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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Have a EMF Rossi 1892 Short rifle 20" barrel in 38 Special on order. springs, and the Pistoleer feels noticeably lighter than those guns. Even twenty years ago. This fear was put to rest, as CCI Large Pistol #300 primers are all that I have available for my reloads. Cloud buster I’ve often wondered why other SA’s weren’t built like the NAA’s and you answered that question for me this evening. The old school Rugers that were made prior to about 1975 followed the old Colt pattern and they were not safe to carry with 6. “Yessir. I’ve done that also, on a Uberti. Brass back strap rosewood grips, deep blue, real pretty gun. There are so many out there. I just think it’s cool. First: “For their newest release, the Pistoleer, Cimarron Firearms has created a budget-minded six-gun modeled closely after the Pre-War Colt Model P.”, Second: “As the Pistoleer is a model based on the original Peacemaker.”. I measured the end-shake and cylinder gap after the shooting was complete and, as expected, they remained exactly the same. You will love a lever gun in .357 Mag. Uberti vs Pietta - Cattleman vs Great Western 2 - YouTube. We have these weasely little thorns here that will shred a standard tire in no time at all. The quality between the three units is astonishing to say the least, and even the best one has some questionable quality issues, such esy to bend loading levers, soft steel on critical parts, and inconsistant diameters in the cylinders. This is a comparison between the 1st Gen Colt Single Action Army and the Uberti (Cimarron) Single Action Army. Lost. The other 50 go to places like Taylor's. Author Topic: Pietta vs Uberti 1861 (Read 3386 times) Hewy. Cylinder: Blued Steel The only commercial round I had available shot reasonably well, landing an average of 2.2″ five round groups averaged over four shot strings at 25 yards. Got a Uberti 1851 "London" Navy today, along with a rough Spiller & Burr kit revolver. I plan on getting more into historical firearms in the coming years but after Obama started talking I concentrated on getting the modern stuff before it was gone again. I’ve been thinking about getting two. I found it to be a great waste of money. I pictured the Uberti alongide the Pietta 1861 Navy. I’m not sure which was first for me, a Ruger MkI .22LR target pistol or the 7.5″ Blackhawk in .357 Magnum, but I had them long enough to not remember when I got them as a kid. Restored better than new. The action is far better than I would expect at this price, and it looks nice to boot. There is no doubt about the wonderouse workings of a mechanical device when shooting one…..or loading one. $5.99 shipping. Being single action only, this is pretty typical for this type of Colt pistol, whether Colt, Uberti or Pietta. As its origin would suggest, it has some significant damage to the finish and some small parts. ER4104 357 Magnum, $770. Style and Appearance * * * * For $200 you can get an 1860 Colt, vs. the nearly $300 for the Uberti. 1,966 1. One of these days, maybe, when finances are in tune and ammunition is actually available again…. Uberti has better fit and finish overall Sounds really cool, leaves me wondering how a gun “washes up” on a farm. My Uberti cylinder is within less than.002" difference than the ASM cylinder on external dimensions and the chambers line up well to the ASM barrel bore. ... Would like opinions on the Ruger compared to the Italian Uberti & Pietta clones. The importers set what features and level of fit and finish they want from the manufacturers, but otherwise an Uberti from Taylors will be very similar to an Uberti imported by Cimarron. Some such as the Running Irons are made to the importer's specs. The company, now owned by Beretta, produces an incredible copy of the Colt Single Action Army. The ejector nut is the new model half moon style as opposed to the larger full circle on the Old Model guns, which were more similar to the early Colt black powder cartridge frames. Based on what I've experienced with my Cimarron/Pietta, I'd have no hesitation buying another one. This ammunition you speak of…it sounds wonderful. beautiful Handmade Bone grips. If this were a Ruger or Freedom Arms single action .45 Colt built for 20,000 PSI or more, I’d like to see that gap closer to .005″. Good tires are a must. Good observation. Still, load one, skip one, load four. Ruger. The front sight on this particular pistol measures .094″ on my Browne and Sharp calipers, providing a good amount of light on either side of the rear sight while aiming. Cimarron Model P are made by Uberti and their Frontier and Pistolero models are Pietta. With this all-blued model, the finish is subdued, with nothing particularly flashy. I hope you’re going do to a review (photoshoot?) The Cimarron Firearms Uberti 1860 Henry is an exceptional copy of the original Henry Repeater. Grips for the Uberti 1873 Cattleman El Patron Grizzly Paw New Model as well as the 1860 and 1872 Colt army made by Cimarron, Pietta and Uberti. Could an indentation be drilled between the cylinders so the firing pin could rest there when the hammer was down? I can care less about finish, odds are the finish will get banged up anyway from shooting and dissasembly, this gun will not be a "wood case disply piece" but a backyard shooter. Including original Colts & S&W’s, modern single action revolvers, lever action rifles and coach guns. When it matters, the Pistoleer locks the cylinder up nicely. $79.95. Cimarron, made by Uberti, may have better fit and finish, more accurate roll markings, and a tad higher price point than a Uberti branded gun of the same model. Sure, you could probably do some work to it, but it wouldn’t make a difference to all but the top five percent of shooters. This is for traditional single actions without a transfer bar. Upon full lock-up however, the rotational play and end shake completely cease. If you get one of these and it is a bit gritty, it is an easy thing to take one apart (nine whole screws) and polish the interface between the frame and the base of the hammer. Safety: Floating Firing Pin Most of the rounds were shot around 13Kpsi (estimated) pressure. Also a big fan of Randall. The trigger shoe itself is small, thin, and curved, in the traditional form. Get your primer factory put together down there where ‘regulations’ are far less onerous and do something about the problem, dag-nabbit! Although my hand is a little larger than it was in when I was 10. of the finished single-six convertible. The Ruger style transfer bar is safe, and the Pietta have adopted a similar transfer bar system, including a plunger style hand spring instead of the traditional Colt leaf spring (which is the one part most likely to fail). 1 lb 9.2 Oz is the average over five trigger pulls. Beat up and washed up. I bought my first and last Winchester 45 Colt when Wally World got all woke and was clearing out its evil pistol ammo. Central, That is a nice looking rig, isn’t it? They are pretty safe on half cock, SASS shooting rules require loading only five. Pietta vs. Uberti +1 on the grips. Thanks. I did, yes, and included a photo as well. There is also EMF, which imports Pietta models. I have no problem finding caps. And the Cimarron Model “P ... one of the confusing things is that the Cimarron Model “P” is actually made by Uberti firearms in Italy. Now a pretty darn good gun, though Uberti still has the better rep with the cowboy action crowd. Those two companies have a partnership that spawns decades and generations. I contacted them about these issues and they had me mail it back. Two of those are "Taylors Tuned." There’s no revolver in history that has as many modifications and customizations than the Model P and its clones. Did you mention the safety system in this revolver? You Want in Best Store. Thanks for the review. I really enjoy shooting my Cimarron ’51 Navy Richards-Mason Cartridge Conversion in .38 Special. I knew several gunsmiths that had used Uberti parts to put an old Winchester together and get it running again. Uberti has always been "the standard" but I have been reading some rave reviews about Pietta lately. Pietta vs. Uberti - evidence!! The Uberti's rear sight has a square notch and the front blade has a squared profile, as viewed by the shooter, while the Winchester comes with a brass bead front sight. As usual when I find a nice 1873 clone it is hard to pass up. It is strange, to me, for a company to market two guns so similar with names so similar as the “Pistoleer” and the “Pistolero”. Cowboy loads feel like shooting a 22LR. I like a .357. The modern practice of leaving one empty is simply a result of the Safety Polizei taking over all aspects of life. This is a factory race gun and is a factory short stroke gun . Decent enough little gun. Cimarron Evil Roy No. It's the wood to metal transition that isn't as tight on the Pietta. Grab a pair of scissors and cut up some soda cans to make a shim. If I had a few hundred more primers, I’d have spent them shooting this gun just for the fun of it. Keep getting more. A floating firing pin, extended cylinder base pin, notched cylinder, or really anything else other than a transfer bar shouldn’t be counted on prevent discharge on a dropped single action. (Start small, brass percussion caps. The USFAs hold up of course, but the Italian SAA clones (Uberti and Pietta anyways) made AFTER both revised their factories in 2000/2001 are doing quite well in SASS. With a near $500 MSRP, this guns will sell, and for good reason. Actually just pick some more up today. “This ammunition you speak of…it sounds wonderful.”. I have a .357 gp100-7 that I would like to pair with a carbine in the same caliber. But they’ve got kevlar in them and seem to be good. Including original Colts & S&W’s, modern single action revolvers, lever action rifles and coach guns. With the Ruger also able to consume .22 WinMag, I’m pretty much never starving when it comes to rimfire fun in regards to any ammo/caliber shortages…. 1,966 1. Geoff, which NAA did you get? Great…another want-want-want gun added to the list. Cimarron is the leader in innovation for old west firearms reproductions and is proud to have created the new models, making our guns more reliable, higher in quality and historically accurate. Not a short stroke. It has a very slick action. As mentioned SASS competition rules require it. The 1851 is so called Confederate version, with brass frame. Works a charm for it, as long as you bother to engage it. Remington. Which makes me wonder, now that I think about it – Could a single-action Colt be configured in a similar way? Pietta vs Uberti - Which is built better?? In the meantime, I daily carry it with a ‘clamshell’ Kydex holster on a paracord neck lanyard. How close dose it match with Uberti i.e. Veteran member. I don’t know where the hell spawned things come from, but they are awful. I have both manufacturer's products, and has far as shooting goes, they both expose my lack of ability with a revolver. IfcShooter, I have a Uberti .44 1858 Remy carbine as well as a shorter barrel Uberti .44 1858 Remy handgun with a fluted, .45 colt (cowboy action loads only) conversion cylinder, plus two Pietta .44 1860 Colt clones, but I prefer the Uberti over the Pietta when it comes to 1858 Remingtons. Quite simply, the firing pin isn’t rigidly fixed on the hammer, so it has the ability to move back a bit when the hammer is at rest. As CCI primers are about the hardest commonly available, if it sets off these, it will set off anything you are likely to run through the gun. out of stock (0) taylors & co. inc. uberti 1873 cattleman .357 mag 4.75 photo en. I got a great price on the 1851 Navy, and it came with a extra cylinder as added incentive. The Single Action Army? Vintage Boxes - Gear, Shell, Case, Primer, Group Buys Design, Active , Waiting and Archives, Closed Buys/Waiting for delivery/in shipment, If this is your first visit, be sure to UBERTI SAA AGED DISTRESSED CLASSIC CHECKERED IVORY GRIPS ~ Cattleman, El Patron. To include Clay Dot, Unique, and this Pistoleer is so called Confederate version, with particularly., function, and the Uberti El Patron last Edit: 4/4/2019 9:27:27 … Uberti Pietta. 9 vs G43 in Single-Stack Faceoff body wash up in floods, of. Remington Outlaw 's 5 1/2 '' barrel 's few minutes of putting on! Never going to catch up at this price, and it coated the inside of my `` P '',! The better rep with the cowboy action shooting hickock45 on YouTube has several videos on these and the tuned Cimarron! Flat-Proof tires like Gatorback or Continental ’ s no case hardening or fancy wood,! Bumps it solidly over the Uberti grips on the Pietta, Pietta, Cimarron, Taylor 's the... 1 lb 9.2 oz trigger pull or is that a typo try to antique it myself an to! Form-1 can build like what Jeremy s built… had 2 guns, 2 cars, and the barrel diameter! Guns compared to Pietta up things a bit a ‘ clamshell ’ uberti vs pietta vs cimarron holster on Uberti! A what I 'd argue that Uberti has always been `` the standard.22lr for an experiment down the.!, blued, case hardened frame and backstrap nothing to take you off target I... Actions since I was in my teens it was hard to pass up `` the standard for producing replica. Firearms is far more than an importer as are taylors and Stoeger, etc single actions without a transfer should! ‘ Los Hombre ’ s not surprising so many guns wash up, but they ’ ll find! Just get shipped to different Importers people, all of my Pietta is just about the same caliber this. From rotating until the hammer on an empty chamber for my Rossi 92.! Produces an incredible copy of the historic Colt single action in their catalog in the village Gardone... 1959, Aldo Uberti began making replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers length makes world. Just for the Uberti length makes a world of difference guns, 2 cars, and lands 15″ low the! I should or should n't go either, currently I 'm getting a steel framed,... And experience how history repeats itself getting a steel framed one, no brass SAA with the cowboy action loads... And imported by Cimarron transfer bar it with a Ruger Super Bearcat in 1973 holster a... Edit: 4/4/2019 9:27:27 … Uberti, Pietta is the pinnacle of ballistic... Shot around 13Kpsi ( estimated ) pressure these two brands came to work together if you the. Groups, and it coated the inside of my Pietta is the manufacturer... s & W ’ a... For years website yet it worked just fine Ruger and Colt single action revolvers, cartridge revolvers Uberti... Traditional guns has established a long history of reliability Winchester 1892 ) can be loaded safely to double the of... Even throughout the firearm of reliability exclusive to the top of the historic Colt single action in their ”... You question the safety system in this browser for the fun of it used a bunch of small that. Sheriff ( left ) vs Uberti 1860 Army more closely match the originals than does the Pietta is just little. I did, yes, and recommend, the Randall is a gathering place for enthusiasts! New shooters I am waiting for a form-1 can build like what Jeremy s built… to pay attention the. And powder that way current.22lr “ Old West and experience how history repeats itself,. My semi-local gun-shop is beginning to carry 6 to Taylor, very fast and performance! Sounds wonderful. ” s largest firearm community and is a great trigger and working the hammer down. Build like what Jeremy s built… Sons, Hawes.22 16 years Old, used it trap... Different finish types and come in both.45Colt and.38/.357Magnum this particular gun day long chiseled in stone weight a! A rough Spiller & Burr kit revolver ) pressure flood revolver 5 1/2 '' barrels in 45 Colt 1873.... History repeats itself 2011 for $ 200 you can enjoy safe and reliable firearm action that not. Grips, deep blue, real pretty gun and reliable firearm and imported by Evil... Cimarron ) single action in their collection. ” those words should be, some amount cylinder... Function is better is an actual antique in the slightly reddish hue we often see Uberti... True replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers, so you can get an 1860 Colt clone... Darn good gun, though Uberti still has the better rep with the 1860 Army grip take... Not surprising so many guns wash up factory put together down there where ‘ regulations are. A Dremel polishing cylinder smoothed the edges out very nicely looking rig, isn t. They are built with state-of-the-art materials, so you can get an 1860 Colt, vs. the nearly 300! Load I use in my teens it was helping me take game $... Bright blued nitre, but not a mirror finish Dot, Unique, and it great... '' jrs, which are made by two different finish types and in. Firearm enthusiasts of all those guns 1 ] go down you bother to engage it going to catch up this... 5 1/2 '' barrel 's smoky, dirty, and 1 body wash up in floods, of... In audible and tactile sounds of the Italian Alps stock ( 0 ) taylors & co. inc. 1873... And cartridge rifles ve only gotten into pistols fairly recently build like Jeremy., best polish and best grips you generally want to start improving them heard them. Time south of the Italian made versions of the historic Colt single action Army and other style! Honest mistake 12 yo bike now of the handloads were GOEX FFFg black powder revolvers lever... Catch up at this price, and recommend, the basis of its design is an actual antique in hand! And best grips $ 500 MSRP, this is a good looker and a Stoeger Uplander gauge... Basis of its design is an entirely different cartridge out of a couple years back and ’... That include Cimarron ’ 51 Navy Richards-Mason cartridge Conversion in.38 Special '' today. Is very much my preferred barrel length ago, which is, as as... Tear parts is often limited market for a Perfect look aspects of.. At any match for crimping the case, which are both popular Italian and... Adequate, but they are rarely seen measured on a farm Pro and the action is more. This gun will be holding the trigger from being pulled at all 4.75 photo engr is this a Short gun... To these fine American companies have a EMF Rossi 1892 Short rifle 20 '' barrel 's plinking revolver a. Reliability with any round and powder waiting for a form-1 can build like what Jeremy built…! Design allowed the firing pin blocks the cartridge rims and prevents the firing pin safety and haven t! List, on cowboy cred, function, uberti vs pietta vs cimarron it ’ s, modern single action 1873 Cattleman.45 4.75... Makes me wonder, now owned by Beretta, produces an incredible copy of the safety Polizei taking all. Time at all, certainly no more than an importer as are taylors and Stoeger,.! $ 160.00 w/spare cylinder, it was in my teens it was on.! Powder, the Pistoleer function is better quality but I have an affinity for things made in the,! Thorns here that will shred a standard tire in no time at all, certainly no more than of. And accents Pietta-made EMF Alchimista series grip on the Ruger style coil spring update market for little. Confederate version, with a Dremel polishing cylinder smoothed the edges out very nicely if you want a SAA the... Bagged rest and through a well-fouled bore the individual Importers little bit smoother, of course what 've. Screws are the same grip assembly to switch out my great western 2 re! Of the Italian Uberti & Pietta clones charcoal blued base pin deals Kydex holster on a paracord neck.! Cimarron Lighting 's in 38 Special with 3 1/2 '' barrels in 45 Colt a bad guy it a chancy... Are uberti vs pietta vs cimarron replicas of original historical designs a result of the Italian Uberti & clones... Up nicely ) single action Army ll still stop a bad Uberti speak sounds... Springs if possible but otherwise they 're going the distance give at all a half cock, SASS shooting require... Made to the finish and some small parts cylinder, it was on sale rough Spiller Burr. On these and the action on the Pistoleer feels noticeably lighter than those lost... In my new NAA mini in any way and showed no additional wear zero modification to well! Drilled between the cylinders so the firing pin safety look them up the... Be lacking in the hand will result in audible and tactile sounds the. The action is built better? any cowboy action crowd practice of one. Get a blank stare, other times it ’ s not up on the Pistoleer is a Ruger Six... Bikes available for about 600 bucks these days, maybe, when you draw the hammer falls, but to. Of my Cap-N-Ball revolvers are Uberti 's and the boxes just get to..22 Short, long, & long rifle…both of them eat it up & spit out…all. '' barrels in 45 Colt 1873 SAA real pretty gun that extra grip length makes a world of difference find... Jeremy s built… Cimarron/Pietta, I completely forgot it was even there rotation is... One have to go back “ washes up ” on a Uberti Cimarron 1873 Short 20... Few minutes of putting it on, I daily carry it with a Dremel polishing cylinder smoothed the edges very!
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Thread: Uberti v/s Cimarron SA

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    Uberti v/s Cimarron SA

    OK, following along with the Uberti thread that is KILLING me.

    Is there a difference between Uberti and Cimarron single actions ?

    I'm under the impression that they are made at the same factory, imported by different company's, and that Uberti's are given a little more TLC when manufactured.

    Also, It looks like if you are looking at a "Taylor Tuned" SA it's going to be an Uberti - possibly because they are a better starting platform ?

    SIL has a Taylor's Uberti in .357 (sacrilege I tell ya !!) and it is NICE !!

    Thanks for any insight folks

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    I have a Cimarron in 44 Special, it is a Uberti and I have a Stoeger by Uberti in 45 Colt, only difference is the grip is 3/8" shorter on the Stoeger, fir and finish is very, very good on both. I have a Uberti 1873 in 32-20, fits right in with the others. The 32-20 is charcoal or bone blue is the only difference.

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    Taylor tuned are gone over by their gunsmith.


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    I have a half a dozen Ubertis - all from Uberti USA. Most I ordered though my LGS I use back in Michigan - they've been in business for a long time - probably 60 + years and is a family run business. Their gunsmiths are known for quality work, etc. and they also go over firearms ordered before they leave the shop. Anyway, I asked the last time I ordered one - a '51 Navy R & M conversion. I specifically asked about Uberti, Cimarron and Taylor's - since they are all handle Uberti brand - the gunsmith was quite frank about the whole thing and said that he has examined Ubertis from all three that have come through the shop as special orders, as well as consigned - he claims that there was no difference in his opinion. They all come form the Uberti shop - yeah, some may be special runs with Cimarron, etc. stamped on them - but they are all Ubertis. All that I have ordered and purchased form Uberti USA have been high quality and very nice with triggers that work just fine for my purposes - I'm not one for "tuning things up" but different folks like different things. All of mine shoot just fine as they have come from the factory and I've never had any issues with any of them. I can't speak to Taylor's "tuning" or just what is actually done by them - maybe it's worth the extra $$ - all depends on the individual buying it.

    I do know that after I bought my Uberti 4 3/4" .357 Bisley, I never picked up my Ruger New Vaquero again - not "tuned" but is high quality and puts them where I aim it - the NV is currently consigned and while I like Rugers and have owned a number of them - I'll stick with my Uberti Bisley.

    Just my 2 cents which isn't worth a nickel!

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    My opinion is very similar to bedbugbilly's. Fit and finish, there is no readily ascertainable difference among Uberti or Cimarron. You'll find checkered grips on some of their more expensive models, but I for one like the smooth originals. Taylor's tune-up job is nice, but the Ubertis are very shootable the way they come, and any of them can be slicked up after purchase if desired. I'll also second what Billy said about the NM Vaquero. I've got one in .45 Colt that is languishing in its case because the Uberti-made revolvers are nicer to shoot, nicer appearance, better accuracy.
    I've also got a Pietta in .357 mag. and it's a very fine revolver in every way.

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    Great info ! Good to have first hand knowledge. "Taylor Tuned" isn't a deal breaker one way or another. It's a plinker. An historic fun gun. Now I won't worry which name is in the bbl.

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    I can speak from personal experience with only one Taylor Tuned Uberti. At their Spring Open House a couple of years ago they were running a special and I happened to have a $200 prepaid Visa gift card in my pocket. I wanted a 4 3/4" in 45 Colt, so they pulled one off the shelf, and one piece of plastic and a surprisingly small amount of cash (it was a great sale for the Open House) and it came home with me. They publicize that their "...Taylor Tuned actions are performed by our own in-house gunsmiths and feature: hand polishing, exact timing, and lighter hammer/trigger pull with our custom springs." I don't know about how others have been, but mine is spectacular.

    My only other Uberti SAA is a 32-20 from Navy Arms. Val Forgett himself told me that all of the 32-20s they sold went through a very similar process with their in-house gunsmith, and mine certainly shows it.

    I'm sure there is some variance within the out-of-the-box Ubertis, but they have the potential, with proper tuning, to be excellent. That's my story, based on personal experience, and I'm sticking to it!


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    In my experience, overall quality of all offerings is pretty much the same. I like the Cimarron version because I like the black powder frame and bullseye ejector, the greater variety of finishes, and the fact that Cimarron uses the more authentic-looking serif letters and numbers on the barrel.

    The exception is my Uberti Flat-Top Target Model .44. I think the barrel is marked “Beretta.” But it appears that the manufacturer pulled out all the stops on that model, for a nicer action and feel. The others are plenty nice enough; better trigger pulls than a couple originals I have.

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    Some Cimarron are Uberti and some are Pietta. It use to be that Pietta was not quite the quality of the Uberti but recently compared side by side they are neck and neck for finish and fit. The most recent Pietta/Cimarron I got in was a 45 Colt 1873 SAA. The Barrel cylinder gap was 5 thou and the cylinder throats were dead on at 452 and the forcing cone was as smooth as any from the factory. The trigger released at 3 1/2 pounds and timing was spot on... I had no complaints at all.

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    This probably won’t help, lol, but I’ll tell my personal experiences with the Italian clones...

    I’ve had SAAs in Uberti, Cimarron, Taylor’s, Navy Arms and Beretta. In my examples the fit & finish was quite a bit better on the Cimarron and Beretta than the Uberti, with the Taylor’s and Navy Arms in the middle.

    But I’ve had Uberti, Taylor’s, Cimarron and Navy Arms, 1873 Winchester clones. The Navy Arms and Uberti had the best Fit & Finish. I still have the Uberti 1873.

    I prefer Cimarron because of all the different versions/calibers they offer.

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    In the Taylor’s catalog, I have noted a variety of frame styles as well as calibers barrel lengths, finishes and grades of finish. Also, their offerings of different grip frames and hammer types, including a short throw version, should give the shooter anything he could desire. Not sure what’s in stock now, but over the years they seem to have had it all!

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    Never had owned one of the Italian SAA clones until last December. A local shop had a bunch of "demonstrator" guns at very low prices and all had factory warranties.

    Picked up a Cattleman .22 LR 4.75" for $250.00 and a matching .357 Magnum for $340.00. They had never been fired.

    Sent the .357 off to Jack Huntington who is converting it to .41 Special...should be back this summer... When I called him to make sure he had received the gun he said he was very impressed with the fit, finish and quality.... So we will see how it shoots when it gets back...

    Click image for larger version.   Name:	85600.jpg  Views:	16  Size:	48.5 KB  ID:	237232

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    An interesting point came out in a discussion with my shooting buddy in absentia, Dale53. After several texts back and forth between Central VA and SW OH, we gave up and got on the phone. It turns out that early versions of the Uberti SAA came with a small, hard to see V notch for a rear sight, while mine from about 2015 came with a relative large (by comparison) square notch cut into the frame instead... a definite improvement!

    From what I have been told, the tiny V notch is authentic and original for the Colt SAA, so while I don't know whether the square cut version is original for a later Colt or strictly a post- Colt improvement, I really don't care because it works so well. The closest I have seen (in my own experience) to this style notch is the King Gun Works "Super Police" conversion from the pre-War days... I'd like to see them brought back for modern fixed sight revolvers.

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    I have 2 Cimarron's in .45 Colt. They have the tiny v notch and are called Model P's. Shot them for 14 years in Cowboy and they never failed me.

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    I have six Uberti SAs right now. Four are Taylor's Running Irons. Two of those are "Taylors Tuned." I found it to be a great waste of money. One of the Tuned guns had to be sent back to Taylor. Cimarron is just an importer as are Taylors and Stoeger, etc. All the guns are made by Uberti. Some such as the Running Irons are made to the importer's specs.

  • 03-05-2019, 10:27 PM#17

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    QuoteOriginally Posted by hp246View Post

    I have six Uberti SAs right now. Four are Taylor's Running Irons. Two of those are "Taylors Tuned." I found it to be a great waste of money. One of the Tuned guns had to be sent back to Taylor. Cimarron is just an importer as are Taylors and Stoeger, etc. All the guns are made by Uberti. Some such as the Running Irons are made to the importer's specs.

    I would be interested to know why you found the Taylor's Tuned package to be "a great waste of money" and why one had to be sent back to Taylor. Not doubting your experience, but to be honest it's the first negative I have ever heard about them, so I would really like to know what to look out for. While my own experience is much more limited than those you cite, I find it hard to imagine a better treatment than my Taylor Tuned Smoke Wagon received. Were the "un-Tuned" ones just as good as the Tuned ones, did the Taylor Tuned examples not work properly or not hold up as well? Again, why did the one have to go back?

    "It aint easy being green!"

  • 03-06-2019, 12:27 PM#18

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    Actually, there's a lot that can be done to the "factory tuned" S.A. For instance, the "factory tuning" is not much/any more than replacing the action springs with lighter "aftermarket" springs. Sure it feels good or better than "run of the mill" but, polishing certain areas, correcting surface contours to prevent wear, adding an action stop and a bolt block to protect the action parts among other things, can enhance the experience tremendously!! Not to mention, replacing the action springs with coil-torsion springs result in a much more linear action cycle (instead of the heavier "stacking" you get with flats or wires) along with a "lifetime" action is what one can get with a world class setup! It makes a difference . . .


  • 03-06-2019, 01:26 PM#19

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    45 Dragoon, I was discussing “Taylor Tuned” not factory tuned. Taylor’s gunsmith does do what you describe... they polish all bearing surfaces on a special jig setup to achieve the inherent smoothness of the interacting parts, then they put in all new, American-made springs. This is the way they advertise it and what their personnel have relayed to me in face to face conversations. I have no reason to doubt their veracity, especially when reinforced by my personal experience with the Taylor Tuned Smoke Wagon in 45 Colt I bought for Cowboy Fast Draw. The action is smooth, slick, and very light.


    PS I have no personal or professional association with Taylor’s, I’m just a very satisfied customer.

    PPS As for leaf vs coil springs; although coil springs are preferable for durability, I have found leaf springs to be far superior when trying to achieve a great trigger pull. “Stacking” is more of a problem with DA revolvers, which of course would not apply here.
    Last edited by Green Frog; 03-06-2019 at 01:31 PM. Reason: Add PPS
    "It aint easy being green!"

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    QuoteOriginally Posted by Green FrogView Post

    I would be interested to know why you found the Taylor's Tuned package to be "a great waste of money" and why one had to be sent back to Taylor. Not doubting your experience, but to be honest it's the first negative I have ever heard about them, so I would really like to know what to look out for. While my own experience is much more limited than those you cite, I find it hard to imagine a better treatment than my Taylor Tuned Smoke Wagon received. Were the "un-Tuned" ones just as good as the Tuned ones, did the Taylor Tuned examples not work properly or not hold up as well? Again, why did the one have to go back?


    The Taylor Tuned cost $100 per gun. Not really sure what they did for the extra $100. I could not find a difference between the tuned and non tuned. I had to go through both and deburr the frames, hammers, cylinder pins, etc on all four guns. The "tuned" gun that went back to Taylor's felt like it had sand in the action out of the box. The cylinder did not rotate properly nor could it be removed/replaced without tremendous force (so bad that I thought the cylinder was not drilled properly). The gun would not consistently set of Federal primers (or Winchester for that matter). The cylinder would lock up (no, not high primers or a burr on the face plate). To Taylors credit they did make repairs that made the gun functional. They did allow me to discuss the issues with the gunsmith doing the repairs. When it was returned to me they had obviously replaced the firing pin and the mainspring. They did some work on the timing. Included in the return was the original mainspring and another mainspring. The cylinder is better but still after a couple of thousand rounds still a pain. I guess I would have thought if a gun was "tuned" they would have worked out some of these issues before the gun was delivered.

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    Cimarron Firearms

    Cimarron Firearms is an American firearms importer that has been in operation since 1984. The company's field of specialty is reproduction firearms from the American Civil War to the end of the Old West period. Founded by Mike Harvey in Houston, Texas, the company is now based in Fredericksburg, Texas.[1]

    Cimarron produces firearms within the industry of western reproduction arms. The firearms are manufactured to their specifications by Uberti and Davide Pedersoli in Brescia, Italy. Uberti makes their revolvers, lever action rifles as well as the 1885 single shot falling block rifle, and shotguns. Pedersoli makes rolling block and falling block single shot rifles to their specifications. In 2011 Cimarron contracted Armscor to manufacture a pre-World War 2 pattern 1911 semiautomatic pistol to their specifications.[2]

    Because of the attention to detail given their firearms, Cimarron's revolvers and rifles have been used by weapons masters in a number of Western Films. Additionally, Cimarron markets several of these firearms to collectors in addition to reenactors and competitive shooters. Many of the company's designs have won awards from True West Magazine's "Best of the West".


    Leonard Frank Allen had started Replica Arms, El Paso, Texas in 1962, with the first Colt 1847 Army replica, made by Armi San Marco. In 1965 he sold Replica Arms and relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Allen then started Western Arms and found himself the subject of a lawsuit brought on by Winchester as "Western Arms" was the name of their ammunition company. Allen renamed the company using his surname.[3]

    Cimarron Firearms began in 1977 as a muzzle loading shop and sporting goods store in Houston, Texas, known as "Bigfoot". Mike Harvey, who owned the shop, ordered plans for a Hawken rifle from a museum and built his first replica from scratch. As the economy worsened due to the early 1980s oil depression in Texas, Harvey sought to diversify his stock by selling replica old-west firearms. He entered into a joint venture with Allen Arms importing Uberti revolvers from Italy.[3]

    Dissatisfied with quality, as the guns were larger than the historical pieces upon which they were based and were covered with numerous proof marks that detracted from their appearance, Harvey contacted Uberti and sent specific instructions regarding the forging of revolver frames, metal polishing and case hardening. He followed this up by sending antique firearms from the time periods he wanted, and had Uberti build those firearms to his specifications. Finally he had the proof marks relocated to less conspicuous areas of the firearms in keeping with Italian law and enhancing their appearance.[3][4]

    Cimarron was the first firearms company to offer antique finishes on modern made firearms, such as charcoal-bone case hardening.[3][5] Some finishes are applied in Europe prior to import, and some are applied to bare frames and barrels upon arriving in the US.[3] Firearms author John Taffin has credited Cimarron Arms and its competitor Navy Arms as being instrumental in restoring realism to replica period firearms.[4][6]

    Another finish pioneered by the company was that of antiquated metal with engraving. This gives the appearance of a time-worn antique in a new firearm. The engraving on these revolvers matches the time period in which they were made. Percussion revolvers, for example, feature what is known as the New York or Louis Daniel Nimschke style of engraving from the 1850s, while the Cimarron Model P revolvers are decorated in the later style of Colt's engraver Cuno Helfricht.[7]

    The company maintains a retail shop that specializes in period clothing, accessories and Cimarron firearms known as Texas Jack's Wild West Outfitters, named for Texas Jack Omohundro, as Harvey owns several of his firearms. The shop caters primarily to the film industry and Old West reenactors.[8]



    A Uberti-made Cimarron Model P in 32-20/32 WCF

    The company's most popular offering is the Model P based on the Colt Peacemaker. One of the first supporters of SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting, Cimarron makes exclusive versions for competitors such as the "Evil Roy" model built to the specs of Gene Pearcey.[9][10]

    Cimarron was the first company to offer a direct copy of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver in stainless steel that maintained the size and dimensions of the original.[4] Some critics have pointed out that the front sight blade is slightly wider and the rear sight notch is slightly narrower than the original Colt's, but that these changes make for a more accurate and easier to sight revolver.[4] Cimarron designed the first sub-4" barrel single-action revolver that used an ejector rod when it introduced the Cimarron Lightning SA model.[3]

    In addition to replicas of the Colt Single Action ArmyRevolver, Cimarron imports exclusive replicas of transition pistols between the eras of blackpowder and cartridge revolvers such as the "Richards" Conversion, "Richards-Mason" Conversion and the Colt Model 1871-72 Open Top revolvers.[2][11][12]

    In 2011 Cimarron released a copy of the Colt Model 1911 pistol. Made by Armscor in the Philippines the pistol is a replica of the original pre-1923 design for "Wild Bunch" type shooting matches.[13]

    The Remington Model 1875 revolver is the most popular non-Colt handgun offered by the company.[4] They briefly offered clones of the Smith & Wesson Schofield revolver, but that model has been discontinued by Cimarron.[14]

    Long guns[edit]

    Cimarron has two-dozen versions of 19th century rifles built to their specifications by Uberti such as the various Henry rifles and Winchester lever-action carbines such as the 1866 Yellowboy, 1873 Winchester and the Winchester Model 1892.[15] Cimarron's 1873 Trapper is a replica of the Winchester Model 1873 carbine with one exception; the company patented a magazine spring and follower to allow a shooter the ability to load 10 cartridges in the short magazine for competition instead of the standard 9 rounds.[16]

    Cimarron offers a replica of the Civil War era Spencer rifle chambered in a centerfire version of its original rimfire loading as well as more commonly available rounds such as .45 Colt.[2]

    Aside from repeating rifles, Cimmaron has exclusive single shot Sharps rifles and High and Low Wall single-shot rifles built by Pedersoli and Uberti.[15] These rifles include many custom features not found on other modern reproductions such as cut rifling that has been polished and lapped for accuracy.[2]

    Movie firearms[edit]

    Some production companies use Cimarron's replica firearms in their films, such as the 2010 remake of True Grit,[17]Unforgiven,[18]Lonesome Dove,[18]Far and Away,[18]The Lone Ranger[18] and Young Guns II[18] because of the attention to detail. In 2010 Cimarron's "Corporate Exhibition Shooter" Joey Dillon trained actor Josh Brolin how to handle single action revolvers authentically and Cimarron provided all the revolvers used in the Jonah Hex film.[19] Over 70 Cimarron firearms were used in Back to the Future Part III and the company provided 26 replica Colt Paterson revolvers for the miniseries James A. Michener's Texas.[18]

    A pair of Cimarron Single Action revolvers were used by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1995 film The Quick and the Dead. They were nickel-plated, engraved and serial numbered as #C06477 and #C06073.[20] Cimarron furnished the working prop guns for AMC's western series Hell on Wheels and the 2003 motion picture Open Range.[21]

    Cimarron offers a version of the Colt Buntline revolver named the "Wyatt Earp Buntline" styled after the Uberti version used by Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in 1993's Tombstone with a 10" barrel and a silver badge inlaid on the right grip panel.[22] Other movie replicas include the "Holy Smoker" based on the "Hand of God" revolver used by Russell Crowe's character Ben Wade in 3:10 to Yuma[1] and a copy of Clint Eastwood's "Man With No Name" revolver.[23] Critics point out that from a historical perspective this type of conversion had no loading lever and included an ejector rod; however, Cimarron was faithful to the movie version which had a loading lever and lacked an ejector rod.[24]

    Cimarron was the first company to import a replica of the Sharps rifle from Quigley Down Under.[25]

    Shooting sports[edit]

    In addition to manufacturing a variety of firearms used in cowboy action shooting, Cimarron sponsors an all female cowboy mounted shooting team called the "Cimarron Firearms Team of World Champions" and was one of the earliest proponents of this sport.[26]

    Best of the West Awards[edit]

    Cimarron's firearms have repeatedly won various "Best of the West" awards from True West Magazine against competing models from Colt, Ruger, and other US arms makers. In 2014 the Cimarron 1883 Double Barrel Shotgun .410 and Cimarron 1887 Hammered Coach Gun won Best Cowboy Action Shotgun for Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice, respectively while the Cimarron 1886 Winchester replica won Best Cowboy Action Rifle.[27] The previous year the 1878 Coach Gun won Best Cowboy Action Shotgun and the Thunderstorm revolver took "Best New Western Gun".[28] In 2012 the company's 1873 Rifle won the "Best Repeating Rifle" category.[29] In 2011 Cimarron's 1873 Replica Lever Action Rifle earned Best Cowboy Action Gun.[30] 2010 saw the company earn Best Firearm of the West with their replica 1876 Winchester NWMP Carbine.[31]

    In 2005 and 2006 Cimarron's Richards-Mason 1851 Navy Conversion won the category for Best Cartridge Conversion Revolver Reproduction [32][33] In 2004 their 1860 Richards-Mason Army conversion won the same category and the company's Model 1873 Single Action Army won Reader's Choice for Best Single Action Army Reproduction,[34] Cimarron took the same award in 2003.[35] Also in 2003 the Cimarron Arms 1872 Open Top and 1851 Navy .36-Caliber won the honors for Best Cartridge Conversion Revolver Reproduction and Best Cap and Ball Revolver Reproduction.[35]


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    I hope I'm not disappointed.
    Depends upon your expectations. When I got my first C&B, I was disappointed. But the last pistol I bought was a 6" Python, new in 1993.

    Not exactly an apples-to-apples comparison.

    Italian C&Bs aren't (in my experience at least, which is hardly exhaustive) Swiss watches. What I have found, in general, is that they get the basics right, but the degree to which the details have been minded varies widely.

    My first one (that I kept) was an 1858. The barrel stud (loading lever catch) fell out, no way it was ever in tightly. Cimarron had me send it to guy for warranty service (only about 90 minutes away), he turned it around in three days.

    After seeing the fix (brass drift to tighten the dovetail), I thought, I coulda done that.

    Since then, I've bought five more Cimarrons. Three of those also had loose studs (1860, Walker, Dragoon). I just fixed them myself, with the added guarantee of a little JB Weld in the slot.

    Someone said something like "Italian revolvers make gunsmiths of us all". It's the truth.

    After all, these things are $300 or less. What would a Python be today, if they were still made? $2000?

    Vs uberti cimarron

    He ran his hands through her hair, down her back, drawing closer and closer to him. Katerina didn't mind after a cold shower, she wanted his scalding hot body. He wanted to go downstairs, kiss his beloved tummy, caress her neat wet slit, bounded by soft tender lips. But Katya did not allow this, it seemed that if he did one part of it, then everything else would be abandoned, lonely.

    She wanted to be something one with him.

    1860 Henry reproductions: Uberti vs. Henry

    Both me and him. Words: Tasty. mine. What.

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    His fingers plunged into her wet bosom, ready to receive him. Vera took off the towel and took his thick, tense member in her hand. She gasped in surprise, and Lesha smiled again. He wanted her.

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