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Having some trouble with DIM? Hopefully some of these steps will get you working again.

Be sure to also check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Is DIM not loading, or it's loading but something or other isn't working quite right?

Before you do anything go into your DIM settings toward the bottom and click the "Download Data Backup" button that will let you save all your settings and tags and things down to a file so you don't lose them. If DIM isn't loading enough to get to Settings, hope you had DIM Sync enabled.

  1. CTRL+F5 to hard refresh your browser. ( Cmd+Shift+R on Mac)
  2. If you had enabled DIM Sync, try clearing your cache - make sure to clear it all for, not just "last 24 hours". If you didn't have DIM Sync enabled, you will lose all your data when you clear cache! Make sure you have a backup!
  3. Try a different browser (for example, Firefox instead of Chrome).
  4. If you were using, try, and vice versa.

If DIM doesn't work after you try all 5 steps, contact us for help. A bug report with details is the most helpful.

Are you getting an "Aw, Snap" error?

These errors are shown when Chrome runs out of memory. We're working on making improvements to improve performance and cut down on the amount of memory that you need to run DIM, but we can unfortunately only do so much.

Are you looking for the app store/native version of DIM?

You can "install" DIM by clicking the menu button (the three horizontal stripes in the top left) and may be an option, depending on your browser and OS. Check out our Desktop and Mobile Apps guide to learn more.

Did you "install" DIM, and found that the desktop icon has disappeared?

If you use Chrome and previously installed DIM through that and your shortcut disappeared, you can recreate the shortcut.

  • Open Chrome
  • Navigate to
  • Right click on
  • Click on

The background for one of my characters is red, did I do something wrong?

Nothing's wrong; it's the emblem that you have equipped. They come with a background color that we use to add a little flair to separating the character columns. If it bothers you, pick another emblem. Most are very subtle.

Do some vendors seem to be missing?

Some vendors (Petra Venj, Spider, others) are linked to your currently-selected character's overall story progression, and some may not be available depending on where your character is in game.

During some deployments, Bungie needs to bring down the API that DIM uses for a while. We have no control over it and don't know when it'll be back up, but you can follow them for more up-to-date information than we can provide.

Are perks not showing up?

During some deployments, they don't completely bring down the API, but do bring parts of it (weapon perks being a common one) offline for a time. This (and some other quirky behavior for a while post-deployment) is expected.


Destiny 2: Destiny Item Manager And Why You Should Use It

It’s come to my attention that there are some Destiny 2 players that are not using Destiny Item Manager, perhaps the most amazing third-party app ever made for a video game, and I’m here to preach to those people the gospel of DIM. Destiny Item Manager brings your vault with you wherever you go in the solar system. It lets you make loadouts and allows you to quickly swap between them whenever you want. And best of all, it lets you optimize your armor so that you get the best possible stat distribution--all things you cannot otherwise do in Destiny 2.

But even if you don’t want to get into the slightly more complicated process of creating loadouts of your favorite gear, just having quick and easy access to your entire vault is so much better than going to the Tower every time you need to swap gear.

In this guide, we’re going to go over the basics of Destiny Item Manager before we get to get to the truly amazing things that you can do with it. Note this is only a basic level guide to get you started/converted. For the full user manual, head over to the Destiny Item Manager Fandom site here.

Okay, But What IS Destiny Item Manager?

Destiny Item Manager is a web-based application that allows you to access your entire player inventory across all three character and swap items mid-game. It can also quickly search for specific items, search for general item types to complete weapon-specific bounties, and it can help sort your loot into junk you want to throw away and stuff you want to keep.

You can also use Destiny Item Manager to check on quest, bounty, triumph, and challenge progress, as well as see what items/bounties are being offered by every vendor at every location in the game.

Finally, Destiny Item Manager can be used to sort through your various armor pieces to find a specific stat distribution or to maximize your character’s stats. This last option can be of particular use to Destiny veterans with lots of high-stat armor as it saves you the effort of manually mixing and matching armor pieces and automatically determines the highest possible stat distribution.

Destiny Item Manager can be found here. It can be accessed through any type of browser, so you can even use it on your phone. Note that you will need to log in using your Destiny 2 account info on whichever platform you play on.

Using DIM To Manage Your Inventory

The biggest benefit to using DIM is seeing your entire inventory at once. As soon as you log into Destiny Item Manager, you'll be greeted with your inventory. On mobile, you'll just see your current character's equipped inventory, but on a PC browser, you'll see all three character's inventories as well as what's in your vault.

Transferring items on PC is easy--just click on the item you want and drag it to the character you want it on. Note that if your character's inventory is full, you won't be able to transfer items.

There are a few things worth noting on the Inventory screen. Underneath your character's banner, you can see your current power level and if you mouse over that number, a dropdown will appear showing you specifically which items are below, above, or at your current power level. This can assist you with leveling your character by showing you which items need to have their power boosted to increase your overall level.

At the top is a search bar that can accept a number of different search parameters and highlight weapons and armors that meet those parameters. For example, typing in "is:fusionrifle" will cause all non-Fusion Rifle weapons to darken and only Fusion Rifles will remain visible.

There are many other commands that can be input into the search bar to find a specific subset of items. Also note that individual items can be clicked on to undertake various actions, such as applying user-generated tags, infusing items to increase their power level, and comparing item stats.

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If items are in your Postmaster, you can retrieve those items by clicking on the labeled button in your Postmaster. This can help you avoid losing items if your Postmaster becomes full.

Using DIM To Optimize Your Loadouts

Seeing and managing your entire inventory is probably the most useful thing DIM does to streamline your loot grind in Destiny 2, but there’s one more thing DIM can do that’s even more incredible, and that’s to automatically optimize your stats.

In Destiny 2, every piece of armor has a stat distribution that when combined will determine your character’s overall stats. However, only stats that reach a decimal tier matter, so a Discipline stat of 51 will provide the exact same grenade cooldown as a Discipline stat of 59. In the latter case, those nine Discipline stats are essentially wasted and might as well not exist.

The Loadout Optimizer helps to eliminate those wasted stats by offering armor combinations that provide the highest number of stat tiers--ie, levels which have achieved the highest possible decimal number. I used DIM’s Loadout Optimizer to create a Titan Build that has a near-perfect stat distribution and an incredibly high number of tiers, and you can too.

Click on the Loadout Optimizer to see what I mean. Here, DIM will go through your entire inventory or armors and determine which combination will deliver the highest possible stats.

As you can see below, my Titan has a number of possible builds that would achieve a total of 32 stat tiers. Each possible build shows which armors and included and what tier is achieved in each stat. The top build would achieve tier 7 Mobility, tier 4 Resilience, tier 5 Recovery, tier 3 Discipline, tier 7 Intelligence, and tier 6 Strength (for a total of 32).

Scrolling down will reveal every possible combination of armors that achieve 32 tiers in stats before moving on to the combinations that provide 31 tiers, then 30 tiers, and so on. Note that DIM shows only the best possible combinations of stats, which assumes each armor is masterworked. A checkbox on the left can be unchecked if you're short on masterwork materials and can't afford to throw a bunch of Ascendant Shards into a new build.

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You might find a great build just by looking through what the Loadout Optimizer presents by default, but more likely you're looking to create a build that revolves around a specific item. Most builds center around an Exotic, so it's more useful for DIM to show the best possible builds that include that specific Exotic.

To pin a specific armor piece (which will ensure all displayed builds always include that armor piece), click the "Pin Item" button on the left-hand side and then select the armor you wish pinned. For example, I recently acquired a Cuirass Of The Falling Star, and I wanted to know what builds I could make using that armor. Pinning the Cuirass now displays different possible build combinations, letting me select the build with the stat distribution I prefer.

Once you've found a build in DIM that you like, you can save that loadout by clicking the "Save Loadout" button. This will allow you to go to the Inventory screen and click on your character's banner and select a saved loadout. You can also just equip that loadout immediately from the Loadout Optimizer Screen by clicking the "Equip" button.

How To Fine-Tune Your Loadouts

But what if you wanted to create a build using a specific Exotic armor that had a specific stat distribution? DIM's Loadout Optimizer can further refine the displayed results by letting the user select which stats they wish to prioritize.

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On the left toolbar, you can see a dropdown beside each stat. These dropdowns show both the lowest and highest possible stat you can achieve using that specific Exotic. If you wanted to prioritize a stat (for example, Recovery), then you can select the lowest tier of Recovery and set it to the same value as the highest tier. This will set DIM to only display builds with at least T8 Recovery.

You can use these dropdowns to set minimum and maximum tiers for DIM to display builds for. This can be especially useful for creating builds that focus on a specific thing, such as a grenade-focused build that has a very high Discipline, or a tough build with extremely high Resilience.

Toy around with DIM’s Loadout Optimizer to see what builds you can come up with. You can save as many loadouts as you want, so go nuts.

Believe it or not, DIM can do even more than the amazing things described above, but that’s why there’s an entire wiki dedicated to its use. Creating and optimizing loadouts is perhaps the most impressive thing that Destiny Item Manager can do for you since it takes out a lot of the math involved in creating builds and can let you achieve some pretty great things. So go out there, log in to DIM, and make your dream build.

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Launch DIM

Destiny Item Manager

Destiny Item Manager (DIM) lets Destiny game players easily move items between their Guardians and the Vault. DIM's goal is to let players equip their guardians quickly. Our Loadouts feature accomplishes this by removing manual steps needed when transferring items.

Loadouts give players the ability to define sets of items that they want on their Guardians. When a loadout is selected, DIM will move all of the items referenced by the Loadout to a Guardian. If the item was equipped by another guardian, the Loadouts feature will replace that item with a similar item, if possible, to allow the Loadout referenced item to be transferred. With a single click of a button, you can have a PVP, PVE, or Raid-ready guardian.

DIM is based on the same services used by the Destiny Companion app to move and equip items. DIM will not be able to dismantle any of your items.

Visit /r/DestinyItemManager or @ThisIsDIM for updates and more details.

Bugs and feature requests

Have a bug or a feature request? Please first search for existing and closed issues. If your problem or idea is not addressed yet, please open a new issue.


Support us with a one-time or monthly donation and help us continue our active development.


Become a sponsor and get your logo here with a link to your site.


If you speak a language other than English that Destiny supports, a great way to help with DIM development is to provide translations. See translation guide for more info on how to help.


See for information on how to Contribute to the development of DIM.


Code released under the MIT license.


The Vault Organizer allows you to view your items in a table format, and then sort and filter them. It also allows bulk operations like tagging, adding notes, and lock/unlock. Think of it as a more powerful version of the Compare feature, that is designed to help you sift through a pile of items and figure out what to keep and what to dismantle.

Organizer Overview.png

Showing Items

The Organizer works on a whole category of items at a time. Start by selecting the top-level category, like Weapons or Armor, then the sub-category like Sidearms or Hunter Helmets. When you select far enough, the matching items will be shown in a table.

Item Search works on this page, so you can type any search in the search bar to further narrow down the table. To make things easier, you can hold the Shift key and click on any cell to narrow the table down to items matching that cell. For example, shift-click on the Void icon to show only items with Void energy. Or shift-click on a perk to show items that have that perk.

Sorting Items

Click on the headers to sort the table by that column. You can hold the Shift key and click on another header to sort by multiple columns. A little arrow will appear to show that the column is used for sorting, and which direction it sorts.

Sorting headers.png

Showing and Hiding Columns

Click the "Enabled Columns" dropdown to check and uncheck which columns you want to see. The list of enabled columns is saved separately for Weapons and Armor, so you can customize the view to your liking. Some columns have different variants, like the "Perks, Mods & Shaders" column which shows a lot of info, and the "Weapon Traits" column which is more compact. Likewise, "Base Stats" show stats without considering the effect of mods or masterworks, while "Stats" shows the final stat values.

Enabled Columns dropdown.png

Bulk Actions

You can select items by checking the checkbox next to each item. The checkbox in the header selects or deselects all items. You can also check an item, then hold the Shift key and check another item to select all items between the two.

Once items are selected, the toolbar lights up and provides you with actions you can perform on all checked items. Lock or unlock your items, set tags or notes, or move the items to a specific character.

Organizer Bulk Actions Toolbar.png

Custom Stat Total (Custom Total)

You can define your own Custom Stat Toal that adds up only the stats you care about, and use that for sorting in the Organizer. From the "Enabled Columns" dropdown, click on the icon for each stat you want to include in your custom stat, and then click the checkmark to enable the column. This configuration is saved per-class, so you will have a different custom stat for Hunter, Titan, and Warlock gear. This can be set up from the Settings page as well. See Custom Stat Total for more info.

Custom Stat Total.png

CSV Spreadsheet Export and Import

From this page you can also export Spreadsheets of your inventory, by clicking the button next to "Enabled Columns". These are the same spreadsheets that have always been available from the Settings page, and follow the same format - they are not restricted by your search or category, and always export all columns, not just the ones you have selected. At some point in the future these spreadsheets will be changed to match the Organizer table, but today they're separate. There are spreadsheets available for Weapons, Armor, and Ghosts.

If you have a .csv file containing columns labeled "Id", "Hash", "Tag", and "Notes" (and any number of other columns that are ignored), you can import the file here with the "Import tags/notes from CSV" button. This will overwrite the tags and notes for each item in your spreadsheet.


Item manager destiny

OverviewSystem RequirementsRelated


Destiny 1 and 2 Item Manager. Get weapon suggestions and which perks to use, create loadouts, and so much more.


What's new in this version

DIM for Windows 🎉

System Requirements

OSXbox, Windows 10 version 19003.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher
Architecturex86, x64, ARM, ARM64
TouchNot specified
KeyboardNot specified
MouseNot specified
OSXbox, Windows 10 version 19003.0 or higher, Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher
Architecturex86, x64, ARM, ARM64
TouchIntegrated Touch
KeyboardIntegrated Keyboard
MouseIntegrated Mouse

Control Your Items Your Way.

Swap items, check stats, and build the loadout to Become Legend with DIM

Launch Apptry the betaBrowser running Destiny Item Manager

What's DIM?


Forgot to grab your favorite hand cannon? Just click and drag it to your active character.


Need those STOMP-EE5 for the jumping puzzle? Fire up DIM and grab them.


Create the perfect loadout for Raids, Strikes, Gambit, and any other loadout that would be helpful.

Gear Square
Inspect Weapons

It Really Is That Easy.

Powerful Search

Keep your inventory in check with powerful search queries.Check out our video on search.

Weapon Reviews / Ratings

Review and rate your favorite guns, and let others know what you think.


Organize your stuff by what to keep, what's your favorite, what to infuse and what to get rid of.


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