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Deep in some of the coldest and deepest areas of RuneScape lie strange monsters. These monsters are known to drop various furs, hides or tools that are valued by many players. There are many ways to trap these pesky creatures, varying from magical imp boxes to using a rented falcon to catch agile little kebbits.

Basics - Starting

To start hunting you will need a Noose wand or Bird snare, which can be bought from either Yanille or Nardah Hunter stores.

Hunting Areas

Now.. of course, kebbits and sabre-toothed kyatts aren't just going to roam around Varrock now are they? So you can find where to track down your pesky creatures here's a list of the eight different hunting grounds. Areas you can hunt at are marked on the mini-map with a symbol.


The Woodlands hunting area is located just south of the Piscatoris fishing colony which is northwest of the Gnome Stronghold. There is a near-by fairy ring to this hunting ground. (Code: A K Q)


The Jungle hunting area is south of Feldip Hills (South of Yannile). The best way to get there is using the gnome glider transport method (One Small Favour required)or the fairy ring nearby. (Code: A K S)


The snow hunting area, Trollweiss, is located north-east of Relleka (North of Camelot). The best way to get there is by using fairy rings. (Code: D K S).


The Desert hunting area is west of The Ruins of Uzer (South of Shanty Pass). The best way to get there is to use the Magic Carpet to the Ruins of Uzer or the fairy rings. (Code: D L Q)


The Swamp hunting area is located south of Canifis, between the Agility Arena and Dessous' Graveyard (Desert Treasure quest). To enter Mort Myre swamp you must have completed both the Priest in Periland Nature Spiritquests. An additional easier route is to use the shortcut unlocked through the In Search of the Myrequequest. The other way to get there is to use fairy rings. (Code: D L S)


The Karamja hunting area is located south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village and north-east of Cairn Isle. The easiest way to get there is use the nearby fairy ring. (Code: C K R)


The Temple hunting area is located south-west of Ardounge, and west of the Khazard battlefield. The best way to get there is either using the nearby Spirit Tree or teleport to Ardounge and walk from there.


The Wilderness hunting area is the most dangerous of them all, it is in around level 20 Wilderness and is a multi-combatarea. To get there, run north from Varrock and head north-east of the Chaos Temple.


To start tracking animals you first need a Noose wand, they can be bought for 4gp from either the Nardah or Yanille hunting stores (see Basics - Starting). Equip your noose wand then head to the area that corrosponds with the animal you wish to hunt. You must first search a "Burrow" or "Hole" to start the tracks, then follow these tracks and search any nearby objects such as logs, plants or caves, after a few times of following the tracks you will evantually come to the end of your trail, then search any nearby objects such as snow drifts, bushes etc. If the animal is hiding underneath the object you will recieve a message telling you that that it seems there is a animal underneath, now use the attack option and you will catch your animal. Attacking the wrong bush may result in recieving junk items such as an Old boot. The furs you recieve can be traded at the Varrock Fancy Dress Shop for various camoflauge outfits.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaEarned XPRewards
Polar Kebbit1Snow30Bones, Raw beast meat, Polar kebbit fur
Common Kebbit3Woodlands36Bones, Raw beast meat, Common kebbit fur
Feldip Weasel7Jungle48Bones, Raw beast meat, Feldip weasel fur
Desert Devil13Desert66Bones, Raw beast meat, Desert devil fur
Razor-backed Kebbit49Woodland (north)348Bones, Raw beast meat, Long kebbit spike

Bird Hunting

To start bird hunting you will need to purchase a bird snare from a Hunting store (see Basics - Starting)for 6gp, then head to the corresponding hunting location to the bird you wish to catch, place your trap below the birds and wait until a bird lands onto your trap. You can then take it off and reset your trap. If you have 39 or higher Hunter level, you can smoke your trap to avoid the birds smelling you and therefore increase your chances of catching them.

PictureBirdNeeded levelAreaEarned XPRewards
Crimson Swift1Jungle34Bones, Raw bird meat, Red feathers
Golden Warbler5Desert47.5Bones, Raw bird meat, Yellow feathers
Copper Longtail9Woodland61.2Bones, Raw bird meat, Orange feathers
Cerulean Twitch11Snow65Bones, Raw bird meat, Blue feathers
Tropical Wagtail19Jungle95.2Bones, Raw bird meat, Stripy feathers

Butterfly Catching

To catch butterflies you must equip a butterfly net and have empty jars in your inventory, then you simply chase the butterfly until you catch it. Once in a jar, each butterfly can raise nearby players' stats by around 20% (Accept aid must be on).

Deadfall Trapping

To setup a deadfall trap, you must have a log and a knife. It is also advised that you take a hatchet with you which will allow you to refill your log supply. Once you have setup your trap, simply wait until your catch comes and then grab it and reset your trap. To increase your chances of catching your prey, it is advised that you use the appropirate bait, or if your Hunter level is 39 or higher, you can smoke your trap with a torch to avoid the animal smelling you therefore increasing your chance to catch it.

The rewards from Deadfall trapping can be very useful to certain skills; the claws can be attatched to dragon or leather hide vambraces (level 32 Craftingrequired) which gives a +2 strength bonus. Barb-tailed kebbits drop Barbtailed harpoons, which are useful for harpoon Fishingas you can equip them giving you one extra inventory space. The kebbit teeth dropped by the Sabre-toothed kebbits can be ground and mixed with avantoe to create a Hunter potion (level 53 Herblorerequired) which will temporarily boost your Hunter level by 3 levels. Lastly, the kebbit spikes can be used with a chisel to create kebbit bolts which can be used with the Hunter crossbow (level 32 Fletchingrequired).

Box Traps

To catch Chinchompas or Ferrets, you must first purchase a Box Trap from any Hunting store, and then set the box trap up and wait. In order to trap Ferrets, you must have completed the Eagles' Peakquest. Ferrets are used to flush Rabbits out, Chinchompas can be used as a range weapon.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaBaitEarned XPReward
Ferret27WoodlandRaw meat115Ferret
Chinchompa53WoodlandSpicy Chopped Tomato198.5Chinchompa
Red Chinchompa63JungleSpicy Minced Meat265Red Chinchompa

Net Traps

To begin hunting lizards/salamanders, you need a smallnet and a rope for each trap that you're going to set up. If you have the herblore level for them, you can make herb tars to use as baits on the traps to attract your prey to the trap, though a bait is hardly ever used for training purposes. A herb tar is made in 15s by using the corresponding herb with a pestle and a mortar, then using it on 15 tars.

Once you've reached level 39 hunter, you can also use a lit torch with your trap to "remove your scent" to get a better chance of catching a prey.

When caught, salamanders can be used as a weapon that is capable of using all 3 forms of combat.


Pitfall traps can be made by using a log on a trap hotspot while having a knife in your inventory. To get the beasts to fall into your traps, you need to poke them with a teasing stick, which will make them follow/attack you. Once you have one following, you jump across the trap that you made, and your prey will either walk right into the trap, giving you valuable furs or jump cross like you did, which will result you in having to repeat the process. You cannot use a single trap twice in a row.

The furs can be made into clothing. Refer to the Clothing sectionfor more info.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaEarned XPReward
Spined larupia31Jungle180Big bones, Normal/tatty larupia fur
Horned graahk41Karamja240Big bones, Normal/tatty graahk fur
Sabre-toothed kyatt55Snow300Big bones, Normal/tatty kyatt fur


To start on Falconry, you need to pay 500 gp to Matthias who owns the falconry area near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony in the Woodland to borrow a falcon, with which you cannot leave the area with. You are unable to wear anything in your weapon, shield and gloves slot while you are holding a falcon. When you click on the kebbits in the area, your falcon will fly to it for the kill and it will drop bones and a fur depending on what kind of kebbit it was.

The furs can be made into clothing. Refer to the Clothing sectionfor more info.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaEarned XPReward
Spotted kebbit43Woodland104Bones, Spotted kebbit fur
Dark kebbit57Woodland132Bones, Dark kebbit fur
Dashing kebbit69Woodland156Bones, Dashing kebbit fur

Magic Imp Box

Imp catching is pretty much the same as box traps, in which you just lay the trap on the ground and wait until a prey steps on it by accident. The beads used as bait for imps can be obtained by killing them.

In exchange for releasing them, imps will carry 2 items from your inventory to your bank from anywhere in RuneScape with the exception of level 30+ wilderness.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaBaitEarned XPReward
Imp71WorldwideMagic beads450Trapped imp

Rabbit Snaring

Rabbit catching is quite a simple job compared to the others. You need to set up a rabbit snare in the direction that the burrows face, then use a ferret to "flush out" the rabbits inside the burrows. A rabbit will get caught in your snare while running away if you're lucky.

If you string a rabbit foot with a ball of wool, you'll get a Strung rabbit foot, which makes nest drops more common while woodcutting.

PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaEarned XPReward
White Rabbit27Woodland144Bones, Raw rabbit meat, Rabbit foot


If you have finished Eagles' Peak, you have the ability to ride eagles to the main hunting areas using a rope on them. You get no XP at all, but this is currently the fastest way to get to the hunting areas.

Before you can fully use this method of transportation, some locations need to be unlocked:
  • To enter the nest in the Jungle area, you have to use a teasing stick on the vine outside the entrance and wait for it to grow. It's possible to exit from the nest even when the vines haven't grown, though.
  • To enter the nest in the Desert area, you have to walk there and push the boulder from the outside.
PictureAnimalNeeded levelAreaEarned XP
Giant Eagles27VariousNone

Hunting Equipment

To catch the above creatures, you will need some cunning equipment, here's a list of them and where to get them. All except one of the equipment listed below can be bought from the hunting stores in Yanille and Nardah.

Depending on your level, you can set up multiple traps at once. Here is the list of the levels needed for certain numbers of traps:
  • 2 traps - level 20
  • 3 traps - level 40
  • 4 traps - level 60
  • 5 traps - level 80


If you hunt using either Tracking, Pitfall or Falconry, you'll realise that you get furs for every animal that you catch. These furs can be made into useful hunting equipment by paying the Fancy dress shop owner in South-East Varrock to make them for you or sold to fur traders for gold, with the exception of the Falconery furs, which the NPCs won't buy.


With certain Hunterand Agilitylevels, players can catch butterflies and Implings without a Butterfly net or butterfly jar. When catching an impling, if caught, When catching a butterfly, the butterfly is instantly released, granting xp.


The clothes below are made from kebbit furs obtained by Tracking. They give a minor advantage to hunting in their corresponding area.


Hunting a beast using Deadfall traps will get you hides that can be used to make clothes better than normal camo sets. Each time you suceed in hunting a beast, you will either get a tatty or a normal fur. Normal furs can be made into hat, top or legs, but tatty ones can only be made into top or legs.
PictureNameNeeded levelItems needed to makeUses
Larupia set281 normal/tatty larupia fur and 100 coins for top & legs, 1 normal fur and 500 coins for a hat; 2 normal/tatty fur, 1 normal fur and 700 gp for allGives a much better chance of catching a prey when worn in Woodland/Jungle areas
Graahk set381 normal/tatty graahk fur and 150 coins for top & legs, 1 normal fur and 750 coins for a hat; 2 normal/tatty fur, 1 normal fur and 1050 gp for allGives a much better chance of catching a prey when worn in Desert areas
Kyatt set521 normal/tatty kyatt fur and 200 coins for top & legs, 1 normal fur and 1000 coins for a hat; 2 normal/tatty fur, 1 normal fur and 1400 gp for allGives a much better chance of catching a prey when worn in Snowland areas


Different from the furs obtained from Tracking and Deadfalls, clothing made from Falconry furs is used for non-hunting purposes.

Guide credits

Written by: [M]ike & Chokelius
Guide written by: [M]ike & Chokelius , Night
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~~~~~RuneScape Hunting Guide~~~~~ A Guide to All Your Hunting Needs Copyright @ Connor Pope 2007-2008 _________________________________ /=+~=+~=+Table of Contents+=~+=~+=\ |I. Version History \| |II. Legal Stuff | |III. Introduction | |IV. F.A.Q | |IV. 1. Extras | |IV. 2. Quests | |IV. 3. Notes/Tips/Leveling | |V. Ending Credits /| \-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-/ /~-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-~\ |~I. Version History | \~-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-~/ CURRENT VERSION - 1.50 Current Version History - 1.50 - March 22nd, 2008 - Fixed many spelling mistakes, added all the new info since last year. Pretty much updated the whole guide. --------------------------------- II. Legal Stuff --------------------------------- You may under no circumstances copy this F.A.Q. This document will ONLY be used by these sites and these sites alone. If anyone sees this F.A.Q. under another site please email me, my contact information is right below [email protected] - E-MAIL Bostonpopes - AIM (c) Connor M. Pope 2006-2008 --------------------------------- III. Introduction --------------------------------- Runescape, a very popular and fun MMORPG created by Jagex. The game is constantly being updated, and it's a huge world of fun and games. Created sometime in 2001. At first the game began as Runescape Classic but later on was updated into, just runescape (Called runescape 2 at the time). My friends and I have been playing this game for a while, and I felt like sharing some of my info with all of the people who need it. I've created a hunting guide, based on the member's skill hunter. You'll find in this guide all the different monsters to catch, the different stores, experience, tips, hints, ETC. Pretty much everything in here. So let's get on to the main part of this guide. --------------------------------- IV. F.A.Q. --------------------------------- Hunting came out in November, 2006, so although it is relatively new, it's still pretty old. Right now im a level 60 hunter And I will give you ALL the information that I can for hunting. But first, you must know all about the hunting equipment you will find in the two HUNTING stores, located in Yanille and Nardah. *LR = Level Required ----------------------------------------------------------- | Item |LR*| Used For | Cost | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Bird Snare |1 |Catching Birds |6 GP | |Noose Wand |1 |Tracking Creatures |4 GP | |Butterfly Net|15 |Catching Butterflies |24 GP | |Butterfly Jar|15 |Storing Butterflies |1 GP | |Box Trap |53 |Catching Box Creatures |38 GP | |Teasing Stick|31 |Catching Pit Fall Creatures |60 GP | |Unlit Torch |39 |Smoking Traps (Removes Smell) |4 GP | |Magic Box |71 |Catching Imps |720 GP| ----------------------------------------------------------- There is also another store called the "Camouflage" store that can sell many of the equipments you can get from hunting. It's in the fancy dress shop located in Varrock. You have to HAVE the materials to make the actual equipment though. Below is another small list showing all the different areas you can hunt in and what type of hunting place there are. You use these places to level your hunting up. *Desert and Woods ----------------------------------------------------------- | Hunting Place Name | Type | Fairy Ring Code | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Piscatoris Hunting Area | Wood | AKQ | |Troll Weiss Hunting Area | Polar | DKS | |Feldip Hunter Area | Jungle | AKS | |Uzer Hunter Area | Desert | DLQ | |Swamp Hunter Area | Swamp | DLS | |Red Salamander Hunter Area | Chaos | N/A | |Black Salamander Hunter Area| Lava | DLS | |Falconry Area | Air | AKQ | |Grhaak Hunter Area | D/W* | CKR | ----------------------------------------------------------- Now that you know all about hunting, its time to show you how to actually hunt, there are many types of hunting, like tracking, pitfalls, box traps, falconing, etcetera. But the easiest one for starting hunters is bird snaring. The items you will need is just a bird snare (more if you can set up more then one trap, ill talk about that later in the guide) ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Crimson Swift |1 | 34 |Feldip Hunter Area (Shore)| |Golden Warbler |5 | 47.6 |Uzer Hunter Area | |Copper Long Tail |9 | 61 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Cerulean Twitch |11 | 64.6 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | |Tropical Long tail|19 | 95.2 |Feldip Hunter Area | |Wimpy Birds |39 | 167 |Feldip Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- EXTRA HINTS/TIPS - This is probably the BEST way to level up your character until your able to do falconing. It's also better if you smoke your traps when you're able to. The second hunting experience you could do is tracking animals. The item you will need is a noose. To do this you must first find a burrow. Then you should see foot tracks until you get to a bushy area. There you should have a message saying an animal is hiding somewhere in the bushes. Then you use your noose and you catch the animal. ------------------------------------------------------------ |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Polar Kebbits |1 | 30 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | |Common Kebbits |3 | 36 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Feldip Weasel |7 | 48 |Feldip Hunter Area | |Desert Devil |13 | 66 |Uzer Hunter Area | |Razor-backed Kebbit|49 | 348 |Piscoratis Hunter Area | ------------------------------------------------------------ Has you can see, tracking isn't all that good until your able to catch Razor-backed Kebbits, which still takes too long compared to falconing. Unless you want to have some fun, I would stick to bird hunting and falconing. Although, there is some equipment you can get from these little guys. The polar kebbits can give you there hides, which can be made into polar camouflage suits. I made a little list of what kebbits give what suits Polar Kebbits - Polar camouflage Suit Common Kebbits - Wood camouflage Suit Feldip Weasel - Jungle camouflage Suit Desert Devil - Desert camouflage Suit Each of those suits gives a better chance for catching a certain type of Hunter animal in the designated place. But enough of those nasty little kebbits. Now its time for butterfly catching. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Ruby Harvest |15 | 24 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Sapphire Glacialis|25 | 34 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | |Snowy Knight |35 | 44 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | |Black Warlock |45 | 54 |Feldip Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- Butterfly Catching is actually pretty good if your about to go in a clan war. Why? Well, once there in a jar they have a special effect. But they only work on other people. I made a list of there effects below. Ruby Harvest - Boosts another players attack Sapphire Glacialis - Boosts another player's defence Snowy Knight - Restores another players hit points Black Warlock - Boosts another player's strength Although, I definitely wouldn't hunt these for experience, there still pretty fun to catch. Now for some deadfall trapping. A deadfall is where you find a burrow or Hunter rock where you can set up a little place where bait goes. Then, a kebbits comes and takes the meat; little does he know the rock will squish him when he pulls the trigger. The items needed are some logs, a knife, and the designated bait. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Wild Kebbits |23 | 128 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Barb tailed Kebbit|33 | 168 |Feldip Hunter Area | |Prickly Kebbit |37 | 204 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Saber tooth Kebbit|51 | 200 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- Although these give quite a lot of experience at low levels, they still need bait, so you won't be able to do it much. I would still recommend birding until you're able to do falconing, below is a list of what meat you will need to catch a certain kebbits. Wild Kebbit - Raw Meat Barb Tailed Kebbit - Rainbow Fish Prickly Kebbit - Barley (What the!!!) Saber Tooth Kebbit - Raw Meat Now for net trapping. A hard part of hunting. You will need 15 swamp tar and the certain herb needed. You will use a pestle and mortar so you can make grounded herb. Use the grounded herb with swamp tar and you will obtain 15 swamp tar mixed with herbs. You can repeat this has much has you want. You must also have a Rope, Fishing Net, and the bait you just made. To actually make a net trap you must find a young tree and use the rope and fishing net with the tree. You can add the bait too. NOTE - Bait is not required, but you will be lucky enough to even have the lizards WALK on your net. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Squirrel |29 | 152 |NE Falador | |Swamp Lizard |29 | 152 |Swamp area (mortyania) | |Orange Salamander |47 | 224 |Uzer Hunter Area | |Red Salamander |59 | 272 |South West of Ardgoune | |Black Salamander |67 | 304 |Level 20 Area Chaos Temple| ----------------------------------------------------------- NOTE - Squirrel also takes level 60 Summoning. These probably give the most hunting experience besides Imps in a box. Below is a list of the bait needed/optional for the lizards/salamanders Swamp Lizard - Guam Tar Orange Salamander - Marrenill Tar Red Salamander - Tarromin Tar Black Salamander - Harralander Tar NOTE - Can be used has !!!AWESOME!!! Range weapons, there just like flamethrowers, 'cept in the old age. EDIT - They can also be used has mage and melee weapons too. Now its time for falconry, probably the easiest and fastest way to gain experience in hunting. The only item/gold you will need is 500gp, I would bring 5k though incase you walk out the area or log out for too long. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Spotted Kebbit |43 | 104 |Falconry Hunter Area | |Dark Kebbit |57 | 132 |Falconry Hunter Area | |Dashing Kebbit |69 | 156 |Falconry Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- Falconry is the best (but very boring) hunting you could do. It gives the most experience the fastest (Not the most EXP but the fastest EXP) and it's cool. I mean, catching a wild animal with another wild animal. That's just plain awesome. Below is a list of the awesome equipment you can make from there furs. Spotted Kebbit - Spotted Fur - Spotted Cape (-3 Kilograms) Dark Kebbit - Dark Fur - Gloves of silence (Helps Thieving) Dashing Kebbit - Dashing Fur - Spottier Cape (-6 Kilograms) To make all the capes, gloves, camouflage gear, and animal furs you will need to go to varrock and go to the fancy clothes shop. You must pay a price though. Now its time for box trapping, the one that I personally hate the most. But still, the monsters are pretty cool. Though they take bait which I will explain below. You will need the required bait and a box trap from the hunting stores. *Must have completed the Eagles Peak Quest ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Ferret* |27 | 115 |Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Monkey |27 | 100 |Karamja | |Raccoon |27 | 100 |W of Barb Village | |Gecko |27 | 100 |Karamja Jungle | |Platypode |48 | 205 |Beach of Oo'Glog | |Chinchompa |53 | 198.5|Piscatoris Hunter Area | |Red Chinchompa |63 | 265 |Feldip Hunter Area | |Pawya |66 | 400 |Isafdar | |Grenwall |77 | 1100 |Isafdar | ----------------------------------------------------------- Below is a small list of the bait needed to catch the animals. Ferret = Raw Meat Monkey = Banana Raccoon = None Gecko = None Platypode = Burning Lavender Spice Chopped Tomatoes = Chinchompa Spice Minced Meat = Red Chinchompa Pawya = Papaya Grenwall = Raw Pawya Meat Although, they give fair amounts of experience, falconing and netting is still much better. But the Chinchompa can also be used has a range weapon. Let's get onto pitfall trapping. Probably my person favorite and the one you will DEFINITELY do. But first, the items you will need are a teasing stick from the Hunter stores, logs, and a knife. You will first make a hole from the logs and the knife. Then you will tease the creature, once he's following you, you must jump over your hole. Your creature will then go on the fur and be caught. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Spined Larupia |31 | 180 |Feldip Hunter Area | |Horned Graahk |41 | 240 |Karamja (Near Cairn Isle) | |Sabertooth Kyatt |55 | 300 |Troll Weiss Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- Below is a list of the equipment you can make from there Tatty/perfect furs *T = Tatty P = Perfect NOTE - Larupia is for wood and jungle NOTE - Graahk is for desert NOTE - Kyatt is for polar Larupia Head - P Larupia Fur Larupia Body - P/T Larupia Fur Larupia Legs - P/T Larupia Fur Graahk Head - P Grhaak Fur Graahk Body - P/T Grhaak Fur Graahk Legs - P/T Grhaak Fur Kyatt Head - P Kyatt Fur Kyatt Body - P/T Kyatt Fur Kyatt Legs - P/T Kyatt Fur Although these give pretty moderate experience, there STILL not has fast has falconing. I would stay with falconing unless you're too bored to switch. Now onto Magical Imp boxing. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Imp |71 | 450 |Everywhere | ----------------------------------------------------------- To catch these awesome little monsters you will need a magical box and a magical bead. Set up the trap and soon the imp will go in the magical box. Once you've got it. You should have 2 favors. Which you can use to send items back to the items, but only a limit of two. Below is a list of the Impling mini-games and there XP in the WORLD! Not in the mini-game. The mini-game gives items dependant on the Impling you catch. Certain implings equal certain items. ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Baby Impling |17 | 20 |Minigame | |Young Impling |22 | 22 |Minigame | |Gourmet Impling |28 | 24 |Minigame | |Earth Impling |36 | 27 |Minigame | |Essence Impling |42 | 29 |Minigame | |Eclectic Impling |50 | 32 |Minigame | |Nature Impling |58 | 36 |Minigame | |Magpie Impling |65 | 54 |Minigame | |Ninja Impling |74 | 60 |Minigame | |Dragon Impling |83 | 75 |Minigame | ----------------------------------------------------------- Now! Onto extras. ---------------------------------- IV. 1. EXTRAS ---------------------------------- EXTRAS - Hunter Cross Bow - It can be obtained from Leon in the Hunter store in Yanille for about 1300 coins it only uses Kebbit bolts which you can obtain from a prickly Kebbit. EXTRAS - Hunters Potion - Once your 53 Herb lore just use some Kebbit teethe and grind them in pestle and mortar. Then you add the grinded Kebbit teeth to a vial of water with some avantoe. It will raise your hunting level by 3 temporarily. EXTRAS - More Traps - The Higher your hunting level is the more traps you'll be able to set up. 1 - 19 - 1 traps 20 - 39 - 2 traps 40 - 59 - 3 traps 60 - 79 - 4 traps 80 - 99 - 5 traps --------------------------------- IV. 2. Quests & Rewards --------------------------------- As of November 28th, there was a new quest called Eagles Peak. It is based on the hunting skill and you start it by speaking to Mathias. The falconer. Once you have completed the quest, you will be given access to Ferrets in box trapping and rabbits for snaring. A little guide on rabbits is below. The items/animals needed for rabbit snaring is a ferret and a rabbit snare. First find 6 burrows facing each other. The rabbit will speed toward the trap once it sees the ferret. Although the ferret can not be 'used up' it still can 'escape' ----------------------------------------------------------- |Creature Name | LR | Exp | Location(s) | ----------------------------------------------------------- |Rabbit |27 | 144 |Piscoratis Hunter Area | ----------------------------------------------------------- A Rabbits foot can be made into a rabbit-foot necklace. Also, once you have completed the quest, you will have access to the Giant Eagle Transport. HOW TO DO THE QUEST ------------------- First I will tell you how long and hard the quest is. I will also tell what items are needed. Difficulty - Easy Length - Short Requirements - 27 Hunting Items Needed - Swamp Tar, Yellow Dye, 50 GP and Teleport runes to Varrock and Ardgoune Quest Points Awarded - 2 Reward - 2500 Hunter EXP, Ability to catch rabbits and ferrets, ability to ride the eagles from eagle peak. Start Point - Ardgoune Zoo How to Start - Speak to Charlie in the zoo 1. Speak to Charlie and he will tell you that a ferret escaped and he's sent his associate Nickolaus to catch him. But he hasn't been heard of ever since he left. Then you must go to eagle's peak. 2. Head to eagles peak, once there, there should be a campsite to the north of it. There should be a few books. Read them and you will soon get a 'Mettle Feather' 3. Go to the top of eagle's peak and you should see a rocky outcrop. Once there use the mettle feather on the rocks to open up a passageway. 4. Once in the cave, you should see a split in the path, head east then head south. You should soon see Nickolaus, and he will tell you to make an eagle disguise so he can escape eagles peak. 5. Pick up 10 eagle feathers, then teleport to varrock and walk to the fancy shop owner. Ask him about bird costumes and then give him the items swamp tar, yellow dye and 50gp. He will give you fake ones first, then talk again and you will receive 2 eagle beaks and 2 eagle capes. 6. Return to Nickolaus and speak to him. Then, walk around to the south side and attempt to open the stone door. You will need a Bronze, Silver, and Gold feather to open it. 6. a - How to Get The Three Feathers Bronze Feather - Enter the cave to the southwest, and try to take the Bronze feather. Then a trap will trigger and the feather will become out of reach. To lower it again, operate the four winches in the corners of the room. Once finished, take the Bronze feather and leave the room. Silver Feather - Enter the northwestern cave. Inspect the pedestal and follow the prints that you will see. Inspect nearby rocks to learn more about where the prints lead to. Eventually you will be near an Opening. Inspect it and a level 13 kebbit will run out and attack you. Kill it to obtain the Silver feather, then return to the previous room. Gold Feather - This one is very hard. You'll need 6 seeds from the bird feeder in the northeastern cave. You should find a level which you must pull somewhere in the cave. Once done you should go to some bird feeders and put one seed in them. You should pull down about 3 levers in all and use up all the bird seed. Once done you should go into a big room where the Gold feather is and take it. 7. Go to the stone door and use the three feathers on them. Now go through the door. But first, make sure your wearing the eagle items you got. Go past the big eagle and speak to Nickolaus and agree to meat with him outside of the camp. 8. Go to the campsite and then a cut scene will show you how to catch ferrets. Once that's done, return to Charlie the zoo keeper with your newly caught ferret. 9. QUEST IS DONE --------------------------------- IV. 3. Notes/Tips/Leveling --------------------------------- Hunting can be a very boring skill at times but it can also be fun. It's also a very hard skill to level up once your past level 60 or 70. Here are a few tips and hints on how to level your way to 99. ~~Level 1-45, Bird Catching~~ Bird snaring can be a very, very annoying and boring part of hunting. With your snares falling down, or birds not getting caught. The hardest part is at the beginning. From level 1-5 I suggest you catch the only birds you can. The INSTANT your level 5 go to the Desert hunting area. You'll need at LEAST 15 water bags if you want to actually stay alive for a long time. Once there you should be able to easily catch the birds there. And it isn't that hard either. Once your level 9 in hunting you should keep staying where you are. DO NOT go to Piscatoris. Because its only 3 levels until your able to catch the cerulean twitch. Not much. Plus it's too much walking. But once your level 11 I recommend you going to the Troll Weiss hunting area next. Stay there until your level 19 hunting. Then go to the Feldip Hunter Area where you hunted the first kind of bird. And bring 2-4 birds snares. There you should keep hunting until your level 45. Yes I said 45 (or 43) because at the moment it's the fastest way to hunt. Once your level 45, or 43, I recommend to start falconing. ~~Level 45-75 (99)~~ Falconing is probably the FASTEST way of getting experience in hunting. Its also one of my favorite. To start, you must first start killing some of the spotted kebbits until your level 57.Its definitely worth it. And it goes really quickly. Only took me 3 days to get to level 60 hunting. Right now, the equipment you should be wearing is a spotted cape, no gloves, no shield, full Larupia. Boots of lightness. Ring of wealth, and any Amulet you wish. Once your level 57 I would start catching dark kebbits. Though, it will take about 6-20 hours of hunting to get to level 69 to catch dashing kebbits, its definitely worth it. Plus, by the time you've caught all those kebbits. You should of grown a few pray level. YES, pray levels. Why? Because you should ALWAYS bury bones when hunting. It doesn't take much time, and you will have LOTS of time when falconing. Once your able to catch dashing kebbits. I say you do it until level 75 (or 99 if you want to get some quick levels) Once your level 75 I would either catch imps, or keep doing falconing. I would personally recommend falconing because it's MUCH faster experience. Tip #1 - When Catching Birds, ALWAYS smoke them (If Able To) and always use the FULL amount of bird snares you can. You should also bury all bones and you should have about 5 extra snares with you. Tip #2 - When doing pitfall traps. Wear some good Armour. I wouldn't recommend wearing the actual fur of them because it's really not worth it. Tip #3 - When EVER you're able to wear the spotted cape, spottier, or boots of lightness then WEAR THEM. They help by a Huge Load. Tip #4 - Stepping on a trap DOES NOT effect how many birds are going on it. Though, it might distort you're view. It doesn't really matter. Tip #5 - If your hunting in woods, then wear Larupia, if your hunting in polar, then wear kyatt, if your hunting in desert wear graahk. They help ALOT. --------------------------------- V. THE END --------------------------------- Thanks to CjayC for making gamefaqs Thanks to Jagex for making an awesome game Thanks to runehq for there guide which helped me on some of the harder monsters (c) Connor MacLain Pope 2006-2008</p>

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Hunter Modernisation Blog

Quick find code: 16-17-306-66099422

Hi there.

We�re excited to announce that a brand-new Hunter method will be introduced to the game in July that will completely change the way you hunt.

Among the changes are the introduction of PvM style drops, which we know skillers have been asking about for some time. Other changes will include making the Elite Hunter Outfit available to earn in-game, more concessions to AFK players and a new tier of salamander that is exclusively for Hunting.

So why are we doing this? We're always looking at the game to see what works, what doesn't work and what could be better. And when we looked at Hunter we recognised that the top end of skill�s experience had spiralled way out of control. With these changes we intend to modernise the skill, ensuring its longevity and keeping everything fair.

A Closer Look

Before the arrival of the Crystallise spell alongside the quest The Light Within in 2015, Hunter was in a good place and was reasonably well balanced. Top end XP per hour rates at unboosted level 99 were about 250k.

However, Crystallise changed everything. XP per hour rates rocketed to around 900k when boosted. Ultimately, we can't just leave this as it is, because it has an unbalancing effect on the game.

Compounding the problem, the effect of Crystallise meant that any new Hunter content had to compete with these already sky-high rates to be relevant. For example, the arrival of Skillchompas and Tortles raised the ceiling even further - some players were earning over 1,000,000 XP per hour unboosted.

Add in the likes of the Elite Skilling Outfit, Tracker Aura and Enhanced Yaktwee Stick and 1.4m XP per hour was achievable - an unparalleled number compared to any other non-buyable skill, and quadruple the earlier peak. And that's before things like bonus XP, Clan Avatar or Pulse Cores are factored in.

Plus, this doesn�t even include tick manipulation, which allowed players to set traps faster than we had intended. That pushed us up to 1.92m XP per hour mark. We think most players would recognise why this is problematic and why action needs to be taken.

The problem will only worsen if we do nothing, with rates being pushed higher and higher with every Hunter update.

So, in line with our attempts to be bolder in our decision making and in the spirit of the five-year skilling plan discussed at LMjuVhi1Lg6cf_S-OPMMHaAJEuxurXDlu&index=20">@RuneFest 2017, we are taking the necessary steps to address these issues before it spirals further out of hand.

We believe our changes will improve the Hunter experience, giving you a choice for where you want to train depending on your needs. They will leave Hunter in better health and improve XP rates within the game.


There's no denying that Crystallise is the main culprit for spiralling XP rates. Any attempt to modernise the skill, therefore, needs to begin with a fundamental rework of this spell.

The new Crystallise effect can be cast on empty set box traps as opposed to full ones. For 30 seconds after the spell is cast, any eligible creature that enters the trap successfully will be caught and freed automatically, yielding XP but no resource.

The following creatures are eligible:

  • Ferrets

  • Polar Kebbit

  • Grenwall

  • Pawya

  • Cobalt Skillchompa

  • Viridian Skillchompa

  • Azure Skillchompa

  • Crimson Skillchompa

  • Grey chinchompa

  • Red chinchompa

  • Tick Manipulation

    For those who aren't familiar, tick manipulation is a method that speeds up the trap laying process through potion drinking. This is not an intended training method, and is in fact a gameplay bug � like the Continuous Four Tick Auto Attack.

    Therefore, to bring these inflated XP rates down, we are removing this functionality entirely. To compensate for the change, the Elite Trapper outfit will now have an increased chance of instantly deploying or picking up traps.

    XP Rates

    As a result of these changes, we can safely say that XP rates will already be in a healthier place than they are right now.

    The two primary training methods, Crystal Skillchompas and Ornate Tortles, will now give less XP per hour. In addition, we will be implementing a change to Skillchompas that will ensure that multiple catches no longer yield additional XP, bringing Hunter into alignment with the game's other skills.

    We will also be buffing the XP rates of other training methods according to their intensity and value. At the end of it all the assorted methods will all be far more in tune than they were before.

    Buffs and Boosts

    As with all skills, a large range of buffs and boosts are available when skilling Hunter. As most of these are applicable across multiple skills, the scope of our changes is quite limited. However, the following alterations are being made:

  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick 5% XP boost will be lowered to a 2% XP boost.

  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick 5% chance of extra sprites will increase to 20%.

  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick can now be worn while barehanded catching butterflies.

  • Chance of auto-deploy/pickup traps from volcanic trapper outfit will increase from 10% to 30%.

  • Elite Trapper Outfit

    As mentioned above, the Elite Trapper outfit will now have an increased chance of instantly deploying or picking up traps. Furthermore, we're also unlocking the ability to purchase the outfit's blueprint in-game with a new Hunter currency that will arrive alongside the aforementioned Hunter update in July.

    NOTE: You can gather Hunter fragments from training hunter once you hit level 70, much like other outfits.

    Hunter Skillcape Perk

    We intend to rework the Hunter Skillcape Perk, and the issue is still in discussion among our team. Our aim is of course for the perk to be of benefit for those training the skill, especially as the current perk is actually detrimental for high level hunters.

    We are as always open to your suggestions! Please drop us your thoughts at the Discord channel linked at the bottom of this blog.

    Other Hunter Changes

    Barehanded butterfly hunting is being altered to become more AFK-friendly and offer better XP, making it the main AFK hunting method. When you successfully barehand catch a butterfly, you will still immediately release it, but the NPC is no longer removed from the map. Instead, the player will automatically attempt to catch the same butterfly multiple times, allowing you to stay in one place for a little while before the butterfly flees and another needs to be found.

    A new high level yellow salamander is being introduced. It uses the regular net-trapping method but with a change - the salamander will be released from the player giving you XP without an item. Due to this, the new salamander cannot be caught in your inventory, and therefore cannot be wielded as a weapon. These changes provide a more uninterrupted skilling experience.
    And finally, the biggie� there will be a brand-new hunter method entering the game! While we can't reveal more details just yet, know that this method completely changes the way that you hunt. It adds brand new and exciting mechanics and, due to its intensity, PvM style drops, that have a chance of including unique items. We're sure you'll be as excited about it as we are!

    Quality of Life

    Other Hunter improvements will include:


  • Two traps can now be used from level 1.

  • Additionally, three traps can now be used from level 30, whilst four and five traps remain at level 60 and 80 respectively.

  • The player will now walk on top of a shaking trap before picking it up, making it easier to re-lay on the same spot without the need to walk there first.

  • Fallen over traps will now have a left-click option to lay rather than take.

  • Allow the trapper outfit success chance bonus to work on all hunter creatures.

  • Increase the maximum possible number of skillchompas per trap from four to six.

  • Butterflies

  • Increased the click box of butterflies.

  • Increased the physical size of butterflies to make them easier to see.

  • Made Sapphire Glacialis bluer, to help differentiate them from Snowy Knights.

  • Your agility level now affects your success chance when catching butterflies.

  • Sapphire glacialis and Snowy Knight butterflies have been moved around in Rellekka to make them more accessible.

  • When successfully catching a butterfly barehanded, there is a high chance that you will release it and automatically start catching it again, as explained above.

  • Enhanced Yaktwee stick can now be worn while barehanded catching butterflies, again as explained above.

  • Salamanders

  • Increased Salamander tree click box.

  • Salamanders now have a release all option.

  • More Black Salamanders and net trap hotspots have been added to the wilderness.

  • Adding a new, high level Yellow Salamander into the game.

  • Herblore Habitat

  • The player no longer freezes at points when hunting within herblore habitat.

  • Jadinkos can now pass through players.

  • The box that appears when you gain a seed within herblore habitat has now been converted to a different message type that does not interrupt the player.

  • Juju hunter potions can now stack up to 30 minutes, or 36 minutes with incense sticks.

  • The southern region of herblore habitat has had some foliage removed, and Jadinko spawns moved, to make hunter there rival the northern section.

  • Wilted marasamaw plants now have a rebuild option, akin to box traps.

  • The check option when a marasamaw trap is in the middle of catching something has been removed, as it didn�t do anything and just lead to frustration and confusion.The option will now only appear when the trap is ready to check.

  • Added a small stock of juju herb seeds to Papa Mambos shop stock.

  • Ineligible Jadinkos are removed from the area quicker after changing your habitat configuration.

  • You are now warned when adding a dose of Juju Hunter Potion when you are already close to the time limit allowed.

  • Increased Herblore Habitat herb seed drop rate.

  • Falconry

  • All falconry Kebbit spawns have been rearranged to make them better to catch.

  • Four more dashing Kebbits have been added within the falconry.

  • More to come

    There was a lot to cover in this blog, so thanks for sticking with us! That's all the information we have for now, but there will be plenty more to reveal down the line.

    We think that whilst this is a big change to Hunter, it will safeguard the long-term health and integrity of the skill. Check out today's livestream for more details, and please do feel free to ask questions in the Twitch Chat.

    If you have any more questions or suggestions, members of the RuneScape team will be available to chat in our official Discord server in the hunter-modernisation-discussion channel from tomorrow (May 8th) until the end of the week. Join the discussion here!


    The RuneScape Team~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

    07-May-2019 17:40:39 - Last edited on 07-May-2019 17:56:35 by Mod�Meadows

    We would also like to hear your thoughts about us announcing this a few weeks / months before the change... would you prefer us to announce large-scale updates to existing content with streams/dev blogs in advance?

    Thanks :)

    Mod Meadows.
    ~RuneScape Community Management.

    ~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

    07-May-2019 17:41:59

    Oh haha. The company that dumps Lamps in TH which can be way more overpowered then any in game training method cares about how OP hunter can be.

    Priceless.My neighbors a jerk

    07-May-2019 17:57:07

    We would also like to hear your thoughts about us announcing this a few weeks / months before the change... would you prefer us to announce large-scale updates to existing content with streams/dev blogs in advance?

    Thanks :)

    Mod Meadows.
    <a href="">@JagexMeadows</a>
    ~RuneScape Community Management.

    Na. Some of us like surprises.My neighbors a jerk

    07-May-2019 17:58:03

    I think it's a good thing to inform players about something like this in advance.

    Generally not too happy that the stuff is nerfed after years (and thus once more punishing players who haven't made use of it so far), but the QoL stuff regarding it sounds really neat and would serve as an adequate compensation to make the skill as a whole more enjoyable, while offering quite some variety

    Leaving a couple more of thoughts:

    - Charm sprites have more 'milestones' (messages triggered by catching a specific amount of sprites up to 10k of each kind) - could some (certainly not all - we wouldn't need 10k of the rare kind just because it would have some variable attached) be used for further upgrading the stick?

    Also including my idea regarding the electrified trap:

    - Have it work as an universal trap, similar to the rod-o-matic for fishing
    - Allow toggeling which creatures you want to attract
    - Increase the amount of stave parts used to 30
    - Unused ones are now tradeable

    As it stands it currently is a bit lacklustre.Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
    Quick Fixes: Invention

    07-May-2019 18:08:44

    Oh haha. The company that dumps Lamps in TH which can be way more overpowered then any in game training method cares about how OP hunter can be.

    Yeah, it's disappointing how Jagex still continues to be dishonest about caring for the game's integrity. :(

    "Volat Accipiter libera est; venandi sua natura est."

    ~Accipiter striatus

    07-May-2019 18:09:12

    We would also like to hear your thoughts about us announcing this a few weeks / months before the change... would you prefer us to announce large-scale updates to existing content with streams/dev blogs in advance?

    Thanks :)

    Mod Meadows.
    <a href="">@JagexMeadows</a>
    ~RuneScape Community Management.

    Yes. People should have the ability to make informed decisions on what they're going to get for buying membership for the game, including what's to come. Especially since Jagex's track record is that information is obscured for harmful reasons for the players.

    "Volat Accipiter libera est; venandi sua natura est."

    ~Accipiter striatus

    07-May-2019 18:13:41

    We would also like to hear your thoughts about us announcing this a few weeks / months before the change... would you prefer us to announce large-scale updates to existing content with streams/dev blogs in advance?

    Thanks :)

    Mod Meadows.
    <a href="">@JagexMeadows</a>
    ~RuneScape Community Management.

    Yes. People should have the ability to make informed decisions on what they're going to get for buying membership for the game, including what's to come. Especially since Jagex's track record is that information is obscured for harmful reasons for the players.

    Do you ever give it a bloody rest Blackwing?

    07-May-2019 18:32:04

    We would also like to hear your thoughts about us announcing this a few weeks / months before the change... would you prefer us to announce large-scale updates to existing content with streams/dev blogs in advance?

    Thanks :)

    Mod Meadows.
    <a href="">@JagexMeadows</a>
    ~RuneScape Community Management.

    Yes. People should have the ability to make informed decisions on what they're going to get for buying membership for the game, including what's to come. Especially since Jagex's track record is that information is obscured for harmful reasons for the players.

    Do you ever give it a bloody rest Blackwing?

    This is a rhetorical question, right? As long as Jagex resorts to anti-consumer practices, they deserve to be criticized for anti-consumer practices. If they stopped doing it, people wouldn't need to criticize them for it anymore.

    Make no mistake: If this blog hadn't been a thing, Jagex would've just suddenly one day nerfed hunter exp/hour from actual gameplay by 50%+, just so people would have more reason to use Treasure Hunter to buy their way through the hunter training. If Jagex actually cared about the integrity of the skill like they say, they would've addressed stars and lamps from MTX in this blog as well, but of course they didn't, because when it comes to MTX, game integrity suddenly doesn't apply.

    "Volat Accipiter libera est; venandi sua natura est."

    ~Accipiter striatus

    07-May-2019 18:48:36

    What is the plan regarding The Light Within quest reward nerf from these hunting changes? It seems to be poor form to devalue Crystallise without adjusting the reward from the quest for those who've done it.

    Also, why not increase the lower hunting method xp rates some to be more in line with ornate tortles and crystal chins. This would be much more palatable, especially considering there is serious ongoing discussion about making 120 the new 99 more or less. Increase the methods that are low and lower the higher end some, but not so drastically as proposed in today's stream.

    07-May-2019 19:43:41

    Quick find code: 16-17-306-66099422Back to Top


    How do I catch a squirrel in Runescape?

    1 Pet Penance Queen – Barbarian Assault.

    Where do you get a squirrel in RuneScape?

    A Squirrel is a pet a player may own with level 60 Summoning and 29 Hunter. Baby squirrel ‘s can be caught in various locations around Gielinor using a net trap baited with nuts. They come in a variety of colours, which vary on location. Squirrels and Baby squirrels eat nuts, which can be bought at a pet shop.

    What’s the best way to make a squirrel trap?

    It is based on a pretty simple bait and snare trigger methodology. The squirrel pulls the bait line and it closes the door, as the catch on the door slips off allowing it to slide down. It has a screen end and is a good trap to transport your squirrels in, so I thought I’d include it.

    How do you use net trapping in RuneScape?

    Net trapping is a Hunter technique used to trap lizards, salamanders, penguins and baby squirrels. With level 29 Hunter, a rope and small fishing net in the inventory (the tool belt doesn’t count), clicking on a young tree will set the trap.

    How does the door on a squirrel trap work?

    The squrriels weight works against him. If he tries to come back to the other end that he entered, the traps door is held shut against a small barrier. This trap uses a mechanism as a trigger to bring the door down on the squrriel. You place your bait in the back of the tube.

    How do you make your own Squirrel Trap?

    Place the trap in the target area, with the wire mesh on the ground. If you have squirrels in your attic, place the trap where you have found droppings. If you’re trapping a squirrel outdoors, place the trap under a tree. Fill the bottom of the trap with corn or sunflower seeds [source: MDC].

    How do you make a flying squirrel trap?

    Some trappers recommended pre-baiting the trap. To complete a pre-bait, you will need to wire the automatic trap door so that it remains open when the squirrel glides into it. Place bait inside of the trap for a few days to allow the flying squirrel to become more accustomed and confident of the trap.

    What equipment do you need to trap a squirrel?

    Squirrel-trapping equipment requirements reach beyond the obvious. Besides the selection of your trap, you may need a ladder , as well as some common tools like hammers and screwdrivers as well as hardware items like staples and screws to seal off openings and channel the critters to your trap.

    What do RuneScape pets do?

    For the mobile app, see RuneScape Companion. A pet is a non-combat NPC loyal to a player that generally requires a certain level in Summoning to own. Most pets do not serve a purpose other than decoration; however, some pets are used in quests and have other additional benefits.

    Do squirrels bite?

    While healthy squirrels will not bite unless provoked, the chances of getting rabies from a squirrel bite is unlikely, as they very rarely become infected with rabies and have not been known to cause rabies among humans.

    What food is irresistible to squirrels?

    A combination of peanuts and peanut butter is often regarded as the best squirrel bait. After all, squirrels gather nuts and seeds from your yard (though they will try to eat just about anything).

    Where is the best place to put a squirrel trap?

    Place your trap on a flat surface along your squirrel’s travel path. If you’re not sure where that is, a good bet would be at the base of a tree or along a wall close to your damage area(s). Great trap locations include: along a wall in your attic, shed or crawlspace.

    Old School RuneScape: The 10 Rarest Pets To Obtain

    1. 1 Pet Penance Queen – Barbarian Assault.
    2. 2 Bloodhound – Master Clue Scroll Casket.
    3. 3 Jal-Nib-Rek/TzRek-Zuk – TzKal-Zuk.
    4. 4 Corporeal Critter/Pet Dark Core – Corporeal Beast.
    5. 5 God Wars Pets.
    6. 6 Lil’ Zik – Theatre Of Blood.
    7. 7 Callisto Cub – Callisto.
    8. 8 Vet’ion Jr.

    Can I kill GREY squirrels?

    As the law stands it is perfectly legal to kill grey squirrels as long it is done in a humane manner; the Wildlife Act 2006 states that it is against the law to cause any unnecessary suffering to an animal under your care.

    Do squirrels remember humans?

    Squirrels are likewise extremely intelligent animals that have demonstrated that they have superb memories. There are numerous well documented instances of squirrels remembering human beings. Wild squirrels are quickly trained to keep in mind that particular individuals can be risk-free and trusted sources of food.

    Are squirrels dangerous to touch?

    Touching a squirrel may not be an ideal situation. Squirrels have incredibly sharp claws that might unintentionally claw an individual. They can carry illnesses such as typhus and leptospirosis and can also bring parasites such as fleas and ticks.

    How do you get the teasing stick in rs3?

    The teasing stick is a tool used to anger animals in order to lure them into a pitfall trap using the Hunter skill, beginning at level 31. This tool is required to catch spined larupia, horned graahk and sabre-toothed kyatt….

    Teasing stick
    Release21 November 2006 (Update)
    Quest itemNo

    How do you make Toad crunchies Osrs?

    How to make your own:

    1. Use the Gianne dough on the crunchy tray.
    2. Bake the raw crunchies on a range or gnome cooker.
    3. Right-click on the crunchies and select “Prepare”. Choose Toad crunchies.
    4. Use the crunchies on the range again.
    5. Right-click use the equa leaves on the unfinished crunchies.

    How do you attract squirrels fast?

    Offer squirrels food to quickly attract the hungry rodents. Scatter corn on the ground at the base of trees, hang corn cobs from tree branches, and fill bird feeders with nuts that are popular with squirrels, such as walnuts, hickory nuts and acorns.

    What attracts squirrels to your house?

    1. Food Sources. Animals of all types go where they can safely find food. Squirrels commonly eat nuts, acorns, birdseed, insects, fungi, fruit and vegetables so if you have a bird feeder, nut or fruit tree and vegetable garden, you’ve probably already attracted squirrels to your property.

    What Osrs pet is most popular?

    Most pets can be interacted with. Most pets do not serve a purpose other than aesthetics, as most pets are very rare drops from certain bosses or skilling activities, and thus are often considered prestigious….One-off pet totals.

    PetSmoke devil
    7 Nov 20164,032
    16 May 20175,534
    16 Nov 20177,413
    24 May 20189,851

    Runescape net trap

    OSRS Tourist Trap – RuneScape Guide

    In the Tourist Trap quest, the players will be involved in an undercover rescue operation into a slave camp to save Al Kharidian’s daughter. The quest is set in the Kharidian desert.  

    Rewards for Completing the Quest:

    • 4,650 XP in two skills of your choice.  
    • The ability to smith darts. 
    • 2 Quest points.  
    • Access to the desert mining camp. 
    • Full slaves robes.  


    Enter the desert and start a conversation with Irena. She will tell you that her daughter Ava is lost somewhere in the desert and will also tell you that Eva is wearing a red silk scarf and her footprints are heading towards the south of desert. If you can find her then it would be a great favor.  

    Move toward the south by following the footprints of Ava and you will reach a mercenary captain. Tell the captain that you can do anything for him, even the mining. He will ask you to bring the head of Al Zaba Bhasim. Tell him that you are such a funny captain who can’t even fight his own battle. He will then attack you, attack the captain back and kill him.  

    Wear the desert robes and boots. Pick up the key and enter the gate of the slave camp. Go to the male slave and he will tell you about his escape plan. Help him to remove his handcuffs and trade your desert robes and boots with his slave shirt, robe, and boots. 

    Wear up the slave robe and boots and go through the mine door entrance gate. Move to the other side of the mine. You will find a guard there, ask him the trade location spots. He will ask for a pineapple in return. 

    Go back and exit the mining camp, move west and enter into the Bedamin camp. Ask Al Shabim that you are here for a pineapple. He will give you a key and will ask to take the secret information from Captain Siad’s chest, then he will give you the pineapple.   

    Return back to the mining camp, enter the building and move upstairs. Search the bookcase, you will see many books on sailing. Ask captain Siad that is he nterested in sailing. Then he will tell you his sailing stories. He will be distracted from his job, open the chest with the key and get the secret documents.  

    Go back to Al Shabim and give him these documents. Then he will ask you to make the weapons following the secret documents and will ask you to show the plans to the guard and use an anvil located in the other camp. 

    Move north and enter into another tent and use the technical plans on the experimental anvil. Use the dart tip on the feathers  

    Trade this dart with Al Shabim to get the pineapple and he will show you advanced techniques to make new weapons and he will give you 6 throwing darts. Go back to guard and give him the pineapple and then go through the Mine Cave. 

    Move east and search the barrels. Put the empty barrel on cart and take it to the northwest side of the mine. 

    Find Ana and squeeze her into the empty barrel. Put this barrel on the mining cart and Ana will reach on the other side of the cave. Then squeeze yourself on the cart and move to the other side and use the barrel on the winch bucket.  

    Exit the cave and operate the winch bucket controller to take the barrel out. Place the barrel on the wooden cart. Tell the cart driver that there is going to be a prison riot in ten minutes and to get his cart out of there. He will instantly start moving his cart.  

    Move back to Irena, she will thank you for your effort. Anna will give you a metal key as a reward.

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    Runescape-how to get a net trap

    OSRS Hunter Guide: 1-99 Training - Old School Runescape


    OSRS Hunter Guide: 1-99 Training - Old School Runescape

    Complete Hunter guide and how to efficiently train its skills from level 1 to 99

    From Scratch to Level 99

    Check out our article on the Best Money making skills in OSRS to find guides on the other most profitable skills in Runescape Old School



    Hunter, a Member-Only Skill, allows you to catch various Creatures and Animals that roam the OSRS world. A lot of these Creatures award very valuable loot when caught, making Hunter one of the most profitable Skills in the entire game.

    Leveling up Hunter Skill is quite engaging, especially when compared to leveling up Skills like Runecrafting. There are various ways of raising up this Skill efficiently, while also making a good profit. This Guide will go over the fastest, the most efficient, and the most profitable, alternative methods of leveling up Hunter from 1 to 99. It will also cover the prerequisites, Hunter-related Quests, and some optional Gear and Items that can make skilling process smoother.

    Odealo is a secure gamer-driven marketplace for Runescape Gold, Items, and Power Leveling.



    Before You Start

    There are some preparations to be made before you begin to level up Hunter Skill. Some of these preparation steps are mandatory, while others are optional but recommended. These steps take a form of Quests and Items that improve your Skilling efficiency and generally make your Leveling process much more bearable. There are also a few things you should remember when Leveling Hunter, we will cover these as well.

    There are some Quests that have to be started/completed for access to various Hunting locations. These Quests are not mandatory, but they open up some very viable Skilling routes that should not be overlooked. Quests with low requirements are a great way of gaining some early Hunter Experience, so they should be strongly considered as a way of skipping the first few, very slow level-ups.

    • Natural History Quiz (Recommended, Skill Requirements: None. Rewards: 1000 Hunter Experience, 1000 Slayer Experience). This quest is a great place to start your Hunter journey. Quiz answers are readily available, so you shouldn't have any problems answering all of them quickly. You can start the Quiz by talking to NPC Orlando Smith in the Varrock Museum.
    • A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen (Recommended, Skill Requirements: Level 40 Thieving, Level 57 Herblore, Level 49 Farming. Reward: Access to the Fairy Rings network which enables you to quickly travel between Banks and Hunting areas). Completing this Quest will speed up your Hunter Skilling process by reducing your travel times significantly, so we strongly recommend you to to complete it if you meet the requirements.
    • Eagles' Peak (Recommended/Mandatory, Skill Requirements: 27 Hunter. Reward: 2500 Hunter Experience, access to the Eagle transportation system, the Ability to set up Box Traps). Box Traps are essential for some of the Hunter Skilling methods, so you Should complete this Quest as soon as you reach Level 27 Hunter. It also awards some nice Hunter Experience, which is a good bonus.
    • Monkey Madness II (Optional, Skill Requirements: 60 Hunter 70 Crafting, 69 Slayer, 55 Agility, 55 Thieving, 60 Firemaking. Reward: 15000 Hunter Experience, 15000 Thieving Experience, 20000 Agility Experience, 25000 Slayer Experience, Access to Crash Site Caverns). This has very high requirements and is very, very long, but also offers some good Experience and access rewards. If you meet the requirements, you can complete it when you get bored with traditional Skilling methods for some additional Hunter Experience.
    Items and Equipment

    If there are any OSRS Skilling rules, this is certainly one of them: If there is an item or a piece of equipment that can make your grind easier, you should use it. Below, we present you a list of items that will make your Hunter journey a little easier.

    • Stamina Potions - Energy drinks. Skilling Hunter is not that running-heavy, but Stamina Potions are still recommended. These potions will make relocating much faster, by allowing you to run almost constantly. Time is very precious and Stamina Potions will allow you to save a lot of it with just a small Gold Expense. Don't forget to use these when moving between Bank and Hunting Spots.
    • Graceful Outfit - Be Light as a Feather. Just like with the Stamina Potions, this Set of Equipment is recommended, but not really mandatory. It will save you some time, but nothing more. This set of Weight-Reducing Gear will allow you to run for longer, by reducing your Weight and providing you with a 30% boost to Run Energy Regeneration. The whole set provides a weight reduction of 25 kilograms. It can be bought in Parts from NPC Grace. Acquiring it will require ~55 Agility (needed to collect Marks of Grace from Rooftop Agility Courses). The whole Set costs 260 Marks, and you should start by buying OSRS Cape, Boots, Gloves, and Legs, as those parts provide you with the best Cost/Weight-Reduction ratio. Getting this can be quite of a hassle on its own, but it is worth it.
    • Various Hunter Shop items - Be prepared. Depending on your chosen Hunter Skilling methods, you will need all or at least some of these items. Generally, they are easy to get, but some of them require Quest completions (check the Quests section for a reference). There are two Hunter Shops in the OSRS, one is located in Yanille and the second one can be found in Nardah.
      • Noose Wand - used for tracking Kebbits
      • Bird Snares - Used for catching Birds
      • Butterfly Net - Used for catching Butterflies
      • Butterfly Jars - Used in combination with the Butterfly Net for catching Butterflies
      • Box Trap - Used for catching Chinchompas
    Things to Remember


    • You can set up one extra Trap in the Wilderness. This means that you are able to use Two Traps instead of One at Level 1 Hunter when in the Wild.
    • You gain the ability to set up One extra Trap every 20 Hunter Levels. Level 1 - 1 Trap, Level 20 - 2 Traps, Level 40 - 3 Traps, Level 60 - 4 Traps, Level 80 - 5 Traps. This increase is separate from the Wilderness Trap bonus, which means that at Level 80 Hunter you can set up 6 Traps in the Wild. Ability to lay extra Traps greatly increases your Skilling pace, so you should memorize these thresholds and take advantage of extra Traps as soon as they become available to you.
    • Check your Inventory before embarking on a Hunt as there is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming as having to run back to the Bank because you have forgotten something essential.


    The Training

    For the most part, leveling up Hunter is straightforward, but there are some alternative methods available here and there, so you should pick the ones that suit you (and your wallet) the best.

    Natural History Museum
    Skill Levels 1-9 ⇒ The "Natural History Quiz" Quest
    • You can pick up the Quiz in the Varrock Museum
    • Check the "Quests" section for a reference
    • If you don't know the Quiz answers, just ask other players, or search for them on the internet, they are readily available.
    • Completing the Quiz just takes a few minutes, and is a great way of leveling up some Hunter Skill Levels without any actual Hunting.

    Note: This is the recommended way of getting the first few Hunter levels, as it is a lot less time-consuming than the standard Experience Grind.

    Polar Kebbit
    An alternative approach for Levels 1-7 ⇒ Hunting Polar Kebbits
    • The Noose Wand is required for Hunting these.
    • They can be found in the Relekka Hunter Area, situated north-east of Rallekka (the best spot is located on the northern island, on its north-west corner). Fairy Ring comes in handy when traveling to the spot.
    • Catching a Polar Kebbit awards 30 Hunter Experience, and Catching a total of 22 is required for advancing to Level 7 Hunter.
    Feldip Weasel
    Skill Levels 7(9)-15 ⇒ Hunting Feldip Weasels
    • The Noose Wand is required for Hunting these.
    • They can be found in the Feldip Hunter Area, situated south of Yanille. You can get there quickly by using the Ring of Dueling (Castle Wars option) and running south.
    • Catching Feldip Weasel awards 48 Hunter Experience, and Catching a total of 37 is required for advancing from Level 7 to Level 15 Hunter.

    Note: The Ring of Pursuit might come in handy for Hunting these, as it provides a 25% chance of revealing the entire track of a Weasel. If you opt for using it, remember to bring a few, because it has 10 charges only.

    Fire Rune
    Skill Levels 15-33 ⇒ Hunting Ruby Harvest Butterflies and Copper Longtails
    • The Butterfly Net is required for Hunting these.
    • You should bring a full inventory of Butterfly Jars.
    • They can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter Area, situated south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Piscatoris Teleport can be used to get to the spot very quickly.
    • It is a good idea to also bring Bird Snares because Ruby Harvest Butterflies reside at the same spot as the Copper Long Tails. You can take advantage of this by Hunting both of those at once for increased Experience per Hour.
    • Catching Ruby Harvest Butterfly awards 24 Hunter Experience, and Catching a total of 660 is required to reach Level 33 Hunter (if you don't catch any Copper Long Tails).
    • Catching Copper Longtail awards 61 Hunter Experience.
    Swamp Lizard
    Skill Levels 33-37 ⇒ Hunting Swamp Lizards
    • A Rope and a Small Fishing Net are needed for catching these (1 Rope and 1 Net for each Trap).
    • Swamp Lizards can be found in Morytania, south-east of Canifis, and north of Slepe. Kharyrll Teleport can be used for quick Bank traveling.
    • Catching Swamp Lizard awards 152 Hunter Experience. You should be able to gain about 22k Hunter Experience per Hour when Hunting these. 
    Barb-Tailed Kebbit
    An alternative approach for Levels 33-37 ⇒ Hunting Barb-Tailed Kebbits
    • A Knife and an Axe are required for Hunting these (the Noose Wand doesn't work, and the Deadfall Trap must be used instead).
    • Barb-Tailed Kebbits can be found in the Feldip Hunter Area, situated south of the Feldip Hills (travel south from Yanille).
    • Kandarin Headgear comes in handy when Hunting these, as it lets you cut two logs at a time.
    • It is a good idea to also bring Bird Snares because Barb-Tailed Kebbits reside at the same spot as the Crimson Swifts. You can take advantage of this by Hunting both of those at once for increased Experience per Hour.
    • Catching Barb-Tailed Kebbit awards 168 Hunter Experience, and Catching a total of 55 is required for advancing to level 37 Hunter (if you don't catch any Crimson Swifts).
    • Catching Crimson Swift awards 34 Hunter Experience.
    Prickly Kebbit
    Skill Levels 37-43 ⇒ Hunting Prickly Kebbits
    • A Knife and an Axe are required for Hunting these (the Noose Wand doesn't work, and the Deadfall Trap must be used instead).
    • They can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter Area, situated south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Piscatoris Teleport can be used to get to the spot very quickly.
    • If you have at least 32 Fletching, you should bring a Chisel, which will allow you to fletch Kebbit Spikes into stackable Kebbit Bolts. This will free a lot of inventory space and let you Hunt for longer.
    • It is a good idea to also bring Bird Snares, Butterfly Net and some Butterfly Jars because Prickly Kebbits reside at the same spot as Copper Longtails and Ruby Harvest Butterflies. Hunting all three of them will increase your Experience gain per Hour.
    • Catching Prickly Kebbit awards 204 Hunter Experience, and Catching a total of 117 is required for advancing to level 43 Hunter (if you don't catch any Copper Longtails and/or Ruby Harvest Butterflies).
    Spotted Kebbit
    Skill Levels 43-60 ⇒ Hunting Spotted Kebbits at the Falconry
    • 500 Gold is needed for renting a Gyr Falcon that can be used for catching Spotted Kebbits (You can't have Gloves, Weapons, and Shield equipped or you won't be able to rent a Falcon). Please remember that 500 coins are needed for every Falconry entry.
    • Falconry is located at the Piscatoris Hunter Area, situated south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Piscatoris Teleport can be used to get to the spot very quickly.
    • It is a good idea to bring a Bonecrusher because it will automatically bury the Kebbit bones, which halves the time needed for dropping items.
    • Catching Spotted Kebbits at the Falconry should make you around 45k Hunter Experience per Hour (it is very Clicking-intensive and requires some precision, so the ultimate experience number will depend on your skill in using a Falcon).
    • From Hunter Level 57, you can also catch Dark Kebbits for increased Experience per Hour. Each caught Dark Kebbit awards 132 Hunter Experience. 
    • Catching Dark and Spotted Kebbits at once should result in about 70k Hunter Experience per Hour, depending on your skill in using a Falcon.
    Red Salamander
    Skill Levels 59(60)-67 ⇒ Hunting Red Salamanders
    • These are unlocked at Level 59 Hunter but is better to start Hunting them at Level 60, as this is when you unlock the ability to lay 4th Trap.
    • One Rope and one Small Fishing Net is required for each Trap.
    • They can be found south of the Ourania Cave's entrance. Ourania Teleport can be used to get to them very quickly.
    • Hunting them from level 60 Hunter with 4 Traps should yield you around 80k Hunter Experience per Hour. With a proper Trap placement, some consumables (Stamina Potions), and when wearing a Graceful Outfit, it is possible to achieve up to 100k Hunter Experience per Hour when Hunting Red Salamanders.
    Black Salamander
    Skill Levels 67-80 ⇒ Hunting Black Salamanders
    • One Rope and one Small Fishing Net is required for each Trap.
    • Black Salamanders can be found in the Wilderness, south-east of the Bone Yard and north-east of the southern Chaos Temple. However, the Hunting area is rather safe, and you will be able to Teleport away (this means that you SHOULD bring some form of Teleportation with you) when attacked by a PK.
    • Please remember that you can place one additional Trap when Hunting Black Salamanders (the Wilderness bonus).
    • Hunting Black Salamanders in the WIlderness should net you about 110k Hunter Experience per Hour.
    Black Chinchompa
    Skill Levels (73)80-99 ⇒ Hunting Black Chinchompas
    • Hunting Black Chinchompas offers the best Hunter Experience gains per hour from level 73 onwards, but Hunting them is very risky, as they can be found in very dangerous parts of the Wilderness (levels 32-36).
    • They can be found in the Wilderness, south-east of the Lava Maze. You can get there quickly by using the Waka Canoe from Edgeville to the Wilderness pond (this will require 57 Woodcutting). 
    • Eagles' Peak Quest is required to Hunt these, as they require Box Traps.
    • Hunting Black Chinchompas from Level 73 to Level 99 Hunter will earn you about 111kk Gold in total, and you will have to catch about 38000 of them in order to reach Level 99 Hunter.
    • High Defense and Magic levels (90+) and good defensive equipment are recommended for additional safety when Hunting these.

    Note: Hunting Black Chinchompas is associated with high risks, and you should Hunt Red Chinchompas instead if you have problems avoiding/running away from Player Killers.

    Red Chinchompa
    An alternative approach for Levels 63(80)-99 ⇒ Hunting Red Chinchompas
    • Hunting Red Chinchompas is a bit less profitable, but also a much safer alternative for Hunting Black Chinchompas.
    • These can be Hunted from Level 63 Hunter, but Experience Gains below Level 80 Hunter are rather low. However, it might still be worth it if you are profit-oriented because Red Chinchompas are in very high demand.
    • Eagles' Peak Quest is required to Hunt these, as they require Box Traps.
    • Red Chinchompas can be found in the Red Chinchompa Hunting Ground, situated south of Feldip Hills (you have to complete Hard Tasks of the Western Provinces Diary for access). Use the Feldip Hills Teleport to get there quickly.
    • From Level 80 Hunter forward, you should be able to get about 110k Experience per Hour when Hunting these. With the 3-Tick Hunting method, it is possible to achieve up to 170k Experience per Hour, which makes this method potentially the fastest in the game.
    • Hunting Red Chinchompas from Level 63 to Level 99 Hunter will earn you ~74kk Gold in total, and you will have to catch around 47800 of them in order to reach Level 99 Hunter.

    Buying Runescape Gold with real money is a hassle-free way to get all the items you need for your character.



    This Guide has covered the basics of Leveling up Hunter Skill and should allow you to Grind Hunter experience efficiently. Please remember that all steps featured above are just raw guidelines, and you are free to develop your Skills however you want, but nevertheless, we hope that you will find this Guide at least somewhat helpful.

    Please do note that this is an early version of our guide, and we will be happy to receive constructive criticism, that will help us improve it, so leave your suggestions in the comment section below. We also plan to add further, less known Skilling methods to the list in the foreseeable future.

    Pictures used in this article are the intellectual property of Jagex

    Runescape Gold


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    Old School Runescape - The Complete Hunter Guide

    Hunter is a Pay-to-Play skill that requires having a membership to use it, thus the only way to train it is by using P2P methods. It is used to catch various creatures all over the map such as animals, birds, etc. It is a non-combat skill which means it isn’t used in combat, but using it can still cause you to take damage and reduce your Hitpoints.

    Players mainly train this skill to unlock new quests as well as certain activities in the game. Using Hunter can also be useful as you can be rewarded with some good items such as Spotted Kebbit Fur which is obtained by hunting Spotted Kebbits to make Spotted capes.

    Hunter can also be used to make some money by catching Chinchompas to sell them at the Grand Exchange to the other players. You can also use the Chinchompas as ammunition for Chining to train your Ranged skill.

    In this article, we will be focusing on the various and most efficient training methods to get your Hunter skill to level 99 as fast as possible. A way to make money will also be mentioned later on. Note that this skill isn’t really expensive to train as it doesn’t require many items to use. Most of the methods below are not AFK.

    Make sure to check out all 23 OSRS skills in our relevant guide.

    Table of Contents

    OSRS Hunter 101

    Hunting creatures can be done by using the Hunter skill and it has various ways to be done, each requires some requirements to be used. This can only be done in some areas in the game which are called the Hunter Areas and they can be found around the map marked with its Hunter icon.

    Catching creatures is not always guaranteed, it highly depends on your Hunter level.

    Each Hunter Area has its own creatures depending on the habitat. The table below shows all of the various Hunter Areas.

    AerialLake Molch
    Ape AtollKruk’s Dungeon
    DesertUzer Hunter area
    JungleFeldip Hunter area
    KaramjaKaramja Hunter area
    LavaOurania Hunter area
    LavaBoneyard Hunter area
    SnowRellekka Hunter area
    SwampCanifis Hunter area
    WoodlandPiscatoris Hunter area
    WoodlandKourend Woodland
    OtherGwenith Hunter area
    OtherFossil Island underwater
    OtherMushroom Forest and Fossil Island Volcano
    OtherMushroom Forest

    Completing the Eagles’ Peak Quest will unlock the Eagle transport system which is used for traveling between the Hunter Areas quickly.

    Hunter Shops & Tools

    There are only two shops where you can buy your Hunter tools, these two shops are located in Yanille and Nardah. The table below shows all the Hunter tools these shops offer.

    ItemNumber in stockPrice (in Gold)
    Butterfly net520
    Butterfly jar1001
    Magic box30600
    Noose wand504
    Bird snare505
    Box trap2532
    Teasing stick550
    Unlit torch204
    Rabbit snare1015
    Bird snare pack3505
    Box trap pack33,200
    Magic imp box pack360,000

    Aerial Fishing

    Aerial Fishing is a good way to train Hunter and Fishing at the same time, but it is generally used to train Fishing and it requires level 35 Hunter and level 43 Fishing to be used. You can read everything about it in our 99 Fishing guide.

    Bird House Trapping

    Bird House Trapping Location, Old School Runescape

    It is a good way to AFK train Hunter but it maybe not as fast as the other training methods. It consists of using Bird Houses to catch birds on Fossil Island. This can be done by using Bird Houses on their designated spots on Fossil Island while filling them with Hop/Herb seeds (10 seeds each). Players should wait until the Bird House gets filled with birds before checking it to gain Hunter XP.

    Filling a Bird House with birds may take up to 50 minutes, so using this method is usually good for being AFK. Players will receive Hunter XP, raw bird meat, bird nests, and feathers once they check the Bird House to empty it.

    Note that the chance to receive a Bird nest is depending on your Hunter level and the Bird House type (higher is better).

    You can craft your own Bird Houses instead of buying them from other players. Each Bird House requires a Hammer, Chisel, Clockwork, and Logs along with a specific Crafting level depending on the kind of the Bird House.

    Each Bird House also requires a certain Hunter level to use and XP gained by using each of them varies depending on its type. Note that the house will be destroyed (the Clockwork won’t be lost) upon checking it so it can only be used for 1 time.

    Bird House TypeHunter LevelXP

    Hammer and Chisel can be obtained from some General stores such as Varrock General Store in Varrock. While the seeds are obtained by killing monsters such as Ice troll females.

    The Clockwork can be made in the player-owned house, but it is advised to directly buy it from the Grand Exchange since it is much faster this way.

    Bait and Smoke

    There two ways to increase the Hunting catch rate aside from having a High Hunter level. These two ways are using either bait or a smoking trap. Both of these ways will increase the chance by a very small chance while requiring extra steps to add them to the trap. That means they both are not worth to use at all if you want to train efficiently.

    Bird Snares

    Bird Caught in a Bird Snare Trap, Old School Runescape

    A trap that is used to catch birds in their own Hunter Area. Players should set up the trap in the creature’s area and wait until it gets caught. If the trap catches the bird successfully, you will be able to use the “check” option upon right-clicking the trap. If not, you will have to re-setup the trap.

    There are a few types of birds that can be caught depending on your Hunter level with each giving different XP rates. Check the table below to learn more about them.

    Hunter LevelCreatureXPLocation
    1Crimson swift34Feldip Hunter area
    5Golden warbler47Uzer Hunter area
    9Copper longtail61Piscatoris Hunter area and Kourend Woodland
    11Cerulean twitch65Rellekka Hunter area
    19Tropical wagtail95Feldip Hunter area

    Butterfly Netting

    Butterfly netting requires you to have a Butterfly net, Impling jar or Butterfly jar to use. It is used for catching Bats, Implings, and Butterflies with each requiring a different Hunter level.

    This is done by left-clicking the creature while having the required tool to catch it.

    These tools can be bought from some Hunter shops such as Aleck’s Hunter Emporium in Yanille

    Box Traps

    Box Trapping, Old School Runescape

    This trapping method is used for catching Ferrets and Chinchompas requiring the completion of Eagles’ Peak and having a certain Hunter level for each type of these creatures.

    The player should set up the Trap in the creature’s area waiting for one of them to pass through it. The chance to catch the creature is highly depending on your Hunter level.

    Once the creature is caught, you will be able to see a “check” option when you right-click the trap. If you fail, you will have to re-setup the trap.

    Hunter LevelCreatureXPLocation
    27Ferret115Piscatoris Hunter area
    53Chinchompa198Piscatoris Hunter area and Kourend Woodland
    63Carnivorous chinchompa265Feldip Hunter area, red chinchompa hunting ground and Gwenith Hunter area
    73Black chinchompa315Wilderness

    Deadfall Traps

    Deadfall Trap, Old School Runescape

    It is a type of traps that can be used to catch Maniacal Monkeys and Kebbits. Each type of these creatures requires a certain Hunter level to catch. Having a Knife, Logs and/or Banana in your inventory is also required to be able to catch them.

    The boulder will fall on the creature if it was successfully caught. If not the player will have to set up the boulder again back from its original position.

    Hunter LevelCreatureXPLocation
    23Wild kebbit128Piscatoris Hunter area
    33Barb-tailed kebbit168Feldip Hunter area
    37Prickly kebbit204Piscatoris Hunter area
    51Sabre-toothed kebbit200Rellekka Hunter area
    60Maniacal monkey1,000Kruk’s Dungeon


    2178 2179 2180 2181 2182