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The Do’s and Dont’s of Sleeping in Breast Forms

We receive many queries regarding the subject of sleep in breast forms.

Can you sleep in them? What is the best adhesive to use whilst sleeping?  Are their any health issues that may arise from wearing forms all day and night? Whilst we are aware of how popular this action is you can have issues depending on:

  • Type of breast forms
  • Size of the breast form
  • Length of time
  • How you adhere to the body
  • How you sleep at night

Wearing the incorrect type of forms can result in damaging the prosthetic or even be uncomfortable and hurt you. Also, wearing a breast form against your skin for excessive periods of time can be detrimental to your flesh where it is covered so you need to be prepared for this and take precautions. How you sleep is also very important. Whilst some folk predominantly sleep on their back, many sleep on their side and even their front. Even if you do tend to sleep on your back it is rare that you would sleep the whole night on your back without turning.

Whilst many adore the complete feeling of wearing their breast forms at night it is important to understand the considerations we have outlined in order to understand the do’s and don’t’s of sleeping in breast forms. Ignoring these pointers could at the very least lead to some minor discomfort but at the worst could result in a bursting pair of expensive breast forms with an expensive replacement purchase to bring back your ‘girls’.

By all means wear your shape-wear to bed but be sure you understand what may go wrong if you don’t take the right precautions.

Can my daytime breast forms be worn to bed? Is it best to wear a bra for night-time support or am I able to use my adhesives to keep prosthetic’s in place? Is it OK for me to wear my breast forms against the skin for 24 hours or more at a time? All these and more are considerations we will cover for you so you can truly have a trouble free and dreamy sleep.


There are forms made for sleeping in, there are breast forms that definitely should not be worn in bed and then there are forms that ‘can’ be worn to bed although they may not have been made specifically for that purpose. You should not wear home-made breast forms of the water balloon variety or most traditional silicone breast forms that are made from liquid silicone with a protective outer PU (plastic) cover/shell.

Traditional silicone breast form manufacturers all say the same thing: do not wear to bed as such forms do not like extremes of heat, cold or pressure/weight applied. Given that most people move in the night transferring weight even to the side can result in pinching a breast form which can lead to a burst. If your form bursts that is the sign of excess pressure applied so it is best not to sleep in traditional breast forms. Added to which any warranty from the manufacturer is nullified in such cases so you could have a very expensive repeat purchase.

DO use the following breast forms for your sleep time:

  • Foam Breast Forms lack the weight and feel of silicone but they have for many years been the go-to form sleep as they have a good shape and are indestructible.



  • Pals (non-silicone) gel breast forms are made from a different shell that does NOT require an outer PU cover unlike traditional silicone forms. As a result you can lean on Pals without any risk of a burst or damage – in fact you can puncture aPals breast form and even trim to a desired shape and they will heal themselves. Whilst a little more dense than liquid silicone forms, Pals are very close in appearance and touch and another added advantage is they can be colored with Foundation to match your skin tone.


  • Specialist Breast Forms likeReal Breast forms and the relatively new Aphrodite breast forms at the top end of the price scale are relatively new innovations allowing for wearing whilst asleep. These new products are different to traditional silicone forms in that they have no protective outer cover and so do not burst. They are probably the ultimate in forms for sleep since they not only feel like the real thing but their attention to detail in appearance cannot be bettered.


So you can use certain silicone/gel products to sleep in for the ultimate in realism but DON’T be tempted to use any liquid forms like home-made water one’s or liquid silicone breast forms as there is a good chance you will burst the form through applying excess pressure during sleep.


Do you like wearing D, DD or even bigger breast forms? Have you ever tried lying down in them and though how comfortable it can feel depending on how you are lying and moving? So if you do want to sleep in forms we would advocate you have your regular day wear pair and for night try a smaller cup; a C, B or even just enhancers. This is the same with a foam pair or a pair of recommended gel type forms for sleep. Try turning over in a pair of DD’s or even sleeping on your side or front and you’ll see what we mean.

So here we recommend you DO wear a smaller breast form for sleeping in especially for reasons of comfort and a trouble free night’s sleep and DON’T wear your daytime DD’s to bed. You will find large forms very un-comfortable and restrict your movement resulting in a poor night of rest.


Human flesh is not intended to be covered by non-porous materials for long periods of time. Skin needs to breathe to retain its healthy color and complexion and protective abilities for the body. Whilst wearing with a bra or approved adhesives like Hollister spray adhesive for long periods of time you should remove forms every 6 to 8 hours to allow the skin to ‘rest’ . Wash the surface that has been covered with gentle soap and apply a good quality moisturizer to allow the flesh to return to its natural state.

Our recommendations here are therefore DO let the skin rest periodically from being covered with your breast forms and DON’T wear from longer that 6 to 8 hours at a stretch so that the skin can recover and breathe and be ready for your next application.


Most choose to wear a bra and some even find a sports bra or stretchy snug camisole more comfortable for sleeping in so experiment to see what works best for you. Whilst we know girls who prefer being all one with their forms and using adhesives we do not readily recommend this for the same as above with regards the skin really needing to rest and recuperate from constantly being covered.

DO find a comfortable bra to wear with your forms and try a non-seemed sports bra which you’ll find very comfortable. DON’T use adhesives if you can help it and if you must try to alternate one night with adhesive and one with a bra.


If you happen to be one of the lucky one’s that sleeps predominantly on your back then you’ll have little trouble in getting used to the glorious pleasure of sleeping with your girls on. However if you are a side sleeper or front sleeper then not only are you at risk of damaging certain types of breast forms but you can also find it most uncomfortable trying to sleep with them. If you are not sure then by all means experiment but do it with a pair of cheaper forms like the foam ones or with a pair of Pals and remember to get a manageable size.

DO figure out if you sleep on your back, side or front and take precautions accordingly to ensure you sleep comfortable. DON’T be tempted to use your regular daytime liquid silicone forms to bed at all if you can help it and certainly not if you are a side or front sleeper. Your liquid silicone forms warranty if it exists does not cover lying or sleeping in.

So yes, try sleeping in breast forms if you think you will like it as many girls do but do take precautions to ensure you don’t damage your everyday forms and just make sure you are able to get a good night’s sleep whilst wearing them.

Sweet Dreams !


We often get questions like this one:

I’m hoping you can help me. Here is my problem. My right breast is considerably smaller than my left. It just never grew past about an A/B. My left is a D/DD. This has caused so much pain in my life. I have never worn a prosthetic…have used socks and shoulder pads to stuff a formed bra. Only problem is I can not swim in it! I would love to find something I can wear everyday and swim in. But it needs to fit around the size of my breast since I am not completely flat. I would like one to feel real! Not hard and stiff or slip. If I need to get a separate one for swimming then I shall. I just want to look and feel normal. Can you recommend any for me? I’ve considered surgery but the risks scare me. I would think it wouldn’t be wise to get anything really weighted due to the size. Please help!

Unfortunately, none of the enhancers are designed for as much of an increase as you are looking for… Enhancers are generally designed for a smaller increase, such as 1-2 cups, depending on your band size.

For a larger increase, such as the 3 cup increase you are looking for, I would recommend trying one of the following…

Today, there are lots of options available when choosing a prosthesis. The most important thing to keep in mind is what you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable, confident, and happy, then you will come off as confident to those around you. You might be surprised to discover just how many people use silicone breast forms, enhancers and push-ups on a daily basis.

Sleeping in breast forms

Many people like to be able to sleep in their breast forms. Unfortunately, not all breast forms are designed to sleep in or be laid on. Sleeping in, or laying on your silicone forms can create extra wear and tear on them (from the weight of your body), and possibly, cause a split in the seam of your form. This split will allow the silicone to leak out, thus, damaging your forms. Therefore, most manufacturers do not recommend you sleep in your silicone forms.

Note: If for some reason you do find that your forms have a small tear or leak, a quick temporary fix to try (before you get a new form), is to simply place a small piece of clear packing tape over it to seal it up.

For sleeping, it is best to buying a companion pair (similar to the shape and size of your silicone forms) of soft foam forms. Foam breast forms are lightweight, washable, reusable and extremely durable. That is why they are recommended for not only sleeping in, but also for after surgery, relaxing, swimming and various other athletic activities. Some foam breast forms are designed with fabric security tab, which can be permanently sewn into nightgowns or swim suits.

At TrueKare, we believe that everyone should not only be happy with who they are on the inside, but also feel good about how they present themselves to everyone else.

Breast forms, though they only make a small physical difference, can change a great deal about how you feel.

We receive sizing questions every day via e-mail. “Which size would you recommend for me? I’m currently ….”. We can usually point you in the right direction, and make you feel more confident about your choice. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us with any questions you might have. Always try and include your current bra band and cup size, and any other pertinent size information by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

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Sleep Breast Forms

Our breast form shop includes specialist supplies for transgender women and crossdressers such as sleep breast forms. Many standard silicone breast forms should not be slept in as you run the risk of causing damage by transferring body weight onto them. Over time this will weaken the seams causing leaking. It is important therefore, that you understand the limitations of your breast forms and if necessary have a second pair of sleep-safe breast forms so you protect your day-wear breastforms.

Breast forms you can sleep in include foam forms, which are at the budget-price end of the scale.More luxurious options include solid silicones like the specialist Real Breast and Aphrodite breast forms. These are the latest silicone formulas and will not be affected by weight. If you have a pair of gel silicone forms for daytime wear then consider a similar gel alternative purpose made prosthetic just for sleeping. Glamour Boutique’s Pals breast forms are a gel alternative that cannot be harmed if you roll on them during sleep.

Browse through the Sleep Breast Forms selection in our breast form store for solutions for prostheses that are made for night-time wear. By choosing any of our sleep breast forms we recommend you will have trouble free sleep and peace of mind, knowing your investment is protected.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sleeping in Breast Forms

Sleep is essential for the body to heal properly. While our eyes are closed, our body begins to repair the areas where it is most needed. Following your breast cancer surgery, you’ll need to make sure you’re comfortable as you sleep, especially if you are wearing breast forms.

Sleeping in Breast Forms

You may be hesitant to sleep in your forms or want to but are unsure if you can. There are a few factors to consider based on the type and size of your forms, how they adhere to your chest, the length of time you will be wearing them, and how you sleep during the night.

Undergoing breast cancer surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery is a traumatic experience for your body, and sleeping in your breast forms can help or hinder your recovery. Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider before crawling under the covers while wearing them.

Breast Form Types

Do: Do sleep in foam, non-silicone (Pals) gel, or specialist breast forms.

Don’t: Don’t sleep in traditional silicone breast forms.

Whether you’ve had a mastectomy or breast augmentation surgery, before deciding whether to sleep in your forms, understand what type they are. For example, silicone forms come with manufacturer’s instructions saying to avoid wearing them in bed. This is because the forms are affected by applied weight or pressure, heat, and cold.

As you sleep, you may move around a lot, transferring your weight at times to one or the other silicone breast form. If too much weight is placed on the breast form, it can result in pinching or bursting and leakage.

Other types of breast forms are better for sleeping. These include the nearly indestructible foam options, non-silicone (Pals) gel forms, and specialist forms. Also, consider working with a certified fitter at A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe for a custom-made breast form.

ABC Seamless Microbead Forms are a mid-weight compromise, ideal for using while you sleep. The outer fabric is ultra-soft and features a soft foam tip and a microbead core that conforms to your body, preventing discomfort during the night.

Breast Form Sizes

Do: Do consider wearing a smaller breast form size while you sleep.

Don’t: Don’t wear your larger daytime size breast forms while you sleep.

During the day, you may choose to wear larger size forms. This is fine for your daily activities and can help build your confidence following a mastectomy. With them on, try laying on your side, back, and stomach to see how they might be uncomfortable at night as you sleep.

Larger size forms, such as D or DD, can interrupt your sleep and even affect your posture. Being comfortable at night can help you sleep better. Avoid waking up because a shift in sleeping position makes your larger size forms uncomfortable or restricts your movement. Instead, consider keeping a smaller pair of forms for nighttime wear.

Breast Forms

Ways of Wearing Your Breast Forms While Sleeping

Do: Do let the skin on your chest rest and leave it uncovered whenever possible.

Don’t: Don’t use a skin adhesive with your breast forms at night, and avoid wearing your breast forms for more than eight hours at a time.

Your skin needs to breathe. Lack of air circulation can contribute to excess perspiration, skin irritation, and infection. Incision sites and the surrounding areas also need air to heal more quickly. To facilitate this, lessen the time you wear a bra and your forms whenever possible.

While you may prefer to wear your forms all day and night, consider the health of your skin underneath. If you use an adhesive to adhere the breast forms to your chest, avoid using it at night to give your skin time to recover.

Instead of an adhesive at night, find a comfortable mastectomy bra with pockets to hold your forms. You can also find specialty sleepwear that includes soft pockets. This allows you to wear your forms without irritating the skin underneath.

The Dawn Post-Surgical Bra by Wear Ease® is made from fine, no-pill combed cotton and has a step-in design meaning there are no hooks, clips, or adjusters to dig into you during the night. The wide underbust band won’t roll up, no matter how much you toss and turn, and also helps keep soft foam forms secure all night long.

Your Sleeping Positions

Do: Do consider how you like to sleep (back, sides, stomach) to determine whether to wear your breast forms at night.

Don’t: Don’t wear traditional silicone breast forms if you sleep on your side or stomach, as undue pressure may damage the form.

Whether to sleep in your forms while you sleep depends a lot on what position you prefer at night. If sleeping prone on your back is common for you, you’ll have little trouble sleeping with them.

If you sleep in other positions, like on your sides or stomach, you may find the breast forms uncomfortable or distracting as you sleep. Also, putting pressure on the forms in these sleep positions can cause damage to their shape and composition.

There are many benefits to wearing breast forms, from matching up with a natural breast, uplifting a sagging breast after weight loss, or providing a protective breast implants layer for augmentation patients. The healing process following your surgery is essential, and there are many ways breast forms can help. Talk with your doctor, plastic surgeon, or certified fitter to obtain the advice you need.

Contact A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe

Following breast cancer surgery, you need healing time, which means you need a good night’s sleep. Choose whether to sleep in your forms or not, depending on what is best for you and your body. For help choosing the best breast forms for night or day, contact the certified fitters with A Fitting Experience Mastectomy Shoppe at 954-978-8287 for an in-person or virtual consultation.


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