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The World's Strongest Engine

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Henry has an unfortunate accident, leading to Diesel returning to the railway. Diesel is insistent on proving that he is the strongest engine in the world, much to the trucks' amusement. They edge him on to pulling twenty trucks at once. Diesel pulls them so hard that he breaks loose, falls off the quay and lands on a barge.

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Number:Season 6, Episode 11
Airdate: Monday Sep 30,
Runtime: 5 minutes

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Written by

Paul Larson

Directed by

David Mitton 

Air Date:



Diesel returns and tries to prove that diesels are stronger than steam engines.


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- Why bother another dockyard diesel?

- How would Henry be repaired in one day?

- How did Diesel get to the front and when earlier the line of trucks are blocking it?

The episode is confusing. First off, Diesel being a 'proper dockyard diesel'? They have introduced Salty as a dockyard diesel so why bother making Diesel? Unless the repairs weren't in need of severe mending, Henry can't be mended in just one day. 

The episode is OK, but there are many strange things. 

Rating: 3/5

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The World's Strongest Engine

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The next day, Mineta was working at the docks. 

"I hope Mister Horace sees how good I am" He bragged to the trucks "Because then all the girls will like me! And then I'll get to touch them!" Seeing Mineta fantasize aloud gave the troublesome trucks an idea. As he shunted them together they began to sing and tease him.

"Is that all you can haul? Koda's loads are longer! Is that all you can haul? Koda must be stronger!" This made Mineta quite cross. He was determined to prove himself stronger than Koda to win all of the girls over. 

"I'll push you all at the same time!" He said. The trucks began to laugh. 

"Push us all! That's the longest! Push us all! You'll be the strongest!" 

"That's me, the world's strongest engine!" He said. Thus, he shunted five trucks together, which then became ten, then fifteen, and soon he had a massive line of twenty trucks ready to go with the exception of one important detail. 
"What's Mineta doing?" Cried Uraraka. 

"He thinks he's the world's strongest engine!" Midoriya replied.

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