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We have pretty much narrowed our search to the Wildcat with 52" Velocity deck and 26HP liquid cooled Kawasaki vs the Hustler Z with 60" XR7 deck and 25HP Kaw air cooled engine.

The Hustler is 60" because their 54" has no trim edge, the mower itself is too wide, whereas the Wildcate apparently is narrow enough to get 3" of trim edge on the 52" deck.

I really like both. The Hustler dealer has offered to bring out a unit for a demo, I haven't asked the Scag dealer yet. The Scag dealer is about 25 miles away in a convenient (away from the city) location, whereas the Hustler dealer is about 32 miles away toward Dallas.

Been waiting for some grass to get some idea.

Mrs. Alan L. does most of the "little" mowing so this will mainly be her equipment. She mows a couple of acres now with the Craftsman (5-6 hours) but this will probably grow with the good mower. And, she definitely likes the Scag the best, partially based on quality of cut ratings we have read on Lawn Cafe and Lawn Site by owners of those units.

Months ago I was leaning to a Hustler Mini-Z but was discouraged from those units by 2 of our members, and I appreciate it very much, I don't think I would have been as satisfied with the mini-z.

The 52" Scag vs the 60" Hustler are about the same price - $8000 for either, when you include the ROPS and flex forks on the Hustler. I am choking on the cost, but I have not been able to find anything used for much less, and even the residential grade "good" ztrs are close to $6K and more. If you are spending $6K you might as well spend $8K and get what you want. Of course Scag Turf Tigers are telling me if I'm spending $8k, might as well spend $9500, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Is anyone using either of these units, to offer feedback on them.


We have Scag Wildcat Parts!

Need parts for your Scag Wildcat! Find them right here at We have all the OEM Scag Parts for your Wildcat. Blades, Belts, Spindles, Springs, Electric PTO Clutches, whatever you need. Genuine Scag Parts. Fast Shipping! Less Downtime! Order Today.

The Scag Wildcat has many full-sized features like a hydraulic oil cooler, dual 10cc hydraulic pumps and a unitized tubular steel main frame. 

Engines range from 25hp to 27hp and we stock parts for Kohler, Honda, Briggs and Kawasaki engines.  48", 52" or 61" Velocity Plus™ decks assure a superior cut 

With a low center-of-gravity and wide drive tires, stability is never compromised. The operator friendly design includes"Quick-Fit" control levers, a Soft Ride seat, spacious foot platform, excellent visibility and a convenient instrument panel, providing unmatched comfort and productivity so you can finish the job fast, with beautiful results. 

STWC48V-25CV | STWC48V-26KA-LC | STWC52A-25KA | STWC52V-26FX | STWC52V-26KA-LC | STWC61A-27CV | STWC61V-26KA-LC | STWC61V-26KA-SS | STWC61V-27CV | STWC61V-30CV

The Wildcat incorporates the qualities that helped to frame Scag’s impeccable reputation in the lawn and garden industry. Qualities like durability, comfort, power, and a superior cutting performance.


The Wildcat frame is solidly built with heavy-duty tubular steel giving the mower a strong foundation for years of dependable service. Tri-Plate steel makes the top of the Velocity Plus cutter deck nearly ½ inch thick. Quality bearings, all steel pulleys and debris guards on pulley bearings guarantee long dependable service for the idler pulley system.


Foremost is the torsion-spring suspension seat. Full padding, high back, forward/rearward adjustment, and adjustable armrests and back angle guarantee superior comfort while on the job. An extra wide footplate along with adjustable Quick-Fit steering control levers compliment the comfortable operating station.


The Wildcat is powered by either a Kohler or Kawasaki engine ranging from 25 to 27 HP delivering a ground speed up to 10 mph forward and 4.5 mph reverse. The large 8 gallon fuel capacity allows you to cut all day without refilling. Dual 10cc pumps and high torque cast iron wheel motors ensure dependable, reliable power. A heavy-duty Ogura GT3.5 blade clutch has 250 ft. lbs. of holding strength. The cutter deck and transmission drive system have all-steel pulleys.

Superior Cutting Performance

Scag’s Velocity Plus deck delivers unsurpassed cutting performance even when operated at speeds up to 10 mph. The Velocity Plus deck tops are built with 3 layers of high strength steel for a total thickness of nearly ½” (.485”) thick. Airflow can be adjusted for optimum performance with the patented Custom-Cut Baffle.  Scag’s heavy-duty blade spindle shaft is made of a high strength, hardened steel alloy with 1 1/8” diameter. An extra-large discharge opening maximizes the dispersal of grass clippings.

Service, Maintenance, and Parts

When it comes to servicing your Wildcat, use only OEM replacement parts for optimum quality and fit. has a simple online parts lookup tool to search for parts quickly.


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2020 SCAG Power Equipment Tiger Cat II 52"


With roaring power and agile maneuverability, the compact Scag Tiger Cat II® is a force all its own. Where productivity is essential, the Tiger Cat II delivers with ease, capable of handling more than 24 acres per day.

Powerful engines and a tough dual pump and wheel motor drive system ensure dependable performance, year after year. Equipped with a Velocity Plus™ cutter deck, this mower will tame the tallest grass and leave it looking smooth and professionally manicured.

A full-body welded steel frame will not yield to tough terrain, while the low center-of-gravity keeps the Tiger Cat II stable. The replaceable front caster extension protects the main frame against impact damage and features tapered roller bearings in the caster yoke pivots for long, dependable life.

Comfort is maximized with either an adjustable suspension seat. Adjustable steering levers, arm rests and a big foot platform reduce operator fatigue.

For big value in a compact package, test out a Tiger Cat II today. But be warned. . . this cat has a big bite. Talk to your Scag dealer today to tame your own Tiger Cat II. Check out our social media page and our testimonials page to see what real Scag customers are saying about their Scag mowers.

Features may include:

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic drive system includes dual 12cc Hydro-Gear hydraulic pumps and large capacity Parker wheel motors for reliable, zero turn maneuverability.
  • Up to 12 MPH forward and 5 MPH reverse speeds keep productivity at a maximum.
  • Ogura GT3.5 PTO clutch brake has 250 ft. lbs. of torque for easy blade engagements and solid holding power in heavy cutting conditions. Adjustable air gap ensures long component life.
  • Compact mower size enables you to take the Tiger Cat II into tight places. The Tiger Cat II occupies less space on your trailer without sacrificing performance.
  • Choose a 48", 52" or 61" Velocity Plus™ cutter deck. Match that with a Kawasaki FX series, Kawasaki FT, Kohler Command Pro, or Kohler EFI.
  • Tri-Plate cutter deck top is incredibly strong. .485" deck top thickness from three separate layers of steel (7ga., 10ga, and 11ga.)

  • Heavy-duty, fully-welded tubular steel frame provides a solid foundation for years of reliable service; replaceable front caster wheel weldment.

  • Torsion spring suspension seat adjusts to operator’s weight to provide superior comfort. Seat features full padding, forward/rearward adjustment, high back, adjustable armrests and adjustable back angle.
  • 4-point rubber iso-mount system under the seat absorbs front-to-back and side-to-side energy to soften the bumps and provide an incredibly comfortable ride.
  • Dual fuel tanks (9.5 gallons total) keep you in the field cutting grass. Fuel tanks feature extra large, angled filler necks for easy filling. Molded-in cup holder allows for added operator convenience and comfort. Built-in fuel gauge.
  • Aluminized engine exhaust reduces back pressure, increases performance, and lasts longer than conventional steel construction.
  • 12cc hydraulic pumps equipped with cooling fans provide smooth and reliable power. Built in pressure relief valves reduce internal pressure spikes and add to hydraulic component life.
  • Standard equipment auxiliary canister air filter system on most Tiger Cat II's. This provides increased service intervals and longer engine life.

  • The foot plate area is extra-large for improved operator comfort and easier mounting and dismounting of the mower. Flip-up foot platform features an auto-latch
  • The Scag "Simply the Best" commercial warranty stands behind you and your mower for years of profitable service.


* 48", 52" or 61" Velocity Plus cutter deck
* Engine options ranging from 25hp to 27hp
* Air and liquid cooled engines
* Up to 10 MPH ground speed for more productivity
* Deluxe Soft Ride Seat
* 10cc heavy-duty hydraulic drive pumps
* Auxiliary hydraulic oil cooler
* Dual, 4 gallon fuel tanks (8 gallon total capacity)
* Full length, welded steel main frame
* Heavy-duty blade drive spindles

A perfect blend of compact maneuverability and full-size performance, the Wildcat™ is the complete package. Engine options range from 25hp to 27hp. Pair a powerful engine with a 48", 52" or 61" Velocity Plus™ deck and you have an outstanding cutting machine.


Wildcat - Product Dimensions48" Wildcat52" Wildcat61" Wildcat
Width: (chute down)60.5"64.5"72"
Width: (chute up in transport position)49"53"62"
Weight: (with ROPS)1050 lbs.1120 lbs.1200 lbs. - 1210 lbs.
Height: (with ROPS)66"66"66"
Height: (with ROPS folded down)54"54"54"

Foot pedal deck lift

Dual 10cc hydraulic pumps

Soft-Ride seat

Call for Price!


Wildcat 52 scag

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Scag Wildcat mowing thick grass

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