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Welcome to the Fantasy Drawings Gallery. I am so excited to upload this huge selection of drawings from various authors.

This is only one part of the entire gallery, more is on the way.

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin or what to say because the variety is huge, and it would be difficult to write comment on every single drawing in this gallery.

I noticed however, that many of you like drawing dragons, demons and various sorts of devilish creatures. This is interesting and funny at the same time, how we humans, are notoriously and fatally attracted to the scariest and most dangerous creatures.

At the same time, I also see drawings of mythical creatures like Unicorns or heavenly Angels as a counterpart to those reptile-draconian and evil creatures. Very interesting contrast and hopefully the dragon menace remains locked inside this fantasy drawings gallery only.

If you like these scary creatures, if you like drawing them then this is the right place to upload your artwork. Feel free to upload your drawings, sketches, doodles or any other fantasy artwork, we all would love to see it.

Browse through this collection and enjoy the drawings. I am pretty sure you will find lots and lots of inspiration for your own drawing ideas.

I would like to point out that this is as collection of drawings from various authors. Every author has a very different set of drawing skill. Some are experienced, some are beginners, and some are somewhere in the middle.

Pick up your favorite drawings and write a comment to the author. The best would be, of course, if you upload your own drawings, sketches or doodles first and then go on commenting other’s artwork.

I encourage you to browse through these fantasy drawings and make your own opinion. I believe you may find many you like and many you do not like so much. Both opinions are natural and perfectly alright.

The focus should always be on the originality and the uniqueness of the idea and the message it conveys. Drawing skill is secondary factor, do you know why? Because drawings skill is LEARN-able and you do not need talent to learn to draw.

To create an original idea from thin air, from nothing…this is something I cannot teach you. This must be inside of you. The funny thing is, that we all have originality inside of us. Every single person, no exception. Please do whatever it takes to discover your own originality.

In case, however, you think you do not have any originality, which is not true BTW, then I have a small trick for you to help you to awaken your dormant originality and imagination.

Pick one or more fantasy drawings here or anywhere else on the net and draw or paint a copy of those images. Draw the images as accurately as possible. Do not worry if it is looking good or not, the point is not in perfectionism or the skillfulness or the drawing technique.

The point is in RE-awakening your own fantasy and imagination by simply and “mindlessly” drawing – copying other’s artwork. That copying activity is one of the strongest triggers that will help you to gradually wake up and add your own creations into the image you are copying.

In a very short time you will suddenly notice that you create your own original fantasy drawings art! When that happens, know, that it is the beginning of your fantasy and imagination journey and nothing will be the same as before. From that point on, your RE-awakened originality will force you to let it out in some form.

Enjoy the Fantasy Drawings Gallery

Just one next look

I have painted my just one as you have Suggested that it would be good if so... Thank you Ivan... It's looking Good..

Just one

No more to say... Just a simple draw to take a look..

Spiderman in a snowball battle

I first drew a boy throwing a snowball at YOU. Then I thought how would the superheros like to play in the snow too??

Emotional tree

The picture shows that the tree is crying due to drought and the tears has broken its heart resulting in blood stains. And a girl in it.

Sunny moon

The moon in the dark forest with the sun in the green garden, describing nature's beauty.

Blackbeards Flag

Picture Perfect Pegasus

So, I was babysitting this girl and I was reading her Disney's book, Hercules. So, she wanted to know how to draw a Pegasus, so I showed her how to. This was my example.

Vanitha painting

Its water color painting about Christmas Santa

Easy pencil sketch

Easy pencil sketch By Champaneri Shivani

A t-shirt

A t-shirt that got tired of being worn. So it got free, but needed glasses to see. And now happiness is a guarantee.

shattered dimension

I do not really have a story. It just came to me after i saw a competition on auto-desk sketchbook.


I was feeling bored so was just doodling...late night insomniac work :D


Makes me think of big goonie eyes staring and following me

The Illusion

If you tilt your head sideways while looking at the picture the lines and flats seem to change direction


Would look good as a Medallion or a Pendant


i found a picture of a dragon and i drew it in my book.


my cusan told me to draw fantasy like tatoo so i did but she said it was to fantasy like . i told that i was o0nly elleven and to dell with it. IM NOT QUETE sure its fantasy or not!!!!!!

Bird by Ritesh

Started drawing after 15 years (after my school)...




Pencil UnicornPencil Unicorn

I only draw when I am drawing for someone, and I think this will make a great gift! I've never drawn a unicorn before and this website taught me how to do it flawlessly!

My brave dragon!! :D

I am not a professional, but I like drawing! :)

A Dragon (with help from the site)

I was searching for fun pictures to draw, when i stumbled across your site. I absolutely love the tutorials that accompany the projects and this is my first trial of copying a drawing from the internet.
Thank you for the tips.... I did learn more than i could have imagined...

My version of your Demon

I've been drawing for about a month now. This is my try on the demon on this site. I think i got it to look decent but failed horrible to get the furry look. I suffer from depression and drawing makes me calm and forget my problems. Thanks for an amazing site, keep up the good work!!!

Demon Mask

9B and H pencils used. Reference from Japanese tattoo. Photo is slightly angled.

crazy imagination

basically i just draw what im thinking about hope you all like


I’ve always felt I drew like a child even though I am now about 60, but I love to draw, and I always draw girls heads, I don’t know why, and none look alike. Since last year I’ve been using a Parker Fountain pen which my boss gave to me for a Christmas Present. I am in love with this pen, and then my son found the woman of his dreams, and I was looking for something one day, and I came across her drawings, in which I feel so inferior, she graduated from law school, but she’s a true artist inside. My picture is called Pretty and her picture is Angel.

Dragon Mother & Son

Dragons of the darkness age... Resting on top of a rocky mountain.

Pegasus and a Full Moon

I hadn't drawn in a long time and a 7 seven year old girl that I was a Nanny to, wanted me to show her how to draw a Pegasus which is my favorite. Once she learned how she would draw them all the time and became very good at it.

Drawing of a Girl

vicious dragon

Well, since I find school to be so boring and pointless I spend most of my time there drawing, so I was drawing some fish when my friend asked me to draw him a dragon, i'm like alright but don't be staring at me, i can't draw under pressure, and so I had a really hard time coming up with what it was going to look like, I made a line and then erased it, made another one and erased it as well and so on, I had no clue where to start, but finally I decided to start off with the eye, and after that everything just came together perfectly, by the end of class he asked me for it but I just liked it so much that I couldn't give it up, he told me to draw another one for him but the truth is...I can't, every time I draw something it is unique, and I become attached to it for some reason, I can't draw the same thing twice. Bottom line this is the product of pure boredom.

drawing of dragon

yeah it was really hard to make but it is AWESOME

Superman sketch

I have created in my leisure time. I love super heroes.

Laugh Now Cry Later


An abstract drawing of a females face formed by lines and marker

Evil Eye

This isn't sketched or drawn, it is spray painted

Far Away

My friend's drawing

Well I was talking to my friend and she said that she thought she was a bad drawer. I think she is wrong don't you?

still emotion

i had an art project due and i didn't know what to do so i got a similar drawing from google but added my own details to it. took me about 6 hours to finish tho, but it was worth it.


i have been interested with fairies because you no there fairies there just so pretty.but i saw this one in my dream which was kind of crazy. i went to a dream interpreter and asked her about it.before i left i sketched the fairy and she told me that my imagination was so amazing and creative. she told me my dream was about how im going to have a once in a life time chance and that i will make a discovery.it hasnt happened yet but you no life takes time and being 14 theres a lot of time on my hands.on the other hand your drawlings are amazing and when im older i wish to be an artist/potographer.

My Dragon

I'm 15 years old, found myself watching 'how to train your dragon's and got inspired to draw this.

"I come Alive With You "

Voices in my head

when you get voices buzzing in your head.

True Love

Hi everyone, I would like too share one off my pieces off work I have done. Many people think that art is just about grabbing a pencil and paper and just squiggle away, well I'm here too tell you that that is true... you don't have too be perfect, look at my piece off artwork for example....

I originally just drew a love heart in the middle off my page until I just let my creative imagination take over lol, this piece off art work is actually going too be my first tattoo when I get married too my prince charming which you can see in my design...
Let your creation skills fly :) everyone has an amazing talent and my talent just so happens too be drawing.... I constantly get family and friends including my loved one tell me that I should publish my talent and prove that I am great at what I do......

Drawing of Unicorn

My crazy thoughts and emotions mixed together

I had a crazy day an wasn't feeling the best but by the time I got done I was feeling better

Art designs

it explains something like art drawing ..i hope u'll like it

League of Legends Characters

My own version of League of Legends Nidalee and Ahri.

Just something

.... I'm sorry I don't really have a story.... But I love drawing. I have never took an art class though I would like too.


My loneliness made it ..... No extra story behind it ....

An Angel

There is no story that goes with it but im sure whoever looks at it can make one that fits with the drawing... ;)

Heart with Key

It was really fun to draw, I really like to draw hearts.

Devil's Angel

I love drawing!! Most of my drawings are cartoons or "anime" as others call it.... So I decided to make a different drawing and this is what came up!! Hope you like it x)


It Shows a guardian angel giving its life (body) for us


Drawing of music and flower

Well it's a kind of black and white combination. The sketch symbolize the love for music and flowers and it is like frozen in our thoughts and fire in our hearts.

A fairy

I love fairies .... i just love to draw them!!

flying witch!

flying witches are awesome creatures. i always wished to see them :p

Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe)

This is Lapis Lazuli. Why does she have the white mirror eyes? you may ask. Well.. She was trapped inside a mirror..

deep sea world

Dont know why i have a great obsession with the sea and the deep sea creatures.... although i am water phobic :P but it just fantasizes me..... anyway tell me how is it cz this is my first drawing ever that i have made using my own imagination. Enjoy! :)


Christmas angel

I have a good friend who loves angels so I drew this for her.

Skeleton w/ Wings

I drew this a long time ago. I hope you enjoy my drawing. My drawing was for my friend Samantha but she past away on 2007. R.I.P Samantha!!~! :)

Markiplier Drawing

This drawing is my favorite YouTuber! He's an awesome and accepting person, like me! Hope you enjoyed my drawing!

drawing of star with dice and flames

this is one of my most best drawings of all i have never drawn this before.

swinging girl

love fantasy

One day I was just sitting in my room and thinking about my would be. I imagine that we are visiting a place and enjoining nature's beauty and feeling in love..

Drawing of a Cartoon. Dragon

I Drew this for my husband. Dragons are his favorite mythical creatures.

Dark Souls


I don't know but I have very sad too draw My drawing bcoz My grandfather off this Time its I love My grandfather ok


Dream car!!

I love cars ... and so i love drawing crazy car pictures..

The Amazing Spider-man

with great power comes great free time to draw great drawings and well, Spider-Man in this case ...because who doesn't love a superhero in red and blue spandex swinging around New York ? :P I love drawing Spider-Man because he's probably the best superhero to me :D ;D

passionate touch

its shows the passionate love towards the child by father and and way he take care of child to lead a head


Cross star

No real story just started drawing and this was the result

NO title

This designs basic pattern was inspired by a book of Islamic Geometric Patterns by Eric Broug, the rest was imagination

The Desire To Evolve ( fragment )

A tiny piece from full drawing.I want you to have your own version of this story. You can see the whole picture on: deviantart.com/art/The-Desire-to-Evolve-587421513

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50 Fantasy Art Ideas – How to Draw Fantasy Art Landscapes and Characters for 2020

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How to Create Effective Fantasy Art

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In this article, I will tell you about how to create a spectacular art with a character using a minimum of colors, traditional materials, and Photoshop.

Any art is born in conditions of limitations. In this, you can find a sports interest – to contrive to use a minimum of materials and get the maximum effect. Today I want to create an impressive work using a limited palette.

Studying at the art academy, I tried all the materials in a row. I could not find my favorite material until I tried the mascara. I was inspired by the creators of comics and cartoonists, and I enjoyed the fact that I can convey any mood and atmosphere with only a jar of black mascara in my hands.

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Easy Fantasy Art Drawings
Easy Fantasy Art Drawings

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Recently, I began to slowly return color to my work, while not forgetting why I love mascara. The advent of computer graphics made it possible to experiment and develop a sense of color, although I still love traditional materials more and still work with them.

Consider Different Ideas

Here I quickly sketched out possible future work concepts.

I draw in a sketchbook or on plain paper, trying to make sketches as quickly as possible and not sit for a long time in front of a blank sheet. Often this stage is the most difficult because for a long time I can’t decide what is the point of laying in my work. Sometimes it makes sense to write keywords to relate the sketch to a specific idea, story or mood.

Easy Fantasy Art Drawings

Decide on the Concept

Details determine if the concept has a future. After I settled on a single sketch, I draw an extended version of it with a lot of details. This is necessary to evaluate the volumes of light and shadow, and also to make sure that the idea has a way to develop, that it can be brought to mind and presented to the client. The main thing here is clarity.

Create the Final Form

I made an extended version of the outline. At this stage, I finally determine the shape of the figure. Sometimes I enlarge the sketch on the computer, print it very pale and draw on top. Another option is to redraw the sketch you like on a blank sheet.

The choice of method depends on how much I like the sketch. I redrew this drawing from scratch and made it larger. Then I will be able to choose how to frame it, saving the format necessary for the client.

Play with Light

Copies are needed to experiment. After I created the final version of the picture, I scan it and print a few copies to try different types of lighting and composition.

When the choice is made, I draw the markup with a pencil, so that later it is easier to work with mascara. This material is merciless, and therefore it is better to know in advance where the darkest elements will be placed.


Try not to do mindless copying. I transfer the drawing to watercolor paper, laying it on glass and illuminating the bottom of the lamp. In the process, from time to time, I intentionally turn the lamp on and off to make sure that I am doing everything correctly. Otherwise, mechanical copying may deprive the drawing of naturalness and magic.


Putting a tone, go from dark to light. Finally, take out the brush! For car wash, I choose Sumi Ink mascara and dilute it with water in various proportions. I always start with the darker part of the picture. Then I can check with her, remembering that the tone should no longer be darker.


It’s important to paint the whole picture. When I draw, I move from fragment to fragment, trying not to spend too much time on one piece. It is very important that the drawing is completely covered with mascara on at least one layer because it is too easy to get carried away with one detail and spoil it with excessive attention.


During work, I fantasize that I am taking an image from underground. I like to watch a picture emerge from avoiding a completely blank sheet. I imagine that my brush dispels whiteness, revealing a three-dimensional object to the whole world. Fill each corner of the picture with ink, adding depth to it.


Try realistic portrayals of shabby steel armor

Putting on the last tone, I’m already thinking about which textures I will need. In this case, it is shabby steel. She was not at the pencil sketching stage, but now mascara can do the job. The strokes themselves go in the right direction if you trust the material.


It’s time to tackle the scary part of the drawing

Most of the work has already been completed. I left the central area blank because it scares me. The success of the whole work depends on how convincingly I portray the glow here. Now you can connect watercolors to your work because it was not in vain that I decided to return the color to my work.


Sometimes things don’t go the way you want

I do not like what I just painted in watercolor. I have too much confidence in this material, believing that I know it well enough to create the desired effect. Apparently, at first, it was worth testing the watercolor on a draft, as well as choosing colors more carefully. To correct my mistake, I smeared the bad spot with mascara. Black color hides sins and makes it possible to start all over again.


The error can be corrected by taking another material.

I took white gouache – the material that I know much better. Then he painted the glow again. Later I will give it the right shade using Photoshop. Once again, I walk the brush over the drawing, painting the details. This stage of grinding can last forever, but soon I need to give work to the customer, and therefore it is time to scan the picture and bring it to perfection on the computer.


High resolution allows you to print a larger image

I scan an image with a resolution of 600 dpi. This will allow me to print a larger image if necessary. Then I adjust the contrast and levels to bring the picture closer to how I see it in reality. Something inevitably gets distorted when scanning.


Lighten and Darken tools perfect tone

I adjust the tones with the lighten and darken tools, then add layers for each color element. Since the drawing is already filled with ink, I can only change the shades using blending modes in Photoshop. The modes of soft light (Softlight) and overlapping (Overlay) are useful to me.


Finalize your light and composition to complete your work.

I experiment with different color combinations by moving the Tone and Color Balance sliders. As soon as I finally determine the colors, I concentrate on the light spots that I painted with a soft brush in Photoshop. I add burning edges to them to emphasize the illusion of a glow. Now it remains only to crop the image to the desired format – and the work is ready.

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Sours: https://doitbeforeme.com/fantasy-art/
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Drawing Fantasy Creatures

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Drawings easy fantasy

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Easy owl drawings for kids 🎨Fantasy

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