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in Shadowlands sims are here! As with all generalized charts, these are for informational purposes only and DO NOT accurately reflect your own character. You should ALWAYS use top gear @ raidbots.com to sim your own character instead of relying solely on general charts like these. Balance (9.1 + hotfixes) Feral (9.1 + hotfixes) Guardian (9.1 + hotfixes) How to use: Select the fight style from the drop down menu at the top right. Continue Reading » in An open letter to the community about the state of Druids in patch 8.1. Continue Reading » in With the Dreamgrove Beta Key Giveaway concluded, many players called for a comprehensive summary of the quiz, including in-depth statistics and a clear analysis of the results. This is what I wanted to say, but to be honest, I am drowning in the “@Slippykins quiz score WHEN???” pings. Maybe we can get Warden to do that, in pursuit of efficiency. Regardless, here’s the results summary for the Dreamgrove Giveaway quiz! At the bottom of the post is the full results sheet per player, so you can see the score you and your friends got, as well as the answers you selected. Continue Reading » in Hey everyone! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the brand-new website for resources, guides, theorycrafting, and discussion about all things Druid. This project has been incubating for quite a while and I’m happy to see it finally released to the world. It began as an annoyance with the prevalence of Google Docs for hosting guides and articles about Druids and the desire to bring everything together under a single roof. Continue Reading » in About

Dreamgrove is a website dedicated to druid theorycrafting and guides. We aim to collect the most up-to-date knowledge about druids in World of Warcraft. The website is a part of the Dreamgrove Discord.

Continue Reading » in BalanceBalance Quick Links Balance FAQ SoD Raid Guide Shadowland Sims Wowhead Guide Icyveins Guide Balance Raiding Guide Continue Reading » in FeralFeral Quick Links Wowhead Guide by Guiltyas Continue Reading » in GuardianGuardian Quick Links Frequently Asked Questions - 9.0.2 Guardian Edition Guardian Sim Resource Continue Reading » in RestoContinue Reading »
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Thread: [Scrouge Invasion] Relitavly Easy Gold

Just a simple way I found out last night.

A group of 2-4 people makes this a lot easier.

Basically, go farm a lot of Necrotic Runes and spend them on Argent Dawn Banners. These sell for 8 each and DE to Large Prismatic Shards.

Last night with 3 friends (Feral Druid, Holy Priest, Frost Mage and myself, Marks Hunter) went around doing invasions. We did this at about 4am Server Time in Blasted Lands when it was completly empty. I mean, not even 1 other person besides ourselves. There were around 5 camps no more than 100 yards apart and we went through 1 by 1, pulling EVERY mob and aoe'ing them down 1 camp at a time until they were all on 0 health so we can summon the big guys. After we could summon them, we pulled all 4 and nuked, each person got a stack of 30 each. Simple. This took us around an hour at max to clear all of the camps in the area and we each ended up with 180~ shards each (We're all T6/Sunwell geared).

Nice and simple, I went and bought all the banners and DE'd as did one of the other people in my group since there isn't much need to buy anything else. Made around 300g-330g from my lot since on my server they sell 15g each. Very easy money if you ask me.

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My Feedback for Feral Shadowlands51125601 October 14, 2021 Can we fix already the Feral Downtime?5250 October 12, 2021 Hesitation about Feral from fresh player3163 October 10, 2021 Fix M+ Talents0103 October 9, 2021 "Stuck" in fire-cat form1166 October 7, 2021 Do you think its time for Feral druids, Guardian druids and Moonkin's get new themed skins and tints?11538 October 6, 2021 Pandaren/ vulpera2129 October 5, 2021 Druid Travel Forms - Time for a small change?1111 October 3, 2021 Mage tower’ skins20984 October 2, 2021 Worgen vs. Kultiran12303 October 1, 2021 Where is the new feral looks!7554 September 30, 2021 Classic Era Boomkin1251 September 27, 2021 Were-bear form coming in 9.1.5!14662 September 27, 2021 Bear mage tower builds11504 September 26, 2021 The new bear form have 4 versions artifact appearances?4288 September 22, 2021 PTR Feedback regarding swarm changes2371 September 21, 2021 Can we expect talent tuning&changes for 9.1.5? (Suggestions)6461 September 20, 2021 Plaguefall Slime Serpent challenge - 4 bosses, 3 specs1234 September 18, 2021 Rdruid tracking empowered (Soul of the forest) Hots on default Raidframe. And also Tracking Stacks of Lifebloom on default Raid-Frame (focused grwoth)0101 September 17, 2021 Balance Druid Transmog4326 September 17, 2021 Do you prefer NF or Venthyr bear5382 October 15, 2021 New Travel forms13453 October 11, 2021 Resto Cat-weaving in 9.1.5?6239 October 10, 2021 Buff For Balance Aoe in 9.1.517945 October 9, 2021 Feedback to the Necro changes and Feral state6294 October 3, 2021 Tips for solo Torghast as druid?372628 October 3, 2021 New Feral Build5426 October 2, 2021 Just nerf it!201418 September 28, 2021 Stat prio resto druid9499 September 28, 2021 Soul of the forest3269 September 27, 2021
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Classic WoW -- Feral dps guide: How to farm Pummelers

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