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Prior to this week’s Bungie blog post, Destiny 2’s game director Luke Smith released an update on how the world first raid race will work in the game’s upcoming season. Not only will the Season of Opulence raid launch the same day the new season begins but, for the first 24 hours, the raid will have a different difficulty level designed to enhance competition.

The new difficulty mode is called Contest, and it will be mandatory for anyone trying to tackle the Crown of Sorrow raid on the first day. Contest doesn’t add mechanics, but instead limits how powerful players can be during the raid. The recommended Power level for player’s gear is for the raid’s first fight. Contest mode restricts that Power, scaling everyone down to max Power for the first fight instead.

Destiny’s Power scaling is a bit strange. If a recommended activity is Power and the player character is also Power, the Guardian and the enemies will deal % damage to one another. For every power under the recommended level, the Guardian deals less damage to enemies and takes more damage as well.

Contest evens the playing field between competing groups. No matter how high level a Guardian is in Contest mode, their effective Power level will still be for that first fight — 15 levels under the recommended. At most, players will deal about 71% normal damage in the first encounter and suffer a comparable damage increase from enemies.

But the recommended Power goes up over the course of Crown of Sorrow, just like any other raid in Destiny 2. The Power limit enforced by the Contest mode will go up as well. For the final fight, players can be a maximum of Power.

It’s important to note that in Contest mode, Power scaling only works in one direction. Players who enter the raid under or reach the final encounter under will take their natural Power penalty — their Power won’t be scaled up for Contest. That means there’s still a benefit to players who grind for Power before Bungie releases the raid. Going from the current max Power of to will take a lot of work — even with new raid loot.

Bungie will take the game servers down before Opulence starts, and release the update data two hours ahead of time so players can preload the new season. The goal is to give all players — streamers and casual fans alike — the chance to compete in the raid on day one. At 1 p.m. ET on June 4, Season of Opulence goes live, and all players can start racing for gear. Six hours later, Crown of Sorrow opens worldwide.

Smith clarified that Contest is an experiment for Destiny 2, and the team at Bungie will evaluate how successful it is before implementing it again. Also, Contest mode won’t stick around forever. One day after Crown of Sorrow’s release time Bungie will disable it, and Power will function normally in raids again.


Bungie has changed the way it makes content more challenging in Destiny over the years, especially in raids and its Nightfall Strikes. In the beginning, Bungie increased difficulty by making fights more complicated. But in the past few years, Bungie has kept fights the same while making player characters weaker.

This new approach is often frustrating, as it takes away the joy of rising to meet a new challenge.

The difference between Contest and Hard Mode

Image: Bungie

Bungie introduced Contest mode with the Crown of Sorrow raid in The studio also introduced the Grandmaster difficulty for Nightfall Strikes earlier this year. Both of these difficulties do more or less the same thing: no matter the player’s level going in, Contest and Grandmaster cap players well below the difficulty level of the activity.

For example, in Season of Arrivals, Grandmaster Nightfalls offer enemies at Power level But Guardians have their power capped at , meaning they’re always at a disadvantage. Contest mode only applies to the first 24 hours of a new raid’s release, and sets an even playing field for all players.

In the original Destiny, Bungie shipped new raids and then added a Hard Mode difficulty a few weeks later. The studio continued this design in Destiny 2 with the Leviathan raid, adding a Prestige mode a few weeks after launch.

Prestige and Hard Mode made enemies a bit tougher, but also increased the mechanical difficulty of each boss fight. Destiny raids often allow for some slack — a failure by a single member here or there. The harder difficulty modes tighten some of that up, requiring good and safe play, yes, but also a higher tier of mechanical proficiency from all players.

The Golgoroth fight in the middle of the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King involves a group of players jumping into a pit to shoot a giant Ogre in the stomach. Normally, players just shoot at Golgoroth until the timer runs out, then they leave the pool and repeat the fight. The Hard Mode adds the Unstable Light mechanic, which causes one party member to explode after a short countdown — harming anyone nearby.

The added mechanic doesn’t drastically change the fight, but it does require players to pay more attention and move out of the group if they’re chosen. All of Destiny’s more complex raid fights had similar additions on Hard. Each one felt like a new hurdle to jump over, rather than a burden to bear.

Less fun to overcome


When I beat something difficult in a video game, like that one Sekiro boss that kept giving me trouble, I feel elated. That’s how I should feel when I conquer something hard. But in my recent forays into Destiny 2’s Grandmaster difficulty, I just feel relieved when it’s over. Grandmaster doesn’t reduce the margin of error, it increases the likelihood for random bullshit. And it’s not the first time the design team has gone down this road.

I had a miserable experience with the Crown of Sorrow raid on Contest last year. After over 12 hours of playing, mostly on the final boss, my raid team was at each others’ throats. When the 24 hours expired and Contest mode finally dropped, we beat Gahlran in under an hour. We’d mastered the boss’ mechanics hours ago, but kept losing players to random, one-shot kills. It was an infuriating way to spend so much time in a game I love.

Bungie is continuing this strategy with Grandmaster Nightfalls. The first Grandmaster Nightfall I ever played was The Corrupted, an extremely long Strike added to Destiny 2 during Forsaken. It took my squad — as well as several streamers — over 10 hours to complete the Strike on the Grandmaster difficulty. On normal and non-Grandmaster difficulties, the strike takes about minutes.

The Grandmaster version offers sniper enemies that kill in a single hit, swarms of Thrall that can melee kill you very quickly, and Champion enemies that constantly regenerate health. There is also a modifier that allows the boss’ boop ability — where she knocks you up in the air and tosses you backward — to fling you extra far, making certain parts of the fight nightmarishly difficult. Worse, Grandmaster only gives players a certain number of revives, and immediately kicks everyone back to Orbit if the entire team dies. Getting all the way to the boss only to wipe and have to start over was a frequent and frustrating occurrence.

The Grandmaster Nightfalls have since been much easier, but each is still more frustrating than fun.

Part of what makes this new difficulty approach so frustrating is remembering how much I used to love conquering Hard and Prestige Mode. Discovering a new Destiny raid and learning its mechanics is one of my favorite things in any video game. Adjusting old strategies to meet new, tougher requirements in Hard Mode is a close second.

Running through King’s Fall Hard Mode in the original Destiny strains me every time, but there’s nothing more satisfying than completing it with a well-oiled raid team. When you master the Hard mechanics, you make something you once thought impossible look like a piece of cake. It’s satisfying, and most importantly, it’s fun.

No matter how seasoned my Grandmaster team is, we’ll still fall to unpreventable frustrations. Added mechanics are concrete in a boss fight: you do it right or you lose, there’s no middle ground. But at least success is in my hands. Bungie’s latest approach takes power out of the hands of the player, and it makes victory that much harder to celebrate.

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Provide a set of functions pertaining to Submission moderation.

Example usage:


Create a SubmissionModeration instance.


submission – The submission to moderate.


Approve a or .

Approving a comment or submission reverts a removal, resets the report counter, adds a green check mark indicator (only visible to other moderators) on the website view, and sets the attribute to the authenticated user.

Example usage:

# approve a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.approve()# approve a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.approve()

Set contest mode for the comments of this submission.


state – (boolean) True enables contest mode, False, disables (default: True).

Contest mode have the following effects:

  • The comment thread will default to being sorted randomly.

  • Replies to top-level comments will be hidden behind “[show replies]” buttons.

  • Scores will be hidden from non-moderators.

  • Scores accessed through the API (mobile apps, bots) will be obscured to “1” for non-moderators.

Example usage:

distinguish(how='yes', sticky=False

Distinguish a or .

  • how – One of “yes”, “no”, “admin”, “special”. “yes” adds a moderator level distinguish. “no” removes any distinction. “admin” and “special” require special user privileges to use.

  • sticky – Comment is stickied if , placing it at the top of the comment page regardless of score. If thing is not a top-level comment, this parameter is silently ignored.

Example usage:

# distinguish and sticky a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.distinguish(how="yes",sticky=True)# undistinguish a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.distinguish(how="no")
flair(text:str='', css_class:str='', flair_template_id:Optional[str]=None

Set flair for the submission.

  • text – The flair text to associate with the Submission (default: “”).

  • css_class – The css class to associate with the flair html (default: “”).

  • flair_template_id – The flair template id to use when flairing (Optional).

This method can only be used by an authenticated user who is a moderator of the Submission’s Subreddit.

Example usage:


Ignore future reports on a or .

Calling this method will prevent future reports on this Comment or Submission from both triggering notifications and appearing in the various moderation listings. The report count will still increment on the Comment or Submission.

Example usage:

# ignore future reports on a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.ignore_reports()# ignore future reports on a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.ignore_reports()

Lock a or .

Example usage:

# lock a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.lock()# lock a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.lock()

Mark as not safe for work.

This method can be used both by the submission author and moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to.

Example usage:

submission=reddit.subreddit("test").submit("nsfw test",selftext="nsfw")submission.mod.nsfw()
remove(spam=False, mod_note='', reason_id=None

Remove a or .

  • mod_note – A message for the other moderators.

  • spam – When True, use the removal to help train the Subreddit’s spam filter (default: False).

  • reason_id – The removal reason ID.

If either or are provided, a second API call is made to add the removal reason.

Example usage:

# remove a comment and mark as spam:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.remove(spam=True)# remove a submissionsubmission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.remove()# remove a submission with a removal reasonreason=reddit.subreddit.mod.removal_reasons["ni21zo23ql"]submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.remove(
send_removal_message(message, title='ignored', type='public'

Send a removal message for a or .


The object has to be removed before giving it a removal reason. Remove the object with . Trying to add a removal reason without removing the object will result in being thrown with an error_type.

Reddit adds human-readable information about the object to the message.

  • type – One of “public”, “private”, “private_exposed”. “public” leaves a stickied comment on the post. “private” sends a Modmail message with hidden username. “private_exposed” sends a Modmail message without hidden username.

  • title – The short reason given in the message. (Ignored if type is “public”.)

  • message – The body of the message.

If is “public”, the new is returned.


Mark as original content.

This method can be used by moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to. If the subreddit has enabled the Original Content beta feature in settings, then the submission’s author can use it as well.

Example usage:

submission=reddit.subreddit("test").submit("oc test",selftext="original")submission.mod.set_original_content()

Mark as safe for work.

This method can be used both by the submission author and moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to.

Example usage:


Indicate that the submission contains spoilers.

This method can be used both by the submission author and moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to.

Example usage:

sticky(state:bool=True, bottom:bool=True

Set the submission’s sticky state in its subreddit.

  • state – (boolean) True sets the sticky for the submission, false unsets (default: True).

  • bottom – (boolean) When true, set the submission as the bottom sticky. If no top sticky exists, this submission will become the top sticky regardless (default: True).


When a submission is stickied two or more times, the Reddit API responds with a error that is raises as a by prawcore. The method suppresses these errors.

This submission will replace the second stickied submission if one exists.

For example:


Set the suggested sort for the comments of the submission.


sort – Can be one of: confidence, top, new, controversial, old, random, qa, blank (default: blank).


Remove mod, admin, or special distinguishing from an object.

Also unstickies the object if applicable.

Example usage:

# undistinguish a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.undistinguish()# undistinguish a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.undistinguish()

Resume receiving future reports on a Comment or Submission.

Future reports on this or will cause notifications, and appear in the various moderation listings.

Example usage:

# accept future reports on a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.unignore_reports()# accept future reports on a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.unignore_reports()

Unlock a or .

Example usage:

# unlock a comment:comment=reddit.comment("dkk4qjd")comment.mod.unlock()# unlock a submission:submission=reddit.submission(id="5or86n")submission.mod.unlock()

Indicate that the submission is not original content.

This method can be used by moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to. If the subreddit has enabled the Original Content beta feature in settings, then the submission’s author can use it as well.

Example usage:

submission=reddit.subreddit("test").submit("oc test",selftext="original")submission.mod.unset_original_content()

Indicate that the submission does not contain spoilers.

This method can be used both by the submission author and moderators of the subreddit that the submission belongs to.

For example:

submission=reddit.subreddit("test").submit("not spoiler",selftext="spoiler")submission.mod.unspoiler()

Change the Crowd Control level of the submission.


level – An integer between 0 and 3.

Level Descriptions






Crowd Control will not action any of the submission’s commments.



Comments from users who have negative karma in the subreddit are automatically collapsed.



Comments from new users and users with negative karma in the subreddit are automatically collapsed.



Comments from users who haven’t joined the subreddit, new users, and users with negative karma in the subreddit are automatically collapsed.

Example usage:


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Reddit-like "contest mode" sorting option for meta threads

Reddit has a feature wherein moderators can set threads to be sorted in "contest mode". As the name suggests, it was originally designed for use with "contests", where the userbase is tasked with ordering a number of competing options by voting on them. To avoid biasing voters based on factors other than the content of the options, Reddit implements a few features that differ from typical sorts like "highest-voted" or "most recent":

  • Scores are hidden. This prevents stuff like pile-on effects where voters vote for the things that already have the most votes.
  • Options are sorted in a random order (that changes on each reload). This makes it so that e.g. early submissions don't get a huge advantage over late submissions.
  • Other sort modes are unavailable. This prevents users from getting around these restrictions.

The ability to sort answers like this would be valuable on certain types of meta posts - in essence, any posts that function as polls. The question-collection threads that precede an election are an excellent example of this. Magic community-ads threads are another (and these especially suffer from early posts getting too many votes).

If this feature were to be implemented, it would make sense to add an option in the mod interface to allow diamond-users to turn contest mode on or off for a given meta post. And, of course, contest mode should only be available on meta.


Mode reddit contest

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