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  • Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
    Written by Robert Clivillés (as Robert Clivilles) and Freedom Williams
  • Wannabe
    Written by Victoria Beckham, Mel B (as Melanie Brown), Emma Bunton, Melanie C (as Melanie Chisholm), Geri Horner (as Geri Halliwell), Matt Rowe (as Matthew Rowbottom) and Richard Stannard
  • What's New Pussycat?
    Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
  • Non, je ne Regrette rien
    Music by Charles Dumont
    Lyrics by Michel Vaucaire
    Sung by Frances McDormand (uncredited)
  • Any Way You Want It
    Written by Steve Perry and Neal Schon
    Performed by Journey
    Courtesy of Columbia Records
    By arrangement with Sony Music Licensing
  • New York, New York
    Written by Leonard Bernstein, Betty Comden and Adolph Green
    Performed by Graham Blvd.
    Courtesy of Countdown Media
  • Hot in Herre
    Written by Nelly (as Cornell Haynes), Pharrell Williams and Chuck Brown (as Charles Brown)
  • Cool Jerk
    Written by Donald Storball
    Performed by The Capitols
    Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
    By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing
  • We No Speak Americano
    Written by Renato Carosone, Matthew Handley, Duncan MacLennan, Nicola Salerno and Andrew Stanley
    Performed by Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup
    Curtosy of Ultra Records, Inc.
  • Watermark
    Written by Enya, Roma Ryan and Nicky Ryan
    Performed by Enya
    Courtesy of Warner Music U.K. Ltd.
    By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing
  • La Donna e Mobile Canzone from Rigoletto
    Written by Giuseppe Verdi
  • Con Te Partiro
    Written by Francesco Sartori and Lucio Quarantotto
    Performed by Andrea Bocelli
    Courtesy of Sugar s.r.l.
  • Afro Circus
    Written by Chris Rock
  • Sabre Dance
    Written by Aram Khachaturyan (as Aram Khachaturian)
  • Pomp and Circumstance
    Written by Edward Elgar (as Sir Edward Elgar)
  • Born Free
    Written by John Barry
  • Firework
    Written by Katy Perry, Ester Dean (as Esther Dean), Mikkel Storleer Eriksen (as Mikkel Eriksen), Tor Erik Hermansen (as Tor Hermansen) and Sandy Vee
    Performed by Katy Perry
    Courtesy of Capitol Records
    Under license from EMI Film & Television Music
  • Love Always Comes As a Surprise
    Written by Peter Asher and David A. Stewart (as Dave Stewart)
    Performed and Produced by Peter Asher
  • Afro Circus / I Like to Move It
    Written by Chris Rock, Erick Morillo and Stuntman The Mad (as Mark Quashie)
    Performed by Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen


Akori hali? Madagascar fa miyabgni za Djo ambila zaou Étou kam za fa occupé Za mzaha fouri ké za véri dzeri Kara effet papier zi mantreki trek Mantreki
Ya I'm living like a rockstar, rockstar Life is speeding like a nascar, nascar Got my gas from MadagascarMadagascar Got me feeling like a master,
ken die hele norm Pay me money liefst op Friday pull up net Big Worm MadagascarMadagascar put me in the plane im gone MadagascarMadagascar duffle
Madagascar bitch we move it That bitch say she bad, bitch excuse me? He say he a gangster, he shooting? That gangster ain't shooting, he stupid
your TV very soon you go see me So many things wey I can’t remember I wish life is better Teba Jana Emii mapeee nepa Way ehh to Madagascar Way
Aiá Aiá Cariá Ilê Iê Ilá Aiá Veio de madagascar ilê ilê ilá essa lua soberana Sobre as águas de iemanjá ilê ilê ilá neste mar de rosa
nas ilhas de madagascar quero ser cantor cantar o nosso amor e poder viajar quero ser cantor cantar o nosso amor nas ilhas de madagascar era uma
á Madagascar ilha Ilha do amor E viva Pelourinho Patrimonio da humanidade É Pelourinho, Pelourinho Palco da vida e nas negras verdades Protestos,
Madagascar you gon' move it And then I aim it and I shoot it Boy said he sounded better well then prove it Now they asking me to do it No Madagascar you gon'
mitologia grega, Afrodite nos seus pés ela não chega meu bem Se eu te peço, então vem, vem namorar pique Madagascar, yeah Nóis ja ta tipo pãozinho com
a nascar I’m rolling dope with the wax dog and this shit came straight from Madagascar When we come for your ice we got masks on When we come for your life,
El niño emperador de la trampa Mi mente ma' rápida fast car Mueve el bote like Madagascar Por ese booty yo voy a gastar Rolo otro para ir a fumar
done drove everything except Madagascar's My flow sick-ill, I'm off them bath salts I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off Then I fucked
down? With all that heat it probably Already started meltin' 'Cause bitch it's Marty No fuckin' Melman Yeah, Madagascar, uh Reppin' Tesla no gas car new
and you're Gloria Baby lets go on a baecation to Madagascar If you want snow, we can do christmas in Alaska or Lets visit the six, enjoy the cold with
stack it up rack it up Lil bitch gone pussy pop these bands got her acting up All my niggas animals no madagascar Texas ranger with that banger swear this
(Kid Frr) Yeah, este e' el remix baby, yeah, oh, woh, wooh si me dices baby yo te voy a ir a buscar que si me pego los dos nos vamo' a madagascar
Noite de luar, serei seu rei, vem ser meu par O sol se desfez, flor de Madagascar, olhos de rubis pra me hipnotizar Ser feliz é lei, Toda vez que eu
  1. Kate spade planner
  2. Ga dnr wildlife
  3. British parts northwest
  4. Uf top hat

Madagascar (soundtrack)

Madagascar is the soundtrack to the 2005 Dreamworks film of the same name. It was released on May 24, 2005 by Geffen Records. It contains Hans Zimmer score, and songs from the movie.

Track listing[change | change source]

This is a list of Tracks from the soundtrack.

Song Listing[change | change source]

  1. Best Friends 2:24
  2. I like to Move it 3:51
  3. Hawaii Five-O 1:48
  4. Boogie Wonderland 4:48
  5. Whacked Out Conspiracy 2:12
  6. Chariots Of Fire 3:28
  7. Stayin' Alive 4:43
  8. What A Wonderful World 2:16

Score Listing[change | change source]

  1. Born Free 1:26
  2. Whacked Out Conspiracy 2:12
  3. Zooster's Breakout 1:41
  4. Best Friends 2:26
  5. The Foosa Attack 38 sec.
  6. Beacon Of Liberty 2:10
  7. End Credit 4 min.
  8. He Looks So Bad 43 sec.
  9. Where's The Private? 32 sec.
  10. Analysis! 42 sec.
  11. I am Walking Here 48 sec.
  12. Good Boy 1:26
  13. Help Me Guys! 27 sec.
  14. Storking Stuffer Operation 1:37
  15. Bad Dog 47 sec.
  16. Jingle End 12 sec.
  17. Jingle, Jingle, Jingle - Brian Setzer 1:48

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List madagascar songs

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Madagascar 3 (2012) - Dubois Sings Scene (7/10) - Movieclips

Then, much to her surprise, she heard the groan of a second voice that joined the first. She listened again. There can be no mistake, there are exactly two voices. Her mind worked hard as she thought about what was going on there.

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