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If you’re looking for a casual and flexible way to make some extra money, Clickworker could be worth a look. This unbiased and detailed ClickWorker review explains exactly what you can expect from the site, and discusses what you can hope to earn…

Clickworker was one of the first sites I reviewed for HomeWorkingClub.  I frequently log on to my own account, check the service out, and revisit this review to report on any changes. I last updated this Clickworker review in February 2021. 

Having used Clickworker for several years, it’s worth emphasising that the level of work available on the platform tends to wax and wane. The number of projects on Clickworker’s books can influence this, as can the number of people actively working on the platform and scooping up the jobs.

There are two important things to learn from this:

  1. Sites like Clickworker are best for side income. You can’t depend on sites like this for permanent, ongoing work.
  2. Just because you find nothing on Clickworker one day, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a flood of available work the next.

Before We Start! I

Alternatives to Clickworker that you may want to check out include Prizerebel (see review) and Swagbucks (see review). (Links will open in a new window so you won’t lose your place).

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a website where you can carry out small work tasks for small payments. Clickworker also has an app so you can complete tasks on the go. Tasks on Clickworker include data-entry style work, taking photos, and training Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

The idea is that you can dip in and out of the work as and when you have time, which makes it a great home working option for anyone who wants a little side income. Most tasks require no specialist skills so this is a good entry-level home working option to look into.

For people willing to grind away at the work (some of which is often plentiful and straightforward), it’s possible to put the hours in and earn real money from Clickworker – but only when the work is available. We’ll talk exact numbers later in the review.

Clickworker was established in 15 years ago. With how quickly things move in the online jobs world, this means it’s been around a long time.

Clickworker review - sign up page

Is Clickworker Legit and Safe?

Clickworker is a legitimate site. The company has been established for many years. There are plenty of microworking sites out there that aren’t worth your time, but Clickworker is one of the better ones.

Getting started with Clickworker

Where is Clickworker Available?

It’s possible to sign up as a Clickworker from “many different countries,” so long as you are able to receive Paypal, Transferwise or SEPA bank transfer payments. Transferwise is a new addition, which is nice to see.

Clickworker does seem to open and close applications from specific countries depending on their need for workers. As such, it makes sense to join when you can, in order to “get your foot in the door.”

How Old do you Have to Be to Work for Clickworker?

You must be 18 or older to work for Clickworker. When you register, the only dates of birth available are for those over 18.

If you’re a little younger and looking for some work you can do online, check out our online jobs for teens article. 

Once you’ve registered with the site, you’re required to fill out some basic information relating to your language skills, work experience and “hobbies and know-how.” This is so you can be offered work suited to your skills.

Once all this is done, it’s best to head for the Assessments section (as shown). Here you can learn how to complete certain Clickworker tasks and test your abilities, which is a prerequisite for accessing certain jobs.

Clickworker Assessments

There’s no telling which assessments will become available at a specific time. On our previous update of this Clickworker review, I noticed a new assessment to become an “author for English texts.” But it wasn’t there this time around.

A persistent effort to log on regularly will give you your best chance of grabbing assessments when they’re available. These include the all-important UHRS assessments, which we’ll discuss shortly.

What Kind of Work is Available on Clickworker?

In order to respect Clickworker’s confidentiality agreement, I can’t be too specific about the work I’ve done there, but the Clickworker site gives plenty of examples.

Work can include:

  • Proofreading
  • Categorizing websites and other data
  • Mystery photography (going into shops and photographing certain displays)
  • Online research
  • Writing product descriptions
  • Completing surveys or participating in academic studies

These are just some examples, and I’ve come across plenty of other tasks. They’re typically jobs that only take seconds or minutes, rather than hours, to complete.

Notably, in recent years there seems to be quite a bit of work around speech recognition and training artificial intelligence. This is work that Clickworker promotes to its corporate clients.

By settling in and getting into the flow of a particular task, you can perform hundreds of these “micro jobs” and end up earning a reasonable hourly rate – so long as the work is available.

Clickworker jobs

Find Clickworker here.

Clickworker Review: How Much Work is There?

When it comes to the amount of available work, things have really changed since my first ClickWorker review. Back then, it felt like digging around for scraps – whereas nowadays there are often plenty of decent tasks involving a fair bit of variety (though that doesn’t mean there’s never a dry patch…)

On my most recent check, the task list was a little shorter than usual. However, there were UHRS tasks available (see below).

There’s also a Clickworker app. This has been around a while now and provides more opportunities to earn money, it’s also great for those people who prefer to work from a mobile device – something I’ll never personally understand!

In addition to all this, assessments are sometimes available for UHRS, the “Universal Human Relevance System.” This is a secondary microworking platform that Clickworker members can gain access to.

As I understand it, entry into UHRS opens and closes in various countries depending on the volume of work available and the need for microworkers.

We try to keep this article updated as and when we find out which countries have work available.

Once you gain access to UHRS (and it’s well worth waiting to do so), the amount of work can feel endless. There’s plenty at the time of writing, but I should point out there have been times when it’s dried up. When there IS UHRS work available, home workers who are prepared to sit and grind away at the tasks can earn decent regular money from Clickworker and UHRS.

Coupled with the additional work on the native Clickworker platform, this means Clickworker is well worth getting involved with. 

UHRS runs on a separate platform to Clickworker, and requires additional registration. There is more training to complete and more assessments to pass. However, it’s all worth doing. Access to UHRS gives you an extra means of earning money, which is useful as and when there’s less work on Clickworker itself. You can read more about UHRS here.

(It’s fair to say the initial process to get into UHRS involves jumping through a few hoops).

The Clickworker App

A year or so ago, Clickworker added an app.

It’s available for for iOS and Android, and allows you to complete some Clickworker tasks “on the go” from a mobile device.

Clickworker app

As someone who prefers to do all my work on a laptop, it surprises me how many people treat their smartphone or tablet as their primary “computer” these days. But regardless of my personal view on that, this is good news for those people!

Furthermore, there are tasks on the Clickworker app that you cannot access in any other way.

The app is slick and works fairly well, and there have always been at least a few tasks available each time I’ve looked. However, the app isn’t perfect yet, as it’s not unheard of to tap on a task only to be told there are none of those tasks available.

Still, if you want access to the full range of tasks Clickworker has available, it’s well worth installing the app as well as using the desktop version.

How Much can I Earn from Clickworker?

Clickworker tasks can earn you anything from a few cents each to several Euros / Dollars. It’s very hard to predict an average hourly rate for Clickworker as it varies considerably on how much work is available, whether you qualify for it, and how quickly you can do it.

Interestingly, Clickworker used to make a prediction of an hourly rate in the region of $9 per hour, or “well over $10” with experience and concentration. When I re-checked the FAQs in September 2020, the company seems to have removed this bold prediction and given a more realistic prediction of variable earnings.

Microworking platforms aren’t a place where you’ll earn “mega bucks.” However, if you find a task you enjoy doing and there are plenty of those tasks available, you can get into earning money that represents a reasonable hourly rate. If you get into UHRS, you have even more chance of this being a realistic goal.

Based on some of the UHRS tasks I’ve worked on in the past, I quickly built up to a pace that clocked up to about US$8-11 per hour – for fairly simple work I could do with music playing in the background. There are better-paid tasks out there there, and plenty of anecdotal reports online of people making more like $15-20 per hour once they’ve hit their stride.

Your own mileage WILL vary!

Despite these broadly encouraging rates, I’d strongly advise against relying on Clickworker (or any microworking platform) for a serious full-time income. There’s no guarantee of constant work, and performing these tasks for more than a couple of hours at a time can be rather soul-destroying.

Clickworker itself makes the same point, stating in the FAQs that it “should not be considered a substitute for full-time employment or self-employment.”

However, for those willing to “make hay while the sun shines,” this is a solid way to make some solid money.

The best way to tackle it is to find a task you enjoy and just get into the flow of it.

Clickworker is particularly good for paying for extra expenses. A student, for example, could work out that an hour sitting performing a specific task will pay for a takeaway or an evening in the bar. It’s hard to complain about any kind of “money tap” that can be switched on at will – and in that regard Clickworker excels.

Clickworker Problems

Nothing’s perfect in this world, unfortunately, and Clickworker’s not without its issues.

The most significant is something we’ve already covered: you can’t count on any consistency of work via the platform. But in fairness, there are MANY more options these days, and that’s been the case throughout this year.

If you happen to sign up from the right country at the right time AND find the UHRS assessments immediately available, you’ve unlocked an immediate stream of reliable and reasonably well-paid microwork.

However, that’s not to say the work won’t dry up at some point. As such, you can’t really make Clickworker something you rely on to pay the bills. The best strategy to increase your chance of success is to check Clickworker regularly and be ready to dive on top of new jobs and assessments as soon as they appear.

Another problem is technical issues. It seems there are sometimes tasks that don’t work quite right, causing you to invest a little time before abandoning them. The amount of money involved is usually so small that it doesn’t seem worth emailing support about it. This is particularly aggravating on UHRS.

Since my first review, Clickworker has “modernised” somewhat. There don’t seem to be so many issues with browser incompatibility and things like that, but I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t still a “clunky” feel to the platform – at times.

Finally, some tasks may not “sit well” with all users in terms of adult content or revealing personal information.

Clickworker Referral Scheme

As a signed up member of Clickworker, you can refer friends to the platform. You receive a €5 payout for anybody who signs up once they’ve earned €10. 

Clickworker referral scheme

While this is a good way to earn a little extra, you need to refer people who are going to stick with it, and not forget all about it if there’s not lots of work available the very first time they log in!

Clickworker Support

It’s worth mentioning that if you do have problems, Clickworker’s email support service is fast and efficient.

Whilst testing out the service for my Clickworker reviews, I’ve queried several different things, related to assessments and technical issues, and always received prompt and helpful answers.

Clickworker Review: Conclusion

Clickworker is a decent platform. It’s improved significantly in recent times Work is available more consistently, and the app gives you more options too.

If you gain UHRS access, Clickworker becomes even more useful. Unstable income is a really scary thing for many freelancers and homeworkers, so having access to a platform you can turn to when you need to grind away and earn some extra is really handy.

There may be some luck involved as to whether Clickworker is recruiting in your country and whether assessments are open for UHRS, but it’s worth hanging in there to gain full access. As of early September 2020, UHRS applications were available in all countries, but this is subject to change.

I’d suggest signing up to Clickworker straight away, and grabbing the first opportunity to get onto UHRS. Even if you don’t end up doing much of this “micro work,” knowing you’ve got it to fall back on provides a great sense of security.

Find Clickworker here.

Some Things to Check Out Next

Clickworker is Worth a Look for Side Income


3.8 of 5 stars1 review

  • Reputation
  • Earning Potential
  • Accessibility

Worth a look for side income

Clickworker isn’t the place to look for a full time job – but if you’re after a dependable and trustworthy source of side income, it’s worth checking out. 


  • An established, trustworthy site.
  • Provides access to UHRS, where work is usually available. 
  • Good app for work on the go. 


  • A steady flow of work is not guaranteed.
  • Limited earning potential.
  • Not available in all countries. 

Ben Taylor

Founder of – Ben has worked freelance for nearly 20 years. As well as being a freelance writer and blogger, he is also a technical consultant with Microsoft and Apple certifications. He loves supporting new home workers but is prone to outbursts of bluntness and realism.

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Clickworker Employee Reviews

It used to be a place where remote workers could earn a nice income on the side while working the hours which they selected.

Independent worker (Former Employee) - Fully Remote in the US - July 3, 2021

Clickworker started out being a good online option for me, as I needed time to resettle in a new place, and to think about the next steps for my career path. In the beginning (2018), there were lots of good projects available, and it was easy to meet those part-time job earnings goals. The work offered a lot of variety, and sometimes there would be opportunities to really dig in and make extra $ depending upon the specific project and the amount of time spent on it. All of that changed in the fall of 2019. I don't know if the company was bought out, or if there was just a huge change in management. The amount of projects offered dropped off the cliff. The type of projects became less and less attractive. Sadly, the amount of pay for specific jobs actually decreased during the pandemic. During 2020, the jobs really dwindled down to almost nothing. There were also issues with the civility of one of the employees, and the company's ability to get information to the workers on a timely basis. My last jobs with them were completed early in 2021, and I would never recommend this company to others in its current state, nor would I ever go back.

  1. Angel dog breed
  2. Tan bathroom decor
  3. Gaming laptop backgrounds
  4. Rhino golf carts
  5. Dometic vent cover
Download the Clickworker App

What types of jobs are there?

Here you can get a brief overview of the various job types.

Copy Editing

Copy editors check corrected texts with regard to content, style and the exact implementation of the job instructions.

More about Copy Editing


Proofreaders assess the texts created with regard to spelling, grammar, style, expression and the implementation of the job instructions.

More about Proofreading


Search for data and addresses of companies, restaurants and other localities in the web.

More about Research

Mystery Visit

Who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid for a weekly shopping trip? Visit nearby stores, take pictures of products and upload them at clickworker. That’s it!

More about Mystery Visits

App Testing

As an app jobber you can help optimize the design, functionality and usability of different applications.

More about App Testing

This is how it works

  1. Sign up at
  2. Fill out your user profile
  3. Complete short assessments
  4. Good results ensure many jobs
  5. Process your jobs online
  6. Get paid on a weekly or monthly basis

Your benefits at a glance

  • Easy start with assessments
  • Good quality work ensures an increase in earnings
  • Work from home whenever you have time
  • You don’t have to worry about customer acquisition. We take care of the distribution of the jobs to you
  • This gives you more time for your own work
  • And you don’t have to write invoices either. We take care of the entire process including payment to you
  • Weekly or monthly payment via SEPA or PayPal
  • 24/7 support from our Clickworker community
Cody Avatar

At first, I didn’t expect that much from clickworker, however I have only had access to UHRS for a short time, and I have already made over 150 dollars in my spare time. clickworker has augmented my income and I am thankful for it!

Cody, USA
Itumeleng Avatar

clickworker is pretty simple to use, the jobs pay well and are worth the effort. Since I’m currently in university I’m now going to be able to save money for a laptop and also Christmas presents!

Itumeleng, South Africa
Bärbel Avatar

I discovered clickworker when I saw a TV documentary about Crowdfunding on the Internet and was curious to learn more about it. And I just got “stuck” here as you get real compensation for your work unlike at other companies.

Bärbel, Germany

Do you have any further questions?

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I've worked at click worker for one…

I've worked at click worker for one month, and I see in uhrs my total income every week is an average of 20$, and every week I also see in my clickworker account, why does what goes in my click worker account doesn't match my income at uhrs??this week at uhrs I got a total of 23$ but what entered my account was only 4€.

I am valarmathi as a member of…

I am valarmathi as a member of clickworker.My clickworker id is temporarily suspended and my payment is also hold...I hope the problem will solve quickly...

Dear Valar, thank you for your review. There might be several reasons as to why your account was temporarily suspended, and they should have been provided to you via email. If you didn't get that email, please get in touch with us so we can resend it to you. Please don’t forget to mention your username, which we need in order to provide you with the best possible support. We would like to ask you to contact us using this new form: and allow us to look into your case and help you.


Sadawy Hassan


I have been loving working on this site for more than six months and I felt comfortable in the process of paying via Paypal, but recently you have replaced Paypal as a payment method. And not for everyone, what I mean is that Payoneer requires that you reach a certain amount of money in order to be able to withdraw through it, and this does not suit me and does not suit many people.
-And till now I want to add my paypal as I did not add the payment method untill now so I need paypal back.

The second point: that Payoneer requires you to add your bank account in order to be able to withdraw in addition to a large commission on withdrawals, and this point constitutes an obstacle for many people in my country, Egypt, as we use PayPal because it does not set a minimum withdrawal limit where you can withdraw for free and Automatically on my visa and it is the one that people get through post offices without the need to create a bank account.

These are the full points of the reason for my dissatisfaction with the newly added Payoneer service, as we must have a choice between Payoneer and Paypal and not impose a transfer on us. Thank you for your understanding and for your respect for us.

Payment issue (PayPal)

Removing Paypal from Egypt is not a very good idea.. it is the main method for all countries, why do you want to remove it from Egypt specifically? This is not your decision alone, but it is the decision of the clickworkers on the site as well.. The administration must take a stand. Thank you

why remove PayPal!!!

I started working on Clickworker about a month ago and the minimum payment was $5 for PayPal and payoneer. When I completed my first $5, starting this month, the minimum amount for PayPal was modified and it became $10 . I made more effort to complete the minimum because PayPal is the most reliable method to withdraw small amounts of money. and when I completed it, PayPal was deleted as a method of payment in my country, which is really frustrating. Payoneer is really good, but it also has a minimum amount to receive money to my local bank. Paypal is the most efficient with small amounts, so deleting it is a very frustrating thing. it makes me wait months until I can reach the minimum payout to my local bank from payoneer.

Thank you for leaving us a review. We had to remove PayPal as a payment option for our workers from Egypt due to some issues with receiving payments via PayPal, which affected many Egyptian workers. To ensure that all our workers are able to receive payments from us, we offer Payoneer as a payment method. Using Payoneer will make the process of receiving payments by our workers smooth and stable. And the minimum payable balance for this payment method is only €/$5 which is also one of the advantages. We appreciate your understanding of the importance of such improvements and hope that you will amend your score over time.

Why remove a great Payment Processor?

I don't know how a company would simply remove the most used online payment system in the world without any notice, and their customers can basically suck it!
Not professional at all. We need PayPal back.

Thank you for your feedback. We had to remove PayPal as a payment option for workers from Egypt due to some issues occurred with payment transactions, which led to the situation when many Egyptian workers, unfortunately, had problems with receiving their payments via PayPal. To ease the payment process and provide stable payments to our workers, we decided to switch to another payment method which is fully available to you - Payoneer. We believe that this will improve the payment process and eliminate any possible issues that may occur during the bill run. We appreciate your understanding in regard to this matter.


Removed Paypal (Egypt)

I am from Egypt and noticed that you have removed PayPal as a payment option here only, which is really bizarre as PayPal is the easiest and most convenient payment system in the world! And it works very well in Egypt as well! I have been using it since 2015 with no issues whatsoever on multiple freelance websites.

How come you remove it from all accounts when there are people that use it? I have a verified and active PayPal account and would like to receive all my money in one place!

Payoneer is worse in Egypt and you can only withdraw to their card that costs way way waaaaaaay higher fees than PayPal that is basically free.

And if you tried to withdraw to a bank account, you would need a minimum amount to withdraw, unlike PayPal. and not everyone has a bank account to withdraw from Payoneer, unlike PayPal again where you can withdraw your money to even a prepaid VISA with no need for a bank account. This is really frustrating.

For the sake of your customers needs, please bring PayPal back as a payment option, you will not lose anything if both options are available

Did not get paid

After working on this site for over a month I have yet to get paid. Even after verifying my Paypal account, uploading W9 form and entering my Social Security number, I have yet to get paid. I opened several tickets with their tech support but the response was just to read the FAQ articles on payments. I even tried switching payment method to Payoneer, but apparently if you are in the US then the only option is Paypal. Finally I decided to close my account. I am not going to keep working for free. Maybe closing my account will force clickworker to finally payout. If not then at least I will be done with this site and done with working for free.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. It appears that you accidentally deactivated your account. Perhaps you were attempting to opt out of emails and clicked on the “Unsubscribe” link by mistake. We have now reactivated your account for you. But please note that your payments are still on hold because you made a change to your payment details in June. Since these are sensitive account data, we need you to confirm those changes before it is carried out and payments are re-enabled.
You should have received an email from us shortly after you made the changes. Please check the inbox of the email account connected to your Clickworker profile. If you do not see it there, please also check your spam/junk folder(s) in case the email was sorted there.
All you have to do to unlock your payments is to click the link in this email. In some rare cases, you may be asked to enter a code after clicking the link. This code is also mentioned in the email.
If you did not receive that email, please get in touch with us and let us know if it was you who made the changes so we can restart the payments manually. Please note that we need to receive a request from the email address associated with your account so we can see that you are the owner of the account. You can open a new ticket via the following form: We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to you giving us the opportunity to help you.

It's alright

I only use Clickworker for UHRS and while I have managed to earn some money (not a lot at all) and they do regularly send payments without any issues, most of the time there isn't a lot of work on UHRS, at least nothing that pays even a decent amount. So in that way it's not very consistent or reliable.

They have way too many workers spamming their HitApps so that those of us who actually want to work on them don't even get the chance because all the HitApps run out way too quickly.

Thank you for leaving us a review. UHRS as well as Clickworker has checks in place to prevent spamming and do notice when there is unusual activity on HitApps. The work on UHRS is not steady. It depends on the needs of the HitApp owners. Also please note that there are thousands of workers that are completing HitApps at the same time as you, not only at Clickworker but at other vendors as well. We hope the amount of work available for you will increase and you will get more well-paid HitApps. You could also check the Clickworker workplace to see if there are projects available for you to work on. Thank you again for your feedback, and we hope you continue to do good work on UHRS and Clickworker projects!

I have been working with clickworker…

I have been working with clickworker for about a month. I had trouble down loading three projects on the same day. I sent an email but got no response. 3 days later they froze my account. I had over a hundred dollars in my account at the time. I can't get anyone to even answer my emails and I have no way to get my money owed


I invested so little and just today…

I invested so little and just today earned $60,000 in cash. For its amazing initiative, I'm very glad to suggest Maxxeyern. Will invest more in order to get the biggest profit ever.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review, but nothing on our site requires investing. We suppose you’re confusing us with another company. We are Clickworker, and you can read more about our company here:

Clickworker that website makes me some…

Clickworker that website makes me some extra buck. I use this from so many times and so much satisfaction with this. Every one who want to make money online then you can try this. Clickworker is very trusted website.

Thank you for your review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. We are pleased to hear your positive comments and hope you continue to enjoy being part of Clickworker!

peculiar lady

It was good at first

It was good at first, very good actually. I could earn around at least $3 everyday without trying. Now, it seems after they started having paypal issues, no one using paypal has been paid since April of 2021. I read further details on their website that informs you that payoneer isn't available for US,Canada, or UK area. I'm not sure how the payoneer is working for other countries, but I would suggest if you live in US,Canada, UK, look elsewhere. Please do your individual research though. This is just what I've experienced as of recently.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review. Payoneer was opened up for all countries except for the USA, Mexico and Canada several months ago. And we haven’t stopped making payments via PayPal. It is possible that you made some changes on your account data and your payments were put on hold or your payable balance is less than 10€/$ so you are included in the bill run. If your payable balance exceeds the required minimum payable balance and you still haven’t been paid, please get in touch with us so we can look into your case and assist you in full. You can open a new ticket here:

Clickworker payment hold and account suspended

I am working with Clickworker just 2 weeks, but I was extremely satisfied. Everything was clear with the sign-in process, I made an UHRS account as well, and I was able to make a good amount of money within a few days.
But yesterday I just looked at my payment information and it said ,,payment on hold please verify” (my Paypal account was verified before!) i did some research on the web and some people said I should try to find my confirmation email and do the confirmation again. I know this is my fault and that I should contact the customer service inmediately, but it said it can be a longer waiting-time so I just tried to figure out a quick solution.
The bigger problem is, when I tried to paste the code from the email (to verify) i inmediately received an email : my account is suspended ... i tried to contact the customer service,
I wrote them two mails: one about the payment holding problem (sent it before suspension) and one after they suspended my account.
I know they’re trying their best to respond the emails ASAP.
I trust this company but I’m a bit confused now as i have read some reviews when people said it was more then 10-20 days while they respond ...
Hopefully I don’t need to wait that long, as I want to keep working.
Username is juliapongracz

Dear Julia, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. Looking at your account, we can see that your account and your payments have already been reactivated. Thank you for confirming that it was you who tried to confirm the changes made to your account data. You will be included in this week’s bill run and paid. We appreciate your cooperation in resolving this issue and hope you continue to enjoy working with our company!


Suzanne St John

Basically a scam

I found Clickworker to be basically a scam. You get quizzed on your English skills and ability to complete their tasks and then after you answer questions correctly you receive a message in broken English telling you that you don't qualify. Assuming you do qualify you earn a few cents for very tedious work. Would not recommend. I deactivated my account after only two days. Should have read more reviews.

Thank you for sharing your feedback. The first few questions in surveys are usually demographic (or common) questions to see if you qualify for the survey. The clients are usually looking for a certain group of people to complete their surveys. If you were given a message that you were not suitable for the survey, then you were not in their target group. We completely understand how frustrating it is for you, and we’re sorry that you decided to close your account. There are different types of tasks on our platform, and we’re sure that you could have found non-survey tasks that would suit you. In any case, we apologise for any concern this has caused and wish you well in your future endeavours.

Big scam, stay away

Big scam. They get you to work for free with the pretence of "you needing some training", while they get big bucks training their customer's A.I. on your skin for free. Also they force you to login to Microsoft with an auto-generated email they give you (God help me with that). Stay away.

Thank you for your feedback. Some jobs are manually paid once they have been approved by the clients. We assume you took part in one of such projects. The information about the pay and the process for it was detailed in the job itself. When you completed this task, it appeared in your work history with a zero payment. It only means that the job is under review and you will be paid manually once it has been approved by the client. This may take some time. If you still haven’t been paid for the job you’re referring to, please get in touch with us. You can contact us here: We will look into this for you as soon as possible.
Regarding your second statement, we assume you’re referring to UHRS. If so, please note that we do not force anyone to log in to his/her Microsoft account neither do we force anyone to work there. You are free to choose the tasks to work on.

Waited for over 2 months and still not…

Waited for over 2 months and still not received any payment, absolute scam if you ask me.

Thank you for leaving us a review. We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t receive your payment. There are several possible reasons on why this could happen. It could be that your payments were put on hold to prevent unauthourized access to your account data if some changes were made to them or your payable balance was less than the required minimum payable balance. If you chose PayPal as your payment method, it could be that your PayPal account wasn’t verified. To understand what happened in your case, we would like to ask you to email us in and provide us with your username. You can contact us via this new form: We will check the status of your payments and let you know needs to be done in order to solve this issue. We look forward to you giving us the opportunity to help you.



Worker reviews click

Is Clickworker Worth It Or A Big Fraud? Honest Clickworker Reviews 2021

An inconsistent income is a problem for many freelancers and home workers. So, having access to a platform where you can work anytime and earn some extra cash is really handy.

Clickworker is one of those legit platforms that pay you for freelancing when you complete the tasks given to you.

For many tasks, no special or formal qualifications are necessary. Almost anyone can sign up as a clickworker. This makes it an open community where you can get paid regardless of your academic qualifications.

The Clickworker community has about 2.2 million click workers that have helped set up a record of providing solutions to complex project situation.

Therefore, to keep up with this record, clickworker tests its crowd to ensure that the jobs they do meet all the quality control criteria. Also, only those with the best qualifications within the platform are assigned to do the equivalent projects.

Just in case you are yet to understand, this Clickworker review explains exactly all you need to know on how the site works and how you can earn a few extra bucks from it.

Let’s get started shall we?

What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a data processing website that lets you carry out data-related tasks and pays you for it. It operates by using AI’s to collect and process data fast and efficiently.

Some tasks you can carry out on Clickworker include data research and verification, translation of texts in different languages, collection of local data through a smartphone, and lots more.

Clickworker hires you based on your technical and internet knowledge and refers to you as a click worker.

Additionally, click workers are independent contractors that work for Clickworker using their own computing equipment. They use a standard web browser to complete tasks on a piece-rate basis. Most of these tasks are a part of a larger project.

This means that you don’t have to be offline to work as a click worker. You can do the work anytime that suits you and still earn money. This makes it a good option for those who prefer to work from home.

Having understood what Clickworker is, let’s look at how it works.

How Does Clickworker Work?

To get started on Clickworker, you need to first sign up as a Click worker on their page. There are some requirements that you must satisfy in order to successfully complete your application. They are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have a computer or mobile device with an internet connection
  • You must work as a freelancer – as you are uncertain you will always have a task to do.

After your sign up, the next thing is to complete a quick assessment that will enable Clickworker to find tasks that are a suitable match for you. An excellent result from this assessment means more jobs for you.

Additionally, the tasks available on Clickworker vary from click worker to clickworker based on qualification assessments, previous work assessments, interests, and abilities. Depending on your profile and qualifications you may be offered some projects or may be excluded from others.

As a company or an individual, you can choose to hire Clickworker to manage complex tasks of your project through two of its service options – managed service and self-service.

In the managed service, Clickworker provides solutions for your projects and manages them themselves. They discuss the entire project with you and offer to handle the entire order process. See more about the managed service here.

While in the Self-service, you can select a cost-saving solution template for implementing your projects. Clickworker doesn’t have to assess your project to determine which solution suits it. See more about click worker self-service here.

Now you may wonder if you can even make money on this platform. Well, let’s find out.

Can I Get Paid On Clickworker?

This Clickworker review will not be complete if I don’t talk about how you can earn cash on Clickworker.

The simple answer is Yes. You can get paid on clickworker but only after you have completed your tasks.

Some tasks you can carry out include;

  • Categorization of Data
  • Text creation
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Research
  • App testing
  • Photo and Video Capture
  • Audio recordings
  • Mystery shop visits.

When you accept or complete any of these tasks online, you get paid either on a weekly or monthly basis through Paypal or SEPA.

However, it is important to note that the amount it pays you vary depending on the project and the description of the task. It can range anywhere from cent amounts to two-digit euro sums.

They calculate the fee based on the estimated average processing time and the level of difficulty, the length of the text, the amount of research involved, or the special knowledge skills required to fulfil the job. Doing excellent work with high quality also ensures an increase in earnings.

You can work independently as your schedule is really flexible. You also don’t need to hustle for customers, Clickworker takes care of the job distribution thus, giving you more time for your other work.

NOTE: Working as a click worker should not be a substitute for full-time employment or self-employment.

Making money on Click worker sounds pretty much too easy. Makes you wonder if it’s legit or a scam.

Is Clickworker Legit Or A Scam?

Clickworker is a legit site and not a scam. The company has been operating for many years with records of good and high-quality work. Although there are lots of micro-working and crowdsourcing sites out there, Clickworker is one of the best options.

Its direct and straightforward payment system shows they will really pay you for the work you do. You don’t need to pay money to register unlike others, the sign up is totally free. Personally, I received my pay all the time I worked for them.

Additionally, Clickworker is a brand that carries out tasks computers won’t process probably because the cost of programming is too high or those you don’t have enough human resources for.

They carefully assess these tasks using quality assurance control to uphold their standard of delivering high-quality tasks. This can be seen from their client reviews.

With all these features, one cannot outrightly call it a scam. But you can say it has some good and bad sides to it.

Clickworker Reviews: Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of using the Clickworker app or site.


#1. Task Source

Clickworker is a good place to search for tasks depending on your qualifications and abilities.

#2. Side Income Channel

Clickworker provides extra income opportunities with a flexible working schedule from any country you are in.

#3. Valid Payment

With clickworker you are certain that you will be paid either weekly or monthly depending on your payment channel- either PayPal or SEPA. In a case where you fail to receive your payment, you can send an email and you will receive a response immediately.


#1. Uncertainty of Jobs

There aren’t job opportunities always on Clickworker. If you are lucky enough to signup at the right time when there are an assessment and job waiting for you, you’ve discovered a treasure. But if you aren’t, a good way is to check back consistently.

#2. App technical issues

The clickworker app always has functionality issues. Because of this, you may experience a delay in completing your tasks.

#3. Restricted Access with the App

The click worker app restricts you from accessing UHRS ( Universal Human Relevant System) from within the app. UHRS is a separate website that offers micro-jobs just like clickworker.

Hold on, Don’t make a decision yet. Let’s see what click workers are saying.

Clickworker Reviews and Rating

Here are some reviews from employees of clickworker on Glassdoor, Indeed and Trustpilot

“Work and Payment”
I worked at clickworker for less than a year – full time
Simple job and decent payment
Few jobs available on the site – former employee (Glassdoor)

“Clickworker is one of the best online job platform”
I have been working at clickworker part-time for less than a year
clickworker pays very well. Their pay varies from task to task. There are more high paying tasks.
sometimes there will be some error in tasks – current employee (Glassdoor)

“Fair Place”
It’s a good place. Am new there, very many jobs. Waiting for my first payment though. Earned almost 40 Euros on my 1st assignment hoping I will be paid all of it.
Lots of freelance work
very little pay for some works – Freelancer (Indeed)

My payments temporarily on hold problem……
My payment details account data confirmed ‘yes’ but payments temporarily on hold ‘yes’….how to solve this problem..- Kamal Khan (Trustpilot)

A reputable company operating since…
A reputable company operating since 2005, you can earn excellent remuneration for companies performing many tasks, they pay very fast and in euros.- Camilo Da Silva (Trustpilot)

How To Join Clickworker?

You can join this community of internet professionals to work as a clickworker. Ensure you meet the requirements as stated above before signing up.

And if you do, click on the button below to go to Clickworker. You can even read more about how their services work and see answers to frequently asked questions from different countries.


Is Clickworker Worth It?

Clickworker is worth it for those who have patience and qualifications.
It is a fair platform that provides micro-jobs for people who can perform minor tasks with excellent quality.

While gathering information for this Clickworker reviews, I realized the platform is flexible such that each Click worker can choose from the projects, which tasks (s) he wants to take on. These tasks can be done separately and at will.

Additionally, Click workers can decide, when, where, and how much (s)he works. If you gain access to UHRS (which is another partner of Clickworker), that’s where the money is.

I suggest you sign up quickly and decide for yourself.

Good luck!

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Clickworker Review - 2021 - Is It Worth It?

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