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I spent three months waiting on a special order G80 M3 and was told that it could be purchased under my company through out the entire process all financing had been approved until the vehicle reached the dealership and I requested a final invoice and interest rate because I live in DC and was going to fly in and pick it up, then everything went silent for 4 days. After demanding to speak with someone I finally was told that I could not purchase solely under my company I had to lease the vehicle if I didn't want it to reflect on my personal credit. I was then told by the business manager that if I didn't want to buy the car with these newly created terms they have six people on a waiting list, as if I was inconveniencing them, this was a textbook bate and switch. I have purchased multiple vehicles under my company, this was the dumbest lie a dealership has ever told me. Apparently after reading other reviews I should have been working with Andrej instead of Mladen. My first and last experience trying to buy a BMW they made it so easy to stick with AMG!!!!

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Absolutely Horrendous Customer ................"Service" I reached out to Global Imports BMW Atlanta on March 3, 2021 in regards to a Toyota Tundra that they had for sale, & spoke with a gentleman by the name of Fernando White who was appointed to me as a salesperson handling the sale of the vehicle. While waiting to hear back from Fernando, I received a call from another dealer about yet another Tundra that I'd inquired about prior to contacting Global Imports BMW, & that one happened to have the same exact specs but was priced lower than Global's, so I made Fernando aware of this, informed him that I'd be going with the better deal & thanked him kindly for his help. Immediately after this, I received an email within the same email thread between Fernando & I...but this time from someone named James Starr who I'd never met nor spoken to prior to this but his email signature identified him as a sales manager for Global Imports BMW Atlanta. In this email message to me, he thought it best to condescend, disrespect, & berate me for not doing business with Global Imports BMW of Atlanta. Wow. I have no idea where this came from or what promoted this person to behave in this manner & so I had to re-read it a few times just to be sure that I wasnt misinterpreting what was being said to me before unloading on Sir James & responding with a few choice words of my own. Add to this that after making Mr. Starr aware of how uncomfortable I felt at his treatment of me & my wishes that he cease from contacting me.....he continued to contact me via email ANYWAY, which I can only assume was intended to taunt me further. I'm unable to attach pics here, but I've posted screenshots of the email exchange & will let those messages speak for themselves. I'm posting this review so that anyone considering doing business with Global Imports BMW Atlanta can have an idea of the types of human beings that Global Imports BMW employs & how said human beings view, treat, & regard their own customers.

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Global Imports BMW Employee Reviews

Flate rate, cut throat, dog eat dog

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) - Atlanta, GA - October 11, 2017

This was a fast paced flat rate job that has you under a team leader that hands out work. If the Team Leader liked you he could give you the "gravy" work. If not, he would give you the "garbage" work. Management would come in and make specials that would come from OUR pockets, not the companies. Meaning it would offer a deal to a customer and cut the labor time for us therefore making it cheaper for the customer but at the same time taking money out of our hands without even consulting us about it first. This place ran so backwards it was out of control. At times, the specials were so bad that if I refused to do them, I actually ended up making money because I would have lost more doing them! Crazy right?


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Mangement, Flat Rate, Hours spent working vs. home life


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