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Thread: Who makes the best aftermarket exhaust for GL1800?

I have a friend that put Cobra Tri-Oval on his 2 wheel GW. Sounds a bit deeper and thraotier, but not all that much louder. Cobra also comes with round and scalloped tips. We are thinking about going with the scallop tip Cobras for the beefier sound without a lot more volume.<br />
<br />
Link to Cobra's 1800 slip-on pipes: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />
<br />
At Bikes, Blues &amp; BBQ we talked to a guy from Horizion Trikes in Clarksville, AR. They, or someone around the shop does a straight-pipe conversion. Sounded pretty good, raspy and lower pitch. Seemed a bit loud for my tastes, as we tour with a Bunkhouse trailer, and I am not sure I would want that loud of an exhaust note bouncing back off the front of the camper for 700 miles.



Devoted ONLY to products for the GL1800,

Torq Master Pipes knows the GL1800, F6B and GL1500 Gold Wings have the most loyal rider following of any motorcycle. (some of these road dogs are rabid about the GOLDWING, just like me).



Designing and offering superior performing product beyond OEM muffler system design, satisfying the desires of the Owners of the GoldWings.



Form follows function! NOT function follows form. Meaning: what the pipes look like is secondary to how they perform ………. NOT how they perform comes after the way they look (as exemplified by the competition’s exhaust products).



Torq Master Pipes allow (extract) the Torque and Horsepower originally designed into the GOLD WING 1800 and GOLD WING 1500 by the Factory Engineers. (original design power was compromised by the Federal D.O.T. importation requirements and other government agencies).

Torq Master


Jimmy, uses knowledge acquired from his racing and engineering experiences at “HRC” (honda racing corp. north america), and Al Baker’s Research and Development racing division. Jimmy theTorq Master, developed an internal silencer baffle inside each muffler creating an extraction system design using the exhaust gas energy expelled to create a pumping / extracting action of the exhaust note and produces a usable increase in torque and horsepower. (See: “Exhaust Theory” section on website).



Exotic, Ferrari (ish), Not offensively loud to Riders and Passenger nor neighbors. From my personal miles in the saddle louder pipes keep me safer in traffic. Not everyone wants MORE Exhaust sound volume. HENCE, SOUND VOLUME is adjustable to the owner of the bike to suit their individual preference. If you prefer quiet, you can have it 1.5 decibels close to O.E.M. stock quiet… and anything in between Quiet stealth up to a guaranteed police escort to the hoosegow…



Torq Master Pipes makes TEN, 10, different appearance styles for the GL1800 !! For the GL 1500 GOLDWING, 5 different appearance styles are available. These pipes have been and are NOW a huge hit with GL riders who have longed for an exhaust system yielding more TORQUE AND HORSEPOWER and better MPG.

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Exhaust aftermarket goldwing

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1987 Honda Goldwing gl1200 exhaust mod

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