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Top Fin Sponge Filter, Size: 40 Gal | PetSmart

The Top Fin SF40 Sponge Filter provides mechanical and biological filtration to help keep water clear and your tank healthy. Unlike standard filters, a sponge filter is fish-safe because it doesn't have any moving parts, protecting smaller fish from entrapment or harm. Only at PetSmart. Features: Traps waste particles and improves water clarity Filters water without trapping small fish 2-stage filtration system Intended Pet(s): Fish Includes: Air Stone, SF40 Sponge, Clear Riser Tube Dimensions: 4.72 in L x 4.72 in W x 6.24 in H (11.9 x 11.9 x 15.8 cm) Capacity: 40 Gallons Compatible With: Fresh and saltwater aquariums Instructions: Read all instructions included inside the packaging before use. Advice for Use: Replace sponge filter once per month. Change out 25-30% of the water weekly. Use a water conditioner and bacteria supplement (sold separately) every time you add fresh tap water to your aquarium. The air stone should be connected with airline tubing and air pump (tubing and pump sold separately). If using this filter as a supplement, do not replace sponge filter and filter cartridge media in your primary filter on the same day, as this will greatly disturb the build-up of beneficial bacteria in your tank. Caution: Never use soap or detergent on any items placed in your aquarium as they are highly toxic to fish. This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children. Top Fin Sponge Filter, Size: 40 Gal | PetSmart

Speaking of Store bought fish...

So, If you want more fish, go back tomorrow? I'd either do that, or, just have my friend with me, and they'll buy 6 fish, and their friend will buy 6 fish, and so on and so on... Thats strange that they do that, but, that's "their" policy I s'pose.

Ever notice at some pet stores, when you want a fish from "Tank A" they take water from "Tank B" and put the fish from "Tank A" into "Tank B" water? I don't want strange water for my newly bought fish! I want the same water the fish is used to! --- This is a ploy right? give them "Ich" water or something, so, the customer will come back cuz... "now, suddenly... my fish have ICH!" Ick!

Has anyone else ever noticed that? or, for that fact ever heard of policies to
sell X amount of fish to 1 person? :cool:

It all boils down to the all mighty buck...


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Filter petsmart sponge

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FINALLY BUYING FISH for My 1000G indoor POND!!

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