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Minecraft Candle recipe: how to make Candles in Minecraft 1.17

Looking to learn how to make a Candle in Minecraft? Candles are some of the flashiest decorative items added with Minecraft's 1.17 update: the first of the massive two part Caves and Cliffs update. These light-giving candles can be dyed any colour to match more or less any base or home you can set your mind to. Keep reading to learn how to make Candles of all kinds in Minecraft 1.17.

How to make Candles in Minecraft

To make a Candle in Minecraft, simply place 1 String above 1 Honeycomb in a crafting window. You can then give the Candle a specific colour by placing the Candle in a crafting window alongside a dye of your choice of colour, to make a Dyed Candle. It's a bit similar to making differently coloured Minecraft fireworks, if you're more familiar with that.

A Minecraft screenshot of the Candle crafting recipe.

Candles were added to Minecraft with the 1.17 update, and are a great new way to add a bit of light to your new Minecraft house, or just about any fantastical Minecraft build you can imagine. You can make 16 different colours of Candle, as well as the basic wax Candle.

To place a Candle, just select it on your hotbar and right-click on a surface where you want to place it. You can place up to 4 Candles on a single block, but they have to be of the same colour. You can't have a single block which holds red, green, yellow, and blue Candles all at once.

To light a Candle, just right-click it with Flint and Steel. Here's how the light level of the block changes based on the number of Candles:

  • 1 Candle: Light Level of 3
  • 2 Candles: Light Level of 6
  • 3 Candles: Light Level of 9
  • 4 Candles: Light Level of 12

To snuff out the Candle light, just right-click the Candle with an empty hand. A block holding a Candle can be filled with water without the Candle breaking, but the light will be extinguished and you can't re-light the Candle while it's waterlogged - for obvious reasons.

Finally - and most importantly - you can place a single Candle on a Cake to turn it into a Candle Cake! The Candle is dropped when the Cake is eaten or destroyed. Makes a great present for your friend's birthday.

That's everything you need to know about Candles in Minecraft. But Minecraft's 1.17 update added plenty more besides just Candles, from precious underground Amethyst Geodes to a vast variety of Copper blocks, and even new mobs such as ocean-dwelling Axolotls and mountain-dwelling Goats.


Minecraft is heading towards its new Caves and Cliffs update, and they have released their first snapshot that is playable in the Java version of the game. This update does not add everything that is expected to be released, but gives players a taste of what is to come! One of these things is the ability to create candles, which is a great way to add some more visual interest to your designs. They also make a decent lighting element, if you're looking for something a bit different than a torch.

Creating Candles

To make candles in Minecraft, you will need 1 Honeycomb and 1 String. This will get you a single candle that can be placed and lit. To get the Honeycomb, you will have to find a Beehive, which are located rarely in biomes like Plains, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forests. String can gotten pretty easily by slaying Spiders, breaking cobwebs, fishing, or as gifts from cats! You can also find String in various chests that are located in generated structures.

Minecraft Candle Recipe

Once you have yourself some candles, you can place up to four of them in a single location. You just keep placing them in the same spot and they will arrange themselves based on how many are in place. Once you have four in the spot, you can no longer place any. To light the candle, you will need a Flint and Steel and use it on the candle to bring them to life. They seem to burn indefinitely, so you don't need to worry about them melting completely. To snuff them out, you just need to break the candle and you can replace it at the location. You can also dump water onto them, if you don't want to place them again.

Colored Candles

If you want to change up the color of your candles, then it's a pretty simple process. All you have to do is place your selected dye in a crafting window along with a candle and it will change to that color. This again is great for anyone looking to decorate their home or base with a particular color scheme.

Minecraft colored candles

Birthday Cake

If you want to celebrate a birthday with your friends, then you can do that in Minecraft! You will just need to bake a cake, place it down somewhere, and then add a candle on top of it. Light the candle and start singing the birthday song to complete the celebration!

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Once someone takes a bite out of the cake, the candle will fall off and can be used again if you desire!

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How do you light candles in Minecraft?

Candles are one of the newer items that's been added to Minecraft. With the addition of wax, which has lots of uses, Minecraft players can now craft several different items, including candles.

Candles represent another light source, emitting at light level 3 which is on par with a magma block. It's not a great source of light, but neither is an actual candle. They're really cool, and some Minecraft players even prefer them to torches, despite the lack of light.

Once they're crafted, though, they're not lit like a campfire or torch or even other sources of light. All other typical light sources, such as torches, lanterns, glowstone blocks and more, come lit when they're crafted, but not candles. So how do candles get lit in Minecraft?

Lighting candles in Minecraft

Well, the first thing needed to light a candle is a candle. For a more in-depth look at how to craft one, visit this guide. There are a few things necessary for crafting a candle.

The ingredients list is short, just one string and one honeycomb. String can be obtained in various ways, but honeycomb is a bit more difficult. Players will need to find a beehive, which can be found in the plains biomes and flower forests. Simply shearing the beehive will drop a honeycomb.

Craft the candle and get ready to light it.

There are a few different ways of lighting a candle. The simplest and most straightforward method is to use flint and steel. Just like lighting anything else, like hostile mobs or a Nether portal, simply right click or use the appropriate button for flint and steel. It will light on fire and provide a small but useful light source.

The second way is to use a fire charge. There aren't many uses for fire charges, so this is a useful way of getting rid of them without wasting them. Fire charges are commonly found in ruined portals and Minecraft stronghold chests.

They can also be found in Nether Fortress chests.

Ruined Portal. Image via Sportskeeda

The third way, and arguably the coolest way, is with a flaming projectile. Namely, a flaming arrow. These can be shot with an enchanted bow with the Flame enchant. These can be found fairly easily by fishing or by enchanting regularly.

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Flaming arrows. Image via Instructibles

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Minecraft 1.17: How to Craft and Use Candles

Minecraft has no shortage of lighting methods, but the new candles added to the game have the most variety out of all the options currently available.

Added with the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, the long-awaited addition of candles has finally made its way to the game with 17 unique colors and four possible arrangements. In this guide, we'll show you how to craft, dye, and most importantly, how to light a candle.

How to Craft and Use Candles in Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Craft a Candle

Candles in Minecraft are fairly cheap to make, requiring only two items. You will need a single piece of string, plus a honeycomb. Place the string overtop the honeycomb in a crafting table or in your inventory to create one candle. This candle will be a mix of white and yellow in color by default.

Getting the items required to make a candle is quite simple.

String can be attained by killing spiders, who will drop between zero and five string, or by killing cats, who will drop zero to two. It can also be traded for, looted from naturally spawning chests in dungeons, mineshafts, or temples, and it can also be fished.

Honeycombs on the other hand, are gotten by shearing bees nests. Much like how honeycombs are used to wax copper blocks, it acts as the wax of the candle when crafting.

Minecraft: How to Change Candle Color

If you'd like a different color than that ugly yellowish white for your candle, then you can change it by dying it. This is done similar to how you would change firework colors, by combining any one of the 16 dye colors with the candle in a crafting table, or in your inventory.

Dyes are attained largely from flowers, which can be placed in your inventory to get a dye of that respective color. You can also smelt cacti or sea pickles in furnaces to get green and lime green dye.  

Minecraft: How to Use a Candle

Now that you know how to craft one, you now need to know how to light a candle. This is rather simple. Place a candle, then use flint and steel to light it. This will stay permanently lit unless manually extinguished, or if it comes in contact with water. A single candle will give off a light level of three, which is not enough to stop monsters from spawning, as most spawn between light levels four and seven. 

Similar to sea pickles, multiple candles can be placed on a single block, up to a maximum of four. The way their arrangement appears is dependent on the number of candles on the block, as is their light level.

Each additional candle ups the block's light level by three, up to a maximum of 12. For comparison, regular torches have light levels of 14. Extinguishing a candle is as easy as interacting with it, and destroying a candle can be done with any tool or with your bare hands, much like a torch. 

Minecraft: How to Make a Birthday Cake

There's one more cool thing you can do with these new candles. Place down a cake, then interact with it while holding a candle to place it in the cake. Lighting this is done in the exact same way as a regular candle, and can be done to create a birthday cake.

While this doesn't serve any real purpose other than decoration, and can only hold a single candle, it's still a really neat centerpiece for your dining area. If the cake is eaten or destroyed, the candle will be dropped.

Now that you know how to craft, and how to light a candle in Minecraft, you can get right to spicing up your home base with this brand new design piece. Torches are still the item of choice for lighting up caves and the outdoors, as they're cheaper, but candles are clearly better for interior design.

If you found this guide helpful, consider taking a look at our other Minecraft guides here on GameSkinny.


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14 Creative uses of Candles in Minecraft 1.17!

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