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Lewis County provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, current or complete and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. While every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of the data, Lewis County assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. Users of this data are hereby notified that appropriate agencies should be consulted for verification of the accuracy of the information contained on this site. It is possible that in the process of transferring the information to the website errors may have occurred. Any errors should be reported to the Real Property Tax Services Department at 315-376-5336.

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ImageMate Basic was created for the public, to provide free and convenient access to real property information. Assessed value, buildings and land data can be accessed via any browser and without any special software to load.

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ImageMate Advanced provides convenient access to all real property information that the Real Property Tax Services Department has on file for the approximately 25,000 parcels in Lewis County. Along with structure/improvement and land data, access is provided to tax maps, tax bill information, a tax calculator, and accumulated and recent real property sales. ImageMate Advanced is available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

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Sours: https://www.lewiscounty.org/departments/real-property/real-property-search
Wayne "Fid" Murphy, Jr., Presiding Commissioner

Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner

Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner

Fax 573-767-8245
Meetings: Monday beginning at 9:00 a.m.

If you would like to meet with the County Commission, please contact the County Clerk's office at 573-767-5205 to be placed on the agenda.

[email protected]

Tammy Logsdon, Assessor
PO Box 14
Monticello MO 63457
[email protected]

The Lewis County Assessor�s Office is responsible for establishing the fair market value of �Real or Personal� property within Lewis County as of the tax date. This tax burden is distributed among those responsible for payment. The Assessor�s Office is to respond to concerns and questions of property owners in Lewis County in a professional and courteous manner. For questions concerning the aspects of what the County Assessor�s procedures are and how they are executed, please contact me at any time by phone or email.

The Assessor's Office maintains a website where you can search our real property maps. Please visit lewis.missouriassessors.com

Lewis County Assessor�s Office information:

  • Real Estate Assessments
  • Personal Property Assessments
  • Mapping
  • Non-Assessment Cards for Vehicles
  • Book/Page

Real Estate:

  • Real property is reappraised or reassessed every two years by state law; it is reassessed every odd numbered year, i.e. 2013, 2015, 2017. Even numbered years, i.e. 2014, 2016, 2018, the Assessor looks for New Construction of improvements or Losses of improvements from the previous tax assessment year. The Assessor determines to put any new construction at full or partial value upon its state of completion as of January 1st of that tax assessment cycle.

Personal Property:

  • Every January the Lewis County Assessor�s Office mails out Personal Property Assessment Forms. If you move within or move out of Lewis County, or change your address, please contact the Assessor�s Office of this change. The Assessor�s Office does not automatically know when property owners move in and out of the county.


  • The Assessor�s Office is responsible for creating and maintaining property ownership maps within Lewis County, we currently have approximately 8,800 mapped parcels that are constantly changing due to surveys or subdividing property. These line placements are essentially used for tax assessment purposes only. The Lewis County Assessor�s Office has a computerized mapping system called GIS. It has made it easier to generate data for finding parcel information within certain districts, subdivision, cities, or radiuses of a road, etc.

Clerk of the Circuit Court


Jamie Kaylor, Circuit Clerk
PO Box 8
Monticello MO 63457
Jamie.Kaylor[email protected]

Traffic, Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Probate

Collector of Revenue


Denise Goodwin, Collector
PO Box 7
Monticello MO 63457
[email protected]

Collects current & delinquent real estate and personal property taxes
Collects current & delinquent drainage district taxes
Sells county merchant licenses & auctioneer licenses
Provides the public with information about county taxes
Conduct annual tax certificate sale.

Pay online on the Collector's page at:collector.lewiscountymo.org

Each individual bill needs to be paid in full. We DO NOT accept partial payment. If you have questions, please call our office.

Larry Arnold, Coroner
1100 White St.
Canton MO 63435

Shannon Sapp, County Clerk
Lewis County Clerk & Election Authority
PO Box 67
Monticello MO 63457
Phone 573-767-5205
Fax 573-767-8245
[email protected]

Office Hours 8:00 a.m. to Noon, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Elections & voter registration
Liquor Licenses
Sell County plat books $20, wall maps $40/$50 & county road maps $5
Birth & Death Records 1883 - 1887 very limited

Election information now available atwww.lewiscountyvotes.org

Public Administrator


Luke Barton
P.O. Box 327
Canton MO 63435
Phone 573-260-2424
Fax 660-214-2692

Prosecuting Attorney


Jules (Jake) V. DeCoster, Prosecuting Attorney
PO Box 11
Monticello Mo 63457

Amy Parrish, Recorder of Deeds
100 E Lafayette PO Box 97 Monticello Mo 63457
Phone (573)-767-5440 | Fax (573) 767-5378 | [email protected]

Recorder Information

Lewis County now offers electronically recorded documents.

Features Include:

  • Easy set up
  • No software to install
  • No maintenance fees
  • Greater document security
  • Secure payment of county fees
  • Supports the majority of documents types
  • Rapid turnaround of rejected documents
  • Complete reporting/audit trail

Sign up today at erecord.icounty.com

Lewis County is also offering an online searching and viewing at lewismo.icounty.com

If you would like more information about these services, please contact:

Stacy Atkison
(417) 818-4299
[email protected]

Road & Bridge Department


Bill Rash, Supervisor
Rebecca Colclough, Secretary
PO Box 3
Monticello Mo 63457
[email protected]

For employment opportunities with the Lewis County Road & Bridge Department you can stop at the Road & Bridge office at 100 E Lafayette, Monticello or call 573-767-5212. Monday - Friday 8:00am- 3:30 pm

David Parrish, Sheriff
107 So Washington
Monticello MO 63457

Carson W. Lay, Surveyor
19016 100th Ave
LaBelle Mo 63447
[email protected]

Bonnie Roberson, Treasurer
PO Box 33
Monticello Mo 63457
[email protected]

Lewis County Emergency Management


David Keith, Emergency Management Coordinator
[email protected]

Sours: https://www.lewiscountymo.org/index.cgi?tag=offices
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John L. Breen    mailto:[email protected]

Assessor's Website    https://lewis.wvassessor.com/

110 Center Avenue
Weston, WV 26452
Phone: 304-269-8205
Fax: 304-269-5723

The Assessor of the county is elected every four years. This is a full time position with an annual fixed compensation of $ 49,157.00 with additional fixed compensation of $6,500 to $15,000 for duties specified in state law and supplemental pay up to 10% for additional duties relating to agriculture.

The assessor must obtain from every person within the county a full and correct description of all personal property. This is done by mailing an assessment form to all individuals and businesses. The Assessor’s Office visits all real estate at least once every three years. Market Value on property is current on all property.  All land and personal property assessments must be completed no later than January 30th of each year.

The Assessor will present the land and personal property books to the County Commission no later than the first day of February each year. These will serve the County Commission when sitting as a board of review and equalization. The Assessor shall attend the Board of Equalization and Review hearings and render assistance to the commission with valuations of property.

No later than the third day of March each year, the Assessor will furnish the Recorders of each Municipality, Secretary of the Board of Education and the County Commission certification of the assessed values for the current year. The levying bodies will use these values to prepare their budget estimates and lay the levy. After levy rates are certified by the levying body by the WV State Auditor, they are certified by the Assessor and entered into the computer to allow the printing of tax tickets.

Other duties assigned to the County Assessor are:

  • List all properties exempt from taxation
  • Collect county and local dog taxes
  • Determine eligibility of homeowners for homestead exemption and disability exemptions
  • Maintain tax maps and property records
  • Collect farm statistics annually and report to the Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Collect farm use decal permit fees
  • Annual complete sales ration analysis
  • Present to the tax commission a list of real property transfers
  • Supply a list of new construction and improvements exceeding $1,000 to the tax commissioner
  • Supply a list to the Tax Commissioner of new businesses and discontinued operations
  • Assist by providing information with respect to taxation, classification and public utility properties for uniform assessment
  • Annually assist the tax commissioner in determining the current use

Sours: http://lewiscountywv.org/asindex.html

Property Assessor

Assessor of Property

Travis Hinson
110 North Park Ave Room
Hohenwald, TN 38462
P: 931-796-5848

Lewis County Property Assessor’s Office is located on the lower level of Lewis County Court House.

The Assessor

  • Appraises real estate for assessment purposes
  • Tracks changes in ownership, addresses and property boundaries
  • Is required by state law to verify certain information on real estate sales with buyer or seller
  • Appraises and assesses business personal property (furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment)
  • Responds to requests for public information
  • Must possess both appraisal and administrative skills to do the job

Separation of Duties

  • Assessment function is distinct from taxation function
  • Assessor of Property appraises and classifies the property and then applies the statutory percentages to appraisals to determine assessments
  • County Commission and city governing bodies determine local property tax rates
  • Taxes are collected by county Trustee and city collecting officials

To view a map of Lewis County in search of property information such as acreage, ownership or other information, visit https://tnmap.tn.gov/assessment/.  A property address or owner name may be necessary in order to locate property.


GIS Mapper / Deputy Property AssessorField AgentPersonal Property Agent
Vanessa DicusDustin RawdonSherri Richter

Property taxes in Tennessee are calculated utilizing the following four components:

1.APPRAISED VALUEThe Appraised Value for each taxable property in a county is determined by the county property assessor.
2.ASSESSMENT RATIOThe Assessment Ratio for the different classes of property is established by state law (residential and farm @ 25% of appraised value, commercial/industrial @ 40% of appraised value).
3.ASSESSED VALUEThe Assessed Value is calculated by multiplying the appraised value by the assessment ratio.
4.TAX RATEThe Tax Rate for each county is set by the county commission based on the amount of monies budgeted to fund the provided services. These tax rates vary depending on the level of services provided and the total value of the county’s tax base.


The State

  • State Board of Equalization establishes policies and procedures for local Assessors of Property and hears property appeals beyond the county level.
  • Division of Property Assessments (a division of the Comptroller of the Treasury) monitors the work of Assessors to ensure proper procedures are followed, provides technical assistance during reappraisal programs, and provides manuals and educational programs for use by Assessors

The Assessment Cycle

  • Property appraisals are established during periodic reappraisal programs using current real estate values on either a 6 year, 5 year or 4 year cycle
  • Between reappraisals, the Assessor’s appraisals generally remain constant, with the exception of instances where the property has changed (new buildings , additions, demolitions, etc.)
  • In addition to assessing new construction annually, the Assessor’s office performs a systematic field review of a portion of the county each year so that during a reappraisal cycle all parcels of property are reviewed
  • Changes to the property discovered during review may be added to, or subtracted from the property value between reappraisals, but with the appraised value based on the previous reappraisal program

The Appraisal Process

  • An appraisal is an estimate of the most probable selling price of a property
  • Mass appraisal techniques are employed
  • Physical characteristics listed (dimensions, construction type, age and condition of buildings; size and features of land)
  • Computer resources used as a tool to assist in the intensive analyses and calculations required
  • Assessor’s experience and appraisal judgment are important

The Assessment Process

  • Property is classified based on its use and statutory assessment percentages are applied to appraised values
Residential property25%
Farm property25%
Commercial and industrial property40%
Public utility property55%
Business personal property30%
  • Example: A residence appraised at $ 100,000 would have an assessed value of $25,000
  • Assessment Change Notice required to be sent when the value or classification changes


  • Basis for an appeal: owner’s property value too high, another owner’s value too low, incorrect classification (real vs. tangible personal property, commercial vs. farm or residential property). Tax amounts are not a valid basis for appeal.Steps in an appeal: informal discussion with Assessor, County Board of Equalization (meets beginning June 1), State Board of Equalization (must first appeal to county board), Chancery Court

The Taxation Function

  • Property tax rate is established by the County Commission and city governing bodies
  • Assessor provides assessed value totals to county and city governing bodies
  • Total assessment and estimates of other revenue are combined with budget projections to determine the property tax rate
  • In a reappraisal year, if the local governing body intends to adopt a tax rate that would generate more revenue than the previous year, a public hearing must be advertised and held

Source: Comptroller.tn.gov

Sours: http://lewiscountytn.com/property-assessor/

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