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Reddit airs 5-second Super Bowl commercial

If you looked away from your television just for a moment Sunday night, you may have missed Reddit&#;s Super Bowl commercial — all five seconds of it.

During Super Bowl LV, the social media site ran an advertisement that flashed across the screen for five seconds before disappearing.

If you missed it, here&#;s what the commercial said:

If you&#;re reading this, it means our bet paid off.

Big game spots are expensive, so we couldn&#;t buy a full one. But we were inspired and decided to spend our entire marketing budget on 5 seconds of airtime. One thing we learned from our communities last week is that underdogs can accomplish just about anything when we come together around a common idea.

Who knows, maybe you&#;ll be the reason finance textbooks have added a chapter on &#;tends.&#; Maybe you&#;ll help r/SuperbOwl teach the world about the majesty of owls. Maybe you&#;ll even pause this 5-second ad.

Powerful things happen when people rally around something they really care about. And there&#;s a place for that. It&#;s called Reddit.

In the advertisement, Reddit appears to be referencing the recent Gamestop brouhaha, in which a group of Redditors joined forces to challenge big institutions who had placed market bets that the Gamestop stock would fall.

According to Variety, the price of a second Super Bowl commercial this year was $ million. That equals about $, for five seconds.

Reddit didn&#;t have the shortest commercial in Super Bowl history. Per Market Watch, Miller High Life aired a one-second ad in , while Seattle&#;s Ivar&#;s Seafood Restaurant aired a half-second regional advertisement the same year.

After a year of pandemic fear and isolation and a tumultuous election, brands were waging battle during the game’s commercial breaks. Many are sticking with nostalgia and light humor to entertain and connect to the million viewers expected to tune in to the CBS broadcast On Sunday.

Cadillac updated the classic film “Edward Scissorhands,” with Timothée Chalamet as the title character’s son enjoying the Cadillac Lyriq’s hands-free “Super Cruise” Technology. M&M’s enlisted Dan Levy to show how a bag of M&M’s given as an apology can help people come together. And Will Ferrell teamed with GM — and Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson — on a madcap cross country dash to promote electric vehicles.

With so many light spots, advertisers that try a different approach risk polarizing the audience — but are more likely to stand out. Jeep aired a two-minute ad in the second half of the game starring Bruce Springsteen urging people to find common ground.

“There’s so much going on in this country, advertisers want to be a little more cautious and a little more safe around what they put out,” said Vann Graves, director of the Brandcenter at Virginia Commonwealth University. “The Super Bowl is a respite in many ways of what’s been going on.”

Many advertisers combined celebrities with humor. Rocket Mortgage tapped comedian Tracy Morgan to show a family why being “pretty sure” doesn’t cut it in situations like eating questionable mushrooms, skydiving &#; and taking out a mortgage. State Farm showed Paul Rudd and Drake as commercial set stand-ins. And Hellmann’s depicted comedian Amy Schumer as the “Fairy God Mayo” helping a hapless man figure out what to do with leftovers.

There was some weirdness, too. Oat milk company Oatly ran a surprise ad that showed its CEO singing with a keyboard in a field of Oats that its product is like milk but not milk. The ad sowed confusion — and buzz — online. 

“While unusual, the Oatly ad really stood out as a result of being offbeat and a bit odd,” said Charles Taylor, marketing professor at Villanova University. “It will do a good job of building brand awareness for this plant-based milk.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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How we picked & tested

Stylish and secure: Thinx Hi-Waist

The Thinx Hi-Waist, our favorite period underwear that is sexy and secure, shown in tan.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside front of the Thinx Hi-Waist period underwear, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Thinx Hi-Waist period underwear, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The fine mesh fabric and waistband of the Thinx period underwear.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

Why they’re great: The retro-style Thinx Hi-Waist period panties are a bloat-friendly statement, worthy of both Fashion Week and Leak Week. This pair features a highly absorbent opaque middle panel flanked by breathable mesh panels, which put the “fun” in functionality.

The Thinx pair is one of the chicest and most comfortable pairs we’ve tested (the style is, as one tester put it, “a period-sex-worthy panty”). These period panties are also among the most leakproof.

When devoid of blood, the Thinx panties feel almost like wearing regular underwear. When full, the Thinx pair feels heavier, but not soggy, and the gusset does not become puffy like on some other pairs we tested. This underwear is fairly pricey, at $38 a pair, but it’s also high-quality and long-lasting: Over two years, one of our testers ran this pair through the dryer on high heat at least 50 times after washing in cold water. And when this pair was placed next to a brand-new pair, the washed pair still looked almost new, with no color fading or snags in the mesh and very few frays to the gusset.

All Thinx underwear is Oeko-Tex–certified, meaning it has been found to be free of “harmful substances,” per the Switzerland-based independent research organization.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Thinx panties have long been a pick in this guide. Previously, our chief complaint was that they tended to run small. Up through June , when the company released expanded sizing, our testers who ordered a size up were happiest with their fits.

After trying the new sizing, we recommend that you order true to your waist size to get a comfortable and secure fit, but we’ll continue to evaluate and update as necessary.

Price per pair: $38 at the time of publication
Absorbent coverage: full (front waistband to rear waistband)
Sizes: XXS (from inch hip) to 4XL (up to inch hip)
Fit: mostly true to size (as of June )
Options: three colors at the time of publication (dusk, fig, and black); also available in a 20%-more-absorbent version (slightly more bulky but still supple)
Care instructions: Wash on cold in regular laundry cycle, no softener or bleach; hang to dry. Do not iron.
Return policy: Thinx underwear can be returned within 60 days of purchase.
Claimed absorbency: equivalent to four tampons
Gusset materials: PUL (polyurethane laminate) fabric, cotton, elastane

Our favorite boxer briefs: Aisle Boxer Brief

The Aisle Boxer Brief period underwear.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside front of the Aisle boxer pick, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Aisle boxer pick, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

Why they’re great: The Aisle Boxer Brief is ridiculously comfortable, so much so that many testers confess to wearing their pair even when not on their periods. These boxer briefs are also extremely absorbent: They’re one of the few pairs we’ve tested that no one leaked through—even our self-proclaimed “volcano flow” tester. They are designed to look like traditional non-menstrual boxer briefs, with a wide elastic waistband and body-hugging legs. However, unlike traditional boxer briefs, these can hold a ton of menstrual fluid, especially when paired with the reusable absorbent liner (included) tucked into the gusset. Even without the liner added, this style’s gusset has generous absorbency coverage that extends from under the belly button almost to the lower back. And in our experience, these boxer briefs far exceed their “two tampon” absorbency rating in real-world testing.

At $46 a pair, the Aisle Boxer Brief is tied with Dear Kate Ada Full Briefs for being the second-most-expensive among our recommendations. However, Aisle is the only brand we tested that says its period underwear can be machine-dried. One tester, who washed and dried the Aisle Boxer Brief on high heat more than 30 times, found that even though the Aisle pair’s color faded with time, its performance did not.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: When full, the Aisle Boxer Brief can feel heavy and soggy (especially after wearing overnight). Still, in our experience, this pair did not leak.

The reusable liner included with Aisle underwear is easy to lose (extras are $5 each), and it takes a few tries (and carefully reading the instructions) to insert the liner correctly (you need to tuck the ends into the gusset slits). The liner can also be a plumbing hazard: More than once, one of our testers had to fish their booster out of the toilet bowl. Another tester reported that the liner slipped around, occasionally giving them a mini-wedgie; they therefore found it to be more of a burden than a boost.

Price per pair: $46 at the time of publication
Absorbent coverage: full (front waistband to rear waistband)
Sizes: XXS (from inch hip) to 5XL (up to inch hip)
Fit: runs slightly large, in our experience
Options: three colors at the time of publication (black, goldenrod, and green)
Care instructions: Rinse in cool water; then machine-wash and -dry with like colors.
Return policy: New customers can use one pair of period underwear for up to 60 days and still be eligible for a refund. Existing customers can return unworn and unwashed pairs for 60 days.
Claimed absorbency: equivalent to four tampons with booster, two tampons without
Gusset materials: TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) laminate, recycled polyester, organic cotton, polyester

Beloved budget briefs: Bambody High Waist Panty

The Bambody High Waist Panty, the best affordable period underwear.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside front of the Bambody pick, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Bambody pick, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

Why they’re great: If you’re okay with buying something that will start to look a little raggedy after about 15 washes, the Bambody High Waist Panty is a highly effective and very comfortable budget period-underwear option. We found that this style absorbs fluid just as well as many of our pricier picks. Made of soft and stretchy spandex-infused bamboo fabric, the Bambody High Waist was also one of the most comfortable pairs of panties we tried—and it’s the one many of us reached for most often on our more-bloated days.

Overall, this underwear feels like you’re wearing slightly thicker-than-average regular panties. One of our testers is still pleased with their initial pairs after three years and machine-washing them over times, as well as always drying them on high heat (even though the care instructions specify to hang-dry).

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The gusset’s absorbent core does “puff up” in the crotch when full, and this underwear does get a little soggy—but no more so than our other picks with visibly absorbent gussets.

This style shows wear more quickly than our other picks, fading or becoming discolored sooner. That said, the Bambody underwear costs about a third of what our other picks do. The discoloration does not hamper effectiveness.

Unlike those of our other picks, Bambody’s liner does not go all the way up to the front waistband (the absorbent core stops just north of the front of the gusset). So stomach-sleepers and those who tend to “pool” menstrual fluid at the front of a pad or pair of underwear should probably consider other options.

In our experience, Bambody pairs run small, and they shrink in the wash even more. Although some Bambody styles go up to a 6XL, the hip measurement for the 4XL is around the same as for Thinx’s 2XL (up to 49½ inches—nearly 5 inches smaller than the upper limit of Aisle’s 3X hip size).

Price per pair: starting at $13 at the time of publication
Absorbent coverage: partial (not quite front waistband to rear waistband)
Sizes: XXS (from inch hip) to 6XL (up to inch hip)
Fit: tends to runs small, in our experience
Options: eight colors (black, dark blue, violet, light blue, white, cream, turquoise, pink) and Maasai print
Care instructions: Rinse, then machine-wash in warm water; hang to dry.
Return policy: Bought through Amazon, Bambody undies can be returned for free within 30 days.
Claimed absorbency: equivalent to two tampons
Gusset materials: PUL (polyurethane laminate) bamboo, nylon, polyester

Silky, plastic-free panties: Dear Kate Ada Full Brief

A silky, plastic-free pair of period underwear, the Dear Kate Ada Full Brief, shown in pale green.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inner front liner area of the Dear Kate Ada Brief period underwear.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Ada full brief, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

Why they’re great: For those who don’t want plastic in their period panties, or who want a pair that’s less conspicuously “period underwear” and are comfortable with a higher probability of breakthrough leaking, we recommend the Dear Kate Ada Full Brief. This soft, silky, stretchy panty feels very much like “regular” underwear.

Because Dear Kate employs multiple layers of absorbent fabric (instead of a plasticky waterproof lining) in the gusset to prevent leaks, this pair doesn’t feel crinkly or rigid in the crotch, as some other period underwear does. Nor does the Ada Full Brief gusset become puffy or soggy when full.

We found that Dear Kate period underwear held up well after dozens of washes, and it maintained vivid hues with very little fabric pilling.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Unlike most of our other picks, whose absorbency seemed to be higher than suggested by company estimates, we’ve found it imperative to stick to Dear Kate’s “up to two regular tampons” rating to avoid leaks. Among our picks, these panties have the greatest tendency to shift around during wear, making them feel less secure overall.

At $46 per pair, these tie with the Aisle Boxer Brief for the second-most-expensive pairs among our picks. But we think they are the best plastic-free option available.

We’ve noticed some stock issues for Dear Kate panties that the company attributed to increased demand. We consider this a flaw—but not a dealbreaker.

Dear Kate panties tend to run small, especially the leg holes. However, they do not shrink after washing, in our experience. We’ve found that ordering up a size for comfort does not affect absorption.

Price per pair: $46 at the time of publication
Absorbent coverage: full (front waistband to rear waistband, though there is no leak-proof plastic layer)
Sizes: XS (from inch hip) to 3XL (up to inch hip)
Fit: tends to run slightly small, in our experience
Options: five colors (black, beige, watermelon, green, and blue)
Care instructions: Machine-wash in cold water (no fabric softeners); hang to dry.
Return policy: Unworn Dear Kate panties can be returned within 30 days (exchanges are free, but you have to pay return shipping for refunds).
Claimed absorbency: equivalent to “up to two regular tampons”
Gusset materials: micropolyester, elastane

Dependable (and diaper-like): Modibodi Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini

An ultra-absorbent pair of period underwear, the Modibodi Sensual hour Hi-Waist Bikini, shown in a pale nude.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside front of the Modibodi Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Modibodi Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini, showing the black liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

Why they’re great: Aesthetically, Modibodi’s Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini is the antithesis of sensual. But that’s the only part of this bulky bikini’s name that is a misnomer—it miraculously lives up to its promise of leak-free wear for up to 24 hours, one intrepid tester found (on three separate occasions).

The Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini’s enormous lining is unique among any other period panties we tested because it contains a substantial amount of merino wool, which makes this panty extremely puffy. It’s the most diaper-like of any of our picks. Although its sizable silhouette may be off-putting at first (this is not the pair you want to wear under leggings, for example), the Modibodi panty more than makes up for its frumpy form with its phenomenal functionality.

Unlike other Modibodi styles we tried (all of which leaked and/or were uncomfortable), the Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini washes well, with very little fabric pilling. However, one tester experienced fading after 10 washes, especially in the gusset. This panty doesn’t shrink in the wash, and it is also the only one we recommend that seems to run true to size.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: When full of blood, this underwear puffs up like a wet diaper.

One of our testers, who is vegan, was unpleasantly surprised to learn that an animal product was used in these panties. Though this information is included on the product page, you have to click the fabric drop-down menu to access the materials. Modibodi does make vegan period underwear, but we haven’t tested it (and, in our experience, the brand’s underwear that does not have waistband-to-waistband absorbent panel coverage tends to leak).

The thicker Modibodi Sensual Hour Hi-Waist Bikini shown next to the thinner Thinx Hi-Waist pick.

Price per pair: $33 at the time of publication
Absorbent coverage: full (front waistband to rear waistband)
Sizes: XS (from inch hip) to 6XL (up to inch hip)
Fit: true to size
Options: three colors at the time of publication (black, gray, and beige)
Care instructions: Rinse, then machine-wash in cold water, avoiding fabric softeners or stain removers; hang to dry.
Return policy: New Modibodi customers can use one pair of period underwear for 60 days and still be eligible for a refund or credit, minus shipping. Existing Modibodi customers can return unworn and unwashed pairs for 30 days.
Claimed absorbency: 10 tampons or 24 hours of bleeding, whichever comes first
Gusset materials: merino wool, polyester, polyamide

Inexpensive, sleek briefs: Goat Union Overnight Briefs

A lower cost alternative to Thinx, the Goat Union Overnight Briefs, shown in black.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside front of the Goat Union briefs, showing the liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

The inside rear of the Goat Union briefs, showing the liner fabric.

Photo: Sarah Kobos

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As part of AMC Entertainment’s efforts to expand the moviegoing audience, every AMC market with at least two AMC theatres makes some open caption showtimes available each week for all newly released films

Guests can search easily for well-marked open caption showtimes on AMC Theatres' website and app

An open caption format also offered through AMC’s Private Theatre Rentals program at all participating locations

LEAWOOD, Kan., October 15, --(BUSINESS WIRE)--AMC Theatres (NYSE:AMC), the largest theatrical exhibitor in the United States, in Europe & the Middle East and in the world, today announced that as of this week, guests can find select showtimes utilizing an open caption format at AMC locations, in more than U.S. markets. The offering of some open caption showtimes for all new release movies is intended to expand the overall movie-going audience, especially intended for those with hearing difficulties or where English is a second language. Of course, all AMC moviegoers are welcome at open caption showtimes.

As of this week, guests at participating AMC locations can find clearly marked open caption showtimes on and the AMC mobile app. The showtimes currently represent a mix of weekend and weekdays, evenings and matinees, and are expected to evolve with movie-going demand and guest feedback. In addition to public showtimes, open captions are now available through AMC’s Private Theatre Rentals program at participating locations. While AMC is excited to offer open captioning for those of our guests who desire this format, the vast majority of showtimes at AMC will continue to be offered with closed captioning. Therefore, AMC will continue to have assisted listening devices available at all of its locations nationwide.

Elizabeth Frank, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Programming & Chief Content Officer, AMC, commented:

"Inclusive programming is core to AMC’s strategy, and we’re proud to lead the theatrical exhibition industry by making some open caption showtimes available at hundreds of our locations nationwide. By adding open captions to the variety of presentation formats we offer, AMC locations become a more welcoming place for millions of Americans who are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as many for whom English is not their native language. Initial consumer response has been very positive, and we anticipate strong demand with growing awareness of open caption showtimes at AMC."

For a list of AMC locations that offer open caption showtimes, guests can visit:

About AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

AMC is the largest movie exhibition company in the United States, the largest in Europe and the largest throughout the world with approximately theatres and 10, screens across the globe. AMC has propelled innovation in the exhibition industry by: deploying its Signature power-recliner seats; delivering enhanced food and beverage choices; generating greater guest engagement through its loyalty and subscription programs, web site and mobile apps; offering premium large format experiences and playing a wide variety of content including the latest Hollywood releases and independent programming. For more information, visit

Source: AMC Entertainment Holdings

Category: Company Release

View source version on


John Merriwether,
[email protected]

Ryan Noonan, ()
[email protected]


Reddit Is Literally Writing Our Laws Now


Just when you thought Reddit couldn't become more powerful, Rep. Zoe Lofgren has enlisted the power of the crowd to help her write a new Internet law. It's right up Reddit's alley, too.

By Adam Clark Estes

This article is from the archive of our partner .

Just when you thought Reddit couldn't become more powerful, Rep. Zoe Lofgren has enlisted the power of the crowd to help her write a new Internet law. It's right up Reddit's alley, too. Lofgren's law will legislate how domain name seizures are handled in the United States, specifically in the cases of copyright infringement, accusations of libel and obscenity.

The new law would apply to cases like that of Kim Dotcom and Megaupload, not to mention the hundreds of cases that the U.S. Department of Justice has pursed with two separate sting operations against suspected violators. Redditors do not like it when the government seizes domain names, which is exactly why Lofgren, a California Democrat, says she wants their help with her new law. In a note posted on her website, Lofgren wrote:

During SOPA I saw firsthand the Reddit community's strong dedication to free expression. Because of that dedication, I thought I would attempt an experiment: crowdsourcing a legislative proposal on Reddit. The goal of the legislation would be to build due process requirements into domain name seizures for copyright infringement. I'd like your thoughts on the proposal. 

What an opportunity! Lofgren went on to say that her "goal is to develop targeted legislation that requires the government to provide notice and an opportunity for website operators to defend themselves prior to seizing or redirecting their domain names."

Giving the Internet a chance to defend itself is another classic Reddit-approved principle, so the upvoting masses must've been all over this, right? Well, according to the actual comments upvotes on Lofgren's Reddit posting, not so much. Although she did inspire some pretty lengthy and remarkably polite diatribes, Lofgren fell short of winning the community's undivided attention. As of this posting, she'd only earned upvotes, which is at least 1, short of what she'd need to make it to the front page of the front page of the Internet. They're thoughtful, though, and we wouldn't be surprised if some of the Redditors' ideas made it into the final draft of the bill.

We're more interested in the overall trend of America's most powerful leaders turning to Reddit for guidance. Obama did his AMA (ask me anything) at the tail end of the election, because his data nerds told him to do it. Rep. Darrell Issa has done a number of them and leaned hard on the Reddit community during the SOPA-PIPA battle last year. Lofgren just took it a step further by asking Redditors directly to help her write a law. What's next? A candidate running for office on a Reddit ticket? Stranger things have happened…

This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire.


The wire reddit

David Simon fields questions on 'The Wire,' drug policy and more in Reddit AMA

&#;The Wire&#; creator David Simon participated in a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.

Baltimorean David Simon hosted an AMA — or "ask me anything" — session on the popular website Reddit on Wednesday.

Coming as a surprise to no one, a whole lot of people wanted to ask him about "The Wire." But the creator of the Baltimore-based HBO drama fielded questions about a range of other topics, from drug policy and policing to his upcoming projects.

Whatever the questions, it was clear plenty were interested in what Simon, a former Baltimore Sun reporter, had to say. The AMA reached the front page of Reddit (an indication of its popularity) and garnered more than comments.

Here are some tidbits from Simon's AMA:

On what themes he would have included in additional seasons of "The Wire": "[Writer] David Mills suggested immigration, but to research it upon his argument, we would have had to halt production on season four and five, which would have kept us off the air for too long after season three. He was right though. It would have been worthy."

His favorite character on "The Wire": "I loved writing Jay Landsman. He was so damn real as a Baltimore police sergeant in my head."

On Black Lives Matter: "Black lives matter. So do blue lives. But the context of the "black lives matter" credo is that unlike blue lives, or white lives -- which have de facto mattered in our country for generations -- African-Americans have been far too vulnerable to unnecessary and hyperbolic response by law enforcement. This is simply so, and is now evidenced by the smart phone revolution."

On criminal justice and drug policy: "The drug prohibition, which destroyed policing in many respects -- never mind what it did to families and communities -- is being openly challenged. This is essential to any possibility of reform. In fact, many smart police are glad to see it happen; it's the only chance to restore any sense of professionalism and legality to the craft of legitimate law enforcement."

On his future projects: Simon mentioned he's been talking to Spanish producers and HBO about the Spanish Civil War. But his "bucket list" project would deal with the history of the CIA from World War II to 9/

Sorry "Wire" lovers, that wasn't Simon's favorite show to work on. That honor goes to "Treme," his HBO drama set in New Orleans.

You can read the entire Simon AMA here.

How to Use Reddit - Complete Beginner's Guide

Learn how to subscribe to a Reddit feed or subreddit

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You will also be interested:

Recasting The Wire If It Was Made Today

The Wire is often regarded as one of the greatest TV shows ever made, as it's commitment to well researched police work and the realistic depiction of Baltimore made it another notch in HBO's belt. But what also made it great was the casting, as it made stars out of most the actors.

RELATED: 10 Drama Series With The Best Re-Watch Value

It was Idris Elba's breakthrough role, and even Michael B. Jorden had a major role at just 15 years old. But as great as the original cast is, there's so much talent in film and on TV that could give the original actors a run for their money.

10 Tommy Carcetti / Andrew Scott

When it comes to the greatest actors of this generation, Aiden Gillen is unfairly overlooked, and his role in The Wire is the best example of his acting ability. Not only must the Irish actor put on an American accent, but he also has to understand endless law terminology, and then recite it in Tommy's iconic fast-paced delivery. In that respect, Tommy Carcetti is the hardest of the characters to recast.

However, the only decent replacement for Gillen is Andrew Scott, and it isn't because they're both Irish. Scott is best known for playing Moriarty in BBC's Sherlock, and like Tommy, that character is extremely fast-talking and has an intense stare. Scott is so great at never breaking eye contact, Tommy is one of the best characters introduced after The Wire season 1, and Scott could bring the character to life just as Gillen did.

9 Herc / Jesse Plemons

Herc is one of the most lovable characters in The Wire, and that's because, despite his rough, alpha male cop act, he's dumb but means well. Jesse Plemons has always played figures of authority, such as police officer Gary Kingsbury in Game Night, so playing Herc wouldn't be out of the ordinary for him.

However, Plemons has never portrayed a demanding, alpha male type character like Herc. Even when he was playing the psychopathic Tod in Breaking Bad, he depicted the character in a laid-back way. So it'd be great to see Plemons slamming drug dealers against walls and getting a little dirty for once.

8 Ellis Carver / Donald Glover

Herc's partner in crime, Ellis, is a lot like the meathead in a lot of ways, but Ellis is much more three-dimensional. Ellis is smarter than people think and he doesn't get the credit he deserves. But the mistakes he has made over the series also weighs on his mind more than other characters too.

RELATED: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Making Of The Wire

Donald Glover has the range to encompass all of Ellis' characteristics, whether it's craving more responsibility or his strange love/hate relationship with the young dealers in Hamsterdam. And above all else, nobody knows how to combine comedy and drama better than Glover.

7 Cedric Daniels / Don Cheadle

The great thing about Cedric Daniels is that everything he needs to say, he simply says it with that intimidating downwards look. But when he does have something to say, he says it with such confidence and clarity. He's the elder statesman of the Barksdale group and much older than the rest of them.

Don Cheadle often gives off a similarly intimidating vibe, such as his role as Maurice in Black Monday. And he's able to deliver monologues that are as convincing as any motivational speech Cedric has ever giving. Not to mention that Don Cheadle has the same slender build that Cedric has too.

6 Roland Pryzbylewski / Martin Freeman

Roland Pryzbylewski is the most pathetic character in The Wire, but that isn't to say he isn't just as three-dimensional as the other characters. The shamed cop is terrible at his job and though it's left ambiguous, there's an argument to be made that racism runs through his blood too. But the character is a great logical thinker and he actually cares about the law.

For a while at the beginning of his career, Martin Freeman was typecast as a man who was completely inadequate at what he did and the guy that everybody felt sorry for. Even in Captain America: Civil War, he portrayed a government official as a bag of nerves. Though Roland's story arc is one of the things that doesn't make sense about The Wire, nobody could play a shamed former cop-turned-school teacher better than Freeman.

5 Kima Greggs / Dominique Thorne

Kima Greggs is one of the strongest characters on the show, as she gets shot whilst undercover but is still willing to go back out on the field to take down drug dealers. She rarely ever lets her guard down, but she also has a strong sense of humor, especially when she makes the men on the team feel awkward.

RELATED: 10 Strange Things About The Wire That Can't Be Forgotten

Dominique Thorne has been on the rise for a while now, as she'll be the lead in the upcoming Marvel series Ironheart and will have a prominent role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But she showed how much of a powerhouse of an actor she is in Judas and the Black Messiah. Her performance of a member of the Black Panthers would translate over to playing Kima well.

4 Stringer Bell / Jonathan Majors

Stringer Bell is the most intelligent gangster in The Wire, and it was mostly Avon's outlandish demands and refusal to properly launder money that got the character into trouble. Stringer was building apartment complexes and he was a businessman just as much as he was a drug dealer. But when he did have to get dirty, he was so frightening due to his dominating stature.

Jonathan Majors is now most famous for playing He Who Remains in the final episode of Loki, which was a goofy introduction to the actor. However, he has the build and the ability to be just as intimidating as Stringer. On top of that, Majors has gotten into a habit of playing intelligent characters, whether it's Kang the Conquerer or David in Da 5 Bloods.

3 Avon Barksdale / Jimmie Fails

Jimmie Fails has very few credits to his name, but the two movies he has starred in showed how much charisma he has on screen. Fails has a scrappy energy to him, and that could translate well when playing Avon, who was always unpredictable in the show.

More than anything, Fails starred alongside Jonathan Majors in The Last Black Man in San Francisco, and their chemistry is so strong. Given how Stringer and Avon are so tied together in the show, seeing the two actors work so closely for multiple years is what anybody who has seen the movie would kill for.

2 Jimmy McNulty / Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch has always gotten a bad rep for starring in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and John Carter, two movies that were negatively received and performed poorly at the box office. Kitsch is a good actor, and he had a similar role to McNulty in True Detective. But while the performance was great, it was in the worst season of the show. It proved that, more than anything, that actor is just unlucky.

On top of that, Kitsch has an uncanny likeness to McNulty, which is unkempt and rugged. Though alcoholic detectives have become something of a stereotype, McNulty has one of the best Wire character arcs, and it'd finally be a way for Kitsch to show how much range he really has.

1 Omar Little / LaKeith Stanfield

Though he's still a terrible human being, as he murders people in cold blood and dishes out drugs to anyone who comes asking, Omar is like a depraved Robin Hood. More than anything, he's by far the most entertaining character in the show. Whether it's turning up to court with a tie around his neck but still wearing a tracksuit or walking down the street in a trenchcoat, toting a shotgun, and whistling his signature tune, few people can imitate the character.

LaKeith Stanfield is the best actor working today who could carry that questionable charm that original actor Michael K. Williams wore so well. Whether it's in Knives Out or Sorry To Bother You, Stanfield brings a swagger to all of his roles. He's also shown how great he can be at playing an informant anti-hero type character in Judas and the Black Messiah too.

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