, Maddox's final and most notable venture was The Biggest Problem in the Universe, a podcast he hosted alongside Dick Masterson and Sean Jacobson from 2014 to 2016. 

Maddox infobox.jpg

He currently administrates Madcast Media Network and hosts The Best Debate in the Universe and Godzilla Versus Podcast 0. As of April, 2019 he has ditched the "Maddox" moniker however still uses it on social media.



George, the Biggest Cuckold in the Universe

Date of birth

March 27, 1978

Place of birth

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Best Page in the Universe (1997-2020?)

Debuting in 1997, The Best Page in the Universe was a satire website Maddox developed as a vehicle to share his quirky and bombastic observations on life. Sparsely designed, the site functioned as a blog and featured the tagline: 

"This page is about me and why everything I like is great."

The content of the page seldom differed from short, spontaneous rants with such notable blog entries as "The big list of things that suck," and "I HATE Celine Dion." Other topics included blockbuster films that failed to meet Maddox's standards, ill interactions with the public, hate mail, and Maddox's disdain for mimes.

"The Best Page in the Universe is a website on which Maddox, who is no spring chicken; spouts his predictable, angry middle-aged-man rants on just about everything."

-Penn Jillete

More diverse coverage explored the 2000 presidential election and proper restroom etiquette. In episode 1 of The Biggest Problem in the Universe, Dick Masterson considers Maddox the, "first internet satirist," and, "the guy who made rants cool." Elsewhere on the site were Maddox's artistic outlets such as MS paint drawings, photography, videos and a self-insert comic that portrayed Maddox as a manly swashbuckler.

The Alphabet of Manliness (2006)

In 2006 Maddox published The Alphabet of Manliness, a satirical self-help-style manual aimed at bettering men's performance in social climates. The book is dedicated to Maddox himself, opening with: 

"To the love of my life, my soul mate, and the greatest person in the world: Me."

Topics are arranged alphabetically starting with Ass-Kicking, Boners, and Copping a Feel, and later exploring such concepts as Beef Jerky, Lumberjacks, and Yelling. The book debuted as the #4 New York Times Bestseller for 10 weeks. Lousy with hyperbole and non sequitur, Alphabet bridges hyper-masculine imprudence with sex humor and tangential nonsense. It was funny, insightful, outrageous, and an honest reflection of the minds of college-age youth. Following the success of Alphabet that Maddox published The Best Comic in the Universe and hosted book signings where he adorned himself in a crown and robe. So too did he move to The City of Failure.

In 2016 Maddox announced via Facebook that he had disowned Alphabet, calling it outdated and no-longer aligning to his views. Madcucks offered to rewrite the book under a more socially-acceptable climate with such topics as Asking for Consent, Boners, and Crying.

Maddox / The Best Show in the Universe (2007)

Maddox's YouTube debut was a video uploaded on the 3rd of March entitled "Mac morons can't talk without using their hands." and showed advertisements for the iMac computer wherein satisfied customers use somewhat excessive gesticulations. On 28th July, 2010 Maddox released "The Best Show in the Universe - Episode 01 - YouTube Kids" which was akin to a Best Page article in video format - with Maddox standing in front of an animated background ranting over a given topic. The series received several installments over the next nine years and the Maddox channel later hosted episodes of The Biggest Problem in the Universe - LIVE where Maddox and co-host Dick Masterson performed before a live studio audience. 

Manformation (2010)

Maddox met Dr. Phil whistle-blower and famed Mexican Dick Masterson sometime around 2006 when the two worked together at UCB Theater in Los Angeles, a comedy club that showcased local talent. This was also where Maddox met much of the future Biggest Problem guests such as Asterios Kokkinos. Dick and Maddox regularly performed at improv events hosted by the theater and in 2008, inspired by both men's style of "manly man" humor, unsuccessfully pitched Man Show to executives at an unnamed network. They returned in 2010 alongside Thom Beers (the man behind Deadliest Catch and 1000 Ways to Die) successfully pitching Manformation; a late-night talk comedy show starring Dick and Maddox to be aired on Spike TV.

“Manformation” aims to showcase everyday guys who have had extraordinary experiences, such as the convenience store clerk who fought off a robbery attempt or a stock broker who left Wall Street for a hitch in the military."


The show never reached the pilot phase and all records of its existence come from outside sources. It was around this time that Alphabet was given a special expanded edition. Dick and Maddox later attempted to spearhead a seventh season of Adam Carolla's The Man Show but this also fell-through.  

The Hard Way (2010)

In 2010 Maddox and Dick joined FOX Animation's Inkubation program, a startup project aimed at arming cartoonists with the resources to pitch and develop their own animated series.

The Hard Way centered around the eponymous character Maddox and his roommate Greg (voiced by Dick) and was animated by Titmouse, Inc. The show featured the vocal talents of Brian Posehn, Jody Schaeffer and Lillian Bowden. Three short sketches were directed by Jody Schaeffer featuring music by Dick and Sean. One infamous addition to the show's soundtrack was I am the Greatest Man in the World, a song performed by Maddox's character. The demos of which appeared on The Dick Show episode 144 where Maddox flexed his nonexistent singing abilities. Complications in the studio resulted in Maddox's character being voiced by director Jody Schaeffer. The Hard Way was pitched to FOX in a wooden crate filled with DVD's but never received funding.

I Am Better Than Your Kids (2011)

Maddox's double dip into the salsa of literature came in the form of I Am Better Than Your Kids, a book based on a 1997 Best Page article of the same name. Maddox was inspired by an article written by Lowtax of Something Awful. After writing a version on his site he threatened to have the original removed. The book features a plethora of drawings from children Maddox gathered in order to "roast," the book has 158 five-star reviews on Amazon, some declaring the book a suitable bathroom read. The book was revised in 2012 as Crappy Children's Art

The Biggest Problem in the Universe (2014-2016)

The first episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe aired on 20th May, 2014 starring Maddox and Dick Masterson featuring Sean the Audio Engineer. The show's premise was debate-style, where Dick and Maddox would each bring in a problem and argue over which was the biggest in the universe. Listeners would then vote for their chosen problem on the BPU website. The host whose argument garnered the most votes would go for a victory lap at the start of each subsequent episode. The show was a hit and cemented both Dick and Maddox as pillars in the field of professional comedy podcasting. So too was also the first piece of "raw" media for Maddox, as it was his first entertainment venture that was not text-based nor rehearsed. 

"I'm Dick Masterson and the biggest problem in the universe is you Maddox."

-The Biggest Problem in the Universe episode 1

The hosts' clash in politics, style, approach and personality spawned some of the show's greatest content, yet so too did it yield the show's eventual climax. Dick Masterson's approach was comedic - running a comedy podcast with no real standpoints and no real hostility. Maddox, on the other hand, slowly grew to take on an argumentative stance; intent on solving the issues he brought up. Thus the topics and their subsequent tiffs grew intense beyond what was actually funny.

The show ran from May 2014 to May 2016 and featured 106 regular episodes, 18 bonus episodes (also known as "solutions") and 1 epilogue episode (episode 107) which aired on May 31st, 2016. The show ended abruptly sometime after May 24th due to ongoing personal and artistic differences between the hosts. However, as time went on and those involved with the show grew further apart, more details emerged surrounding the schism of Dick, Maddox, and Sean, eventually spiraling into the greatest goss in the universe. 

The Best Debate in the Universe (2016-2019)

On June 7th, 2016 Maddox released the first episode of The Best Debate in the Universe, a podcast where two relevant topics are debated over by none other than Maddox, who represents both sides of the argument. Early episodes were done solo but over time Maddox enlisted the help of Sean, Ron Babcock, Rod Kim, Vince Cerino and Myspace musician Rucka Rucka Ali. Sean was relieved of his duties at BPU in January 2017 when he refused to quit his position as co-host of The Dick Show

On the 27th of June, 2019 Maddox announced via livestream that Best Debate was permanently closing. 

Maddox vs. The Universe (2017)

In February Maddox teased the release of his first bonus episodes shortly before releasing a comedy album on iTunes called Maddox vs. The Universe. Composed of three tracks recorded with Sean during the BPU era, the album was marginally successful and reached the #4 slot on iTunes comedy. Inspired by the record's success, Asterios Kokkinos and Madcucks wrote the hugely more popular albums Cucksmas Carols and Madcucks Vs Existence respectively. 

Godzilla Vs. Podcast 0 (2019-2020?)

On April 19th, 2019 Madcast Media debuted Godzilla Vs, a podcast hosted by Maddox (going by George) and Haley Mancini. The show describes itself as a comedy podcast about all things Godzilla, including the Japanese Kaiju and Astromonster cannons. 

The Dick Feud 

Conflict between Dick and Maddox was not unusual during the heyday of Biggest Problem. The perspective divide between them had worn thin, and it was, on an increasing number of occasions, plain to see the erosion of their professional relationship. Dick later expressed that he and Maddox simply weren't friends outside of BPU. On the 3rd of November, 2015, episode 77 of BPU aired featuring special guest Asterios Kokkinos. Maddox mentioned in the intro that Dick couldn't make it to the recording. Following the events of The Red Wedding Dick and Maddox would not see each other for another 2 years. On episode 155 of The Dick Show, Coach juggled the possibility of having Maddox call in to the show to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of The Biggest Problem in the Universe. Dick doubted that Maddox would do so but remained open to the possibility of him calling in in the future, saying;

"Maddox is still today as funny as he was on day one of the old show - for exactly the same reasons. I think he is emotionally disabled yet slightly more intelligent than the average person and that his childhood has not prepared him to cope with life - and that I had an infinity of advantages over him when it came to our upbringings. And I was fine trying to help him for so long but it wasn't until he actively tried to fuck me over that it became a project to put him down so that I could survive - so that everyone who relies on me can survive. I don't necessarily hold anything negative against him, he's just fucked. He's always been fucked. If he wanted to call in and work things out I would help him try to get back in the good graces of the world. I would pay him to do a bonus episode every month! I mean, I'm not gonna be his best friend but there's something wrong with him - he has a lot to answer for."

Dick Show lawyerKian Magaña later offered Maddox $290 to call in by the end of the day. Speaking of which, on June 3rd 2019 Dick purchased a court-ordered debt owed by Maddox to Asterios Kokkinos in the amount of $290. Upon acquiring his "priceless art," Dick repeatedly screamed "bitch better have my money," and declared himself The Twenty Million Two Hundred and Ninety Dollar Man.

On August 6th, 2019 Maddox Tweeted the following:

"A bunch of losers put a girl I was dating on a "rape list" on 8chan. One of the shooters in Dayton also maintained a rape list and 8chan is where these shooters posted their threats. I wonder what @Patreon thinks about users on their platform supporting threats like this?"

Two additional tweets were aimed at Patreon CEO Jack Conte referencing a "user" who allegedly maintained an 8chan rape list. A fourth tweet was directed at Alexis Ohanian, executive chair at Reddit, and a fifth at Katie Wedell, a journalist covering the Dayton Ohio shooting. Maddox was active in the replies, blocking those who questioned him and shooting down anyone trying to give valid criticism. The first series of tweets didn't name the user in question by the afternoon of August 7th nearly every tweet contained Dick Masterson's real name. The meltdown was justified by Facebook comments Maddox made claiming that he wants to sever his connection to the Dick Show community to protect himself from "harassment, doxing and threats." Dickheads from the subreddit compiled a gallery of Maddox's meltdown here. As this is an ongoing episode the editor is considering writing a page to document the meltdown.

In February 2020 a new installment of the Road Rage tour was announced, tentatively titled Maddox's Funeral. The show was scheduled for March 28th and the venue was set for Busby's East in Los Angeles. Not a week passed before Dick was contacted by the manager of Busby's to announce that the show was cancelled, not after $11,000 in tickets were already sold. Dick bitched out the manager over the phone and they reneged, allowing the show to continue for one day before cancelling a second time. Dick announced that he would rent out a warehouse and acquire a liquor license, effectively starting his own venue. Then the following week Busby's reneged again under a set list of bizarre pretenses which Dick ignored. On episode 195 of The Dick Show Dick played a recording of a phone conversation between King Richard, who claimed to be the comptroller for the City of L.A., and an unnamed manager at Busby's. Richard claimed to have received complaints from a character named "Maddox" against Busby's. The manager recognized the name and explained that they had recently cancelled a show due to inquiry from the same entity. When asked to elaborate, the manager recounted that soon after Road Rage was finalized he received a series of emails from George Ouzounian who told him that Road Rage was hosted by a hate group operating under the guise of a podcast and urged them to cancel. He also explained that Maddox was not the only person to email them, saying that they had received many emails from "both camps," including fans of "The Dick Show" which seems to insinuate that Dickheads were contacting the venue out of sheer autism.

The LOLsuit

In November of 2017 Maddox sued Dick Masterson, Asterios Kokkinos, Madcucks, Patreon, and a host of individuals linked to Dick and Asterios' professional relationships. The suit was a legal abortion. Maddox's claims were thrown out due to no jurisdiction because they were filed in the wrong state, and nobody, not even the plaintiff, could properly define why the case was ordered at all. Two sets of counter-sanctions from Asterios' group were ordered in California but nothing became of them. Maddox's lawyer declared that he would re-plea in a Los Angeles court but this was never done due to the fact that Maddox failed to pay Landau. When the second sanctions battle returned to court Landau went alone to settle a beef against Asterios' lawyer Jordan Greenburger. Landau managed to get Maddox's sanctions tossed but so too nullified Asterios' counter-sanctions. 

The Asterios Feud

Shortly after the dissolution of BPU, Asterios made it clear to Maddox that he would continue to work with both him and Dick on their own future ventures. In September 2016 a redditor posted screenshots of private messages between Asterios, Maddox and Metal Jess in an attempt to pit Asterios against Dick, it didn't work. Asterios' employer Weber Shandwick was contacted in February 2017 by an anonymous person exposing Asterios as an online stalker, that didn't work either. 

After Dick and the other defendants were dismissed from the LOLsuit, Maddox failed to move forward with his case against Asterios Kokkinos, the only entity in the case who had jurisdiction in the State of New York. Maddox's case suddenly fell into limbo when he stopped paying Kevin Landau which came at the same time as Asterios' sanctions against Maddox. The sanctions, and the case as a whole, can no longer move forward due to Landau having turned on Maddox over lost fees. Unfortunately, it is very likely that neither Asterios nor Landau will see a cent from the Mad Cuck any time soon. The battle between Asterios and Maddox was covered by VICE in January 2019. 

TheMetal Jess Feud

On April 3rd, 2019 Metal Jess went public with her denouncement of Maddox and his brand; calling off their four-year relationship and accusing Maddox of attempting to cheat with other women. This should come as a surprise to no one considering his prior advocacy for cuckoldry and attempted polyamory. Maddox's course of action and future prospects remains unknown. In July 2019 Dick Show host Vito Gesualdi contacted Metal Jess on the eve of her wedding to offer congratulations and inquire on her relationship with Maddox. Jess was reciprocative and surprisingly open, and hinted at the possibility of her calling in to the show though talks did not continue after that point.  

The Everyone Feud / Maddox vs. The Universe

In early August of 2017 a Dickhead / BPU fan called in to the Best Debate voicemail line. Slightly imbibed and very upset, he proceeded to grill Maddox for disavowing his content and forsaking his community in order to gain social justice brownie points. The following day he received a text message from a man identifying himself as George who left a lengthy rebuttal to the voicemail. The two held a back-and-forth for four days before screenshots of the conversation were posted to r/TheDickShow. The next morning he was phoned by 'Sgt. Peterson from the Indiana State Police' who claimed to have received harassment complaints but offered little explanation outside of that. Peterson could not name the nature of the harassment nor the individual who made the complaint. Dick Masterson theorized that Maddox either had someone call the Indiana State Police to file the complaint or had someone pretend to be a police officer however Dick Show lawyer Kian Magaña assured him that the call was real because filing impersonating a police officer is far more illegal than filing a false police report.  

In February 2017 Maddox got in contact with Dick Show composer extraordinaire Waut3rboi where he expressed his animosity against Dick, Sean, Asterios and everyone else in the Biggest Problem community (including his own fans) who never gave him a chance and who, "owe me gratitude for all the years of free content at my expense." This interaction, once published to the Dick Show community, became known as WAUT3RGATE - and provided an affirming insight into the mentality of the Mad Cuck. 

In early 2017 Madcucks was watching Maddox stream on YouTube. Sometime during the stream he opened up Google Maps and it could be seen that he had recently searched for colleges and addresses in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. This was alarming to Madcucks, who lived in Tulsa, and expressed concerns on The Dick Show that Maddox was preparing to doxx him. These fears were realized when Madcucks was named as a defendant in the LOLsuit. It was this event and subsequent harassment from Maddox that led to Madcucks' retirement. 

Maddox's 2018 appearance on The Drunken Peasants' Podcast was an average run-of-the-mill interview until news came to light that Maddox submitted a list of banned words that the hosts were not allowed to say. "Cuck" was one, obviously. So was "D1CKM45T3R50N" which is either a nuclear launch code or some kind of Armenian voodoo spell.  

 === Trivia ===

  • Maddox sleeps with a bedspread that has the face of the Blue Slime enemy from Dragon Quest plastered on it. 
  • Maddox cancelled his trip to Vidcon in 2019 when he was informed by YouTuber Chris Ray Gun that Dick Masterson would be attending the after-party. Dick and Chris met at said party and Chris made a guest appearance on The Dick Show the following week. 
  • Maddox has collaborated with several other online personalities including Boogie2988 and Guru Larry though both have since dropped contact after discovering The LOLsuit. Boogie made three guest appearances on The Dick Show in 2019 and he and Dick at one point considered rebooting The Biggest Problem in the Universe together. 
  • Despite their strained relationship, Dick has maintained that Maddox is welcome to join The Dick Show any time.
  • Maddox streams on Twitch relatively often and can usually be observed playing in Blender or Godot. 
  • Dick and Sean have expressed that Maddox used to carry two wallets, one being a decoy, to prevent his credit cards from being stolen during a mugging. This tactic was explored in his earthquake video.  
  • As Sean pointed out in April 2020, Maddox's YouTube channel has recently undergone a metamorphosis from satirical infomercials to actual advice pieces. The impetus for this change is unclear.  
  • The Dick Show community has coined the term "Maddoxian" to compare one's behavior to Maddox. The exact definition of this allusion is vague but may be used to describe a person attempting to improve their self image only to worsen it with each attempt.  
  • In April 2020 Maddox took on a new persona as "Oxmad the Cowboy" on Twitch. He uses a face filter and speaks in a baritone Southern drawl while answering viewer questions. It's his best content in years.  
  • In July 2020 Maddox took on a new persona as "Bananox" on Twitch. He uses a face filter and speaks in falsetto while doing banana things I guess. Who fucking knows.  
  • Since it's inception in February 2019 Maddox's Dickipedia page has reigned as the most popular and lengthiest page on the site, the editor thanks you for your continued interest in our bald Armenian friend. 
Sours: https://dickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/Maddox

Maddox (writer)

American blogger

George Ouzounian



BornGeorge Ouzounian
(1978-03-27) March 27, 1978 (age 43)[1]
Pen nameMaddox
OccupationAuthor, blogger, podcaster

George Ouzounian (born March 27, 1978), known online as Maddox,[2] is an American blogger, podcaster, and author. He gained fame on the Internet in the early 2000s for his opinion-oriented website, The Best Page in the Universe, which he still maintains. His first book, The Alphabet of Manliness (2006), became a New York Times bestseller. He is a graduate of Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross, Utah;[3] he also attended the University of Utah, but does not hold a degree.[4]

Writing career

Maddox started The Best Page in the Universe[5] in 1997. He took his pen name from the 1987 original video animationMetal Skin Panic MADOX-01.[6] The majority of the content is satirical. Maddox reported in 2006 that the site's online store earned enough for him to "stay above water."[7] Maddox is reported to have worked as a programmer for a telemarketing company until 2004.[7][8]

On June 6, 2006, Maddox appeared at the San Diego Comic Con[9] with his comic book, The Best Comic in the Universe.[10] He was also working on a reality television show for Spike TV titled Manformation with Thom Beers and Dick Masterson until the project was shelved in 2011.[11] In 2010, he appeared on Penn & Teller: Bullshit!'s eighth season episode "Old People" and started his own web series, The Best Show in the Universe, on YouTube.[12] In 2012, Maddox appeared in the web series Tournament of Nerds as the character Kool-Aid Man.[13][14] Maddox has also performed in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and in the horror film Ooga Booga as the character Skeez.[15][16][17]

Maddox has written three books, starting with The Alphabet of Manliness published in 2006.[18] It reached number one on the Amazon.com sales chart. The book is illustrated and has a chapter-length entry for each letter in the English alphabet regarding a "manly" topic (for example, N is for Norris, Chuck).[19] In 2011, his second book, I Am Better Than Your Kids, was published.[20] Maddox announced his intention to write a third book in May 2015 and he updated fans about the first draft being written in September 2016.[21][22] The book, titled F*ck Whales: Petty Essays from a Brilliant Mind was released in October 2017.[23]

As of 2018, Maddox produces episodes of his web series The Best Show in the Universe which has just under 290,000 subscribers. In the past, episodes were accompanied by an article on a related topic posted to The Best Page in the Universe. Additionally, Maddox sells shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, and other merchandise through his store.

Podcast and lawsuit

In 2014, Maddox co-created a weekly podcast titled The Biggest Problem in the Universe with Dick Masterson. The format of the show rotated between each co-host discussing a problem and soliciting votes from the audience.[24][25] The podcast had its final episode on May 31, 2016. This led to Maddox creating a new podcast network called Madcast Media.[26] The pilot program, The Best Debate in the Universe features debates where Maddox argues both sides of an issue.[27][28]

In November 2017, Maddox filed a $372 million harassment lawsuit with the New York Supreme Court against Masterson, individuals at Patreon, and Weber Shandwick copywriter Asterios Kokkinos who made guest appearances on The Biggest Problem in the Universe and The Dick Show.[29] Maddox and his girlfriend, not named in the suit, allege that the defendants launched a trolling campaign against them which resulted in rape and death threats and the loss of sponsorship. They cited an album by Kokkinos and a billboard contest by Masterson, which both attempted to mock Maddox, along with targeted ads on Facebook and Reddit.[30] A representative for Shandwick stated their plans to contest the lawsuit's claims, and Masterson rejected the allegations.[31] On May 16, 2018, Judge Charles Ramos dismissed the claims against all defendants arguing that those against Masterson should have been filed in the jurisdiction of California. Of the claims against Asterios Kokkinos, Ramos expressed frustration as to the poor drafting of the complaint and its lack of specific evidence, saying, "this complaint is such a mess that I can't address these issues because I can't specifically point to what's being alleged as against your client or your client."[32] Ramos dismissed the claims against Weber Shandwick with prejudice stating that they were named in the suit "just because someone used their equipment".[33]


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Reddit dick show

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iOS 10, car seat adjustments, Persian racing rim upgrades, accidental heroes, my personal and professional reputation, why the Biggest Problem in the Universe ended, The Job Lynch Mob, Trump and I release our taxes, my faith in the UCB comedy scene is destroyed, Chump Syndrome, free speech; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

The Job Lynch Mob is upon me in a very real way! They’re following me at work, they’re following me while I jerk. They’re hunting my family, they’re going after my danglies. They’re harassing me with their keyboards, and they’re harassing me…with their keyboards! Because they’re just a bunch of lazy, slacktivist, crybully assholes with no sense of humor and too much time on their hands. The only weapon they have is their keyboards, but as we will find out this week, boy what a powerful weapon that can be in the Kingdom of Fear!

Maddox finally reveals his secret weapon. The much promised revelation that will damage my personal and professional reputation! It’s a secret so vile, so damning and destructive that it would strike fear in the heart of someone who casually uses the “r” word and who wears a man bun ON PURPOSE! It’s a machination so devious and clever, so indefensible that it will force me to answer for the monsters that I am!

A hashtag. #DickLies

I think someone’s been in LA too long.

Maddox releases a tell all video about the end of the Biggest Problem in the Universe. Even for a guy who regularly shits out lackluster clickbait video content to pimp ads out on YouTube, I have to say this one is wanting. A jumble of implications and butthurt. Loose accusations of fiduciary malfeasance, crocodile tears, a preposterous stretch of a link between The Dick Show sub-reddit and an 8chan “Rape List” created by some lunatic with slightly more than 3 minutes on their hands, which was never updated after the first item; and worse yet, no mention of gaping plot holes, like why I was actually kicked off episode 77?

Watch the video here if you can stomach the gushing spaghetti of a 40-year-old man who’s made a lot of bad choices in his life–or listen to it on the show as Sean, my Life Coach and I listen live and for the first time, dissecting and responding to each point as we go. The Goss has never been Hotter.

Of course, the majority of fans rejected the video for what it is: Maddox desperately grasping at straws and attempting to assassinate my character with out-of-context pot-shots. Nothing new from the creator of such famous bits as Dick vs. Dick and Dick on Dick and Dick the Dick Dick Dick. We all had a good laugh. Unfortunately, that was where the fun ended. When Maddox failed to get the reaction he was looking for among fans of the Biggest Problem, he went full-on SJW and dropped his lame little send-up video to his personal Facebook profile where we both shared hundreds of “friends”, many of whom are Internet-retarded, amped up for a witch hunt, and who very much hate things they don’t understand.


So….you can listen to the fall-out on the show, but because of that hot little chili pepper of a post, I’ve been ejected from a long running show at the UCB Theater and hounded by fat and/or unfunny Internet terrorists for the last week. If this had happened to anyone else on Earth, they’d be destroyed. Thank Trump, I have the support of you amazing people. Not only your great emails, but also your great money!

A huge thanks and GFY to all the Dick Heads and Dick Supporters on Patreon who blasted the Patreon budget of this show into the stratosphere. It pays to stand up for yourself, and in a world of shit-processed music, unfunny paint-by-numbers comedy, art that comes with a PR release, and people who are fucking zombies, it pays to stand up for a different kind of comedy.

I’ll defend anyone’s use of satire. If satire makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s the point. The more sensitive the topic matter, the harder the satire needs to be to change the conversation. Stats don’t communicate shit, feelings do. Over the last couple of years, the world has bent over and presented its ass to a form of new-age PC Puritans whose fervor is the same psychotic righteous indignation, but whose target is anything offensive, which I guess is the same old hateful, close-minded “anything that makes them uncomfortable”. It’s an intellectual wasteland ruled by a tyranny of the stupid and enforced by hand-wringing pussies who worry they’ll be next.

As promised in the episode, in order to counter Maddox’s implications that I was embezzling money from the financial juggernaut that was The Biggest Problem in the Universe, here are the financials in their entirety for the run of the show. I’ve redacted the names of payors and payees so as to not be a complete dickhead. One note: the financials are confusing because the show operated without an LLC, and because Paypal required two accounts: a “micropayment” account for single bonus episodes to save on purchase fees, and another regular account for season pass purchases.

Biggest Problem EXPENSES
Biggest Problem INCOME
Taxes – Draft

If you find something “suspicious” in them, let me know. I’m a lover and a fighter, not an accountant. I’m sure you’ll find something. I would post my “W9s” as well, but I don’t feel like blasting my EIN or SSN to the entire world. I take a hard line on “personal responsibility” as it turns out.

Then, at the end of the show, I drop a bit of a bombshell of my own.

Tune in next week when I pump the brakes on the Goss and hit the gas on the Rage. Here’s some light reading on Chump Syndrome if you’re interested. Doctors say that one out of two of every comedy podcast hosts are affected by it.

HIGH ENERGY thumbnail by Maximum Panic




Sours: https://thedickshow.com/episode-18/
Episode 265 - Dick on Private Hookers

"This isn't funny anymore."


What really happened to The Biggest Problem in the Universe (known colloquially as DickLies) was a YouTube video published by Maddox on September 25th, 2016. The video was a direct response to sentiments Dick expressed on The Dick Show regarding the fate of The Biggest Problem in the Universe, a topic he had initially chosen to remain silent about until rumors began percolating off-air and among Dick's personal circles. The video is unlisted and a transcript is provided below.

What really happened to The Biggest Problem in the Universe


For several months following the breakup of BPU Maddox had toted on Twitter and Reddit that he possessed information that was detrimental to Dick's "personal and professional reputation." In late September he uploaded What Really Happened to a private YouTube channel. Two days later (presumably after not getting the traction he had expected) Maddox posted the video to his personal Facebook account. 

"Oh hey, I was just writing my book. Some of you may be wondering what happened to The Biggest Problem in the Universe. There've been a lot of lies, rumors and gossip told about it so I may as well go ahead and tell you guys what really happened. The podcast didn't end because of "creative differences." This was a conversation Dick was having behind my back - the same guy who came into my house year after year pretending to be my friend, in his own words, said that he was only doing the podcast for fans and for the money. After the podcast ended he said I deleted the website - not true. I created most of the content on the website. Why the fuck would I delete it? Dick's job was moderating the Wordpress but he was negligent and there were dozens of plugins that needed to be updated so I converted the old site to static HTML which is faster and more secure. I even paid for it myself out of pocket. The old RSS feed costs money and it can't stay up forever so I uploaded all the files to Soundcloud so you can listen to them indefinitely. You're welcome. He said he'd email me about this and I didn't respond. Huh.

That's weird because I definitely responded. Dick's been withholding financial records from me for quite some time so I responded to him and asked him to send me those records. His refusal to send those forms is suspicious especially considering the fact I found discrepancies in his accounting in the past. Then he started lying about things he didn't even need to lie about. He started telling people he didn't know anything about my new network. I guess I should have sent him something like an email on April 5th with a bullet-pointed list of strategies. Oh wait, I did. Then he was telling fans, without my knowledge, that it was okay to steal the bonus episodes. It's true that there were creative differences on the show but it's misleading to say that I forbade the Titanic bit. That was one of my favorite bits. I simply asked for it not to be included in the weekly voting because it would result in a large number of fakes votes in the database and that's exactly what happened. So I asked him to find another way to do the bit on the show, in fact, I even sent him an email last December suggesting he bring the bit back. So to wrap this up - there are definitely two sides to every creative difference but there aren't two sides to this. He lied about the reason the podcast ended, he lied about me deleting the website, he lied about the financial forms, he lied about the network, he lied about the bonus episodes, he lied about the titanic bit and he's unprofessional and he talks behind peoples' backs. People have asked me if there's any chance of reconciliation. Huh. Absolutely not. I don't deal with baby dick. Guys, it sucks that the podcast ended but it's time to move on. I've already started an awesome new podcast and most people love it. Some people don't and that's okay, you're allowed to have bad taste. Oh, and one other thing - he used to complain about me editing the episodes. The reason I edit them is because he would say things that were incompatible with my values. And in case you don't think this is serious; his show's own message board maintains a rape list."


Dick covered the video in-full on The Dick Show episode 18 - Dick on Maddox, where he, Sean and Coach rebuked Maddox's claims.

  1. Dick was not my friend - According to Dick, he and Maddox were not friends by the end of BPU but it was BPU itself that killed their friendship. Before long their relationship was purely show business. In this case neither men are inherently wrong. As for Dick only working for the money, Dick simply said "Anyone doing anything creative is purely for the product."
  2. Dick embezzles - Dick and Maddox kept spreadsheets of all income and expenses for Biggest Problem. The "records" Maddox speaks of are W9 tax forms which he requested post-breakup. These documents were not imperative to the operation of the show since profits were divided equally among them and no taxable contracting was done between him, Dick and Sean. Therefore its possible that Maddox wanted Dick's social security number, which one needs in order to submit a W9. In response to this, Dick uploaded the final spreadsheets and tax drafts to his site which contained some interesting evidence against Maddox. 
  3. Dick didn't see the email - The email in question outlined preemptive sponsorship for BPU but, according to Dick, was so long that he didn't read the rest of it. It's highly likely that there was information pertaining to Maddox's network contained therein. 
  4. Dick condones piracy - Dick was asked on Reddit if people should preemptively download BPU bonus episodes under the assumption that they would be taken down. Dick's response was ambivalent because he knew that people would pirate the content regardless.

Rape List Allegations

"If someone can present you as possibly being offensive - if they can titillate that lust for violence that they call 'justice' in their minds. That's enough. And that was enough to do it to me." 

The rape list Maddox references was a thread posted to the now-defunct Dick Show 8chan board. The existence of the thread was not known to Dick before he watched the video and very little information could be gathered from it or done about it afterwards due to 8chan's ability for user's to posts anonymously and posts being archived forever unless an administrator intervenes. A Dickhead called in to the show the following week saying he created the board but was not responsible for the thread; however he did point out that the thread was posted three days prior to Maddox's initial upload date. Speculations were abound that Maddox himself wrote the list. This changed when another Dickhead called in saying that he made the thread as an alternative to the Rage Board ; explaining that the list contained the most-hated members of the community. More importantly, the thread was named in honor of the phrase, "get raped," which Maddox frequently used on Biggest Problem as a phrase akin to "get fucked." 

Sours: https://dickipedia.fandom.com/wiki/DickLies

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