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Our team spent a lot of time on Reddit learning about the Petal Visa credit card. By combining traditional research with Reddit commentary about Petal’s Visa card, we are able to provide many educated opinions at once to help you make the best purchase decision.

There’s a lot of buzz about Petal on Reddit. Users in the main credit card subreddits won’t stop talking about the credit card. Petal credit card Reddit posts broach various topics, including things like credit score limits, how to apply, annual and hidden fees, and more.

In this post, we’ll share our favorite Petal Visa Reddit posts to find out what makes the card special.

Short On Time? Key Takeaways

  • Petal Credit Card Reddit comments are mostly positive
  • Great starter card, with 1.5% cash backandno hidden fees
  • Generous credit limits (up to $10k!) – unheard of for starter cards
  • Can be tough to qualify for people with poor banking habits
  • Nice bonus benefits, including emergency roadside service and car rental insurance.

Skip ahead: ✅ Pros and ⛔ Cons according to Reddit users

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Petal Credit Card & Reddit: High-Level Overview

According to Reddit and Petal’s site, the Petal Visa card is one of the best, most reliable credit cards for beginners with little to no credit history. Its credit limit options vary from $500 to $10,000 with no annual or hidden fee. Despite the relatively low credit score barrier to qualify for the Petal Visa card, you wouldn’t have to put down a hefty security deposit to secure it. The card comes with auto-rental insurance and an excellent 1.5% cash back incentive on your combined purchases.

No security deposit or strong credit history requirements – what’s the catch? Well, we’ll explore all the pros and cons below. Despite some inevitable downsides, Petal is a top-tier credit card choicefor beginners who need a credit limit that is on the higher end. The company believes in people, not credit scores, and takes a more holistic view of its users.

Let’s dig into the Petal Visa credit card’s pros and cons and see what Reddit users think about it.

Picture of a woman holding the Petal Visa card

Reviews of the Petal Credit Card on Reddit are mostly positive, with most users giving it high marks for its cash back rewards, lack of hidden fees, and customer service. But despite all this positivity on Reddit, it’s important to know all the downsides and terms before determining whether Petal is the right card for you. Some users have genuine complaints, like Petal’s high APR rate.

Below, we’ll walk you through all the pros and cons you need to know about the Petal Visa credit card.

Pros: Why Reddit Users Love the Petal Credit Card

  • Great starter card for building credit
  • No hiddenor annual fees
  • Great 1.5% cash back reward on purchases over time
  • Generous credit limits – a rare feature in starter cards
  • Added benefits like auto rental insurance and emergency roadside dispatch

Let’s expand on the pointers above to make sure you are well-informed on each one. We’ll also share our favorite Reddit commentary on each of the pros below.

Great For Low- or No Credit

People who are just beginning their credit-building journey, like young adults and recent graduates, love the Petal Visa credit card. Reddit discussions highlight this core userbase as well.

This user had their 18-year-old daughter apply for the card and is happy with everything so far:

Reddit user describing his daughter with no credit history being approved for Petal's Credit Card

This Reddit user is well-informed about Petal and considered applying. Although they didn’t end up applying, they confirm Petal works well for no-credit newbies and that people looking to build their credit should “definitely apply”. They also confirm that applying to Petal does not create a hard pull on your credit:

Reddit user describing how Petal's Visa is good for building credit

Here’s another Redditor who feels very positively about the Petal card. Not only do they discuss how great it is for people with little or no credit history, but they also suggest a few other bonus perks: (1) the card looks clean and cool with its vertical orientation, and (2) the Petal app is easy to use and sleek:

Screenshot of Reddit user covering multiple benefits of the Petal Credit Card

Great Cash Back Incentives

Cards tailored out for beginners or those with depleted credit scores rarely offer any cash back rewards, which is a sore spot with Reddit users. Petal changed this industry standard by offering tier-based cash back rewards that make sure you’re cutting a good deal for yourself with every purchase.

For the first few months, you get 1% cash back on every purchase from the card. This increases to 1.25% once you make six consecutive on-time monthly payments. After a year of timely payments, the cash back hikes up to 1.5% of each purchase. With no fee and consistent cash back, Petal makes for a no-brainer credit card choice. Even though there are some cards that beat this cash back %, Petal’s cash back bonus gets good marks from Reddit users considering it’s a beginner option:

Reddit user describing the cash back benefit with Petal

High Credit Limit

Credit limits are quite low on most starter credit cards – usually between $300 and $1000. This is true even for the starter cards with a significant security deposit.

According to Reddit users, Petal challenges that standard with credit limits ranging from $500 all the way to $10,000 on the highest end with no security deposit. Although it’s tough to score a $10,000 credit limit at your first application, odds aren’t so bad. Even as a starter card, Petal’s credit limits match favorably with higher-end credit cards that require a very strong credit history.

In one Reddit thread, the OP asks how long it takes to get approved by Petal and what their typical credit limits look like. Reddit user Sodaman20 leans in and provides some very helpful information about credit limits, approval time, and more:

Screenshot of Reddit user describing Petal's high credit limits

When it comes to their credit limits, Petal gets a tidal wave of positive feedback from Reddit.

No Hidden or Annual Fees

Reddit users point out that traditional credit cards are infamous for their fee structure – you get charged for everything from late payments and making foreign transactions to just adding other authorized users. These fees can add up to hundreds of dollars a year you can’t get out of paying to the card company.

Petal recognized this issue in starter cards and introduced a new, zero-fee concept in its new Visa card. Fee-loaded competitors like First Premier Mastercard don’t stand a chance against Petal.

Those were our top pros of the Petal card. It’s clear that Reddit loves a lot of things about this beginner card, including zero fees, generous credit limits, and cash back. If you’re interested in applying, you can do so here!

Cons: Reddit User Complaints About the Petal Card

To be 100% honest, there aren’t many complaints about the Petal Card on Reddit. After combing through the Personal Finance and Credit Cards Subreddits, we were able to scratch these two cons together:

  • Moderately Difficult to Qualify
  • Higher Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

Can Be Hard to Qualify

Petal goes beyond the credit score when evaluating applicants. Petal’s algorithms sift through data points like your banking transactions to analyze your merit as an applicant, rather than depending 100% on credit.

Reddit user describing how to get approved for Petal card

There are some credit cards out there that anyone can get approved for, but these always have disappointing rewards and benefits. Compared to low-quality cards for people with damaged credit history, Petal is a little bit tougher. Reddit users report that it’s tough to get through Petal’s algorithms if you have a history of missed payments or bankruptcy. Even if you have a decent credit history, a loophole or small demerit in the application can become grounds for rejection.

At the end of the day, if you are smart about your spending, don’t overdraft, and keep a minimum balance, you should get approved. 

Higher APR

The APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, is the yearly interest rate you pay on outstanding balances. Reddit users point out that the APR on Petal’s Visa Credit Card ranges from 12.99% to 29.49% (variable).

This is definitely a high APR, but keep in mind two things:

  1. With consistent on-time payments, you can lower your APR
  2. Your APR only matters if you’re not paying off your credit card billeach month

This Redditor offers some great feedback when a user asks about Petal’s high APRs:

Screenshot of Reddit user discussing why Petal's high APR doesn't matter

At the end of the day, he says, you shouldn’t get a credit card if you don’t expect to pay it off each month. As long as you take a responsible approach, Petal’s high APR rate shouldn’t scare you away.

Key Takeaways

To round up the pros and cons:

Reddit users feelPetal is an above-average card choice for young adults and people who haven’t built up solid credit yet but have more expenses lined up in the coming years.

Petal doesn’t require you to put down a security deposit and offers generous credit limits (up to $10,000). This is higher than almost any beginner credit card out there, and even better than some intermediate/advanced cards.

However, Petal’s Visa may not be the right choice for Reddit users who have a damaged credit history. Redditors called out poor banking habits as a risk factor for failing to pass Petal’s screening.

Petal Visa Card’s Cash Back Rewards

Image of a man holding up his phone with the Petal Credit Card App, showing Cash Back savings

Now that we’ve laid out all of the pros and cons of the Petal credit card, let’s double click on the cash back rewards offered.

Petal has fixed cash back terms laid out for all its cardholders. You get a percentage of the total amount your spend on each purchase for groceries, dinners, or window shopping. These terms are:

  • Earn 1% cash back on all purchases made with the Petal Visa Card for the first six months of issuing
  • Increase to 1.25%after six months of timely payments every month
  • Increase further to 1.5% after 12 months of on-time card payments

Petal partners up with merchants to bring you offers that go up to 10% cash back. According to Petal Visa Card Reddit users, Petal is constantly rolling out special offers for even better opportunities to earn cash back.

How To Redeem Cash Back Rewards

How do Reddit users redeem their Petal Visa cash back? There are multiple different ways for users to claim their cash back rewards:

  1. Log onto Petal’s website or app to request your cash back in the form of a statement credit.
  2. Call Petal’s helpful customer service reps at 855-697-3825 to request a check ($20 minimum).

Petal customers on Reddit suggest going with option #1 – redeeming online. This is the fastest way to get paid as your rewards get applied to your credit card balance. Additionally, there is no minimum for claiming your rewards this way (versus a $20 minimum for requesting a check).

How To Maximize Your Petal Visa Credits

Reddit users say that the best way to maximize your Petal Visa credits is — you guessed it — tomake purchases with it. Want to put your savings into overdrive? Every week, check Petal’s “new offers” in their app to find partner merchants who are offering up to 10% back!

Let’s break down the average American’s annual spending habits to see how much cash back you can get with Petal:

  • Food (groceries, dining out, etc): $7,933
  • Gas: $2,109
  • Clothing and Personal Care: $2,634
  • Entertainment: $3,226

This totals $15,902 a year in expenses, excluding miscellany like medical treatment, auto care, etc. If you’ve made timely card payments for 12 months, you’ll have graduated to the 1.5% cash back benefit for all purchases. That means one year of spending will result in $238.53 in cash back rewards! Note that partner merchant offers of up to 10% back could push that number even higher.

Does the Petal Visa Card Have Additional Benefits?

There are many unforeseen situations in life that can cost people a lot of money. Luckily, Petal has you covered for a few of those.

Reddit users say that Petal offers some great additional benefits on top of their cash back offer. Below, we’ll share each of these benefits in greater detail.

Emergency Roadside Dispatch

If you get a flat tire or your car battery dies in the middle of nowhere, calling someone to come fetch you can be expensive and time-consuming. This kind of situation can be a real drain on your finances, but Petal backs you up here. They offer 24/7 access to roadside dispatch through their helpline. You may be billed for this service later on, but the company doesn’t charge you an additional fee.

Auto-Rental Insurance

If you’ve ever rented a car and had someone side-swipe you, or perhaps you parked and came back to see your bumper got dinged, you know how expensive that can be. Petal’s starter card covers you with generous damage collision waivers when you rent a car. This is free and saves you a lot of money versus buying insurance through a car rental company!

Screenshot of Reddit user describing saving a lot of money on auto rental insurance using Petal card benefits

Other Standard Benefits

Emergency card replacement, emergency cash advance, etc.

Customer Service and Security

Despite being new to the market and up against giants like Chase and Barclays, Redditors say Petal provides excellent customer service.

They have an elaborate FAQ section addressing all your questions about getting started and managing the card. It’s a breeze to get in touch with their customer service team, available via call or email round the clock seven days a week.

We think Petal’s security features are top-tier. Zero-liability protection and accurate fraud alerts keep you from falling victim to the many cyberattacks prevalent today. Check them out today!

Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

💻 Where can I find Petal card discussions on Reddit?

Reddit can be a tough site to use if you haven’t seen it before. The website is broken up into lots of sub-boards called “Subreddits”, which cover topics ranging from personal finance, to memes, to travel, and more. There’s no shortage of credit card-related Subreddits on the site where users talk about the best credit cards for beginners, “churning” cards, credit card benefits, and more. Indeed, there are hundreds, if not thousands of new posts every day covering credit cards and even Petal more specifically.

Below, we’ve prepared a list of some subreddits where you can find Redditors discussing Petal:

Petal Credit Card Subreddits

  • r/CreditCards: The top place for discussing Petal and credit cards on Reddit. This is a very active community with a ton of helpful, opinionated experts!
  • r/PersonalFinance: This is the subreddit for any topic related to personal finance on Reddit. When Reddit users come here asking what the best beginner credit card is for students or no-credit individuals, Petal is often mentioned.
  • r/Churning: This is another hugely active subreddit dedicated to “churning” credit cards. Churning refers to signing up for credit cards to harvest sign-up bonuses.

📝 Where do I sign up for Petal?

Redditors say that signing up for a Petal Credit Card is relatively pain-free. You can sign up using this link.

🏫 What are the card’s minimum requirements for eligibility?

According to the Petal card’s website, there are some basic requirements for approval eligibility:

  • Must have a valid SSN or TIN
  • Must have an email address
  • Must have a working US-based phone number
  • Must be 18+ (or 19+ in Nebraska and Alabama)
  • Must be a permanent resident of the United States

💵 How much does it cost?

The Petal card and its app are 100% free for all users, granted you have qualified and signed up to use it.

💸 How does Petal’s cash back compare to other cards?

Petal’s 1.5% cash back is very strong for a beginner credit card. This cash back rate matches the CapitalOne Quicksilver 1.5% offer.

However, if you are only interested in cash back and nothing else, the Discover IT card might be a better option at 5% back.

👋 Does Petal offer any sign-up bonuses?

There is no sign-up bonus for Petal. As a starter card and Reddit’s favorite credit card “newbies”, they do not offer any incentives to sign up. To be honest, they probably can’t afford it given the generous terms on their cards.

If you are looking to churn cards, you shouldn’t choose Petal.

📈 How popular is Petal among Redditors?

We have collated the data to understand how many Reddit mentions of Petal (specifically, “Petal Credit”) there are per year. Below, please find our chart showing some exciting growth for the up-and-coming beginner card:

In 2019, there were 51 mentions of the query “Petal Card” on Reddit. There are 40 mentions already in 2020 at time of writing (August 2020), indicating that the number of mentions will grow significantly year over year!

❓What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social web board where people post various forms of media (text, images, videos, etc). These posts are “upvoted” or “downvoted” by users. This democratized voting process helps Reddit choose which posts to show you.

The website is organized into “Subreddits”, which are basically topic-specific boards that users can post in. These “subreddits” are moderated by users rather than site admins, which gives it more of a “by the users, for the users” feel.

On Reddit, you can find discussions about everything — from tech, to news, to sports, to web hosting, and beyond. All of these discussions are user-driven, so keep in mind that you may find posts you don’t agree with. As a company, Reddit appears to value all points of view – and that’s exactly how it should be!

The Bottom Line

Petal’s starter card is best for people with little to no credit history looking for a high-ceiling option to cover future expenses. Since the company doesn’t charge any unnecessary fees, the 1.5% cash back you accumulate can go directly to reducing your monthly bills.

Redditors love that it comes with great security, a 24-hour helpline, and emergency benefits that have your back when it counts the most. If you have little to no credit history but still want a top card with no security deposit and cash back, Petal’s credit card could be an excellent choice for you.


Is There A Best Credit Cards Subreddit?

This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Disclosure, visit this page.

Reddit can be a great resource to get answers for your different questions or even learn something new. It’s possible that you have even looked for a “best credit cards Reddit” before applying for a new credit card. For example, maybe you want to see what the best credit card offers are or which cards pay the most rewards points.

best reddit credit cards

Editor’s Note: Some of the offers below may have expired or are no longer available on our site. 

Terms apply to American Express benefits and offers. Visit to learn more.

There isn’t a specific subreddit the solely focuses on the best credit cards. But, you can find plenty of advice in the Credit Cards and Personal Finance subreddits. Below are some of the credit card questions other Reddit users have asked.

Maybe you have been wanting to ask the same question. Either way, we’ve put together some information regarding those Reddit credit cards questions in the hopes that it answers yours. Check it out in our best Reddit credit cards guide.

Best Credit Card for Points and Rewards

You might be curious to see what others recommend as being the best credit card for points and rewards. This is a difficult question to answer because all of us have different credit situations and spending habits. Plus, you must decide if you want to redeem cash rewards or travel rewards.

There are many options for the best rewards credit card.

However, getting a co-brand airline or hotel credit card can be a better fit if you consistently travel with one or two brands.

There’s also the best cash back credit cards.

Learn more: Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Best Credit Card for Hotels and Flights

When travel, hotel nights and plane tickets will probably be your two largest travel expenses, picking the best credit cards for travel purchases is ideal. There are many excellent travel credit cards to choose from, but several cards should make the shortlist for any traveler.

If you like the simplicity of flat-rate rewards, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card earns unlimited 2 miles per $1 spent on every purchase. This is an easy way to maximize any travel and non-travel purchase. Your miles can be redeemed in any amount for travel statement credits. Booking upcoming award travel and airline mile transfers are two other redemption options you may appreciate.

New Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card cardholders can earn 100,000 bonus miles after spending $20,000 on purchases in the first 12 months from account opening, or earn 50,000 miles after spending $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months.

Learn more: Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Best Credit Card for Gas and Groceries

Two of your most common monthly expenses are most likely gas and groceries. These two purchases are an easy way to earn bonus points every week. The best gas credit cards and best credit cards for grocery purchases offer bonuses and rewards for these specific purchases.

Possibly the best overall card for both purchases is The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express. You earn 6% back at U.S. supermarkets on the first $6,000 spent annually, then 1%. All U.S. gas station purchases earn an unlimited 3% back. You also get 6% back on select streaming subscriptions, 3% back on transit like rideshare, tolls, trains, and more. All non-bonus spend earns 1%.

Cash back comes in the form of Reward Dollars that can be redeemed as a statement credit.

Cardholders can also enjoy $0 plan fees when using Plan It® to split up large purchases into monthly installments. Pay $0 plan fees on plans created during the first 12 months after account opening. Plans created after that will have a plan fee up to 1.33% of each purchase amount moved into a plan based on the plan duration, the APR that would otherwise apply to the purchase, and other factors.

The welcome bonus is the ability to earn a $300 statement credit after you spend $3,000 in purchases on your new Card within the first 6 months. There is a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95 (See Rates & Fees).

Learn more: Cash Back Credit Cards

Best Cash back Credit Card

Cash back credit cards are a popular topic on Reddit. Your best option depends on if you want a flat-rate or tiered rewards card. As cash back cards usually don’t offer many additional benefits, it usually makes sense to choose the best travel credit cards with no annual fees.

The Citi® Double Cash Card is the best flat-rate card because you earn up to 2% back on every $1 spent. You earn 1% when you buy plus an additional 1% when you pay for your purchases. Most flat-rate cards only offer up to 1.5% back on purchases.

For tiered rewards, the Chase Freedom is a perennial favorite. You can earn 5% back on the first $1500 spent on rotating bonus categories and 1% for everything else. This card earns Chase Ultimate Rewards points which are worth 1 cent each when redeemed for cash, travel, gift card, or credit.

The Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card is another top choice as you get 4% back on dining, select streaming services, and entertainment. However, you do pay a $95 annual fee. If your spending doesn’t offset the fee, the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card is fee-free and still earns 3% back on dining, select streaming services, entertainment, and groceries.

The information for the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card has been collected independently by Johnny Jet. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

Best Credit Card for Starters

The Reddit credit card questions range from getting a first credit card to being an expert churner. Another common question is the best travel credit card for beginners. The person asking this particular question was 24 years old who now wants to build credit.

One option is applying for a card through your current bank as they are more likely to approve your application since you are a current customer. Another option is researching the credit cards that have the highest approval odds for your current credit score range. Check out our post on the easiest credit cards to get approved for more info.

A current popular option is the Capital One Platinum Credit Card as it doesn’t charge an annual fee and your credit limit can increase after the first 6 months of on-time payments. You also only need a minimum 580 credit score to have the best approval odds.

Another option can be getting a secured credit card when you have no credit and are not a college student. The best instant approval credit cards don’t have an annual fee and can also earn rewards points. Secured cards do require an upfront security deposit (it’s refundable) in order to open an account.

Each on-time payment can increase your credit score so you can apply for a more robust option in the future.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of credit card questions on Reddit. Maybe you want to ask a similar question and can find the answer in an existing thread. Or maybe you are simply curious and will learn about a new credit card through another person asking a question.

For rates and fees of The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express, pleaseclick here.

The comments on this page are not provided, reviewed, or otherwise approved by the bank advertiser. It is not the bank advertiser's responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered.

Editorial Note: The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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Cash Back Credit Cards Reddit

Whether a new cardholder or someone who has had an account open for years, many people still have questions concerning cash back cards. We took a look at the most popular questions on Reddit concerning cash back cards and have provided answers for you below.

>>Related:How does Cashback Work?

Q: What are the best cash back cards?

A: This is by far the most prevalent Reddit question regarding cash back cards. Please refer to our ‘What are the Best Cashback Cards’ article for a more in-depth answer.

We recommend the Discover It Cash Back, Citi Double Cash, and Chase Freedom Unlimited cards for those looking to maximize the cash back they earn. However, the Discover It Cash Back card offers rotating bonus categories that earn 5% cash back plus 1% cash back on all other purchases, while both the Citi Double Cash and Chase Freedom Unlimited are flat-rate cashback cards. The Citi Double Cash card offers unlimited 1% cash back on all purchases and another 1% cash back when purchases are paid off, while the Chase Freedom Unlimited card offers 1.5% cash back on every purchase. Therefore, depending on your preferences as a card user, one type of cash back card may be preferred over the other. It is also important to take into account other factors such as APR, annual fee, sign-up bonuses and additional benefits.

For more options, you can find a list of good cash back credit cards here.

Q: Are cash back cards worth it?

A: For many people, the answer to this question is yes. This is because plenty of cash back cards offer a range of 1%-5% cash back on most if not all purchases with no annual fee. These features make cash back cards excellent for all daily purchases. That is not to say that other cards are not great options as well, and pairing your cash back card with other cards that have rewards programs or even travel benefits could be the best option for you.

>>Related:Who Should Get a Cash Back Credit Card?

Q: Travelling points card or cash back card?

A: This completely depends on where most of your money is spent. Cash back cards are definitely the safer option since most will earn you cash back effortlessly on everyday purchases. However, if you travel often it is worth it to check out travel point cards as well.

In short, it depends on the cardholder's spending needs. Cash back cards are better for daily purchases and everyday needs, while travel cards help frequent travelers save on their trips and vacations.

For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is an excellent travel card if you use it often abroad. Its welcome bonus alone, of 60,000 points which translates to $750, makes it a solid choice for those looking to maximize their rewards quickly. However, to earn this bonus you need to spend $4,000 in the first 3 months, making it not the best option for many people.

Q: Best cash back cards for students?

A: We recommend the Discover It Student Cash Back card. This card offers no annual fee, which is an important feature for a student card. Similarly to the Discover It Cash Back card, cardholders can earn up to 5% cash back on rotating categories, which includes grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, select rideshares and online shopping. 

There is also a feature that allows students who earn a 3.0 or higher to receive a $20 statement on their account, for up to 5 years. That adds up to $100 simply by doing your schoolwork. 

Q: What is the best advice on using cash back cards?

  • Use it on everyday purchases to maximize cash back
  • Pair it with another card for other purchasing purposes (ie: travel)
  • Take advantage of any welcome bonuses
  • Pick the best type that most accurately matches your purchasing needs (bonus rewards or flat-rate)

Looking for a credit card that fits your needs but don't want to spend time doing research? Clyde will do it for you. Clyde finds your best 3 credit card offerings according to your own spending habits.Sign up now and find out the best cards for you!


Best Credit Cards According to Reddit: Rewards, Students, Cash Back

Capital One Secured credit card is different than the other credit cards in our list for one major reason.  It requires a security deposit.  Based on your security deposit Capital One will choose a credit limit for you.  After you have made your first five monthly payments on time you are given the opportunity to have a higher line of credit.

Like most credit cards Capital One also offers $0 fraud liability if your card is lost or stolen.  You are able to place a lock on your card if you notice it has been stolen, as a way to prevent anyone from charging it. 

When traveling abroad with the Capital One Secured credit card you will have no foreign transaction fees.  You will have automatic travel accident insurance.  24 hour travel assistance and if you rent a vehicle that is eligible you will be covered for the damage from a collision or theft. 

One of the more unique characteristics of this card is that Capital One will provide you with a fake credit card number for purchases online.  As a way to prevent anyone from gaining access to your real credit card. 

Quotes from Reddit About this Credit Card

"I think discover it secured has some of the best rewards for a secured credit card."


"Discover It and Capital One Platinum Secured. Have both and they have been awesome. Discover It has a great rewards points system and Capital One Platinum increases my balance every 6 months if you make all your payments on time."


"Capital One in my experience is the best at approving with extremely bad credit histories, and reporting diligently to the bureaus."


Overall rating :  3.5/ 5

More Info


Credit card reddit

Reddit Ads billing: Add, update, or remove a card on file

Creating an account for Reddit Ads is free, but we’ll need some cold, hard plastic before you can start running ads. You can change or remove the card you have on file anytime.

Learn how to:

Keep in mind

  • We only accept credit and debit cards.
  • We don’t accept Paypal, bitcoin, check, or wire transfer.

Add a card

Here’s how to add a card to your Reddit Ads account:

  • Log in to

  • Click your username in the upper-right corner.

  • Select Billing from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter your credit or debit card information.

  • Click Save.

Note: The first time you add a payment method, your card will have a temporary verification authorization up to $1.00 to confirm that your card is valid.

Learn more about how and when you’ll be charged for running ads.

Monthly invoicing option

Only advertisers working with our managed sales team have the option to be invoiced monthly. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in discussing this option.

Update or remove payment method

You can update or remove the credit or debit card you have on file whenever you need to.

How to update your payment method:

  • Log in to

  • Click your username in the upper-right corner.

  • Select Billing from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the edit (pencil) icon in the Payment Method box. 

  • Enter the new card’s information.

  • Click Save.

How to remove your payment method:

  • Log in to

  • Click your username in the upper-right corner.

  • Select Billing from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the remove (trash can) icon in the Payment Method box.

  • Click Yes to confirm.
    Note: If you remove your payment method, you will not be able to run ads until you’ve added a new card.

Why did I get an error when I tried to remove my card?

If you have an outstanding balance on your card, or if there was ad delivery on your account within the last 12 hours, you may get an error.

Please wait 12 hours and try again before contacting us.

Troubleshoot issues with payment

Why can't I add my credit or debit card?

If you try to add a credit or debit card to your Reddit Ads account but receive an error message, it’s likely for one of the following reasons:

Issue: The billing address that you’ve entered in Reddit Ads does not match the information on file with your card issuer.

What to do: Check your most recent card statement to verify your billing address. If you are sure that you are using the correct address, please contact your issuing bank to confirm what address they have on file.

Issue: Your issuing bank is rejecting the $1.00 authorization sent by Reddit when you attempted to add the card.

What to do: Call your issuing bank to find out why they are rejecting this authorization from Reddit. Try adding the card again after they resolve the issue.

Why was my payment declined?

If your payment was declined, please contact your card provider for more information. And if you need to, please follow the steps to update your payment method.

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This Man from US Wanted a Copy of His Debit Card But He Got 64. Shares Hilarious Story on Reddit

In what can be called a hilarious glitch, a recent incident shared by a Reddit user revealed how he received 64 copies of his debit card while he asked for only one from the bank. A man from the US applied for a copy of his bank card a few weeks ago but got much more than what he bargained for. Peter took to the Reddit platform to share the tale along with pictures. He explained he lost his original debit card, a few weeks ago following which he asked his bank for a replacement.

However, instead of a single replacement, the bank sent him 64 copies of the same debit card. Peter had to deal with five dozen replicas of the same card, a new being delivered to him every couple of days. To share his story, he lined all the cards received by him together beside each other and posted a photograph. Peter goes on Reddit as “Mildly Interesting.” Shared three days ago, the post mentioned that Peter’s bank kept sending him one copy every day ever since he applied for a debit card. The photo shared by him revealed all the 60-odd new bank cards stuck to the hard paper emblazoned with the logo of the Premium Members Credit Union.

According to the post, Peter started receiving replacement debit cards in December last year. He wrote in the post, “They’d show up one or two at a time every few days. I’ve called my bank several times but the card issuance is handled by a third party." He added that he believes the only point of difference between every card is the expiration date and assumedly CVV, which are sequential. Finally, the saga has reached the end of it and the glitch has been fixed, said Peter as he did not receive any new cards for over ten days now after cancelling his original replacement request.

Peter was left baffled by the debit card incident however, the story shared by him became a hot topic of discussion on the social networking website. Since he shared the unique occurrence, over 126,000 individuals have upvoted his post and more than 4,300 people have commented on the matter. Since posted, it has triggered hilarious responses from many Reddit users. Many users suggested to him alternate ways to use the card.

An individual quipped, “Turn them into playing cards. All you have to do is to write numbers on their backs and you have the weirdest deck in existence." Another person remarked in case 63 are lost or stolen.

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Coming out of college into my first full-time job, one of my financial goals was to get a credit card of my own.

I had a credit card previously when my mom had the foresight to open a joint credit card when I started college — with her as a co-owner — to help me build credit. After four years of responsible usage, I had a credit score in the mid-700s.

After combing through the NextAdvisor credit card reviews, I set my sights on the Chase Freedom Unlimited for its generous cash back in categories I knew I’d use, no annual fee, and generous intro bonus. 

I applied online — and was promptly denied.

The online form didn’t provide any details, and I would need to wait several days for a mailed letter explaining the decision. 

I turned to NextAdvisor’s senior writer and resident credit card expert, Kendall Little, for advice. “Call Chase and ask them for details and to appeal the decision,” Kendall told me. “At the very least, you’ll get a better understanding of why you were denied,” she explained. 

I called Chase customer service and politely explained my situation, then asked if they could tell me why my application was rejected. The representative gave me several reasons, two of which stuck out to me: 

  1. The total available credit line — the maximum amount I could borrow — on my current joint credit card was too low.
  2. I had too many recently opened loan accounts (I’d taken out some student loans the previous semester).

The Chase representative offered to submit a reconsideration request for me. I provided some information about my current employer, salary, employment history, and my reasons for wanting the Chase Freedom Unlimited card. 

After some additional steps to verify my identity, I received a welcome package for the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card in the mail.

All in all, the whole process took around four weeks and a surprising amount of work. Aside from discovering the power of a polite phone call to customer service, here are five lessons I learned from the experience.

1. The credit score used by lenders may be different than what you see 

In lieu of paying a fee to check my credit score, I used my bank’s free credit score reporting service, which uses TransUnion’s FICO scores. I thought I had a good credit score in the recommended range for the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

When I got the decision letter from Chase, however, the score they listed was almost 20 points lower than what my bank had reported. According to the letter, Chase used its own proprietary scoring system and data from Equifax. Although it seems that my credit score was not the tipping point of the decision, the significant difference still surprised me. 

The lesson I learned from this is that scores can vary depending on where you get them. Just  because you’re in the recommended score range doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get a certain card. 

2. It takes more than on-time payments to build credit 

Even accounting for the variance, my credit score was still considered good to very good by most standards. However, the decision letter listed several factors other than my credit score as grounds for denial, including too low of a credit line on my current joint card and too many recently opened accounts. 

For a long time, I had assumed that paying your bills on time and in full was enough. It’s true your credit score plays a major part in credit applications, and payment history accounts for the largest share of your credit score calculation. But I should’ve taken into account all the other factors that could affect my credit application.

In hindsight, I could have paid more attention to my credit utilization ratio — the amount borrowed divided by total credit available. The recommended credit utilization is under 30%, and because I had a low credit line with my previous card, my normal spending sometimes pushed me over the threshold. 

I also wish I had spaced out the timing of my credit card application so that it didn’t come so soon after I took out my student loans since lenders view recently opened credit accounts as risky. 

3. Your current credit line can affect your future credit applications

The thing that surprised me the most was how my credit line on my existing joint credit card affected my application. Your credit line itself doesn’t factor into your credit score calculation — just your credit utilization ratio. I didn’t spend much with my card, so I never bothered to apply for an increase to the $500 credit line I started out with. 

After several years of making on-time payments, I probably would’ve qualified for a credit line increase if I had asked for one. If I had known my credit line would affect my future card applications, I would’ve done the extra work to apply for a credit line increase.

4. Be patient and apply strategically

After being denied, I immediately started scouting out other options. I held back on actually applying, though, because I didn’t want new credit inquiries to hurt my credit score further. Thankfully, I convinced Chase to reconsider my application. But even if I had been rejected a second time, it would’ve been better to wait for the case to be closed completely before trying somewhere else. 

Even though things worked out in the end, I probably could’ve saved myself some time and hassle by applying for a card with easier requirements. While it’s good to research which cards have the best rewards and perks, I learned that it’s also important to have realistic expectations and apply strategically for the cards you have the best chance of qualifying for.

Pro Tip

While regularly monitoring your credit score is always a good idea, keep in mind that the credit score you check may not match the credit score lenders check.

5. It’s important to build credit early

One thing I did do right — thanks to my mom — was building credit early. Looking back, I’m grateful that my mom helped me get that joint credit card before I saw the need for one. Having an existing credit history made it possible for me to choose a high-value rewards cards for my first independent credit card. 

For any parents out there, I recommend adding your teenager as an authorized user on your credit card or opening a joint credit card together. Teach them how to use it properly as soon as they’re old enough to handle the responsibility. College students and young adults who want a card independent of their parents can consider applying for secured cards and student cards specifically designed to help people with no credit history build credit.

Why I Chose the Chase Freedom Unlimited

When I was doing my initial research to decide which credit card I should get, I had two other contenders besides the Chase Freedom Unlimited: the Citi® Double Cash Card* and the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card*. Though all three were highly-rated cash back cards with no annual fee — my most important consideration — I ultimately decided on the Chase Freedom Unlimited for two reasons:

  • Intro bonus: Unlike the Citi Double Cash Card, the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card came with a $200 intro bonus after you spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. Even though the Citi Double Cash Card had a higher overall base cashback percentage (2% vs. 1.5%, not considering additional rewards categories), it would take $40,000 of spending for the difference in cash back rewards to exceed the value of the intro bonus — way more that I would spend in a year.
  • Spending categories: My biggest monthly expense aside from rent and utilities is food. The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card and Capital One SavorOne both offer a $200 intro bonus and 3% cash back on restaurant dining. The Chase Freedom Unlimited offers 5% cash back on grocery store purchases (not including Target® or Walmart® purchases) on up to $12,000 spent in the first year, 1.5% cash back on all purchases and the Capital One SavorOne offers 3% cash back on grocery stores (excluding superstores like Walmart® and Target®) and 1% cash back on other purchases. While I normally like to cook, part of my plan for meeting the $500 into bonus spending requirement was to eat out more. I knew that my food budget for the next three months would include more takeout than groceries, so I evaluated the cashback categories accordingly.
  • Intro bonus:


  • Annual fee:


  • Regular APR:

    14.99% – 23.74% Variable

  • Recommended credit:

    670-850 (Good to Excellent)

  • Learn moreat our partner’s secure site.
  • Intro bonus:


  • Annual fee:


  • Regular APR:

    13.99% – 23.99% (Variable)

  • Recommended credit:

    670-850 (Good to Excellent)

  • Learn moreat our partner’s secure site.
  • Intro bonus:


  • Annual fee:


  • Regular APR:

    14.99% – 24.99% (Variable)

  • Recommended credit:

    670-850 (Good to Excellent)

  • Learn moreat our partner’s secure site.

Of course, I made these decisions based on my personal financial situation and goals — as a twenty-something living independently, with no big purchases on the horizon and no reason to spend money on anything more than the necessities. For someone who has more opportunities for spending — for example, someone providing for a whole family — a higher cash back rate might be more beneficial than an intro bonus. Similarly, if you spend more in certain categories, it’s worth picking a card that has cash back bonuses specific to that category. 

*All information about the Citi Double Cash Card and Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card has been collected independently by NextAdvisor and has not been reviewed by the issuer.


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