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Outline Maps. With or Without Capitals. Labeled and Unlabeled Maps

Printable blank United States Map
Printable Blank US Map
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Printable US map with state names
Printable US Map with State Names
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Printable US map with state names and capitals
US Map with State and Capital Names
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Printable US map with state capitals
Printable State Capitals Map
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State capital location map
Printable State Capitals Location Map
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United States map
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Click the map or the button above to print a colorful copy of our United States Map. Use it as a teaching/learning tool, as a desk reference, or an item on your bulletin board.

Looking for free printable United States maps? We offer several different United State maps, which are helpful for teaching, learning or reference. These .pdf files can be easily downloaded and work well with almost any printer. Our collection includes: two state outline maps (one with state names listed and one without), two state capital maps (one with capital city names listed and one with location stars),and one study map that has the state names and state capitals labeled. Print as many maps as you want and share them with students, fellow teachers, coworkers and friends.

Teachers can use the map without state names, or the map without capital names, as in-class or homeowork activities for students. Researching state and capital city names and writing them on the printed maps will help students learn the locations of the states and capitals, how their names are spelled, and associate names with capital cities. The combination of research and writing is a very effective way to help students learn. This research can be done using online or reference book maps. GeoShops, the parent company of has an online map of the United States on their website that can serve as a good reference.
US States Map

A US map collection with road maps, lakes, rivers, counties and major landmarks. Select from the 50 states of the United States. All US maps are free to use.

US Precipitation Map Feature

How much rain falls in the United States? Take a close look at this US precipitation map to see where it falls the most and least. You’ll see it fluctuates.

US Temperature Map Feature

Check out the US temperature map to visualize how climate varies across the United States of America. Each one is derived from NESDIS, a branch of NOAA.

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File:Blank US Map (states only).svg

Date/TimeThumbnailDimensionsUserCommentcurrent21:54, 22 December 2020Thumbnail for version as of 21:54, 22 December 2020959 × 593 (57 KB)(talk | contribs)edit title, remove word "territories" from comments01:27, 2 December 2020Thumbnail for version as of 01:27, 2 December 2020959 × 593 (57 KB)(talk | contribs)based on new version of File:Blank USA, w territories.svg by Heitordp00:23, 23 May 2020Thumbnail for version as of 00:23, 23 May 2020959 × 593 (28 KB)(talk | contribs)Reverted to version as of 27 May 2019. Newer versions were substantially different and should be uploaded as a separate file per Commons:Overwriting existing files21:37, 1 May 2020Thumbnail for version as of 21:37, 1 May 2020958 × 602 (200 KB)(talk | contribs)moved Alaska and separator lines slightly (incorporated most recent change to File:Blank USA, w territories.svg)01:23, 25 April 2020Thumbnail for version as of 01:23, 25 April 2020958 × 602 (200 KB)(talk | contribs)Fixed some flaws such as the non-overlapping borders that caused a double-line display when a stroke color was assigned. Other aspects of the map were also improved. Credit to Heitordp for originally uploading at File:Blank USA, w territories.svg; only change I made was to remove territories.19:09, 27 May 2019Thumbnail for version as of 19:09, 27 May 2019959 × 593 (28 KB)(talk | contribs)add opacity property for DC circle, to allow to be hidden18:44, 27 May 2019Thumbnail for version as of 18:44, 27 May 2019959 × 593 (27 KB)(talk | contribs)remove unused / duplicative "outlines" id03:15, 25 April 2019Thumbnail for version as of 03:15, 25 April 2019959 × 593 (27 KB)(talk | contribs)Removed the stroke and stroke-width properties that I added earlier. These do not really work well for this file since border centerlines are offset from each other instead of directly overlapping. Would be better if they were overlapping as is the case with File:BlankMap-World.svg but would require some expertise to fix.20:14, 27 March 2019Thumbnail for version as of 20:14, 27 March 2019959 × 593 (28 KB)(talk | contribs)Added stroke and stroke-width attributes for .state class. Not necessary to include these but doing so will be helpful for editors not familiar with SVG who may wish to tweak these settings. Also added title tags for each state so name pops up when hover with mouse.02:24, 5 March 2019Thumbnail for version as of 02:24, 5 March 2019959 × 593 (26 KB)(talk | contribs)Added instructions to CSS block so people who don't know SVG (most people) will have an easier time figuring out how to color the map.

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All 50 U.S. states summarized (Geography Now!)

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