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If the game is not loading correctly or is running slow, try to use a different browser.


Pictures of ponies made with this site are free to use.
Yes, you can sell ponies for points on Deviantart.
Credit to me (PonyLumen) or this site is appreciated, but not mandatory.

The game / pony doesn't load, what do ?
Try different browsers. The most stable browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. If some manes or tails don't appear, try to reboot your computer.

How to report a bug
Send me a message with those informations :
- what is the problem? Please be as accurate as possible.
- how does the bug appear? (Always, when you press a specific button, etc)
- what is your OS? (Windows 7, Linux, etc)
- what is you browser?
If you can take a screenshot, that's even better.

You can report bugs here F.A.Q about bug / errors or send me an email at [email protected]

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Mane6 patterns and more

Tons of pony models for SFM

Pony Overhaul: Females by Poninnahka
sfm-ponies deviantart group

Pony models : source files

Pony models : source files (smd)
Blender plugin for exporting/importing smd files
3DSmax plugin for exporting/importing smd files
Maya plugin for exporting/importing smd files

Sours: https://ponylumen.net/games/3d-pony-creator/
Title Creator(s) Type of game Status Notes 1000 Years Agofutzi01 2-D 3rd Person Shooter CompleteFlash Price of Fear (Game Series)Cybertronix Games/Neon Wings Studio Detective, Nightmare Horror List is ReplenishingWindows Ambient.WhiteA Little Bit Different 3D RPG Action Adventure In Progress Unreal Engine (Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) Ashes of EquestriaOvermare Studios 3D RPG IncompleteUnity

(Windows, Mac?)

Banned From Equestria (Daily)Pokehidden Point-and-click Adventure Beta"Adult" game Cadence Tossfutzi01 2-D Sidescroller CompleteFlash Canterlot Defenderfutzi01 Castle defense CompleteFlash Canterlot Siegefutzi01 Tower defense CompleteFlash Cupcakes 4: New ZAT EraJFK Studios® & Tween Animations First-Person Shooter, Horror IncompleteUnity (Windows & Mac) Dash/Pegadromefutzi01 2-D Obstacle Course Racer CompleteFlash Dreamy RainbowYukitoshii (Pokegamer2011) Platformer, Horror CompleteYoYo Game Equestria OnlineMMORPG DiscontinuedNow Legends of Equestria

Equestria Tales

RPG Unfinished Silent Falleym: SnowfallCybertronix Games/Dark Seekers Studio Psychological Horror, Nightmare Horror CompleteWindows Silent Falleym 2: Bloodied SignCybertronix Games/Dark Seekers Studio Psychological Horror, Nightmare Horror CompleteWindows Silent Falleym 4: The Dark EnvoyCybertronix Games/Dark Seekers Studio Psychological Horror, Nightmare Horror CompleteWindows Alice: The Bleak Figures Cybertronix Games/Dark Seekers Studio RNG ( Roleplaying Nightmare Game) In Progress Windows Fallout: Equestria RPGPlaristote Isometric RPG TBA (currently in pre-alpha) Multiplatform Fighting is MagicMane6 Fighting CanceledWindows Five Nights at Pinkie'sEidenz Point-and-click, horror CompleteWindows only FoE gameempalu 2-D Side-scroller, platformer AlphaFlash and Windows Friendship is EpicHelements 3D action side-scroller CanceledWindows GO FASTMixermike622 & Darksaber64x Casual CompleteFlash Iron Pony ChallengeJinroh Sports Minigame Compliation CompleteFlash Legends of EquestriaIndependent Developers MMORPG Pre-Alpha Was Equestria Online Luna GameAnonymous Platformer, Creepypasta CompleteYoYo Game Mega PonyKhaoMortadios Action, Platformer CompleteMinty Fresh AdventureMarcusmaximus Platformer BetaFlash My Little CannonMihasik Casual CompleteFlash My Little Hang GliderMihasik Casual CompleteFlash My Little InvestigationsEquestrian Dreamers Adventure/Mystery Canceled Windows, Mac, and Linux My Little Pony: Ace Attorney - School Yard TrialsThesonicx666 Visual Novel IncompleteFlash My Little Pony - Ace Attorney: Trials in EquestriaThesonicx666 Visual Novel IncompleteFlash My Little Pony: Magic ShardsDarkera Studios Platformer CompleteWindows only My Little Pony: Rise of the Clockwork StallionsDarkera Studios
Project Awakening Platformer CompleteWindows only My Little Pony: Rise of VicisNegation Squared Productions 2-D Adventure/Platforming Unfinished Windows Mysterious Muffin Mercenary Marefutzi01 2-D 3rd Person Shooter CompleteFlash MLP FiM: The Lost KingdomSuper Writer RPG Unfinished Pinkie Jump
Pinkie Jump (2011)futzi01 (PJ)
CertaintyPrinciple (PJ2011) 2-D 3rd Person Platformer CompleteFlash PonyKartHoppip Racing In Progress Pony Amnesia: Love and MysteriesGentlecolts Visual Novel In Progress Windows Pony SpaceMixermike622 Shooter BetaPony Tactics: SalvationPony Tactics Tactics Style RPG Pre-Alpha Unity (Windows and Mac) Pony Tales: Aspirations of HarmonyStaric d20 Tabletop RPG Unfinished Rainbow Cloud AttackCasual CompleteAndroid-only Sonic X: Adventures in EquestriaThesonicx666 RPG Early Alpha RPG Maker VX ACE Spike Tossfutzi01 Trajectory CompleteFlash Story of the BlanksDonitz RPG CompleteFlash Super Filly AdventureJay6 RPG CompleteFlash Super Lesbian Horse RPGPonett JRPG CompleteRPG Maker VX Ace Super Smash PoniesSmashPoniesDev 2D Fighting IncompleteThe Poniesaeast667, The Ponies Team Life Simulator, Strategy Pre-Alpha Unity3D, Windows; Mac and Linux (TBD) TrotManiaLirodon Rhythm / Dancing Complete/in-progress Windows, Mac, Linux Twilight: Escape from StalliongradAdamMasterArt 3D First Person Shooter CompleteWolf3D Engine Twilight Sparkle's Epic Hill Ridefutzi01 Infinite Obstacle Course Survival CompleteFlash War of Harmony IVMarshal Ruffy RPG CompletePC Windows (RMVXA) My Little Pony: The Bonds Of FriendshipFluttershyponygal RPG IncompletePC Windows

(RPG Maker MV)

Sours: https://mlpfanart.fandom.com/wiki/Fan_games
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Welcome to Legends of Equestria, a free-to-play MMORPG, available to play right now in Open Access!

Our in-development game is full of adventures, magic, and small horses. You will be able to fly, dance, play with pets, and more with friends or by yourself. There's even a whole community of friends over at our forums!

We are an ongoing project! We are always looking for talented new volunteers to help us out. If you feel like you're ready, feel free to send us your application.

Currently Hiring:

2D Art

3D Modeling


-SFX Designers


-Level Designers

-VFX Artists

-Systems Designers


-Script Implementers

-Unity Implementers


Descriptions of the above jobs, and additional hiring information and recruitment status can be read here.

The following departments are currently not hiring: Animation, Concept Art, HR, Moderation, PR, Voice Acting, Web Dev, and Writing.

If you don't receive a response to your application within two weeks, please contact us on our support email.

Aug 07

Hey, everypony! Hope you're all having a great summer. We've certainly been busy, and we've got a lot to talk about, so let's jump straight in to what's included in the latest update for Legends of Equestria, version 2021.04.01!

As always, you can get the full run-down of what's included from our changelog- but there's a few things we think deserve highlighting here for you!

First things first, perhaps one of the biggest updates LoE has seen since - well, ever - we've been working really hard to create a mobile version of Legends of Equestria! You can now experience the world we've put so much effort into on your mobile Android device. It's taken a lot of work to try and get the game onto portable platforms, and we've had to create new user interfaces to get it to work, but we hope you'll agree that it was worth the effort!

LoE should be able to run on Android devices with version 8.0 or later of Android, 3GB of RAM or more, and a 64-bit CPU - so if you have a compatible device, now you can enjoy Equestria on the go! You can find it in the Google Play Store, and as usual, it'll be linked on our downloads page. We're currently working on an iOS version as well, and when there's any news available for that, we'll be sure to announce it too!

Another big addition is readable books. You can now purchase book items at reputable book-stores in Ponydale, Cantermore, and the Crystal Kingdom, and enjoy their contents right from your inventory. Maybe you can learn more about the world of Equestria and its history, or just curl up with a good book!

The yearly summer celebration, the Festival of Lights, is of course now in full swing! Check out the new decorations in the major cities, and complete the seasonal quest (if you haven't already) for a special time-limited cosmetic item!

In case you missed it, we recently added a new main menu theme, which gave us the idea of using this to feature some of our community's work! We've now added some of our favourite submissions for all to enjoy; if you'd like to submit one yourself, you can read all about it here!

That's stillnot all though! There's the addition of a new mine area in Applewood, new NPCs and quests, new textures for existing armor sets (as well as a cool new set entirely!), our recently-repaired auto-updating Windows Launcher version of the game, and a host of bug-fixes, changes, and improvements to make Equestria an even better place to visit! If you'd like to check out the exciting new additions, make sure you grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page- or, if you're on an Android device, the Google Play store - OR or, if you're using our launcher, it should automatically download the latest version - and we'll see you in Equestria!

Jun 26

Hey there, everypony!

We're hard at work on the next update for Legends of Equestria, and we're looking forward to showing you what it's all about soon. Right now, though, we'd like to talk about something from our previous update: the new main menu background.

When we created this background, we intended to have it followed up eventually with more random choices, until, hopefully, we'll have a good selection of themes that you can experience every time you launch LoE. While working on it, though, we realised that this might be a good opportunity to feature some community ideas, similar to our previous design-a-dress and hairstyle contests!

So, if you'd like to see some artwork of your own featured as one of our main menu themes, we're now taking submissions for consideration! Here's what you need to know:

  • The design must include Prologue, as seen above. For those that don't recognise him, Prologue is the purple unicorn featured on both of our current menu backgrounds. He doesn't need to be the focus of the image, but he should definitely always be there. The setting for the design should also be somewhere that feels suitable for Equestria. Prologue is usually seen reading a scroll; maybe it's a map, and following it has led him to some strange places? You can decide where it's taking him next!

  • Please bear in mind the tone of LoE, and ensure that your submission is appropriate for our game. If you're unsure if something is suitable or not, you're welcome to ask us, or to submit it and get feedback!

  • Don't include any of the user interface elements - like the login buttons, the exit button, the version number in the bottom-right corner, etc. We'll handle that part!

  • Only submit your own creative work. If you think someone else's design is perfect for this, encourage them to submit it themselves, rather than submitting it for them! If you'd like to include other ponies, characters, or elements from LoE, or of your own design, that's completely fine; just please make sure that you have permission to use any elements that aren't your own or from LoE, and that they don't belong to another person or group (e.g. copyrighted/trademarked characters from television shows).

  • You're welcome to use whatever art style or theme you like; something that feels like it would fit well alongside other designs based on LoE might work well, but if you've got a creative idea for something entirely different, we've love to see it!

  • We'd rather have brand-new, original designs for this, but if you have already created fanart that you think is perfect for this, we'd encourage you to check that it follows the guidelines here, and submit it!

  • We don't have a strict rule on the image size, but we'd recommend working in a high resolution format, preferably 2K or 4K, to ensure that the design looks its best on everyone's monitors. Please make sure that you keep the aspect ratio to 16:9, though!

  • You know the 3D effect on the current backgrounds when you move your mouse around? To achieve this, we have different elements of the image separated on different layers, which respond differently to mouse movement. To incorporate this into your own design, please think carefully about what elements of your image might be considered 'foreground' and 'background', and separate them out appropriately so that we can do the same for your design! Here's an example of what it looks like, as both a .PDN project file and as separate .PNG images. While 'foreground' elements should have transparent backgrounds, please make sure that the ultimate 'background' layer is a full and complete background, without any transparency (like the Ponydale backdrop in the example .zip provided above!)

  • We'd recommend including a watermark or signature of some kind on the design, so that people can tell who made it; alternatively, if you don't want to add a signature to the artwork but still want us to credit you, we can add it ourselves in Unity. The top-left or bottom-left corners are probably the best place to do this, as they don't currently feature any menu elements that might block it. If you include a link (e.g. to an art portfolio), please make sure that there's nothing unsuitable for minors in that location, otherwise we won't be able to include it in the game! If you want to submit it completely anonymously, without any signature or watermark, that's also fine, just make sure to let us know when you submit it!

If you'd like to submit something to us, please make sure to include all the assets in a .zip folder, similar to the example given above. You can send it to us in one of two ways:

  • We have created a channel in our Discord server, #menu-art-submissions; you can post your design there publicly, if you'd prefer, or to get feedback from both ourselves and our community.

  • Alternatively, if you'd rather submit it privately, you can send your design to [email protected]. Bear in mind that we can't promise to include every submission as a menu theme, but each one will be carefully considered; if we think that we can provide feedback to you to improve the design and re-submit, we will do so!

Please bear in mind that if you submit any design for this, you are giving us permission to use it for one of our main menu backgrounds, and to potentially alter it as necessary to fit within the template above if necessary. You still own the artwork, and can do whatever you like with it; effectively, you are providing Legends of Equestria with a license to use it! This is achieved under an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License, the details of which you can find here.

We'll still be working on our own designs for menu themes, of course, but we thought this might be a fun way to have our fantastically talented community's work highlighted and included in the game!

If you don't feel like a menu design is your area of expertise, but you'd still like to try and contribute to the project, please check out our recruitment post- we're always on the lookout for passionate people in all sorts of fields to join the team, and help us bring Equestria to life!

We hope to see plenty of creative ideas soon, and look forward to sharing them with everyone else as a main menu theme!

May 18

Hey again, everypony! We hope you're all doing well, wherever you are. Our team has been working to bring you yet another update, and we're ready to share some of that with you today, with version 2021.03.01 now available for download!

The first thing you might notice is that spring as, officially, sprung! The winter snow has all been cleared away thanks to the efforts of all of Check List's little helpers across Equestria, so if you missed out on chance to earn a Winter Warm-Up vest this year, you'll have to wait until next time!

This update comes with a host of bug fixes, resolving a range of issues from UI overlaps to leftover quest markers, broken teleporters to guard directions! If you've run into an issue that stopped you from going further with a quest, check our changelogto see if it's been addressed - and don't forget to report it using the system explained hereif not!

That doesn't mean we haven't added any improvements, however! We've improved some of the background code that determines which room you end up in when joining a server; you should find it easier to meet up with friends now! We've also expanded our customization system for equipment, meaning it now has support for 3 color selection. You can see this in-game now with a few items, notably the Kirin costume and the Sempai Dress!

There's plenty more to boot, with a raft of new NPCs to chat with, a whole new main menu theme to enjoy, and more! Remember to check our changelogfor the full details, and we hope to see you in Equestria soon!

Apr 10
Hello again, everypony! Tired of all the snow and cold? Me too! Good thing our Spring update, Version 2021.02.01, is now available from our downloads page.

Legends of Equestria's first big update of 2021 is here! With some bug fixes, tweaking, and more exitedly, the return of our seasonal Winter Warm-up quest and a new talent for the pegasi to help with those pesky clouds! For the full update, be sure to check out our Changelog!

Pegasus ponies have found ways to use weather in combat, with the new Weather Talent! Flashy lightning, ice, and water abilities await our feathered friends, but take note- these new abilities will come at a cost! Consult your local unicorns for more information.

For foals who want to specialize in our newer talents, rest assured that the team is still hard at work looking for teachers to teach foals the arts of Mining, Farming, Science and Weather.

Check List is back in town again, looking for ponies to help clear up the snow and prepare Equestria for Spring... but it seems Winter has been unusually harder this year.

Sightings of Frost Dragons having been going around the town and Check List will need only the most trustworthy Winter Warm-up ponies to help drive them away.

And who knows, maybe she will have something nice for you afterwards!

These were our most exciting highlights for this update, we hope to see you soon in- Hey! Who turned off the lights?

As always, you can grab the latest version of the game from our downloads page. There are plenty more things planned in the future and we hope you stick around to experience it all with us.

Feb 12

Happy new year everypony! We hope you're all still doing well and are up to join us in the LoE hype train! Let's start of this new year with a bang - and a new update to our favorite Horse-based video game, now available for download!

As always, you can find the full list of everything that has been changed in our changelog: this update may be a smaller list than some of our other releases, but we can assure you we've been working on some big things for the future! For now, though, let's look at the biggest highlight of our newest update.

2021's newest update brings you not 1, not 2, but 5 new mane and tail styles to chose from!

That's everything for now; we thank you for your patience and we'll see you all again soon!





Legends of Equestria is not responsible for online interactions or any advertisement content. Legends of Equestria is not affiliated with Hasbro or DHX Media. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Sours: https://www.legendsofequestria.com/

My Little Pony 3D Open Source

No Music Version (Smaller)

My Little Pony 3D is a Three-Dimensional game created in blender. This game is currently open source, and editable by anyone. The songs featured in this game are Always, What is Love?, Propane Nightmares, Lux Aeterna, and Bittersweet Symphony.

The readme (Includes the controls and lot more info) can be found HERE

Currently, the game is only an open world sandbox, where you can control a pony and walk around. There is nothing to interact with, and no actual point to this game. The 3D models have a very Nintendo 64 type feel, and they're not bad at all. The controls are your average WASD movement, Shift for running, and F for flying. Pressing the numbers 1-6 will spawn different ponies that you can control, and pressing 0 will spawn an NPC that moves around randomly (Applejack only at the moment). The VBNM keys will change the music, BUT BE WARNED, THIS WILL CRASH THE GAME IF YOU ARE ON A 32-BIT SYSTEM.

Holding shift while flying long enough will result in this

The game is very simplistic at it's current state, and the world is fairly boring, with a few buildings and trees scattered. It is possible to fly off the world, and past the sky bubble. There are many things that this game could use, more polished controls, borders, blinking, better models for everything (Though I kinda like the whole N64 Style).

The creator is currently open for suggestions of any type, and for people to help with the game. Whether it be art, programming, or even organization, send an email to CreatorOfPony [at] gmail [dot] com

The game is extremely well made for such an early release, and such a young developer (Age of 14). The controls feel a little sloppy, and the camera is a pain to control while flying. While the models could use a lot of work, they're still really good. This Open Source game is going to lead to a lot of amazing things.

- Strawberry Spice

Sours: http://www.equestriagaming.net/2011/05/my-little-pony-3d-open-source.html

Mlp games 3d

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MLP 3D Pony Creator Game - Let's Make Princess Celestia!

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