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Style Library launches – home to six iconic British brands

Style Library officially launched at the opening of their state of the art new 280m2 showroom in Design Centre Chelsea Harbour this week.

The home of six iconic, authentic British brands: Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology, Style Library has made it their mission to Inspire Creative Living in all.

Style Library is the global one-stop-destination for home inspiration. It is the place to find the widest and most diverse range of authentic British home and interior design products that will help you bring every home to life, with something for every style. Now altogether under one roof and easily accessible on one website –

Style Library is a global one-stop-destination for home inspiration. It is the place to find the widest and most diverse range of authentic British home and interior design products that will help bring the home to life with something to suit every style.

The home is a special place, a sanctuary. It’s the place where you are most relaxed. A space where you can truly be yourself and express your personality and your dreams. The Style Library team are here to help release that creativity. Their aim is to give you the power to bring your home to life and together celebrate individual expression.

Style Library is now the official home for six of the best British brands: Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion and Anthology. These brands have been part of the same group for many years. Now for the first time they have been brought together to make the quest for the perfect home a little easier.

ZOFFANY – Luxurious design, artfully crafted to the highest standards
HARLEQUIN – Creating a fashion statement for the home
SANDERSON – Timelessly elegant products that celebrate the English Countryside
MORRIS & CO. – Beautifully crafted products that uphold the legacy of William Morris
SCION – Fun and playful British design that brings a smile to the everyday
ANTHOLOGY – Cutting-edge design for dynamic metropolitan spaces

Style Library

Design is at the heart of everything Style Library does and they are proud to be original. Their in-house designers, arguably one of the most talented teams in Britain, constantly delight and inspire. From concept to creation, all collections reflect their unique talents, personalities and handwritings – with astonishingly beautiful results. They also passionately believe in nurturing new design talent. That’s why they have proudly sponsored the UK New Designers show for over 10 years. Their innovation today is built on the design teams’ voracious appetites for experimentation, their constant search for new ideas and a heritage of solid craftsmanship and historical importance. They also consider themselves very lucky to be the custodians of three extraordinary archives, including Sanderson and Morris & Co. This remarkable design library is a constant source of inspiration and brings a unique authenticity to their products.

Style Library are proud of the fact that most of their wallpapers, printed fabrics, upholstered furniture, trimmings and paints are Great British products. The majority of their wallpapers and printed fabrics are manufactured by sister companies in Leicestershire and Lancashire. They are therefore confident that these factories operate with clear commitments and initiatives towards the care of the environment and sustainability. They are incredibly proud to support British industry and to wave the ‘Made in Britain’ flag.

The state of the art Style Library flagship showroom is in London’s renowned Design Centre Chelsea Harbour on the First Floor, South Dome. Dedicated showrooms can also be found in Paris, New York and Dubai.

Products can be purchased from a wide network of specialist shops and interior design companies all over the world. As experts, they can help with the next stage; whether it’s room design, measuring, curtain making, hanging wallpaper or simply placing an order.

Daniel Fountain / 05.07.2017

Editor, Hotel Designs

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Morris & Co. * Zoffany * Harlequin * Sanderson * Scion * Anthology

Style Library Wallpaper & Fabrics

Style Library, is the official home of six of the finest British brands; Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson, Morris & Co., Scion, and Anthology.

Authentic British design and manufacture, encompassing printing factories steeped in history dating back over 160 years that celebrate a passion for colour, texture, craftsmanship and great design within these familiar Wallcoving names.

In wallpaper, today's technology means that almost anything is possible, which for you, means creative freedom. So here you'll find everything from archive-inspired Morris & Co. wallpapers to cutting-edge Zoffany textured vinyl’s, Harlequin statement designs, panels and much, much more… In fabric, Sanderson encapsulates the wonder of flowers and foliage in art, as inspired by the science of botany. Stunning embroideries by Morris also sit alongside finely detailed printed Linen Weaves and rich velvets by Harlequin that are perfect for upholstery and curtains, providing detailed additions for all room types and styles. Sanderson & Zoffany paint can also create a backdrop to your perfect interior for the depth of colour and finish that makes all the difference. To help you they have curated exclusive paint collections that reflect and complement each brand or Tallantyre can mix to tone exactly for the perfect hue and finish.

Morris & Co.

Tallantyre have sold William Morris wallpaper and fabric for over 70 years and are one of the only stockists of the papers in the country. The showroom has over 50 wallpapers to buy direct from the shelf and hold all the Wallpaper sample books from the Morris & Co. collections. The brand is highly recommended both for the product quality and distinctive design so it is well worth a visit for those who are passionate about Interiors Design.

Contact the showroom for more information on stocked papers or placing orders: [email protected]

Tallantyre Morpeth Tel: +44(0) 1670 517214

Morris & Co. Wallpaper collections

Morris & Co. Fabric collections

"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris (1834-1896) is regarded by some as the greatest designer and one of the most outstanding figures of the Arts and Crafts Movement. He was also a poet, artist, philosopher, typographer and political theorist. In 1861, with a group of friends, he started the decorating business Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. providing beautiful, handcrafted products and furnishings for the home. Morris was motivated by the desire to provide affordable 'art for all' and driven by his boundless enthusiasm, the output of the company was prolific.

Best known for wallpaper and fabric designs, over the next 150 years, the company became known simply as Morris & Co. They enjoyed long periods of growth but also suffered mixed fortunes, particularly during the turbulent years of the First and Second World Wars. Morris & Co. finally went into voluntary liquidation in 1940 but the design archives and remaining wallpaper stock were purchased by another household name in home furnishings, Arthur Sanderson & Sons. Morris & Co. has remained a part of the Sanderson family ever since and today they sit alongside each other as distinctive and unique brands under the Style Library umbrella.


Tallantyre have the oldest account number for the Harlequin Brand. First established in the North East, Harlequin, then independent, was first approached by Tallantyre to be their stock distributors. The showroom in Morpeth continues to hold all Harlequin pattern books and still stocks some of the bestselling Harlequin lines, an uninterrupted lineage since Harlequin began.

Contact the showroom for more information on stocked papers or placing orders:[email protected]

Tallantyre Morpeth Tel: +44(0) 1670 517214

Harlequin Wallpaper Collections

Harlequin Fabric Collections

A word from Harlequin...

The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’, which sums up our in-house studio’s eclectic design ethos perfectly. Alongside digital design technology, our designers love to get the paintbrushes out and experiment with watercolours, gouache, inks and more to create new effects and colour blends. The end results are looks that bend the rules and allow you to be as creative as you choose. Our pursuit of design innovation probably evolved as a result of our links with manufacturing. We’ve shared a site with a wallpaper factory for over 30 years so our designers really know and understand the products – including how to push the boundaries as technology advances. By mixing innovative production techniques with ambitious, uninhibited design we have earned a global reputation as a high fashion, trend-leading brand.

*Note: Tallantyre have an inhouse design and making up team that are always on hand to advise and help with all decorating needs.


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