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Make-Up Me

Awww, Libii’s first facial game, Makeup Me, is available now!

Here you can make unique designs for the born beauty. And begin with choosing a skin color, you’ll get countless cosmetics and decorations to do this great job.
After everything is finished, don’t forget to take a picture for your wonderful designs. Besides, if you’re so satisfied with the excellent face made by yourself, just submit the pictures to challenge for the Best Faces of the Week, and lots of Libii fans will share their works with you, too!
Now we’re calling all the makeover fanciers to join us and try your best to become the best dresser all over the world!
How to Play:
Open the game and click Play to start, firstly please choose your favorite skin color for the beautiful girl, then you’ll be free to do whatever on her face, such as putting BB cream, penciling her eyebrows, drawing tattoos and so on. Moreover, you can find the bran-new stuff in this game ------ the Rhinestone, please try dragging it anywhere onto the girl’s face! If you don’t like the items you just put on, please use the specified cleansing oil to remove them. At last, why not take a photo for the amazing girl as one of your private collections forever, or you can share it with your parents and friends. You’ll never know how brilliant you are at makeup until you get this salon game! Come on, just try it and free your originality!
- A pretty girl is ready for your design
- Hair style, eyeliner, lip gloss and many other girl things you can do here
- Hundreds of items are offered for your free combination
- A set of makeover steps in real life is represented
- Shinning rhinestones and ingenious tattoos are prepared specially for you
- A new Weekly Award is waiting for your creative works
- Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions

Need You Know:
This app is totally free to download and play, some basic items are also free to use, but some additional items need you to purchase and pay to unlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items, please turn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.


Makeover / Make Up Games Online

Make Up Games Online: Hi Ladies! Welcome to the virtual Make Up Games world! We collected many cute makeup games for you to play free online, such as Barbie Get Ready With Me, Now And Then: Elsa Makeup and more. Pick your favorite characters: Princesses Elsa and Anna, Barbie Doll, Cinderella, celebrities, or teenagers. Apply the best products for the eyes, faces, hair. Use your beauty skills to create a whole new look for her. There are various makeup themes for you to choose from: prepare for the wedding, make up for a party, make up for the holiday like Halloween, etc. All Makeup Games on this page can be played from your browsers directly on your pc, tablets, and mobile phone, no download required. Most of our Make-Up Games are made with Html5 and you can play online without a flash player. Choose one of your favorite Makeup Games and start to play free online now! Have fun!

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Make up games

Childhood and adolescence – this is the perfect decoration, but so created man, that at any age wants to make their appearance further refinement, and it has resorted to different tricks and games for girls makeup and hairstyle game help to learn basics of transformation at an early age.

For true fashionistas best games of make-up and hairstyles

Make up games for girls Make up games for girls

These fun created especially for girls, to help them understand the fashion trends and immediate fashion trends, as well as learn many useful things that can keep the look as much as possible fresh and flourishing.

The beauty of hair and face – It is not only a stylish hairstyle and makeup, but also the health of their appearance. Exposing your hair permanent waving, straightening and coloring, we are doing harm to the structure of the hair, but to smooth this effect, keeping them shiny and silky, you need to use moisturizing and nourishing compositions.

Hair magic

during the game for girls hairstyles you study the course of the barber-stylist and learn to have a decent hair care and hair styling and all sorts of variations of hairstyles will help you change every day to meet the fashion of the event and cause admiring glances. In a virtual beauty salon you have access to all the popular and well-known adaptations to start the magic of reincarnation.

  • Tips to help settle in the initial stage. Following their instructions, use shampoos, conditioners, balsams and hair masks.
  • When the hair is washed and anointed helpful cocktails, it's time to start trimming that recently you like. Under the guidance of an experienced professional you will create a true masterpiece.
  • When all is ready, put the curls with a hair dryer and hair spray hair lock. What is nice in virtual bars, it is an opportunity to start over, if the result is not satisfactory. In real life, you have to walk up to an unsuccessful haircut until the hair grows back again, but we are all different.

learned the art of make-up

Games online Makeup – Continuing the theme of great beauty. Here, even in this time, you can experiment a lot bolder than a haircut. If you do not like the way you look at the shadow, too much blush or mascara smeared and inexcusable bright lipstick, you can always wash away makeup and come up with a new approach. In computer games, this process even more fast, because you can remove makeup one click of a mouse or fully upgrade the game.

Make up games for girls Access to decorative palette is much broader than even your mother, because we have provided all the options and wishes. But before you begin to spray paint, learn about other cosmetic procedures, which must know each girl.

  • From time to time it is necessary to perform cleaning skin;
  • Making a mask;
  • Massage;
  • After washing with water, it is important to wipe it with lotion;
  • Apply the cream to prevent the appearance of pimples, and later in life – wrinkles;
  • If there is a pesky skin flaws, better take corrective creams – makeup base, the main rule is every fashionista;
  • When all the preparations are made moments, you can begin the main sacrament of conversion.

Skilful action can emphasize your most attractive features while hiding certain flaws.

Without a beautiful hair and makeup can not do the appropriate ceremonial occasions, and in the daily routine of the girls want to look beautiful. All games for girls doing hair and makeup online let you know about beauty and its rules more and apply this knowledge let virtually, but in practice.

Female make-up – this is art. Its sole purpose – make a woman more attractive, delicately disguise flaws and emphasize the undoubted advantages. And do not apply to the face as much powder, foundation, lipstick and mascara, unfortunately, come now, many girls. To make really fulfilled its task, it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors – skin type, facial features, lighting and, of course, to follow the law of time and place. Art to use decorative cosmetics, like any skill, does not come at once. He needs to be trained for a long time by trial and error. And if you think that your daughter it's time to learn the first elements of science to adorn themselves, enter in the search box the phrase « games for girls makeup ». Collected on our website of the game in this series relate not only to make up, but the female image as a whole. It is necessary to choose outfit, jewelry and shoes, so that they formed a single stylish ensemble.

Make up games for girls Make up games for girls Some games hairstyles that should be selected for the heroine of the many options, make it even more interesting. Not least because, in games for girls hairstyles generally include enough extravagant. Here you can find blue, green and pink hair, stunning hairstyles, skillfully made « Babylon on the head ». In the life of a child are unlikely to so experiment with their hair. And here is a wide open space for creativity. Thus there is no doubt that the make-up games online educational games are an option not just for little girls, but for the beauties of adolescence. After those days, when the first modest makeup – make up and eyelashes bring lipstick – she did on prom night are long gone.

Modern teenagers are friends with make-almost from the junior classes and spread in the Internet video called « How nice to make up for school ». In such cases, they almost always affects the sense of proportion. After all, the taste, too, need to educate. So loving mom is sit down with her daughter at the computer, learn, play on which category it often starts - games for girls updo or perhaps make-up game for girls. And yet understand the nuances of the beauty and hairdressing alchemy. What colors should never be combined. When appropriate bright makeup, and when – almost imperceptible. That looks nice, but that bears the plaque of vulgarity. How to select the type of person to cut and overall image. What is the difference evening and casual hairstyles. And it – in the illustrative examples on our site www. game-game. com. ua. Making sure the way, that games for girls online makeover does not only interesting, but also very useful.


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Games free makeup

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Fun Girl Care Kids Game - Princess Gloria Makeup Salon - Frozen Beauty Makeover Games For Girls

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