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New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli has launched a new online tool to help residents keep tabs on how federal COVID recovery money is being spent and monitor relief programs.

The state&#x;s chief financial officer says the dashboard explains each federal and state program, how much has been received and how much has been spent to-date.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]

Since the start of the pandemic, numerous programs have been established to help those who have suffered negative financial impacts.  Funds have been provided for excluded workers, childcare providers, emergency rent and homeowner assistance an aid for small businesses that are struggling to recover from a total shutdown last year and changing regulations and safety protocols.

DiNapoli says the new dashboard can help New Yorkers understand how federal aid is used and help them become better informed when discussing things like budget priorities.

The Comptroller says people visiting the site will see listings like the one for the Excluded Workers Fund that shows $ million of an allocated $billion has been disbursed through September 30 with budget forecasts predicting full distribution in the current fiscal year.

You can find the Comptroller's dashboard download at the Office of the State Comptorller's website.

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Sours: https://wnbf.com/new-york-comptroller-website-tracks-covidspending/

My Top Ten Tips For Selling Travel on eBay

¿by: ellen mc nulty

Becoming a seller on ebay can be daunting. Becoming a travel seller can be impossible, unless you know the secrets. My tips on selling on eBay can apply to all categories of items, but some steps are unique to selling travel.

The travel industry is highly regulated on EBay, as it should be. High standards keep out disreputable sellers and scam artists, and adds to your own company¿s trustworthiness when you are approved by eBay..

1. Before you are even thinking about selling travel on eBay, it is important to get a username and email address just for eBay. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. Register as a seller and you can use the same username to buy as well. Choose a name that reflects what you sell i.e., ¿Bermudabound¿ rather than ¿sexyblueeyes¿. Other eBay members will come to recognize you by your User ID, so it's a good idea to choose one you'll want to use for the long term.

2. Your eBay name has sunglasses (i.e., read ¿shady character¿) for the first 30 days, so don¿t try to sell anything while you are wearing shades. Use this time to buy on eBay and learn good practices from other sellers.

3. Set up a PayPal account. EBay buyers feel more confident purchasing something from a seller who accepts PayPal. According to PayPal, ¿Listings that offer PayPal are 6% more likely to sell and experience a 5% average increase in final price.¿ Go to www.Paypal.com. Get a business account. Registration is free.

4. In the first 30 days, buy small items on EBay, pay for them promptly. I have always found eBay sellers to offer good values, provided that you check their feedback listing first.

5. Pay your seller promptly, because then you will always get positive feedback from your seller. Your feedback profile is the most important aspect of your reputation at eBay. Feedback is extremely important on eBay, as your future buyers can evaluate you at a glance. Even one strike against you counts heavily. Your feedback score also helps later with qualifying to run banner ads on eBay, and to have eBay pay some of your advertising costs.

6. Create your ¿About Me¿ page on eBay. Use this page to tell other eBay users about yourself and your interests, your experience and your products.

7. While you are waiting the 30 days, also become a) ID verified and b)square trade approved.

a) Get ID Verified through eBay as an extra sign of security for buyers. When a member gets ID Verified, a third-party company working with eBay confirms the member's identity by cross checking their contact information across consumer and business databases. You'll see the ID Verify icon in verified members' profiles.

b) The Square Trade Seal is one way for sellers to show bidders that they are committed to high selling standards and have had their identity verified by a third party. You will need a credit card and your IATA, ARC, or seller of travel number. Both are requirements for selling travel, and you must place these numbers as the first lines of your ads on EBay. All members listing airline tickets, cruises, vacation packages, or lodging must be participants in the Seller Verify by SquareTrade Program. This program combines verification of sellers with ongoing monitoring. For instructions on this, go to eBay.com.

8. When you are ready to list your items at auction, sell small stuff first, building customers and credibility. Sell all items with no reserve, at the lowest price you can afford to accept, and fill all orders promptly.

9. Choose carefully what you will sell. You cannot sell some travel certificates, and all listing must list the exceptions, blackout dates, and extra taxes and shipping charges. Travel agents, and other businesses selling travel services are regulated in eBay. According to the eBay rules for selling travel, ¿Businesses and individuals who sell and/or arrange air or sea travel or accommodations (but do not directly provide the travel service themselves) may list air and ship related travel items (i.e. airplane tickets and cruise trips), along with accommodations, on eBay only if they are licensed as sellers of travel lawfully able to do business in all 50 states and they themselves will be booking the travel for the winning bidder. Their listings should clearly set out their California seller of travel license number as well as any other license information required in other states. It is against eBay policy for travel clearinghouse affiliates, that are not actual agents booking the travel themselves, to list travel auctions on the site. Sellers are required to include the following disclaimer in all listings for travel exactly as it appears below and in a text size and color that can easily be seen and read by all bidders:

"By listing this auction I verify that I am the actual travel agent or travel provider and not a third party affiliate. The travel/accommodations in this auction will be booked directly through me and not an outside agency. I also verify that, other than the government taxes and related government fees stated within the listing description itself, there will be absolutely no additional fees, charges or after auction purchases associated with booking the travel within this listing."

For travel services other than air or sea travel, businesses and individuals may offer gift certificates or coupons that are issued by a specific provider of travel, such as a gift certificate to a particular hotel. They may not, however, offer travel club memberships or "choice travel" certificates.¿

Build a store. EBay stores are free for the first 30 days. Afterwards, they are $ a month. According to eBay, Store sellers see on average a 25% incremental increase in sales the 3 months after opening their Store.¿ Here is where you can list all those other items that are higher priced, but good value at a low listing fee - at about 02 cents, rather than $ for an item over $ Auction and Fixed Price listings appear in your eBay Store as well as in eBay Search and Listings. The store allows your buyers to peruse your other items in addition to your auction items. Go to: http://pages.eBay.com/storefronts/openbenefits.html

For examples of travel stores on eBay, take a look at: http://stores.eBay.com/Travel-Ireland-and-Britain_W0QQsspagenameZMEQ3aFQ3aSTQQtZkm

About The Author

Mc Nulty is President of Lynott Tours, specialists in travel to Ireland and Britain. Ellen assists retail travel agents in listing their wares on EBay. Lynott Tours has been selling travel for 35 years, and can be found on the Internet at www.lynotttours.com.

[email protected]

Sours: http://www.internetseer.com/services/article.xtp?id=
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So You Want to Open a Hotel? Now?

Some new hotels and inns are thriving during these trying times by doubling down on the local market, creating escapist atmospheres and employing other, almost unheard-of tactics.

Before the pandemic began, the second location of The June Motel, a room boutique hotel in Sauble Beach, Ontario, was set to open late last spring. To be fully ramped up for Lake Huron’s beach season was the goal.

Construction stopped in mid-April, however, leaving the property’s restaurant with half-installed floor tiles and guest rooms that hadn’t yet been coated in cheery blush-colored paint. April Brown and Sarah Sklash, the June’s co-owners, weighed three scenarios: not open at all; open as a rooms-for-rent Airbnb model without amenities; or push the opening until Labor Day.

“A lot of it came down to: Can we financially wait three months to open?” Ms. Brown said of their decision to delay. “The reason we were able to do that is that we got a lot of subsidies. We got grants; we kept several employees on payroll. There was a lot of support from the Canadian government for the tourism and hospitality sector.”

Over the past decade, tourism destinations around the world saw record hotel development. In alone, a global construction binge increased the number of hotel rooms by 8 percent compared to the year before. But in — and, now, — the lodging industry has faced almost unbelievable challenges: increasingly complicated restrictions on domestic and international travel, virus safety protocols that require resources and training, and strict testing mandates and quarantine requirements for travelers.

Which leads any rational person to wonder: Is it wise to open a new hotel during a pandemic? According to a recent report by Lodging Econometrics, which tracks the lodging industry, more than hotels opened in the United States last year — more than , new rooms. This year, another new hotels are expected to open.

The owners and operators fueling these projects are going beyond hiring bartenders and housekeepers, ordering linens and signage, and establishing booking systems and marketing plans. They must also implement disinfection protocols, enforce distancing and mask wearing, and figure out how to make the numbers work in a climate that isn’t all that favorable to travel.

For Ms. Sklash and Ms. Brown, the government support was a game-changer, but their success during the pandemic also relied on a slate of virus-safety measures, a doubled-down approach to attracting locals and a cool, escapist atmosphere. Others in the industry have echoed similar tactics — and have even found some unexpected perks during these unprecedented times.

“When you open a new place during Covid, you get to say, ‘This is the experience you get,’” Ms. Brown said. “You’re not saying, ‘This is the new experience.’ It’s just the experience. There was nothing comparable to what we used to do, which can be a benefit.”

‘It was down to the bitter end’

Delaying the opening gave Ms. Brown and Ms. Sklash time to create new policies and determine their new priorities. They implemented a shift-coverage system, should a staffer awaken with a fever, and tinkered with personal touches — in-room canned wine, for example, served as a good stand-in for a glass that would have otherwise been poured for a guest at check-in.

When reservations opened in July, Ms. Brown and Ms. Sklash hit their fall financial target in a day, thanks, in part, to organic marketing efforts on Instagram, where the June’s page is a frothy expression of beaches and pastel hues. Within 30 minutes of releasing rooms for Labor Day Weekend, the entire hotel sold out for the three-night minimum.

“The independents aren’t going to be backed up by an extensive brand and marketing program and an enormous customer database,” said Kate Walsh, the dean at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, contrasting the opening of smaller hotels to that of larger chains. “So they’re going to have to really double down on how they convey what that experience might be and why.”

Ms. Brown and Ms. Sklash also shifted funds earmarked for the restaurant to the patio, which they kitted out with string lights, stylish furniture and greenery. But two weeks before opening, another outdoor space — the pool deck — was only partially finished.

“Home construction projects were up — everyone wanted to renovate,” Ms. Brown said. “Our contractor went to the hardware store twice a day for at least 10 days before we had the wood we needed. It was down to the bitter end.”

Procurement was also an early issue at The Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront, a room hotel that opened in May.

At first, the housekeeping team serviced rooms upon request only and left newly vacated rooms empty for at least a day before cleaning them. That strategy worked fine until peak season hit in June, driving occupancy above 50 percent.

“No problem; we’ll buy commercial electrostatic sprayers and sanitize the room,” said Glenn E. Tuckman, the chief operating officer and managing director of the Cavalier Resort Complex, the $ million, mixed-use complex that includes the new Marriott. “Problem was: No one had them. The airlines bought them all before the hotel industry realized their value. We found ours on eBay, but we paid for it.”

‘There was no playbook’

As hotel owners and operators have confronted the challenges of the pandemic, Dr. Walsh said, safety has emerged as the biggest priority.

“Safety is paramount — it’s the essential part of bringing the guests back,” she said. “And the challenge for hotels is showing that they are safe and secure.”

Miraval Berkshires, the room spa resort in Lenox, Mass. — where this writer spent two nights over Christmas after shelling out tens of thousands of World of Hyatt points — was about 90 percent complete when the pandemic hit. Construction stopped until June 1; the opening was pushed from Memorial Day weekend to mid-July.

Management spent the downtime developing an enhanced slate of cleaning and safety protocols. Pens and ice buckets were removed from guest rooms. Public seating was halved. Extra heat lamps arrived, ready to brave fall and winter in New England. Wellness activities — most of which are included in the room rate — were tweaked for social distancing and vibe; a seminar on resilience was designed with the pandemic in mind.

“There was no playbook for opening a hotel during a pandemic,” said Susan Santiago, the head of lifestyle and Miraval operations at Hyatt, which owns the hotel. “We essentially had to write it and think about how to put it into action at the same time.”

Since the hotel opened, most weeks have sold out at the occupancy limit of around 50 percent, a Miraval spokeswoman said.

‘We wanted to be very cautious’

The Lytle Park Hotel was on track to open in Cincinnati on March Three days earlier, plans were postponed. Ninety percent of the newly trained staff was furloughed.

The small group that remained established a Covid plan using guidelines from various sources, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When the room hotel, which is part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, opened on June 3, it did so with about 50 percent capacity in the restaurant, bar and rooftop lounge. Even cocktails got a pandemic spin.

“Garnishes were served on the side instead of in the drink,” said Brett Woods, the hotel’s general manager. “We wanted to be very cautious as we opened into this new environment.”

Mr. Woods said that establishing those protocols upfront allowed The Lytle Park to come out of the gate with fully functional, if slimmed-down, dining. That strategy has been good for business: The socially distanced rooftop bar, he said, quickly became a hit with Cinncinatians angling for drinks and views this summer. Weekend wait times sometimes exceeded two hours.

“Most hotels were doing the opposite: not having any food or beverage,” he said. “Since we were a brand-new hotel, we didn’t want to open without having certain services available to people who would be experiencing this hotel the first time.”

‘It’s been exciting to connect with locals’

After a soft opening in February and nearly immediately shutting down, The Pearl Hotel, in San Diego, reopened in June with COVID-friendly bells and whistles like Zingle, a real-time texting service that allows guests to correspond with hotel management before and during their stay.

“Guests are able to limit physical contact while checking in, but they also get personalized service and they feel they’re being taken care of,” said Carolyn Schneider, president and partner of Casetta Group, the hospitality management group that operates the room boutique hotel.

After procuring hand sanitizer in bulk this spring, Ms. Schneider worked with Casetta’s creative director to design custom refillable glass bottles that matched the bath amenities.

Rooms also feature sealed boxes of sanitized high-touch items, including hairdryers — a detail not lost on Jessica Bender, 51, who has visited The Pearl nine times since July.

“Everything’s clean; there’s sanitizer everywhere,” said Ms. Bender, who works in the film industry in Los Angeles. “They even figured out how to have movies by the pool — I’ve watched ‘Dirty Dancing’ out there.”

As the Casetta Group gears up to open Casa Cody, a room boutique hotel in Palm Springs, Calif., in early March, Ms. Schneider is reflecting on what she calls a “silver lining” at The Pearl: “It’s been exciting to connect with locals we wouldn’t necessarily meet otherwise,” she said.

“A new independent hotel has the opportunity to build a customer base from scratch,” Dr. Walsh, of Cornell University, said. “It might’ve been harder to attract locals before, when people would have gotten on a plane.”

‘When we come out of this, we will be far more agile’

The luxury market segment, meanwhile, has reckoned with how to extend hospitality and high-end flourishes in the absence of, say, the ability to shake guests’ hands.

At the new Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River, a kids’ club is off-limits for now, but children can play with individually sanitized toys that have been arranged in their rooms. The private setup might also include a personalized play tent bearing the child’s name.

“The expectations from guests when they come to a luxury hotel has not changed,” said Lubosh Barta, the hotel’s general manager. “They expect the highest possible level of service. Despite what is happening around us, they expect it even more.”

The opening of the room Four Seasons was delayed from May to December; during those months, management live-streamed trainings to keep staff engaged from home. Mr. Barta said his team adapted in ways that would have been inconceivable in the Before Times — say, positioning lights based on the recommendations of a consultant working from more than a thousand miles away.

“No one knows how long this will go on, and we’ve learned to operate in an environment that has been unseen, untested in our life span,” Mr. Barta said. “But as a positive, when we come out of this, we will be far more agile and lighter in the way we do business.”

Sarah Firshein is a Brooklyn-based writer. She is also The Times’s Tripped Up columnist, so if you need advice about a best-laid travel plan that went awry, send an email to [email protected].

Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. And sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to receive expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation.

Getting Out There

What's in store for travelers hitting the road and the skies during this uncertain year.

Sours: https://www.nytimes.com//01/28/travel/virus-new-hotels-opening.html

Policy BS14 Penn State Purchasing Card - Specific Restrictions of Goods and Services

Type of Purchase:USE FORDO NOT USE FORNotes:Alcohol
  • Purchases for uses as permitted by Policy AD18 and FN10, and only with unrestricted miscellaneous funds.
  • Purchases made by Penn State Hospitality Services.
Any other purchases.

Restrictions on use of University funds, and requirements for special permissions prior to purchase, require highly controlled purchases. 


  • Policy AD18 - Possession, Use and Distribution of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Policy FN10 - Other Business Expenses and Activities
Amazon.comPurchases made through the Penn State Amazon Business AccountAny other Amazon.com purchases.

Cardholder must enroll in the Penn State Amazon Business account for any Purchasing Card purchases to ensure tax exemption is applied. Please see https://purchasing.psu.edu/amazon-business for more information.

NOTE: Goods and services available via eBuy catalog suppliers should be considered prior to making purchases through the Penn State Amazon Business Account.

Buses, CharteringBus chartering/rentals only when the transaction meets the following criteria:
  1. The bus company appears on the list of companies approved by Risk Management (go to Vendors, then Charter Bus Lines link on Risk Management's website)
  2. Any contract with legal terms and conditions has been properly reviewed and approved by someone with the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University (see Policy FN11).
  3. The total bus charges are less than the cardholder's transaction limit.
Any other scenarios.Bus Companies must be approved by the department of Risk Management to confirm and certify that the carrier has adequate insurance. Pre-approved companies are listed on Risk Management's website. For non-listed companies, Certificates of Insurance must be received and approved by Risk Management prior to service. In addition, by University policy, only certain persons have authority to approve contractual documents.CarpetArea rugs or bound carpetWall-to-wall or glued downWall-to-wall or glued down carpet must be purchased through OPP and Purchasing to assure the carpet meets Fire Safety Standards.Cylinder GasesPermitted at non-UP locations.

HY permits the purchase of nitrogen and liquid helium in specified sizes of Dewar flasks.Any cylinder gas procurement at University Park.

Any other type of cylinder gas purchase at Hershey.Cylinder gas must be purchased through General Stores to maintain central tracking and reduce the number of trucks with hazardous material on campus.Equipment - Fabrication (Object Code )Fabricated Equipment purchases onlyCapital EquipmentThe fabrication number, e.g. , must be placed in the Purpose/Description area on PCard support form.  Cardholder must send Property Inventory copies of the purchase card receipts and support form.  Receipts may be sent via interoffice mail to:  Rider Building or via email to [email protected] Document the fabrication number on each receipt.GasolineGasoline may be purchased when a rental vehicle is being used, provided that the cardholder is enrolled in the ERS system and has had travel limits added to their card.NOT to be used to purchase gasoline for a rental vehicle if the cardholder is not enrolled in the ERS system and does not have travel limits added to their card.  May also not be used to purchase gasoline for personal vehicles – gas and other expenses for personal vehicle use are reimbursed based on mileage.A "Voyager" card may be used in place of a Purchasing Card for the purchase of gasoline ONLY when using a University vehicle (Card obtained through Fleet Operations).  The Voyager card may NOT be used to purchase gasoline when using a rental vehicle.Gift Cards

Prepaid purchases are allowable IF Financial Officer approval has been given.

Any other scenarios without Financial Officer approval.

Sign off is required by the recipient of the gift card.

Insurance for Rented Vehicles, Non-CONUS TravelCollision Damage Waiver (CDW) and liability insurance should be purchased when renting vehicles for travel to Alaska, Canada, Hawai'i, or Puerto Rico

Long-term truck leases.

For insurance issues on long-term truck leases, please contact the Risk Management Department.

When a truck is rented for a short term (NOT a long-term lease) from an agency such as U-Haul, Ryder, Penske or others, physical damage insurance SHOULD be accepted and paid for as a reimbursable expense (the P-Card may be used as a form of payment for the rental and related charges).Maintenance AgreementsMaintenance agreements which do not require the agreement to be signed.Maintenance agreements which require the agreement to be signed.

Special procurement requirements limit who can sign agreements. See:


Group meals and meeting expenses with a completed Group Meal form. [Reminder - Itemized receipts are required for all group meals.  Review FN10 regarding other limitations and policies regarding group meals, especially related to the purchase of alcoholic beverages as part of a group meal.]

Meals for non-employees who are guests of PSU.

Individual employee meals, UNLESS the cardholder has had travel limits added to their card. Individual employee meal expenses are incorporated into calculated per diem per PSU travel policy.

Limited capability to monitor expenses of individual employee meals precludes use in that case.


Policy FN10 - Other Business Expenses and Activities,  for more detail on group meals.

Meals- CateredCatering of events by approved, non-University catering services, if caterer is NOT reportable under IRS (generally requires that business is incorporated).

Do not use for non-approved catering services.

Only caterers approved by Risk Management can be paid using the Purchasing Card or by SRFC. (See list of approved, non-University caterers)Memberships

Situations where the membership is an incidental result of the transaction, such as:

  • Conference Registrations where membership provides a net cost savings for registration (code as registration)
  • Journals or other data sources where membership is required to obtain the journal or information (code as books or journals)

The object code used should reflect the reason for the purchase, and should not be reflected as a membership.

Situations where the membership is paid for directly, such as:

  • Memberships where joining the organization is the primary purpose. These can be paid on an SRFC, or with a purchasing card at the discretion of the Financial Officer.
  • Memberships to gain access to benefits in future purchases (Amazon Prime, Sam’s Club, or similar)
  • Memberships to video subscription services (Netflix, Hulu plus, or similar)


Restrictions on use and acquisition. See:

Online Auctions (eBay, etc)Purchases of items via online auctions such as eBay and other business selling online. Approval must be obtained from the Financial Officer PRIOR to making purchaseDo NOT use for any other scenariosPostageNon-UP locations, is permitted by your Financial OfficerUniversity Park; Mailing Services provides postal servicesDifficult to monitor expenses and proper use of "live" postage.Printing, copying and addressing
  • transactions below $ (at University Park)
  • Non-University Park locations: transactions below $1,
  • Emergency printing or copying when the cardholder does not have access to a PSU location, such as while on travel or at a conference;when printing is being procured from a mandated or direct source such as a sponsor, government agency or non-profit organization
any other purchasesThe Multimedia and Print Center (MPC) has been delegated the authority for the manufacture and procurement of printing, copying and addressing. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the MPC. At this time, the MPC is granting an exception for transactions below $1, at all Non-UP locations and transactions at UP below $Rentals
  • Short-term passenger vehicle rentals (15 passengers or less) through National or Enterprise Car Rental only unless no National or Enterprise rentals are available at the rental location.
  • Short-term rental of items from rental companies.(Except those listed as prohibited.)
  • Short term non-passenger vehicle rentals, such as trucks and vans, including "U-Haul" type vehicles
  • Short-term passenger vehicle rentals (15 passengers or less) from sources other than National or Enterprise Car Rental unless no National or Enterprise rentals are available at the rental location.
  • Large passenger vehicles (greater than 15 passengers).
  • Long-term rentals (greater than 30 days).
  • Buses except as noted under Buses, Chartering
  • Tents from sources other than Best Event Rental
Insurance and liability concerns precludes use for those prohibited rentals.Telecommunications/Video Surveillance Equipment 

Purchasing cellular devices, as well as payment of monthly billings for recurring cellular services for University-owned cellular devices, provided that there is a strong and continuing business need per Policy FN  The CUA for a Pooled Device form must be completed and approved before the purchase is made.

  • The cost of a personal cellular voice/data plan/device, even when used for business purposes, is considered a personal expense for an employee and will not be directly paid for by the University unless certain business criteria are met, per Policy FN
  • The University will not pay for or reimburse employees for the cost of internet services at home, such as DSL or satellite services, from any University funds, per FN
  • Equipment produced by Huawei Technologies Company or ZTE Corporation or any subsidiaries or affiliate

Temporary ServicesServices from these companies:
  • Adecco
  • Express Employment Professionals
  • HR Office
  • Manpower
Any other sources of temporary services.Need to monitor and meet Penn State standards limits sources of temporary services.Travel Expenses
  • All travel costs permitted if cardholder has travel limits activated, has passed the Travel portion of the Purchasing Card Quiz and has signed the cardholder agreement.  For additional information, refer to the Travel Policy.
  • Lodging and meals for group travel involving non-employees (i.e.. team or student field trips), although use of a Purchase Order is encouraged.
  • Conference registration.
  • Travel expenses in accordance with PSU travel policies for non-employees who are guests of PSU.

See also:

  • Cardholder cannot use for travel expenses if cardholder has not signed the Purchasing Card agreement for travel, and hasn't activated the travel option on their card.  Instead, such expenses can be paid via personal credit card with reimbursement upon completion of travel.  For additional information, refer to the Travel Policy.
  • Group travel or lodging for employees - such as retreats - should be coordinated through Purchasing Services.
  • Short-term passenger vehicle rentals except as noted under Rentals.
  • Buses except as noted under Buses, Chartering
Limited capability to monitor these prohibited expenses precludes use in those cases.UtilitiesSmall dollar utility bills. Permission from Financial Officer is required.Large dollar utility bills, or those not approved by a Financial Officer.Use an SRFC to pay utility bills not permitted on a Purchasing Card.
Sours: https://policy.psu.edu/policy-bspenn-state-purchasing-card-specific-restrictions-goods-and-services

Lodging ebay travel

Travel Lodging Buying Guide

Determine What Type of Lodging You Want

Luxury hotels, budget hotels, bed & breakfasts, and vacation rentals each have their own benefits. Decide what kind of lodging accommodation best fits your needs.

You'll find a wide range of lodging options, including great deals on quality hotel rooms and lodging packages from well-known brands, such as Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton , and Westin on eBay.

When you stay at a fine hotel, you can expect privacy and a variety of luxurious touches, from whirlpool tubs to beautifully manicured grounds. You can order room service for a romantic evening in, or have the concierge arrange an evening out with reservations at a hot restaurant or tickets to a popular show.

Look at amenities and locations before booking a hotel. You'll want to make sure the surrounding area has enough restaurants or privacy to fulfill your vacation fantasies. Also look for complementary Internet access and free local phone calls.

Find outstanding bed & breakfast deals in great locations as diverse as Mendocino, Lake Tahoe, Maine, Ireland, and Jamaica on eBay. Bright and airy B&B rooms often have a theme and eclectic decorations, and the price of your stay includes breakfast.

Staying at a bed & breakfast is a great way to meet new people. Although B&Bs usually don't have a concierge, the owners usually work on-site and will happily tell you about local attractions. Some B&Bs with attached restaurants even offer room service.

Bed & breakfasts often require a two- or three-night minimum stay.

Families, people who want a long-term vacation, and people seeking complete privacy should consider a vacation rental. Vacation rentals typically have multiple rooms, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and amenities such as a TV, VCR, and stereo -- all the comforts of home. You'll likely have to book a minimum stay of at least a week.

You can find vacation rentals, ranging from apartments to fully-equipped houses, in California, Florida, Hawaii, France, the English Riviera and all points in between, on eBay. Make sure the seller provides a 24-hour contact number in case of plumbing problems or in case you have questions about household amenities.

Use eBay's Feedback system to compare sellers, hotel properties, and bed & breakfasts. While there is always a modicum of risk in booking a room or home you haven’t seen up close and personal, eBay helps ease your mind with its member Feedback, which is comprised of comments and ratings by eBay members who have already experienced the services of the seller.

Check the seller's member profile by clicking on the feedback score next to their User ID, or by using the view feedback request form. For example, if a Mendocino bed & breakfast received 289 positive comments in the past 12 months and has no neutral or negative comments, you know other buyers had a positive experience.

Price is the most attractive feature of the lodging offered on eBay, with greatly discounted accommodations and packages. Flexibility is the key because not all lodging packages will be available on exact dates. However, with a little planning, you can find the right place to stay at the right price for your budget.

Sours: https://pages.ebay.ca/buy/guides/travel-lodging-hotels-buying-guide/
eBay Plus Seller Journey, Part 1: Getting Started - eBay for Business AU

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