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How to Burn Music Videos onto a DVD

Step 1

Download a program capable of burning files onto a DVD by going to the appropriate website. Examples of such programs include, Nero, Express Burn and Cheetah DVD Burner.

Step 2

Install the program you downloaded. There are some other common programs that come standard with many computers that you may also use, including Windows Media Player and Real Player. These programs should be accessible by clicking on the "Start" button and going to "All Programs."

Step 3

Place your DVD-R in your DVD-ROM drive and open the program of your choice.

Step 4

Select "DVD" from the pull-down menu in Nero. Select "data" from the options, and then click on "make data disk." Other programs should have a similar tab marked 'burn a CD" or something similar.

Step 5

Click on the "add" button, and then find your music video files on the new window that comes up in Nero. Although any file may be burned onto a DVD-R, your music video files will most likely end in ".avi," ".mpg," ".mov," or ".mp4." Add them one at a time by selecting one, and then clicking the "add" button. When you are done, click "finished." Next, click "next" on the original screen. Finally, click "burn" to begin burning your files to the disc.


  • Although more expensive, a DVD-RW allows you to add or remove files from it even after burning.


  • Make sure you fill up the DVD-R before burning, as a DVD-R may only have files added to it once.

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How to burn music videos to DVD to play on TV/Car?

How to make a music video DVD? Ok, I am throwing a party next month for my friends and I would like to know how to burn music video DVD which would be good to use on the party. I want to burn music videos to DVD from a number of music videos. I don’t know what format that DVD players read. I currently have them in MP4 format saved on my computer. What programs do I need? Thanks!


Making music videos DVD are pretty simple if you have the right tool. If you are going to watch the DVD on your home DVD player or car DVD player, the best option is to burn music videos to DVD with a DVD burning software. Just copy these videos to DVD disc, they cannot actually play on all DVD players. With this tool, you can create music video DVD which can be played on DVD players, no matter what the format of the music video. You can burn MP4, AVI and whatever format to DVD directly. Want to know how? Check out the step by step guide below which tells how to burn a DVD playable music video DVD.


First of all, download yourself a DVD burning tool by clicking on either of the link below. Also, you may get blank DVD disc ready. DVD-R is recommended.


Free Download DVD Creator   75.2MB

Free Download DVD Creator for Mac   63.8MB


Step 1 Import music videos to the program

So you have downloaded the tool, now you can find your music videos on your hard drive, drag and drop them to the program. Alternatively, you may click on Load video button to add music videos to the tool. Then you may drag and drop loaded movies to the storyboard below to proceed to the next step.

Add Videos


Step 2 Edit music video files (Optional)

If there is necessary, you may want to edit your music videos before burning them to DVD. This DVD burning software lets you edit the videos by cropping, trimming, etc. Or, simple ignore this step.


Step 3 Burn music videos to DVD

Now you can go to the final step on creating music video DVD. Click on Start button under Burn tab. Of course, remember insert your blank DVD disc into your DVD driver. Then the smart tool will get started the burning right away.


Soon, the music video DVD will be accomplished. Now go to enjoy on your home DVD player or your car DVD player. (Note: Make sure you car DVD player supports DVD disc if you are going to play on your car player.) This DVD Creator also lets you burn all kinds of other videos to DVD format.


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Music videos dvd

The Videos 1989–2004

2006 video by Metallica

The Videos 1989–2004 is a video album by American heavy metal band Metallica, released on DVD in December 2006.[1] It features all of the band's videos from 1989 to 2004. In its first week of release, the DVD sold 28,000 copies. The menus of the DVD play excerpts of different Metallica songs, including "The Outlaw Torn" (Load), "My Friend of Misery" (Metallica), "Bleeding Me" (Load), "Carpe Diem Baby" (Reload) and "Prince Charming" (Reload).

The disc has been released by Warner Bros. Records, although this is not mentioned anywhere except for the packaging and on the label of the disc itself. Copyright is given to Elektra Entertainment and E/M Ventures in the liner notes and the end credits of the DVD.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "One" – 7:41
  2. "Enter Sandman" – 5:28
  3. "The Unforgiven" – 6:21
  4. "Nothing Else Matters" – 6:24
  5. "Wherever I May Roam" – 6:05
  6. "Sad but True" – 5:26
  7. "Until It Sleeps" – 4:32
  8. "Hero of the Day" – 4:30
  9. "Mama Said" – 4:51
  10. "King Nothing" – 5:26
  11. "The Memory Remains" – 4:37
  12. "The Unforgiven II" – 6:33
  13. "Fuel" – 4:35
  14. "Turn the Page" – 5:49
  15. "Whiskey in the Jar" – 4:43
  16. "No Leaf Clover" – 5:33
  17. "I Disappear" – 4:28
  18. "St. Anger" – 5:50
  19. "Frantic" – 4:55
  20. "The Unnamed Feeling" – 5:29
  21. "Some Kind of Monster" – 4:28

Bonus tracks[edit]


  • Andie Airfix (Satori) – Package Design
  • Michael Agel – Band photo
  • Mixed at The Document Room, Malibu, CA
  • Kevin Shirley – Surround Mix
  • Drew Griffiths – Engineer
  • Jared Kvitka – Assistant Engineer
  • Bob Ludwig (Gateway Mastering) – Surround Audio Mastering
  • Ted Jensen (Sterling Sound) – Stereo Audio Mastering
  • David May – DVD Producer
  • Seann Cowling – DVD Associate Producer
  • Raena Winscott – DVD Associate Producer
  • Ted Hall (POP Sound) – Post Production Mixer
  • Jason Talton (POP Sound) – Assistant Post Production Mixer
  • Sean Donnelly – DVD Menu Design
  • Jim Atkins (Media Services Group) – DVD Authoring
  • Q Prime Inc – Management

Chart positions[edit]



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