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Everything about the design of the MX was engineered with your ease of use in mind. The optimized button layout combines clear intelligible labels for component functions with outstanding ergonomics. Brilliant blue backlighting illuminates controls clearly even in the darkest A/V environments.The virtually unlimited memory of the MX opens limitless possibilities for control anywhere in your home. Need a control solution for whole house audio? The MX is for you. Pick up the MX and experience superior ergonomic design and button layout optimized for your ease of use. Your thumb is never out of reach of critical controls.Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with the MX and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station. With the MX the ability to automate any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.MXi
Your installer may recommend the MXi. The specifications are exactly the same except that i-series products operate at a MHz (the other RF products transmit and receive at MHz). All i-series remotes must be matched with i-series base stations.*This item is NOT compatible with Total Control products.
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User reviews for the Complete Control MX "Genesis" from Universal Remote Control Inc.
Complete Control MX "Genesis"
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The MX is an economical version of the powerful MX that continues to offer many powerful features. It includes 1mb of flexible memory for almost any programming method you desire including device and activity-based concepts, an 8-line alphanumeric LCD display, full blue LED backlighting, USB-based computer programming, narrow-band RF technology, IR learning, a code database and MRF compatibility.
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the Complete Control MX "Genesis" remote.
Written by videobruce from Buffalo.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 17 made on Sunday December 30, at AM.
Also owned:One For All URC, One For All URC, URC MX "Osiris", MX "Genesis"
Strengths:Programmable thru a PC, not the Internet,
Two fwd & rev buttons for flexibility
Can use rechargeable AAA cells, no proprietary battery
Weaknesses:Cost (if you can't get it from a distributor),
Obtaining the software (see above)
Buttons do not light automatically. You have to push a separate button to get them to light. MAJOR PROBLEM!
Eats batteries, they are only AAA's not AA's.
Learning curve for programming, but all of these have a learning curve.
Review:I have two.
The only real continuous annoyance is the buttons do not light up automatically when you push any button like they do with just about every other remote.
Ability to work locally, without connecting to the Internet and have the settings stored on some server thousands of miles away id a HUGE plus AFAIC.
The availability of separate FF, Rew, Skip Fwd & Skip Rew butttons unlike many others that only provide as single Fwd & Rew button is a huge plus.
Written by Kaufman from Chicago.
The reviewer has used this remote control for more than two years.
Review 13 made on Sunday August 8, at PM.
Strengths:Solid feel
"light" feature
Programming flexibility
Lack of customer support
Review:This remote was terrific when I first bought it. Yes it was expensive, especially given the professional installation costs. At the time, however, it seemed like the best combination of flexibility and ease of use.

After about a year and a half I noticed that the keys were quickly using their responsiveness. By two years the product was completely unusable, with most of the keys completely unresponsive. I found this quite surprising for a product this expensive, particuarly because it gets limited use as I travel 4 months of the year.

I took it to the dealer, but they said the only option was to buy another remote. They said it was a typical problem.

This is entirely unacceptable to me. How can a generic Comcast remote last for years, but a crazy-expensive custom remote can't last more than 18 months? What a shame -- it was a nice remote when it worked, but I'm certainly not going to spend $+ on a remote an installation every 18 months. In short, absolutely terrible product quality.
Written by aka23 from Carlsbad, CA.
The reviewer has used this remote control for under 1 month.
Review 12 made on Wednesday February 17, at PM.
Also owned:Harmony
Strengths:Excellent features, design, and software
Weaknesses:URC restricts software and removed consumer SW download link from website
Review:I bought an MX a couple weeks ago as an upgrade from a Harmony I loved how Harmony remotes were PC programmable, had customizable buttons with mixed devices, and supported programmable macros (note that this feature has been dropped in Harmony's new, top-of-the-line models). However, I was frustrated by the bugs in Harmony's code, the weak processor, and various other limitations. The MX solved these limitations and added much more.

Comparing to my Harmony, the hardware has a superior feel and design. I like how backlight button is on the side instead of grouped with the other buttons, on the Harmony. This makes it easier to find in the dark. The buttons have a superior/more solid feel, with a confirming sound with each press. The features are far superior to my Harmony. Macros are now virtually limitless and can include more complex operations. There can be separate macros for when the button is pressed once or held. I like using this to control speed of FF/RW. There is more more control of what the activity on/off buttons do. This is both a strength and a weakness. With the more control, you lose the simplicity of just pressing "Watch TV" or "Watch Movie" on a Harmony. Instead I now need to press two buttons -- "Watch", then the activity selection. However, if you wanted a 1-touch, there are ways to get around this with the MX programming. While writing this review, I just came up with the idea of making the "listen" button like a Harmony activity button and using "watch" for my standard two-press other activities.

I consider the software editor to be both the MX's greatest strength and greatest weakness. The software is on a whole different level from Harmony. There are far, far fewer bugs than with Harmony. You no longer need to worry about getting your setup in a bad state and having do delete things (see the harmony support board). There are simple user-friendly ways to do things, like cut and paste buttons or have one button reference another. More user-friendlyness is apparent through the editor, including things like testing buttons or macros. Software downloads take a few seconds instead of a few minutes.

The HUGE downside to the software is URC restrictive software policies. When I bought my remote, I figured I'd just download the crippled software version offered on the URC website, as mentioned in some of the other reviews here. During the time between when I bought and when it arrived in the mail, URC made the downloads password protected, removing the ability to download for general consumer's like myself. URC's email support was not at all helpful to my situation. They essentially said they would not do anything. Instead I must depend on the dealer where I bought my product. And the email I did receive after from URC support several days of waiting had what appears to be an intentional undeliverable email reply header, so if you reply without changing the header the email is undeliverable. It sounds like they don't want to deal with consumer issues, like the ones I had. My dealer was not helpful at first. I was referred to an installer who charged $+ to come out and setup the remote and did not allow me to keep the SW. So I'd need to pay $+ each time I had to change my setup. This was unacceptable to me. I did not use the installer. They tried to justify it by saying that the remote programming was too difficult, and I needed a professional installer. I consider the SW to be easier to use than Harmony, as stated above. Anyone with a programming background (like myself) would find such claims to be a joke. I had the remote setup with creative macros using 6 devices + lighting in 20 minutes (leveraging off ideas from my Harmony setup). I eventually did get an old version of the software without live updates from my dealer. It doesn't have IR codes for newer stuff like blu-rays and HDMI inputs and some of the existing IR codes are bad such as the Lutron ones, but I can learn codes from my existing remotes and use Harmony's codebase, which is up-to-date and includes all the new stuff. In short, it works for me.

If you do buy this remote, don't do what I did and just assume you can get software on the URC website. I recommend contacting the dealer and confirming they will give software. And checking whether that software is a new version with "live updates."

Also note that this remote does not work with a MHz Next Generation Extender. NG tells me that their products don't mesh well with URC. I suspect that they would mesh without the NGE battery transmitter (using MX RF), if I instead had a MHz NGE.

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Now viewing user reviews page 1 of 3 for
the Complete Control MX "Genesis" remote.
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Text-based handheld remote delivers single-room IR control - TV, A/V components, cable and satellite boxes. It features an easy-to-read LCD screen and backlit hard button keypad. The screen displays custom-programmed labels for six adjacent buttons. When used with a compatible Complete Control base station, the MX controls integrated A/V components through walls and cabinet doors, or even from outside. There is no need to point the remote control at the components or even be in the same room.


  • Text-based handheld remote displays on-screen labels for adjacent buttons
  • Button labels change to correspond with current activity - watch TV, play music
  • Ergonomic design with backlit hard button keypad and intuitive button layout
  • Delivers single-room, one-way control of IR devices
  • Operates on standard AAA alkaline batteries
  • MXi features MHz frequency for international and highly-populated markets

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900 remote mx

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