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Attic or Gable Exterior Vents:

At American Wood Vents, we specialize in creating Beautiful and FunctionalWood Gables, Soffit, Hip, Foundation, Deck, or Exterior Fan Ventilation.

  • Exterior Gables
  • Soffit, Hip
  • Attic vents (functional or non-functional) stay on this page.

If you want Exterior Deck, Foundation, Sun/Privacy Diffusers  CLICK HERE .


Tips on Wooden Attic, Gable and Exterior Wall Vents:

Typically on the Exterior Walls, we use the Louvered Style for better water and weather shed. Sometimes on Soffits we may also use the Grate Style.

For Exterior Woods we prefer Western Red Cedar, White Cedar, Cypress, IPE, Mahogany, Redwood, Sapele, Teak (Brazilian or Indonesian), as they hold up to weather. Treated woods have been also used.

The Cedar or Cypress woods are best for Painting.


Vents for Roofs with Gables, Hips and High Pitches

Gable or sloped roofs can require a specific type of vent especially when replacing an old one. Triangular gable vents are typically found at the upper part of all wall found between the sloping ends of a roof line. We have made these up to 28 feet long. An exterior vent such as a Gable or Soffit vent permit the proper air flow to cool, disperse moisture, release built up heat or just to add beauty to your home or commercial property.  We have made them to cover or create air flow for ambient or forced air such as in attic fans.

In odd shapes such as the Triangular Shape, you can give us the dimension of each side and sometimes the pitch. The upright and base size are most specifically the measurements we use.


Round, Oval and Polygon Vent Designs

Exterior Vents can be made in a myriad of shapes and sizes, made for a specific type of roof angle/pitch, or even a custom look to match a design, but the most important aspect is the proper venting, preventing weather or other intrusions. We have companies want Fan Shaped, Arched, or even Boat Life Preserver shaped Exterior Vents.  Some shapes include Triangular, Rectangular, Octagonal, Round or Oval shapes.


Custom Vent Designs

If you want your favorite College, Boat, Boat Anchor, Logo or even an alien space ship with back lit LED lights we can do it! Now that would look cool! Here we want to use wood which resists weather and insects. Even if you paint untreated pine or oak wood, weather or insects will find a flaw in the paint and exploit it. That is why we want to use these weather and insect resistant woods.


Vent Netting Choices for Attic Vents

You can also specify the netting behind the vent and drip flashing on top. Typically we like a Nylon Netting in front of a 1/4″ open galvanized screen to keep out both mosquito sized insects as well as strong enough to keep out bats, squirrels and other critters.  You can alsospecify Gauge, Size of Openings in the Screen, as well as the Metal such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass. We never use rustable fasteners in our exteriorvents unless you specify.

For a Custom Quote CLICK HERE

Sours: https://americanwoodvents.com/wood-vent-louver-education-center-american-wood-vents/exterior-wood-architectural-elements/attic-gable-exterior-vents/
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Sours: https://ezeeset.com/GableLouvers.html
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Our Rustic Collection is an instant classic. Our Rustic wood millwork utilizes the technologies of today to build the 'log and timber' wood products that have been in architecture for centuries. Because our products are not kiln dried, each item in our Rustic Collection is 100% unique and will contain the natural variations that the wood species offers. Your wood bracket, corbel, rafter tail, will contain unique colors, grains, textures, knots, sapwood & heartwood content. These natural variations are what make the Rustic Collection standout from the rest. Be proud of your project; stand out from the cookie-cutter homes; use the Rustic Collection family of product.

We can also custom make products to your exact specifications.
  • &38226;Venting Area: 44.7 Sq. In.
  • Handcrafted and manufactured in the USA
  • Authentic beauty with real wood
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Comes complete with metal screening to keep out rodents & insects
  • Available in rough sawn or smooth
Sours: https://www.houzz.com/products/12x12-octagonal-wood-gable-vent-functional-1x4-flat-trim-frame-prvw-vr~147518788

Gable Vents

Gable Vents

Custom Wood Gable Vents 

Keep the air moving in your attic with custom wood gable vents from Southern Shutter Company. Our attic gable vents help your home breathe during extreme temperatures. This prevents humidity and heat from building in the summer and mold and mildew from developing in the winter. We offer the most diverse gable vents for sale online, including squares, rectangles, circles, and octagons. When you order from us, we’ll use the highest-quality western red cedar wood and craft a custom gable vent that fits your home’s exact specifications. Whether you're looking for a simple round vent or an ornate rectangular vent with a peaked top, you’ll find many unique options at Southern Shutter Company. Order your custom wood gable vent now or contact us if you have any questions.


Dealer Locator

Sours: https://www.southernshutter.com/ventilators/gable-vents/

Vents wooden gable

Gable Vents

Wood gable vents can add a touch of class to nearly any home. At Adams All Natural Cedar, we are proud to offer you a large selection of Cedar Wood, Pine and Cypress Gable Vents that will lend a unique natural look to your residence. Carefully crafted of high-quality wood, our wood gable louvers are durable too. We even carry PVC gable vents that are practically impervious to weather and rot.

Whether you are looking for a wood gable vent or one made of some other material, we have you covered. Our cedar gable vents and other gable vents made of cypress or yellow pine come in many sizes and shapes, including square, round, rectangular octagonal and half-moon.

Don�t see what you want? Call us. Because we can handle custom orders for gable vents, our friendly staff can help you find gable vents for even the strangest shapes, sizes and materials. From cedar vent covers to virtually anything you can imagine, we truly have you and your home covered.

Sours: https://www.cedarwoodfurniture.com/cedarvents.html
Wood Vertical Gable Vent Louver

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