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Do’s and Don’ts before visiting Foothills Shooting Complex


Let’s get started, click "Learn More" below to watch a short safety video. The video will answer questions that you may have about the range. After the video, you can submit the waiver form electronically to our office. Present your photo ID in the office and you will receive your personal range ID.


Check out our selection of gifts and shooting accessories. Safety gear, common caliber ammunition, rifle and pistol cases, and shooting supplies are available in our store. You can also find Foothills items such as decals, patches, tees, hoodies and hats. Need a gift for someone who enjoys the sport of shooting? We sell gift cards in any amount. NO ONLINE SALES


The epicenter of the Clark County Shooting Complex is our world-class Shotgun Center. The Shotgun Center houses a Pro Shop with trap and skeet.  From Beretta apparel to firearms cleaning and tool kits, to Clark County Shooting Complex logo items, browse through our showroom floor and find the perfect gift for yourself or that special shooter in your life.  Enjoy the sunshine and try a few rounds of trap or skeet, or participate in our many events including a Wednesday night trap league. Enjoy great food by  Road Kill Grill II, featured in Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Dives and Drive-ins”.   If shooting a shotgun is not for you try our Archery Range featuring a 3d course, targets out to a 100 yards and shaded shooting area!  We also have an archery league, if you’re into competitive shooting check it out today!

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If you're not into firearms, or have small children, we offer a family-oriented, fixed distance Archery Range with a shaded overhang and targets out to 100 yards. There is also a 3D course with two miles of trail and a wide selection of targets at varying distances.  In addition, this area features a separate, large shade structure with 8 picnic tables and BBQ grill. Bring the family and enjoy the peace and quiet while having your own picnic.  Rental equipment for all ages is available for a nominal fee.

Archery shooter 1

The Sporting Clays course offers 30 stations with a breathtaking view overlooking the Las Vegas valley, featuring both East and West courses for your shooting pleasure. The various target selection you will encounter consists of Pheasants, Rabbits, Midis and Battues, spread out across the course. Gas-powered clays carts featuring gun racks and ammo storage compartments are available, or, for those that prefer to walk the trail, a simple push cart can also be provided. Come and hone your shotgun skills while enjoying some of the finest scenery in Southern Nevada.


There are several rental features for shooting range patrons. You may rent shotguns, rifles, pistols, archery equipment, push carts, clay carts, gun lockers, and RV sites. Please call the Shotgun or Rifle Pistol Centers for more details. The Shotgun and Rifle-Pistol Centers offer pro shops for those shooters who may have forgotten something at home, or who wish to purchase Shooting Range logo items. Both centers offer ammunition for purchase and rental equipment.
The Shotgun Center offers food service through John Mull’s Meats aka Road Kill Grill II, take out or dine in during normal public shooting hours.
The pro shop at the Rifle-Pistol Center provides a convenience store with beverages and snack foods.

shotgun shop

Gun lockers are available for a nominal fee to secure firearms and accessories storage. Gun lockers are accessible during business hours. 

The Clark County Shooting Complex hosts a variety of User Group Events year round including competitive trap and skeet shooting, specialty and practice firearms and archery shooting, and safety courses. Corporate Packages are also available with several options, extended shooting hours, and reasonable prices.

The Rifle-Pistol Center Pro Shop is the place to be! We offer a wide variety of shooting supplies and accessories, as well as a large assortment of Clark County Shooting Complex specialty items. We have a wide selection of paper targets. Target frames are provided as part of the daily line fee.


We offer a variety of beverages and snacks for purchase.

Our self-service snack bar is located within the Rifle-Pistol Pro Shop, and is your one-stop-shop for curbing your hunger or quenching your thirst while out on the range.

Rifle Center

Clark-County-Nevada-Logo11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89131
(702) 455-2000
[email protected]
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So you're off to try clay shooting - what should you wear and do you need to bring anything?

The simple answer is - wear what's comfortable and just bring yourself. Everyday clothes are fine and all the equipment you need will be provided, including a shotgun, cartridges and basic ear and eye protection.

For a Have-a-Go day or an introductory lesson, just wear casual clothes that will be comfortable for an hour or two outdoors. In summer, for instance, many shooters wear trainers, jeans and a T-shirt.

Depending on the weather, you might want to add a fleece or jumper, boots and a waterproof coat.

At the shooting ground your instructor will introduce you to the equipment. Typically you will use a double-barrelled shotgun in 12 or 20 bore, low-recoil 'training' cartridges and a shooting vest, which goes over your normal clothes to provide a pad where the gun rests in your shoulder.

The instructor will also issue you with some basic safety gear - eye and ear protection and a peaked cap. Shooting is a very safe sport and we keep it that way by making safety a priority. You can find out more on our Safety page.

If you enjoy your first few sessions and decide to take clay shooting to the next level there will be plenty of time to choose your own kit. Indeed, like any hobby, acquiring the gear is all part of the fun - although you can enjoy clay shooting with just a gun, cartridges and a few inexpensive accessories.

That's for later, though. For now, just relax, let your instructor worry about the equipment and enjoy the thrill of smashing your first clay targets.


The Gun

There are different types of shotguns, but clay targets are usually shot with a gun known as an "over-and-under" with two barrels arranged one above the other. The standard size is known as a "12 bore". That's a throwback to the days of muskets, when 12 lead musket balls weighed one pound.

The instructor will show you how to hold the gun, place the stock in your shoulder and lay your cheek against the stock so your eye is looking along the "rib" - the flat piece on top of the barrel. He or she will also look after loading and unloading the gun for you, so you can concentrate on the targets.



A shotgun cartridge consists of a plastic tube containing powder, wadding and shot. At one end there's a metal head with the primer "cap" in the centre. When you pull the trigger, the firing pin hits this primer to fire the cartridge. If you pick up one of your fired cartridges, you will see the dent where the firing pin struck the primer.

Note that shotguns don't fire a single bullet, like a rifle. Each cartridge contains around 300 small round pellets or "shot", which fly towards the target in a small cloud known as the "pattern". With so many pellets you might think you can't miss, but there's a lot of empty space around that target and you'll need all your skill to make your pattern hit the clay.


Clay Targets

The targets you'll be shooting are known as "clays" or sometimes "clay pigeons", although they aren't bird-shaped and it's many years since they were made of clay. Modern targets are made from pitch and limestone, shaped like an upside-down saucer, and made to standard dimensions of size and weight. They have to be strong enough to withstand being thrown by a mechanical launcher known as a "trap", but brittle enough to break when hit.


The Trap

The clay target will probably appear like magic from behind the bushes or an earth bank, but it has been launched by a device called the trap. In days gone by traps were hand-operated, but nowadays it's all done by electricity. The clays are stacked in a carousel which feeds the targets one at a time onto a launching plate. At the press of a button, a spring-loaded throwing arm propels the clay spinning into the air. While you are busy trying to hit the clay, an electric motor re-cocks the arm and drops another clay into position ready for the next press of the button. It takes just a second or two, so when the instructor feels you are ready, you can try your skill at shooting two targets in quick succession.

Traps can be moved around and are adjustable for height, speed and angle, allowing the shooting ground to set up a variety of interesting and challenging targets. There are special types of trap for throwing "rabbit" targets and side-on "loopers".


Find out more about joining us today


Join us for a great day of shooting sports and activities!

Do you provide memberships?

Yes, we offer annual memberships at a cost of $75.

What are your hours?

  • Wednesday & Thursday | 12:00 PM Until Dusk.
  • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday | 10:00 AM Until Dusk.

How much are memberships?

$75 for a 1 year membership.

Do you have to be a member to shoot any of the courses?

Yes, you have to be a member to utilize the rifle and pistol ranges.

How much time is required to shoot a round of sporting clays, skeet, trap, wobble?

  • Trap and Wobble Round ~ 10 minutes.
  • Skeet ~ 20 minutes.
  • Sporting Clays ~ 90 minutes.

How much does each event cost?

  • Trap is $4.50 per round of 25 targets for members and $6.00 per round for non- members.
  • Wobble is $4.50 per round of 25 targets for members and $6.00 per round for non- members.
  • Skeet is $4.50 per round of 25 targets for members and $6.00 per round for non- members.
  • The Sporting Clays course is $32.oo per 100 for members and $36.00 for non-members.
  • The rifle and pistol range requires a $75 yearly membership and a daily fee of $10 per day.

Do you provide an introductory lesson?

Yes, initial intro lessons are free of charge.

How much are lessons?

Initial intro lessons are free; however, more customized lessons are priced based on the type of instruction.  An appointment will need to be made for this information.

Do you rent shotguns and what types?

Yes, we have several shotguns available for rental for $10.00 per day including Browning, Remington, and Winchester models.

Do you have a minimum age requirement for shooting?

No minimum age as long as the shooting accompanied by a seasoned shooter.

What type of paperwork do I need to fill out?

There is not any paperwork to fill out for non-membership use.  To become a member requires limited paperwork.

Are there any restrictions on what kind of shotgun I can bring?

No, the club welcomes auto loaders, over and under field guns, pump, and custom guns.

Is eye and hearing protection required?

Yes, eye and hearing protection is required for all shooting sports.

Do you sell eye and ear protection?

Yes, our pro shop inside the club house sells eye and hearing protection.

Do you sell ammo?

Yes, our pro shop inside the club house sells a limited supply of ammunition.


Shooting supplies skeet

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