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In a multiethnic, multicultural and increasingly crowded democracy, respecting commonality while acknowledging differences has been the surest way of moving forward — but it has become a casualty of rising American anger.


He has straightened out his line on the left; after a fierce fight which has cost him no less than 700 fresh casualties.


The American casualties that day, due solely to the morning skirmishes, amounted to four killed and thirty wounded.


I have no reserves in base depots now, while the operations we are engaged in are such that heavy casualties are to be expected.



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1. casualty

noun. ['ˈkæʒəwəlti, ˈkæʒəlti'] someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement.

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How do you spell casualty? Is it casulaty ?

A common misspelling of casualty is casulaty

Example sentences of the word casualty

1. Noun, singular or mass
Property and casualty companies usually pull your credit report before issuing a policy.

Quotes containing the word casualty

1. There's two kinds of rock n' roll casualty: the one that has huge success and adoration, and then suddenly it stops. Or there's when you're in a band: it is all-consuming, so then you have the dream of that, and then the dream's taken away from you even before it happens.
- Rhys Ifans

2. The first casualty when war comes is truth.
- Hiram Johnson

3. To say that the first casualty of war is truth is to miss the rather more important point that a principal weapon of war is lies.
- Harry M. Collins, The Golem at Large: What You Should Know about Technology

2. casualty

noun. ['ˈkæʒəwəlti, ˈkæʒəlti'] someone injured or killed in an accident.

3. casualty

noun. ['ˈkæʒəwəlti, ˈkæʒəlti'] a decrease of military personnel or equipment.

  • damage
  • decrease
  • lessening
  • personnel casualty
  • equipment casualty
  • drop-off
  • birth
  • gain
  • paper profit
  • advantage

4. casualty

noun. ['ˈkæʒəwəlti, ˈkæʒəlti'] an accident that causes someone to die.

  • accident
  • human death
  • fatal accident
  • collateral damage
  • inflate
  • accelerate
  • stretch
  • expand
  1. Frost dk leveling
  2. Charge 2 fitbit
  3. Lexus is300 problems


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  1. a member of the armed forces lost to service through death, wounds, sickness, capture, or because his or her whereabouts or condition cannot be determined.
  2. casualties,loss in numerical strength through any cause, as death, wounds, sickness, capture, or desertion.

one who is injured or killed in an accident: There were no casualties in the traffic accident.

any person, group, thing, etc., that is harmed or destroyed as a result of some act or event: Their house was a casualty of the fire.

a serious accident, especially one involving bodily injury or death.



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Origin of casualty

1375–1425; casual + -ty2; replacing late Middle English casuelte, equivalent to casuel (see casual) + -te-ty2


casualty , causality

Words nearby casualty

casual, casual contact, casual Friday, casualization, casually, casualty, casualty insurance, casualwear, casuarina, casuist, casuistic Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to casualty

blow, calamity, catastrophe, mishap, disaster, injured, wounded, dead, fatality, loss, chance, misfortune, debacle, contingency, misadventure, prey, sufferer, missing, killed

How to use casualty in a sentence

  • When the teaching of reading is framed as a war, nuance and common areas of agreement are casualties.

    Is there really a ‘science of reading’ that tells us exactly how to teach kids to read?|Valerie Strauss|January 26, 2021|Washington Post

  • I fully expect this vaccination program will be the next casualty of over promising and under delivering.

    'It's Unimaginably Bad.' How Government Failures and the New COVID-19 Variant Are Pushing the U.K.'s Health System Into Crisis|Suyin Haynes|January 13, 2021|Time

  • COP26 was just one of many conference casualties, of course—but climate commitments kept coming despite predictions that action on the issue might completely fall by the wayside as the world battled the virus.

    2020 was the year of the ‘net zero by 2050’ commitment. Will 2021 be the year we get the details?|kdunn6|January 1, 2021|Fortune

  • Both, in his view, are casualties of a presidency that has downplayed or dismissed science and medicine in the pursuit of political gain.

    ‘There’s been some cracks:’ Bill Gates questions FDA’s credibility on a COVID-19 vaccine|Claire Zillman, reporter|September 16, 2020|Fortune

  • Chrysler continued to produce engines in Kenosha until 2010, when it became a casualty of the company’s bankruptcy.

    Kenosha’s unusual economic evolution made it the perfect political flashpoint|reymashayekhi|September 5, 2020|Fortune

  • All Cohen needed to do was add “of blessed memory” after each political casualty was mentioned.

    Southern Dems Won’t Rise Again|Ben Jacobs|December 5, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • When faced with multiple casualty reports, AFP usually adopts the lower number.

    ISIS Fighters Are Killing Faster than Statisticians Can Count|Peter Schwartzstein|December 5, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • By that logic however, Carol is also being floated as a possible casualty of the episode.

    The Walking Dead’s ‘Crossed’: The Stage Is Now Set for a Bloody, Deadly Midseason Finale|Melissa Leon|November 24, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Aside from casualty figures, the books told me very little about what happened to the people.

    Truman’s Grandson & Japan’s A-Bomb Survivors: A Story of Reconciliation|Clifton Truman Daniel|August 5, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • But that era is ending, a casualty of newspaper economics and a changing society.

    Who’s Watching Your Statehouse? No One.|Eleanor Clift|July 19, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • (a) Was the apparatus for lowering the boats on the Titanic at the time of the casualty in good working order?

    Loss of the Steamship 'Titanic'|British Government

  • (a) What messages for assistance were sent by the Titanic after the casualty, and at what times respectively?

    Loss of the Steamship 'Titanic'|British Government

  • (a) Was ice seen and reported by anybody on board the Titanic before the casualty occurred?

    Loss of the Steamship 'Titanic'|British Government

  • (b) How long after the casualty was its seriousness realized by those in charge of the vessel (c) What steps were then taken?

    Loss of the Steamship 'Titanic'|British Government

  • (a) How many persons on board the Titanic at the time of the casualty were ultimately rescued and by what means?

    Loss of the Steamship 'Titanic'|British Government

British Dictionary definitions for casualty


a serviceman who is killed, wounded, captured, or missing as a result of enemy action

a person who is injured or killed in an accident

a hospital department in which victims of accidents, violence, etc, are treated

anything that is lost, damaged, or destroyed as the result of an accident, etc

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casualties synonym | English Thesaurus



dead, fatalities, losses, missing, wounded  



1  loss, sufferer, victim  

2  accident, calamity, catastrophe, chance, contingency, disaster, misadventure, misfortune, mishap  



    (casualties  plural  )

1    n-count  A casualty is a person who is injured or killed in a war or in an accident.  
Troops fired on demonstrators near the Royal Palace causing many casualties.    

2    n-count  A casualtyof a particular event or situation is a person or a thing that has suffered badly as a result of that event or situation.  
usu N of n   (=victim)  
Fiat has been one of the greatest casualties of the recession.    

3    n-uncount  Casualty is the part of a hospital where people who have severe injuries or sudden illnesses are taken for emergency treatment.  
I was taken to casualty at St Thomas's Hospital.    
in AM, use emergency room    


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Casualties synonyms for

Casualty synonyms


The end of life; the permanent cessation of vital bodily functions, as manifested in humans by the loss of heartbeat, the absence of spontaneous breathing, and brain death.


Misfortune is bad luck or a distressing occurrence.

and missing; fatalities

A loss in personnel; often plural

injured party

someone injured or killed in an accident


Dire distress resulting from loss or tragedy.


A loss in personnel; often plural


The number of dead as a result of a war, natural disaster or other incident.

the injured

A loss in personnel; often plural


The definition of a hazard is something that is dangerous or that could cause harm.


A particular form of hurt, damage, or loss:


The definition of a victim is a person who has had something bad happen to him.


An unfortunate occurrence; a mishap.


an accident that causes someone to die


A loss in personnel; often plural


A loss in personnel; often plural


The culminating event of a drama, esp. of a tragedy, by which the plot is resolved; denouement


An occurrence causing widespread destruction and distress; a catastrophe.


The definition of a blow is a hard hit or upsetting news, or receiving upsetting information.


(Eng. Law) Death caused accidentally by someone while performing a legal act and with no intent to injure


One that is deceived or taken advantage of by another:



The feeling that something unexpected has happened.


A termination of life, usually as the result of an accident or a disaster


An inopportune happening causing confusion or embarrassment; awkward mishap

Find another word for casualty. In this page you can discover 39 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for casualty, like: victims, accident, death, misfortune, and missing; fatalities, injured party, mishap, calamity, fatality, killed and wounded.

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What does casualties mean?

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In wartime, you'll hear the word casualty used often for someone killed or injured. But casualty can also refer to deaths or injuries suffered in an accident or some other unfortunate event.

The term "casualties of war" has been around for a while and refers to the ugly downside of military victory. Anyone who loses life or limb, either in the fighting or as a civilian, is called a casualty. You can also use this word figuratively: if a local elementary school loses funding for their art classes and after-school activities, you can say that the students are casualties of budget cuts.

Definitions of casualty

  1. noun

    someone injured or killed in an accident
    synonyms:injured party
  2. noun

    someone injured or killed or captured or missing in a military engagement
  3. noun

    an accident that causes someone to die
    synonyms:fatal accident
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    collateral damage

    (euphemism) inadvertent casualties and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations

    type of:

    an unfortunate mishap; especially one causing damage or injury

    fatality, human death

    a death resulting from an accident or a disaster

  4. noun

    a decrease of military personnel or equipment
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    hide 6 types...
    damage, equipment casualty

    loss of military equipment

    loss, personnel casualty

    military personnel lost by death or capture

    battle damage, combat casualty

    loss of military equipment in battle

    operational casualty, operational damage

    loss of military equipment in field operations

    combat injury, injury, wound

    a casualty to military personnel resulting from combat


    personnel that are sacrificed (e.g., surrendered or lost in order to gain an objective)

    type of:
    decrease, drop-off, lessening

    a change downward


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