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Ice bucket Retro Ice Bucket Wrought Iron Desktop Ice Buckets Sto

Ice bucket Retro Ice Bucket Wrought Iron Desktop Ice Buckets Sto


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You have probably seen a vintage ice bucket and don’t even know it. In fact, you may not even think of them as vintage, because they’re still in popular use today in so many places.

Think Mad Men. Business men in the s may have used ice buckets to pour a stiff drink in the middle of the day, but we use the same design in practically every hotel in America now.

It’s a great way to prep for a party and provide your guests with a sanitary, yet elegant way to drop a cube or two in their favorite drink.

Vintage ice buckets can achieve a lot of looks, from rustic dining room to outdoor picnic or swanky cocktail party to a relaxed evening with friends.

If you’re looking to spice up your event or dining room, here are some of the most popular vintage ice buckets available today.

1. Vintage Wooden Ice Buckets

late 19th century oak ice bucket

Image via Chairish

Wooden ice buckets were popular in the 19th century and into the early 20th century. Wood is a fantastic insulator. Oak is an especially common material because it’s thick, strong, and sturdy.

An oak ice bucket like the one pictured above features traditional ice bucket design, like the circular shape and knob on the top of the lid.

These types of designs look great today in backyard barbeque or picnic settings. It’s also no stranger to the Roaring Twenties if you want to have a gangster and flapper themed party.

2. Silver Ice Buckets

rare s christofle morlant bistro champagne bucket

Image via Chairish

Metal ice buckets became more popular after wood. They were gleaming and elegant with  more modern flare. Some were marked, like the one pictured above from s France, and others were plain.

The decorative ring pattern around this Morlant ice bucket is characteristic of a more sophisticated design process. Manufacturing smooth metal was cheaper.

Most metal ice buckets didn’t have lids, making them perfect for chilling a bottle of wine, although they can still be used to hold ice for making drinks.

Metal ice buckets were made with plenty of different types of metal, but when World War II broke out, everything except weapons manufacturing with stainless steel and many other metals was banned.

3. Vintage Glass Ice Buckets

modern venini murano amber art glass ice holder

Image via Chairish

Then what? Return to wood like a bunch of hooligans? No way! Glass ice bucket popularity was on the rise.

Glass is a great material for ice bucket construction because it doesn’t rot like wood and it doesn’t rust like metal. It has been used for centuries to hold liquid, and it can withstand extreme cold. The downside is that it’s heavy and breakable.

There’s something elegant about glass and its translucent qualities. You can see what’s in it, making for a more captivating display. It could be clear or tinted, as was popular in the mid- to lateth century.

4. Vintage Crystal Ice Buckets

wexford crystal ice buckets by anchor hocking a pair

Image via Chairish

Wexford is one of the most popular crystal patterns you’ll see, so don’t count manufacturers out when it comes to a popular kitchen item like ice buckets. Plenty of crystal manufacturers made them, but the Wexford item pictured above is from the midth century.

5. Vintage Ice Bucket with Penguins

vintage penguin west bend ice bucket

Image via Chairish

Believe it or not, this is a popular search term these days. After all, penguins are insanely adorable. Plus, they live in the arctic, so it kind of makes sense.

These ice buckets became popular in the midth century. They’re called penguins, not only because of the circle of embossed penguins around their middle, but because of their unique shape and the wing-shaped handles on the sides. If you turn it around, you’ll even see a cute tail on the back.

This vintage design was made by West Bend, and was an instant favorite. It was advertised as a hot/cold server because of its excellent thermal qualities.

6. Vintage Owl Ice Buckets

il xN abll

Image via Etsy

As far as I know, owls don’t have anything to do with ice, but they’re still one of the most trendy animals you’ll find in decor solutions.

This is another popular mid century ice bucket design. Compared to the penguin ice bucket, they’re not nearly as prevalent, and they sell for a lot more money.

7. Leather Ice Buckets

il xN 48ae

Image via Etsy

In the s, leather became more popular as a material for manufacturing goods. Leather and faux leather was used to cover the outside of wood, metal, or plastic ice buckets. They were often adorned with logos or ornamental designs on the front.

Crests, company logos, and equestrian-themed designs were just some of them. This type of design exemplified the era of upper middle class masculinity.

8. Vintage Champagne Buckets

silver champagne bucket

Image via Chairish

A champagne bucket is one specifically designed for chilling a bottle of champagne. They’re predominantly French because true champagne comes from the Champagne region of France.

They date back to before the 20th century and have been used for almost as long as people have made champagne.

They’re embossed with French names like Binet, Henriot, and Taittinger. They’re mostly made of precious metals like silver, but some are glass. They were the ultimate status symbol for those who drank high-dollar champagne.

They’re slightly larger than ice buckets and are more elaborate in design. Fluted tops, tapered bottoms, and ornate handles all with intricate patterns are prevalent.

Ice Buckets in Pop Culture

 d81ca4b e

Image by mriggen via Flickr

Now’s the perfect time to address ice buckets in popular culture. They’re everywhere.

Mad Men

Roger Sterling and Don Draper endeared themselves to us for seven seasons. As co-workers at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency, they frequented each other’s offices, where they enjoyed a whisky or two during the course of the day.

This is the type of setting you may imagine when you think of a vintage ice bucket. Don’t forget the matching tongs for selecting the perfect cube of ice both methodically and with style.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Perhaps the most unconventional, but no less popular use, is the Ice Bucket Challenge. This involves standing behind your victim and pouring ice cold water on their head. Surprisingly, the victim is up for it and knows it’s coming.

It’s a popular way to raise money for the ALS Association and it went viral during the summer of While the ALS Association was the most common recipient of donations, some people chose to donate money to their own favorite charity or cause.

Other Ways to Use Ice Buckets

champagne bottles cooling wine wallpaper preview

Image via Peakpx

Is this where your mind went when you read the term ‘ice bucket’? If so, you’re not alone. There is more than one way to use an ice bucket. And believe it or not, there is a wrong way to do it if you plan to chill some bottles of your favorite beverage.

Have you ever filled up an ice bucket with ice and then tried relentlessly to shove a bottle of wine in it? It’s nearly impossible. You end up with a sort of half-chilled bottle of wine sitting on top of a giant mountain of ice.

Or maybe you thought ahead and put the bottle of wine in first. “Maybe this will work better!” you proclaimed excitedly. Proud of yourself now, aren’t you? Go ahead and dump that ice on top. Now your wine is buried.

True, it’s all right there in the name, but ice isn’t the only thing you can put in there. In fact, if you fill your ice bucket with ice and then fill it about halfway with water, you can just drop your bottles of wine in.

Filling it with water makes it softer and slushier. It’s like an icy cold hug for your bottles. They’ll sit in there buoyantly, chill perfectly, and await your glass.

Here’s another trick. If you need to chill your wine or Champagne at super speed, add salt. For every gallon of water you add, sprinkle in a cup of salt. Stir your salt in a bit of warm water to dissolve it first and pour it in your ice bucket.

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of water, so what you get is that nice, slushy mixture you had before, but the water will be even colder. The ice works to make the salt water colder without freezing it. It may even get as low as 15℉.

You won’t want to go for a dip, but your wine will.

Your Very Own Vintage Ice Bucket

If you’re thinking now that a vintage ice bucket is the perfect addition to your home decor, you’re right! You’re likely to gravitate toward one design in particular, and any of these options is versatile enough to adapt to any situation.

You’ll enjoy setting an ice bucket out with family dinners and large events. It’s the perfect piece to add style and function. It can fade into the backdrop or be placed front and center for all to see.

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About Sarah Caldwell

Sarah is a God-fearing wife and mother of four. She enjoys spending time with her family and the great outdoors. Experiences over things is her mantra, and she loves rustic farmhouse decor, wood burning stoves, and old-timey practices that need to make a dramatic comeback.

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Vintage Ice Buckets

Rare and Vintage Ice Bucket by Gucci, s
Located in Los Angeles, CA
Very rare ice bucket signed on the bottom by Gucci. The ice bucket is made whit silver and glass and the conditions are vintage.

Vintage s Italian Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Wicker Ice Bucket
A beautiful vintage wicker ice bucket with enamel metal interior pot and lid. Beautiful wicker design embracing enamel pot and lid; lid has wood handle/knob. Piece is early to mid

Early 20th Century Japanese Barware

Vintage Ice Bucket in Teak by Richard Nissen, Denmark, s
s teak ice bucket designed by Richard Nissen for his own company Nissen in Denmark during the s. Its made from organically shaped teak, its lined with orange plastic and the

Vintage s Danish Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Leather Wrapped Ice Bucket
Vintage leather wrapped ice bucket. Leather encased metal canteen ice/champagne bucket for chic al fresco drinks while camping. United States ’s Dimensions: Diameter x

Midth Century American Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Midcentury Atomic Ice Bucket
Vintage midcentury kromex ice bucket. This stylish ice bucket features wood veneer wrapping with plastic trim and chrome lid and base with 2 wooden handles. Entertain guests while ke

Vintage s American Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage English Crystal Ice Bucket
A vintage English heavy crystal ice bucket with a swirled pattern on the sides and a star on the bottom, all wheel-cut by hand, by a master cutter.

Midth Century British Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Italian Midcentury Pineapple Ice Bucket
Located in West Palm Beach, FL
Italian midcentury silver plated pineapple topped glass ice bucket.

20th Century Italian Barware

Vintage s Fashion Stripe Canvas Ice Bucket
Located in Jacksonville, FL
Vintage canvas wrapped ice bucket features a classic red and green stripe made popular by fashion houses like Gucci and others. Acrylic lid with faux brass handle and carry strap. By

Vintage s Hollywood Regency Barware


Canvas, Acrylic, Plaster

Vintage Italian Calegaro Silver Plated Ice Bucket
Vintage, circa s, Italian silver-plated ice bucket with a white ceramic insert to hold the ice. The ceramic insert is held securely in place with a rubber air tight band around i

Vintage s Italian Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Moet & Chandon Top Hat Ice Bucket
This is a stylish and whimsical top hat by Moet & Chandon champagne, s. The ice bucket has been manufactured from molded plastic in the form of an antique top hat. It features a

Vintage s French Modern Figurative Sculptures

Vintage Postmodern Inox and Glass Ice Bucket
Located in North Hollywood, CA
Vintage tabletop ice bucket glass with inox stainless steel handle and tongs. Bar ice bucket decor, Dimensions: With handle up wide x " height x glass diameter x 6 "

Late 20th Century Belgian Post-Modern Barware

Vintage Black Ice Bucket with Ship Design
Vintage s black ice bucket with a gold ship design. The ice bucket is vinyl with clear plastic lid. Excellent used condition and marked underneath.

Midth Century American Mid-Century Modern Barware

s French Vintage Crystal Ice Bucket with Fluted Ice Glass Design
Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mid-Century Modern crystal ice bucket with polished edges and stainless steel handle. Features heavyweight handcrafted crystal with fluted edges along resembling icicles or ice cubes

Vintage s French Mid-Century Modern Barware


Crystal, Stainless Steel

Vintage Lucite Squared Ice Effect Ice Bucket, Made in Italy, s
Amazing plexiglass square ice bucket, frozen effect, made in Italy in the s.

Vintage s Italian Mid-Century Modern Barware


Lucite, Plexiglass

Italian Silver-Plate Fish Ice Bucket Vintage Barware
Located in North Miami, FL
This delightful and fun Italian vintage polished silver-plate ice bucket has a wonderful fish motif as the top handle. It is from the 70's. Says silverwear on the bottom with cartou

Vintage s Italian Modern Barware

's French Vintage Crystal De Boheme Ice Bucket
Superb late 20th Century blue Ice or Champagne Bucket by Crystal de Bohême. This statement cut crystal piece comes with a serving ice cube spoon and is brilliantly hand sculpted.

20th Century French Art Nouveau Barware

Vintage Midcentury Frosted Glass Ice Bucket Italy, s
By George Briard, Culver Ltd.
Located in North Hollywood, CA
Exquisite vintage Mid-Century Modern glass ice bucket, Italy circa, s. A Mid-Century Modern glass ice bucket by DeValbor Italy featuring a wheat design pattern. over frosted gla

Midth Century Italian Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Danish s Midcentury Digsmed Teak Ice Bucket
Beautifully crafted piece of barware from the s. This ice bucket is a classic complement for your bar or entertainment collection. The simple but beautiful lines elevate it for a

Vintage s Danish Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Aldo Tura Ice Bucket wrapped in Goatskin
Vintage Aldo Tura ice bucket wrapped in Goatskin.

Midth Century Italian Mid-Century Modern Barware

Vintage Duck Ice Bucket by Hans Turnwald, s
Vintage duck head ice bucket by Hans turnwald. Beautiful barware with a luxurious appeal. Good condition, no damages. s, Switzerland Dimensions: Height 22 cm/" D

Vintage s Swiss Hollywood Regency Barware

Vintage Jens Quistgaard Ice Bucket for Dansk Designs

Ice Buckets

Ice Buckets

Whether you're hosting a big bash, entertaining some friends or running a bar, you're going to need a steady supply of ice. If you don't fancy running to the freezer everytime you serve up a cocktail, you're going to need to invest in an ice bucket!

Our great range of insulated ice buckets will ensure your ice cubes don't turn to slush the moment they leave the freezer. From high quality stainless steel ice buckets and glass ice buckets to great value plastic ice buckets and acrylic ice buckets, our selection of cheap ice buckets are perfect for your home bar.

We offer a variety of classic ice buckets and contemporary ice buckets, including branded ice buckets, double walled ice buckets and combination ice buckets. Many of our ice buckets come with insulating lids, ice tongs or an ice scoop.

If you're hosting a big party, our selection of large party tubs are ideal for doubling up as a bottle cooler, beer bucket or champagne bucket for keeping bottles on ice.


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