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Hydraulic fitting, nipple BOBCAT 320/323


Are you looking for travel gearbox parts? Do you want to know how to look for them effectively? In this article we will show you how to search for parts not only for excavator final drive but also for other machines using planetary or cycloidal drive.

Did your planetary gear get broken? Hydromotor drive or rotation lost strength and the machine became less efficient? Relax, you’re in a situation where almost every owner of construction equipment was. However, if you do not have much experience in repairs of machine drive systems or you just do not know it, then you need to hire a qualified mechanic or have the machine serviced. Once you find the right mechanic, you just need to find the right travel gearbox parts, final drive or other component. This becomes a hassle if you do not know the proper terminology or names of some parts. /Bobcat hydraulic fitting/


The travel final drive consists of a travel motor and a gearbox assy. Travel gearbox is a transmission part in which individual rows of drive wheels, intermediate gears, shafts and bearings are located. The diagram shows the design of the planetary gear, the travel gearbox of the Hitachi EX30 mini excavator. In this way, 90% of the excavators of mini excavators weighing up to 4 tons are built, and heavier machines have 2, 3 or even 4 rows of gears. Hence – automatically more bearings and more intermediate gears. Below you’ll find the terminology you should use to successfully find the parts you need. /Bobcat hydraulic fitting/

Naming individual parts of the gearbox assy:

2) floating seals (2 metal sealers and 2 rubber O-rings)

3) main bearing (in the final drive, 1 double-row or 2 single-row is mounted, the bearings are usually ball and angular)

4) travel gearbox nut (nut tightening the bearing)

Fuel filler cap Hitachi

5)control nipple (counter nut nipple)

6)external housing of the reducer

7)buckshots protecting the final drive

8) side nipples

9) gear wheel, lower row sprocket

10) lower row needle bearing

11) lower row sprocket bushing

12) lower row sprocket washer

13) satellite tightening ring for the pins

14) satellite tightening bolt for the pins

15) sun gear (transmits drive from the upper row to the lower row of gears, satellites)

16) protecting seager

17) upper gear disk (do niego montowane są górne koła zębate)

18) upper gear, sprocket

19) upper row needle bearing

20) upper row bushing

21) upper row securing pin

22) sun shaft

23) satellite tightening ring for the pins

24) cover

25) safety wire

26) protecting seager

Knowing this naming will save you a lot of time and energy when searching for the necessary parts. You also need to remember to know the exact model of your machine. The catalog number or dimensions of the items you are interested in will also help, as this will help you avoid making mistakes in choosing the right parts. /Bobcat hydraulic fitting/

Thanks to the purchases in our online store, you will save the necessary resources to run your business. Also you can quickly and efficiently repair the damaged component and reactivate machine to work. In addition, you get guarantee of quality, professional and pleasant service without trouble connected with contacting service or dealer.

Benefits of buying:

  • money saving
  • time saving
  • product of best quality in minimum price
  • guarantee of quality
  • professional and calm service
  • express type of delivery

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5/8" SAE Flat Face Coupler Set Hydraulic Quick Connect Fitting Bobcat CAT CASE Volvo New Holland Thomas ASV


5/8" SAE Flat Face Coupler Set Hydraulic Quick Connect Fitting Bobcat CAT CASE Volvo New Holland Thomas ASV/strong>

This set includes:
1* Male Flat Face Coupler
1* Female Flat Face Coupler
2* Protective Dust Caps

Coupler Body Size:           1/2"
Coupler Thread Size:        5/8" SAE
Thread Inner Diameter:     0.81”
Thread Dash Number:       -10
Coupler Material Type:      Steel
Coupler Plating Type:        Corrosion-resistant trivalent zinc


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Fitting, Hydraulic, Hose to replace Bobcat OEM 7109344

Loader Parts Source, Inc. offers this Fitting, Hydraulic, Hose to replace Bobcat OEM 7109344.

  • This is the middle hose between the hydraulic tank and pump.
  • This Hose fits the Bobcat S150, S160, S175, S185, S205 Skid Steer Loaders, and, T180, T190 Compact Track Loaders.

Serial Number Breaks:
S150; 529711001 - 529712344, 529811001 - 529811218
S160; 529911001 - 529911762, 530011001 - 530011281
S175; 530111001 - 530113159, 530211001 - 530211884
S185; 530311001 - 530314729, 530411001 - 530411277
S205; 530511001 - 530512289, 530611001 - 530611259
T180; 531411001 - 531411581, 531511001 - 531511108
T190; 531611001 - 531614091, 531711001 - 531711181

LPS7109344 meets or EXCEEDS OEM specifications.
We offer a one year warranty. See our policy HERE.
At Loader Parts Source, Inc. we strive for excellence. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. If our product does not achieve this, please give us the chance to make it right! You can contact us by following this link or call our friendly Customer Service Representatives Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Time at (866) 573-3659.
The use of original names and part numbers is for reference purposes only.



I have a1998, 753 bobcat. The hydraulic hose suction line from the filter to the suction side of the pump started leaking. I was able to get the hose (JIC Fitting) broke loose/unthreaded after applying heat to the to the tightening nut on the hose fitting. This one was relatively easy to get to. Now comes the fitting that is connected to the suction side of the pump. Not easy to get to, The fitting is between the engine and the hydraulic pump. I can't get a conventional 1 1/4 box end on the fitting. I was able to put a 1 1/4" crow's foot on, with a 4" extension, with a 1/2" ratchet. This fitting will not budge either. Applied penetrating oil, still no budge on the fitting.
Now, I have considered applying heat, but there is a bundle of electrical wires next to the fitting, and the fitting is not in plain site, so that not a good option. Anyone got any idea's on what needs to be disassembled/removed to get to the fitting or any idea's on how to get the fitting broke loose??

North Eastern NDair chisel works great if you can get to it....

Garland MaineI have sometimes packed snow around something to keep the torch from melting or igniting something undesirable. Welding gloves or apron tied around parts works sometimes too.

N Central IASecond the air chisel trick if you can get to it. A dull flat chisel on the flat edge of the hydraulic fitting works wonders.

Mid MichiganI wish you luck. I just encountered this on my White disk. I needed a new hydraulic hose on the main lift cylinder and was getting ready to have it made up and I could NOT get the old one out of the cylinder. I went from cresent wrench to end wrench to the best pair of Vice Grips on the planet and it wouldn't budge. I got out the small propane torch and thought this will be easy. Didn't phase it! Now I'm getting desperate because I'm starting to slip and chew the fitting up. I'm seriously worried about breaking it off. Now I get the acetelene torch out and yikes. Heated it three times with a wet rag to keep it from blowing up on me and it finally cracked loose. Never in a million years did I think that could or would have happened. Only other option that crossed my mind was to cut it off with a hacksaw and try to use a six point socket with 1/2 inch impact or breaker bar. Was a very bad situation. Good luck.

Western IowaSometimes if you can get a straight shot at it with a long punch, I will hit the punch a few times with the end directly on a flat of a fitting. I will also hit the line right below the fitting some as well. Have to be delicate there.

NW OhioI have tried all the above with success and not,

Some ideas...or things I have also done....
Before trying the below methods...
Put your crow foot on the nut, then on the flat or on top of where the 1/2" square drive fits in, hit with large drift punch or better yet, rattle it with a round punch and air hammer.

I have only a few times and got lucky with the Loctite freeze and release, worth a try.... ????.....see my confidence :-)

IF you are going to replace with a new line....then I have just cut it and try and get a 6 point socket on it.

I have also, took a drill, depending on size, but if yours is 1 1/4 wrench, then take like a 1/8" drill bit and drill some partial depth holes in a straight line on a flat of the fitting, then take a cold chisel or better yet air chisel and see if it will rattle it off. This will ruin the nut, but also might let you get a better bite on it or crack it easier, like a nut splitter tool does.


Thanks all for your replies. Finally got the fitting loose. Had to remove the oil cooler, radiator, fan/fan shroud, and then was able to get access to the top side of the hydraulic fitting down through the hole where the fan shroud was at. Was able to break loose with a 1 1/4 box end and then back it out with the crow's foot. Skid loaders are a great machine, but can be a real challenge to work on easily.

Thanks all for your replies. Finally got the fitting loose. Had to remove the oil cooler, radiator, fan/fan shroud, and then was able to get access to the top side of the hydraulic fitting down through the hole where the fan shroud was at. Was able to break loose with a 1 1/4 box end and then back it out with the crow's foot. Skid loaders are a great machine, but can be a real challenge to work on easily.

Hydraulic fitting bobcat

Jic Bobcat Hydraulic Fittings

JIC hydraulic fittings is often found in Bobcat excavators in North America market, JIC is SAE 37 deg flare fittings as defined by ISO 8434-4 standards, also the same to SAE J514.


Jiayuan can offer custom jic fittings for Doosan Bobcat machinery such as: skid-steer loader, excavators, utility vehicles, compact track loader.

 JIC Bobcat hydraulic fittings equipment

As this pircture showed, we offer JIC hydraulic fittings for Bobcat types as follows:

Shapes such as Straight JIC hydraulic fittings, Elbow JIC fitting adapters, Tee JIC flare connector, Cross JIC fittings.

Material such as staineless jic fittings, brass jic adapters, steel jic pipe fittings etc.

FInish is Zinc plate CrVI free.

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how to hook up auxiliary hydraulics - skid steer auxiliary hydraulic couplers

Understanding the working methods of Bobcat hydraulic quick couplings and skid steering hydraulic systems is the key to achieving optimal performance. Maintaining hydraulic systems with the correct Bobcat quick couplings is essential for efficient, leak-free operation. Choosing the right hydraulic quick coupling can make the skid steer machine and the required accessories run smoothly and efficiently.

Power Many Attachments with Quick Couplers

  • Buckets – Various types of buckets can be used in utility vehicles, loaders for loading dirt, grain, fertilizer, rocks, heavy construction materials and short buckets
  • Wood chipper – It is easy to grind branches, trees and branches with continuous chipping.
  • Excavator – Easily pick up and move tree stumps, rocks, broken concrete or special-shaped objects. Use with ditching bucket or three-tooth grab and backhoe attachment.
  • Concrete mixer – Compared with using a stand-alone mixer, the concrete mixer is controlled from inside or outside the cab to mix, transport and dump concrete faster.
  • Digger – Easily dig trenches and holes up to 48 inches deep, remove large rocks, stumps, and transplant trees and bushes.
  • Grapple – Use the grappling hook attachment to remove debris, rocks, overgrowth, brushes and roots, while allowing dirt to fall between the teeth, thereby reducing the load and reducing the load
  • Forestry cutter – Cut down bushes and trees and grind them into mulch, covering areas ranging from 50 inches, 60 inches, and 70 inches.
  • Mowers – Use lawn mower attachments to quickly mow large areas with a cutting width of 71.5 or 89.5 inches.
  • Pallet fork – The fork is one of the most common bobcat attachments, which can lift and carry heavy objects easily.
  • Snow blade – Used to clear snow on driveways, sidewalks and parking lots to reduce snow accumulation.
  • Snow pusher – Remove snow from uneven surfaces, such as decorative concrete, sloped sidewalks or paving stones.

All these Bobcat accessories have something in common, they require the correct Bobcat hydraulic quick couplings to work effectively. Regardless of the purpose of your Bobcat vehicle or the accessories used, understanding the hydraulic system and knowing how to maintain and replace the Bobcat quick coupling is essential to the performance of the equipment

Understanding the hydraulic coupler system

The hydraulic coupling system on the skid steer utility vehicle is very similar in different brands and models, which makes it easy for you to understand how Bobcat hydraulic quick couplers work and how to best replace them. Although many hydraulic quick connectors may be compatible with various skid steer and Bobcat equipment, they are not manufactured in the same way. Choosing the correct Bobcat quick coupling will provide effective, efficient and leak-free hydraulic fluid control.

Many people want to know how to use hydraulic couplers, how to connect them and their purpose. It is important to know how to connect the skid steer attachment, how to set up the quick coupling on the machine and the function of the quick coupling option outside the machine. You should see the quick connect coupling options arranged vertically outside the machine.

The first quick coupler at the bottom is usually a flat face female quick coupler, which is a pressurized quick connect coupler on the Bobcat. A trigger switch inside the cab sends traffic to this pressurized coupler to power accessories such as lawn mowers, buckets or other powered accessories. When the hydraulic flow returns, it returns through the male coupler, which is the third from the bottom. Then, the male connector brings pressure back to the Bobcat through the filter system to pump back through the female pressure connector.

Therefore, the bottom quick coupler is a female pressure coupler that powers all accessories, the third coupler from the bottom up is a male return coupler, and the coupler between the two is the case drain. This is a 3/8 male flat face coupling. . This very important quick coupler brings excess pressure back to the return pipe and tank. In this case, the drain pipe joint can prevent the motor on the accessory from rupturing due to backlog. The attachment at the top is a 14-pin or 8-pin electrical connector, allowing the operator to control the additional functions of the attachment.


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