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Naruto Shippuden Filler List

1HomecomingMixed Canon/Filler2007-02-152The Akatsuki Makes Its MoveMixed Canon/Filler2007-02-153The Results of TrainingMixed Canon/Filler2007-02-224The Jinchuriki of the SandMixed Canon/Filler2007-03-015The Kazekage Stands TallMixed Canon/Filler2007-03-156Mission ClearedMixed Canon/Filler2007-03-297Run, KankuroMixed Canon/Filler2007-03-298Team Kakashi, DeployedMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-129The Jinchuriki's TearsMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-1210Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom DragonsMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-1911The Medical Ninja's StudentMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-2612The Retired Granny's DeterminationMixed Canon/Filler2007-05-0313A Meeting With DestinyMixed Canon/Filler2007-05-1014Naruto's GrowthMixed Canon/Filler2007-05-1715The Secret Weapon is Called....Mixed Canon/Filler2007-05-2416The Secret of JinchurikiMixed Canon/Filler2007-05-3117The Death of Gaara!Mixed Canon/Filler2007-06-0718Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!Mixed Canon/Filler2007-06-2119Traps Activate! Team Guy's EnemiesMixed Canon/Filler2007-07-0520Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!Manga Canon2007-07-1921Sasori's Real FaceManga Canon2007-07-2622Chiyo's Secret SkillsManga Canon2007-08-0223Father and MotherManga Canon2007-08-0224The Third KazekageMixed Canon/Filler2007-08-0925Three Minutes Between Life and DeathMixed Canon/Filler2007-08-1626Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!Manga Canon2007-08-2327Impossible DreamManga Canon2007-08-3028Beasts! Alive Again!Filler2007-09-1329Kakashi Enlightened!Manga Canon2007-09-2730Aesthetics of an InstantManga Canon2007-09-2731The Legacy!Manga Canon2007-10-1832Return of the KazekageManga Canon2007-10-2533The New TargetManga Canon2007-11-0834Formation! New Team Kakashi!Manga Canon2007-11-1535An Unnecessary AdditionManga Canon2007-11-2236The Fake SmileManga Canon2007-11-2937UntitledManga Canon2007-11-2938SimulationManga Canon2007-12-0639The Tenchi BridgeManga Canon2007-12-1340Nine-Tails UnleashedManga Canon2007-12-2041The Top-Secret Mission BeginsManga Canon2007-12-2042Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiManga Canon2008-01-1043Sakura's TearsManga Canon2008-01-1744The Secret of the Battle!Manga Canon2008-01-2445The Consequences of BetrayalMixed Canon/Filler2008-01-3146The Unfinished PageManga Canon2008-02-0747Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!Manga Canon2008-02-1448BondsManga Canon2008-02-2849Something Important...Mixed Canon/Filler2008-03-0650The Picture Book's StoryMixed Canon/Filler2008-03-1351ReunionManga Canon2008-03-2052The Power of the UchihaManga Canon2008-03-2053TitleManga Canon2008-04-0354NightmareMixed Canon/Filler2008-04-0355WindManga Canon2008-04-1756SquirmingMixed Canon/Filler2008-04-2457Robbed of SleepFiller2008-05-0858LonelinessFiller2008-05-0859A New EnemyFiller2008-05-1560ImpermanenceFiller2008-05-2261ContactFiller2008-05-2962TeammateFiller2008-06-0563The Two KingsFiller2008-06-1964The Jet-Black Signal FireFiller2008-07-0365Lockdown of DarknessFiller2008-07-0366Revived SoulsFiller2008-07-1067Everyone's Struggle to the DeathFiller2008-07-2468Moment of AwakeningFiller2008-07-3169DespairFiller2008-07-3170ResonanceFiller2008-08-0771My FriendFiller2008-08-1472The Quietly Approaching ThreatManga Canon2008-08-2173Akatsuki's InvasionManga Canon2008-08-2874Under the Starry SkyManga Canon2008-09-0475The Old Monk's PrayerManga Canon2008-09-1176The Next StepManga Canon2008-09-2577Climbing SilverManga Canon2008-09-2578The JudgmentManga Canon2008-10-0279Unfulfilled ScreamManga Canon2008-10-0280Last WordsManga Canon2008-10-1681Sad NewsManga Canon2008-10-2382Team TenManga Canon2008-10-3083Target: Locked OnManga Canon2008-11-0684Kakuzu's AbilitiesManga Canon2008-11-1385Terrifying SecretManga Canon2008-11-2086Shikamaru's GeniusManga Canon2008-12-0487When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own GraveManga Canon2008-12-0488Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!Manga Canon2008-12-1189The Price of PowerMixed Canon/Filler2008-12-1890A Shinobi's DeterminationMixed Canon/Filler2008-12-2591Orochimaru's Hideout DiscoveredFiller2009-01-0892EncounterFiller2009-01-1593Connecting HeartsFiller2009-01-2294A Night of RainFiller2009-01-2995The Two CharmsFiller2009-02-0596The Unseeing EnemyFiller2009-02-1297The Labyrinth of Distorted ReflectionFiller2009-02-1998The Target AppearsFiller2009-02-2699The Rampaging Tailed BeastFiller2009-03-05100Inside the MistFiller2009-03-12101Everyone's FeelingsFiller2009-03-26102Regroup!Filler2009-03-26103The Four-Corner Sealing BarrierFiller2009-04-09104Breaking the Crystal StyleFiller2009-04-09105The Battle Over the BarrierFiller2009-04-16106Red CamelliaFiller2009-04-23107Strange BedfellowsFiller2009-04-30108Guidepost of the CamelliaFiller2009-05-07109Cursed Seal CounterattackFiller2009-05-14110Memory of GuiltFiller2009-05-21111Shattered PromiseFiller2009-05-28112A Place to Return ToFiller2009-06-04113The Serpent's PupilManga Canon2009-06-11114Eye of a HawkManga Canon2009-06-18115Zabuza's BladeMixed Canon/Filler2009-06-25116Guardian of the Iron WallManga Canon2009-07-02117Jugo of the Northern HideoutManga Canon2009-07-09118Formation!Manga Canon2009-07-23119Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy's Life on the Battlefield, Part 1Manga Canon2009-07-30120Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy's Life on the Battlefield, Part 2Manga Canon2009-07-30121AssembleManga Canon2009-08-06122The HuntManga Canon2009-08-13123Clash!Manga Canon2009-08-20124ArtManga Canon2009-08-27125DisappearanceManga Canon2009-09-03126TwilightManga Canon2009-09-10127Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2009-09-24128Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2009-09-24129Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainManga Canon2009-10-08130The Man Who Became GodManga Canon2009-10-08131Honored Sage Mode!Manga Canon2009-10-15132In Attendance, the Six Paths of PainManga Canon2009-10-22133The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantManga Canon2009-10-29134Banquet InvitationManga Canon2009-11-05135The Longest Moment...Manga Canon2009-11-19136The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo SharinganManga Canon2009-11-19137Amaterasu!Manga Canon2009-11-26138The EndManga Canon2009-12-03139The Mystery of TobiManga Canon2009-12-10140FateManga Canon2009-12-17141TruthManga Canon2009-12-24142Battle of UnraikyoManga Canon2010-01-07143The Eight Tails Vs. SasukeManga Canon2010-01-14144WandererFiller2010-01-21145Successor of the Forbidden JutsuFiller2010-01-28146The Successor's WishFiller2010-02-04147Rogue Ninja's PastFiller2010-02-11148Heir to DarknessFiller2010-02-18149SeparationFiller2010-02-25150The Forbidden Jutsu ReleasedFiller2010-03-04151Master and StudentFiller2010-03-11152Somber NewsManga Canon2010-03-25153Following the Master's ShadowManga Canon2010-03-25154DecryptionManga Canon2010-04-08155The First ChallengeManga Canon2010-04-08156Surpassing the MasterManga Canon2010-04-15157Assault On the Leaf Village!Manga Canon2010-04-22158Power to BelieveManga Canon2010-04-29159Pain Vs. KakashiManga Canon2010-05-06160Mystery of PainManga Canon2010-05-13161Surname Is Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru!Manga Canon2010-05-20162Pain to the WorldManga Canon2010-05-27163Explosion! Sage ModeManga Canon2010-06-03164Danger! Sage Mode Limit ReachedManga Canon2010-06-10165Nine Tails, Captured!Manga Canon2010-06-17166ConfessionsManga Canon2010-06-24167Planetary DevastationManga Canon2010-07-01168Fourth HokageManga Canon2010-07-15169The Two StudentsManga Canon2010-07-22170Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy, Part 1Filler2010-07-29171Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy, Part 2Filler2010-07-29172MeetingManga Canon2010-08-05173Origin of PainManga Canon2010-08-12174Tale of Naruto UzumakiManga Canon2010-08-19175Hero of the Hidden LeafManga Canon2010-08-26176Rookie Instructor IrukaFiller2010-09-02177Iruka's OrdealFiller2010-09-09178Iruka's DecisionFiller2010-09-16179Kakashi Hatake, the Jonin in ChargeFiller2010-09-30180Inari's Courage Put to the TestFiller2010-10-07181Naruto's School of RevengeFiller2010-10-14182Gaara's BondFiller2010-10-21183Naruto: OutbreakFiller2010-10-28184Deploy! Team TentenFiller2010-11-04185Animal DistrictFiller2010-11-11186Ah, the Medicine of YouthFiller2010-11-18187Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFiller2010-11-25188Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and StudentFiller2010-11-25189Sasuke's Paw EncyclopediaFiller2010-12-02190Naruto and the Old SoldierFiller2010-12-09191Kakashi Love SongFiller2010-12-16192Neji ChroniclesFiller2010-12-23193The Man Who Died TwiceFiller2011-01-06194The Worst Three-Legged RaceFiller2011-01-13195Team 10's TeamworkFiller2011-01-20196Drive Towards DarknessFiller2011-01-27197The Sixth Hokage DanzoManga Canon2011-02-10198Five Kage Summit's EveManga Canon2011-02-10199Enter the Five Kage!Manga Canon2011-02-17200Naruto's PleaManga Canon2011-02-24201Painful DecisionManga Canon2011-03-03202Racing LightningManga Canon2011-03-10203Sasuke's Ninja WayManga Canon2011-03-17204Power of the Five KageManga Canon2011-03-24205Declaration of WarManga Canon2011-03-31206Sakura's FeelingsManga Canon2011-04-07207The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastManga Canon2011-04-14208As One's FriendManga Canon2011-04-21209Danzo's Right ArmManga Canon2011-04-28210The Forbidden Visual JutsuManga Canon2011-05-05211Danzo ShimuraManga Canon2011-05-12212Sakura's ResolveManga Canon2011-05-19213Lost BondsMixed Canon/Filler2011-05-26214The BurdenManga Canon2011-06-02215Two FatesManga Canon2011-06-09216High-Level ShinobiManga Canon2011-06-16217The InfiltratorManga Canon2011-06-23218The Five Great Nations MobilizeManga Canon2011-06-30219Kakashi Hatake, The HokageManga Canon2011-07-07220Prophecy of the Great Lord ElderManga Canon2011-07-21221StorageManga Canon2011-07-28222The Five Kage's DecisionManga Canon2011-07-28223The Young Man and the SeaFiller2011-08-04224The Ninja of BenisuFiller2011-08-11225The Cursed Ghost ShipFiller2011-08-18226Battleship IslandFiller2011-08-25227The Forgotten IslandFiller2011-09-01228Fight! Rock Lee!Filler2011-09-08229Eat or Die! Mushrooms from HellFiller2011-09-22230Revenge of the Shadow ClonesFiller2011-09-29231The Closed RouteFiller2011-10-06232The Girls Get-TogetherFiller2011-10-13233Naruto's ImposterFiller2011-10-20234Naruto's Favorite StudentFiller2011-10-27235The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko VillageFiller2011-11-03236Friends You Can Count OnFiller2011-11-10237Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!Filler2011-11-24238Sai's Day OffFiller2011-12-01239The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho TrioFiller2011-12-08240Kiba's DeterminationFiller2011-12-15241Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!Filler2011-12-22242Naruto's VowFiller2011-12-28243Land Ahoy! Is This the Island of Paradise?Manga Canon2012-01-05244Killer Bee and MotoiManga Canon2012-01-12245The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine Tails!!Manga Canon2012-01-19246The Orange SparkManga Canon2012-01-26247Target: Nine TailsManga Canon2012-02-02248The Fourth Hokage's Death MatchManga Canon2012-02-09249Thank YouManga Canon2012-02-09250Battle in Paradise! the Odd Beast vs. the Monster!Manga Canon2012-02-16251The Man Named KisameManga Canon2012-02-23252The Angelic Herald of DeathManga Canon2012-03-01253The Bridge to PeaceManga Canon2012-03-08254The Super Secret S-Rank MissionMixed Canon/Filler2012-03-15255The Artist ReturnsManga Canon2012-03-22256Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!Manga Canon2012-03-29257MeetingFiller2012-04-05258RivalsFiller2012-04-12259RiftFiller2012-04-19260PartingFiller2012-04-26261For My FriendManga Canon2012-05-03262War Begins!Manga Canon2012-05-10263Sai and ShinManga Canon2012-05-17264Secrets of the Reanimation JutsuManga Canon2012-05-24265An Old Nemesis ReturnsManga Canon2012-05-31266The First and Last OpponentManga Canon2012-06-07267The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden LeafManga Canon2012-06-21268Battleground!Manga Canon2012-06-28269Forbidden WordsManga Canon2012-07-05270Golden BondsManga Canon2012-07-19271Road to SakuraFiller2012-07-26272Mifune vs. HanzoManga Canon2012-08-02273True KindnessManga Canon2012-08-09274The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!Manga Canon2012-08-09275A Message from the HeartManga Canon2012-08-16276Attack of the Gedo StatueManga Canon2012-08-23277Unison SignManga Canon2012-08-30278Medic Ninja in DangerManga Canon2012-09-06279White Zetsu's TrapFiller2012-09-13280Aesthetics of an ArtistFiller2012-09-20281The Allied Mom Force!Filler2012-09-27282The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!Manga Canon2012-10-04283Two SunsManga Canon2012-10-11284Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!Filler2012-10-18285User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!Filler2012-10-25286Things You Can't Get BackFiller2012-11-01287One Worth Betting OnFiller2012-11-01288Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!Filler2012-11-08289The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!Filler2012-11-15290Power: Episode 1Filler2012-11-22291Power: Episode 2Filler2012-11-29292Power: Episode 3Filler2012-12-06293Power: Episode 4Filler2012-12-13294Power: Episode 5Filler2012-12-20295Power: Episode FinalFiller2013-01-10296Naruto Enters the BattleManga Canon2013-01-17297A Father's Hope, a Mother's LoveManga Canon2013-01-24298Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiManga Canon2013-01-31299The Acknowledged OneManga Canon2013-02-07300The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageManga Canon2013-02-14301ParadoxManga Canon2013-02-21302Terror! the Steam ImpManga Canon2013-02-28303Ghosts from the PastFiller2013-03-07304The Underworld Transfer JutsuFiller2013-03-14305The VengefulFiller2013-03-21306The Heart's EyeFiller2013-03-28307Fade Into the MoonlightFiller2013-04-04308Crescent Moon NightFiller2013-04-11309The A-Rank Mission: Food Fight!Filler2013-04-18310The Fallen CastleFiller2013-04-25311Prologue of Road to NinjaFiller2013-05-02312The Old Master and the Dragon's EyeFiller2013-05-09313Rain Followed by Snow, with Some LightningFiller2013-05-16314The Sad Sun ShowerFiller2013-05-23315Lingering SnowFiller2013-05-30316The Reanimated Allied ForcesFiller2013-06-06317Shino vs. ToruneFiller2013-06-13318A Hole in the Heart: the Other JinchurikiFiller2013-06-20319The Soul Living Inside the PuppetFiller2013-06-27320Run, Omoi!Filler2013-07-04321Reinforcements ArriveManga Canon2013-07-18322Madara UchihaManga Canon2013-07-25323The Five Kage AssembleManga Canon2013-08-01324The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-08325Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!Manga Canon2013-08-15326Four Tails, the King of Sage MonkeysManga Canon2013-08-22327Nine TailsMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-29328KuramaMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-29329Two-Man TeamManga Canon2013-09-05330Promise of VictoryMixed Canon/Filler2013-09-12331Eyes That See in the DarkMixed Canon/Filler2013-09-19332The Will of StoneManga Canon2013-09-26333The Risks of the Reanimation JutsuManga Canon2013-10-03334Sibling Tag TeamManga Canon2013-10-10335To Each Their Own LeafManga Canon2013-10-24336Kabuto YakushiManga Canon2013-10-31337The Izanami ActivatedManga Canon2013-11-07338Izanagi and IzanamiMixed Canon/Filler2013-11-14339I Will Love You AlwaysManga Canon2013-11-21340Reanimation Jutsu, Release!Manga Canon2013-11-28341Orochimaru's ReturnManga Canon2013-12-05342Secret of the Transportation TechniqueManga Canon2013-12-12343Who Are You?Manga Canon2013-12-19344Obito and MadaraManga Canon2014-01-09345I'm in HellManga Canon2014-01-16346World of DreamsMixed Canon/Filler2014-01-23347Creeping ShadowFiller2014-01-23348The New AkatsukiFiller2014-01-30349Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – A Mask That Hides the HeartFiller2014-02-06350Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Minato's DeathFiller2014-02-13351Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: Hashirama's CellsFiller2014-02-20352Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: The Rogue Ninja OrochimaruFiller2014-02-27353Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Orochimaru's Test SubjectsFiller2014-03-06354Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Their Own PathsFiller2014-03-06355Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Targeted SharinganFiller2014-03-13356Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – a Shinobi of the LeafFiller2014-03-20357Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – an Uchiha ANBUFiller2014-04-03358Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Coup D'ÉtatFiller2014-04-10359Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Night of the TragedyFiller2014-04-17360Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Jonin LeaderFiller2014-04-24361Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Squad SevenFiller2014-05-08362Kakashi's ResolveMixed Canon/Filler2014-05-15363The Allied Shinobi Forces JutsuManga Canon2014-05-22364The Ties That BindManga Canon2014-06-05365Those Who Dance in the ShadowsManga Canon2014-06-12366The All-KnowingManga Canon2014-06-19367Hashirama and MadaraManga Canon2014-07-03368Era of Warring StatesManga Canon2014-07-10369My True DreamManga Canon2014-07-24370Sasuke's AnswerManga Canon2014-07-31371HoleManga Canon2014-08-07372Something to Fill the HoleManga Canon2014-08-14373Team 7, Assemble!Manga Canon2014-08-21374The New Three-Way DeadlockManga Canon2014-08-28375Kakashi vs. ObitoManga Canon2014-09-04376The Directive to Take the Nine TailsFiller2014-09-11377Naruto vs. Mecha NarutoFiller2014-09-11378The Ten Tails' JinchurikiManga Canon2014-09-18379An OpeningManga Canon2014-09-25380The Day Naruto Was BornManga Canon2014-10-02381The Divine TreeManga Canon2014-10-09382A Shinobi's DreamManga Canon2014-10-16383Pursuing HopeManga Canon2014-10-23384A Heart Filled With ComradesManga Canon2014-10-30385Obito UchihaMixed Canon/Filler2014-11-06386I'm Always WatchingMixed Canon/Filler2014-11-13387The Promise That Was KeptManga Canon2014-11-20388My First FriendFiller2014-11-27389The Adored Elder SisterFiller2014-12-04390Hanabi's DecisionFiller2014-12-04391Madara Uchiha ArisesManga Canon2014-12-11392The Hidden HeartManga Canon2014-12-18393A True EndingManga Canon2014-12-25394The New Chunin ExamsFiller2015-01-08395The Chunin Exams Begin!Filler2015-01-15396The Three QuestionsFiller2015-01-22397One Worthy As A LeaderFiller2015-01-29398The Night Before the Second ExamFiller2015-02-05399Demon Desert SurvivalFiller2015-02-12400As a Taijutsu UserFiller2015-02-19401The UltimateFiller2015-02-26402Escape vs. PursuitFiller2015-03-05403Unwavering GutsinessFiller2015-03-12404Tenten's TroublesFiller2015-03-19405The Imprisoned PairFiller2015-03-26406The Place Where I BelongFiller2015-04-02407The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFiller2015-04-09408The Cursed PuppetFiller2015-04-16409Their BacksFiller2015-04-23410The Hidden Plot Set Into MotionFiller2015-04-30411The Targeted Tailed BeastFiller2015-05-07412Neji’s JudgementFiller2015-05-14413Hopes Entrusted to the FutureFiller2015-05-21414On the Brink of DeathManga Canon2015-05-28415The Two MangekyoMixed Canon/Filler2015-06-04416The Formation of Team MinatoFiller2015-06-11417You’ll Be My BackupFiller2015-06-25418The Blue Beast vs Six Paths MadaraManga Canon2015-07-02419Papa's YouthMixed Canon/Filler2015-07-09420The Eight Inner Gates FormationManga Canon2015-07-23421The Sage of the Six PathsManga Canon2015-07-30422The One Who Will InheritFiller2015-08-06423Naruto's RivalFiller2015-08-06424To Rise UpManga Canon2015-08-13425The Infinite DreamManga Canon2015-08-20426The Infinite TsukuyomiMixed Canon/Filler2015-08-27427To the Dream WorldFiller2015-09-03428Where Tenten BelongsFiller2015-09-03429Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1Filler2015-09-10430Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2Filler2015-09-17431To See That Smile, Just One More TimeFiller2015-09-24432The Loser NinjaFiller2015-10-01433The Search MissionFiller2015-10-08434Team JiraiyaFiller2015-10-15435Order of PriorityFiller2015-10-22436The Masked ManFiller2015-11-05437The Sealed PowerFiller2015-11-12438The Rules or a ComradeFiller2015-11-19439The Child of ProphecyFiller2015-11-26440The Caged BirdFiller2015-12-03441Returning HomeFiller2015-12-10442The Mutual PathFiller2015-12-17443The Difference in PowerFiller2015-12-24444Leaving the VillageFiller2016-01-14445PursuersFiller2016-01-21446CollisionFiller2016-01-28447Another MoonFiller2016-02-04448ComradeFiller2016-02-11449The Shinobi UniteFiller2016-02-18450RivalFiller2016-02-25451Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Birth and DeathMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-03452Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: the GeniusMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-10453Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: The Pain of LivingMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-17454Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Shisui's RequestMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-24455Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Moonlit NightMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-07456Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: the Darkness of the AkatsukiMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-14457Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: PartnerMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-21458Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: TruthMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-28459She of the Beginning Manga Canon2016-05-05460Kaguya OtsutsukiMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-12461Hagoromo and HamuraMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-19462A Fabricated PastMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-26463The No. 1 Most Unpredictable NinjaManga Canon2016-06-02464Ninshū: The Ninja CreedFiller2016-06-09465Ashura and IndraFiller2016-06-16466The Tumultuous JourneyFiller2016-06-30467Ashura's DecisionFiller2016-07-07468The SuccessorFiller2016-07-21469A Special MissionMixed Canon/Filler2016-07-28470Connecting ThoughtsManga Canon2016-08-04471The Two of Them...AlwaysMixed Canon/Filler2016-08-11472You Better...Mixed Canon/Filler2016-08-18473The Sharingan RevivedManga Canon2016-08-25474CongratulationsManga Canon2016-09-01475The Final ValleyManga Canon2016-09-08476The Final BattleManga Canon2016-09-29477Naruto and SasukeManga Canon2016-09-29478The Unison SignMixed Canon/Filler2016-10-06479Naruto Uzumaki!!Mixed Canon/Filler2016-10-13480Naruto and HinataFiller2016-10-20481Sasuke and SakuraFiller2016-10-27482Gaara and ShikamaruFiller2016-11-03483Jiraiya and KakashiFiller2016-11-10484Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 1: The Exploding HumanManga Canon2016-12-01485Sasuke's Story - Sunrise, Part 2: ColiseumManga Canon2016-12-08486Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 3: FuushinManga Canon2016-12-15487Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 4: The KetsuryuganManga Canon2016-12-22488Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last OneManga Canon2017-01-05489Shikamaru’s Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of AffairsManga Canon2017-01-12490Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark CloudsManga Canon2017-01-19491Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 3: RecklessnessManga Canon2017-01-26492Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 4: Cloud of SuspicionManga Canon2017-02-02493Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: DawnManga Canon2017-02-09494Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 1: Naruto’s WeddingManga Canon2017-02-16495Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-Powered Wedding GiftManga Canon2017-02-16496Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Steam and Food PillsManga Canon2017-02-23497Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 4: the Kazekage’s Wedding GiftManga Canon2017-03-02498Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last MissionManga Canon2017-03-09499Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 6: The Outcome of the Secret MissionManga Canon2017-03-16500Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 7: The MessageManga Canon2017-03-23
01HomecomingCanon02The Akatsuki Makes Its MoveCanon03The Results of TrainingCanon04The Jinchuriki of the SandCanon05The Kazekage Stands TallCanon06Mission ClearedCanon07Run, KankuroCanon08Team Kakashi, DeployedCanon09The Jinchuriki's TearsCanon10Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom DragonsCanon11The Medical Ninja's StudentCanon12The Retired Granny's DeterminationCanon13A Meeting With DestinyCanon14Naruto's GrowthCanon15The Secret Weapon is Called....Canon16The Secret of JinchurikiCanon17The Death of Gaara!Canon18Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!Canon19Traps Activate! Team Guy's EnemyCanon20Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!Canon21Sasori's Real FaceCanon22Chiyo's Secret SkillsCanon23Father and MotherCanon24The Third KazekageCanon25Three Minutes Between Life and DeathCanon26Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!Canon27Impossible DreamCanon28Beasts: Alive Again!Canon29Kakashi Enlightened!Canon30Aesthetics of an InstantCanon31The LegacyCanon32Return of the KazekageCanon33The New TargetCanon34Formation! New Team Kakashi!Canon35An Unnecessary AdditionCanon36The Fake SmileCanon37UntitledCanon38SimulationCanon39The Tenchi BridgeCanon40The Nine-Tails UnleashedCanon41The Top-Secret Mission BeginsCanon42Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiCanon43Sakura's TearsCanon44The Secret of the Battle!Canon45The Consequences of BetrayalCanon46The Unfinished PageCanon47Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!Canon48BondsCanon49Something Important...Canon50The Picture Book's StoryCanon51ReunionCanon52The Power of UchihaCanon53TitleCanon54NightmareMostly Canon55WindMostly Canon56WritheMostly Canon57Deprived of Eternal SleeFiller58LonelinessFiller59A New EnemyFiller60ImpermanenceFiller61ContactFiller62TeammateFiller63The Two KingsFiller64Jet Black Signal FireFiller65Lockdown of DarknessFiller66Revived SoulsFiller67Everyone's Struggle to the DeathFiller68Moment of AwakeningFiller69DespairFiller70ResonanceFiller71My FriendMostly Filler72The Quietly Approaching ThreatMostly Canon73Akatsuki's InvasionCanon74Under the Starry SkyCanon75The Old Monk's PrayerCanon76The Next StepCanon77Climbing SilverCanon78The JudgmentCanon79Unfulfilled ScreamCanon80Last WordsCanon81Sad NewsCanon82Team TenCanon83Target: Locked OnCanon84Kakuzu's AbilitiesCanon85The Terrifying SecretCanon86Shikamaru's GeniusCanon87When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own GraveCanon88Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!Canon89The Price of PowerMostly Canon90A Shinobi's DeterminationMostly Filler91Orochimaru's Hideout DiscoveredFiller92EncounterFiller93Connecting HeartsFiller94A Night of RainFiller95The Two CharmsFiller96The Unseeing EnemyFiller97The Labyrinth of Distorted ReflectionFiller98The Target AppearsFiller99The Rampaging Tailed BeastFiller100Inside the MistFiller101Everyone's FeelingsFiller102Regroup!Filler103The Four-Corner Sealing BarrierFiller104Breaking the Crystal StyleFiller105The Battle Over the BarrierFiller106Red CamelliaFiller107Strange BedfellowsFiller108Guidepost of the CamelliaFiller109Counterattack of the Curse MarkFiller110Memory of GuiltFiller111Shattered PromiseFiller112A Place to Return ToMostly Filler113The Serpent's PupilMostly Canon114Eye of the HawkCanon115Zabuza's BladeCanon116Guardian of the Iron WallCanon117Jugo of the North HideoutCanon118Formation!Canon119Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1Canon120Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 2Canon121AssembleCanon122The HuntCanon123Clash!Canon124ArtCanon125DisappearanceCanon126TwilightCanon127Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1Mostly Filler128Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2Mostly Filler129Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainCanon130The Man Who Became GodCanon131Honored Sage Mode!Canon132In Attendance, the Six Paths of PainCanon133The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantCanon134Banquet InvitationCanon135The Longest MomentCanon136The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo SharinganCanon137Amaterasu!Canon138The EndCanon139The Mystery of TobiCanon140FateCanon141TruthCanon142Battle of UnraikyoCanon143The Eight-Tails vs. SasukeCanon144WandererFiller145Successor of the Forbidden JutsuFiller146The Successor's WishFiller147Rogue Ninja's PastFiller148Heir to DarknessFiller149SeparationFiller150The Forbidden Jutsu ReleasedFiller151Master and StudentFiller152Somber NewsCanon153Following the Master's ShadowCanon154DecryptionCanon155The First ChallengeCanon156Surpassing the MasterCanon157Assault on the Leaf Village!Canon158Power to BelieveCanon159Pain vs. KakashiCanon160Mystery of PainCanon161Surname Is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru!Canon162Pain to the WorldCanon163Explode! Sage ModeCanon164Danger! Sage Mode Limit ReachedCanon165Nine-Tails, Captured!Canon166ConfessionsCanon167Planetary DevastationCanon168The Fourth HokageCanon169The Two StudentsCanon170Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 1Filler171Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy - Part 2Filler172MeetingCanon173Origin of PainCanon174Tale of Naruto UzumakiCanon175Hero of the Hidden LeafCanon176Rookie Instructor IrukaMostly Filler177Iruka's OrdealFiller178ruka's DecisionMostly Filler179Kakashi Hatake, The Jonin in ChargeMostly Canon180Inari's Courage Put to the TestMostly Filler181Naruto's School of RevengeMostly Filler182Gaara's BondFiller183Naruto: OutbreakFiller184Deploy! Team TentenFiller185Animal DistrictFiller186Ah, the Medicine of YouthFiller187Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFiller188Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and StudentFiller189Sasuke's Paw EncyclopediaFiller190Naruto and the Old SoldierFiller191Kakashi Love SongFiller192Neji ChroniclesFiller193The Man Who Died TwiceFiller194The Worst Three-Legged RaceFiller195Team 10's TeamworkFiller196Drive Towards DarknessFiller197The Sixth Hokage DanzoCanon198Five Kage Summit's EveCanon199Enter the Five Kage!Canon200Naruto's PleaCanon201Painful DecisionCanon202Racing LightningCanon203Sasuke's Ninja WayCanon204Power of the Five KageCanon205Declaration of WarCanon206Sakura's FeelingsCanon207The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastCanon208As One's FriendCanon209Danzo's Right ArmCanon210The Forbidden Visual JutsuCanon211Danzo ShimuraCanon212Sakura's ResolveCanon213Lost BondsCanon214The BurdenCanon215Two FatesCanon216High-Level ShinobiCanon217The InfiltratorCanon218The Five Great Nations MobilizeCanon219Kakashi Hatake, the HokageCanon220Prophecy of the Great Lord ElderCanon221StorageCanon222The Five Kage's DecisionCanon223The Young Man and the SeaFiller224The Ninja of BenisuFiller225The Cursed Ghost ShipFiller226Battleship IslandFiller227The Forgotten IslandFiller228Fight! Rock Lee!Filler229Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell!Filler230Revenge of the Shadow ClonesFiller231The Closed RouteFiller232The Girls' Get-TogetherFiller233Naruto's ImposterFiller234Naruto's Favorite PupilFiller235The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko VillageFiller236Friends You Can Count OnFiller237Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!Filler238Sai's Day OffFiller239The Legendary Ino-Shika-ChoFiller240Kiba's DeterminationFiller241Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!Filler242Naruto's VowFiller243Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island?Canon244Killer Bee and MotoiCanon245The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine TailsCanon246The Orange SparkCanon247Target: Nine TailsCanon248The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!Canon249Thank YouCanon250Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!Canon251The Man Named KisameCanon252The Angelic Herald of DeathCanon253The Bridge to PeaceCanon254The Super Secret S-Rank MissionCanon255The Artist ReturnsCanon256Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!Canon257MeetingFiller258RivalsFiller259RiftFiller260PartingFiller261For My FriendCanon262War BeginsCanon263Sai and ShinCanon264Secrets of the Reanimation JutsuCanon265An Old Nemesis ReturnsCanon266The First and Last OpponentCanon267The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden LeafCanon268Battleground!Canon269Forbidden WordsCanon270Golden BondsCanon271Road to SakuraFiller272Mifune vs. HanzoCanon273True KindnessCanon274The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!Canon275A Message from the HeartCanon276Attack of the Gedo StatueCanon277Unison SignCanon278Medic Ninja in DangerCanon279White Zetsu's TrapFiller280Aesthetics of an ArtistFiller281The Allied Mom Force!!Filler282The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!Canon283Two SunsCanon284The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!Filler285User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!Filler286Things You Can't Get BackFiller287One Worth Betting OnFiller288Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!Filler289The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!Filler290Power - Episode 1Filler291Power - Episode 2Filler292Power - Episode 3Filler293Power - Episode 4Filler294Power - Episode 5Filler295Power - Final EpisodeFiller296Naruto Enters the Battle!Canon297A Father's Hope, A Mother's LoveCanon298Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiCanon299The Acknowledged OneCanon300The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageCanon301ParadoxCanon302Terror: The Steam ImpCanon303Ghosts from the PastFiller304The Underworld Transfer JutsuFiller305The VengefulFiller306The Heart's EyeFiller307Fade into the MoonlightFiller308Night of the Crescent MoonFiller309An A-Rank Mission: The ContestFiller310The Fallen CastleFiller311Prologue of Road to NinjaFiller312The Old Master and the Dragon's EyeFiller313Rain Followed by Snow, with Some LightningFiller314The Sad Sun ShowerFiller315Lingering SnowFiller316The Reanimated Allied ForcesFiller317Shino vs. Torune!Filler318A Hole in the Heart: The Other JinchurikiFiller319The Soul Living Inside the PuppetFiller320Run, Omoi!Filler321Reinforcements ArriveCanon322Madara UchihaCanon323The Five Kage AssembleCanon324The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleCanon325Jinchūriki vs. Jinchūriki!!Canon326Four Tails, the King of Sage MonkeysCanon327Nine TailsCanon328KuramaCanon329Two-Man TeamCanon330The Promise of VictoryCanon331Eyes That See in the DarkCanon332A Will of StoneCanon333The Risks of the Reanimation JutsuCanon334Sibling Tag TeamCanon335To Each Their Own LeafCanon336Kabuto YakushiCanon337The Izanami ActivatedCanon338Izanagi and IzanamiMostly Canon339I Will Love You AlwaysCanon340Reanimation Jutsu: Release!Canon341Orochimaru's ReturnCanon342The Secret of the Transportation TechniqueCanon343Who Are You?Canon344Obito and MadaraCanon345I'm in HellCanon346World of DreamsMostly Canon347Creeping ShadowFiller348The New AkatsukiFiller349A Mask That Hides The HeartFiller350Minato's DeathMostly Filler351Hashirama's CellsMostly Filler352The Rogue Ninja OrochimaruFiller353Orochimaru's Test SubjectFiller354Their Own PathsFiller355The Targeted SharinganFiller356A Shinobi of the LeafFiller357An Uchiha ANBUFiller358Coup d'ÉtatFiller359The Night of the TragedyFiller360Jonin LeaderMostly Filler361Squad SevenFiller362Kakashi's ResolveCanon363The Allied Shinobi Forces JutsuCanon364The Ties That BindCanon365Those Who Dance in the ShadowsCanon366The All-KnowingCanon367Hashirama and MadaraCanon368The Era of Warring StatesCanon369My True DreamCanon370Sasuke's AnswerCanon371HoleCanon372Something to Fill the HoleCanon373Team 7 Assemble!Canon374The New Three-Way DeadlockCanon375Kakashi vs. ObitoCanon376The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!Filler377Naruto vs. Mecha NarutoFiller378The Ten Tails' JinchurikiCanon379An OpeningCanon380The Day Naruto Was BornCanon381The Divine TreeCanon382A Shinobi's DreamCanon383Pursuing HopeCanon384A Heart Filled With ComradesCanon385Obito UchihaCanon386I'm Always WatchingCanon387The Promise That Was KeptCanon388My First FriendMostly Filler389The Adored Elder SisterFiller390Hanabi's DecisionFiller391Madara Uchiha ArisesCanon392The Hidden HeartCanon393A True EndingCanon394The New Chunin ExamsFiller395The Chunin Exams BeginFiller396The Three QuestionsFiller397One Worthy As A LeaderFiller398The Night Before the Second ExamFiller399Demon Desert SurvivalFiller400As a Taijutsu UserFiller401The UltimateFiller402Escape vs. PursuitFiller403Unwavering GutsinessFiller404Tenten's TroublesFiller405The Imprisoned PairFiller406The Place Where I BelongFiller407The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFiller408The Cursed PuppetFiller409Their BacksFiller410The Hidden Plot Set Into MotionFiller411The Targeted Tailed BeastFiller412Neji's JudgmentFiller413Hopes Entrusted to the FutureFiller414On the Brink of DeathCanon415The Two MangekyoMostly Canon416The Formation of Team MinatoFiller417You'll Be My BackupMostly Filler418The Blue Beast vs. Six Paths MadaraMostly Canon419Papa's YouthMostly Filler420The Eight Inner Gates FormationCanon421The Sage of the Six PathsCanon422The Ones Who Will InheritFiller423Naruto's RivalFiller424To Rise UpCanon425The Infinite DreamCanon426The Infinite TsukuyomiMostly Canon427The World of DreamsFiller428Where Tenten BelongsFiller429Killer Bee Rappuden Part 1Filler430Killer Bee Rappuden Part 2Filler431To See That Smile, Just One More TimeFiller432The Loser NinjaFiller433The Search MissionFiller434Team JiraiyaFiller435Order of PriorityFiller436The Masked ManFiller437The Sealed PowerFiller438The Rules or a ComradeFiller439The Child of ProphecyFiller440The Caged BirdFiller441Returning HomeFiller442To Each Their Own WayFiller443The Difference in PowerFiller444Rogue NinjaFiller445The PursuerFiller446The CollisionFiller447Another MoonFiller448ComradeFiller449The Shinobi UniteFiller450RivalFiller451Birth and DeathMostly Filler452The GeniusFiller453The Pain of LivingFiller454Shisui's RequestFiller455Moonlit NightFiller456The Darkness of the AkatsukiFiller457PartnerFiller458TruthFiller459She of the BeginningCanon460Kaguya ŌtsutsukiFiller461Hagoromo and HamuraFiller462A Fabricated PastMostly Filler463The No. 1 Most Unpredictable NinjaCanon464Ninja CreedFiller465Ashura and IndraFiller466The Tumultuous JourneyFiller467Ashura's DecisionFiller468The SuccessorFiller469A Special MissionCanon470The Connected FeelingsCanon471The Two of Them...AlwaysCanon472You Better...Canon473Sharingan AgainCanon474CongratulationsCanon475The Final ValleyCanon476The Final Battle - Part 1Canon477The Final Battle - Part 2Canon478The Seal of ReconciliationCanon479Naruto Uzumaki!Canon480Naruto and HinataFiller481Sasuke and SakuraFiller482Gaara and ShikamaruFiller483Jiraiya and KakashiFiller484The Exploding HumanCanon485ColiseumCanon486FūshinCanon487The KetsuryūganCanon488The Last OneCanon489The State of AffairsCanon490Dark CloudsCanon491RecklessnessCanon492Cloud of SuspicionCanon493DawnCanon494Naruto's WeddingCanon495A Full-Powered Wedding GiftCanon496Steam and Food PillsCanon497The Kazekage's Wedding GiftCanon498The Last MissionCanon499The Outcome of the Secret MissionCanon500The MessageCanon
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1 "Homecoming"February 15, 2007
2 "The Akatsuki Makes Its Move"February 15, 2007
3 "The Results of Training"February 22, 2007
4 "The Jinchuriki of the Sand"March 1, 2007
5 "The Kazekage Stands Tall"March 15, 2007
6 "Mission Cleared"March 29, 2007
7 "Run, Kankuro"March 29, 2007
8 "Team Kakashi Deployed"April 12, 2007
9 "The Jinchuriki's Tears"April 12, 2007
10 "Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons"April 19, 2007
11 "The Medical Ninja's Student"April 26, 2007
12 "The Retired Granny's Determination"May 3, 2007
13 "A Meeting With Destiny"May 10, 2007
14 "Naruto's Growth"May 17, 2007
15 "The Secret Weapon is Called..."May 24, 2007
16 "The Secret of Jinchuriki"May 31, 2007
17 "The Death of Gaara!"June 7, 2007
18 "Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!"June 21, 2007
19 "Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies"July 5, 2007
20 "Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!"July 19, 2007
21 "Sasori's Real Face"July 26, 2007
22 "Chiyo's Secret Skills"August 2, 2007
23 "Father and Mother"August 2, 2007
24 "The Third Kazekage"August 9, 2007
25 "Three Minutes Between Life and Death"August 16, 2007
26 "Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!"August 23, 2007
27 "Impossible Dream"August 30, 2007
28 "Beasts: Alive Again!"September 13, 2007
29 "Kakashi Enlightened!"September 27, 2007
30 "Aesthetics of an Instant"September 27, 2007
31 "The Legacy"October 18, 2007
32 "Return of the Kazekage"October 25, 2007
113 "The Serpent's Pupil"June 11, 2009
114 "Eye of the Hawk"June 18, 2009
115 "Zabuza's Blade"June 25, 2009
116 "Guardian of the Iron Wall"July 2, 2009
117 "Jugo of the North Hideout"July 9, 2009
118 "Formation!"July 23, 2009
119 "Kakashi Chronicles: Boys' Life on the Battlefield Part 1"July 30, 2009
120 "Kakashi Chronicles: Boys' Life on the Battlefield Part 2"July 30, 2009
121 "Assemble"August 6, 2009
122 "The Hunt"August 13, 2009
123 "Clash!"August 20, 2009
124 "Art"August 27, 2009
125 "Disappearance"September 3, 2009
126 "Twilight"  September 10, 2009
127 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: Jiraiya Ninja Scroll Part 1September 24, 2009
128 Tales of a Gutsy Ninja: Jiraiya Ninja Scroll Part 2  September 24, 2009
129 "Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain"October 8, 2009
130 "The Man Who Became God"October 8, 2009
131 "Honored Sage Mode!"October 15, 2009
132 "In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain"October 22, 2009
133 "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant"October 29, 2009
134 "Banquet Invitation"November 5, 2009
135 "The Longest Moment"November 19, 2009
136 "The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo Sharingan"November 19, 2009
137 "Amaterasu!"November 26, 2009
138 "The End"December 3, 2009
139 "The Mystery of Tobi"December 10, 2009
140 "Fate"December 17, 2009
141 "Truth"December 24, 2009
142 "Battle of Unraikyo"January 7, 2010
143 "The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke"January 14, 2010
176 "Rookie Instructor Iruka"
September 2, 2010
177 "Iruka's Ordeal"
September 9, 2010
178 "Iruka's Decision"
September 16, 2010
179 "Kakashi Hatake, The Jonin in Charge"
September 30, 2010
180 "Inari's Courage Put to the Test"
October 7, 2010
181 "Naruto's School of Revenge"
October 14, 2010
182 "Gaara's Bond"
October 21, 2010
183 "Naruto: Outbreak"
October 28, 2010
184 "Deploy! Team Tenten"
November 4, 2010
185 "Animal District"
November 11, 2010
186 "Ah, the Medicine of Youth"
November 18, 2010
187 "Gutsy Master and Student: The Training"
November 25, 2010
188 "Record of the Ninja Gutsy Master and Student"
November 25, 2010
189 "Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia"
December 2, 2010
190 "Naruto and the Old Soldier"
December 9, 2010
191 "Kakashi Love Song"
December 16, 2010
192 "Neji Chronicles"
December 23, 2010
193 "The Man Who Died Twice"
January 6, 2011
194 "The Worst Three-Legged Race"
January 13, 2011
195 "Team 10's Teamwork"
January 20, 2011
196 "Drive Towards Darkness"January 27, 2011
222 "The Five Kage's Decision"
July 28, 2011
223 "The Young Man and the Sea"
August 4, 2011
224 "The Ninja of Benisu"
August 11, 2011
225 "The Cursed Ghost Ship"
August 18, 2011
226 "Battleship Island"
August 25, 2011
227 "The Forgotten Island"
September 1, 2011
228 "Fight! Rock Lee!"
September 8, 2011
229 "Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell!"
September 22, 2011
230 "Revenge of the Shadow Clones"
September 29, 2011
231 "The Closed Route"
October 6, 2011
232 "The Girls' Get-Together"
October 13, 2011
233 "Naruto's Imposter"
October 20, 2011
234 "Naruto's Favorite Pupil"
October 27, 2011
235 "The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village"
November 3, 2011
236 "Friends You Can Count On"
November 10, 2011
237 "Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!"
November 24, 2011
238 "Sai's Day Off"
December 1, 2011
239 "The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho"
December 8, 2011
240 "Kiba's Determination"
December 15, 2011
241 "Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!"
December 22, 2011
242 "Naruto's Vow"
December 28, 2011
243 "Land Ahoy! Is this the Paradise Island?"
January 5, 2012
244 "Killer Bee and Motoi"
January 12, 2012
245 "The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine Tails"
January 19, 2012
246 "The Orange Spark"
January 26, 2012
247 "Target: Nine Tails"
February 2, 2012
248 "The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!"
February 9, 2012
249 "Thank You"
February 9, 2012
250 "Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!"
February 16, 2012
251 "The Man Named Kisame"
February 23, 2012
252 "The Angelic Herald of Death"
March 1, 2012
253 "The Bridge to Peace"
March 8, 2012
254 "The Super Secret S-Rank Mission"
March 15, 2012
255 "The Artist Returns"
March 22, 2012
256 "Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!"
March 29, 2012
257 "Meeting"
April 5, 2012
258 "Rivals"
April 12, 2012
259 "Rift"
April 19, 2012
260 "Parting"
April 26, 2012
261 "For My Friend"
May 3, 2012
262 "War Begins"
May 10, 2012
263 "Sai and Shin"
May 17, 2012
264 "Secrets of the Reanimation Jutsu"
May 24, 2012
265 "An Old Nemesis Returns"
May 31, 2012
266 "The First and Last Opponent"
June 7, 2012
267 "The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf"
June 21, 2012
268 "Battleground!"
June 28, 2012
269 "Forbidden Words"
July 5, 2012
270 "Golden Bonds"
July 19, 2012
271 "Road to Sakura"  
July 26, 2012
272 "Mifune vs. Hanzo"
August 2, 2012
273 "True Kindness"
August 9, 2012
274 "The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!"
August 9, 2012
275 "A Message from the Heart"
August 16, 2012
296 "Naruto Enters the Battle!" January 17, 2013
297 "A Father's Hope, A Mother's Love" January 24, 2013
298 "Contact! Naruto vs. Itachi" January 31, 2013
299 "The Acknowledged One" February 7, 2013
300 "The Mizukage, The Giant Clam, and the Mirage" February 14, 2013
301 "Paradox" February 21, 2013
302 "Terror! The Steam Imp" February 28, 2013
303 "Ghosts from the Past" March 7, 2013
304 "The Underworld Transfer Jutsu" March 14, 2013
305 "The Vengeful" March 21, 2013
306 "The Heart's Eye" March 28, 2013
307 "Fade into the Moonlight" April 4, 2013
308 "Crescent Moon Night" April 11, 2013
309 "The A-Rank Mission: Food Fight!" April 18, 2013
310 "The Fallen Castle" April 25, 2013
311 "Prologue of Road to Ninja" May 2, 2013
312 "The Old Man and the Dragon's Eye" May 9, 2013
313 "Rain Followed by Snow, with Some Lightning" May 16, 2013314 "The Sad Sun Shower" May 23, 2013315 "Lingering Snow" May 30, 2013316 "The Reanimated Allied Forces" June 6, 2013317 "Shino vs. Torune!" June 13, 2013318
"A Hole in the Heart: The Other Jinchuriki" June 20, 2013319 "The Soul Living Inside the Puppet" June 27, 2013320
"Run, Omoi!" July 4, 2013
321 "Reinforcements Arrive" July 18, 2013322 "Madara Uchiha" July 25, 2013323 "The Five Kage Assemble" August 1, 2013324 "The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble" August 8, 2013325 "Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!" August 15, 2013326 "Four Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys" August 22, 2013327 "Nine Tails" August 29, 2013328
"Kurama" August 29, 2013329 "Two-Man Team" September 5, 2013330 "The Promise of Victory" September 12, 2013331 "Eyes That See in the Dark" September 19, 2013332 "A Will of Stone" September 26, 2013333 "The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu" October 3, 2013334 "Sibling Tag Team" October 10, 2013335 "To Each Their Own Leaf" October 24, 2013336
"Kabuto Yakushi" October 31, 2013337 "The Izanami Activated" November 7, 2013338 "Izanagi and Izanami" November 14, 2013339 "I Will Love You Always" November 21, 2013340 "Reanimation Jutsu: Release!" November 28, 2013341
"Orochimaru's Return" December 5, 2013342 "The Secret of the Transportation Technique" December 12, 2013343 "Who Are You?" December 19, 2013344 "Obito and Madara" January 9, 2014345 "I'm in Hell" January 16, 2014
346 "World of Dreams" January 23, 2014
"Creeping Shadow" January 23, 2014
"The New Akatsuki" January 30, 2014
349 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – A Mask That Hides the Heart" February 6, 2014
350 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Minato's Death" February 13, 2014
351 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Hashirama's Cells" February 20, 2014
352 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru" February 27, 2014
"Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Orochimaru's Test Subject" March 6, 2014
"Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Their Own Paths" March 6, 2014
355 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – The Targeted Sharingan" March 13, 2014
356 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – A Shinobi of the Leaf" March 20, 2014
"Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – An Uchiha ANBU" April 3, 2014
358 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Coup d'État" April 10, 2014
359 "Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – The Tragic Night" April 17, 2014
"Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Supervising Jonin" April 24, 2014361
"Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Team Seven" May 8, 2014
1HomecomingMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-02-152The Akatsuki Makes Its MoveMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-02-153The Results of TrainingMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-02-224The Jinchuriki of the SandMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-03-015The Kazekage Stands TallMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-03-156Mission ClearedMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-03-297Run, KankuroMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-03-298Team Kakashi, DeployedMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-129The Jinchuriki’s TearsMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-1210Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom DragonsMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-1911The Medical Ninja’s StudentMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-04-2612The Retired Granny’s DeterminationMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-05-0313A Meeting With DestinyMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-05-1014Naruto’s GrowthMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-05-1715The Secret Weapon is Called….MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-05-2416The Secret of JinchurikiMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-05-3117The Death of Gaara!MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-06-0718Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry!!MIXED CANON/FILLER2007-06-2119Traps Activate! Team Guy’s EnemiesMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-07-0520Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!MANGA CANON2007-07-1921Sasori’s Real FaceMANGA CANON2007-07-2622Chiyo’s Secret SkillsMANGA CANON2007-08-0223Father and MotherMANGA CANON2007-08-0224The Third KazekageMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-08-0925Three Minutes Between Life and DeathMIXED CANON/FILLER2007-08-1626Puppet Fight: 10 vs. 100!MANGA CANON2007-08-2327Impossible DreamMANGA CANON2007-08-3028Beasts! Alive Again!FILLER2007-09-1329Kakashi Enlightened!MANGA CANON2007-09-2730Aesthetics of an InstantMANGA CANON2007-09-2731The Legacy!MANGA CANON2007-10-1832Return of the KazekageMANGA CANON2007-10-2533The New TargetMANGA CANON2007-11-0834Formation! New Team Kakashi!MANGA CANON2007-11-1535An Unnecessary AdditionMANGA CANON2007-11-2236The Fake SmileMANGA CANON2007-11-2937UntitledMANGA CANON2007-11-2938SimulationMANGA CANON2007-12-0639The Tenchi BridgeMANGA CANON2007-12-1340Nine-Tails UnleashedMANGA CANON2007-12-2041The Top-Secret Mission BeginsMANGA CANON2007-12-2042Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiMANGA CANON2008-01-1043Sakura’s TearsMANGA CANON2008-01-1744The Secret of the Battle!MANGA CANON2008-01-2445The Consequences of BetrayalMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-01-3146The Unfinished PageMANGA CANON2008-02-0747Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!MANGA CANON2008-02-1448BondsMANGA CANON2008-02-2849Something Important…MIXED CANON/FILLER2008-03-0650The Picture Book’s StoryMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-03-1351ReunionMANGA CANON2008-03-2052The Power of the UchihaMANGA CANON2008-03-2053TitleMANGA CANON2008-04-0354NightmareMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-04-0355WindMANGA CANON2008-04-1756SquirmingMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-04-2457Robbed of SleepFILLER2008-05-0858LonelinessFILLER2008-05-0859A New EnemyFILLER2008-05-1560ImpermanenceFILLER2008-05-2261ContactFILLER2008-05-2962TeammateFILLER2008-06-0563The Two KingsFILLER2008-06-1964The Jet-Black Signal FireFILLER2008-07-0365Lockdown of DarknessFILLER2008-07-0366Revived SoulsFILLER2008-07-1067Everyone’s Struggle to the DeathFILLER2008-07-2468Moment of AwakeningFILLER2008-07-3169DespairFILLER2008-07-3170ResonanceFILLER2008-08-0771My FriendFILLER2008-08-1472The Quietly Approaching ThreatMANGA CANON2008-08-2173Akatsuki’s InvasionMANGA CANON2008-08-2874Under the Starry SkyMANGA CANON2008-09-0475The Old Monk’s PrayerMANGA CANON2008-09-1176The Next StepMANGA CANON2008-09-2577Climbing SilverMANGA CANON2008-09-2578The JudgmentMANGA CANON2008-10-0279Unfulfilled ScreamMANGA CANON2008-10-0280Last WordsMANGA CANON2008-10-1681Sad NewsMANGA CANON2008-10-2382Team TenMANGA CANON2008-10-3083Target: Locked OnMANGA CANON2008-11-0684Kakuzu’s AbilitiesMANGA CANON2008-11-1385Terrifying SecretMANGA CANON2008-11-2086Shikamaru’s GeniusMANGA CANON2008-12-0487When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own GraveMANGA CANON2008-12-0488Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!MANGA CANON2008-12-1189The Price of PowerMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-12-1890A Shinobi’s DeterminationMIXED CANON/FILLER2008-12-2591Orochimaru’s Hideout DiscoveredFILLER2009-01-0892EncounterFILLER2009-01-1593Connecting HeartsFILLER2009-01-2294A Night of RainFILLER2009-01-2995The Two CharmsFILLER2009-02-0596The Unseeing EnemyFILLER2009-02-1297The Labyrinth of Distorted ReflectionFILLER2009-02-1998The Target AppearsFILLER2009-02-2699The Rampaging Tailed BeastFILLER2009-03-05100Inside the MistFILLER2009-03-12101Everyone’s FeelingsFILLER2009-03-26102Regroup!FILLER2009-03-26103The Four-Corner Sealing BarrierFILLER2009-04-09104Breaking the Crystal StyleFILLER2009-04-09105The Battle Over the BarrierFILLER2009-04-16106Red CamelliaFILLER2009-04-23107Strange BedfellowsFILLER2009-04-30108Guidepost of the CamelliaFILLER2009-05-07109Cursed Seal CounterattackFILLER2009-05-14110Memory of GuiltFILLER2009-05-21111Shattered PromiseFILLER2009-05-28112A Place to Return ToFILLER2009-06-04113The Serpent’s PupilMANGA CANON2009-06-11114Eye of a HawkMANGA CANON2009-06-18115Zabuza’s BladeMIXED CANON/FILLER2009-06-25116Guardian of the Iron WallMANGA CANON2009-07-02117Jugo of the Northern HideoutMANGA CANON2009-07-09118Formation!MANGA CANON2009-07-23119Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 1MANGA CANON2009-07-30120Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy’s Life on the Battlefield, Part 2MANGA CANON2009-07-30121AssembleMANGA CANON2009-08-06122The HuntMANGA CANON2009-08-13123Clash!MANGA CANON2009-08-20124ArtMANGA CANON2009-08-27125DisappearanceMANGA CANON2009-09-03126TwilightMANGA CANON2009-09-10127Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1MIXED CANON/FILLER2009-09-24128Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2MIXED CANON/FILLER2009-09-24129Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainMANGA CANON2009-10-08130The Man Who Became GodMANGA CANON2009-10-08131Honored Sage Mode!MANGA CANON2009-10-15132In Attendance, the Six Paths of PainMANGA CANON2009-10-22133The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantMANGA CANON2009-10-29134Banquet InvitationMANGA CANON2009-11-05135The Longest Moment…MANGA CANON2009-11-19136The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo SharinganMANGA CANON2009-11-19137Amaterasu!MANGA CANON2009-11-26138The EndMANGA CANON2009-12-03139The Mystery of TobiMANGA CANON2009-12-10140FateMANGA CANON2009-12-17141TruthMANGA CANON2009-12-24142Battle of UnraikyoMANGA CANON2010-01-07143The Eight Tails Vs. SasukeMANGA CANON2010-01-14144WandererFILLER2010-01-21145Successor of the Forbidden JutsuFILLER2010-01-28146The Successor’s WishFILLER2010-02-04147Rogue Ninja’s PastFILLER2010-02-11148Heir to DarknessFILLER2010-02-18149SeparationFILLER2010-02-25150The Forbidden Jutsu ReleasedFILLER2010-03-04151Master and StudentFILLER2010-03-11152Somber NewsMANGA CANON2010-03-25153Following the Master’s ShadowMANGA CANON2010-03-25154DecryptionMANGA CANON2010-04-08155The First ChallengeMANGA CANON2010-04-08156Surpassing the MasterMANGA CANON2010-04-15157Assault On the Leaf Village!MANGA CANON2010-04-22158Power to BelieveMANGA CANON2010-04-29159Pain Vs. KakashiMANGA CANON2010-05-06160Mystery of PainMANGA CANON2010-05-13161Surname Is Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru!MANGA CANON2010-05-20162Pain to the WorldMANGA CANON2010-05-27163Explosion! Sage ModeMANGA CANON2010-06-03164Danger! Sage Mode Limit ReachedMANGA CANON2010-06-10165Nine Tails, Captured!MANGA CANON2010-06-17166ConfessionsMANGA CANON2010-06-24167Planetary DevastationMANGA CANON2010-07-01168Fourth HokageMANGA CANON2010-07-15169The Two StudentsMANGA CANON2010-07-22170Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy, Part 1FILLER2010-07-29171Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage’s Legacy, Part 2FILLER2010-07-29172MeetingMANGA CANON2010-08-05173Origin of PainMANGA CANON2010-08-12174Tale of Naruto UzumakiMANGA CANON2010-08-19175Hero of the Hidden LeafMANGA CANON2010-08-26176Rookie Instructor IrukaFILLER2010-09-02177Iruka’s OrdealFILLER2010-09-09178Iruka’s DecisionFILLER2010-09-16179Kakashi Hatake, the Jonin in ChargeFILLER2010-09-30180Inari’s Courage Put to the TestFILLER2010-10-07181Naruto’s School of RevengeFILLER2010-10-14182Gaara’s BondFILLER2010-10-21183Naruto: OutbreakFILLER2010-10-28184Deploy! Team TentenFILLER2010-11-04185Animal DistrictFILLER2010-11-11186Ah, the Medicine of YouthFILLER2010-11-18187Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFILLER2010-11-25188Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and StudentFILLER2010-11-25189Sasuke’s Paw EncyclopediaFILLER2010-12-02190Naruto and the Old SoldierFILLER2010-12-09191Kakashi Love SongFILLER2010-12-16192Neji ChroniclesFILLER2010-12-23193The Man Who Died TwiceFILLER2011-01-06194The Worst Three-Legged RaceFILLER2011-01-13195Team 10’s TeamworkFILLER2011-01-20196Drive Towards DarknessFILLER2011-01-27197The Sixth Hokage DanzoMANGA CANON2011-02-10198Five Kage Summit’s EveMANGA CANON2011-02-10199Enter the Five Kage!MANGA CANON2011-02-17200Naruto’s PleaMANGA CANON2011-02-24201Painful DecisionMANGA CANON2011-03-03202Racing LightningMANGA CANON2011-03-10203Sasuke’s Ninja WayMANGA CANON2011-03-17204Power of the Five KageMANGA CANON2011-03-24205Declaration of WarMANGA CANON2011-03-31206Sakura’s FeelingsMANGA CANON2011-04-07207The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastMANGA CANON2011-04-14208As One’s FriendMANGA CANON2011-04-21209Danzo’s Right ArmMANGA CANON2011-04-28210The Forbidden Visual JutsuMANGA CANON2011-05-05211Danzo ShimuraMANGA CANON2011-05-12212Sakura’s ResolveMANGA CANON2011-05-19213Lost BondsMIXED CANON/FILLER2011-05-26214The BurdenMANGA CANON2011-06-02215Two FatesMANGA CANON2011-06-09216High-Level ShinobiMANGA CANON2011-06-16217The InfiltratorMANGA CANON2011-06-23218The Five Great Nations MobilizeMANGA CANON2011-06-30219Kakashi Hatake, The HokageMANGA CANON2011-07-07220Prophecy of the Great Lord ElderMANGA CANON2011-07-21221StorageMANGA CANON2011-07-28222The Five Kage’s DecisionMANGA CANON2011-07-28223The Young Man and the SeaFILLER2011-08-04224The Ninja of BenisuFILLER2011-08-11225The Cursed Ghost ShipFILLER2011-08-18226Battleship IslandFILLER2011-08-25227The Forgotten IslandFILLER2011-09-01228Fight! Rock Lee!FILLER2011-09-08229Eat or Die! Mushrooms from HellFILLER2011-09-22230Revenge of the Shadow ClonesFILLER2011-09-29231The Closed RouteFILLER2011-10-06232The Girls Get-TogetherFILLER2011-10-13233Naruto’s ImposterFILLER2011-10-20234Naruto’s Favorite StudentFILLER2011-10-27235The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko VillageFILLER2011-11-03236Friends You Can Count OnFILLER2011-11-10237Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!FILLER2011-11-24238Sai’s Day OffFILLER2011-12-01239The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho TrioFILLER2011-12-08240Kiba’s DeterminationFILLER2011-12-15241Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!FILLER2011-12-22242Naruto’s VowFILLER2011-12-28243Land Ahoy! Is This the Island of Paradise?MANGA CANON2012-01-05244Killer Bee and MotoiMANGA CANON2012-01-12245The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine Tails!!MANGA CANON2012-01-19246The Orange SparkMANGA CANON2012-01-26247Target: Nine TailsMANGA CANON2012-02-02248The Fourth Hokage’s Death MatchMANGA CANON2012-02-09249Thank YouMANGA CANON2012-02-09250Battle in Paradise! the Odd Beast vs. the Monster!MANGA CANON2012-02-16251The Man Named KisameMANGA CANON2012-02-23252The Angelic Herald of DeathMANGA CANON2012-03-01253The Bridge to PeaceMANGA CANON2012-03-08254The Super Secret S-Rank MissionMANGA CANON2012-03-15255The Artist ReturnsMANGA CANON2012-03-22256Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!MANGA CANON2012-03-29257MeetingFILLER2012-04-05258RivalsFILLER2012-04-12259RiftFILLER2012-04-19260PartingFILLER2012-04-26261For My FriendMANGA CANON2012-05-03262War Begins!MANGA CANON2012-05-10263Sai and ShinMANGA CANON2012-05-17264Secrets of the Reanimation JutsuMANGA CANON2012-05-24265An Old Nemesis ReturnsMANGA CANON2012-05-31266The First and Last OpponentMANGA CANON2012-06-07267The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden LeafMANGA CANON2012-06-21268Battleground!MANGA CANON2012-06-28269Forbidden WordsMANGA CANON2012-07-05270Golden BondsMANGA CANON2012-07-19271Road to SakuraFILLER2012-07-26272Mifune vs. HanzoMANGA CANON2012-08-02273True KindnessMANGA CANON2012-08-09274The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!MANGA CANON2012-08-09275A Message from the HeartMANGA CANON2012-08-16276Attack of the Gedo StatueMANGA CANON2012-08-23277Unison SignMANGA CANON2012-08-30278Medic Ninja in DangerMANGA CANON2012-09-06279White Zetsu’s TrapFILLER2012-09-13280Aesthetics of an ArtistFILLER2012-09-20281The Allied Mom Force!FILLER2012-09-27282The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!MANGA CANON2012-10-04283Two SunsMANGA CANON2012-10-11284Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!FILLER2012-10-18285User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!FILLER2012-10-25286Things You Can’t Get BackFILLER2012-11-01287One Worth Betting OnFILLER2012-11-01288Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!FILLER2012-11-08289The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!FILLER2012-11-15290Power: Episode 1FILLER2012-11-22291Power: Episode 2FILLER2012-11-29292Power: Episode 3FILLER2012-12-06293Power: Episode 4FILLER2012-12-13294Power: Episode 5FILLER2012-12-20295Power: Episode FinalFILLER2013-01-10296Naruto Enters the BattleMANGA CANON2013-01-17297A Father’s Hope, a Mother’s LoveMANGA CANON2013-01-24298Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiMANGA CANON2013-01-31299The Acknowledged OneMANGA CANON2013-02-07300The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageMANGA CANON2013-02-14301ParadoxMANGA CANON2013-02-21302Terror! the Steam ImpMANGA CANON2013-02-28303Ghosts from the PastFILLER2013-03-07304The Underworld Transfer JutsuFILLER2013-03-14305The VengefulFILLER2013-03-21306The Heart’s EyeFILLER2013-03-28307Fade Into the MoonlightFILLER2013-04-04308Crescent Moon NightFILLER2013-04-11309The A-Rank Mission: Food Fight!FILLER2013-04-18310The Fallen CastleFILLER2013-04-25311Prologue of Road to NinjaFILLER2013-05-02312The Old Master and the Dragon’s EyeFILLER2013-05-09313Rain Followed by Snow, with Some LightningFILLER2013-05-16314The Sad Sun ShowerFILLER2013-05-23315Lingering SnowFILLER2013-05-30316The Reanimated Allied ForcesFILLER2013-06-06317Shino vs. ToruneFILLER2013-06-13318A Hole in the Heart: the Other JinchurikiFILLER2013-06-20319The Soul Living Inside the PuppetFILLER2013-06-27320Run, Omoi!FILLER2013-07-04321Reinforcements ArriveMANGA CANON2013-07-18322Madara UchihaMANGA CANON2013-07-25323The Five Kage AssembleMANGA CANON2013-08-01324The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-08-08325Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!MANGA CANON2013-08-15326Four Tails, the King of Sage MonkeysMANGA CANON2013-08-22327Nine TailsMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-08-29328KuramaMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-08-29329Two-Man TeamMANGA CANON2013-09-05330Promise of VictoryMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-09-12331Eyes That See in the DarkMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-09-19332The Will of StoneMANGA CANON2013-09-26333The Risks of the Reanimation JutsuMANGA CANON2013-10-03334Sibling Tag TeamMANGA CANON2013-10-10335To Each Their Own LeafMANGA CANON2013-10-24336Kabuto YakushiMANGA CANON2013-10-31337The Izanami ActivatedMANGA CANON2013-11-07338Izanagi and IzanamiMIXED CANON/FILLER2013-11-14339I Will Love You AlwaysMANGA CANON2013-11-21340Reanimation Jutsu, Release!MANGA CANON2013-11-28341Orochimaru’s ReturnMANGA CANON2013-12-05342Secret of the Transportation TechniqueMANGA CANON2013-12-12343Who Are You?MANGA CANON2013-12-19344Obito and MadaraMANGA CANON2014-01-09345I’m in HellMANGA CANON2014-01-16346World of DreamsMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-01-23347Creeping ShadowFILLER2014-01-23348The New AkatsukiFILLER2014-01-30349Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – A Mask That Hides the HeartFILLER2014-02-06350Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Minato’s DeathFILLER2014-02-13351Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: Hashirama’s CellsFILLER2014-02-20352Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: The Rogue Ninja OrochimaruFILLER2014-02-27353Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Orochimaru’s Test SubjectsFILLER2014-03-06354Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Their Own PathsFILLER2014-03-06355Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Targeted SharinganFILLER2014-03-13356Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – a Shinobi of the LeafFILLER2014-03-20357Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – an Uchiha ANBUFILLER2014-04-03358Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Coup D’ÉtatFILLER2014-04-10359Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Night of the TragedyFILLER2014-04-17360Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Jonin LeaderFILLER2014-04-24361Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Squad SevenFILLER2014-05-08362Kakashi’s ResolveMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-05-15363The Allied Shinobi Forces JutsuMANGA CANON2014-05-22364The Ties That BindMANGA CANON2014-06-05365Those Who Dance in the ShadowsMANGA CANON2014-06-12366The All-KnowingMANGA CANON2014-06-19367Hashirama and MadaraMANGA CANON2014-07-03368Era of Warring StatesMANGA CANON2014-07-10369My True DreamMANGA CANON2014-07-24370Sasuke’s AnswerMANGA CANON2014-07-31371HoleMANGA CANON2014-08-07372Something to Fill the HoleMANGA CANON2014-08-14373Team 7, Assemble!MANGA CANON2014-08-21374The New Three-Way DeadlockMANGA CANON2014-08-28375Kakashi vs. ObitoMANGA CANON2014-09-04376The Directive to Take the Nine TailsFILLER2014-09-11377Naruto vs. Mecha NarutoFILLER2014-09-11378The Ten Tails’ JinchurikiMANGA CANON2014-09-18379An OpeningMANGA CANON2014-09-25380The Day Naruto Was BornMANGA CANON2014-10-02381The Divine TreeMANGA CANON2014-10-09382A Shinobi’s DreamMANGA CANON2014-10-16383Pursuing HopeMANGA CANON2014-10-23384A Heart Filled With ComradesMANGA CANON2014-10-30385Obito UchihaMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-11-06386I’m Always WatchingMIXED CANON/FILLER2014-11-13387The Promise That Was KeptMANGA CANON2014-11-20388My First FriendFILLER2014-11-27389The Adored Elder SisterFILLER2014-12-04390Hanabi’s DecisionFILLER2014-12-04391Madara Uchiha ArisesMANGA CANON2014-12-11392The Hidden HeartMANGA CANON2014-12-18393A True EndingMANGA CANON2014-12-25394The New Chunin ExamsFILLER2015-01-08395The Chunin Exams Begin!FILLER2015-01-15396The Three QuestionsFILLER2015-01-22397One Worthy As A LeaderFILLER2015-01-29398The Night Before the Second ExamFILLER2015-02-05399Demon Desert SurvivalFILLER2015-02-12400As a Taijutsu UserFILLER2015-02-19401The UltimateFILLER2015-02-26402Escape vs. PursuitFILLER2015-03-05403Unwavering GutsinessFILLER2015-03-12404Tenten’s TroublesFILLER2015-03-19405The Imprisoned PairFILLER2015-03-26406The Place Where I BelongFILLER2015-04-02407The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFILLER2015-04-09408The Cursed PuppetFILLER2015-04-16409Their BacksFILLER2015-04-23410The Hidden Plot Set Into MotionFILLER2015-04-30411The Targeted Tailed BeastFILLER2015-05-07412Neji’s JudgementFILLER2015-05-14413Hopes Entrusted to the FutureFILLER2015-05-21414On the Brink of DeathMANGA CANON2015-05-28415The Two MangekyoMANGA CANON2015-06-04416The Formation of Team MinatoFILLER2015-06-11417You’ll Be My BackupFILLER2015-06-25418The Blue Beast vs Six Paths MadaraMANGA CANON2015-07-02419Papa’s YouthMIXED CANON/FILLER2015-07-09420The Eight Inner Gates FormationMANGA CANON2015-07-23421The Sage of the Six PathsMANGA CANON2015-07-30422The One Who Will InheritFILLER2015-08-06423Naruto’s RivalFILLER2015-08-06424To Rise UpMANGA CANON2015-08-13425The Infinite DreamMANGA CANON2015-08-20426The Infinite TsukuyomiMIXED CANON/FILLER2015-08-27427To the Dream WorldFILLER2015-09-03428Where Tenten BelongsFILLER2015-09-03429Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1FILLER2015-09-10430Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2FILLER2015-09-17431To See That Smile, Just One More TimeFILLER2015-09-24432The Loser NinjaFILLER2015-10-01433The Search MissionFILLER2015-10-08434Team JiraiyaFILLER2015-10-15435Order of PriorityFILLER2015-10-22436The Masked ManFILLER2015-11-05437The Sealed PowerFILLER2015-11-12438The Rules or a ComradeFILLER2015-11-19439The Child of ProphecyFILLER2015-11-26440The Caged BirdFILLER2015-12-03441Returning HomeFILLER2015-12-10442The Mutual PathFILLER2015-12-17443The Difference in PowerFILLER2015-12-24444Leaving the VillageFILLER2016-01-14445PursuersFILLER2016-01-21446CollisionFILLER2016-01-28447Another MoonFILLER2016-02-04448ComradeFILLER2016-02-11449The Shinobi UniteFILLER2016-02-18450RivalFILLER2016-02-25451Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: Birth and DeathMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-03-03452Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: the GeniusMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-03-10453Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: The Pain of LivingMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-03-17454Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: Shisui’s RequestMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-03-24455Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: Moonlit NightMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-04-07456Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: the Darkness of the AkatsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-04-14457Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: PartnerMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-04-21458Itachi’s Story – Light and Darkness: TruthMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-04-28459She of the BeginningMANGA CANON2016-05-05460Kaguya OtsutsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-05-12461Hagoromo and HamuraMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-05-19462A Fabricated PastMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-05-26463The No. 1 Most Unpredictable NinjaMANGA CANON2016-06-02464Ninshū: The Ninja CreedFILLER2016-06-09465Ashura and IndraFILLER2016-06-16466The Tumultuous JourneyFILLER2016-06-30467Ashura’s DecisionFILLER2016-07-07468The SuccessorFILLER2016-07-21469A Special MissionFILLER2016-07-28470Connecting ThoughtsMANGA CANON2016-08-04471The Two of Them…AlwaysMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-08-11472You Better…MIXED CANON/FILLER2016-08-18473The Sharingan RevivedMANGA CANON2016-08-25474CongratulationsMANGA CANON2016-09-01475The Final ValleyMANGA CANON2016-09-08476The Final BattleMANGA CANON2016-09-29477Naruto and SasukeMANGA CANON2016-09-29478The Unison SignMIXED CANON/FILLER2016-10-06479Naruto Uzumaki!!MIXED CANON/FILLER2016-10-13480Naruto and HinataFILLER2016-10-20481Sasuke and SakuraFILLER2016-10-27482Gaara and ShikamaruFILLER2016-11-03483Jiraiya and KakashiFILLER2016-11-10484Sasuke’s Story – Sunrise, Part 1: The Exploding HumanMANGA CANON2016-12-01485Sasuke’s Story – Sunrise, Part 2: ColiseumMANGA CANON2016-12-08486Sasuke’s Story – Sunrise, Part 3: FuushinMANGA CANON2016-12-15487Sasuke’s Story – Sunrise, Part 4: The KetsuryuganMANGA CANON2016-12-22488Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last OneMANGA CANON2017-01-05489Shikamaru’s Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of AffairsMANGA CANON2017-01-12490Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark CloudsMANGA CANON2017-01-19491Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 3: RecklessnessMANGA CANON2017-01-26492Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 4: Cloud of SuspicionMANGA CANON2017-02-02493Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: DawnMANGA CANON2017-02-09494Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 1: Naruto’s WeddingMANGA CANON2017-02-16495Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-Powered Wedding GiftMANGA CANON2017-02-16496Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Steam and Food PillsMANGA CANON2017-02-23497Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 4: the Kazekage’s Wedding GiftMANGA CANON2017-03-02498Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last MissionMANGA CANON2017-03-09499Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 6: The Outcome of the Secret MissionMANGA CANON2017-03-16500Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 7: The MessageMANGA CANON2017-03-23

Episode list shippuden

Episode #Original
Air DateTitles Season 1 1.1-1 15 Feb 07Homecoming2.1-2 15 Feb 07The Akatsuki Makes Its Move3.1-3 22 Feb 07The Results of Training4.1-4 01 Mar 07The Jinchuriki of the Sand5.1-5 15 Mar 07The Kazekage Stands Tall6.1-6 29 Mar 07Mission Cleared7.1-7 29 Mar 07Run, Kankuro8.1-8 12 Apr 07Team Kakashi, Deployed9.1-9 12 Apr 07The Jinchuriki's Tears10.1-1019 Apr 07Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals11.1-1126 Apr 07The Medical Ninja's Student12.1-1203 May 07The Retired Granny's Determination13.1-1310 May 07A Meeting With Destiny14.1-1417 May 07Naruto's Growth15.1-1524 May 07The Secret Weapon is Called…16.1-1631 May 07The Secret of Jinchūriki17.1-1707 Jun 07The Death of Gaara!18.1-1821 Jun 07Charge Tactic! Button Hook Entry19.1-1905 Jul 07Traps Activate! Team Guy's Enemies!20.1-2019 Jul 07Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!21.1-2126 Jul 07Sasori's Real Face22.1-2202 Aug 07Chiyo's Secret Skills23.1-2302 Aug 07Father and Mother24.1-2409 Aug 07The Third Kazekage25.1-2516 Aug 07Three Minutes Between Life and Death26.1-2623 Aug 07Puppet Fight: 10 vs 100!27.1-2730 Aug 07Impossible Dream28.1-2813 Sep 07Beasts! Alive Again!29.1-2927 Sep 07Kakashi Enlightened!30.1-3027 Sep 07Aesthetics of an Instant!31.1-3118 Oct 07The Legacy!32.1-3225 Oct 07Return of the Kazekage Season 2 33.2-1 08 Nov 07The New Target34.2-2 15 Nov 07Formation! New Team Kakashi!35.2-3 22 Nov 07An Unnecessary Addition36.2-4 29 Nov 07The Fake Smile37.2-5 29 Nov 07Untitled38.2-6 06 Dec 07Simulation39.2-7 13 Dec 07The Tenchi Bridge40.2-8 20 Dec 07Nine-Tails Unleashed!41.2-9 20 Dec 07The Top-Secret Mission Begins!42.2-1010 Jan 08Orochimaru VS Jinchūriki43.2-1117 Jan 08Sakura's Tears44.2-1224 Jan 08The Secret of the Battle45.2-1331 Jan 08The Consequence of Betrayal46.2-1407 Feb 08The Unfinished Page47.2-1514 Feb 08Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!48.2-1628 Feb 08Bonds49.2-1706 Mar 08Something Important…50.2-1813 Mar 08The Picture Book's Story51.2-1920 Mar 08Reunion52.2-2020 Mar 08The Power of the Uchiha53.2-2103 Apr 08The Leaves Sprout! Season 3 54.3-1 03 Apr 08Nightmare55.3-2 17 Apr 08Wind56.3-3 24 Apr 08Writhe57.3-4 08 May 08Robbed of Sleep58.3-5 08 May 08Loneliness59.3-6 15 May 08A New Enemy60.3-7 22 May 08Impermanence61.3-8 29 May 08Contact62.3-9 05 Jun 08Teammate63.3-1019 Jun 08The Two Kings64.3-1103 Jul 08The Jet-Black Signal Fire65.3-1203 Jul 08Lockdown of Darkness66.3-1310 Jul 08Revived Souls67.3-1424 Jul 08Everyone's Struggle to the Death68.3-1531 Jul 08Moment of Awakening69.3-1631 Jul 08Despair70.3-1707 Aug 08Resonance71.3-1814 Aug 08My Friend Season 4 72.4-1 21 Aug 08The Quietly Approaching Threat73.4-2 28 Aug 08Akatsuki's Invasion74.4-3 04 Sep 08Under the Starry Sky75.4-4 11 Sep 08The Old Monk's Prayer76.4-5 25 Sep 08The Next Step77.4-6 25 Sep 08Climbing Silver78.4-7 02 Oct 08The Judgment79.4-8 02 Oct 08Unfulfilled Scream80.4-9 16 Oct 08Last Words81.4-1023 Oct 08Sad News82.4-1130 Oct 08Team 1083.4-1206 Nov 08Target: Locked On84.4-1313 Nov 08Kakuzu's Abilities85.4-1420 Nov 08Terrifying Secret86.4-1504 Dec 08Shikamaru's Genius87.4-1604 Dec 08When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own Grave88.4-1711 Dec 08Wind Release: Rasenshuriken! Season 5 89.5-1 18 Dec 08The Price of Power90.5-2 25 Dec 08A Shinobi's Determination91.5-3 08 Jan 09Orochimaru's Hideout Discovered92.5-4 15 Jan 09Encounter93.5-5 22 Jan 09Connecting Hearts94.5-6 29 Jan 09A Night of Rain95.5-7 05 Feb 09The Two Charms96.5-8 12 Feb 09The Unseeing Enemy97.5-9 19 Feb 09The Labyrinth of Distorted Reflection98.5-1026 Feb 09The Target Appears99.5-1105 Mar 09Raging Tailed Beast100.5-1212 Mar 09Inside the Mist101.5-1326 Mar 09Everyone's Feelings102.5-1426 Mar 09Regroup!103.5-1509 Apr 09The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier104.5-1609 Apr 09Breaking the Crystal Release105.5-1716 Apr 09The Battle Over the Barrier106.5-1823 Apr 09Red Camellia107.5-1930 Apr 09Strange Bedfellows108.5-2007 May 09Guidepost of the Camellia109.5-2114 May 09Cursed Seal Counterattack110.5-2221 May 09Memory of Guilt111.5-2328 May 09Shattered Promise112.5-2404 Jun 09A Place to Return To Season 6 113.6-1 11 Jun 09The Serpent's Pupil114.6-2 18 Jun 09Eye of a Hawk115.6-3 25 Jun 09Zabuza's Blade116.6-4 02 Jul 09Guardian of the Iron Wall117.6-5 09 Jul 09Jūgo of the Northern Hideout118.6-6 23 Jul 09Formation!119.6-7 30 Jul 09Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1120.6-8 30 Jul 09Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 2121.6-9 06 Aug 09Assemble122.6-1013 Aug 09The Hunt123.6-1120 Aug 09Clash!124.6-1227 Aug 09Art125.6-1303 Sep 09Disappearance126.6-1410 Sep 09Twilight127.6-1524 Sep 09Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 1)128.6-1624 Sep 09Tales of a Gutsy Ninja - Jiraiya Ninja Scroll (Part 2)129.6-1708 Oct 09Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the Rain130.6-1808 Oct 09The Man Who Became God131.6-1915 Oct 09Honoured Sage Mode!132.6-2022 Oct 09In Attendance, the Six Paths of Pain133.6-2129 Oct 09The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant134.6-2205 Nov 09Banquet Invitation135.6-2319 Nov 09The Longest Moment136.6-2419 Nov 09The Light and Dark of the Mangekyō Sharingan137.6-2526 Nov 09Amaterasu!138.6-2603 Dec 09The End139.6-2710 Dec 09The Mystery of Tobi140.6-2817 Dec 09Fate141.6-2924 Dec 09Truth142.6-3007 Jan 10Battle of Valley of Clouds and Lightning143.6-3114 Jan 10The Eight-Tails vs. Sasuke Season 7 144.7-1 21 Jan 10Wanderer145.7-2 28 Jan 10Successor of the Forbidden Jutsu146.7-3 04 Feb 10The Successor's Wish147.7-4 11 Feb 10Rogue Ninja's Past148.7-5 18 Feb 10Heir to Darkness149.7-6 25 Feb 10Separation150.7-7 04 Mar 10The Forbidden Jutsu Released151.7-8 11 Mar 10Master and Student Season 8 152.8-1 25 Mar 10Sombre News153.8-2 25 Mar 10Following the Master's Shadow154.8-3 08 Apr 10Decryption155.8-4 08 Apr 10The First Challenge156.8-5 15 Apr 10Surpassing the Master157.8-6 22 Apr 10Assault on the Leaf Village!158.8-7 29 Apr 10Power to Believe159.8-8 06 May 10Pain vs. Kakashi160.8-9 13 May 10Mystery of Pain161.8-1020 May 10Surname is Sarutobi. Given Name, Konohamaru!162.8-1127 May 10Pain to the World163.8-1203 Jun 10Explode! Sage Mode164.8-1310 Jun 10Danger! Sage Mode Limit Reached165.8-1417 Jun 10Nine-Tails, Captured!166.8-1524 Jun 10Confession167.8-1601 Jul 10Chibaku Tensei168.8-1715 Jul 10The Fourth Hokage169.8-1822 Jul 10The Two Students170.8-1929 Jul 10Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy Part 1171.8-2029 Jul 10Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy Part 2172.8-2105 Aug 10Meeting173.8-2212 Aug 10Origin of Pain174.8-2319 Aug 10Tale of Naruto Uzumaki175.8-2426 Aug 10Hero of the Hidden Leaf Season 9 176.9-1 02 Sep 10Rookie Instructor Iruka177.9-2 09 Sep 10Iruka's Ordeal178.9-3 16 Sep 10Iruka's Decision179.9-4 30 Sep 10Kakashi Hatake, the Jōnin in Charge180.9-5 07 Oct 10Inari's Courage Put to the Test181.9-6 14 Oct 10Naruto's School of Revenge182.9-7 21 Oct 10Gaara's Bond183.9-8 28 Oct 10Naruto: Outbreak184.9-9 04 Nov 10Deploy! Team Tenten185.9-1011 Nov 10Animal District186.9-1118 Nov 10Ah, the Medicine of Youth187.9-1225 Nov 10Gutsy Master and Student: The Training188.9-1325 Nov 10Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and Student189.9-1402 Dec 10Sasuke's Paw Encyclopedia190.9-1509 Dec 10Naruto and the Old Soldier191.9-1616 Dec 10Kakashi's Love Song192.9-1723 Dec 10Neji Chronicles193.9-1806 Jan 11The Man Who Died Twice194.9-1913 Jan 11The Worst Three-Legged Race195.9-2020 Jan 11Team 10's Teamwork196.9-2127 Jan 11Drive Towards Darkness Season 10 197.10-110 Feb 11The Sixth Hokage Danzo198.10-210 Feb 11Five Kage Summit's Eve199.10-317 Feb 11Enter the Five Kage!200.10-424 Feb 11Naruto's Plea201.10-503 Mar 11Painful Decision202.10-610 Mar 11Racing Lightning203.10-717 Mar 11Sasuke's Ninja Way204.10-824 Mar 11Power of the Five Kage205.10-931 Mar 11Declaration of War206.10-1007 Apr 11Sakura's Feelings207.10-1114 Apr 11The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed Beast208.10-1221 Apr 11As One's Friend209.10-1328 Apr 11Danzo's Right Arm210.10-1405 May 11The Forbidden Visual Jutsu211.10-1512 May 11Danzō Shimura212.10-1619 May 11Sakura's Resolve213.10-1726 May 11Lost Bonds214.10-1802 Jun 11The Burden215.10-1909 Jun 11Two Fates216.10-2016 Jun 11High-Level Shinobi217.10-2123 Jun 11The Infiltrator218.10-2230 Jun 11The Five Great Nations Mobilize Season 11 219.11-107 Jul 11Kakashi Hatake, the Hokage220.11-221 Jul 11Prophecy of the Great Lord Elder221.11-328 Jul 11Storage222.11-428 Jul 11The Five Kage's Decision223.11-504 Aug 11The Young Man and the Sea224.11-611 Aug 11The Ninja of Benisu225.11-718 Aug 11The Cursed Ghost Ship226.11-825 Aug 11Battleship Island227.11-902 Sep 11The Forgotten Island228.11-1009 Sep 11Fight! Rock Lee!229.11-1122 Sep 11Eat or Die! Mushrooms from Hell230.11-1229 Sep 11Revenge of the Shadow Clones231.11-1306 Oct 11The Closed Route232.11-1413 Oct 11The Girls' Get-Together233.11-1520 Oct 11Naruto's Imposter234.11-1627 Oct 11Naruto's Favourite Pupil235.11-1703 Nov 11The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko Village236.11-1810 Nov 11Friends You Can Count On237.11-1924 Nov 11Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!238.11-2001 Dec 11Sai's Day Off239.11-2108 Dec 11The Legendary Ino–Shika–Chō240.11-2215 Dec 11Kiba's Determination241.11-2322 Dec 11Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!242.11-2428 Dec 11Naruto's Vow Season 12 243.12-105 Jan 12Land Ahoy! Is this the Island of Paradise?244.12-212 Jan 12Killer B and Motoi245.12-319 Jan 12The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine-Tails!!246.12-426 Jan 12The Orange Spark247.12-502 Feb 12Target: Nine Tails248.12-609 Feb 12The Fourth Hokage's Death Match!249.12-709 Feb 12Thank You250.12-816 Feb 12Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!251.12-923 Feb 12The Man Named Kisame252.12-1001 Mar 12The Angelic Herald of Death253.12-1108 Mar 12The Bridge to Peace254.12-1215 Mar 12The Super Secret S-Rank Mission255.12-1322 Mar 12The Artist Returns256.12-1429 Mar 12Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!257.12-1505 Apr 12Meeting258.12-1612 Apr 12Rivals259.12-1719 Apr 12Rift260.12-1826 Apr 12Parting Season 13 261.13-103 May 12For My Friend262.13-210 May 12War Begins!263.13-317 May 12Sai and Shin264.13-424 May 12The Secret of the Impure World Reincarnation265.13-531 May 12An Old Nemesis Returns266.13-607 Jun 12The First and Last Opponent267.13-721 Jun 12The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden Leaf268.13-828 Jun 12Battleground!269.13-905 Jul 12No-Good Words270.13-1019 Jul 12Golden Bonds271.13-1126 Jul 12Road to Sakura272.13-1202 Aug 12Mifune vs. Hanzō273.13-1309 Aug 12True Kindness274.13-1409 Aug 12The Complete Ino-Shika-Chō Formation275.13-1516 Aug 12A Message from the Heart276.13-1623 Aug 12Attack of the Gedō Statue277.13-1730 Aug 12Unison Sign278.13-1806 Sep 12Medic Ninja in Danger279.13-1913 Sep 12White Zetsu's Trap280.13-2020 Sep 12Aesthetics of an Artist281.13-2127 Sep 12The Allied Mom Force!!282.13-2204 Oct 12The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!!283.13-2311 Oct 12Two Suns!!284.13-2418 Oct 12The Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!285.13-2525 Oct 12User of the Scorch Release: Pakura of the Sand!286.13-2601 Nov 12Things You Can't Get Back287.13-2701 Nov 12One Worth Betting On288.13-2808 Nov 12Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!289.13-2915 Nov 12The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo290.13-3022 Nov 12Power - Episode 1291.13-3129 Nov 12Power - Episode 2292.13-3206 Dec 12Power - Episode 3293.13-3313 Dec 12Power - Episode 4294.13-3420 Dec 12Power - Episode 5295.13-3510 Jan 13Power - Episode Final Season 14 296.14-117 Jan 13Naruto Enters the Battle!297.14-224 Jan 13A Father's Hope, A Mother's Love298.14-331 Jan 13Contact! Naruto vs. Itachi299.14-407 Feb 13The Acknowledged One300.14-514 Feb 13The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage301.14-621 Feb 13Paradox302.14-728 Feb 13Terror: Steaming Danger Tyranny303.14-807 Mar 13Ghosts from the Past304.14-914 Mar 13The Underworld Transfer Jutsu305.14-1021 Mar 13The Vengeful306.14-1128 Mar 13The Heart's Eye307.14-1204 Apr 13Fade into the Moonlight308.14-1311 Apr 13Night of the Crescent Moon309.14-1418 Apr 13An A-Rank Mission: The Contest310.14-1525 Apr 13The Fallen Castle311.14-1602 May 13Prologue of Road to Ninja312.14-1709 May 13The Old Master and the Dragon's Eye313.14-1816 May 13Rain Followed by Snow, with Some Lightning314.14-1923 May 13The Sad Sun Shower315.14-2030 May 13Lingering Snow316.14-2106 Jun 13The Reanimated Allied Forces317.14-2213 Jun 13Shino vs. Torune!318.14-2320 Jun 13A Hole in the Heart: The Other Jinchūriki319.14-2427 Jun 13The Soul Living Inside the Puppet320.14-2504 Jul 13Run, Omoi! Season 15 321.15-118 Jul 13Reinforcements Arrive322.15-225 Jul 13Madara Uchiha323.15-301 Aug 13The Five Kage Assemble324.15-408 Aug 13The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble325.15-515 Aug 13Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!!326.15-622 Aug 13Four-Tails, the King of Sage Monkeys327.15-729 Aug 13Nine Tails328.15-829 Aug 13Kurama329.15-905 Sep 13Two-Man Team330.15-1012 Sep 13The Promise of Victory331.15-1119 Sep 13Eyes That See in the Dark332.15-1226 Sep 13A Will of Stone333.15-1303 Oct 13The Risks of the Impure World Reincarnation334.15-1410 Oct 13Sibling Tag Team335.15-1524 Oct 13To Each Their Own Leaf336.15-1631 Oct 13Kabuto Yakushi337.15-1707 Nov 13The Izanami Activated338.15-1814 Nov 13Izanagi and Izanami339.15-1921 Nov 13I Will Love You Always340.15-2028 Nov 13Impure World Reincarnation: Release!341.15-2105 Dec 13Orochimaru's Return342.15-2212 Dec 13The Secret of the Transportation Technique343.15-2319 Dec 13Who Are You?344.15-2409 Jan 14Obito and Madara345.15-2516 Jan 14I'm in Hell346.15-2623 Jan 14World of Dreams347.15-2723 Jan 14Creeping Shadow348.15-2830 Jan 14The New Akatsuki Season 16 349.16-106 Feb 14The Mask That Hides the Heart350.16-213 Feb 14Minato's Death351.16-320 Feb 14Hashirama's Cells352.16-427 Feb 14The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru353.16-506 Mar 14Orochimaru's Test Subject354.16-606 Mar 14Their Own Paths355.16-713 Mar 14The Targeted Sharingan356.16-820 Mar 14A Shinobi of the Leaf357.16-903 Apr 14An Uchiha ANBU358.16-1010 Apr 14Coup d'État359.16-1117 Apr 14The Night of the Tragedy360.16-1224 Apr 14Jonin Leader361.16-1308 May 14Team 7 Season 17 362.17-115 May 14Kakashi's Resolve363.17-222 May 14The Allied Shinobi Forces Technique364.17-305 Jun 14The Ties That Bind365.17-412 Jun 14Those Who Dance in the Shadows366.17-519 Jun 14The All-Knowing367.17-603 Jul 14Hashirama and Madara368.17-710 Jul 14Warring States Period369.17-824 Jul 14My True Dream370.17-931 Jul 14Sasuke's Answer371.17-1007 Aug 14Hole372.17-1114 Aug 14Something to Fill the Hole373.17-1221 Aug 14Team 7, Assemble!374.17-1328 Aug 14The New Three-Way Deadlock375.17-1404 Sep 14Kakashi vs. Obito376.17-1511 Sep 14The Directive to Take the Nine-Tails!377.17-1611 Sep 14Naruto vs. Mecha Naruto378.17-1718 Sep 14The Jinchuriki of the Ten Tails379.17-1825 Sep 14An Opening380.17-1902 Oct 14The Day Naruto Was Born381.17-2009 Oct 14Divine Tree382.17-2116 Oct 14A Shinobi's Dream383.17-2223 Oct 14Pursuing Hope384.17-2330 Oct 14A Heart Filled With Comrades385.17-2406 Nov 14Obito Uchiha386.17-2513 Nov 14I'm Always Watching387.17-2620 Nov 14The Promise That Was Kept388.17-2727 Nov 14My First Friend389.17-2804 Dec 14The Adored Elder Sister390.17-2904 Dec 14Hanabi's Decision391.17-3011 Dec 14Madara Uchiha Arises392.17-3118 Dec 14One's True Heart393.17-3225 Dec 14A True Ending Season 18 394.18-108 Jan 15The New Chūnin Exams395.18-215 Jan 15The Chūnin Exams Begin!396.18-322 Jan 15The Three Questions397.18-429 Jan 15One Worthy as a Leader398.18-505 Feb 15The Night Before the Second Exam399.18-612 Feb 15Demon Desert Survival400.18-719 Feb 15As a Taijutsu User401.18-826 Feb 15The Ultimate402.18-905 Mar 15Escape vs. Pursuit403.18-1012 Mar 15Unwavering Gutsiness404.18-1119 Mar 15Tenten's Troubles405.18-1226 Mar 15The Imprisoned Pair406.18-1302 Apr 15The Place Where I Belong407.18-1409 Apr 15The Yamanaka Clan: Secret Ninjutsu408.18-1516 Apr 15The Cursed Puppet409.18-1623 Apr 15Their Backs410.18-1730 Apr 15The Hidden Plot Set Into Motion411.18-1807 May 15The Targeted Tailed Beast412.18-1914 May 15Neji's Judgment Season 19 413.19-121 May 15Hopes Entrusted to the Future414.19-228 May 15On the Brink of Death415.19-304 Jun 15The Two Mangekyō416.19-411 Jun 15The Formation of Team Minato417.19-525 Jun 15You'll Be My Backup418.19-602 Jul 15The Blue Beast vs. Six Paths Madara419.19-709 Jul 15Papa's Youth420.19-823 Jul 15The Eight Inner Gates Formation421.19-930 Jul 15The Sage of Six Paths422.19-1006 Aug 15The Ones Who Will Inherit423.19-1106 Aug 15Naruto's Rival424.19-1213 Aug 15To Rise Up425.19-1320 Aug 15The Infinite Dream426.19-1427 Aug 15The Infinite Tsukuyomi Season 20 427.20-103 Sep 15To the Dreamworld428.20-203 Sep 15Where Tenten Belongs429.20-310 Sep 15Killer B Rappūden: Part 1430.20-417 Sep 15Killer B Rappūden: Part 2431.20-524 Sep 15To See That Smile, Just One More Time432.20-601 Oct 15The Loser Ninja433.20-708 Oct 15The Search Mission434.20-815 Oct 15Team Jiraiya435.20-922 Oct 15Order of Priority436.20-1005 Nov 15The Masked Man437.20-1112 Nov 15The Sealed Power438.20-1219 Nov 15The Rules or a Comrade439.20-1326 Nov 15The Child of Prophecy440.20-1403 Dec 15The Caged Bird441.20-1510 Dec 15Returning Home442.20-1617 Dec 15The Mutual Path443.20-1724 Dec 15The Difference in Power444.20-1814 Jan 16Leaving the Village445.20-1921 Jan 16Pursuers446.20-2028 Jan 16Collision447.20-2104 Feb 16Another Moon448.20-2211 Feb 16Comrade449.20-2318 Feb 16The Shinobi Unite450.20-2425 Feb 16Rival Season 21 451.21-103 Mar 16Birth and Death452.21-210 Mar 16The Genius453.21-317 Mar 16The Pain of Living454.21-424 Mar 16Shisui's Request455.21-507 Apr 16Moonlit Night456.21-614 Apr 16The Darkness of the Akatsuki457.21-721 Apr 16Partner458.21-828 Apr 16Truth Season 22 459.22-112 May 16She of the Beginning460.22-212 May 16Kaguya Ōtsutsuki461.22-319 May 16Hagoromo and Hamura462.22-426 May 16A Fabricated Past463.22-502 Jun 16The No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja464.22-609 Jun 16Ninshū: The Ninja Creed465.22-716 Jun 16Ashura and Indra466.22-830 Jun 16The Tumultuous Journey467.22-907 Jul 16Asura's Decision468.22-1021 Jul 16The Successor469.22-1128 Jul 16A Special Mission470.22-1204 Aug 16Connecting Thoughts471.22-1311 Aug 16The Two of Them… Always472.22-1418 Aug 16You Better...473.22-1525 Aug 16The Sharingan Revived474.22-1601 Sep 16Congratulations475.22-1708 Sep 16The Valley of the End476.22-1829 Sep 16The Final Battle477.22-1929 Sep 16Naruto and Sasuke478.22-2006 Oct 16The Unison Sign479.22-2113 Oct 16Naruto Uzumaki!! Season 23 480.23-120 Oct 16Naruto and Hinata481.23-227 Oct 16Sasuke and Sakura482.23-303 Nov 16Gaara and Shikamaru483.23-410 Nov 16Jiraiya and Kakashi484.23-501 Dec 16The Exploding Human485.23-608 Dec 16Colosseum486.23-715 Dec 16Fūshin487.23-822 Dec 16The Ketsuryūgan488.23-905 Jan 17The Last One489.23-1012 Jan 17The State of Affairs490.23-1119 Jan 17Dark Clouds491.23-1226 Jan 17Recklessness492.23-1302 Feb 17Cloud of Suspicion493.23-1409 Feb 17Dawn494.23-1516 Feb 17Naruto's Wedding495.23-1616 Feb 17A Full-Powered Wedding Gift496.23-1723 Feb 17Steam and Food Pills497.23-1802 Mar 17The Kazekage's Wedding Gift498.23-1909 Mar 17The Last Mission499.23-2016 Mar 17The Outcome of the Secret Mission500.23-2123 Mar 17The Message Specials S01.1-0 04 Aug 07Naruto Shippuuden The MovieS02.2-0 06 Feb 08Hurricane! "Hidden Leaf High School" Chronicles!S03.3-0 02 Aug 08Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 2: BondsS06.6-0 01 Aug 09Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of FireS06.6-0 19 Dec 09The Cross RoadsS07.7-0 31 Jul 10Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 4: The Lost TowerS08.8-0 31 Jul 10Naruto, The Genie, and The Three Wishes!!S09.9-0 01 Jan 11Naruto x UTS10.10-030 Jul 11Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 5: Blood PrisonS11.11-030 Jul 11A Chunin Exam of Flames! Naruto vs. KonohamaruS12.12-023 Feb 12Hashirama Senju vs. Madara UchihaS12.12-028 Jul 12Naruto Shippuuden The Movie 6: Road to NinjaS17.17-011 Sep 14Sunny Side Battle!!!S17.17-005 Dec 14The Last: Naruto the MovieS19.19-007 Aug 15Boruto: Naruto the MovieS22.22-006 Jul 16The Day Naruto Became Hokage 
Naruto Openings 1-9 (HD)

List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes

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This article is about the episodes in the Naruto: Shippuden series. For the list of episodes from the original Naruto series, see List of Naruto episodes.

A DVD cover of Naruto Uzumaki holding a kunai.
The cover of the first DVD compilation released by Pierrotand Aniplex.

Naruto: Shippuden is an anime series mainly adapted from Part II of Masashi Kishimoto's original manga series, with exactly 500 episodes. It is set two and a half years after Part I in the Naruto universe, following the ninja teenager Naruto Uzumaki and his allies. The series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo. It began broadcasting on February 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo, and concluded on March 23, 2017.[1][2]

On January 2, 2009, Viz Media and Crunchyroll provided eight uncut English subtitledNaruto: Shippuden episodes on the official Naruto website.[3] Later on January 15, Viz began providing subtitled versions of the latest Naruto: Shippuden episodes a week after they first aired in Japan, with a new episode being added to the Naruto website each subsequent Thursday.[3] The English dub of Naruto: Shippuden made its US premiere on Disney XD on October 28, 2009.[4][5][6] On July 24, 2009, Viz Media announced that the series would be released on the iTunes Store.[7] The first DVD release of the series in North America was released on September 29, 2009.[8]

Naruto: Shippuden stopped airing on Disney XD on November 5, 2011 after 98 episodes, in which the network cited more frequent violence that was shown in later episodes.[9] DVD box sets generally containing thirteen dubbed episodes from episode 1 onward were released quarterly in their uncut format.[10][11] The English dub was streamed on the Neon Alleyweb channel from its launch in October 2012, and beginning December 29, 2012 with episode 99, dubbed episodes premiered every week uncut until March 25, 2016 after 338 episodes, about a month before Neon Alley's closure. Adult Swim's Toonami programming block began airing the anime from the beginning on January 5, 2014 in an uncut format and as of 2021 it is still running on a weekly basis.[12] Toonami co-creator and current block runner Jason DeMarco has commented that the plan is to broadcast the anime in its entirety until 2024. The network started showing never before aired dubbed episodes at the 339th episode mark by May 2021.

In four regions, episodes from the series have been released on DVD and Blu-ray by single volumes and box sets. In North America, twelve single volumes and thirty eight box sets have been released. In the United Kingdom, twenty eight single volumes and six box sets have been released. In Japan, twenty six sets of volumes have been released based on which arc it represents. In Australia and New Zealand, twenty-eight collections have been released.

Series overview[edit]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (2007)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 1)

Season 2 (2007–08)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 2)

Season 3 (2008)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 3)

Season 4 (2008)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 4)

Season 5 (2008–09)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 5)

Season 6 (2009–10)[edit]

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Season 7 (2010)[edit]

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Season 8 (2010)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 8)

Season 9 (2010–11)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 9)

Season 10 (2011)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 10)

Season 11 (2011)[edit]

Main article: Naruto: Shippuden (season 11)


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