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Dragon Box: The Movies, a DVD box set that includes the first seventeen animated films, released by Toei on April 14,

Dragon Ball is a Japanese media franchise created by Akira Toriyama in Since , there have been 23 theatrical films based on the franchise, including twenty anime films produced by Toei Animation, two unofficial films, and one official live-action film. A twenty-first anime film is currently in development with a planned release of


Original run (–)[edit]

During the franchise's original broadcast run (), Toei produced Dragon Ball films rapidly, often two a year to match the Japanese spring and summer vacations. Seventeen films were produced in this period—three Dragon Ball films from to , thirteen Dragon Ball Z films from to , and finally a tenth anniversary film that was released in and adapted the Red Ribbon arc of the original series.[1] These films have a running time below feature length (around 45–60 minutes each) except for the film, at 80 minutes. These films were mostly alternate retellings of certain story arcs involving new characters or extra side-stories that do not correlate with the same continuity as the manga or TV series.

These were generally screened back to back with other Toei films for that season as special theatrical events in Japan. The first through fifth films were shown at the Toei Manga Festival (東映まんがまつり, Tōei Manga Matsuri), while the sixth through seventeenth films were shown at the Toei Anime Fair (東映アニメフェア, Toei Anime Fea). By , the first sixteen anime films up until Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon () had sold 50&#;million tickets and grossed over ¥40 billion ($ million) at the Japanese box office, making it the highest-grossing anime film series up until then, in addition to selling over , home video units in Japan.[2][3]

Live-action film ()[edit]

A single live-action adaptation of the series was released in , Dragonball Evolution. The film only vaguely adapted elements from the franchise and made $58 million worldwide, against a production cost of $30 million.[4] It received a 15% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average rating of /10, amid accusations of whitewashing.[5][6] A number of sequels to Evolution were planned—with lead Justin Chatwin signed on for three films. He expressed interest in seven films in interview, but none of these sequels were ever produced.[7] The rights to any further live action films are currently owned by the Walt Disney Company, after their acquisition of 20th Century Fox.[8]

Evolution remains the only licensed live-action film, though two unlicensed films were released in the early s.[9]

Animated revival (–present)[edit]

The franchise returned with Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (), the first animated film since , and the first produced with Toriyama's involvement. The film—a sequel to the original series—became the franchise's most successful at the time. Unlike the classic event circuit films, those from onwards were developed with an international theatrical release planned from the beginning, under 20th Century Fox, now owned by The Walt Disney Company. Battle of Gods was followed by Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' in The second film introduced Jaco to Dragon Ball, a character which had debuted in Toriyama's spin-off manga Jaco the Galactic Patrolman in [10] These two movies were adapted by the Dragon Ball Super TV series, with the plotlines from the two films forming multi-episode arcs early in the show's broadcast.[11]

Later movies would adopt the Super moniker, beginning with Dragon Ball Super: Broly () which grossed more than $ million worldwide,[12] and is—as of June —the 12th highest-grossing anime film of all time. The most recently released two films, Resurrection 'F' and Broly, both hold an 82% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[13][14] A second Super film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, is currently in production and scheduled for a release.[15][16]


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In commemoration of the release of the 20th film, an official online poll asked 6, Japanese fans to pick their favorite film in the franchise. The top five films were (from first to fifth): Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler.[32][33]

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External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Dragon_Ball_films

The Dragon Ball films are animated and live-action films made based on the Dragon Ball manga and its four animated TV series, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, and Dragon Ball GT.


All Dragon Ball movies were originally released in theaters in Japan, typically when the vast majority of Japanese school children are on spring and summer vacations in March and July, although it pairs up with a Dr. Slump movie, usually 60 minutes long. All of the movies have been released in the United States, and are usually released under a shorter title. Akira Toriyama, the artist who created the franchise, had little to do with the movies past some of the character designs.[citation&#;needed] However, he is listed as the creator of the movies in the credits. In Daizenshuu 6 (released in ), Akira Toriyama stated that he considers the movies to be stories in a "different dimension" than the main story of the manga he created.[1]Daizenshuu 7 lists only Dead Zone and Cooler's Revenge in the main timeline.


Dragon Ball

Movie 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Japanese title: "The Legend of Shen Long"
FUNimation title: "Curse of the Blood Rubies"
UK Title: "The Legend Of Shenron"

Premiering on December 20, , this film features an alternate scenario to the Emperor Pilaf Saga, set in a parallel world.

Movie 2: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Japanese title: "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle"
FUNimation title: "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle"
UK Title: "Sleeping Beauty in Devil Castle"

Premiering on July 18, , this film features an extended version of the story of how Goku and Krillin began their training with Master Roshi.

Movie 3: Mystical Adventure

Japanese title: "Mystical Great Adventure"
FUNimation title: "Mystical Adventure"
UK title: "Mystical Adventure"

Premiering on July 9, , this film features an alternate scenario to the Tien Shinhan Saga, set in a parallel world.

Movie 4: The Path to Power

Japanese title: "The Path to Ultimate Strength"
FUNimation title: "The Path to Power"

Premiering on March 4, , this film is an altered re-telling of the Red Ribbon Army Saga.


Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies


Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle


Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure


Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon ball

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power

Dragon Ball Z

Movie 1: Dead Zone

Japanese title: "Dragon Ball Z"
FUNimation title: "Dead Zone"
UK title: "In Pursuit of Garlic"

Premiering on July 15, , taking place after the end of Dragon Ball but before the start of Dragon Ball Z, this movie introduces the antagonistic Makyan race led by Garlic Jr. - who would return in the fillerGarlic Jr. Saga.

Movie 2: The World's Strongest

Japanese title: "The World's Strongest Guy"
FUNimation title: "The World's Strongest"
UK title: "The Strongest Guy in the World"

Premiering on March 10, , taking place after the Attack of the Saiyans but before the Battle on Planet Namek, this film featured Dr. Wheelo attempting to obtain Goku's body for himself.

Movie 3: The Tree of Might

Japanese title: "Super Showdown for the Whole Earth"
FUNimation title: "The Tree of Might"
UK title: "Super Battle in the World"

Premiering on July 7, , set during the Battle on Planet Namek, this movie featured the renegade Saiyan Turles attempting to use Earth to grow the Tree of Might, so he could eat its fruit and become the strongest in the universe.

Movie 4: Lord Slug

Japanese title: "Super Saiyan Son Gokū"
FUNimation title: "Lord Slug"
UK title: "Super Saiya Son Goku"

Premiering on March 9, , and also set during the Battle on Planet Namek, this movie featured the evil Super NamekianLord Slug, who aimed to reclaim his youth and convert Earth into a vehicle.

Movie 5: Cooler's Revenge

Japanese title: "The Incredible Mightiest vs. Mightiest"
FUNimation title: "Cooler's Revenge"
UK title: "Super Rivals"

Premiering on July 20, , set after the Battle on Planet Namek but before the Android conflict. This movie debuted Frieza's brother Cooler, who attacked Earth to try and get revenge for his brother's death.

Movie 6: The Return of Cooler

Japanese title: "Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors"
FUNimation title: "The Return of Cooler"
UK title: "Fight! 10 Billion Power Warriors"

Premiering on March 7, , set after the Battle on Planet Namek but before the Android conflict. Cooler returns after having merged with the Big Gete Star and attacks New Namek.

Movie 7: Super Android 13!

Japanese title: "Extreme Battle!! The Three Great Super Saiyans"
FUNimation title: "Super Android 13!"
UK title: "Super Battle of the Three Super Saiyans"

Premiering on July 11, , set during the Android conflict in a parallel world this movie sees the debut of three androids who were destroyed in the main timeline as they attempt to fulfill their objective of killing Goku.

Movie 8: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

Japanese title: "Burn Up!! Hot Fight! Fierce Fight! Super Violent Fight!"
FUNimation title: "Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan"
UK title: "The Burning Battles"

Premiering on March 6, , set during the break before the Cell Games, this movie introduced Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan and the Z Fighters first conflict with him.

Movie 9: Bojack Unbound

Japanese title: "The Galaxy at the Brink!! The Super Incredible Guy"
FUNimation title: "Bojack Unbound"
UK title: "Super Guy in the Galaxy"

Premiering on July 10, , set shortly after the Cell Games, this movie features the Galaxy Soldiers attacking Earth, with Goku dead, it is up to Gohan to step up and stop them.

Movie Broly - Second Coming

Japanese title: "The Dangerous Duo! Super-Warriors Can Not Rest"
FUNimation title: "Broly - Second Coming"

Premiering on March 12, , set early during the Majin Buu Conflict, this film features Broly appearing once more and battling the Z Fighters again.

Movie Bio-Broly

Japanese title: "Super-Warrior Defeat!! I'm the One who'll Win"
FUNimation title: "Bio-Broly"

Premiering on July 9, , set during the Majin Buu Conflict, this film features the clone of Broly: Bio-Broly, who is encountered by Goten and Trunks

Movie Fusion Reborn

Japanese title: "The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta"
FUNimation title: "Fusion Reborn"

Premiering on March 4, , set during the Majin Buu Conflict, this film introduces Goku and Vegeta's Fusion Dance self: Gogeta to defeat Janemba - who has been causing trouble in the Other World.

Movie Wrath of the Dragon

Japanese title: "Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Won't Do It, Who Will?"
FUNimation title: "Wrath of the Dragon"

Premiering on July 15, , set after the Majin Buu Conflict, this film shows the conflict between Tapion and Hirudegarn, with the Z Fighters aiding in bringing it to a close.

Movie Battle of Gods

Japanese title: "Kami to Kami"
FUNimation title: "Battle of Gods"

Premiering on March 30, and effectively jump-starting a new era of Dragon Ball, this film is one of the two which make up the Gods of the Universe Saga. The movie introduces God of DestructionBeerus, whom Goku must become a Super Saiyan God to battle. It was later adapted into the God of Destruction Beerus Saga.

Movie Resurrection ‘F’

Japanese title: "Fukkatsu no F"
FUNimation title: "Resurrection ‘F’"

Premiering on February 21, as the second part of the Gods of the Universe Saga, this movie features the return of Frieza, who attacks Earth as Golden Frieza and battles Goku and Vegeta in their new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms. It was later adapted into the Golden Frieza Saga.


Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone


Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

Movie 3 - The Tree of Might

Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might


Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug


Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge


Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler


Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!


Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan


Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound


Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming


Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly


Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

Sours: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Dragon_Ball_films
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Dragon Ball Z Movie Super Saiyajin da Son Gokuu

Dragon Ball Z Movie Super Saiyajin da Son Gokuu

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Alternative Titles

English: Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Japanese: ドラゴンボールZ 超サイヤ人だ孫悟空



Episodes: 1

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Mar 9,

Producers: None found, add some


Studios:Toei Animation

Source: Manga

Genres:ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy, Sci-FiSci-Fi


Duration: 51 min.

Rating: PG - Teens 13 or older


Score1(scored by , users)

1 indicates a weighted score.


2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.

Popularity: #

Members: ,

Favorites: 16

External Links

Official Site, AnimeDB, AnimeNewsNetwork, Wikipedia

Sours: https://myanimelist.net/anime//Dragon_Ball_Z_Movie_04__Super_Saiyajin_da_Son_Gokuu

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug


Release date(s)

March 9,

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug (ドラゴンボールサイヤだ,Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Saiya-jin da Son Gokū, lit. Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku), also known as Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Son Goku,[2] is the seventh Dragon Ball film and the fourth under the Dragon Ball Z banner.

It was originally released in Japan on March 9, and was later released in North America by Funimation in It is the first Dragon Ball Z movie to be dubbed with Funimation's English in-house voice cast (not counting the Ultimate Uncut edition of the previous movies). It was also the first movie which involved real-life American rock bands for its English release, with bands ranging from Finger Eleven to Dust for Life and more.


While Piccolo is doing his meditation training, Gohan shows up along with Icarus and shows Piccolo his new whistle and dance routine, however the high pitched noise greatly hurts Piccolo's ears. They both soon sense an object from space fast approaching the Earth which is revealed to be an inhabited planet.

News of the collision begins to wreak havoc all over the planet as it is believed that the impact is going to destroy the entire Earth. Goku and Krillin go to deflect the planet off course so it does not hit Earth. They attempt to move it using a combined Kamehameha, but to no avail; they are blown away by the fierce winds produced by the near-clash of the planet with Earth.

The planet passes near Earth but misses the crash, exploding soon afterward. However, a spaceship from the planet lands on Earth which is full of soldiers who serve Lord Slug. Along with his crew of vicious fighters, Slug has traveled space, conquering planets with Earth as his new target. The way they dominate a planet is by terra-freezing&#;it, changing the atmosphere to make it suitable for themselves as they are a demon clan who can not withstand sunlight for more than an hour. This however is almost unbearable for any other people, including the native occupants of the planet. Later they transform the planet into a giant spaceship (known as a Planet Cruiser), and move on to find a new planet to conquer. Previously in the film, they intentionally destroyed their own craft to make Earth their new Planet Cruiser.

A nearby Gohan attempts to stop Slug's soldiers. Slug notices the Dragon Ball Gohan has on his hat and obtains it. After reading Bulma's mind, Slug learns about the Dragon Balls and how to get them. Lord Slug sends his minions to gather the Dragon Balls via the Radar (which he steals from Bulma after his mind-reading), and uses them to ask Shenron for eternal youth (Slug at this point has aged incredibly old) a time when he was at his most powerful.

Soon after the Terra-Freezing device is launched to the outskirts of Earth's atmosphere which releases a thick dark cloud which covers the planet, blocking out the sunlight and thus lowering the temperature around the planet, freezing it's oceans. Yajirobe, having found Goku, gives him along with Krillin a sensu bean and they soon head out towards Slug.

Later, Gohan manages to infiltrate Slug's camp with Oolong and Icarus, but is quickly discovered and outnumbered by his soldiers. Just as he is about to be killed, Piccolo appears and rescues Gohan. Killing Wings, he soon notices that Gohan has been defeated by Lord Slug's other henchmen, Medamatcha. As he goes to help him he is ambushed by Angila and along with Medamatcha they are able to take him down. As they are about to be finished, Goku and Krillin arrive and save them. Goku easily dispatches of the henchmen and is soon confronted by Lord Slug, who has been watching all along from his spaceship. Slug proves stronger than Goku in the ensuing fight and&#;pummels him around. As Goku is on the verge of defeat, he catches Slug's intended death blow and transforms into a Pseudo Super Saiyan. With his new found power, Goku easily dominates Slug and breaks one of his arms.

As Goku's Pseudo Super Saiyan power fades away. Slug reveals his Namekian heritage by regrowing his arm and removing his helmet to reveal his antennae and transforms into a giant version of himself. King Kai reveals that Slug as a baby, was sent to a planet called Slug&#;before his home planet Namek faced extinction, similar to Kami. King Kai says that although Slug probably didn't realise it himself, he was born with a rare mutation that has allowed only evil to grow in his heart making him pure evil and thus he is a Super Namekian. In this new giant form, Slug proves to be stronger than Goku; King Kai guesses that Frieza and even a Super Saiyan are no match against him in this form.

Piccolo intervenes and starts tugging at Slug's antenna, saying he knows his weaknesses because he is a Namekian too. Although he's being beaten back, in a bloody move, Piccolo tears off his ears and tells Gohan to whistle since the wavelength of it makes a sound terrible to Namekians. Gohan's whistling is able to bring Slug to his knees.

Piccolo gives what little strength he has left to Goku. Thanks to Piccolo, Goku is able to use the Kaio-ken&#;and punch a hole through Slug's stomach. Goku then flies up above the clouds to deliver the final blow to the terra-freezer with a Spirit Bomb powered by the sun; Slug maniacally tries to thwart him. The Spirit Bomb heads straight into the freezing generator, taking Slug with it and destroying him. The atmosphere goes back to normal on Earth. Following Slug's defeat, the friends reunite and are given Senzu Beans by Yajirobe. The final scene involves Master Roshi waking up from his nap which he started before the aliens landed, and he wishes that something interesting would have happened.

Timeline placement

Daizenshuu 6 notes that the movie takes place after Goku's arrival on Namek (at the time when he is in the midst of battle) but before the final showdown with Frieza, and Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan.[3]

This film presumably takes place at least one year after the events of Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might; when Lord Slug is reading Bulma's mind, one of the images is Krillin, Bulma, and Oolong summoning Shenron with the outfits they wear at the beginning of The Tree of Might. Additionally, the dragon Icarus also appears in the film who was originally introduced in The Tree of Might.


Lord Slug was originally released on VHS and Laserdisc in Japan. In , Toei Animation released Lord Slug as part of the final Dragon Box DVD set, which included all four Dragon Ball films and thirteen Dragon Ball Z films. These were presented in a new widescreen transfer from the original negatives with a aspect ratio that was matted from the original aspect ratio.

Funimation released Lord Slug for VHS and DVD on August 7, in both edited and uncut forms.[4] As was the case with all previous releases, the movie was released in an unmatted aspect ratio. The DVD featured a new English dub with a soundtrack of American rock bands and some pieces from Faulconer Productions' score for Dragon Ball Z. In , Funimation bundled Lord Slug with Cooler's Revenge and The Return of Cooler in a new DVD box set. It was released on October 15, , available in both edited and uncut forms.[5][6]

Funimation re-released The Tree of Might and Lord Slug on DVD and Blu-ray on September 16, as part of their "Double Feature" line.[7] This new set featured a brand-new widescreen transfer from Video Post & Transfer and a new audio mix for the English dub featuring the original Japanese score done by Shunsuke Kikuchi in addition to the old mix featuring the American rock bands and the Faulconer Productions score.

Funimation repackaged the Double Feature DVDs into three new thinpak sets, the first of which was released on November 1, and included Dead Zone, The World's Strongest, The Tree of Might, Lord Slug,, and Cooler's Revenge. These three sets were also released together in the Canada-only Dragon Ball Z: Complete Movie Collection featuring reversioned artwork of Goten and Trunks from Bio-Broly on the cover.

Lord slug

Original DVD cover

Dragonball Double Feature1

Double Feature


AB Groupe "Big Green" dub Netherlands DVD cover. Note that this features artwork from a different film (The Tree of Might)

81WjbJqnOlL. SL

Dragon Ball Z Complete Movie Collection

Dragonball Z Movie 5 Pack

Movie 5 Pack


Dragon Ball The Movies: Volume 4


A third English version released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video features an unknown voice cast.


  • Funimation Dub
    1. Finger Eleven - Drag You Down
    2. Finger Eleven - First Time
    3. Dust for Life - Seed
    4. Dust for Life - Dragonfly
    5. American Pearl - Automatic
    6. Dust for Life - Step Into The Light
    7. Disturbed - Fear (home video version only)
    8. American Pearl - Free Your Mind
    9. Boy Hits Car - The Rebirth
    10. Deftones - Elite (home video version only)
    11. Disturbed - Stupify (home video version only)
    12. Boy Hits Car - I'm A Cloud
    13. Breaking Point - Coming Of Age
    14. Tendril - Time to Burn (Toonami broadcast only)
    15. Tendril -&#;Sky-Strike the Terror Drome (Toonami broadcast only)



The movie was released in theatres in Japan on March 9, and was part of a double feature alongside Magical Taluluto: The Movie. It grossed a total of ¥ billion (US $16 million).[1]


  • The movie was the first of several Dragon Ball Z movies to incorporate actual American rock bands as part of its music for the English dub, setting the tone for this habit to be repeated.
  • A truck bearing the logo "TAMA" and the cat's face, is caught in the flood caused by the asteroid early in the film.
  • Angila and Wings, two of Slug's top henchmen, strongly resemble Zarbon and Dodoria respectively.
  • This is one of the only films when Chi-Chi fights against the antagonists henchmen, the first being her brief scuffle against Ginger in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. Unlike Dead Zone, Chi-Chi actually puts up a decent fight against the Slug soldiers managing to defeat two while protecting Gohan before being knocked out while in Dead Zone Ginger quickly defeated her with a simple Kiai.
    • Interestingly, both Ginger and the Slug soldiers were members of a Demon Clan lead by their respective movie's main villain.
  • In the scene where Chi-Chi realizes Gohan has disappeared from home, a poster of Arale Norimaki from Akira Toriyama's previous hit series Dr. Slump can be seen in Gohan's room.
  • A McDonald's fast food restaurant can be seen in the background of Iguana Street.
  • During their fight Wings recognizes Piccolo's status as a Demon Clansmen and tries to convince Piccolo to join Slug's Demon Clan. However Piccolo despite being the son/reincarnation of King Piccolo he had lost his demon status by the Raditz Saga as Goku and Raditz went to Other World after being killed by the Full-Nelson Special Beam Cannon instead of being stuck in limbo as was the fate of most Demon victims which Mr. Popo and Kami noted as proof Piccolo was no longer the Demon King of old. Piccolo himself proves this when he uses Wings gesture of a friendly handshake to kill Wings while he foolishly let his guard down.
  • Based on the shocked reaction of King Kai to Goku's "Super Saiyan" form, it does not appear that Goku assumed the "true" Super Saiyan transformation within this film's past. Created for the movie, this Super Saiyan form (known as "False Super Saiyan" among fans) is a supposed prequel to the actual Super Saiyan form. It was more than likely an attempt to show what a Super Saiyan looked like (due to its mention by Vegeta during the Captain Ginyu Saga and Guru's belief that only a Super Saiyan could kill a Super Namekian like the Nameless Sonof Katas before learning of his split during the Namek Saga), but without the knowledge of its appearance since the movie was released before the true form was introduced to the manga/anime.
    • It should be noted Goku's proper Super Saiyan form didn't appear until the release of Dragon Ball manga Chapter ,"Life or Death" on March 19, , just ten days after this film's release.
  • It is the second time that a Namekian wishes for eternal youth, as well as the second time that a Namekian transforms into its Giant Form in the series. Slug is similar to King Piccolo in this sense, as he is old and wishes for eternal youth.
  • The movie reveals that Namekian ears are sensitive to certain high-pitched sounds like whistling and can also be regenerated. As shown by Piccolo, one way to protect against this weakness is to tear their ears off reducing their sensitivity. Piccolo also suggests Namekian antenna are sensitive as well as he pulls on Slug's to inflict pain.
    • Great Namekians are even more sensitive to whistling due to the increased size of their ear drums.
  • Lord Slug is killed in a similar manner to Turles from the previous movie, The Tree of Might. Both are hit by Goku with a Spirit Bomb and knocked into their device used to do evil things to the Earth (Tree of Might for Turles, and Terra Freeze machine for Slug), destroying it as well.
  • The Sun plays an important role in this movie: its light is shown to be harmful to an exposed henchmen of Lord Slug, and it is where Goku gathers the energy to make the Spirit Bomb. Lord Slug shares his hatred of the Sun with the villain Lucifer from Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle. Both films also involve sunlight hating demonic villains who seek to literally cover the world in darkness (Lucifer by destroying the Sun with his Devil Castle Cannon and Lord Slug by Terra-Freezing Earth and turning it into his new Planet Cruiser).
  • The 13th&#;Shunsuke Kikuchi music package for the franchise starts here. The cues were designated "M11XX" codes, and this package would make its series debut in Namek's Destruction.
  • When Goku gets knocked into a window and through a toy store by Lord Slug, a plushie resembling Monkey D. Luffy with it's straw hat on can be seen from behind with it's back turned being moved out of the way by the latter while getting up back to fight. While the plushie may resemble Luffy, the film itself actually predates the One Piece manga which started on July 19, six years after the film's original release in Japan.


DBZ Movie04

Cover Art

Dragon Ball Z Filme 04 - O Super Guerreiro

Lord Slug Dragon Box DVD

Gohan Dancing 1

Gohan whistling and dancing

Gohan Dancing 2

Gohan whistling and dancing


Gohan apologizing to Piccolo

Krillin in Lord slug

Krillin at Kame House

Roshi taking a nap

Master Roshi takes a nap


The group cheering for Goku and Krillin

Goku And Krillin DBZ Movie04 Lord Slug

Goku and Krillin


Goku and Krillin

Sours: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z:_Lord_Slug

4 dragonballz movie

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug

Japanese film

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, also known by its Japanese title Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiyan Son Goku (Japanese: ドラゴンボールZ サイヤ人だ孫悟空, Hepburn: Doragon Bōru Zetto Sūpā Saiyajin da Son Gokū), is a Japanese animatedscience fictionmartial arts film and the fourth Dragon Ball Z feature movie. It was originally released in Japan on March 9 between episodes 81 and 82 at the Toei Anime Fair as part of a double feature with the first Magical Tarurūto-kun movie.


Gohan visits Piccolo and shows him a new tune he has learned to whistle. Due to his advanced Namekian hearing, this causes Piccolo pain so he angrily orders Gohan to stop when they both sense an approaching threat incoming from outer space. Bulma and her father discover that a meteor harboring lifeforms is heading toward the Earth and will destroy the planet upon impact. Amidst mass panic, Goku and Krillin rush to intercept the meteor and hope to push it away by blasting it with Kamehameha waves but they are both rendered unconscious by the force of the meteor but it seemingly explodes in orbit. A spaceship then lands in one of Earth's cities.

An army of humanoid alien soldiers exit the ship and declare the Earth under the rule of their leader, Lord Slug. The soldiers attack a group of civilians but Gohan arrives to defend them. From the ship, Lord Slug observes that Gohan has a magical Dragon Ball sewn onto his hat which he loses during the scuffle. After his henchmen render Gohan unconscious and reveal the plan to convert the planet into a biological spaceship, Slug appears and uses telepathy to read Bulma's mind and learns about her radar used for tracking the Dragon Balls. Slug's men successfully gather the Dragon Balls and summon the eternal dragon Shenron who grants Slug his wish for eternal youth. Slug's forces begin transforming the Earth which begins to cause life to perish across the planet. Goku and Krillin are revived by Yajirobe who gives them each a healing Senzu bean. Gohan meanwhile resumes his assault against Slug's army and is rescued by Piccolo. Piccolo kills the henchman Wings and Gohan is overwhelmed by Medamatcha leading to Piccolo being injured when he jumps in front of an energy blast intended to kill Gohan. Goku and Krillin arrive and Goku easily kills Medamatcha and Angila. Slug appears and is attacked by Krillin who is quickly dispatched. Goku fights Slug but is overwhelmed; in a moment of rage, Goku is seemingly able to access a portion of the Super Saiyan form.

Goku pummels Slug and breaks his arm. Before Goku's eyes, Slug rips his arm off and regrows it, and removes his helmet, revealing that he is actually a Namekian. Through telepathy, King Kai warns Goku that Slug is a Super Namekian, a bloodline of violent warriors obsessed with power who were banished from their home world. Slug assumes a giant form and begins to crush Goku between his massive hands. Piccolo intervenes to rescue Goku and before he is also crushed, tears off his own ears and calls out for Gohan to start whistling. The whistling deafens and weakens Slug, allowing Piccolo to transfer his remaining energy to Goku who powers up and manages to fly straight through Slug's abdomen and incapacitates him. Goku then ascends into the sky and begins preparing a Spirit Bomb in order to destroy the pods transforming the planet, but Slug manages to pursue him. Goku launches the Spirit Bomb at Slug which sends him hurtling into his own machines, killing him and saving the planet. Yajirobe heals everyone with Senzu beans as they celebrate their victory.



English dub soundtrack[edit]

The following songs were present in Funimation's in-house English adaptation of Lord Slug.[2]

Bruce Faulconer produced an alternate opening theme for this version (which would be replaced in the remastered version with another original track composed by Mark Menza) and the remaining pieces of background music were composed by Faulconer and Evan Jones. The Double Feature release contains an alternate audio track containing the English dub with original Japanese background music by Shunsuke Kikuchi, an opening theme of "Cha-La Head-Cha-La", and an ending theme of Ya" na Koto ni wa Genki-Dama!!.

Box office[edit]

At the Japanese box office, the film sold million tickets[3] and grossed ¥ billion[4] ($ million).[5]


It was released on DVD and VHS in North America on August 7, It was later released in Double Feature set along with The Tree of Might () for Blu-ray and DVD on September 16, , both feature full p format in HDremastered aspect ratio and an enhanced surround mix. The film was re-released to DVD in remastered thinpak collection on November 1, , containing the first 5 Dragon Ball Z Movies.[6]


Other companies[edit]

A third English version produced and released exclusively in Malaysia by Speedy Video, features an unknown voice cast.

Other English dubs were also made by French company AB Groupe. This company done for European markets which was released under the misspelt title Super Saiya Son Goku, and another one for a MalaysianVCD release by Speedy Video which had the title Super Saiya People, Goku. While the Malaysian dub's cast remains unknown, the AB Groupe dub was revealed to have been recorded by English-speaking actors based in France who have also done voices for animated television series such as Code Lyoko and Chris Colorado.[1]


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z:_Lord_Slug
Dragon Ball Z Movie 4 Trailer

Movie Guide


Sūpā Saiya-jin da Son Gokū

Super Saiyan Son Goku

Premiered:09 March (&#;Toei Anime Fair&#;)
Running Time:Approx. 52 minutes
Box Office:Total Gross: ¥ billion (approx. US $ million)
Net Earnings: ¥ billion (approx. US $ million)
Attendance: million
Opening Animation:&#;CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA&#; (Dragon Ball Z Movie 4 Animation)
Ending Animation:&#;There&#;s a Genki-Dama in Bad Things!!&#;

Availability: VHS and LaserDisc (08 November &#; Original Print / 21 May &#; Re-issue)
8mm Film (08 November )
Dragon Box The Movies; Disc #03 (14 April )
Dragon Ball The Movies Individual DVD Volume #04 (12 September )
Dragon Ball The Movies Blu-ray Volume #02 (02 November )

The movie premiered as part of the Spring &#;Toei Anime Fair&#; (東映アニメフェア; Tōei Anime Fea) on 09 March , along with another movie from the Magical Taluluto series. The event originates from the &#;Toei Manga Festival&#; that was established by Toei in as a way to showcase their popular children&#;s series as theatrical films during seasonal breaks in the school year. In Japan, almost all schools below the university level run a three-term school year (trimester system) with a vacation period of several weeks to a month at the end of each trimester: spring vacation, summer vacation, and winter vacation. The movies were screened together back-to-back in various cities across Japan, with a typical total running time of roughly three hours. Most festivals would last roughly one month, or as long as the seasonal vacation allowed. Tickets could be purchased at the theater, or discount tickets could be purchased in advance which covered the cost of admission, as well as a bonus item such as a promotional pamphlet describing the featured movies, and various other special presents, such as posters, paper hats, cards, and toys. Additional items, including the official theatrical pamphlet and a variety of other commemorative goods, were available for purchase at cinemas or by mail during this period.

Movie Poster

Festival Poster

Promotional Pamphlet

Home Video Release

Up until the Dragon Box DVD sets began being released in the early s, the only Dragon Ball properties released to home video in Japan were the original seventeen theatrical films, most of which were available on VHS, LaserDisc, and 8mm film reels. These home video releases were a luxury for most fans, as they came at a rather high price point for the time. They were later re-released in the lates to replace the then out-of-print VHS tapes with a lower price point and slightly alternate covers.

After releasing the entirety of the three Dragon Ball TV series, Toei released their fifth and final &#;Dragon Box&#;, which was entitled &#;Dragon Box The Movies”. The Dragon Box contained all seventeen original Dragon Ball movies presented in their theatrical widescreen aspect ratio. As a special bonus for the movie&#;s first DVD release, Toei dug through their vaults and included some of the movie&#;s original promotional material.

Theatrical Preview (劇場予告)
Running Time: 50 seconds
Digest (ダイジェスト)
Running Time: 1 minute, 58 seconds
Non-credit Version – Opening &#; Ending (ノンテロップ版・オープニング&エンディング)
Running Time: 3 minutes, 28 seconds

Following the &#;Dragon Box&#;, Toei began releasing each movie individually on DVD. To help promote the sale of movie individual discs, Shueisha handed out a free promotional DVD highlighting the releases at Jump Festa The DVD contained promotional trailers for each movie which were narrated by veteran Dragon Ball cast member Shigeru Chiba, the voice of such notable characters as Pilaf, Garlic Jr. (TV series), and Raditz. More information about the promotional DVD is available in our &#;Home Video Guide”.

In July , the original seventeen theatrical films were released on Japanese Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services. The addition of the movies themselves was heavily promoted throughout social media, however it was not announced or promoted at the time that they were actually new, high-definition remasters of the films scanned, and subsequently remastered, from the original film negatives. Shortly thereafter on 09 August , Toei Animation formally announced the release of these newly-remastered versions of the movies across eight Blu-ray volumes. All non-credit versions of the opening and endings included with the release are up-converts of those originally included on the original LaserDisc releases and all bonus promotional materials (trailers, digests, etc.) are presented in their original standard definition format as included in the Dragon Box release.

Piccolo is peacefully meditating on his own when Gohan and Hire Dragon appear to show off their new whistling dance. Piccolo quickly yells at Gohan to stop, as the high-pitched whistling is hurting his sensitive Namekian ears. Meanwhile, a strange planet is quickly approaching the Earth. Goku and Kuririn attempt to redirect the oncoming planet with a Kamehameha, but it has no effect and the planet simply pushes our heroes aside. The planet suddenly explodes and a spaceship is found to have landed on the Earth. An invasion force under the direction of Slug, a Super Namekian with a heart of pure evil, quickly takes over the surrounding area.

Gohan soon arrives to fight off the invading forces, and is easily dispatching most of them. However, Slug has been observing the battle from inside the spaceship and notices the dragonball on Gohan&#;s hat. Bulma, Chi-Chi, and Oolong then arrive as Chi-Chi encourages Gohan to fight on, but Bulma insists on knowing Slug&#;s ultimate goal. After taking Gohan&#;s dragonball Slug says he plans to use the Earth as a new vehicle, as his has been destroyed. Gohan won&#;t let this happen, but is easily defeated by Dorodabo and Angira, Slug&#;s right-hand men. Slug then reads Bulma&#;s mind and learns of the dragonballs on Earth. He quickly dispatches his men to gather the dragonballs and eventually wishes to have his youth restored.

After some time passes, the Earth&#;s temperature has drastically dropped as Slug has covered the planet with dark clouds, blocking the sun&#;s rays. Gohan has recovered, and not giving up the fight to save his planet he returns to challenge Slug. Unfortunately he is still no match and is about to be defeated, but is saved by Piccolo, who easily defeats Dorodabo. However, Gohan has had his energy drained by Medamaccha and Piccolo is seriously injured by Angira while protecting Gohan. Goku suddenly arrives, pulverizing Angira and Medamaccha with his overwhelming strength.

Kuririn pays no attention to Goku&#;s warning and decides to take on Slug, but is no match for powerful Namekian. Goku and Slug begin a one-on-one duel, but it is soon evident that Slug&#;s strength surpasses even that of Goku&#;s. With his back against the wall, Goku summons all of his strength and is overtaken by a golden aura. His Super Saiyan powers have manifested! Goku quickly overwhelms Slug, but the evil Namekian has one last trick up his sleeve – the Super Giant Body Arts technique!

Slug once again turns the table on Goku, but at that moment Piccolo remembers the effects Gohan&#;s whistling had on him. He rips off his own ears and yells at the beaten Gohan to start whistling. Slug quickly falls to ground in utter pain, releasing Goku from his grasp. Piccolo takes the chance to transfer his remaining ki to Goku, who then flies up over the dark clouds and begins forming a Genki-Dama with the energy from the sun. Slug flies up to stop him, but is hit head-on by the Genki-Dama which sends him crashing into the nearby machine creating the dark clouds. As the clouds disappear, the sun&#;s rays bring peace back to the Earth once again.

The following original character profiles were translated from Daizenshuu 6, along with additional character design comments from the movie&#;s character designer, Minoru Maeda, as published in the &#;Design Lab&#; section of the &#;Dragon Box The Movies” Dragon Book.

  • Slug (スラッグ; suraggu)
    A Super Namekian with a heart of pure evil. With his youth restored by the Dragon Balls, he plots to conquer the universe.

    Toriyama-sensei designed the basics, but with the flow of the story, in order to hide his being a Namekian, I added things like a helmet and [chest] protector as well. Since it would have been too Namekian-like if I had given him a cape. (laughs)
     — Minoru Maeda

  • Zeiun (ゼエウン; zēun)
    He&#;s executed by Slug for slipping up and saying &#;Slug-sama is already getting old.&#;
  • Angira (アンギラ; angira)
    He seals up his opponent&#;s movement with his freely stretching arms. Like the rest of the warriors, he hates the sun.
  • Dorodabo (ドロダボ; dorodabo)
    The one with the greatest superhuman strength. He has a cowardly personality, and ambushes his opponents.
  • Medamatcha (メダマッチャ; medamatcha)
    He can split four bodies from his back, which latch on to his opponent and suck their energy.
  • Kakuja (カクージャ; kakūja)
    A scientist that has sworn allegiance to Slug. Having been ordered by Slug, he tries to modify the Earth into a planet cruiser.
  • Hire Dragon (ハイヤードラゴン; haiyā doragon)
    A dragon that befriended Gohan in the previous movie. Gohan has tamed the dragon, teaching him to dance when he whistles.

    In the scene where it dances along with Gohan&#;s whistling, I designed a costume in order for it to make noise with little bells. There actually was a reason why Hire Dragon looked like that. (laughs)
     — Minoru Maeda

  • This is the first time Naoko Watanabe is heard portraying Chi-Chi. Following this, Watanabe fully took over the role of Chi-Chi in the animated TV series beginning with Dragon Ball Z episode Chi-Chi&#;s original voice actress, Mayumi Shō, left the series in November (following episode 66) after giving birth and opting not to return in order to take care of her newborn child.
  • Gohan&#;s whistling was provided by Hajime Ueshiba, a professional whistler and pianist. The &#;&#;91 Memorial&#; section of Daizenshuu 6 recounts stories of &#;children imitating Gohan&#;s whistling when they came out of the theater after seeing the movie&#;.
  • As Chi-Chi walks to Gohan&#;s room in the Son household to bring him a warm beverage, she walks past a cork board where a calendar of March (the month and year this movie premiered), is hanging next to photos of Kame-Sen&#;nin and Gohan. When Chi-Chi enters Gohan&#;s room a poster of Arale Norimaki from Dr. Slump &#; Arale-chan is hanging to the right of the door, while a poster of a &#;Honda Marlboro McLaren MP4/6” Formula One racecar is hanging to its left.

    In , McLaren Racing became one of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s main sponsors and the magazine would frequently feature their advertisements, in addition to providing cover illustrations from current serializations, like Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama is himself an avid fan of Formula One racing and often made mention of it in his weekly Jump commentary. The exact car model mentioned above was also featured in an advertisement in this movie&#;s respective pamphlet handed out at the Toei Anime Fair, promoting the 1st and 2nd rounds of the Formula One Grand Prix that would be broadcast on Fuji TV.

  • Son Goku first transformed into a Super Saiyan in Chapter of the manga on 19 March , just 10 days after this movie premiered. The &#;Super Saiyan&#; transformation seen in this movie was conceived by the anime staff prior to this, and is different from what Akira Toriyama eventually solidified. Daizenshuu 7 officially lists this transformation as &#;Pseudo Super Saiyan&#; (擬似超サイヤ人; giji sūpā saiya-jin) and describes it as:

    A state that Goku transformed into in the movie &#;Super Saiyan Son Goku&#;. It&#;s similar to Super Saiyan in that the entire body is wrapped in an aura, but the hair is not completely golden. Also, his eyes become white, as if he had lost consciousness. It looks as if Goku&#;s anger at being cornered by his enemy Slug overran and made him like a Super Saiyan.
     — &#;Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 7: Dragon Ball Large Encyclopedia&#; (p. )

    Coincidentally, the &#;Particulars Dictionary&#; section of Daizenshuu 7 notes that Toriyama came up with the idea of having Goku&#;s hair stand up in his &#;Pseudo Super Saiyan&#; form. Toriyama would later incorporate this idea into his finalized version of the transformation for the manga, however he opted to also change the hair color for more practical reasons:

    I decided on the design for the Super Saiyan for, to be honest&#; a simple reason that will leave you saying &#;What?&#;. I always have only a single person, Assistant-kun, helping me with my work. That Assistant-kun’s time was always taken up doing the black fill of Goku&#;s hair, so the biggest reason was in order to save time. Because when he became a Super Saiyan, we wouldn&#;t have to do the black fill. It also had the effect of making it easy to tell from his appearance that Goku had gotten stronger, so it killed two birds with one stone.
     — Akira Toriyama, &#;Dragon Ball Super Exciting Guide: Story Volume&#; (p. 88)

  • Daizenshuu 6 classifies this movie as a &#;movie inconsistency&#;, explaining:

    From the fact that Goku has not yet become a Super Saiyan, this story takes place before the final showdown with Freeza. However, at this time Goku should be in the midst of his battle on Planet Namek&#; This must also be a movie inconsistency.
     — &#;Dragon Ball Daizenshuu 6: Movies & TV Specials&#; (p. 70)

  • Although this movie was presented in a widescreen aspect ratio in theaters, it was actually animated in a fullscreen format. In fact, when the movie was initially released in on VHS and LaserDisc, it was presented in this fullscreen format. However, the &#;Dragon Box The Movies&#; release would later drop this format, instead presenting all of the movies in their original widescreen theatrical format. Overall, this movie has been released to the home market on VHS, LaserDisc, 8mm film reel, DVD, and Blu-ray.
  • The movie was eventually adapted and released by Shueisha as a film animation comic in March , and subsequently re-released under Shueisha&#;s &#;Jump Remix&#; line in April .

Name Puns

  • In keeping with the Namekian slug/snail theme, Slug gets his name directly from the word slug. Keep in mind that this is not as blindingly obvious in Japanese as it is in English.
  • The &#;Animation&#;s Gleanings&#; section of the Supplemental Daizenshuu states that all of Slug&#;s main henchmen are named after the Andromeda Galaxy. This naming scheme was chosen for the simple fact that they all come from outer space.

    アンドロメダ星雲 (a·n·do·ro·me·da se·i·u·n)  &#; アンギラ (a·n·gi·ra)  + ドロダボ (do·ro·da·bo)
     + メダマッチャ (me·da·ma·t·cha)  + ゼエウン (ze·e·u·n)

  • As described in the &#;Animation&#;s Gleanings&#; section, Kakuja&#;s name is derived from the Japanese word for &#;scholar&#;, &#;gakusha&#;.

    学者 (ga·ku·sha)  &#; カクージャ (ka·ku·u·ja)

  • Gyoshu&#;s name is derived from the Japanese word for &#;professor&#;, &#;kyōju&#;.

    教授 (kyo·o·ju)  &#; ギョーシュ (gyo·o·shu)

All credits listed below are as originally presented in the theatrical film. All original credit errors have been corrected to maintain accurate spellings throughout the site. For more information and a complete listing of the series staff, visit the Production Guide.

Cast Credits

The cast credits are listed in order of character importance within the series. For more detailed information about the series cast, visit the Cast Guide.


Son Goku


Son Gohan


Masako Nozawa






Toshio Furukawa




Mayumi Tanaka



鶴 ひろみ

Hiromi Tsuru




Naoko Watanabe




Naoki Tatsuta




Kōhei Miyauchi




Kenji Utsumi




Jōji Yanami




Kei&#;ichi Nanba




Shōzō Īzuka




Kōji Totani




Daisuke Gōri



堀 之紀

Yukitoshi Hori


Soldier A


Shinobu Satōchi


Soldier B

緑川 光

Hikaru Midorikawa


Soldier C


Michio Nakao




Yūsaku Yara

Opening Credits


Executive Producer


Chiaki Imada

茅野力造 (集英社)

Rikizō Kayano (Shueisha)


Original Author

鳥山 明

Akira Toriyama


(Weekly Shōnen Jump &#; Serialization)




Kōzō Morishita

清水賢治 (フジテレビ)

Kenji Shimizu (Fuji TV)


Weekly Shōnen Jump


Production Manager

鳥本 武

Take Torimoto




Takao Koyama




Shunsuke Kikuchi

オープニング テーマ

Opening Theme












Yukinojō Mori


Chiho Kiyo&#;oka


Kenji Yamamoto


Hironobu Kageyama


(Columbia Records)

エンディング テーマ

Ending Theme










&#;There&#;s a Genki-Dama in Bad Things!!&#;

佐藤 大

Dai Satō


Chiho Kiyo&#;oka


Kenji Yamamoto


Hironobu Kageyama



(Columbia Records)



坂西 勝

Masaru Sakanishi

高橋 基

Motoi Takahashi




Shin&#;ichi Fukumitsu




Kenji Ninomiya


Art Director


Tomoko Yoshida


Toshikatsu Sanuki


Character Design &#; Chief Animation Supervisor

前田 実

Minoru Maeda


Animation Supervisor


Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru


Masaki Satō




Mitsuo Hashimoto

Ending Credits


Voice Performances


[ Cast Credits ]


In Cooperation With


Aoni Production


Whistling Performance


Hajime Ueshiba


Key Animation


Yukio Ebisawa


Kazuya Hisada


Hideko Okimoto


Naotoshi Shida

劉 輝久

Teruharu Ryū


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松本 清

Kiyoshi Matsumoto


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Masahiro Shimanuki


Takeo Ide


Naoki Miyahara


Tadayoshi Yamamuro


Noriko Shibata


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Yukiko Michishita


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Yoshimi Imagawa


Hiroyuki Kitazume



In-Between Animation


Chikako Uesugi


Noriko Ichihashi


Yōko Arai


Tomoko Hirokawa


Taiji Morimoto


Yoshiaki Wakaki


Yasuko Akino

今井 誠

Makoto Imai


Kiyomi Ishiwata


Kuniko Iwagami


Mayumi Nakamura


Chiori Matsuda


Junji Kiyohara

江原 仁

Hitoshi Ehara


Daihachi Okajima


Miyao Suzuki


Emiko Nakayama


Kazuhiro Takahashi


In-Between Animation Checker


Toshiko Nakamura

舘 直樹

Naoki Tate


Assistant Art Director


Shigenori Takada

長崎 斉

Hitoshi Nagasaki




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Shin&#;ichi Kōyama


Rei&#;ichirō Yagisawa


Tetsunori Oyama


Goichi Katanosaka


Hiroaki Kinsu


Eiko Itō


Sanae Bokuya


Tadami Shimokawa



Finishing Touches


Michiko Masui


Miki Hanaumi


Kazuko Kiyoyama


Yaeko Imai


Ikuyo Uemura

港 紅子

Beniko Minato


Yukiko Tominaga





Hideko Sakai


Special Effects


Chiaki Hirao




Yukio Katayama


Masao Shimizu


Toshiharu Takei


Masatoshi Fukui

濵木 淳

Atsushi Hamaki


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Yōichi Takanashi


Tamio Hosoda


Yoshio Aiso


Noriyuki Tashiro

安藤 茂

Shigeru Andō



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Hiroyuki Shibue


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Yoshihiro Asō



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Yoshiko Hara


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Tatsuya Kawagishi


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Art Manager

中村 実

Minoru Nakamura


Assistant Director


Jun&#;ichi Fujise


Assistant Producer


Sei&#;ichi Hiruta


Recording Studio




Film Developing


Toei Chemistry


Promotional Support


Fuji TV


The End


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