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Deal Alert: Rifle Hardcase for $99

Harbor Freight, purveyors of tools cast from the highest quality chinesium, definitely has their fair share of junk parts and tools. But their Pelican knock-offs don't appear to be among them.

Earlier this year they launched Apache cases. They started with smaller ones aping the Pelicans you see for camera gear. I have two that I use specifically for silencer transport–but it's not like they are likely to break when dropped anyhow.

They definitely appear to be waterproof. The smaller one we've submerged for over an hour with zero signs of moisture inside.

Most recently they launched a full-sized rifle Apache case called the 9800.


We picked one up to give you a full review after we've beaten and battered it. We're posting today because we came across a scannable coupon that expires after Dec 2, 2018 (scroll to the bottom for it). It's normally $140 but the coupon brings it down to $99; roughly half of the comparable Pelican.

We'll say outright that we won't fly with these until we throw it off the back of some trucks and drop it down the stairs. But this beats the shit out of any semi-soft, bendable cheapo WalMart case.

Let's go over some highlights:

The latches are similar to the pre-Storm Pelican cases. This isn't bad, but it's not great either.


There are two metal-reinforced holes for your padlocks. Sure, bolt cutters can do anything, but it will take more than a pocket knife, unlike non-reinforced ones.


The handles could be a bit thicker. If you pack this case heavy I can see it being uncomfortable. Maybe roll some athletic tape over them?


There's a pressure relief valve–and make sure this is closed before you dunk it.


There on wheels on one side for rolling–time will tell if they'll hold up and this is the part we're most skeptical of.


Dimensionally, it's a close mirror of the Pelican Storm iM3300 at 50-3/8in. x 13-5/8in. x 5-1/8in. We use these for our full-size rifles or for multiple SBRs. Of course the exterior on the Apache sports ribs (for her pleasure?) across.


Cracking it open and you'll find eggshell foam in the lid, a layer of pluck-foam in the middle, and a standard piece in the bottom.


To read more, hit them up online here.

And of course, here's the coupon:

Sours: https://www.recoilweb.com/deal-alert-rifle-hardcase-for-99-143943.html

Buy the APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Protective Rifle Case (Item 64520) for $114.99 with coupon code 32766135, valid through June 30, 2020. See the coupon for details.

Compare our price of $114.99 to Pelican at $269.99 (model number: Double Rifle). Save $155 by shopping at Harbor Freight.

Protect rifles, shotguns, handguns and other specialized equipment with this exceptionally rugged Apache weatherproof storage case. Constructed from extremely durable polypropylene, this professional quality hard case takes a beating while protecting the contents from impact, moisture and microscopic dust. The built-in purge valve equalizes pressure so you can open the case after changing elevations.

The APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Protective Rifle Case – Long (Item 64520 / 56862) has a -star rating on HarborFreight.com. Save with Harbor Freight’s customer favorites during our Customer Favorites sale, going on now through June 1, 2020.

Tags APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Protective Rifle Case - Long - Black - Item 64520Sours: https://go.harborfreight.com/coupons/2020/04/64520-32766135/
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APACHE 9800 Weatherproof Protective Rifle Case – Long – Black – Item 64520

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