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The (Short) List Of Lip Plumper Tools That *Actually* Work! [Winter 2021]

Want a bigger pout? Considering a lip plumper tool or device?

In this post we break down the top plumping tools (both manual and electric) on the market right now.

It’s difficult to find a lip plumping device that actually works. There are so many gimmicky plumpers on the market with less than impressive reviews and average ratings.

That’s why we’ve spent days scouring the internet to analyze and evaluate tons and tons of different lip plumpers to separate the hits from the misses. We don’t recommend products to our readers unless they’re backed up with high average ratings and positive reviews!

Keep reading to find out which lip plumpers actually work, and some new to the market (riskier, but less expensive) alternatives. Plus, we have a lip plumpers for newbies guide at the end!

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> TL;DR | What Is The Best Lip Plumper Device For Me?

lip plumper tool

(Image: PMD Kiss)
  • Need a high-quality electric lip plumper tool that will provide effective yet pain-free plumping? We highly recommend the Juvalips model. It is available on Amazon in Black / Blue / White.
  • If you have some money to spend on a plumper, & want a top of the range soft and gentle gradual lip plumper with anti-aging benefits, the PMD KISS [Available Here: Ulta / Sephora / Look Fantastic] is a great option.
  • Need a lip plumper to suit your mature skin that is losing collagen and elastin? The Conair Lip Plumperis amazing for older women.
  • Want something pain free and soothing? LESCOLTON is great for gradual gentle and almost healing plumping!
  • Looking for a high quality manual plumping and anti-aging tool that can provide dramatic immediate results and gradually increase the size of your lips over time? The Candylipz manual plumper [Available: Candylipz / Amazon] is a great option for you. It has impressive customer reviews, however, all sales are final because of hygiene concerns. Therefore it is a bit of a risky choice.

With a drastic rise in the popularity of lip injections, everyone seems to want a bigger pout lately.

Ever used one of those lip plumping lip glosses only to end up with throbbing lips that look no bigger?

Considered getting lip injections for a bigger pout but don’t want the risks and invasive needles in your lips?

There are a few lip plumping tools on the market that really work. Check them out in our list below.

> Top Electric Lip Plumpers On The Market Right Now

We have identified the best electric and manual lip plumper on the market right now based on reviews, features, and performance. However, both of these plumpers are quite expensive.

That’s why we also included some newer devices at a less expensive price:

  • It’s important to note that less expensive models are a riskier purchase.
  • They have very positive reviews thus far, however, there’s just not enough of a sample size to make a conclusive judgment on their quality and performance.
  • They’re a good option if you’re interested in testing out a lip plumper on a budget.

#1.Juvalips Lip Plumper Tool (Best Overall Electric Plumper)

Available On Amazon:Black / Blue / White

  • Colors: White, Sky Blue, Jet Black
  • Inventory: JuvaLips Original lip plumper device,  removable mouthpiece, microfiber carrying bag, 2 AAA batteries, 15 replacement pads.

lip plumper

  • Plumps Both Upper And Top Lip At Once
  • Made In The USA
  • Plump Lips In 1 – 2 Mins That Lasts Hours
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Pain Free
  • Includes Replacement Pads For 100s Of Uses

lip suction tool

Safe And Pain-Free Plump Lips In Mere Seconds That Will Last Hours

Juvalips is an advanced electric lip plumper that provides hours of plump results in just minutes!

In 60 – 120 seconds you can achieve plumpness to last for 4 – 6 hours, or even longer if you continuously use it over time. It works by increasing the blood flow in your lips for a more voluptuous and fuller appearance. Not only is it completely natural and safe for use, but it was also made in the USA so you know it was made subject to the highest standards.

The specially designed mouthpiece is compact and both safe and easy to use. Push the button to control the time setting for your lip plumping treatment. The device is specially designed so that treatment is regulated carefully to produce just enough pressure to boost your blood flow and achieve pain-free plumping without the need for injections!

Not happy with the Juvalips plumping tool? Juvalips provide a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one year warranty for any customers who are not happy with their purchase and those who experience malfunctioning issues respectively.

Not only does each set come with the device, a removable mouthpiece, batteries, and a carrying bag, it also features 15 replacement pads that will last you for 100s of uses.

lip plumper tool

The reviews are highly impressive considering most lip plumpers receive mostly negative feedback.

Most customers say that it really does work. A lot of reviewers familiar with lip plumpers claim it’s the best they have ever used.

One customer loves that it does both of your lips at the same time. A lot of plumpers require you to do the bottom and top lip separately but this Juvalips model does the whole mouth at the same time!

Another said she’s been using it for quite some time and hasn’t experienced any bruising or pain at all. A different customer claims that she uses it every day, the effects last for hours, and she says it’s great for travel because it is so small.

However, one reviewer remarked that the motor was a bit noisy, and another said she wishes the plumping effect lasted longer.

lip plumping tool

If you want a high-quality electric lip plumping tool that works for a majority of customers, does not cause bruising, and provides hours of plumpness – this Juvalips model is a great option for you!

However, it is quite more expensive than the budget options so it is more of an investment.

Juvalips Is Available On Amazon:Black / Blue / White

#2.PMD KISS (Best Luxury Lip Plumper Tool)

  • Colors: Pink or Black
  • Inventory:  Kiss Device, 2 x Changeable Plumping Tips (small and large), USB charging cord, 0.17 oz/ 5mL Smart Lip Plumping Serum.
pmd kiss lip plumper tool(Image: PMD Kiss)

Available Here:Ulta/ Sephora / Look Fantastic

lip plumper

  • No parabens, sulfates, phthalates
  • Anti-aging (fine lines and wrinkle treatment)
  • 2 plumping tips (small and large)
  • 1 year warranty
  • High average reviews
  • Gentle on the lips
  • Restores the natural color of the lips
  • 2 settings
  • Portable and USB charging

lip suction tool

  • Pricey
  • Loud
  • Doesn’t come with detailed instructions

An Anti-Aging Treatment And Plumping Machine In One

A solid favorite among beauty gurus on Youtube, the Kiss MD is an anti-aging lip treatment and plumping machine in one.

It works via unique pulsating vacuum technology and a special lip plumper serum designed to boost the volume of the lips, increase collagen, restore the lips’ color, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

 Anti-Aging Properties Ideal For Mature Ladies, Smokers, Or Sensitive Skin

If you already have lip injections, many customers noted it worked well with their lip fillers. It also works great on people with very thin lips.

The anti-aging properties and gentleness make it a great option for mature ladies, smokers, those with sensitive skin, or anyone interested in taking preventative steps to curb the signs of aging.

This is not for someone hoping for dramatic results. The lips will plump and stay plump for hours, but it won’t give you duck lips. Long-lasting, noticeable fullness to the lips develops over time after continued use.

Is It Safe?

Safety is obviously a huge concern when it comes to lip plumping tools. You don’t want something so gentle it makes no difference to your lips, but at the same time, you want something soft enough to prevent bruising and damage.

Kiss is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. You don’t want harmful ingredients causing any side effects or irritation when you’re using a device so close to your skin.

Does It Cause Bruising?

While it may not give dramatic results, the device is soft and gentle to use. You don’t have to worry about it bruising or hurting (customers assure it doesn’t hurt or cause bruising) – a common concern about lip plumping machines.

How To Use

The Kiss model is nice and flexible to use – there are two settings (one gives softer results, the other more dramatic) and two plumping tips (small and large). The softer setting only takes about 10 minutes in total to use.

• Charge the device for 2 hours before use.

• Place the plumping serum on lips.

• Wait 6o seconds for the serum to absorb.

• Push the on button on the lip plumper tool. Put the plumper onto your lips, ensure there’s a tight seal to generate enough suction.

• Identify the 6 sections of your lips (right, center, and left for each lip).

• Use the PMD Kiss on your lips in the 6 sections for 10-20 times on each section.

• For added fullness, use the device on your inner lip as well as outer.

The plumping sensation feels like a gentle lip-tingling lip massage – it’s a great product to work into your relaxation routine. The temporary plumping results last hours. The Kiss PMD increases the production of collagen and size of the lips over time after continued use.

lip plumper tool

There’s a lot of junk plumpers on the market that don’t work for a majority of customers. The KISS PMD has amazing reviews considering it’s a lip plumper tool. It averages very high average reviews across multiple different platforms.

Plus, it comes with the assurance of a one year warranty in case it breaks down, and there’s a returns policy if doesn’t work out for you.

Most of the negative reviews are from customers expecting dramatic results. It’s not designed to give you huge lips. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out CandyLipz instead.

Many customers hated how loud the device is. It’s not a good option if you need to keep noise to a minimum. This plumper is quite expensive – one of the most expensive on the list, however, it’s still less expensive than getting lip filler every six to twelve months!

lip plumping tool

If your budget is less restrictive and you want a top of the range gradual lip plumper with anti-aging benefits, this is a great option.

It’s gentle on the mouth and gradually increases the plumpness in the lips after continued use over time – great for sensitive or aging skin.

The product has a very high average rating across multiple platforms as of the time of writing. Each purchase is protected by a one year warranty for peace of mind.

Most of the (few) negative reviews are complaints about the loud noise or from customers expecting dramatic results. It’s not designed to give you huge lips. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out CandyLipz instead.

Check out PMD KISS’s Lip Plumper | Available From: Ulta / Sephora / Look Fantastic

Pmd Kiss vs Juvalips

Juvalips and PMD Kiss are two of the most well known and best-reviewed lip plumping machines on the market (not surprising considering they’re both pretty expensive)! It’s not always obvious which one you should personally go for, so we’ve made it easy for you!

Both Offer: 

  • A One Year Warranty
  • Similar Cost
  • Well Made
  • Good Customer Feedback Overall

Juvalips Is Great If You Want: 

  • Made In The USA
  • No Need To Apply A Lip Serum With Use
  • Built-In Timer That Stops Automatically When Your Lips Are Plumped
  • Battery Powered (No Recharging)

View The Juvalips Here: On Amazon:Black / Blue / White

PMD Kiss Is Better For:

pmd kiss lip plumper tool

(Image: PMD Kiss)
  • Anti-Aging Benefits
  • Works Well If You Already Have Lip Injections (Or Without)
  • Serum Included
  • Good For Sensitive Skin

Check Out The PMD Kiss: Available Here:Ulta / Sephora / Look Fantastic

#3.LESCOLTON Lip Plumping Enhancer (Best Pain Free, Soothing Plumper)

Colors: Blue, red, purple, white

Inventory: 2 Removable silicone mouth trays,lip plumping device, USB charging cable, manual

lip plumper
  • Auto times for exactly 3 minutes
  • Pain Free
  • Red light therapy for collagen growth
  • Good for pigmentation and reduces fine lines
  • Reduces damage from cold sores, bruising, sunburn, and other cuts
  • 80 uses before charging
  • Easy for on the go usage
lip suction tool
  • Takes time to see the results
  • Results may vary

Red Light Plumping, Anti-Aging, and Smoothing Lip Device All In One

Want softer, plumper lips in just 3 minutes a day? The Lescolton lip care plumping device utilizes red light therapy to stimulate collagen production – resulting in smoother, better pigmented, and plumper lips over time!

Unlike other lip plumpers, this red lip therapy device works the lip inside out to improve firmness and plumpness while also tackling damage caused by cuts, cold sores, bruising, and sunburn. This particular plumper uses 42 LED light sources filtered through a lense for safe and effective stimulation.

Easy To Use, Convenient, & Safe

Hate waiting around for your electronic devices to charge? This lip plumper lasts for 5 hours (or 80 uses) when fully charged, and only takes 2.5 hours to charge up! Plus, there’s no need to keep track of time when you use it. This device automatically times for 3 minutes when you switch it on, and automatically turns off once the 3 minutes is up.

The mouth tray is silicone based for a soft, comfortable, and gentle feel on your lips. Dermatologist tested, this lip plumping tool enhances the color of your lips, improves ton and texture, and increases circulation in addition to plumping. Plus, it minimizes lines and wrinkles on the lips too for a more youthful appearance.

Note: the lip plumping tool gets lightly warm when in use (the temperature is ~3 degrees higher than the normal temperature)

lip plumper tool

The reviews are impressive, especially considering lip plumper tools are rarely highly reviewed!

Customers like that it comes packaged nicely and secure. Multiple customers mentioned that this lip tool is easy to use while multitasking – some even use it while doing work, driving, or doing chores around the house!

One reviewer said it’s easy to use, feels comfortable, is lightweight in your hands, and the instructions are easy to use. It does not have a painful or noticeable sucking sensation on your lips!

Some said they noticed a difference quickly, while others said it takes a bit longer than they expected. A couple of reviewers said they saw more plumpness immediately after use, others said it took a week and a half, while a minority claimed they didn’t see a difference at all.

Others mentioned they’ve recommended this lip plumping tool to friends and family too.

One reviewer notes her lips look much fuller about 10 days after her first use with continual use for 3 minutes each day!

lip plumping tool

Need a soft and pain-free lip plumping tool that helps soothe damaged lips? This LESCOLTON device has similar anti-aging benefits to the Conair lip plumper tool, but it really stands out for its pain-free improvements to the texture and feel of your lips. Great if you want a relaxing treatment are willing to wait a little while for gradual noticeable results. Not the best option if you are impatient!

View ThisLESCOLTON Lip Plumper Here At Amazon

Related: Want to buy some lipstick for your plumped up pout? Learn about the present, past, and future of lipsticks so you can avoid harmful ingredients!

#4. Conair True Glow Light Therapy Anti-Aging Lip Plumper Tool (Best Anti-Aging Lip Plumper)

View The Conair Lip Plumper On Amazon

Inventory: light therapy lip plumping device, silicone mouth tray, USB cord, glasses for eye protection, and storage pouch.

lip plumper

  • 54 Different Lights Help Restore Lost Elastin & Collagen
  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Diminishes Vertical Lip Lines, Lip Creates, & Smile Lines
  • FDA Cleared
  • Safe For All Skin Types

lip suction tool

  • Some Malfunction Issues For A Minority

Plumps Up And Reduces The Signs Of Aging On The Lips With Life Therapy

A slightly longer treatment than the others, this light therapy lip care tool provides a three-minute plumping and anti-aging experience to your lips.

As you age, the collagen and elastin in your skin diminish. This lip plumping tool doubles as an anti-aging treatment that aims to restore some of this lost plumpness. 56 different lights (14 amber, 14 red, 14 light red, and 14 infrared) combine to create a powerful light energy that stimulates the elastin and collagen production in your lips.

This process diminishes fine lines and wrinkles on the lips while also tackling lip creases, vertical lip lines, and smile lines. The overall effect is a bigger and more youthful-looking mouth! Safe for all skin types, it helps enhance the color, texture, and tone of your lips.

This Conair lip plumping and anti-aging treatment tool is FDA cleared (OTC Class 2) for added peace of mind.

To charge the device, just plug it into the wall or your computer. Charging takes approximately three hours.

How To Use

lip plumper tool

Reviews are impressive so far.

One customer notes that her lips feel a lot smoother and plumper after using this tool, and she has noticed some of the lines on her lips are disappearing over time.

Another reviewer was impressed that Conair considered the safety of light therapy and include some eye protection in the kit. Others like that the plastic mouth guard is so soft and not uncomfortable in the mouth.

However, a different customer was disappointed that the charging process was faulty on her device.

lip plumping tool

Want a lip tool that will make your lips look bigger while reducing the signs of aging on the mouth? This is a great option for any mature woman or those with many dry, cracked, permanent lines in their lips.

Click Here For The Conair Lip Plumper On Amazon

> Top Manual Lip Plumpers On The Market Right Now

#5. Candylipz (Model B) Apple Lip Plumper Tool (Best Manual Plumper)

apple lip plumper tool

Available From: Candylipz / Amazon

(Image: Candylipz)
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
  • Inventory:  hand-dyed gift box, the model B plumper, a blocker (to isolate one lip), a free jelly cushion.

lip plumper

  • Won over 30 awards
  • Great for small and thin lips
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Single and double-lobed suction options
  • Comes with free jelly cushion
  • Eco friendly, ultra-hypoallergenic, and non-toxic
  • Can achieve dramatic results
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

lip suction tool

  • Can cause ‘hickey like’ red marks for up to 28 days after first use
  • Pricey
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin, those with certain health conditions, those will filler or lip implants
  • Can be a small bit painful to use initially
  • All sales are final due to hygienic reasons

Multi-Award Winning Plumper | Claims To Plump Lips By Almost 40% After 60 days 

Winner of 30 awards, and holder of over 30 patents in counting, the Candylipz brand is top of the range for manual lip plumpers.

The model B is a single lobe red apple plumper that works great for beginners with thin lips and small mouths. It can be used on both lips at the same time or separately.

Candylipz claims the plumper will increase lip volume by almost 40% after use for 60 days, and improve water retention for 24 hours, blood flow, lip visibility, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Does It Cause Bruising? Is It Safe?

This lip plumper tool does not cause bruising when used correctly.

Red hickey-like marks caused by increased blood flow (erythema) are possible, but this is not to be confused with bruising or broken blood vessels. The redness disappears within 9 days for 95% of subjects and 100% within 28 days.

The materials used to make the plumper are 100% environmentally friendly, ultra-hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and recyclable.

The free gel cushion is NOT designed to prevent bruising – it can actually make bruising worse as it is designed for a more intense plump. Most customers will not need to use the cushion until they’ve become completely accustomed to using the device.

You should be very gentle when using the plumper for the first 10 days to prevent side effects from over plumping.

Who Is This Lip Plumper Tool For? Who Is It Not For?

It’s specially designed for beginners with thin lips and small mouths.

It should not be used by people with health issues, skin diseases or conditions that increase the risk of bleeding, bruising. Avoid if you have sensitive skin.

It is NOT suitable for people who have lip injections or lip implants.

How To Use

Detailed instructions are available in the user guide. 

• Remove the blocker and wash all the plump parts with dishwasher soap in cold water.

• Massage your clean, smooth lips.

• Align the plumper with your lips (the opening should be aligned to the center).

• Pucker your lips as much as possible and hold them together.

• Compress the lip plump (as demonstrated here).

• Pucker your lips into the pump as far as possible and release the lip pump slowly. If the suction is right, the pump will stick to your lips handsfree.

• Leave for 1-2 minutes.

• To remove: compress and slowly wiggle the pump so it comes off easily.

lip plumper tool

This lip plumper is really highly reviewed online across multiple platforms.

Customers liked the dramatic results that this plumper achieves. Reviews also stressed the importance of being gentle and careful not to overuse the device to practice safe plumping.

There are mixed reviews on how long the temporary plump lasts – somewhere between 2 to 24 hours for most people. A lot of customers noted that they saw an increase in the size of their lips (without plumping) over time with continued use.

For hygiene reasons, all sales are final.

lip plumping tool

Looking for a high-quality manual plumping and anti-aging tool that can provide dramatic immediate results and gradually increase the size of your lips over time? This is a great option for you.

Although it’s quite expensive, it does have impressive customer reviews and has won over 30 awards. The price might be worth it for you.

All sales are final because of hygiene concerns. It can cause redness and slight pain in the beginning, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully when using it initially.

This Candlipz Lip Tool Is Available Here: Candylipz / Amazon

> Lip Plumpers For Newbies

What Are Lip Plumpers?

Lip plumpers are tools that massage the lips to produce plumping and anti-aging effects, both temporarily and more permanently with continued use. There’s some academic research to back up the efficacy of lip plumpers.

How Long Does The Lip Plumping Effect Last? 

The temporary effect can vary from person to person and depends on the device used. Typically, the temporary effect can last between 2 – 24 hours.

After continued use, some plumpers can produce a more permanent effect – with lips looking noticeably plumper even when the device hasn’t been used in a while.

How Does A Lip Plumper Work? 

There are two main types of lip plumper tools and devices: electric and manual.

  • Electric devices need to be charged, are typically more expensive, however, they do the plumping work for you.
  • Manual tools are generally cheaper but the user needs to manually control the plumping, and it can be difficult to learn the technique in the beginning.

Are Lip Plumper Tools Safe? Do Lip Plumpers Damage Your Lips?

Some lip plumper tool models on the market are known to cause bruising and damage to the lips.

The two top electronic and manual plumpers on this list are safe to use and gentle on the lips. They:

  • Are high quality products from reputable brands
  • Receive overwhelming positive reviews
  • Have undergone safety clinical trials
  • Contain safety features to prevent bruising


Women Portable Vase-Shaped Lip Plumper Enhancer Lip Enhancement Device Beauty Tool

Description: Manufactured by high quality PVC and silicone, it's eco-friendly, non-toxic and ultra-hypoallergenic. Features cute vase-shape design. The lip plumper combines an advanced lip-shaping technology and manual hand-operated suction pump to achieve incredible effects. It's definitely a perfect item for enhancing the appearance of lips. It helps to enhance the appearance of both the upper and lower lip together or separately. It will form a more lifted corners of the mouth and a shorter distance between the nose and the upper lip. It's able to develop fuller, thicker and poutier lips availably. It has great effect in improving lip drooping, reducing lip lines, lip pits and grooves. The lip enhancement course takes only a few minutes while the effect can be last for up to two hours. Portable size, easy to carry, can be used anytime anywhere.

Features: 1. Made from high quality PVC and silicone. 2. Cute vase-shape design. 3. It ensures fewer lip lines. 4. Develop fuller, thicker and poutier lips. 5. Portable size, can be used anytime anywhere.

Specifications: Item Type: Lip Plumper Material: PVC, Silicone Color: Pink Package Weight: Approx. 58g Size: Approx. 8 x 4cm / 3.15 x 1.57inch

Package Include: 1 x Lip Plumper

Product type: Lips Cosmetics

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15 Best Lip Plumpers for Needle-Free Volume and Fullness

In a post-Kylie Jenner filler world, it's hardly news that we like plumped up, pouty lips. But with such a confusing, saturated market full of bizarre devices, glosses, and formulas, it's hard to know where to start.

We tested, combed through Amazon reviews, and sought out the advice of an expert to find you the very best lip plumpers you can buy now. Read on to see his expert advice, and our top picks in every category.

What are the benefits of lip plumpers?

We asked co-founder of Le Jolie Medi Spa, Brian Nourian, why someone might want to use a lip plumper, and what benefits they can provide. Here's what he had to say:

"Whether your lips are au natural or have been cosmetically enhanced, lip plumpers can add an instant boost of plumping and shine. They're great for red carpet or special events as there is no downtime after using them, and they offer instant results. If you're thinking about going under the knife, they're also a nice, non-committal way to enhance your natural lip shape and see what your lips look like slightly enhanced if you've never gotten fillers or injections."

What should you look for when shopping for lip plumpers?

According to Nourian, "For that coveted bee stung look, seek out plumpers that utilize hyaluronic acid and collagen, as both ingredients help draw hydration to the top level of the skin to naturally plump and define lips. Avoid harsh ingredients like peppermint oil and cinnamon, as these ingredients work to boost lip shape by irritating the skin to increase blood flow to the surface. These irritants are doing more harm than good."

With Nourian's insights in mind, we rounded up the best lip plumpers on the market so that you don't have to. Here are our top picks to shop today:

Read on to discover more about the best at-home lip plumpers to try today.

Related Items

Best Overall: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

Shop now: $25;

Working with thin, lifeless lips? With the Too Faced Lip Injection lip gloss, there's no need to pout. Beauty sleuths swear by the patented formula's plumping superpowers that are "based on medically-proven blood vessel-dilating technology," according to the brand. The gloss is packed with hydrating ingredients, as well as pepper extract that enhances your lips with heat and tingle. Just a thin layer is fast-acting and long-lasting for Kylie Jenner-level results. 

The Lip Injection gloss comes in five glossy shades, but if you're looking for an extreme volume boost, Too Faced also makes a more advanced Maximum Plump Extra Strength formula.

Best Gloss: Buxom Full-On Plumping Lip Polish

Shop now: $18;

We can't talk about lip plumpers without giving Buxom a shoutout. The volume-focused brand is big on big lips, offering an entire line of plumping products, including a balm, liner, serum, two lipstick formulas, and of course, its best-selling plumping gloss polish that flawlessly fakes a filler-like pout.

With a selection of more than 100 pigmented shades in three lustrous finishes, its glamorous glossy effect is certainly one of our favorites. Equally as impressive, the Buxom lip plumper features a peptide-infused formula and a refreshingly tingly feel that provides the potent plumping power you'd expect from the brand, while vitamins A and E offer lasting moisture.

Best Drugstore Option: Maybelline Lip Lifter Gloss Hydrating Lip Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid

Shop now: $7;

At only $7 a tube, this drugstore lip plumper is bringing full lips to the masses, with benefits that rival those of more expensive options. Maybelline's top-rated Lip Lifter Gloss literally does it all — volume, high-shine, and hydration — at an unbeatable price. And unlike many glosses priced at three times the cost, its moisturizing formula is boosted by hyaluronic acid for a smoother and fuller effect. Nearly 7,500 Amazon reviewers love it for creating an ultra-glossy pouty look, and with a gorgeous 10-shade color selection, you're guaranteed to find one you'll love, too. 

Best Affordable Option: NYX Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish

Shop now: $6;

Sure, every lip plumper on this list is far more affordable than fillers, but if you're looking for a pout-enhancing option that'll really save some pennies, this under-$6 gloss from NYX provides big payoff at a reasonable price. Its tingly, plumping formula is packed with light-reflecting emollients that make your lips look fuller with a single glossy swipe, while its feather-proof coverage minimizes the appearance of fine lines for a super smooth finish. The gloss is available in six sheer shades, but the same formula is also available in a long-wearing lipstick form if you'd rather pack on the pigment. 

Best Splurge: Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Lip Gloss

Shop now: $30;

You (yes, you) are an icon, and therefore deserve Dior's iconic celeb-loved lip gloss — Bella Hadid is also a fan. At $30, it doesn't disappoint on the plumping front, and its price point fully pays off with results you'll notice literally seconds after applying. Its vegan formula features one standout skincare ingredient: hyaluronic acid for long-lasting hydration and fuller lip volume. In fact, the brand claims your lips will be significantly smoother in just four weeks with prolonged use, so start lacquering up. It comes in six lustrous shades, plus two shimmery options that'll make your lips look even more voluminous in the light. 

Best Sting-Free Formula: Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath Gloss

Shop now: $35;

Not to totally shade other lip plumpers, but many contain mild irritants like cinnamon, capsicum, and even bee venom that cause your lips to swell and sting in the process. Instead, Charlotte Tilbury's high-shine Lip Bath Gloss promotes a pain-free payoff with gentle mustard sprout extract. And because hydration is key to achieving that ultra-plush pouty effect, nourishing marine collagen and coconut oil will give your lips some much-needed moisture. 

It's available in five colors — including universally flattering favorites like Pillowtalk and Walk of No Shame — that are each formulated with shimmery pearlescent pigments, reflecting light to create an illusion of larger lips. 

Best for Hydrating: PCA SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lip Booster

Shop now: $46;

PSA for anyone who applies lip plumpers a little too often (you know who you are): Excessive use can lead to dry or chapped skin, especially if your treatment of choice intentionally uses an irritating ingredient to plump up that pout. What's worse, dry, flaky skin can actually minimize the appearance of lip volume, so you feel the need to keep reaching for the same product that caused your skin to crack in the first place.

This super hydrating option from PCA Skin turns the tables on moisture-sucking lip plumpers with a nourishing and gentle formula you'll never regret using. Plumping peptides make your lips look full and supple, but its moisturizing power is equally impressive with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E included in the lineup of soothing ingredients for long-term results.

Best Viral Option: Derol Lip Plumper Set

Shop now: $14;

For ultra-thin lips, the Tiktok-famous Derol Lip Plumper delivers needle-free results without a visit to the derm. The set includes two lip plumpers: one with ginger essence for daytime use as a volumizing lip gloss and another with mint for nighttime use as a leave-on mask. Both contain vitamin E and collagen for a fuller, more moisturized look and feel, and feature a lightweight, non-sticky formula for hours of comfortable wear. Reviewers say both plumpers burn pretty intensely upon application, but the feeling is, of course, far less painful than nip tuck. 

Best for Lasting Results: GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper

Shop now: $27;

If you're looking for more than just a fling with your lip plumper, lock down a longterm commitment with a volumizing treatment that's luckily pretty easy to fall for. The brand recommends applying the gloss twice daily for 30 days to ensure a long-lasting volumizing effect. Best of all: Its high-gloss formula will love your lips right back with nourishing ingredients like Volulip and hyaluronic acid that'll moisturize your skin while promoting collagen production for natural fullness. 

And if you're merely looking for instant gratification, no judgement — the fast-acting formula noticeably improves volume in less than five minutes. Purchase it in 10 sheer, high-gloss colors, including rosy-hued dusty taro and peachy toasted apricot.


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