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Asus Service Centres in India

Asus Tek Computer Inc stylized to ASUS is Taiwan based multinational electronics company with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Asus has the credit of taking the 4th place as the largest vendor based on unit sales in 2015 and prominently stands in the top 10 IT companies in Asia. It may sound quite unbelievable but the truth is that Asus brand has been rewarded with nearly 103 awards to date.

Ever since its foundation on 2nd April 198, Asus has always strived and symbolized to deliver quality product and service to its global users. The unique feature of Asus is their online service desk portal that is accessible just by a click. This service desk is a one-stop solution for all types of product inquiries and services. Using this page, users can chat online with a consultant, browse the teaching manuals or look up for repair status or in fact make a repair reservation also. The online support portal of Asus is not just easy, but in fact, the platform is much more convenient and fast for users.

Some of the well know Asus product categories include Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Motherboards, Graphics Cards, Networking, Gaming, Tablets and other computer accessories.

How to Register Asus products and raise Service Request

To get the benefits of the Asus support team, it becomes inevitable to register the Asus product at the first place; there are varying offers provided by the Asus brand such as  personalized service, web storage and eshop that are available exclusively for the Asus members; the registration process is simple and can be performed using the following steps:

  • Log in to your Asus account, using your unique email id and password, in case you haven’t registered yet an Asus account, create an account by clicking here – Sign up
  • Alternatively, you can also log in directly as an Asus member by using your Facebook or Google plus account
  • On the sign up page, fill in details such as your valid E-mail account ( henceforth, your valid email id will be regarded as your Asus account), so give a valid working Email id
  • Input a strong password
  • Retype the password
  • Enter your country or region
  • Enter your date of birth
  • And fill in the verification code that would have been sent to your email id
  • Click on the “I agree” box
  • And finally, click on the Sign-up field to become an Asus member
  • Make sure to fill in all the fields that are marked with a *
  • Now you have successfully created an account with Asus and you can avail the various Asus customer services

How to check Complaint/Repair status

It so happens many times that the product that is sent for repair may take more than the scheduled time, but again to keep a track of the Asus product that is sent for repair, you can always use the “Check repair status” service of Asus and stay updated of your repair service, to assess this feature, follow these steps:

  • Click on Check Repair status to track the repair status of your Asus product
  • On this page, you need to enter the RMA no of the product that is sent for repair
  • Enter the Product SN. In the representative box
  • Press the Submit button to track your product repair status
  • Make a note that this feature is not available for the products that are sent to reseller or distributor. In this case, you need to contact the specific reseller or distributor to track your status
  • If you still any queries, you can chat online directly by clicking on the Online chat available on this web portal

Complaint Registration, Service/Repair and latest Downloads

The online service desk of Asus is designed exclusively to support the Asus customers so as to render any type of service with just a click. For any type of repair or service, follow these steps:

  • Click on service and status to reach the online repair and service web portal of Asus
  • In this page, you can pick the product that needs repair or service
  • The product can be a phone or a tablet or notebook or others
  • Pick the appropriate product by browsing from the fields
  • Enter the “Search support” page the description of the product, for example, enter X550Vm and press the search button to reach your item
  • You will find the related service program and repair information
  • Alternatively, you can click on the Online chat option that is displayed always on the screen and chat directly with one of the experienced Asus representatives
  • For downloading latest drivers, software, firmware and user manual, click on Enter download center
  • In this page, enter model name of your product or select the product by browsing from the product type, product series, and product model
  • Your product detail with the download history will be displayed

Contact ASUS

Asus support team is just a click away, use any of these options to contact Asus Customer support team-

Call Asus  for customer product support 1800- 209035 ( Open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 pm)

Email Asus  @ email here

Exclusive online chat support – Chat (open Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 9 PM)

Warranty  Registration and Warranty Check

Warranty is of utmost importance to any customer, all the Asus products comes with a certain amount of warranty period, to check the warranty period or to register for the extended warranty, Asus users have to log in to their Asus account and click on Warranty and registration field to know about the warranty terms and product registration.

  • To know about customer induced damage, click on Customer induced damage field
  • To know about commercial notebook warranty policy, click here – Commercial notebook warranty policy
  • To know about warranty terms and conditions, click on Warranty
  • Apart from these services, Asus online support page offers two unique self-services apps called as – MYASUS APP and ASUS ZENUI SUPPORT APP which can be accessed from this page itself
  • For any type of Asus support and assistance, click on Asus support and enjoy a self-service approach

Asus Community

There are various social modes available for the Asus social bugs to connect with the company regarding customer support or complaint escalation through any of these modes:

  • For Facebook communities – Facebook
  • For Twitter communities – Twitter
  • For YouTube communities –YouTube
  • For Instagram communities – Instagram
  • For Facebook ROG communities – F-ROG

Asus Recycle Program / E-waste management

If you as an Asus user want to contribute something towards a green environment can now very well do so, by using the  “Green Asus & Serasus “ feature provided by the Asus online service team. To join this drive, follow these steps:

  • Click on Green Asus & SERASUS
  • Over here, you can almost recycle all of your old Asus Products including –laptop, computers or any other electronic equipment
  • Contribute by disposing of your e-waste through any of the modes like – email the team by picking mail option
  • Or Call the Asus team by placing a call
  • Or drop in the item at the Asus collection points
  • Or opt for the On-site pickup, where the Asus rep would come over to your place and pick the product
  • But before you can drop the old item, fill the e-request form, by filling in the necessary details like – name, contact no, email id, query type, product, serial number and so on
  • And press the submit button to successfully allow the Asus Representative to collect your product

Find Asus Service Locations

It is always handy to keep a track of the various Asus service locations that are in your vicinity, Asus brand offers a range of service locations for easy and quick customer accessibility. To find these locations, click on the “Find service locations”. You will get a detailed list of the locations that your device will browse and display based on your location.


Hi everyone,

This is my RMA story.

Every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.

I had a custom Asus gaming laptop G51JX-3DE/G60JX ($2351) from I can’t say I have it because it has already been in the Asus repair station for more than 2 months and I don’t know when I will get it back. My RMA status is still the same: "Waiting-[WB1] Wait for Material/Spare Parts". I emailed the Asus representative Mr. Tien Phan cl-tien[email protected] and got the response that the issue with my notebook was duplicated, and it was currently at a repair station waiting for the necessary parts to come in.
Because of that I began to initiate some action and look at what I could dig up.
If you look at the Asus website you will see that now it only has 2 gaming laptops G75VW (17’) and G55VW (15’), but there were a dozen different models in 2010.
My friend’s computer market analyst said that the Asus repair station is piled up with defective laptops, transformers, tablets. Almost every third ASUS laptop is DIFFECTIVE.
Since 2008 Asus started to produce their own laptops in huge amounts, though previously it was focused on the production of motherboard and other components. The range of its products increased in many times. They tried to compete even with Apple (Zenbook, Pads). But the Asus team just can’t compete with Steve Jobs’ team. As a result the quality of Asus products begins to fall dramatically. Asus Customer Service just can’t cope with the avalanche of custom claims.

Unfortunately, the quality of the motherboards – diamond in Asus crown – became worse compared to what it was before 2010. I built three rigs with Asus motherboards, last one is P6X58D Premium and I am satisfied with their quality. But now days are different.

Now we need to think seven times before buying an Asus laptop.

Having every third ASUS laptop DIFFECTIVE is too much.



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I recently sent my ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce® GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC in for an RMA after my games started crashing within a few minutes; looking at the Event Viewer I found error messages indicating the Nvidia drivers were resetting (Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered). To date I have only had one previous experience with ASUS RMA support; back in 2011 a friend of mine overseas gave me his RAMPAGE GENE III that was dead. I was able to RMA it with no issues and used it for an i7-950 build.

Here is the timeline of events:

  • Monday July 22 – I contact ASUS Support through the website and state I have tried troubleshooting by reinstalling drivers, reinstalling Windows 10, trying different PCIE slots and a different system.
  • Tuesday July 23 – I receive a reply from an ASUS Support Agent. Based on my initial message, they direct me to create an Online RMA by visiting (looks like I could have saved a step by going directly to this page). I fill out the Online RMA request that morning and let the Agent know I have done so. They reply back in the afternoon stating the Online RMA was not successfully pushed through and offer to process it manually.
  • Wednesday July 24 – The Agent confirms my RMA has been processed; I receive an RMA Number and instructions on how to ship my 1080 Ti. I package the 1080 Ti and drop it off at USPS in the afternoon (I did not purchase the label from ASUS). It is expected to arrive at the RMA facility by Friday July 26.
  • Friday July 26 – The USPS tracking number reports there is a delay.
  • Monday July 29 – I check the tracking number again and the 1080 Ti has been delivered successfully.
  • Tuesday July 30 – I visit the ASUS Check Repair Status page and it shows ASUS has received my 1080 Ti.
  • Wednesday July 31 – I visit the Status page again and it is in the testing phase.
  • Thursday August 1 – I receive a notification from the Fedex Delivery Manager that I have a package coming from ASUSTEK. I look at the Status page and it confirms my repair has been completed. There is no mention of what the replacement card is so I assume it is another 1080 Ti.
  • Wednesday August 7 – I receive the package from ASUS. I open it to find a ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 2080 OC.

It took 16 days from first contact to when I received my replacement graphics card. Potentially this could have been faster if USPS delivered my 1080 Ti on Friday instead of Monday and if I had created the Online RMA directly rather than contacting support first. The replacement took just under a week to be delivered; it was ground shipped from Jeffersonville, Indiana and I live on the opposite side of the US (West Coast).

Overall I would consider this experience a positive one; much better than the time I had to RMA Sapphire 290s repeatedly. The 2080 is a minor upgrade over the 1080 Ti according to TechPowerUp’s review. I have been using ASUS graphic cards since purchasing the ASUS STRIX GEFORCE® GTX 980 Ti back in 2016. After that came the 1080 Ti and now the 2080 replacement. I also have the ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti OC which I bought after sending in my 1080 Ti (I used this whole ordeal as an excuse to upgrade). If you are having trouble deciding which brand of graphics card to buy, consider differentiating them by their customer support and where their RMA center is. For example, Gigabyte’s RMA facility is located in City of Industry, CA which is a lot closer to me than Indiana.


Table of Contents

How do I check my RMA status?

Check the RMA Status Click your account and go to My activities to check your ticket. 3. You may check your RMA status/Replacement tracking number/Refund Status on the right panel.

What is RMA number in Asus?

Return Materials Authorization

How long does Asus RMA take?

15-20 days

How do I check my warranty on my Asus laptop?

Check Warranty Status

  1. Category Android Setting/ Operation, App/ Software/ Utility, CPU/ Memory, BIOS/ Firmware.
  2. Type Announcement.

Which is better Asus or Acer?

ASUS is a better choice than Acer. The only area where Acer is better than ASUS is price – everything else like customer support, design and performance, ASUS is the better option of the two. Plus, for those looking for a gaming laptop, ASUS has a lot more options to choose from.

Is Asus worth buying?

The most straight forward answer to this question is Yes. Yes, you should buy an Asus laptop. And yes Asus laptops are worth buying. The only caution I would state is that, like any other brand, you need to know why you’re buying the laptop, your usage, and how much you’re willing to spend.

How many years does an Asus laptop last?

A mid-range laptop should probably last around 4-5 years, though, give-or-take a year or two depending on how you use it. The other thing to factor in is how you treat your laptop for the time that you have it.

Are Asus zenbooks reliable?

The sleek aluminum body of the Asus Zenbook UX303LN (from Notebookcheck ). The build quality is extremely good for a Windows-based ultrabook.

Why are Asus laptops so cheap?

You can say that Asus offers configuration at a much lower price than most brands and that is one of its biggest USPs. Asus mid-range laptops offer more robustness than other brands. Hence, not all Asus laptops are cheap but they do provide more power for the same price when compared with other brands.

Which Asus laptop is better?

In a nutshell, the Asus VivoBook S15 is one of the best laptops we’ve tested in recent months. Short of handling heavy-duty gaming, this is an extremely capable laptop that’s just as impressive as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, but is smaller, lighter and considerably less expensive.

Why is Asus laptop so slow?

Generally, People face asus laptop running slow due to the hardware issue or virus. So first of all, you should begin with optimizing the computer. You should delete the junk files and corrupted files from the computer. after that, your computer will start working fine.

Who makes Asus?

ASUS is a Taiwan-based, multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company that was established in 1989. Dedicated to creating products for today’s and tomorrow’s smart life, ASUS is the world’s No. 1 motherboard and gaming brand as well as a top-three consumer notebook vendor.

How can I know if my Asus laptop is original?

On the back of the laptop, or on the inside, there should be a serial number. Type it into google, and see if anything comes up. If nothing comes up, Take a picture of the sticker, and send it to Asus via email, asking if its legit. They will tell you for sure.

Is Asus promo genuine?

Yes. It’s a legitimate website. I have the same laptop and I got the extended warranty and 1 TB HDD offer from this website.

How do I know that my laptop is original?

How do I check whether the laptop is original or copy? You can check it by registering it ( using service tag number. or serial no.) with your manufacturer. If you are successful at it , your product is genuine.

Are Asus laptops made in China?

No, Asus is Taiwan’s multinational ,hardware and electronics company in Beitou district ,taipei ,Taiwan. Asus started in 1989, Asus makes laptops from affordable Chromebooks to high end gaming laptops .

What computer will last the longest?

What laptops last the longest?

  • The Lenovo ThinkPad T480: For most people, when you ask them about a durable and indestructible laptop they might immediately say “the ThinkPad”… which, they certainly aren’t wrong.
  • The Apple MacBook Pro 13“:
  • The Dell XPS 13:
  • HP Spectre x360.

What is the best time to buy a laptop?

The best times of year to buy a laptop

  • Late summer. The back-to-school period is a great time to buy a new laptop.
  • September To November. The entire fall season is packed with deals, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Holiday season.
  • New model releases.

Rma status asus

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Laptop ASUS Rusak??? Klaim Garansi di ASUS Service Center Aja!! - Maaf malas ngedit video

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