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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Get Cat Skull Mask

Masks are an important part of Red Dead Redemption 2.  If you want to commit crimes, you&#;re going to want to do it with a mask if you don&#;t want the lawmen and bounty hunters chasing you down.  Some masks can be purchased at vendors, but others are going to be found out in the wild and can only be gotten by doing a little exploration.  The Cat Skull Mask is one of those hidden masks that you can find in the Lagras Swamp.


Using the map above, the Cat Skull Mask is located in a submerged building in the swamp.  The building is somewhat hard to get into as it is partially submerged in the swamp.  You&#;ll need to duck through the second opening and then climb up to take the Cat Skull Mask.

That cat skull mask is a special hat. They can be stored on your horse and then instantly equipped by accessing them through the items menu. If you drop the mask it will be glowing when on the ground.

We did not notice whether the mask offered any special bonuses other than making your character look more menacing.

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To use them, you should head to the wardrobe, find them (they have their own category) and send them to the horse by pressing square (X on Xbox). Once you&#;ve done that, simply walk up to the horse, open up the weapon wheel and switch to the horse part. Look for the masks in the lower left corner, to the left of the outfits.

Pig mask location

The pig head mask is hidden in a butcher&#;s shop in Butcher Creek, northwest of Van Horn Trading Post. You&#;ll find it hanging from a pole near the butcher in the middle of the area.

rdr 2 where to find pig mask location
where to find pig mask location rdr2

Cat skull mask location

The cat skull mask is hidden in the Bayou. You&#;ll find it at Lakay, north of Saint Denis. Follow the road into the village, and look to your right as the road ends. You&#;ll see a half-sunken shack. Enter it and go into the back room. The mask will be mounted high up on the wall.

red dead redemption 2 where to find cat skull mask
red dead redemption 2 cat skull mask location

Ram skull mask location

The ram skull mask can be found in New Austin, so you&#;ll have to be pretty far into the game before you can get it. You&#;ll find it at Rathskeller Fork, an abandoned farm north of Tumbleweed. There&#;s a sheep pen in the east of the farm, and you&#;ll find the mask hanging on one of the pillars holding up the roof beams.

rdr 2 ram skull mask location
red dead redemption 2 ram skull mask

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Red Dead Redemption 2 - how to get the Morion Helmet and the Ram Skull Mask

There are loads of strange and unique items to be found in Red Dead Redemption 2, including animal skulls you can wear as masks.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how to get the feather-topped Morion Helmet and the Pagan Ram Skull Mask.

For the Morion Helmet, you need to find the frozen settler. His rigid corpse can be found at the top of Mount Hagen, in the Northwest of the map.

Here’s the location:

Here’s what it looks like on:

There’s also a Pagan ritual site to the Southwest of this location, in the most Western part of the map above Blackwater. It’s almost directly West of Strawberry.

And here’s how mega it looks on:

If you fancy growing a beard and rocking a Viking Red Dead Redemption 2 set or the Pirate sword and tricorn hat, check out here guides here.

You can also use animal pelts to craft some Crocodile Dundee looking gear as well as get the right to (wear) bear arms.

Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on PC on November 5 and comes with a slew of new content, which you can check out here.

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Now that you've got to grip with the basics, here's our guide to the best weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2. If you want to get rich quick, find a fence or want to know where to hunt legendary animals, then check out our complete Red Dead Redemption 2 guide here.

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There are an ungainly amount of hats in Red Dead Redemption 2. The vast majority of them can just be purchased at stores or crafted at the local Trapper. But there’s a small handful of special hats and masks that are in a category all their own. They’re listed as “Found,” and unlike stolen hats, these will be permanently added to your clothing collection once you uncover them. Here are all of the secret hats and masks we know about so far.

If you’re having a tough time tracking them down, be sure to follow along with the video above, which will walk you through all of the steps and show you all of the hats.

Tricorn Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

You’ll want a boat or a very strong horse, since this one is located on an island. Once there, look for a shipwreck. The Revolutionary War-era hat will be located in the back of the ship.

Miner’s Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

Once you read the spot above, look for an entrance to a mine. You’ll want to bring a lantern with you. Once inside, hit the plunger to explode some rocks in the mine and crawl through the hole. Bear right and you’ll find a room with the miner’s hat and a unique knife. And yes, the miner’s hat makes its own light!

Pagan Skull Mask

Rockstar via Polygon

This one is easy to find. Just head to this spot, west of Strawberry. The mask will be in the center of some Pagan markings.

Morion Helmet

Rockstar via Polygon

This ancient helmet can be found at the top of Mount Hagen. Put the waypoint marker on the “M” in Mount, and you’ll find the spot without a problem. Once there, look for a skeleton having a bad day.

Nevada Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

This gamlber’s hat can be found behind the massive waterfall next to Window Rock. It’s extremely easy to die here, so just take it slow and find your way around to the middle of the waterfall. There you’ll spot a cave. The hat is inside.

Viking Helmet

Rockstar via Polygon

A large viking burial site can be found at the spot above, north of Annesburg. Head underground, and you’ll find the helmet. You can also find a fancy viking comb (because of course they had combs) and a sweet hatchet.

Pig Mask

Rockstar via Polygon

This creepy mask is hanging right next to a dead pig at the spot marked above, south of Annesburg. It’s a little hard to spot, so just watch the lower right corner for the pop-up indicating the mask is there, and you’re golden.

Civil War Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

A broken-down civil war fort houses this hat. You’ll want to head into the fort and enter the largest house you can find. Once inside, look for a ladder going down into the basement. Head down the ladder and you’ll find a room containing the hat, along with unique knife and a bunch of bonus loot.

Scarecrow Hat

Rockstar via Polygon

This hat is hidden in plain sight: on the head of the scarecrow in the spot marked above. You’ll need to shoot the hat off his head to snag it, which means you’ll probably anger the entire farm in the process. Always a good idea to grab this one in the dark of night, while wearing a mask.

Cat Skull Mask

Rockstar via Polygon

This mask can be found in the spot above. Once there, look for a shack that’s partially submerged in water. Enter the shack and crouch through the hole. The mask will be above you, mounted on the wall.

Ram Skull Mask

This last hidden mask is only accessible once you’ve finished the main story and can access the “entire” map. If you’re at that point, head to Rathskeller Fork and look for a goat pen. The mask can be found there.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/red-dead-redemptionguide//11/7//find-every-secret-hat-mask

Mask rdr2 skull

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RAM SKULL MASK LOCATION - Red Dead Redemption 2 - Unique Collectible 614 RARE SECRET HIDDEN MASK

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