Kroger party trays

Kroger party trays DEFAULT
PARTY PLATTERSAppetizerAntipasto & Olive Platter$34.99This Mediterranean sampler includes fresh mozzarella, premium olives, dolmas, roasted red pepper, pita, hummus and more. Serves 12-16Bruschetta, Hummus, & Tapenade$29.99A trio of tempting Mediterranean flavors. Each platter includes all three toppings and plenty of rustic crostini. Serves 12-16Deviled Eggs$12.99Rich and creamy, our deviled eggs are a must-have for any picnic or BBQ. Includes two dozen deviled egg halves. Serves 12-16Fiesta Dip$19.99Combining fresh, tangy salsa with rich sour cream and hearty beans and cheese, this party platter has south-of-the-border spice. Serves 12-16Spinach Dip$14.99This pumpernickel bread bowl comes filled with your choice of spinach dip or creamy spinach/artichoke dip and plenty of sliced baguette for dipping. One size only, serves 10-12.Pretzel Sticks & Party Dip$9.99Freshly baked sliced pretzel sticks served with zesty nacho cheese…dunk or dip, this is better than just chips!. Serves 6-8.BreakfastBagel Platter$12.99One dozen freshly baked bagels in a variety of flavors. The cream cheese comes with it! One size – Serves 10-12Breakfast Breads & Condiments$16.99Mix and match breakfast with an assortment of mini croissants, fruit and nut breads, butter, jelly, and cream cheese. Serves 12-16Breakfast Croissants$19.99Flaky, buttery croissants, served with your choice of deli meats and cheeses. Serves 12-16.Danish Platter$14.99Two dozen mini pastries that look as good as they taste! Choose your favorite assortment from the Bakery Department. Serves 10-12Fruit & Granola Platter$19.99Hearty with a touch of sweet. Includes fresh strawberries, granola and vanilla yogurt. Serves 12-16Sweet Loaf Bread & Berries$24.99An assortment of fruit and nut breads paired with fresh strawberries and whipped cream cheese. Serves 12-16Mini Muffin Platter$14.99Great for breakfast meetings! Three dozen assorted variety of mini muffins. Serves 10-12Donut Hole Platter$6.99Sweet, fluffy bite-sized treats, including powdered and sour cream varieties. Serves 12-16Strudel Bites Platter$6.99Layers of paper-thin dough baked into a flaky crust and filled with fruit for a delicious breakfast or dessert. 36 Count. Serves 10-12Doughssant Platter$10.99What do you get with your cross a doughnut and a croissant? A Doughssant!! A dozen of our flaky, buttery croissants glazed like a doughnut that melts in your mouth. Serves 10-12Italian Pastry Platter$12.99An assorted dozen of Sunrise Hazelnut Cream, Dark Chocolate and Light Custard Cream Clamshell, and Black Cherry Custard Angel Wings. Serves 6-8Signature Muffin Platter$14.99A dozen of our irresistible signature muffins. Includes banana nut, blueberry and double dutch chocolate. Serves 10-12Butter Croissants Platter$8.99A dozen flaky croissants. Delicious for breakfast, with dinner or for sandwiches. Serves 10-12Deli Meat and CheeseCubed Meats and Cheese$32.99Bite-sized cubes of turkey, ham, swiss and cheddar. Serves 12-16.Condiments$19.99The ideal compliment to our meat and cheese platters – and great for backyard barbecues too! Serves 12-16.Assorted Rolls Platter$8.9918 fresh assorted mini croissants and slider rolls. Great with the Meat & Cheese Platter Serves 12-16.Deli Meat & Cheese (Small)$29.99Most popular deli meats and cheeses-premium Private Selection Oven Roasted Turkey, Smokehouse Ham, Roast Beef and more. (Serves 8-12)Deli Meat & Cheese (Medium)$33.99Most popular deli meats and cheeses-premium Private Selection Oven Roasted Turkey, Smokehouse Ham, Roast Beef and more. (Serves 12-16)Deli Meat & Cheese (Large)$36.99Most popular deli meats and cheeses-premium Private Selection Oven Roasted Turkey, Smokehouse Ham, Roast Beef and more. (Serves 16-20)Italian Meats$34.99Italian Meats platter is piled high with salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, provolone and much more. Serves 12-16.Specialty Cheese & Fruit Platter$36.99Finest cheeses, perfectly paired with grapes and assorted dried fruit. Includes Brie, Stilton, Gruyere, Gouda and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Serves 12-16.Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey – 14″ Medium$44.99A simply perfect platter of oven roasted turkey breast that your guests will thoroughly enjoy. Medium serves 12-16. Made with Ovengold Turkey Breast.Boar’s Head Sweet Slice Ham – 14″ Medium$44.99A traditional boneless smoked ham, ideal for any occasion. Medium serves 12-16. Made with Sweet Slice ham.Boar’s Head Chicken QuartetA sampling of four crowd pleasing chicken breast varieties, each oven-roasted to perfection. Large serves 16-20.16″ Large$49.9914″ Medium$44.99Boar’s Head Spicy & SavoryAdd a little zip to any gathering by selecting this spicy, flavorful selection for your next get-together. Large serves 16-20. Chipotle Chicken, Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken Breast & Jerk Turkey® Breast with Chipotle Gouds and Colby Jack.16″ Large$49.9914″ Medium$44.99Boar’s Head Crowd PleaserTreat your guests to a classic assortment of meats and cheeses. A selection that is sure to please all. Large serves 16-20. Ovengold Turkey Breast, Deluxe Roast Beef, Black Forest Brand Ham, Gold Label Imported Swiss and Muenster.16″ Large$49.9914″ Medium$44.99Boar’s Head Lighter FareEating better doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. A sampling of reduced sodium cheeses and certified heart healthy meals. Medium serves 12-16.14″ Medium$44.9916″ Large$49.99Boar’s Head Italian Antipasto – 14″ Medium$49.99An exquisite selection of traditional Old World Italian Favorites. Medium serves 12-16. Pepperoni, Bianco D’Oro Salame, Peppered Salame, Prosciutto Pnino and Picante Sharp Provolone.Boar’s Head Classic cheese – 14″ Medium$29.99A variety of Classic cheeses that complement any cold cut platter. Medium serves 12-16. Gold Label Imported Swiss, Yellow Sharp Cheddar, Muenster, Picante Sharp Provolone, and Smoked Gouda.Boar’s Head International cheese – 14″ Medium$69.99Delight refined palettes with the sampling of imported cheese. Medium serves 12-16. Canadian Cheddar, Cream Havarti, Chipotle Gouda, Double Gloucester, Parmigiano Reggiano, Gold Label Imported Swiss, with dried fruits and nuts.DessertsBrownie Platter$19.99An assortment of rich chocolate brownies topped with fudge icing, cream cheese icing, and pecans. Serves 16-20.Mini Cookie Platter$9.99108 of our moist, bite-sized cookies, including sugar, chocolate chip and candy varieties. Serves 10-12Soft Top Cookie Platter$7.9920 of our freshly baked pillow-soft cookies and sure to hit the sweet spot. Includes Chocolate-Chocolate Chip, Cranberry Orange, Pumpkin Chip and Banana Walnut. Serves 12-16Private Selection™ Gourmet Cookies Platter$12.9924 of our assorted cookies handcrafted from quality ingredients – includes the indulgent Chocolate Lover Chunk. Serves 12-16.Pudding Cake PlattersMoist and delicious, these are sliced and ready to serve. Includes chocolate, vanilla and more.12 count (serves 6-8)$14.9930 count (serves 25-30)$24.99Signature Cheesecake Platter$24.9912 of our creamy New York-style cheesecake with a graham cracker crust surrounded by fresh strawberries.Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert PlattersDelicate layered mousse cakes. Includes chocolate tuxedo, tiramisu and strawberry.12 count (serves 6-8)$19.9924 count (serves 25-30)$39.99KidsKid’s Fruit Platter$19.99A healthy snack the kids will love. Includes orange slices, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and vanilla yogurt. Serves 12-16.PB & J$12.99The classic kid sandwich, garnished with gummy worms. Serves 12-16S’mores$12.99The campfire classic- ready to go! Made with graham crackers, marshmallow and Hershey’s Chocolate. Serves 12-16.Dirt & Worms Kit$19.99Relax…the worms are gummy and the dirt is chocolate pudding and Oreo cookies! Serves 12-16Salads, Fruits and VeggiesMozzarella Tomato$14.99This simple salad will wow your guests- made with fresh tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, and basil. Available seasonally, please call 1-877-894-3707 for availability. Serves 6-8Carrot & Celery – Small$12.99Carrot, Celery, Dip Small Serves 6-8Caesar Salad$14.99Zesty Caesar is made with romaine lettuce, shredded Parmesan and plenty of crunchy croutons. Serves 12-16Fresh Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip$29.99Bright and colorful, this platter is loaded with the freshest seasonal fruits. Medium – Serves 12-16.Fresh Vegetable Platter$26.99Crisp, crunchy veggies with plenty of creamy ranch for dipping. Medium – Serves 12-16.Spring Salad$14.99Garnished with grape tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber slices, and your choice of dressing. Serves 12-16 Please contact store for salad dressing selections.Party SubsParty Subs by the Footig parties call for big sandwiches! Classic – loaded with turkey, ham, cheddar cheese along with lettuce, tomato, red onion and garlic herb spread! Each foot serves 4-5.2 ft. Sub$24.004 ft. Sub$44.006 ft. Sub$59.99SandwichesAssorted Wrap Platter$29.99Assorted wrap sandwiches are made to order with your favorite meats and cheeses. Serves 12-16.Pita Pocket Platter$24.99A variety of white and wheat pita breads stuffed with deli meats and cheeses. Serves 12-16.Pretzel Ham & Cheese Sliders$29.99Delicious pretzel buns baked fresh in stores with delicious smoked turkey, honey ham and Swiss cheese. Serves 12-16Individual Boxed Lunch$6.99Private Selection™ Ham or Turkey and Cheese on a white or wheat sub, Chips and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. Must be ordered 48 hours in advance. See store for details.Mini Croissant Sandwiches$22.99Buttery, flaky mini croissants filled with our delicious chicken salad. Serves 12-16.Sandwich Wedges$26.99Choose from chicken or tuna salad on white, wheat or both. Great with any of our veggie or fruit platters! Serves 12-16.Assorted Sandwich Platter$29.99Customize this popular platter with a great variety of meats, cheeses and breads – and serve a little something for everyone! Medium – Serves 12-16.Tea Sandwiches$24.99These bite-sized sandwiches are the perfect prelude to a great party feast. Serves 12-16.Boar’s Head Assorted Wraps – 14″ Medium$39.99Crowd pleasing meats and cheeses wrapped in your choice of a white or wheat wrap that are easy to handle for any occasion. Medium Serves 12-16. Customize any Platter with Your Choice of Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses.Small PlattersSmall Platter – Turkey Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99Turkey Pinwheel Sandwiches. Perfect any time! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Cubed Cheese$14.99An assortment of cheddar, colby jack, monterey jack and pepperjack cheese cubes. Serves 6-8Small Platter – Breaded Bone-In Wings$17.99Breaded Bone-In Wings! Perfect any time! Just Heat & Serve! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Breaded Boneless Wings$17.99Breaded Boneless Chicken Wings with Ranch Dip. Just Heat & Serve! Serves 6-8.Small Platter – Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders$17.99Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders with Ranch Dip. Just Heat & Serve! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Combo Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99Combo Pinwheel Sandwiches. Perfect any time! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Ham Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99Ham Pinwheel Sandwiches. Perfect any time!Small Platter – Cubed Meat & Cheese$14.99Meats and Cheeses – Perfect any time! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Roasted Bone-In Wings$17.99Breaded Bone-In Wings with Ranch Dip. Just Heat & Serve! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Vegetables & Ranch Dip$14.99Vegetable & Ranch Dip. Perfect any time! Serves 6-8Small Platter – Meat & Cheese$14.99Meat & Cheese Tray. Perfect any time! Serves 6-8Wings and ThingsBone-In Roasted Chicken Wings$34.99Choose from Honey BBQ or Zesty Buffalo. Ranch dip included. Serves 12-16Boneless Chicken Wing Platter$34.99Choose from Honey Barbecue or Zesty Buffalo Sauce! Serves 12-16Breaded Bone-In Wing Platter$34.99With tasty ranch for dipping, these wings are perfect for get-togethers. Serves 12-16Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders Platter$34.99Great-tasting fresh hand breaded tenders, on a platter with ranch dip. A perfect platter for any occasion. Serves 12-16Breaded Boneless Wing Party Pan Hot$24.99Breaded Boneless Wings. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Party Pans Baby Back Ribs Hot$24.99BBQ Ribs. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Party Pans BBQ Pulled Pork Hot$24.99BBQ Pulled Pork. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Roasted Bone-In Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99Roasted Bone-In Wings. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Breaded Bone-In Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99Breaded Bone-In Wings. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Spicy Breaded Bone-In Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99Spicy Breaded Bone-In Wings. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Unbreaded Boneless Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99Unbreaded Boneless Wings. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.Fresh Hand Breaded Tenders Party Pan Hot$24.99Fresh Hand Breaded Tenders. Made to order. Sold Hot only. Perfect for Parties, Graduations, Tailgating, Gatherings. Serves 10-12.

The Kroger Company is one of the oldest food stores in the world. At more than 140 years old, it is considered to be an authority when it comes to providing excellent grocery and catering experience.

The company originally began to operate its first grocery store in 1883. Today, the company has more than 2,600 branches in operation in 34 US states. Aside from establishing grocery stores, Kroger is also famous for its catering service. Kroger catering is famous for being flexible and reliable.

Kroger specializes in providing different varieties of food. The company can provide meals for all sorts of occasions. Catering meals consist of Party Platters that can be used to serve breakfast, lunch, or dinner. People generally enjoy the food provided by Kroger catering because of its freshness. The company is also loved by businessmen and party planners because it has a meal plan for every type of event.

Kroger Catering Menu

Antipasto & Olive Platter$34.99
Bruschetta, Hummus, & Tapenade Platter$29.99
Deviled Eggs Platter$12.99
Fiesta Dip Platter$19.99
Spinach Dip Platter$14.99
Pretzel Sticks & Party Dip$9.99
Assorted Bagel Platter$12.99
Breakfast Breads Platter$16.99
Breakfast Croissants Sandwiches Platter$19.99
Mini Danish Platter$14.99
Fruit & Granola Platter$19.99
Sweet Loaf Cake & Strawberries Platter$24.99
Mini Muffin Platter$14.99
Donut Hole Platter$6.99
Strudel Bites Platter$6.99
Doughssant Platter$10.99
Italian Pastry Platter$12.99
Signature Muffin Platter$14.99
Butter Croissants Platter$8.99
Deli Meat and Cheese
Cubed Meats and Cheese Platter$32.99
Condiments Platter$19.99
Assorted Rolls Platter$8.99
Butter Croissants Platter$8.99
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter Medium (serves 12-16)$29.99
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter Large (serves 16-20)$36.99
Italian Meats Platter$34.99
Specialty Cheese & Fruit Platter$36.99
Boar's Head Ovengold Turkey - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Sweet Slice Ham - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Chicken Quartet - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Chicken Quartet - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Spicy & Savory - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Spicy & Savory - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Crowd Pleaser - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Crowd Pleaser - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Lighter Fare - 14" Medium Platter$44.99
Boar's Head Lighter Fare - 16" Large Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Italian Antipasto - 14" Medium Platter$49.99
Boar's Head Classic cheese - 14" Medium Platter$29.99
Boar's Head International cheese - 14" Medium Platter$69.99
Iced Brownie Platter$19.99
Mini Cookie Platter$9.99
Soft Top Cookie Platter$7.99
Private Selection Gourmet Cookies Platter$12.99
Pudding Cake Platters 12 Count (serves 6-8)$14.99
Pudding Cake Platters 30 Count (serves 25-30)$24.99
Signature Cheesecake Platter$24.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert Platters 12 Count (serves 6-8)$19.99
Original Cakerie Gourmet Dessert Platters 30 Count (serves 25-30)$39.99
Kid's Fruit Platter$19.99
PB & J Platter$12.99
S'mores Platter$12.99
Dirt & Worms Kit Platter$19.99
Mini Cookie Platter$9.99
Salads, Fruits and Veggies
Mozzarella Tomato$14.99
Carrot & Celery - Small$12.99
Caesar Salad$14.99
Fresh Fruit Platter with Yogurt Dip$29.99
Fresh Vegetable Platter$26.99
Spring Salad$14.99
Assorted Wrap Platter$29.99
Pita Pocket Platter$24.99
Pretzel Ham & Cheese Sliders$29.99
Mini Croissant Sandwiches$22.99
Sandwich Wedges$26.99
Assorted Sandwich Platter$29.99
Tea Sandwiches$24.99
Individual Boxed Lunch$6.99
Boar's Head Assorted Wraps - 14" Medium$39.99
Party Subs
2ft. Sub$24.00
4ft. Sub$44.00
6ft. Sub$59.99
Small Platters
Small Platter - Turkey Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Cubed Cheese$14.99
Small Platter - Breaded Bone-In Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Breaded Boneless Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Fresh Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders$17.99
Small Platter - Combo Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Ham Pinwheel Sandwich$15.99
Small Platter - Cubed Meat & Cheese$14.99
Small Platter - Roasted Bone-In Wings$17.99
Small Platter - Vegetables & Ranch Dip$14.99
Small Platter - Meat & Cheese$14.99
Wings and Things
Breaded Boneless Wing Party Pan$24.99
Baby Back Ribs Party Pan$24.99
Roasted Bone-In Wings Party Pan Hot$24.99
Breaded Bone-In Wing Party Pan$24.99
Unbreaded Boneless Wing Party Pan$24.99
Fresh Hand Breaded Tenders Party Pan$24.99

Pros of Kroger Catering

The Kroger company is loved by event organizers because of its convenience. Orders can be made through the company’s website.

Meals offered in the Kroger Company’s catering business are popular because the company prioritizes quality. Customers are satisfied with top-notch meals made of quality produce.

How to Order from Kroger Catering

You need to place your order at Kroger’s at least a week before the planned event. This will ensure that the food is well-prepared. However, you can still place an order even if the event is three days away.

Orders can be placed through the company website. When ordering, customers need to provide their location, the event’s time and date, and the specifications on the food.

The customer will also need to choose which Kroger branch they want to pick up the food from. The customer will then be informed of when the food is available at the chosen branch.

Popular items for breakfast include the Danish platter, Bagel platter, and the Mini Muffin Platter. For lunch and dinner, popular choices include the Ham Pinwheel, Turkey Pinwheel, and Breaded Bone-in Wings.

There are also meals for children available, such as the classic PB & J, a Fruit Platter, and S’mores. You can customize the type and the number of meals to be served depending on your needs.

Kroger Catering Reviews

Ratings for Kroger’s catering are always high, with people lauding the company’s food quality and excellent service.

If you do not have online access, you can go to a Kroger’s grocery store near you and place your order there.

The price of meals can vary from $5 to $50 per plate. Therefore, if you are on a budget but you need to feed a large group of people, you can choose lower priced meals to lessen your expense.

You will need to pick up the meals you ordered from the Kroger’s store you selected upon ordering. Delivery for catering meals is not available in many US states.

Considering the food quality, the prices of the meals are considered to be well reasoned. Pricing is a bit higher than what you will find at Kroger’s competitors, but the company assures that prices are higher due to quality.

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Kroger Deli Trays- Your Best Catering Pal

Managing work, life, kids, and home – life is hard. Add social distancing to this mix, and we find an epic recipe of stress. If life is weighing your down, ask Kroger Deli trays to pick you up. It’s ready to eat and heat and eat menu are your best pals for your daily meal planning as well as a party menu selection.

kroger deli trays menu

What’s the best point? The interface at Kroger Deli app is user-friendly allowing you to choose your meals quickly without much ado.

Are you ready to bring ease to your life? Here is some crucial information that may help you.

What is Kroger Deli Trays Offer?

Kroger Deli trays offer tens of options for different meals including breakfast, lunch, school lunch, dinner, snacks, and international flavors. You are now covered even if you want healthier tastes of Kroger deli salads or protein-rich options from Kroger deli pizza.

Among different options, you can pick vegetables, chicken sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and spinach pizza options. If you want to prepare your own choice of toppings, you can buy dough and from the brand and take off the remaining cooking at home.

Kroger Deli Menu



Authentic Italian

Deluxe Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Mild Provolone Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, Lettuce and Deli Dressing

Ovengold Turkey

Ovengold, Turkey, White American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Pepperhouse Gourmandise

Black Forest Ham

Black Forest Ham, Mild Provolone Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Deli Style Mustard

Deluxe Roast Beef

Deluxe Roast Beef, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Horseradish Sauce

EverRoast Chicken Club

EverRoast Chicken, White American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Pepperhouse Gourmandise

Italian Sandwich

Taste Old World Tradition


Smoke House$5.99
Roast Chicken$5.99


Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders – Traditional or Buffalo (1lb)$7.99
Chicken Wings – Breaded Or Roasted (10pc)$7.89
By the Piece$0.79
Boneless Wings – Breaded or Unbreaded (1lb)$5.49

For healthy snacks, you can go for whole fruits and vegetables or cut fruits and salads. Use vegetable medley or vegetable blend to cook meals without having to go through all steps of planning and preparation.

Meat dishes include pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and beef meats. Different options include sausages, hotdogs, and ground meat.

Frozen meals include pizza, appetizers, snacks, vegetables, breakfast, desserts, bread, juices, and meat. Kroger deli bakery order online is another option that interests consumers a lot. The brand has developed dedicated menus for kid’s school lunches. A few options include different meat lunch kits and various salad kits. You may buy spreads, bread, juices, and condiments to ease your lunch preparation task.

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Party trays, however small, make another valuable part of the deli menu. Two options include Salami cheese and cracker party and Ham turkey cheese and cracker party tray.

How to Order Kroger Deli?

The user-friendly app of Kroger makes it easy for the customers (even first-time users) to choose their meal solution and order. You can also use the Kroger deli phone number to place an order. Thanks to technology, placing an order with Kroger is stress-free.

kroger deli order online

Your only concern, while ordering, should be Kroger deli hours. Thankfully, stores are open for extended hours starting from 5 in the morning and ending at 9 pm. When you are on the go or are commuting between your home and workplace, you can choose between pick and delivery options whichever suits your schedule.  Although Kroger delivery is available in most zones, keep in mind that the shipping option is not available for the deli menu.

Wrap Up

Kroger deli trays make a perfect meal plan for you to free up your mental space and add a few hours to your daily life. The best thing about these trays is the variety of options available. You can now enjoy a healthier lifestyle you always wanted without compromising on taste.

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