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Player Watch Pick #18 (2016) - Sam Powell-Pepper

Dec 26, 2013
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A cute bender? Righto..Yeah any functioning human would miss training if they've had a bender.

He can have half the year off. He's not Dennis Rodman

They need to stop labelling bad decisions "mental illness" it's a slap in the face to people suffering real mental health issues that are actually incapacitating. There's a difference between impaired judgement and poor decisions. He's got form.
Bad take. Stuff like this is why people suffering real mental health issues don't come out about it, because they're labelled as "faking it".

Come experience the new

YouTube star Sam Pepper is getting a lot of flak on social media for his prank video showing a fake murder. The prank was heavily criticized on social media Monday morning and even inspired a petition to deactivate Pepper's channel from YouTube.

Fellow YouTuber user Colby Brock, who was in on the video prank, is fake murdered while his best friend Sam Golbach, who did not know it was a prank, watches in horror. The clip opens with an unknown figure attacking Golbach in an alley and shoving him into a trunk before the camera cuts over to a Los Angeles rooftop, where Golbach and Brock are both held at gunpoint by a man in all black.

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Sam Pepper murder prankSam Pepper YouTube -

The man "shoots" Brock in the head, causing Golbach to launch into hysterics and sob heavily. Moments later, Brock jumps up and says it was all a prank, but Golbach remains visibly upset even after the prank is revealed.

Sam Pepper murder prankSam Pepper YouTube -

Sam Pepper murder prankSam Pepper YouTube -

The video finishes with a clip of Golbach, Brock, and Pepper several days following the prank. Golbach appears to be laughing about the whole thing after the fact:

Sam Pepper murder prankSam Pepper YouTube -

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The video received major backlash on social media, particularly from people who were worried about the impact it might have had on Golbach, who went on to release a Twitter statement that he is fine and hoped the video would send a positive message about not taking friends for granted:

Nevertheless, many were still disturbed by the video and noted that seeing someone die could cause serious stress, even if it turns out to be a prank. Here are some emotional and powerful reactions to it:

The petition against the video has received nearly 23,000 signatures since its creation early Monday morning.

"[Pepper] clearly doesn't understand boundaries or have any respect for those people who have lost their lives and believes that murder can be staged as a prank," petition creator Kaylee-Jade Davis wrote. "It is disgusting especially as it appears to mirror situations where people really have got killed. Sam Pepper needs to be stopped."

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Sam Pepper Tickets

Sam pepper was a contestant on the UK's Big Brother 11.

Although Sam didn't win the show he was definitely the funniest and has the most fame since it's finish.
Sam makes youtube videos and has been recognised to become a partner. He is also on twitter and has the most followers out of all past Big Brother contestants.

This young graffiti artist lives a carefree life based on his philosophy to pretty much go for it and take any opportunity that comes along.

Sam lives with his loving grandparents who cater to his every need: "I get spoilt by them". Yet, Sam hasn't always lived a comfortable life at home as his happy-go-lucky way of life has landed him some unusual jobs abroad, including being a hotel entertainer in Greece and dismantling huge tents in Italy.

Although Sam maintains a laid-back lifestyle, he is very much passionate about his graffiti and aims to one day pursue a career in film and photography. Having been awarded student of the year for art in school, the graffiti artist seems to have been gifted with an artistic streak from an early age. In five years time, he just wants to be successful in photography.

The gutsy Kent-born artist admits he is annoyed by the UK's binge drinking culture, claiming that he doesn't need drink to go out to have a good time. He is also irritated by people that are over the top, like really camp gay guys, and gets easily wound up by those who are loud, crazy and attention-seeking. He particularly dislikes girls who put on a dumb act, preferring normal, cute and innocent girls who can make him laugh.


Tfue Went on a Valentine's Date with James Charles, Though That Doesn't Mean He's Gay

Popular Fortnite streamer Tfue is one of the most-known gamers on the internet right now. The streamer, whose real name is Turner Tenney, is a former FaZe Clan gamer and current Twitch star, despite his recent controversies.

All of this has made him into one of the most prominent gaming influencers, which puts immense pressure on his personal life. Recently, some of his fans have been wondering about Tfue's sexuality, and if he might be gay.

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Tfue was video taped kissing a man.

Recently, there's a video going around of Tfue kissing another man. The six-second clip, which has been shared numerous times on YouTube and other social media platforms, features very blurry footage of two men kissing. While it's unclear where the video came from, the blonde man in the video is assumed to be Tfue, while it's speculated the man he is kissing is former controversial YouTuber Sam Pepper.


Source: Instagram

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The two share nothing more than a peck, and it does not seem to have any further romantic implications behind it, though many have commented claiming this confirms that Tfue is interested in men.

Tfue himself has not commented on the video.

Are Tfue and James Charles dating?

In February, many began to wonder about Tfue's sexuality when he replied to James Charles' tweet about needing a date for Valentine's Day. 

"Ok so who's gonna take one for the team and be my valentine?" James tweeted on the romantic holiday. Tfue decided to shoot his shot and replied to the beauty influencer, writing, "Me" with a waving hand emoji. 

This was shortly after his (very public) breakup with Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf, who he had been dating for six months before their split.

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James jumped at the opportunity, replying to Tfue with a flirty message. "Down where our date tonight?" he wrote. Tfue replied, "Anywhere but LA."

While it may have seemed like the pair were just exchanging witty banter, two days later Tfue tweeted a screenshot of their Twitter exchange with a photo of them together, confirming that James did take him up on the offer.

Some were quick to point out what looked like the beginnings of a hickey on Tfue's neck, though he never addressed it.

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James has previously been called out for allegedly attempting to seduce straight men. At the height of his scandal with Tati Westbrook, many men accused him of sliding into their DMs, whether or not they were single. James also had a short stint on Tinder, where his profile went viral as it allegedly listed him as a woman, showing up on many straight men's profiles.

While the two may have shared a cute Valentine's Day date, it looks as though it was nothing more than that. The pair have not alluded to having anything more than a friendship.

Many of these instances have led Tfue's viewers and fans to question his sexuality, though he has not publicly addressed this. At this time, he is not romantically linked to anyone, and unless he chooses to address it with his fanbase, we may not ever know.


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