Matlab remove axis

Matlab remove axis DEFAULT

How to make only x-axis invisible (y-axis stays visible)?

This solution might be overkill, but you can get that effect with my File Exchange program 'oaxes', available here: The following will show only a y axis at the left edge of the plot:

oa = oaxes;

oa.XAxisLine = 'off';

oa.XLabel = '';

oa.YLabel = '';

oa.Arrow = 'off';

oa.Origin = [-Inf -Inf 0];

ylabel('my y axis...')


This should get you close to what you are looking for. The oaxes documentation will give you more information about the properties used in the example above, including an explanation of the difference between the oaxes 'YLabel' property which is set to empty above, and the parent axes' 'YLabel' text object. The main difference in appearance I am getting is that the oaxes ticks are bidirectional (they extend out on both sides from the axes line), while a normal axes has ticks that only extend to one side. Currently, there is no way to change this in oaxes, but I might add it in a future release.



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How do I remove the bottom line of the axes in a saved figure?

I drew a graph and deleted axes by using the code below.

hAxes = gca;

hAxes.XRuler.Axle.LineStyle = 'none';

axis off

However, when I added lines by using 'line' commend to explain each components, the axis at the bottom appeared again as shown below.










I don't know why axis appeared again. Anyway, I drew white lines to hide black axis as shown below.







OK. It looks good to me. However, when I saved the graph as a pdf image, the axes appeared again!


pos = get(gcf,'Position');

set(gcf,'PaperPositionMode','Auto','PaperUnits','Inches','PaperSize',[pos(3), pos(4)]);


Please somebody save me~!!!!



How to remove axis from a figure?

if true

vidObj = VideoWriter('Field_adv_diff_2D.avi');

vidObj.Quality = 100;

vidObj.FrameRate = 1;



Naux = 200;

Minimum = min(min(node_state));

Maximum = max(max(node_state));

levels = Minimum:(max(max(node_state))-min(min(node_state)))/200:Maximum;

Xg = min(Mesh.xy(1,:)):(max(Mesh.xy(1,:))-min(Mesh.xy(1,:)))/Naux:max(Mesh.xy(1,:));

Yg = min(Mesh.xy(2,:)):(max(Mesh.xy(2,:))-min(Mesh.xy(2,:)))/Naux:max(Mesh.xy(2,:));


ZI = zeros(length(XI),length(YI));

for k = [source(4)+1 100:100:source(5)]

for ii=1:size(Mesh.ele,2)

xx = [Mesh.xy(1, Mesh.ele(1,ii)) Mesh.xy(1, Mesh.ele(2,ii)) Mesh.xy(1, Mesh.ele(3,ii))];

yy = [Mesh.xy(2, Mesh.ele(1,ii)) Mesh.xy(2, Mesh.ele(2,ii)) Mesh.xy(2, Mesh.ele(3,ii))];

IN = inpolygon(XI, YI, xx, yy);

points = find(IN);

for i = 1:length(points)

N(i,:) = Get_shapeN_2D_DIFFUSION (Mesh,ii,[XI(points(i)) YI(points(i))]);

ZI(points(i)) = N(i,:)*[node_state(Mesh.ele(1,ii),k); node_state(Mesh.ele(2,ii),k); node_state(Mesh.ele(3,ii),k)];




contourf(XI,YI,ZI,levels,'LineStyle','none','LineColor',[0 0 0]);

caxis([Minimum Maximum])


map = colormap;

cmap = flipud(map);


title(sprintf('Field map at step %d %f sec)',k));


axis equal;

currFrame = getframe(gcf);





The figures are created with cartesian axis, I need to remove it because I should create a video with them.

Someone could help me?

Many thanks


Axis matlab remove

MATLAB Hide Axis

  1. Hide the Axis Ticks and Labels From a Plot Using the Command in MATLAB
  2. Hide the Axis Ticks and Labels From a Plot Using the Function in MATLAB

This tutorial will introduce how to hide the axis ticks and labels from a plot using the command and function in MATLAB.

Hide the Axis Ticks and Labels From a Plot Using the Command in MATLAB

If you want to hide both the axis ticks and the axis labels, you can use the command, which hides all the axes. For example, let’s plot a sine wave and hide its axis ticks and labels using the command. See the below code.


Hide Axis using axis Command in matlab

In the above figure, we can’t see any axis ticks and labels because of the command, although you can see in the code labels are added to the plot.

Hide the Axis Ticks and Labels From a Plot Using the Function in MATLAB

If you want to hide either the axis ticks or the axis labels, you can use the function in MATLAB. For example, let’s plot a sine wave and hide only its axis ticks using the function. See the below code.


hide axis ticks using the set() function in matlab

In the above figure, we can’t see any axis ticks, but we can see the labels because we used the function to hide only the axis ticks, not the labels, but you can also hide the labels using this function.


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