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About Dell

It was a multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, and, along with Dell EMC, is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, one of the largest technology companies in the world with 138,000 employees.

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We empower countries, communities, customers, and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school, or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose, and people behind our customer-centric approach.

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From an unconventional PC startup to a global technology leader, the common thread in Dell’s heritage is an unwavering commitment to the customer. Explore the company timeline below to learn how this guiding principle was built by Dell and inspired IT solutions and services that give customers the power to do more.

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Dell Interview Question?

1. Why do you want to work for Dell, Inc?
2. How long would you expect to work for Dell, Inc if hired?
3. Do you know anyone who works for Dell, Inc?
4. What do you know about Dell, Inc?
5. Why should Dell, Inc hire you?
6. Please tell me some products/services of Dell, Inc in the market? What are likes/dislikes of them?
7. If you worked for Dell, Inc, what are you doing?
8. Please tell me some products/services that are competitors of Dell, Inc’s in the market? And what are differences?
9. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?
10. Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.
11. What position do you prefer on a team working on a project?
12. Tell me about the most fun you have had on the job?

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Dell Python Interview Questions

DELL – Python Interview Questions

Here is the list of Python Interview Questions which are recently asked in DELL company. These questions are included for both Freshers and Experienced professionals. Our Python Training has Answered all the below Questions.

1. Differentiate between lists and tuples.

The most important differences between list and tuple is that list is mutable, whereas a tuple is immutable. This means that lists can be changed, and tuples cannot be changed. So, some operations can work on lists, but not on tuples.

2. Explain the ternary operator in Python.

The ternary operator is a way of writing conditional statements in Python. As the name ternary suggests, this Python operator consists of three operands.

The ternary operator can be thought of as a simplified, one-line version of the if-else statement to test a condition.

3. What are negative indices?

Python programming language supports negative indexing of arrays, something which is not available in arrays in most other programming languages.

This means that the index value of -1 gives the last element, and -2 gives the second last element of an array. The negative indexing starts from where the array ends.

4. Is Python case-sensitive?

Python is a case-sensitive language because it distinguishes between identifiers like Variable and variable. In simple words, we can say it cares about uppercase and lowercase.

5. How long can an identifier be in Python?

an identifier of infinite length. However, the PEP-8 standard sets a rule that you should limit all lines to a maximum of 79 characters.

6. What is the pass statement in Python?

In Python, pass is a null statement. The interpreter does not ignore a pass statement, but nothing happens and the statement results into no operation.

The pass statement is useful when you don't write the implementation of a function but you want to implement it in the future.

7. Explain help() and dir() functions in Python.

Help() and dir(), are the two functions that are reachable from the python interpreter. Both functions are utilized for observing the combine dump of build-in-function.

These created functions in python are truly helpful for the efficient observation of the built-in system.

8. What is slicing?

The slice() function returns a slice object. A slice object is used to specify how to slice a sequence. You can specify where to start the slicing, and where to end. You can also specify the step, which allows you to e.g. slice only every other item

9. What is the difference between list and tuple in Python?

In Python, list and tuple are a class of data structure that can store one or more objects or values. A list is used to store multiple items in one variable and can be created using square brackets.

Similarly, tuples also can store multiple items in a single variable and can be declared using parentheses

10.Write a program to display the Fibonacci sequence in Python?

11. Explain about Django session?

Django provides full support for anonymous sessions. The session framework lets you store and retrieve arbitrary data on a per-site-visitor basis. It stores data on the server side and abstracts the sending and receiving of cookies.

12. List the ways we add view functions to

To tell the existence of index() view function in you need to do two things:
  • Add from blog import views towards the end of the import list.
  • Create a new URL pattern by adding the following line at the beginning of the urlpatterns list. url(r'^$', views. index),
Free PDF : Get our updated Python Course Content pdf

13. How would you declare a comment in Python?

Comments in Python begin with a hash mark ( # ) and whitespace character and continue to the end of the line. Because comments do not execute, when you run a program you will not see any indication of the comment there.

Comments are in the source code for humans to read, not for computers to execute.

14. How does a function return values?

Return Values: They can be situated anywhere in the function body. A return statement ends the execution of the function call and "returns" the result, i.e. the value of the expression following the return keyword, to the caller.

If the return statement is without an expression, the special value None is returned.

15. What is the Python interpreter prompt?

Python interpreter is in an interactive mode when it reads commands from a tty. When it shows this prompt, it means it prompts the developer for the next command. This is the REPL.

Before it prints the first prompt, Python interpreter prints a welcome message that also states its version number and a copyright notice.

16. How would you define a block in Python?

To indicate a block of code in Python, you must indent each line of the block by the same amount. The two blocks of code in our example if-statement are both indented four spaces, which is a typical amount of indentation for Python.

17. Why do we need break and continue in Python?

The Python break and continue statements modify the behavior of the loop while the loop runs. Consider an example where you are running a loop for a specific period.

At a certain point, you want the loop to end and move to the next statement within your code. At such a point, the break statement works best.

18. What are the built-in type does python provides?

Python uses five numeric types: Booleans, integers, long integers, floating-point numbers, and complex numbers. Except for Booleans, all numeric objects are signed. All numeric types are immutable. Booleans are represented by two values: True and False.

19. What is namespace in Python?

Namespace is a way to implement scope. In Python, each package, module, class, function and method function owns a "namespace" in which variable names are resolved. When a function, module or package is evaluated (that is, starts execution), a namespace is created.

20. What is lambda in Python?

A Lambda Function in Python programming is an anonymous function or a function having no name. It is a small and restricted function having no more than one line.

Just like a normal function, a Lambda function can have multiple arguments with one expression.

21. How to create a class in Python?

A Class is like an object constructor, or a "blueprint" for creating objects.
  • Create a Class. To create a class, use the keyword class
  • Create Object. Now we can use the class named MyClass to create objects
  • The self-Parameter
  • Modify Object Properties
  • Delete Object Properties
  • Delete Objects

22. Does Python make use of access specifiers

There are three types of access modifiers in Python: public, private, and protected. Variables with the public access modifiers can be accessed anywhere inside or outside the class, the private variables can only be accessed inside the class, while protected variables can be accessed within the same package.

23. Explain the procedure to minimize or lower the outages of Memcached server in your Python development?

The procedure to minimize or lower the outages of Memcached server in your Python development.
  • Use code to minimize cache stampedes to leave a minimal impact
  • Another way on a new machine is to use the lost machines IP address
  • Setting timeout value

24. What is the use of A command-line utility that lets you interact with this Django project in various ways. You can read all the details about in django-admin and The inner mysite/ directory is the actual Python package for your project.

25. Is Django stable?

Django is committed to API stability and forwards-compatibility. You may need to make minor changes when upgrading the version of Django your project uses: see the “Backwards incompatible changes” section of the release note for the version or versions to which you are upgrading.

26. Write a program to count the number of capital letters in a file?

Python Program to count the number of capital letters in a file

27. In Python what are iterators?

Iterator is an object which allows a programmer to traverse through all the elements of a collection, regardless of its specific implementation. In Python, an iterator is an object which implements the iterator protocol.

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Here we listed all Python Interview Questions and Answers which are asked in Top MNCs. Periodically we update this page with recently asked Questions, please do visit our page often and be updated in Python.


For years, corporations large and small have been using the same prescription when conducting interviews: ask candidates what they can bring to the table, ask candidates about their experience, tell candidates about the job and company, then ask candidates if they have any questions. However, recently, many corporations, including Google, Dell, and Amazon, are finding that they’re drowning in a sea of impressive resumes and, as a result, are testing, along with technical knowledge, creativity and ingenuity by asking candidates to field some rather unusual interview questions.

For example, Dell has been known to ask this question in interviews: “What song best describes your work ethic?” Meanwhile, the Marriot Hotel chain has asked job candidates this: “How do you rate your memory?” And Amazon has at times required applicants to respond to the following: “If Jeff Bezos [Amazon’s CEO] walks into your office and tells you he’s going to give you a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea, what idea do you give him?”

What all these questions aim to test, along with the ability to think creatively and cope under pressure, is whether candidates have outside interests and, perhaps, a passion for something.

And some companies are taking this interview-question tactic one step further, also testing applicants’ analytical skills, maturity, and capacity to have a little fun on the job.

For example, Forrester Research has posed this interview question to candidates: “If you could get rid of one state in the U.S., which one would it be and why?” Google has asked this brainteaser: “How many cows are there in Canada?” And MasterCard has put this tongue twister/mind bender to applicants: “Please say ‘Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper’ while cross-selling me a washing machine.”

Sadly, there are no textbook answers to these questions. But what might help you field these questions is this: walking into your next interview realizing that your sense of fun might be more closely examined than your latest employment responsibilities. This just might help you relax enough so that you’ll be able to adeptly answer any curveball question thrown your way.

Of course, you could also just hope to receive a relatively easy unusual interview question, such as this one recently posed to a Kraft Foods applicant: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me as an interviewer?”

Emma Street is an HR manager for a Fortune 500 company with over a decade of HR, management, and recruiting experience. In her spare time, she is a freelance writer for Free Resume Builder.



Questions dell interview

DELL Interview | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Pattern : written + 2TECH + 1 HR(But for me 1Tech + 2HR)
Type : Online
Cgpa criteria : NO
Written Exam Modules : 60 questions 70 min (no -ve marking) Aptitude questions were time taking, OS, Data structure, Database and Computer Networks

Try to read gate material from geeksforgeeks. many of the questions and concepts are from it.

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“Be individual and solve them”

Shortlisting Information :

If you can answer at least 40 questions, you’ll get shortlisted. They shortlisted 15 candidates for interviews and also they called 8-10 waiting list candidates for interviews.

My Interview Experience:
Round 1 : (35 min)
1. code of Inorder recursive and non recursive
2. Questions on sorting like best algorithm if u consider (no. of swaps, no. of comparisons etc)
3. Sorting words in a large file.
4. T9 Dictionary(most important question of many companies).
5. Insertion sort code (they look for each every corner cases,so better check ur code with all types of test cases and then ask the interviewer to review it )
6. course projects.

Then he asked to wait for second round.

By that time, those guys(DELL interviewers) have decided to take only 10 members and they already have the count and they were calling the selected candidates and congratulating them and for my friend they have specified the field and under whom he would be working. As the count have been reached, those guys are not interested in me, they would like to take my interview just for formal. I understood the scenario and i should create an special impression about me to get selected and increase their count.

Round 2 : (30 min Tech + HR)
Interviewer was the best guy among the other interviewers i met till now. Awesome experience with him. I felt like I was speaking to my friend and some times we were cracking jokes on each other.

Basic HR questions
1. Tell me about yourself
2. +ve’s and -ve’s
3. Explanation of Course Projects(discussion oriented went for 20 min)
4. Show me an example that you are good at team work.
5. course projects
6. Finally he asked me to say about DELL as much as i know?
But really speaking, I don’t know anything more about the company information.But i said only one sentence
“DELL, The main weapon of most of the Computer Science students over here and every where.”

By that one sentence he was impressed more and he gave me one best complement.

“You have good narrating and management skills. You can be recruited into HR management and can come to you campus again next year to recruit your juniors”.  It was an awesome feeling when he said that sentence.

Round 3: (5 min)
I said that I was placed in INTEL and want to join INTEL. He said he was impressed with my frankness and ended the interview over there.


If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to [email protected] See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

Dell Interview Experience - Dell Interview Process - Java Genie

You can change your password by using the "Forgot your password?" function located on the login page. Enter your email address and then click on "Forgot your password." You will quickly receive an email that provides further instructions.

If you are actively involved in the recruiting process and working with a Dell Recruiter, then the Recruiter would be able to update the email address on your existing profile. If you are not yet engaged with a Recruiter, then you would need to create a new profile aligned to your updated email address.

The Careers at Dell site is the perfect way for individuals to learn about new job opportunities as they open with Dell. It is easy, just scroll to the top of this page, select "Join our Talent Network" and complete the form. We will send you job alerts based on your selections.

Note: need to create the quick link from the TalentBrew site for candidates to access. Visit our sign-on page here to access your account.

Yes, please search for our remote opportunities here:

Not all Dell Technologies positions are available as a remote working opportunity. Although we are very flexible in the work location for most positions, some do require an individual to be located onsite in order to complete the required work. All job descriptions will mention if a role is available for remote work and a full list of remote opportunities can be found at

Please go here to request an accommodation

First, try the job search tool on the career site that allows you to find opportunities by keyword and location as well as position type or function. If you want to further refine your search, advanced functionality is available.

Yes, we do have part-time roles available. You can visit and use the ‘Job Type’ filter within the Search page to find roles that are open as part-time.

Yes, we require a resume/CV for each position to which you apply. Our current process enables you to attach your resume or CV once you build your profile. The file must not exceed 5 megabytes and must be in one of the following formats: Word (.doc), Text (.txt), Hypertext Markup Language (.html, .htm), or Portable Document Format (.pdf).

Profiles will remain in the system for one year and will be purged as needed. We encourage you to update your profile on a regular basis. Should you wish to have your candidate profile removed you can contact [email protected] with your deletion request as per our Data Privacy Statement.

No. You may submit as many applications you feel are appropriate for your skills and experience.

You will be sent a confirmation via email. If you do not receive one, check that you supplied the correct email address and ensure that the e-mail has not been sent to your junk or spam folder.

The languages supported by our application tool include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

If you have applied to a specific job, your resume/profile will be reviewed by a recruiter.

There are a few steps in our process. By clicking on status within your application, a definition of the current status is provided. Due to the volume of submissions that Dell receives, we generally aim to review and determine next steps for candidates within a 4-week period after application.

Due to the large volume of applications we receive, it is not possible for us to provide the name, telephone number or email address of recruiters or hiring managers. Recruiters will review resumes/profiles and will respond only to those external candidates who best match the qualifications of our openings. To ensure you do not miss opportunities, keep your candidate profile updated.

Screening for most positions is completed within the first four weeks after the position is posted. During that time, if you are selected to be screened, you will be contacted by a recruiter. All interviewed candidates will receive communication regarding the outcome within fourteen days of their interview. Candidates that are not selected for a screening or interview will not be contacted, but may be matched to other potential openings if this option was selected during your application.

Be prepared to provide specific examples of your behavior in particular situations and how the behaviors helped you develop in previous roles. Dell is also looking for examples of how you have demonstrated specific competencies needed for the role you are interviewing for. Be mindful that certain agreements with your current/previous employers could impact your ability to work at Dell.

Learn more about Dell’s competency interviewing style

As a candidate, your consent is given by participating in a video interview using Dell’s primary video interviewing solution, InterviewStream, or other similar technology. Live video interviews will not be recorded as it is against Dell’s privacy policy to record, save or share any interviews. If you have any issues or concerns related to video interviewing, please consult your recruiter.

Interviews may be conducted either virtually or onsite depending on a number of factors. These may include whether the role is remote, the location of the interview team, and local regulations allowing for the opening of business sites

Dell is committed to increasing our university hiring. We have recruiters visiting university campuses throughout the year to showcase full-time, rotation program, internship and MBA opportunities for interested students. Check out our career calendar for a list of events or check with your university career center to see if Dell is coming to your campus. Visit our graduates page to learn more about the opportunities available in your location.

To see open internship opportunities, please visit our internships page. To see upcoming career events, visit our career events calendar. You may also check with your university career services center to learn more about opportunities at Dell.

Due to the various impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, we are currently offering internships virtually in most locations.

In general, we do not accept students into full time positions. We encourage students to explore our internship opportunities where they will gain real world experience while also completing their education.

Yes, interns at Dell are compensated.

Yes, we currently offer apprenticeships in some locations.


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